DDD Friday: Rally Ahead(?), Storms Passing

This morning features DDD – Decent Data Density and a chance for people to ponder whether typical pre-holiday optimism will show up.  At the same time, the flood waters may be receding a bit as we’ve had our own adventures with rain here at the ranch.

Making Up Money Dept.

Let’s start with they data because there’s a fair bit of it.  While most news outlets will focus on the just released trade and personal incomes, though, a quick sobering look at what the Fed has been doing with the money supply is in order:

Let’s start with the annualized rates of increase going on now – these from last night’s release of the H.6 Money Stocks report by the Fed:

To reiterate: Our view is the Fed is simply printing its way through a massive Depression (which kicked stocks down 33% to lows in March).  Which – when we look at a 37.4% M2 increase sure wants to pencil out to a 4.4% “growth rate” if you only account using money.  Not volume or units of goods.

You can make some other estimates, as well:  Consider where the M1 and M2 were back in January (which was when the leading edge of CV was noticed) and certain in February when there was no doubt it would kick the economy down a flight of stairs…

While these are  monthly figures, they are certainly an easy basis of comparison with the numbers out last night:

Penciling Out Comps

It doesn’t take a “rocket surgeon” to divide  weekly average M2 January into monthly M2 average current.  By this measure M2 is up 19.75%.

Nor is it hard to figure the same way for M1 (being cash and equivalents) and come up with a gain in “ready money” of 34.13%.  Its worse if you figure it basis the February M1 – this gets you up into the 35 and a half percent range.

This is not to scare anyone.  Instead, when we look at the high in our Aggregate Index the week of February 19, 28,953.75 and compare it with the close Thursday, which was 31305.94, we can begin to understand where the dynamics.

Simply:  More money sloshing about means higher stock prices. 8.12 percent higher, in fact, as of Thursday’s close.

Can We Rally More?

Absolutely – but for how long is anyone’s guess.  We have a boatload of economic pressures and no tried-and-true way to pencil things out.

Still, historically hints the Trader’s Almanac, there can be holiday rallies.  Probably best known of these are Santa Claus rallies, which – if you leave out the Christmas eve 2018 bloodbath of the elves – does show up and and then.  But the week before a Memorial, Fourth, or Labor Day weekend can see a lot of upside action.  Good cheer and optimism rise.  Higher vitamin D levels from getting Sun instead of flourescent lights?  Who knows.

Meanwhile, we’re walking lightly on some economic quicksand. Because?

  • Well, people who don’t like Marxist riots in their home town are eyeing  Exurbia.  Homes are cheaper in the woods – which we’ve been telling you for almost two decades now.
  • Speaking of which, see what happened in Oregon?  “Oregon protester convicted of arson in fire near police precinct gets probation, community service.”  Seriously?
  • People who don’t like high property taxes are discovering the joys of rural, too.  Not as many services, but not as big a bite.
  • When we moved out here, 56K dial-up from the phone company was as good as it could be.  Today, we’re at 12 MB down and 1.5 MB up ((passing hurricanes, notwithstanding!))  When the 5G constellations turn up, we will be competitive bandwidth wise with  anywhere.
  • Big companies are discovering that tele-commuting works, though it’s be repackaged as “work from home” but same thing.
  • And between lower property and tax costs, there’s the lesser bite of commuting and (oh-boy!) it’s good for the environment.
  • Both political parties are about to go crazy: Dems will cast it as a chance to vote against racism.  R’s will cast it as law and order and “it’s the economy stupid.”

What these times are specifically NOT GOOD (in our long-term view) for Big Cities.  Ones with huge public employee pensions, massive sports complexes that were built using taxpayer-backed bonding authority (we warned many times on these!)…and schools that want to get paid more to in part add administrators.

Even though a good education LMS (learning management system) will spit out more statistics than 46-dozen liberal arts Masters-types all day long.  And without three months off, comp-time, maternity leave and and personal time measured in months not to mention a totally delish retirement fund.

Doesn’t even look like a close match to us, but we’re not here to convert anyone.  I talk to fellow ham radio operators all the time and they say “We just moved into to a retirement home and the HOA says no ham antennas!  Out here?  Air-powered antenna launcher good for 100+ foot tree-topping heights.  Although we caught sight of a neighbor just yesteday.  “Just livin the dream…”

OK, Running with Numbers, Now:

Personal Income and Expenses:  (We like to warm up with humor):

Personal income increased $70.5 billion (0.4 percent) in July according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (tables 3 and 5). Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $39.9 billion (0.2 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $267.6 billion (1.9 percent).

Real DPI decreased 0.1 percent in July and Real PCE increased 1.6 percent (tables 5 and 7). The PCE price index increased 0.3 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.3 percent.

