D153: Financialization Nonlinearity Zones

We use our fictional Directorate 153 framework to reveal some interesting – and under appreciated aspects of economics.  As you wonder “Are we in a  Financialization Nonlinearity Zone now?”  We suggest this answer is yes.

Also, Podcast #23 is here, with an interesting update on Chris Tyreman’s re-translation of the Bible.  As it relates to “End Times.”

After our morning mash-up of charts and a few headlines to stirs the blood and baste the brain.

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33 thoughts on “D153: Financialization Nonlinearity Zones”

  1. Commissar Dzordz – still shilling for PHARMA it seems.

    – and nary a peep regards Ure backdoor compensation..what they U give free lifetime supply of Allipurinol for Pumping -Up Covert19 fear?

    OMG! – Be AFRAID – BE VERY AFRAID of THE SECOND KILLER WAVE! The rate of Infections is increasing – we are all going to die..

    Yea baby keep the HYSTERIA going – a new second wave of infections, wait for it, a third wave cant be far behind..ooohhh nooo. PUMP IT UP G – the Hospitals are in danger of being overrun!

    So we Didn’t/ Don’t get the PROJECTED (FEMA) 200,000 New Cases per Day, we still got 20,694 new Cases per Day-Actual.


    Ure Nogoodnik -working/writing for Soros/Styer/Pharma – EXPOSED!

      • I sure hope I’m wrong about my read of this data. I’m not the only one getting these high of readings. I just hope me and the 3 other people reading the same data in different places on the earth like poland and London getting the same readings as me are all wrong.

        Cause this way more important than who is president. Who carss about that, if the poles flip.

        I seriously hope I am wrong

      • I mean everyone is just sitting around looking at Facebook and has no idea. No clue what so ever. They scocial distancing has to do with humans generating magnetic fields.

        This cant be right. I have to be wrong about this. This has to be wrong. I am reading the data wrong or something.

        Are you seeing what I’m seeing. The mircotesal si energy signiture is rapidly increasing very much so.

        I got a step back. I been working on this data for 4 days because I shocked at my findings.

        It cant be rigjt. I must not be understanding something

    • Sir,

      Thank you for volunteering your esteemed service to the placebo group.

      Speaking of shilling, this is not medical advice, but may I point to the direction of one Dr. Norris, lately of Duke Street, Westminster, whose 1775 pamphlet “A Short Essay on the Virtues of Dr. Norris’s Antimonial Drops the second edition. to which is added a Catalogue of Cures, incontestibly proving their efficacy in Fevers.”, publicly available at the link noted below. The “invention” is further noted as “A medicine, or drops, for the cure of fevers and all inflammatory disorders” according to the 1768 “Calendar of Home Office Papers of the Reign of George III”.


      Upon further inquiry of the 1775 revolutionary era pricing, one would note the small packet of drops is 5s6d and the larger one is 10s6d with 6d being a fancy way of saying half a shilling. Using a historical exchange rate calculator which values 10shillings/£1 of 1775 at roughly 200.00 USD at 2015, it seems the meds were being marketed at the equivalent of USD110 and 210 respectively. Therefore one might conclude that relatively expensive drug prices are not a new phenomena, and the hollowing out of currencies did not begin with The Fed in 1913.

      As an aside, fans of the old Cavendish Hotel might chuckle to picture the proprietress successfully shredding the mistress offer from Queen Victoria’s second eldest son, as well as chucking a young Winston out of her kitchen at Lady Randolph’s.

  2. https://www.who.int/peh-emf/publications/facts/fs322/en/

    Two of the groups (with 99 animals each) received oral applications of DMBA and were either sham-exposed or exposed in a 50-Hz, 50 microT MF for 24 h/day 7 days/week for a period of 91 days. The DMBA-treated animals were palpated once weekly to assess the development of mammary tumors.

    I am registering as high as 94 ?T in a day. We are swimming in high density electromagnetic micro Tesla ?T every day right now due to the earth entering a celestial cloud. I have measured 24- 49?T as a regular range. With as high as 107?T.

