CV-19 As a Synethetic Depression

America’s economy requires periodic setbacks or it implodes.  So we begin this morning with a discussion of how many Depression checkboxes has CV-19 ticked off, so far.

Then a couple of interesting woo-woo items.

But first, an assortment of headlines and the ChartPack.  Which – like Elon Musk – is in Fly Me to the Moon mode…

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48 thoughts on “CV-19 As a Synethetic Depression”

  1. Morning George. Pdf is desirable so as you said, we can read it at our leisure. Thanks for the hard work you do to bring us all the information you bring and always very entertaining. Blessings

      • I would be happy with the .PDF, great idea!!!

        Also, looking for periodicity in asteroid strikes? Then you need to search out Randall Carlson’s you tube video’s on the subject. I’ll pole around here in a few minutes and see what I can find.

  2. “Along comes inflation at a 25% rate. Over time, your wages rise to the $1250 per week at this new “inflation-adjusted” level.”

    The problem is a little more difficult to imagine.. in an ideal world.. inflation goes up twenty five wages go up twenty five… but.. if wages had kept up with the inflationary rate from lets say the early eighties when deregulation of essentials started.. minimum wage would be somewhere around fifty grand a year if it had kept up with the inflationary rate..
    insert here the extensions of govt.. the federal programs.. you have rent assistance,daycare assistance, etc etc etc.. yet each one is based on the other.. so you think people are getting this much but if you get some in one you take away from the other.. to keep those at the very bottom at the very bottom…what was it.. your tax deductions divided by twelve.. as a living wage.. then the exportation of the jobs.. leaving service positions.. we work to serve.. not develop and construct but to consume and spend..

    • LOB,

      “minimum wage would be somewhere around fifty grand a year”

      You’re right. The workers who kept pace economically were at companies that got bailed out.

      • whats funny steve is the fifty grand a year doesn’t even consider the loss of necessities that use to be a standard benefit for whatever job you had full time part time.
        My guess is if you took into consideration what was given with a minimum wage job back in the old days compared to today.. the actual minimum wage to keep up with that wage and benefit package back then would be someplace close to sixty five to seventy averaged out to twenty five percent of a persons income.. today it is what forty percent.

    • If the work is already finished, a single part PDF would be great. Any form of information is good though. Ure words are appreciated.

  3. My vote for .pdf George and as Steve says “Thanks for the hard work you do.” Your Non-subscription readers don’t know what they are missing.

  4. I clicked on the CLE Vs STL MLB game by accident.

    I noticed all the “fans” are cardboard cutouts… of mostly white people. A couple black females and one black male. The little white baby heads are gigantic Vs the head on the one little black kid cutout.

    Why isn’t the mix based on the population content of the host city? Detroit, as example, is 86% +/- African American. Shouldn’t the cardboard cutouts reflect the demographic of 86% +/-dark?

    Is it “racism” to notice the skin tone of the cutouts or that the cutouts were clearly skin toned?

    • There is many more races than Black or white but our media and Schools haven’t found out about them yet

      • The faces of discrimination are many and varied that touch many races sizes shapes colors and religions..
        To focus on just one is discrimination companies openly discriminate. With the blessings of our govt.
        If your to big to small have the wrong name if your bright or slow whitted or just in the wrong neighborhood . It all makes me sad..
        I wish we could just stop focusing on things from hundreds of years ago. Be the blind man judge others for who they are and how they treat others..

    • Two possibilities:

      1. Perhaps the numbers reflect their actual customer base, which is to say that possibly baseball appeals more to one set of people than another.

      2. Heard about a stadium/team (guessing baseball, but not completely certain) where the management will, for a fee, set up a cardboard cutout whose face bears the features of the person who paid to have his/her face shown. Reportedly, there was an entire section (might have been 300 people) all with the face of this one guy, who must have coughed up quite the chunk of change.

    • I dont need 10,000 shares. I only need 10,000 views. Hash tags work great for that. The thing about using magazine cut outs is all the viewers that read the same magazines place energy into those words and images George. Same principle the powers that be use. Remember the lesson about the metal witching rods???? When you think of the thing that is infront of you, or is on your left or right?? the metal rods move in that direction! You are magnetizing those images, words and phrases, symbols etc. In effect, giving them power unknowingly. Now by channeling all that focused energy rendered to those images, words and phrases, symbols and transferring it into a creative vehicle to work in concert with the Creative Intelligence og the Universr to produce the effects of what I desire?? Well that’s just plane being smart the way i see it.