International Trade and Inventory data?

Advance International Trade in Goods The international trade deficit was $79.3 billion in July, up $8.3 billion from $71.0 billion in June.  Exports of goods for July were $115.0 billion, $12.2 billion more than June exports. Imports of goods for July were $194.3 billion, $20.5 billion more than June imports.

Advance Wholesale Inventories Wholesale inventories for July, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end of-month level of $633.7 billion, down 0.1 percent (±0.2 percent)* from June 2020, and were down 5.4 percent (±0.9 percent) from July 2019.  The May 2020 to June 2020 percentage change was revised from down 1.4 percent (±0.2 percent) to down 1.3 percent (±0.2 percent).

Advance Retail Inventories Retail inventories for July, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of month level of $594.7 billion, up 1.2 percent (±0.2 percent) from June 2020, and were down 11.2 percent (±0.5 percent) from July 2019.  The May 2020 to June 2020 percentage change was revised from down 2.6 percent (±0.2 percent) to down 2.7 percent (±0.2 percent).

Could be worse.  After the data, the futures were pointing to a 160- point higher opening.

This’s and That’s

Battle for the streets during the Digital Uprising continues.  As “‘We have all had a knee on our neck’: Activists to call for police reform, voting rights at March on Washington. ”  Pardon me, but who doesn’t have  voting rights?  You mean the illegal aliens?  People not in the country  legally?  I mean WTF?  Anything to incite, huh?

We assume you caught in a recent decision that three (and maybe four, Kagan didn’t voice an opinion in the case) Supremes thought US rights extended outside America’s borders.  Which is plan nuts.

On the other side, as the RNC nominated (no surprise who) Rudy Giuliani says ‘all lives matter’ while slamming anti-police brutality protests in RNC speech.  He musta missed a memo from Antifa or BLM.


You know our motto around here, right?   EBM:  Everything’s a Business Model.

We got to wondering this morning if BLM was becoming a business model.

Sure enough, here’s a list from the TESS database at the USPTO Not sure if all this trademarking activity will end racism.  But, it’s sure to help law schools along.

We will report back in five years on whether such monetizations axctually bring change…

Storm’s Passing

Up on a ladder at 5 AM in pouring down thundershowers still (until today) unable to find out why I have a roof leak.  Maybe found it…live storms are best, I guess.

Laura, meantime is storming through the midsection today: Weakened but still dangerous, Laura to pose continued threat.  And rotating power outages and flood clean up work is underway in the Houston to NOLA corridor south of I-10 where the damage was worst. Hurricane after hurricane wreaked havoc in Orange, Texas. Finally, residents say they got a break.

Off to rebuild our mail box, next.  Knocked over by a garbage truck Thursday.  Been one of those non-stop, too busy – no time to think – weeks…

Write when you get rich,


63 thoughts on “DDD Friday: Rally Ahead(?), Storms Passing”

  1. getting pretty boring George .. strange economic theory and studies doing the rounds .. ah well sounds like you are all praying for more rally in everything .. good on you .. me, i hope you crash bad . everything .. this gold is so American boring . and stupid like the promoters . some are even extending to sheetcoin support .. gotta back everything going up .. very disappointed at the analysis. anyway , have a big party

  2. Yo G Dog –

    Thinks we be getting lost in the sauce here chief – no matta the splatta.

    U be talking DE-BASEMENT – which is EXACTLY what chairman kerPOWel is doing with “letting inflation run” – he is Further DEBASING our currency. U be talking insurrectionists, insurgents, DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, failure of Demonrats to “lift any boats”..

    The Good vs evil WAR is busting out into public view, U can almost feel it and occasionally catch a wiff.. ME, Indo/Pac, Turks/Greeks, Sovereigns/cartels, Dems/USA, CCP/ Tawain.

    Can hardly wait to see video of Flying Lawn Fertilizer Bags blowing 40 wide and 40 deep Craters in SOLID GRANITE(Beirut) – dam these weapons of mass destruction are like in millions of garages around US – extremely dangerous times in USA..

    Now I wonder if Bitcoin can survive a Nuclear Blast ? oh wait it was Lawn Fertilizer and some bottle rockets..wonder if BTC can survive Ammonium Nitrate – better check that bag of miracle grow for WARNING Labels on Flammability and Explosive nature of AN..bwabhahahahahahaha

    Absolutely no worthless, cant spend anywhere, Bitcoin 4 U!

    • Dear BCN

      Come see me after the aforementioned nuke blast – or the impacting comet fragments in Oct.

      You see, instead of buying useless digits, I’m investing in used 3-5 year high output solar panels.

