Dead Cat Friday – Market’s (Assisted) Bounce

My, what a grand time was had by all Thursday:  The market cratered some 18-hundred odd points and narrowing missed the 7-percent time-out dinger going into the closing half-hour.

We will go over a lot of the details in tomorrow’s report, but the bottom line is that IF we rally this morning strongly until the European close, then fall back into the close, it could set the stage for even more vicious action next week.

In the meantime, however, my focus has been split between timing in (and out) of the market plus trying to get the web site to display all our charts and graphics on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.  Things are working well on Internet “Exploder” and Edge.

We Did OK Thursday, Though

One reason is all that focus on timing I keep yammering on about.  Playing the market on a short-term basis is very much like taking on a video poker machine.  And, as a result I closed out a nice short position at Jun 11, 2020 3:26 PM ET.

We don’t talk about our winning trades much – we have more losers – but when we win we do occasionally make “lunch money.” This time lunch for “more than just us.”

Not that money matters, entirely.  As one commenter aptly noted, this is more about being ready for pending global collapse than it is collecting paper trinkets.  And that’s damn good advice.

We’ll be looking at whether re-entering a short position makes sense, but what will matter is how things develop today.  And how this decline lines up with the Feb.19 on decline into the last third of March.

Diseased Thinking

…is still going around.

You’ll remember we were telling you a couple of months back while tee-pee was short that the top of Wave 2 (market) which is also about proximate to the trough before (disease) Wave 2 arrives, that you need to do some prepping in here.

The reason?  Our tally of the U.S. CV19 data still insists that the mortality rate is over 17%.

Remember, there is an  honest was to figure mortality.  And there is a  political way to figure it.

The HONEST calculation is to take the total cases where an outcome is certain (recovered plus dead) and divide that into just “dead.”  As of this morning that number is running about (going from memory – worked it out about 2AM) 17.8%.

The DISHONEST way is to take the total of all U.S. cases (call it 2-millionish) and divide  that  into the death toll.  In which case, you’ll get a more “White House/PR friendly” 5.8% mortality.

I say this method is DISHONEST because when you use all tested positives, you don’t include all the people who will be dying over the next couple of weeks from CV19 induced and failed body systems.

Ready for Lockdown II – the Sequel?

A couple of things you should be thinking about in here:  One of which is the report “The U.S. ‘can’t shut down the economy again,’ Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says.”

Still, regardless of what he says, it COULD happen and we’re betting the US has over  nearly 200,000 dead by August 1 and nearly 300,000 dead by Labor Day.

So really, seems to us that a prudent person would be thinking through “Debt slavery or dead…debt slavery or dead…”

The other biggie to keep an eye on is how CV19 is likely to wipe out a large portion of South America’s population.  Although we’re not too confident of China’s internal CV19 reporting, when they headline what’s going on south of our border (remember?  we used to have one…) the Chinese view is much less sketchy: “COVID-19 caseload tops 800,000, deaths surpass 40,000 in Brazil .”

In terms of travel? Our favorite destinations right now are Schage and KwikSet, and Master. We’ve “locked in” to these kind of destinations while the world’s psychotic break unravels along…

Daily Dose of Data

Just out (last night) is the Fed’s “H.6 Money Stocks” report on the coming hyperinflation:

Percent change at seasonally adjusted annual ratesM1M2
3 Months from Feb. 2020 TO May 2020105.1%65.3%

This is Table 1.  In table 2 – more recent and for the 90-days ending June 1st:

Percent change at seasonally adjusted annual ratesM1M2
Thirteen weeks ending June 1, 2020 from thirteen weeks ending:
Mar. 2, 2020 (13 weeks previous)74.2%45.0%

While they’re at it, how “’bout some for us???”

Don’t whine to us:  We told you their “outlook” was of the same material as common founding reeking around fire hydrants.  Left by poor pet owners, if you follow.

Front Edge of the Hatchet Seen

This may shock you, but when the US prints up more money than we’re worth it depresses the purchasing power of the US dollar overseas.