    4 ?T to 8 ?T Microwave oven.

    31 ?T is normal at the Equator.

    That is 31 times the electro magnetic field measurements in micro tesla units than a microwave.


    average residential power-frequency magnetic fields in homes are much lower – about 0.07 µT in Europe and 0.11 µT in North America. At 94 ?T that is a 9400% jump in intensity.

    We are all in deep shut with no where to run. Correct me if I’m wrong but isnt Aluminum is a electromagnetic energy neutralizer or ground??? And all the chemtrails have aluminum in them?

    Maybe I’m reading this wrong?

    • ut. Or micro Tesla units.


      There is a giant hole in the Magnisphere over Brazil where I pegged that large quake.

      If my reading of the data is right. The corona virus doesent even matter. I mean, would you put your head in a microwave??? Nope! But you are living in a microwave right now. But this one is 31 times stronger than the one in your kitchen.

      Data doesn’t have an agenda. Data is just data. I may be reading this wrong. I took screen shots of the data I collected using several different apps to messure microtesla ut in the magnetic field energy around me and its waaaay higher than normal and increasing.

      • My comments don’t post. I dont care anymore. I know so much stuff and it doesnt matter one bit. I dont know how to apply it properly. I feel powerless over all this. I know I dont die for a long time. I cant do anything about any of this stuff. I dont know how apply anything I know. And I know alot. I’m going back to bed for the day. Its super bad dude. The Magnisphere is super bad.

      • Your comments post – but only after human )my!( review.

        And I am doing a lot more than monitoring Urban or email for posts and offering guidance.
        Love to guide, but I must watch over my own house, agenda, garden, cats, and #1 the former bunny…

  3. Maybe I’m reading this wrong. I used several differnt applications and the electromagnetic field is increasing around us. Exponentially. Higher density.

    Would you put your head in a microwave? Nope. But we are all swimming in field energy higher in some cases 31 times higher than a microwave.

    If my read of the data is correct.

  4. If that is the case??? Either Haarp created a hole in the Magnisphere or was an attempt to keep the amount electromagnetic field energy down.

    The planet isnt warming up from the sun and not man made global warming its warming up as we travel into an celestial magnetic field.

    The earths core is plasma. If my read of the data is correct then we will definitely have a global coastal event! The earths core has to be affected by this energy, and become more active and agitated. The hopi prophecy along with the 7 fires prophecy says that people will go mad, running around with hands on their heads bleeding from their eyes and ears. If electromagnetic field energy increases we will more than likely experianc a pole flip.

    And if my read of the data is correct? The increasing electromagnetic energy measured in ut (micro tesla) will turn people in to raving lunatics and drooling zombies. Let alone create some really really bad EQ’s. Like 10.0 and sueper storms.

    The pyramids are electro magnetic engines. All over the world. I’m not sure how to start them. But that is what they are.

    I hope to God I’m reading the data wrong.

    • Andy,

      Your missing the important clue if you want to come to terms with the problem. In other words, you are looking at and worry about the effects instead of the root cause. Go back to your statement about “entering a celestial field.” Which I believe is true, based on many years of research.

      What is the Celestial Field that we are entering? Can you fully characterize that event? Is it a historical or cyclical event? (It is) If so, then what happened on the previous cycle(s), and how did the people that lived through it each time survive the event?

      In the past 6,000 years there are five recorded events of this cycle. The last one was in 1054 AD, and obviously a lot of people survived. Just not on the North American Plate!

      IMHO, the truly interesting part? This is precisely what the various governments around the world are responding to and preparing for now. The plan they came up with is what we know as the Corona Virus and the associated economic collapse, accompanied by a host of social (ethnic) destruction which provides the added benefit of avoiding a Revolution.

      Which is to say the entire plan set in motion last year was for the existing power structure (Governments, Deep State, Banksters, etc) to be able to retain their wealth and power when the cycle is complete in approximately a decade. Nothing to do with your health.