      And more ammo.

      Pace, love, and hard drives crash…


      • What Chu talking bout G-Man !

        – did U not see the “accident” at Arecibo Observatory this past week ? Seems a mystery Cable somehow snapped “ACCIDENTALLY”and destroyed the Radio telescope.

        This past weeks record setting (distance to EARTH) Asteroid was already 4 hours Past EARTH before Palomar identified it

        Nothing to see here, move along..

      • This is a radio telescope – looks for incoming signals.
        Now, if there are no aliens with transmitters on an inbound, Arecibo would be mostly useless anyway.
        Now, if big opticals and search radars do down, the you can lighten up on your meds because paranoid works.

      • .. apparently NASA leases/rents time, bandwidth on the Arecibo Radio Telescope – somehow use the Radio Signals to “Model” incoming threats – kinda like they are Pinging objects or some such, idk.

    • The thing with bitcoin is that you have to be paying attention all the time. My sonis into bitcoin and tipped me off on a move with OMG a few weeks ago. It was languishing at $4.00 range and I dropped a sizable amount in and watched it climb to $10…then the bots kicked in and flash crashed it. I got out at $9.75 and a nearly 2.5X return. Not for the faint of heart, but this exercise was extremely profitable for me.

      • George knows I got into bitcoin at it’s inception… sub $10. I saw the potential for the beginnings of an Elliot Wave rise with no market manipulation. I scored a 50-bagger on the rise, and got the hell out. That was a one-timer. I agree with George now, and I wouldn’t touch BCN for anything. Digital tulips, and the madness of crowds. Come to think of it, that’s the same reason I won’t touch the stock market.

  3. Could it be a business to have an antenna farm with high speed connection to hams? That the antenna does not have to be located at a home.

  4. Life is indeed truly better “out where the busses don’t run”. But that does not mean the BS doesn’t end here.

    Our 1.5 mile dirt road from the highway has not seen the county maintenance grader since spring 2019. A call to the county got me one of the damndest tap dance routines I have ever heard. A Jerry Clower story about Marcus Ledbetter was nothing compared to it. Telling me all the equipment was broken down and they had no money to fix it while nothing was expected to get done until after the elections. This was late last fall.

    This week we have been blading the ditches and road in front of the neighbors and our drives. While blading my entrance the current roads commissioner just happened to stop by to campaign for reelection in Nov. He was unpolitely told to move on down he road.

  5. “This morning features DDD – Decent Data Density”

    Phew did I get that one wrong George…

    I was sure DDD was DITCH the DEAD DOG ……

    I think everyone knows that the whole economy is similar to a checkbook and job.. they both have to balance. Otherwise it is similar to a balloon falling.in the room.. ARE the gains being shown greater than the air used to stop the descent of the balloon falling to the floor? Or is the balloon still descending but the graphs showing the false rise do to the current of air being used to keep the balloon off the floor?
    It’s a very fragile balance of the economy that’s seriously been lopsided for about three decades..the decline I see is like a free fall of a tree. It speeds up as gravity takes over.
    I personally believe that it’s to late to being back the jobs or tax the industries that have been profitable over the not being taxed for their gain.
    The interest on the lopsided is to great.. and it cannot be reconciled. The interest and overdraft fees are greater than the possible gains..the rise of the markets a mere illusion..JMHO

  6. Jeez George. Really? Am trying to the read financial stuff and you just have to inject political propaganda. Can’t we take a break just once in awhile?

    I guess you missed the memo that the guy who killed those two protesters in Kenosha was an ardent Trump supporter, not some cartoon vision you hold of “Marxist” rioters. Or that the Conservative media and Fox News have been actively defending . . . the murderer!

    The bitter irony is that if Conservatives of good faith actually wanted to end the protests, then Biden is your guy. Best, Mike.

    • Seriously? Guy on video raises a skateboard as if to strike him and he’s being chased by a mob?
      In Texas that’d be legit fearing for great bodily harm.
      And joe? Sell out to commies and wong side faster than Trump could every cut deals with ivan

      stay with what you know


      • Come on George…I don’t often agree with one topic Mike…but Trump is the cause of the angst. No other President since Nixon has has such a negative affect on the nations psyche. Read Mary Trumps book and you will see why Trump does what he does. I feel sorry for him in a way…but time has not healed him at all…neither has the ultimate power of the Presidency. Any other GOP candidate will do…anyone…just not him. I can’t take another 4 years of his BS.