Care to guess what begins to happen?  You got it!  Prices for goods coming in go up (since it takes more “paper to cover”) .  So just to prove it, here’s the latest import and export price data from the Labor Dept. just out:

Prices for U.S. imports rose 1.0 percent in May, the largest 1-month advance since the index increased 1.0 percent in February 2019. In May, the advance was driven by higher fuel prices; nonfuel prices also increased. Despite the May increase, the price index for U.S. imports decreased 6.0 percent from May 2019 to May 2020.

Fuel Imports: Import prices for fuel increased 20.5 percent in May following declines of 31.0 percent, 26.6 percent, and 9.1 percent the previous 3 months. The May advance was the largest rise since the index was
first published monthly in September 1992. A 21.7-percent increase in petroleum prices led the overall advance in fuel prices; a 7.2-percent rise in natural gas prices also contributed to the increase. Prices for petroleum and natural gas both decreased the previous month, falling 32.6 percent and 3.1 percent, respectively. Despite the record advance in May, import fuel prices declined 49.6 percent over the past 12 months. Prices for petroleum also fell for the year ended in May, declining 51.5 percent. In contrast, natural gas prices advanced 15.8 percent over the same period.

All Imports Excluding Fuel: Import prices excluding fuel ticked up 0.1 percent in May following a 0.5-percent drop the previous month. In May, rising prices for foods, feeds, and beverages and consumer goods more than offset declining prices for nonfuel industrial supplies and materials and automotive vehicles. The price index for imports excluding fuels decreased 0.7 percent over the past 12 months.

And how about exports, since we have done much  MAGA‘ing thanks tdo CV19 and the never-ending Russia collusion lies?

U.S. export prices increased 0.5 percent in May, after falling 3.3 percent in April, 1.4 percent in March, and 1.2 percent in February. Higher agricultural prices in May more than offset lower prices for agricultural exports. Despite the May advance, the price index for U.S. exports declined 6.0 percent over the past 12 months.

Agricultural Exports: The price index for agricultural exports declined 0.5 percent in May following a 3.1-percent drop in April. In May, lower prices for corn, dairy products, and soybeans more than offset higher prices for meat, vegetables, and cotton. Agricultural export prices fell 3.5 percent over the past year driven by lower prices for corn, vegetables, cotton, nuts, and dairy products.

All Exports Excluding Agriculture: The price index for nonagricultural exports rose 0.6 percent in May, after declining 5.7 percent from January to April. In May, rising prices for nonagricultural industrial supplies and materials more than offset declining prices for capital goods, consumer goods, automotive vehicles, and nonagricultural foods. Despite the May increase, agricultural export prices decreased 6.3 percent over the past year, led by lower prices for nonagricultural industrial supplies and materials.”

Well, there you have it.  Some news – good and bad.

Back to Server Heaven

Our Servers are back to humming.  Separate report here (tad geekly), but if you have any issues after Sunday (to give changes time to propagate fully) drop me a note.  But images are back where they should be in FurryFox and Chrome plus Opera…

A Few Other Headlines

Sure…why not?

We hope this isn’t contagious: Putin Says ‘Majority’ Back Plan to Change Russian Constitution.  But, say, is there a global harmonization for One Worlding getting underway and we didn’t get clued in to the distro?

People will go to riot, but not to politic, is it? Trump campaign says it can’t be held liable if rally attendees contract coronavirus.

And let’s defend that old paradigm…you write the checks: “”The Most Absurd Moment In The History Of Capital Markets”: Hertz Plans To Sell Up To $1 Billion In New Bankrupt Stock


Well, if the large wave 1 was to March, and this week’s massive reversal ends II up, then the declines this week were the Minor 1 down of III down and the rally today could begin Minor II of III down.