      Consequently, everything we’ll face from the government between now and the extreme weather events manifesting will be tightly focused on the above themes: Increasing enslavement and control measures (Health Passports…) while orchestrating social, ethnic, cultural, financial, and economic Chaos. In their playbook, those are the tools they’ve always used to keep people submissive and under control.

      These plans have been in the “Broadcast” mode for over 100 years. The Active phase was triggered late last year, as the effects from entering the Celestial Field reached a certain threshold.

      A problem well defined is a problem half solved. If you KNOW what is going on, then it isn’t all that difficult to sidestep the orchestrated chaos and prepare for Round 6 of the thousand year cycle.

      Hint: The most common denominator of people that lived through the previous Celestial Field passages? They were the ones that managed to find a dwelling place under ground. Caves or a man-made structure will work, with a little planning and stocking up on supplies. Research suggests 12 feet of dirt over your head is all you need in your storm shelter, dome, bunker, cave, silo, or whatever. Experience says with a good John Deere backhoe you can do all that in a few hours to a few days.

      Andy, on a slightly personal note: Your role in these times is to be a messenger. In the old days it was called a “Scribe,” and in current times you might think of it as the same role a Court Reporter plays to capture information. In other words, your gift is to BROADCAST the messages you are given, not necessarily to UNDERSTAND them. If you could do both, then you wouldn’t be a normal human, and we’d have to start a new Religion after you . If you try to understand all you are given to broadcast, it will make your head explode. Others with Eyes to See and Ears to Hear will translate and interpret for you.

      Celestial Field? Very similar to the outer bands on a hurricane, lettings us know we are a year or two away from extreme weather and geophysical events. “Order out of Chaos?” Where have we heard that before!

      12 Ft of dirt over your head will do the trick. Don’t forget the toilet paper!

      • And don’t forget multiple exits and shovels and air…

        Which is what Urban has been since 1997 – a kind of nondenominational place for those “with ears to hear” gather. Which is why we are where?
        Boonies, pup.

      • I maybe out of place here — but I think, that if “everyone would sweep the place in front of his own door” (instead of always worrying about the world at large!) our world would be a much better place, perhaps. Just one person’s opinion.

    • Judging from what’s going on in the world today, it may be that the lunatic/zombie process has already begun. We were alerted to the possibility several years ago when the CDC issued a seemingly crazy statement regarding a zombie apocalypse, but they were apparently serious about it. Then other groups parroted the zombie apocalypse theme, also in all seriousness.They were subtly warning us that earth’s changing magnetic field, along with a possible outside magnetic influence, was going to drastically alter our magnetic brains to the point we might become zombies.

      Read the Kolbrin Bible’s pole shift section for a shocking, graphic description of what’s in store for us. And I agree with RBI that underground is the only way to go. Or entry to an alleged gigantic mothership, as some tinfoil-hatters claim will be available at the strategic time.