      • I won’t make excuses for Trump. If I had even $500-mil, and Melania…well…just saying folks like you and me could prolly figure something more worthwhile to do at night than, lol, tweeting…
        On the other hand, in terms of angst? No, not buying it.
        The Obama (and Biden) Jan 5 office meeting on using intel resources to sabotage an income president? In excusable and seditious if not treasonous.
        With retweets on the fake Russian narrative – let’s see what comes out as the carter page lawsuit up in Chicago was bounced by U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber. Based on his logic Page could refile..in Seattle or Delaware, or DC. None of which seem particularly like they would support a suit against the protected class (.e.g. democrats)

      • The 17 year old executioner who traveled across state lines while armed looking for trouble had already shot someone. That’s why he was being chased. It’s too bad the do gooders didn’t catch the executioner before he shot two, killing one of them.

        Self defense won’t apply. This kid is going to be doing hard time in the pen.


      • “If I had even $500-mil, and Melania…”

        Really George…. be serious.. who would really need 500 mil lol lol lol lol..
        Someone with ED wouldn’t even need the little blue pill lol lol

      • came out today, the young patriot was first shot at before he blew the head off of the guy calling everyone a n***a 10 minutes before. now the second shooting where they were chasing him and he fell. The guy with the skate board was pulling on the barrel of the gun when it discharged (killing him). The guy that got shot in the bicep hand a handgun pointed at the young patriot, when he got shot. Notice hand couldn’t release the handgun because his muscles and nerves were blown up. The moral of the story, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • Ya thats the fing ticket,,elect Biden and he will call off the dogs of the left, the rioting looting plundering burning little commie assholes BLM/Antifa, we just need to yield to them, as in surrender?

      I have a different solution, see you Nov tues

    • So you point is that if someone expresses political support for a candidate, then that politician is responsible for that individuals actions? That is crazy on its face. Let use that logic for the shootings and murders in Chicago and other cities. We could say most of inner city people shooting and killing each other are Biden supporters? So Biden or mayors or governors are responsible to their criminal actions? Before Trump was a republican he was widely known for his modern beliefs and actions regarding race and sexual orientation. As he became a republican, I don’t know of any action he as taken to suppress anyone of any race. The other party and their media mouth pieces simply lie and continue to repeat lies and swirl discontent with their supporters.

      I have been saying this will get worse. One side is calling another side racist and burning their homes and offices, all the while providing no proof of any racist intention. Just because a person of one race injures another does not mean it is a racist event, just means one person is a criminal. Even if you go do the police brutality road, which I don’t, there is 0 evidence any of those police were taken race into account in those situations. Someone needs to explain to criminals to follow simple police directions, and 95% of these brutal events would never have happened. No matter your race, if you don’t follow police directions, bad things WILL happen, not matter who is the president. I explained early to my kids if interacting with police to follow their directions, don’t be a smart ass, and respect the role. Police can and do have the backing of the state to use deadly force. Take your beef up with the prosecutor.

    • Mike, you finally think you found one incident out of all the murders and mayhem that could be blamed on conservatives, LUCKY YOU, just pathetic. And Mark, if you cannot stand it, I will be waiting to see what you will do if Trump is elected?

    • Well he did kill 2 “protesters” who had convictions for sexual violence. One a convicted pedophile, possibly his friend as well. So good riddance to them. And he did show up all
      the armchair warriors who just talk about it on the inter webs.

  7. “BLM” / “Everything’s a Business Model.”

    Housing is a big part of the economy.

    BLM scares the people out of the cities and keeps them platting the country side. It’s a redo of the 1940’s strategy in the North during/after the Great Migration.

    People were sold the thought gentrification would work. Even Detroit moved their stadiums back downtown handing the bills for billions to the taxpayers. Most of the taxpayers suckled it up “jobs”.

    Billions of dollars to move stadiums like they are lemonade stands. The money is gone.

    There’s a lot wrong.

    • You conveniently forget the first (felon) was antagonizing the 17 year old, which escalated to him throwing an improvised molotov cocktail at the kid, who once again acted out of self defense, feeling a unavoidable threat to his life. His travel “across state lines” was a 20 minute drive home. (So much for borders being imaginary and open!!!) And we are down 3 repeat felons, almost a public service.

      Should you chose to antagonize an armed individual in hope of provoking a response, understand the response will often be rapid escalation of force, choose your battles wisely and be prepared for the consequences. From the videos of all three shootings, the kid has very clear defense and I assume that’s why they threw the book at him, hoping to spark more outrage after the acquittal on count 1 & 2, or mistrial. Turn of MSM and look for some videos with no commentary where you actually have to think for yourself (if you are capable of doing so still), instead of accepting your TDS programming from the TV overlords.