Confused?  Charts tomorrow in Peoplenomics will explain all…

Write when you get rich(er)…

44 thoughts on “Dead Cat Friday – Market’s (Assisted) Bounce”

  1. GU – last week a couple of the commenters posted that the US would be complete locked down by now. One even wrote something like ‘no later than 6/9.’ It hasn’t happened.

    I’d like to see their explanation for this. Imagine someone in 1944 telling San Fran that Japanese bombers were on their way to bomb the bay area. Or during the battle of Britain that the messerschmitts were overhead. People would take cover.

    During these times (economy/unrest/pandemic) bad information is dangerous information. People need to be careful what fake alarms they set off. Remember loose lips sink ships.

    So whoever wrote the comments about things being positively locked down by now, what gives/

    • I’m not the “6/9” person but the lack of “complete lock down” could be do to the CERN operators changing the timeline.

    • covid 19 the new ruler of planet earth…….and you thought politicians ruled you….NO agenda driven paid off EXPERTS…with the ‘FACTS (theirs) about their NEW RULER….all hail covid 19….wait for it…YOU MUST vaccinate…when one becomes available…or if you chose not too…YOU ARE INSANE…and a danger to all others….the culling project of the gates foundation… full view

    • Not sure who that was, but if folks have sense to live a long healthy life, they will quarantine themselves. There are many articles about old folks dying, we know that, but articles are leaking out about younger people dying or having permanent lung and heart damage. I get it, you are you and healthy your odds of impact are probably about 2/100 to have death or permanent damage. Peak Prosperity youtube yesterday mentioned a 35 year old father of 5 dying and I think a 35 year old women getting two lungs transplanted after 2 months on a ventilator. Personally I still enjoy spending quality time with my granddaughter, I don’t want any part of this virus to potentially impact me from having an active fun relationship with her. It is irrelevant what the government does or says, they no longer have any integrity on the subject. Take your own precautions, prepare the best you can, with PPE and proper nutrition and supplements. Best avoid this thing as long as possible to let the best medical treatments rise to the top. For heavens sake don’t try to tough it out at home (we men are terrible with this part) like the father did. If you have symptom onset go get professional advice.

      • 3 month waiting lists to see perscribers pill pushers or go to disease infected hospitals and insurance to pay 400$

    • I apologize for any discrepancy. I dont appologise for wanting to be wrong. I’m not a super computer. I just present what I can make out aka translation of a language that is geo-metric in shape, dynamic and form. It’s like peacing together a bunch of puzzle pieces that are in dynamic motion then translating that in to a 2 dimensional symbol language that is linier left to right directionally. Adding punctuation (periods, commas, semicolons) , using verbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns and exclamations, then trying fit all that in a gregorian calander which doesnt have year zero by the way and its full of holes and offsets. And using a 26 letter alphabet that primarily uses the “E” tone followed only by ‘I” which a fricken roman numeral for one. When dynamic geometrical language doesnt have any of that stuff.

      See all languages are labels or descriptions labels. a geometric puzzle peice is an object with multifaceted descriptors and labels. Even then, those descriptors and labels are only useful in a “snap shot” of a moment in “time” and “time” is a measure of dynamic. Its measure of movement or dynamic of locality.

      Which really hard to do with the conscious mind. You have to incorporate subconscious and consciences in equil balance along with left and right Hemisphere of the mind. All the while using intuition to interpret dynamic a geometry language and not absorb it into yourself and F yourself up in the process. or be self centered even though you have be centered in self to understand its flow while translating it.

      Nobody teaches this in school. You just have to learn it by trial an error. Use what’s available to teach you the hidden way.

      I’m getting better at it. +++ I dont ever want my predictions of crappy stuff to come true. I really dont. I like feeling good. Lol

      It’s very energy consuming. So I’m learning to draw energy from around me without killing bugs and birds.

      Hope that makes sence. Lol

      • Sorry I was wrong. Would you rather I was right??? Lol

        Which is the greater good. I’m right most of the “time”. My f’ng hip is messed up from wrastling with a hippy who acted like morpheus in a dream. You think you got problems. I had to fight a Cosmic hippy while I slept and I can barely walk today.