  5. If.. drug dealers couldn’t sell drugs…
    with close to 1% of our total population incarcerated and approximately 16 percent incarcerated just for recreational use of drugs.. and eighty percent of the total prison population that uses drugs..
    the estimate of the total population that use marijuana for recreation.. at a listed 22 percent.. ( down it was a thirty three percent a short time ago.. of course this pole is only those that admit using..)
    the reverse affect would be seen at a greater ratio if marijuana would be legalized..with what about one fourth of our national budget just set aside for incarceration of people using marijuana for recreational.. take that the step further from the pyramid and you see the number of families forced to seek out public assistance programs because of the incarceration.. then the legal system and the costs of prosecuting those that have used marijuana..
    We all know that legalizing marijuana would be one of the smartest things this country could do.. those that will use it for recreation are anyway.. the costs involved for prosecuting and confining are astronomical. the plant itself has so many positives that can come out of it.. that you literally cannot count them all.. it is truly a miracle plant.. the same with sunflowers and dandelions.. but with our economy set the way it is.. to legalize it would ripple through the whole country.. first it would take the illegal trade away from the cartel’s they would then have to compete with the legal farmer that would grow it for a multitude of other reasons.. every part of the plant is usable and for just about every industry out there… that would cut billions spent on lobbying firms that are hired to keep those in the bubble convinced that it is a bad thing..
    the taxation of its use for recreation would be staggering.. but would that staggering tax revenue be enough to pay off the national debt.. ( possible.. not to sure but if the trend that has set up from other area’s continue it could possibly pay off the national debt)
    and with the added members of society back and ready to work.. we would have to have industry in the USA to handle that..
    Its hard to say.. its a subject that doesn’t even need an iq to see that it should be.. just add the negatives and the positives aspects.. and quickly you see the trend.. and those that are addicted to its euphoric properties.. already are with other substances.. and accidents and crime reports usually have other substances involved.. the other thing is.. hard line drugs.. in area’s where marijuana is legal.. you see a drop in hard line drug use.. deaths from opioid use drop. the other aspect is .. well we all know already what I think.. I for one wouldn’t use it for the euphoric properties.. I hate feeling that way.. but I see the positive potentials to the plant.. and to think that TOILET PAPER production.. was the culprit that sent a man and his workers on a mission to make it illegal…. OH hey during a pandemic you would have cheaper tp to LOL… ( the toilet paper connection is the one I personally love as the reason.. there are several industries that seen how they could profit from its being made illegal though.. that is just one of them)

    “A new study underscores the need for additional research on the effect of medical marijuana laws on opioid overdose deaths and cautions against drawing a causal connection between the two. Early research suggested that there may be a relationship between the availability of medical marijuana and opioid analgesic overdose mortality. In particular, a NIDA-funded study published in 2014 found that from 1999 to 2010, states with medical cannabis laws experienced slower rates of increase in opioid analgesic overdose death rates compared to states without such laws.7″https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/marijuana-safe-effective-medicine

  6. If you believe in a higher power then the poppy Sovniferum was put here for the benefit of humans. Screw the people who overdose, that is nature doing it’s thing.

  7. If more people were happy, they would consume far less, and they would tend to do a lot less illegal things.

    This is the primary reason for the War on Joy! That is, the war against drugs, gambling, guns, self-expression and above all – sex and intimacy! Regardless of our much touted “freedoms”, we only have those freedoms that help the macro-business model and continuing consolidation of power.

  8. “populations would be able to work together”

    Not likely — It’s not in the interest of the Directorship.

    “humans would ‘muddle-through’ somehow.”

    Not gonna happen. Dominant members of the groups you mentioned practice what I call “absolute nihilism.” This is where a person of agnostic, atheistic bent (whether they’re “religious” or not) consciously or subconsciously behaves as if life ends, when his or her life ends, and therefore conducts their life in a singularly selfish and societally inconsiderate manner, kinda like narcissism or hedonism on steroids. It’s not “their way or the highway,” it’s “their way or death.” These types are not going to work together, for any reason whatsoever…

  9. “global financial catastrophe”

    You and I both know it’s coming…

    4-a., 4-b., 4-c.

    IMO these are all coming here, but are advancing at different rates, and in this section you could also throw in Yellowstone or an asteroid strike, since we’re overdue for both…

    BTW Andy, we’re in the process of a pole shift, and are also overdue for a “pole swap,” where north becomes south, and south, north. These are both periodic events, but I don’t know if they’ve ever occurred at the same time, or whether either affects our axis or period of rotation.

  10. “The model sought data on why certain articulated governmental goals *crime fighting* were never accomplished. The eradication of crime is a key example.”

    “Governments” don’t want to eradicate crime.

    Government never wants to fix anything. “Fixing” is counterproductive for any government. When something gets “fixed,” by definition it is “no longer broken,” and ceases to require money or attention (oversight, bureaucracy, management, etc.) so an actual fix – for anything – diminishes both the scope and power of government.