  8. About cities. No doubt that people are re-assessing their lives in large cities. It’s not the protests or perception of violence however. My son drove up to Portland last week and he said the “protests” are on one city block. The rest of downtown is business as usual, with closed off streets (to allow more outdoor dining) serving food, drinks, and shopping options for the walking pedestrian. He said to me verbatim “Dad, the media has so overblown this. I went and walked around that city block and never felt safer. I think the protesters that are left are dazed and confused and have no idea why they are there though.”

    It reminds me of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Did anyone know why they were in Vietnam? Did the Summer of Love in San Francisco have any purpose over then free sex, drugs and rock and roll? I was a tad too young to participate, but to a middle schooler going on puberty, it sure sounded like a lot of fun.

    Back to the cities…Most people are leaving because their nightlife and thousands of event choices were taken away. That’s the lure of living in downtown San Francisco and other large vibrant metros. They have world class dining, entertainment, night clubs and outdoor music venues. Austin and Nashville have nothing on the San Francisco music, comedy, theater, sports scene. When you take that away, its just another place to live…with restrictions now…and with cities you sacrifice the back yard for a vibrant retail and dining scene. Take that away and people get cabin fever…stuck in a high rise condo with 50+ floors separating them from the greenscapes. That takes its toll on many people who moved there to live that lifestyle.

    Long term, the shut down at 5:00pm cities are toast…But cities like San Francisco, New York, Boston, Seattle and yes Portland will thrive because they have well planned cities, waterfront beauty, outdoor spaces, and when this is all over, entertainment options out the wazoo. Oh, and your comment about massive sports complexes that were built using taxpayer-backed bonding authority…Another thing that makes San Francisco great…All of our sports venues were privately financed. Oracle Park, where the Giants play was financed by investors in 2000 and was paid off 3 years ago. (The profits are rolling in) Chase Center, the brand new venue of the Warriors and one of the nicest arenas in the world was privately financed and will be paid off by 2030. Levi’s Stadium another world class venue and host to a Super Bowl and National College Football Championship between Alabama and Clemson, where the 49’ers play was also privately financed, The lobe wolf….the SAP center where the San Jose Sharks play, is City owned but paid off. The planned Oakland A’s baseball stadium on the waterfront will also be privately financed. Add major sports venues at Stanford, Cal, USF, Santa Clara and San Jose State and we have a bunch of paid off, privately financed venues to enjoy….

    This is the new paradigm in sports venues. Any city that wants the taxpayer to pay for a stadium and then jack up tickets to the point where the average Joe can’t afford to go to that stadium is a city with absolutely nothing else to offer…which is why the Rams moved out of St. Louis…No private entity would step up to the plate and invest in a new stadium, because that city has no future. It’s the aforementioned close down at 5:00pm type of city.

    But as I wrote in a published article back in March, after being stuck in a city high rise condo, there is that lure of the big back yard and if Shelter in place taught us anything, it made us realize that in the “SUMMERTIME…the living is easy”(Apologies to Ella Fitzgerald) when you can go out your sliding glass door in the family room and step out to a lush greenscape. After nearly 7 months of after hours sacrifices, priorities have shifted and money that would have normally been spent on titillating our sense of adventure and such has been saved, invested in the stock market (Thanks Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Salesforce and Netflix) and people are now looking towards their new stay at home lives. They don’t have to live close to their work, because they have commuting options. Traffic volume is down 40% which means 30 mikes from work is a 30 minute drive. Pre-Covid, 5-10 miles was a 45 minute drive during rush hour. The task force that I am on has determined that most tech companies not in bio-tech (they need to be at the labs) will be working in this manner. 25% from home…50% on a flex schedule to avoid rush hour traffic (everyone starts work at 8:30…but most will start from home and stagger in the office from there). The final 25% will be deemed necessary to be in the office full time.

    Another reason to live into the ‘burbs is that city folk with children need a support group for schooling. ‘Burb life is more conducive to educational Pods, groups of families taking turns to be the Teachers assistant with their kids on group Zoom calls. Families are converting garages into classrooms, complete with 65” screens and audio to keep the kids engaged. This helps two income families to free up their days and work 4 days and teach one. Right now…it’s a burden for those that don’t have that support Pod to fall back on…and most of that lack of support is in dense urban cities.

    And…technology is taking a huge leap forward in making this easier for all of us. It’s an interesting life we live now…but change and shifts are mostly a good thing…Adaptation is the key to a prosperous and fulfilling life.

    • In Detroit taxpayers got stuck with 51% of the actual bill for building the stadiums.

      But before the stadiums could be built the City of Detroit had to donate the land for the stadiums to the stadium owners. After the land was donated new sate funded infrastructure had to be laid down. Roads and expressway ramps and lighting, yada, yada. (Meanwhile the suburban stadiums and that infrastructure was orphaned.)