        I don’t hear anyone else walking with a giant bruise on their hip after going to sleep and having a dream about fighting a hippy wearing a sailor hat over a cup a ramen noodles.

        Which He didnt win. I woke up from the pain. I didnt give up. Neither did he. I dont know who he was. But If i see him again I’m gonna whoop his ass and tell him, “Nobody wears Bell bottoms and Polyester Paisley shirts anymore!” Residual self image my ass!

        I think ignorance is the better.

        Just take everyones word for it and not try learn how do it yourself. Like everyone else does. Just turn on the cyclops box and believe the mass media campaign to exonerate Bill Gates. Lol.

        The world isnt my problem. I’m my problem. I’m just challenge myself to grow beyond my current limitations. Its brutal. I’m gonna go down and return 200 shopping carts to the bin, at the local stores to see if I can get hip to work and try to get some order to chaos around me. lol

        Maybe instead of complaining and do something for someone else without them knowing and on small scale bring order out of random chaos you can have mental clarity too. I certainly am struggling learning a language that is ever present, not theory and a living dynamic language. sigh.

        Infinitely NOW!

        Causmic ChickenBunny. Lol

    • Which is the better Good? That I’m right or I’m wrong?

      Which is better, that you depend upon me being right when I hope my read is wrong or that you depend on me to sound the alarm?

      Atleast I try. I got my ass kicked in a dream fighting it out with a hippie in a sailor hat and bell bottoms. Wearing a paisley polyester shirt. Nobody wears polyester anymore. Humanity wiped out the population of Polyesters back in the 70’s disco era. Jeesh.

      Then when i wake up I have a bruise the size of a foot ball on my hip and can hard walk today.

      You think you got problems. Lol.

      Dude called me the Causemic Chicken Bunny. If he comes back into my dreams again, I’m gonna whoop his ass. I never remember my dreams. I dont know who he was.

      Listen the living language is dynamic and it’s hard to learn. You have to feel it. It’s not an intelectal language.. I feel like an idiot trying think my way through it. Lol it’s not theory. it’s a real language and its dynamic not fixed. Like our written language. Its always moving and changing form. Super hard to read.

      So, I appologise for being wrong and I appologise for being right. Blessed if I do and Blessed if I dont. Lol

      Maybe go do some random acts of kindness and get out of my head for a while. Slowly. Haha

      • U do know where ChickenBunnies come from, right ?

        This is why the Easter Bunny HIDES his EASTER EGGS – so nobody finds out he likes to Boink chickens!

        What u do down on the farm ? ole boys just get the waders… but chickens?!

      • Your football bruise may be a hematoma. Look up photos of hematoma and you will see if any look like yours. Blood vessels may bleed under the skin and may be caused by an underlying health problem and not an injury.

        I’m not in the medical profession but it sounds like you really need to have a doctor look at it especially since you said it is so large.

      • Hmmm … Are you trying to get your own show on the Travel Channel? You’ve got the recipe: nomadics, BS, haints and a paisley hoodoo. Rollover Bagans, a new dog is hobbling in.

  2. Cheers Mr. Editor – for not writing “dead cat bounce” in headline. Like naval intelligence – oxy morons – they drive ECD nutz I tell ya – NUTZ!

    Having spent years trying to prove that dead catz do indeed all my years of experience, I have yet to see one dead cat actually bounce. They usually just go thud/thump/splat – usually.

    As the “get rid of TRUMP at any cost” Operation rolls along, I marvel at supposedly EDUCATED people chanting/shouting/repeating BLM – really?!

    I guess thats why “Folks” be gathering together (looting&rioting)SPREADING COVERT19 like wildfire??

    Those BLM sooo much they loot & destroy the ONLY source of Groceries/Food that they have in their hoodz?