    Governments want to manage things. Managing stuff gives a government more power and authority, and more money to play with.

    By managing crime rather than eliminating it, “criminal society” becomes a resource they can use if they wish. It also becomes a source of unlimited government funding because they can tap the spigot before money goes in to GenPop (for LE expenditures), tap it while it’s in (for jurisprudence-related expenditures), tap it after a proceeding has finished (incarceration expenses) and tap it a FOURTH TIME for counseling, training, and rehabilitation expenses.

    This is one reason the Left hates the Military — because it is the only agent of our government which accomplishes things — and that is why they continually try to both defund and emasculate (or eviscerate) it.

    “If absolute lawful behavior broke out in America tomorrow, the entire national economy would collapse.”

    That depends on whether the 8mln people on both sides of the table had jobs waiting before lawlessness went away, or not. We have well over a half-million lawyers in the U.S.A… a HALF-MILLION!! They can’t ALL become telecasters — some of ’em need to become ditch-diggers too.

    BTW, in the last 6mos I have seen more than one commissioned police cruiser which was a ’96, ’97, ’98 vintage CVPI (Crown Victoria Police Interceptor) and lots from the mid-2000s (shopper’s guide moment – The 2008 and later are best, because they sport bulletproof armor. Just don’t try to remove the front seat or doors by yourself!) The CVPI features the same 4.6L engine as the SVO Mustang and the big Lincolns — essentially a detuned Ford Racing engine, and these engines are a fine bit of kit, capable of lasting many hundreds of thousands of miles if cared for.) I would assume the Impala and Charger cop cars would feature their builders’ comparable engines. Fleet rollover ain’t what it used to be…

    My guess for Appendix 17: “The only way to win is to not play…” *

    *and perhaps live inside NORAD.

    • Interesting info on the engines and the CVPI cars.

      I’ve noticed that in my state, a large number of police cars are sold/exchanged at nominal prices between police dept’s. The state may use them for long distance high speed patrols, and then they may go to the county or local areas. If an area has too many cars or they upgrade, then their cars may get sold to other localities. Eventually, they just might go to non-police functions in a municipality. There’s so much ancillary equipment in a cop car today that it’s worth keeping them running. It’s a total specialty car. IMHO, that’s generally a good thing for saving resources, but when you finally get to bid on one, it’s probably really run out. Unfortunately, when all the extra electronics are removed, there are harnesses all over with unknown functions, and troubleshooting can be a challenge.

      • I bought one a few years ago, when I got in a pinch and needed a reliable long-distance highway cruiser, FAST. Ex-Fire Chief’s car (power-everything and had never been in a car chase), real rear seat (the police issue have a molded plastic bench, to facilitate cleanup/hoseout from prisoners doing a #1, #2, or #3.) 90k, new rubber, no rust or wrinkles. Its only issue was the (plugged) holes in the head and tail light assemblies, where strobes had been (and it might have been without console — can’t remember.) It was less than 5 years old, and cost me less than $3000, counting tax, title, registration, and a cross-country Amtrak ticket & taxi ride to retrieve it.

        The CVPI was not my exposure to the 4.6 engine. I had a Town Car a few years before, which needed some engine work (car had, like 43k “granny-driven” miles and had never had an oil change.) 4-cams and gear drives instead of chains or belts (sigh!) That was from whence my research came. The CVPI was nearly as quiet as the Lincoln and except for the fabric seats and air ride, damn’ near as luxurious…

        During the time I owned it, I noticed a lot of CVPIs under 100k for sale, and came across at least two CVPI owner’s / enthusiasts’ clubs — the things have a serious cult following, and not just by cops — reminds me of the ’90s Impala/Caprice SE owners whose cars had LS-1’s under their bonnets…

  11. I just read that 4 out of 5 truckers have said they will refuse to deliver goods to Chaz or any other locations in the USA where police protection is absent. They consider their own safety more important.

    Seems to me this may be an excellent way to stop this insurrection. Hunger is a great motivator.

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