      After all of that, we’re now stuck paying to upgrade sewerage and water systems because upgrading that infrastructure wasn’t a part of the project. In Detroit downtown buildings routinely flood because of old infrastructure.

      Here’s the best one from five years ago and the most recent.

      The local folks blamed the Chinese because the Chinese own the building. LOL

      Stott Building’s 9-Story Waterfall Went Unnoticed For Days

      Drying out the David Stott Building will require more than just a few large beach towels, reports CBS. The skyscraper’s basement is now six feet underwater thanks to a broken water main near the 9th floor, which unleashed a deluge estimated at two million gallons. The report adds that the water flowed for days before anyone noticed. Workers are currently trying to keep the pool from freezing while awaiting city permission to pump the floodwater out into the sewers.

      Water main break leaves dozens without power in Downtown Detroit

      Residents forced to leave apartment building

      DETROIT – A combination of heat and old infrastructure caused a Downtown Detroit road to buckle and a water main to break Saturday night.

      The water flooded the basement of the David Stott Building on Griswold Street, near Campus Martius, leaving dozens without power.

      And yes, the funny part – it’s the same building that flooded five years later due to the same problem. But there are more examples.

      • “But before the stadiums could be built the City of Detroit had to donate the land for the stadiums to the stadium owners.”

        OTFLMAO…this part of the comment totally reminded me of a conversation I one heard… I once took care of this extremely wealthy individual….
        One time I was working.. and overheard a conversation he was having with a grandchild.. he was teaching him and giving him the roadmap and steps it takes to being wealthy and was going to be his backer for his beginning of the journey..
        Afterwards I made a comment.. You should adopt me. he thought I was kidding but I was serious LOL..

    • “Did anyone know why they were in Vietnam?”

      waving hand I do I do….. It was a two for..
      One was to test to see if our weapons would be adequate.. the second and most important.. OIL….some body wanted it and used us to get it…
      Fighting for Peace is like F*&king for chastity LOL….


      theres more but really after this long who really cares.. there is always a business model involved.. and who better to fund the endeavors.. the us wage earner..

    • “It reminds me of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Did anyone know why they were in Vietnam? Did the Summer of Love in San Francisco have any purpose over then free sex, drugs and rock and roll?”




    • Go to the rust belt and tell us how wonderful their living is,take a drive from the Windy City to Indiana and tell us what all those run down deserted factories mean which use to be well cared productive plants employing thousand upon thousands of people,with neighborhoods looking more like the slums.these are the people who live in the real America Methinks you have a very narrow some would call it a birds eye view of just how a third world country looks .!!

    • Mark, your son is like the kid that touches the elephant’s trunk and thinks that’s what the animal looks like. Not peaceful rioters have done almost 90 nights of destruction in many DIFFERENT locations in Portland. In July the damage total was $23 million. Lord, who knows what it is now.

      Constant stories of business owners deciding that downtown Portland is not safe for employees or customers and are moving.

    • @MARX

      You can watch all the millionaire NBA ,NFL… BLM supporting athletes you want to….I will never support them again….as BLM agenda is to take this country down…I will never support that agenda…NEVER…

    • Thanks for the update on Portland Mark.

      Can you advise what time of day your son visited and found it peaceful and safe for outdoor dining outside the single block area where all the peaceful protests take place?

      Very encouraging.

  9. “We got to wondering this morning if BLM was becoming a business model.”


    When it went national in days and global all at the same time. Reports of individuals offering cash for causing chaos and damage starting violent incidents..
    At that point it’s obvious that someone is targeting and using the ethnic groups to achieve a specific goal. There isnt a malcolm x in an apartment that’s dissatisfied. There is a more specific end expected.
    My question is WHAT is the return for the actions being supported and pushed.

  10. Hi, George,

    Glad you are receiving rain. In New Mexico and southern Colorado, a severe drought persists. August, traditionally a rainy month, has been a very dry one this year and last year. We received a few rain showers in July, but it was more like scattered localized waterfalls and not widespread.

    Regarding the political arena, I do not see anyone promoting unity for our country. Americans are fighting Americans. I have read five big books about the Civil War this year, and I recognize some parallels to the time we are in currently. United, we stand against adversity; divided, we fall to our enemies.

    • How do we have unity, when one side calls the other side racist and evil. How does someone create unity with someone who is evil? If you believe the other side is part of the KKK or Hitler incarnate, how do you even start to find common ground? The powers that be in the democrat party have decided to just use the big racist, homephobic lie to denigrate every one not on their side. Is much easier to burn and riot against other citizens when you believe fundamentally they hate you and are responsible for each challenge in your life.