    Wonder how much BLM when Covert19 flares up in the neighborhoodz, strickening the part of the population that suffers the MOST from Poverty&poor diet – low levels of Vit- D3 and Vitamin C.

    On top of that majority of the inner city denizens are of darker tone ,greater amount melanin, in their skin = much harder to produce Vit-D3

    And now city folk wont have the “blue gang” to call for help anymore – then again who needz it – when it comes in the form of a knee pressing down -pinned to Ure neck as Ure arms are Restrained behind Ure back, trying to suck wind off the pavement.

    As a evil, mad scientist in the employ of Billionare Elites – ECD would be inclined to Design a Bioweapon to Kill Military Aged Men & Women.

    “They” did not design it this way – it (covert19) seems to be Designed to KILL the “USELESS EATERS”. But the question still what happens during 2nd Wave to the Re-Infected? What happens 10,20,30 years from now to the Recovered and Asymptomatic victims?

    Hardened to Covert19 ?? 4 the rest of Ure life ?

    HCQ/ZINC/Z-Pack – dont bee a statistic.

    To all our supposed “leaderz” taking a knee – ECD gotz something 4 ya while your down there…

  3. Beware the new Bolsheviks. They are embedded in your Universities and military and political leaders. Their blind cult digi followers will do anything they request of them. They don’t fear reprisal anymore and they will suppress and kill anyone who is not 100% with them.
    Bringing down the USA is the goal, then the destruction of Israel.
    This is the new world order.
    Sorry everyone.

    • I’ve been affiliated with a university for the past 8 years or so, and my reason for doing so has nothing at all to do with politics. I’ve been absolutely amazed and disgusted with their overt communism and brainwashing techniques. In fact, just observing them is worthy of being a serious field of study. The amazing thing is that their methods work! The average “student” is incredibly compliant and will generally sign any petition if asked, and will vote as directed! There is very little free will evident. They’re all required to go to sexual “assault” indoctrination where they are told things that are cognitively dissonant to their entire experience in life. Even the CIA is on campus recruiting regularly. The administration sends emails weekly encouraging extreme left wing behavior, accentuating racial and sexual divides while pretending to heal them.

      At least 250 major companies have or had banners or emails extolling the “virtues” of the BLM/Antifa insurrectionist movement. This includes Amazon and Ebay. This has absolutely nothing to do with their core business! The coordination between the monolithic university bloc and the corporate bloc obviously requires extensive effort. Who is doing this and who is paying?

      • Well, of course. The only way to get ahead is to go along with whatever crap they’re promoting today. If you want to achieve the “golden sheepskin” you have to say the magic words and walk the walk of the “Woke”. By the time you get out and start looking for a job you’re completely indoctrinated and good luck if you have any actual skills to peddle. Anyone that can think for themselves has probably been through a trade school (but even that may be kind of dicey now days) or is self-taught which means their doomed to being a pariah until browbeaten into conformity. Had I finished college I know for a fact I wouldn’t have finished a career because I have a deeply non-conformist streak in me, as you all probably well know by now. Our town has changed for these very reasons which means it’s been destroyed by non-thinking lemmings.

      • Well, when they accused Trump of fraternizing with Russia to win the election against Hillary, I guess the answer is RUSSIA!!! RUSSIA is doing this to US!!!! Hahahah, just had to have a giggle on account of the hundred million dollar boondoggle called the Mueller investigation based on a DNC funded fake dossier!

        Ahhh, many moons ago, I predicted that the color revolution would come to America, that whatever the elites can do to other countries they can do to this country. Looks like “I” nailed it.

        What color are we? We must be experiencing the RAINBOW Solution!

      • Bill, I was told that back in the ’60s: That the way to garner a good grade was to research the Prof., then irrespective of one’s personal knowledge, beliefs, or research, cater one’s answers, especially on essay questions and during class participation, to align with those of the Professor — Profs. didn’t want independence or innovation, they wanted reaffirmation of their own theories and belief-sets.

        I can’t even imagine how much worse this ideology has gotten over the generations…

    • Those of us who’re not libtards already know. Those of us who are, think the USSofA is a good idea. The latter group is a minority, but has a much louder voice, can lie straightfaced, and has the ability to poison young minds.

  4. Dear Mr. Ure,

    “Global harmonization” is a trendy term nowadays? One senses rising hostile tribal warfare as a pre-emptive wall is erected around the statue of the Great Statesman Sir Winston Churchill. London has not seen such desecration since the fall of the republican Commonwealth and the decades-long outdoor skull-on-pike display adjacent to the present Houses of Parliament of the posthumously-beheaded Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland. We posit that his decision to end the employment of the last Royal Jester, Muckle John, in 1649 was ill-advised.

    Speaking of change or lack thereof, mid-May msm headlines of India’s covid-19 woes are a reappearing pox as half-empty hospitals appear to turn away coronavirus patients for lack of healthy staff to give care. Hark, monsoon season approaches.

    By the way, the global Russian Flu of 1889 and onwards allegedly consisted of three waves although there seems less literature on the matter than Hagler vs. Hearns at Caesars Palace warring in the earthly Paradise.

    • Totally!
      I suspect it is symptomatic of global psychosis when bloodsport runs in advance of intellectual achievement, but we living in times of communicable clickosis.

      • Hey man. How do you know this is bad fortune?

        What is the appropriate microtesla for lift off of a plane? I’m trying to wrap my head around all that. Notably easier to draw in ut than propeller force out.

    • Addition to previous comment:

      This article requires answers to that famous question– “What did they know and when?”
      I’ll add another question — “HOW did they know it?”

      [“they” = Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma, and the usual assortment of perps]

    • Bill Gates has been yelling into the wind for years for governments to prepare for a pandemic. For his foundation to fund government officials travel to further his concerns makes complete sense to me. He has some very strong beliefs and he was proven right. We make fools of ourselves when we don’t pay attention to those that have some level of “forsight”, and are able to understand and articulate likely future events.

      This is from 2015 and a warning from Bill Gates, about what was likely. Maybe if more government officials had taken those warnings seriously and did more preparation, we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

      His foundation has been battling Polio for years and certainly has a lot of experience working with countries and knew how ill prepared most were for a deadly pandemic.

      • It’s well known that Bill Gates’ goal is depopulation, which would not seem to coexist with a goal of improving health. He [in]famously said at a TED talk: “if we do a really great job on new vaccines … we could lower that (i.e. population growth) perhaps by 10-15%”. Many deaths and disablings in Africa and India have been blamed on the vaccines he pushed. Robert Kennedy Jr. has exposed Gates and his foundation in many articles. Check them out.

  5. I don’t agree with your Covid calcuations, or more precisely, the context you present.

    For one thing the tests have been all over the map in so far as accuracy and repeatability. Be careful stating test numbers like they are gospel.

    From what I’ve read, it appears a significant portion to the population doesn’t get it.
    I mean they don’t even develop antibodies because their cells seem to resist being hijacked right from the start. This resistance to infection is what? 50% perhaps of the population. Maybe it’s due to high vitamin D & C levels, or whatever.

    Then there are those who get it (develop antibodies) but are asymptomatic. Again, a significant portion of the population.

    So now we’ve eliminated maybe 2/3, or 3/4? of the population even being in danger.

    Now we’re down to a small percentge who get it and are hospitalized.
    No one seems to want to quantify the actual percentage of the TOTAL population who go on to die. That’s the important figure. Out of 335 million in the U.S., how many will die. And keep in mind that typically, about 2.8 million die yearly in the U.S. from all causes (approximaly 7600 per day).

    AND THEN, the media seems to ignore the fact that almost always, the ones dying already had serious health issues (diabetes, hypertenion, obesity, advanced age, etc.) Essentially they were short-timers, regardless of the virus coming along. They just expire a few months earlier than they would of. That’s a huge cavet.