      I can support stopping racial or gender favoritism and not hate people with those traits. But the other side will not let that happen. If you have a policy disagreement with them you are evil and hate and should be put down. How many times have they declared republicans hate or want immigrants to die, if they support building a wall or simply enforcing existing legislation to try and limit illegal immigration.

      Tell me oh wise one, how do we bridge this gap, when one side will do or say anything to gain more power.

      • @ Joe Dish

        Kyle in Wisconsin….IS going to be the only interaction between this divided country…UNTIL BLM and Antifa are ALL rounded up and put in GITMO…Marxist core organizations, taking this country down one town by one city..Kylisim will be the only solution…unfortunately…Semper Fi…imo

      • “Is much easier to burn and riot against other citizens when you believe fundamentally they hate you and are responsible for each challenge in your life.”

        That’s pretty true..to justify dehumanize the opposition.
        Give the opposition a pet name. That generalizes the whole.. it’s been used politically for thousands of years.. it’s used to wid ed n the gap between social , ethnic and religious classes.

        We should all be blind men and women. I blind man can only judge a person for their actions. My father always said that live was an action verb. It’s what you do and how you treat those around you.
        I personally believe he is right..
        All the rioting the looting the violence wont bridge the gaps that they want bridges. It will only breed more discontent.

      • Hi, George,

        In reply to JoeDish, I would say that we are at an impasse, in that we are being ripped apart. I dare say that outside influences want this and encourage it. It is a true conundrum, this one side versus the other versus that other side. How this is repaired, well, I see that we could unite against some common enemy, like a war will usually do. But, this is rooted deep in us, this thinking. Some people just want to hate and allow it to control them. One solution that I believe, but others may not, is that our souls recognize no sex nor any skin color. However, I think that, in the short term, we are in for a very bad autumn and winter of discontent, to put it mildly.

  11. Looking out of the box on August 28, 2020 at 10:44
    “At that point it’s obvious that someone is targeting and using the ethnic groups to achieve a specific goal.”

    Isn’t it always an “ethnic group” that is expoited? A “group” that likes to loot, plunder and destroy other people and their things is ALWAYS offended by total strangers whom they want to “teach a lesson to.”
    These emotionally driven “groups” somehow with their twisted logic feel that teaching you a violent “lesson” will make their lives improve. Maybe it will make you fear the consequences of not giving in to their mob rule or getting caught by them.
    Hasn’t worked yet but the “groups” continue to use the same methods again and again. They always destroy businesses and the opportunities available to them and have done so for decades.
    Perhaps this disloyal criminal element feels that they will be recognized for their devotion to the financiers that provide them money and materials intended for their dark goals and this will earn them a powerful position with their socialist, anti-American hero’s.
    In order for the mob mentality to prevail, law and order must be destroyed as a national desired condition. This is the reasoning behind the destruction and street violence. It is to provoke a more heavy handed response by police and government to restore law and order, thus increasing discontent in the general population as they too, may be inconvenienced due to police efforts to control the crowds.
    There is a goal. It is to destabilize our system of governance to the point of rejection by citizens and leave a vacuum into which they expect be placed. To rule over us…
    It’s as old as Communism its self. Times change, tactics didn’t.

    • Wow..great answer Ed.. thanks.. It brought up points I had never considered..
      My thought was the initiators had targeted them to be against themselves..

  12. A how, how,how..Thirty Thou On the Dow..looks like childs play now, G.

    So the SPY Closed Thursday the 27th at 348, Opened Friday the 28th at 349, SPY is ETF of S&P 500

    Zo we take 348 multiply by .082 = 28. Next we Sum 28 and 348 =376..Target Acquired!

    The Coot went Long ____ SPY Sept 360 Calls @ $1.51 per. this AM. Each Call represents 100 Shares of Stock/ETF.

    So far the Gmans call is looking good – so good I got U & E Steak Dinner 27 oz Harris Cut Ribeye @ Killen’s Steakhouse..

    Like shooting fish in a barrel G-man..