    Here’s a question for you George, Do you ever have misgiving about swallowing the anchor? i.e. selling your boat.

    • I would answer point by point – but too damn busy here.
      Let’s just say Elaine and I had a serious talk about a Liberty 458 that sold for under $100 k down the road in Kemah (Houston area).
      But, we’re getting too old now. When we could have been sailing, we were goating and farming.
      Not saying right or wrong.
      But we look at the boats and dream sometimes

  6. “We don’t talk about our winning trades much – we have more losers – but when we win we do occasionally make “lunch money.” This time lunch for “more than just us.””

    You just have to be careful playing the market…

    I will never forget an old friend calling me up.. He wanted me to get in the market with him.. ( years earlier we both wanted to buy twenty five hundred dollars of Microsoft stock when it first came out.. no one would do the trade for us.. it just wasn’t enough money.. today it would have been worth millions..) anyway I told him be careful.. I knew a few farmers that lost whole sections of land their farms livestock etc.. he and his wife owned a section of prime farmland..
    he said he went to have breakfast at the restaurant.. got home and made 65 grand.. I cautioned him that the same could have happened in a negative way…
    a couple of years went by.. his son calls me up.. and says can you talk some sense into dad.. why what happened.. him playing the stock market.. he lost the paid off farm his house shop all of his equipment everything.. his retirement funds.. he lost it all.. he ended up having to move into an old trailer house..
    the same for a woman nurse. she had a great job.. her husband died left her a half million all cars were paid off and a cool govt.. retirement fund.. she cashed that in.. the kids were getting a ss benefit.. and the house was paid off.. she had no expenses except the average.. she played video lottery.. LOL… before you knew it.. three years went by.. she had a high interest loan on her car.. borrowed money on her home.. she lost it all…everything.. they repossessed the car.. she had to take the bus.. she was living at the homeless shelter.. until one of the kids got an apartment where they had an extra bedroom..

  7. “Our Servers are back to humming. Separate report here (tad geekly), but if you have any issues after Sunday (to give changes time to propagate fully) drop me a note. But images are back where they should be in FurryFox and Chrome plus Opera…”

    LOL my daddy use to say in his nonchalant way words of old school wisdom…..….

    SON… if it ain’t broke.. don’t fix it !!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    got the graphics back.. comments still missing but if I use the older Microsoft explorer it works just fine..

    • It’s certainly worthy of consideration to imagine that the virus gained traction in Wuhan and vicinity prior to December. However the traffic pattern researchers may not be telling us the whole story. The World Police Games were held in Wuhan in the fourth quarter of 2019. When our msm feeders supplied those pictures of the coronavirus hospitals being constructed in record time, those were previously parking lots and fields from the Police Games.

      Nothing is as it seems.

  8. GU – was wondering if Mark could give us an update on real estate prices in Seattle. Surely with a “no police” country like Chaz right in the middle of town, operating costs must be much lower and some good deals to be had.

  9. Today I learned that the Hawaii lockdowns apparently were successful, as we are the state with the lowest per-capita infection rate of COVID-19. Only an occasional case in Honolulu now… most travel related. Neighbor islands all stable with no new infections in recent days. Interisland travel quarantine to end on June 16. State is working to get incoming passengers screened & COVID-tested 72 hours before flight into Hawaii. This would eliminate the need for a 14-day quarantine for incoming visitors.

    Because Hawaii was so heavily dependent on tourist traffic, the economic cost here has been catastrophic. Although most businesses may now open, many cannot or will not as there is no tourist traffic to sell to. One local economist opined that more than 35% of small businesses here will never open again. I believe we have the highest unemployment rate in the US now. On my Big Island, some 65% of workers are presently unemployed. The state unemployment office is running on overload, pulling in state workers from where ever they can to process applications. Many still have not seen unemployment checks for months.

    Welcome to the greater depression. We will have to pull our selves up by the bootstraps here, but we will never again see the booming global tourist economy we once had.

  10. Masks are back in Texas. Went to the grocery store last night; half the peoples were wearing masks. But that’s OK, ’cause that reduces the chances of them spreading their bugs to me.

    What isn’t OK is the media blitz to talk up a Covid-19 spike in Texas and Arizona. David Stockman debunks this as pure fraud:

    I have seen reports that Fauci is publicly threatening lock-downs again. Fauci has no constitutional authority to impose lock-downs on anyone, and needs to be forcibly muzzled by the Donald by whatever means necessary, if his surgeon general can’t keep the megalomaniac bureaucrat in line. The lock-downs are being used as illegal restraint on trade, and are at best an unconstitutional power grab by the deep state crowd. It might be legal for the ‘crats to impose PPE on the general public, and quarantine sick people, but the lock-downs are unconstitutional.

    The economic restart must continue in Texas without Federal interference.

    • I certainly hope none here have the virus spread to them. I, myself, chose to be tested, out of an abundance of caution. I wouldn’t wish to be a danger to myself or others.

      A bullet shot by a good person can stop a bad person. But a bullet shot by a good person won’t stop a virus. Even in Texas.

      • PPE and hygiene stop viruses, not economic suicide dictated by plutocrats. I’m not sure what prompted the your bullet rant.

  11. The end 11 June thru 12 June 2020 Dead Cat Bounce (use DJIA as a representative Equity Composite example)

    The 5 minute fractal mathematical pattern of the ’terminal’ (after 3 PM) Thursday-Friday 11-12 June 2020 DJIA ’Dead Cat Bounce.’

    The Case For The Patterned Science of the Asset Debt Macroeconomic System

    The Global Asset Debt System Macroeconomic is deterministic, is counterbalancing, and is self organizing and is defined as a pattern science by self-assembly of regular
    fractal mathematic patterns of composite major asset class valuations. The Global assetDebt system is simply too enormous of a system for governments and central banks to have a substantial effect, although the effects of the 2008-2009 historically unprecedented global intervention can be qualitatively observed in the ‘bending’ of fractal groupings’ and the expected fractal nadir valuation point. In late 2008 the US undertook 13 trillion dollars of money printing, quantitative easing, zero treasury rates for 5 years and the assumption of CDO related toxic assets – all bipartisanly passed within three days by the US Congress and with likely an equal amount by the Eurozone, et. al. Without the intervention, the 2/5/5/3 monthly fractal grouping reveal that the March 2009 global composite equity valuation low would have occurred in September 2009.

    From this September 2009 the ideal global composite equity low – unassisted by governmental and central bank massive intervention – final monthly fractal series
    completing (to this point) a US 1807 36/90/89 year Fractal Series and the 9/20/12 year 1982 second fractal subseries of the 1932 89 Year US Third Fractal is 26/53/53 of 53 months. The third fractal subseries within the final third 53 month began in December 2018 is composed of a 3/7/7/5 of 5 month or 11/26/26/17 of 18 week fractal series.

    The End Thursday – Friday 11-12 June 2020 DJIA 5 minute Fractal Math:
    Starting after 3PM pm Thursday: for the DJIA …
    base first fractal: 7/15/10 = 30 (5 minute units) : x/2-2.5x/1.4-1.6y (using second fractal/2.5 = 6 units as ideal base length)

    The second fractal is composed of two fractal subseries 7/18/10(3) and (3)9(11)/17(17)
    Starting after 3PM pm Thursday: for the DJIA …

    base first fractal: 7/15/10 = 30 (5 minute units) : x/2-2.5x/1.4-1.6y (using second fractal/2.5 = 6 units as ideal base length)

    second fractal composed of two subseries 7/18/10(3) and (3)9(11)/17(17)

    The (5 minute units) fractal series is 30/57 units :: x/2x

    There are 79 (5 minute) trading units in the trading days.

    Over the next 320 (5 minute) trading units, expect an historical nonlinear devaluation of global equity and commodity and gold and bit coin value.

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