  13. Everything’s a business model isn’t working because of the people at the top of the pyramid ,
    but it would work if those people weren’t at the top of the pyramid for instance going back to being on the island with 30 to 300 other people where’s the business model go ahead tell me about that business model I want to see what you can makeup on an island of 300 people hows that business model working,
    I want to see what you can come up with and I’m sure with your brain you’d be the head of the business model with all the biggest Hut and you have all of us believe in whatever you say the because you have the most assets on that island just like the ones that create the money,
    Now that we’re talkin about creators of things how about ones that create the spirit world a person over here says the guy talk to the all these people that have the ability to talk to a creator but some of them come up with different ideas so I don’t think they’re the same creator and I don’t think or I should say I do think that were using our brain power our Dream power in order to connect with creators and they’re not all the 1 same creator I guess have to dwell more into this business model of creators,
    Now if we can just focus on the future that’s beyond most 99% of the peoples thoughts, however at this one specific time on this timeline there’s a chance we may be able to alter it you know evolve a little a head of everything that’s been done so far and the only reason we’re where we’re at now is because we’ve been suppressed or the technology and the truth about everything we learn these faults and under those conditions it’s hard for a group of people or a whole society to move forward when there’s a ruling top of the pyramid that are sadistical Beyond 99% of the populations imagination and when they’re slowly woken up to that reality that there are evil people that control the top of the pyramid which is the banking, religion system of all the judges all the governors all the Mayors all the senators all of Congress ,all of the presidents except for one,
    And then you say how is it possible for so many people in a small section of this Earth to be so corrupt as in this video https://youtu.be/za34H-dT8I0 so beware of old established cathedrals https://youtu.be/tLVuu5AbII4 old established castles anything that sold on this Earth was used sacrifice human souls, especially the children and babies

  14. “I talk to fellow ham radio operators all the time and they say “We just moved into to a retirement home and the HOA says no ham antennas! ”

    Gawd I had enough of that for 40 years in urban ‘condo-land’. That was an absolute requirement for ‘retirement’… a place of my own where I could put up antennas!

    And George, don’t forget to paint the new mailbox a cool, reflective white so you don’t fry your seeds shipped in!

  15. Some people hate Trump so much they’d sell out America and their own well being, to live in poverty beyond what we know “poverty” to be. – and some People are willing to wage war on the domestic threat they perceive, and weather they’re a Trump supporter or not, the (patriot) will be labeled as a Trump supporter.
    The dynamics are incredible.
    Talking politics has always played a roll in economics. It’s all in the dynamics.

  16. OG – Apparently attorney Lin Wood has offered to take up his case. This is the attorney that represented 3 high profile people falsely accused by the left and overzealous media and won. I would think that Mr. Wood would not have stepped into the arena if he didn’t think there was either a need for his representation to ASSURE a fair trial or actually absolve Mr. Rittenhouse of the charges altogether. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out but my money is on more people having enough of this outlaw behavior of the Leftist radicals and more shots will be fired. This is what the Maxits/Maoist radicals want and they will most certainly get.


  17. John Carpenter’s 1981 classic, “Escape From New York,” now seems like a prophetic vision of our current U.S. cities falling under seige from senseless, violent protestors. Carpenter’s sci-fi solution: wall off the violent offenders and turn the city under siege into a literal prison. Today we ethically cannot wall-in protesting people, particularly when many of those around them are people of color, children, elderly, sick, handicapped and/or economically disadvantaged. That drastic tactic would be wrong. But the ironic twist is that the violent protestors risk walling themselves off from their surrounding communities and from much of the nation. As they destroy Portland from within, or any city for that matter, groups in surrounding suburbs and rural areas will likely stand ready to mount an armed perimeter defense to their locations to protect their communities from the inevitable bands of marauding protesters violently striking out from their self-made decaying urban hell holes. Any direct confrontations would likely be violent and would not end well for either side, but the 2nd Amendment supporting non-city folk would quickly band together to inflict great pain and suffering upon any interloping group attempting to cause damage or harm to families, property and communities.

  18. Whatever else you think about Dana Coverstone or his visions, you have to admit, he has a really good writer:


    Blank Joe and a Conestoga wagon hauling civil war era political dynamite. Hillary in a Wilma Flintstone dress brandishing a Roman short sword. DJT being defended by patriots with muskets. However does a small-time preacher in Kentucky get material this good? Angelic SNL?

    • “a Conestoga wagon hauling civil war era political dynamite.”

      they are tossing out a lot of dead horse issues that have historically been vote getters.. the only one I haven’t heard is secure the borders.. LOL…

      • Coverstone’s version predicts a dead dismembered mule, slain by it’s own load of political dynamite. The D’s & their leftist allies appear to be trotting out old unstable relics from the darkest chapter in American history, trying to cause a conflagration which will allow them to seize control, electoral college be damned. They haven’t really thought through the consequences of provoking the American heartland to rise up in opposition with muskets in hand. Coverstone has invoked powerful symbology which I am not sure he fully understands.

  19. back in 2016
    George Soros Announces China Must Lead The New World Order
    and you wonder why we bad mouth Sorass and his open society


    when you lefties post links, I read them to see both sides, go read this link
    Soros even stars in a video interview, I dont care which side you stand on, you should at least take a quick peek

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