      I been studying the language of creation for about 7 months now. This is just one of the many concepts I have stumbled upon. Im pretty amateur at this stuff but The Creative Spirit of the Universe has noticed my inclination to have a relationship with it and dialog. It’s definitely communicating with me. Lol and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

      I have learned alot more than just that from it. But like I said, I aint giving away all my secrets. You can discover them yourself. It’s all around you and in you. Most just never notice it. Lol

      • im not worried about my back pain or that nerve. It was only for 13 hours and gave me a new found ability. Lol. Thanks for your concern and thoughts N. It was a extremely intense attention grabbing experience. I value that sorta of power. I respect it. I mean it had me on the floor in the fetal position for an hour until I meditated and separated myself consciously from it but still could feel its intensity. It was a marvelous experience. Most people would think it was the worst thing that ever happened to them. I guess I’m just different in that regards. I value the whole life experience. The good. The bad and the ugly. Lol. I have a deep affection and respect for such things as this. The Good ones and the bad ones. The whole spectrum. When I objectively separate myself from such events I can appreciate them for their magnificent magnitude and how beautifully awesome they are in intensity. Especially when i can still consiously act clear headedly. Use my abilities, intuition, take action in a calm and systematic rythem in accordance to my will inspite of them. I dont invite it into my life. The whole experience was truly wonderful. I definitely know myself better and It was a really good test of character, fortitude, resilience among many other things that make me. Me. Im so grateful that I got to measure all that, see that and know myself better.

        Truly a blessing.

    • Thank you for that link, to Robert F Kennedy Jr. Do you know if it can be found anywhere else but on face book??? as I am sure face book will be taking it down

  5. Sweatlodge yardwork. A necessary evil here in the tropics. My friend strips down to shorts and sweats profusely in the hot sun and humidity. Also exposes him to fire ant bites. BTW- Chinese ‘Tiger Balm’ or any other balm with camphor is great to kill the sting and itch of the fire ant bites.

    Me? I ‘sweatsuit-up’ to do yard work. Long pants, long sleeve shirt, sweat bandana, broad sun hat, leather gloves, and go for it with the lawnmower. Lots of water intake, and frequent breaks to let the heart rate come back down. The long clothes are warm, but wick up a lot of moisture and provide sunburn protection. Yep… it’s a mobile sweat lodge. I take in several quarts of water without a bathroom break…. it all sweats out. When I’m done my skin is like paste. Peel down and shower, and exfoliate with a nylon buff pad to get all the dead skin off. Comes out squeaky clean. THEN… relax and take some magnesium citrate to relieve the inevitable muscle cramps from over exertion. Liquid protein drinks help with the muscle recovery also.

    When the doc checks me periodically he asks if I’m getting enough exercise. I tell him I do ‘aerobic yardwork’. He nods knowingly. We live in tropical jungle territory.

  6. Yo G! Did you see that if you go to log in at it redirects you to Joe Biden dot com.????

    Antifa is the #1 reason for violence and the burning of small businesses.

    Like I said, Joe Biden, what a dumb ass! F Joe Biden!

    • I dont give 2 shits about political crap most of the time. But when an organization is all about inciting random acts of violence and burning small business and looting??? And it is supported by a presidential candidate?????!!!! And he joins his wagon to that organization?

      Like I said. Come to my neck of the woods. F around and find out. We dont put up with that stuff around these parts.

      I was offered a job making over $200k, a rolex, plus bonuses and a condo on Coronado island. Place started looking alot alcatraz to me. Ya see most of those rich people? Money is who they are. Its their identity. I like money. Im a money magnet. But im created in the image of God. That is my identity. I’d rather live on 20 aces in the woods than be about impressing people i dont care about and dont know.

      The lunatics are running the asylum!

      And people think im the crazy one? Lol.

      • One last thing.

        I think it’s mind set to George. I hear people say, ” knowing my luck it will turn out crappy.”

        I for one don’t talk like that.

        I say, “knowing my luck it will happen better than I could imagined”

        Like I said to a friend the other day she said you are so fortunate. What is your plans? I said well im going to learn my way around the area and knowing my luck i will win the powerball and buy a ranch.

        7 days later I won the powerball. Only $8.00 on a ticket I found under my drivers seat that I dont rememeber buying. Lol

        Its like I know this fella and he says, “maybe im crazy” all the time.

        I told him that if you keep saying that, then don’t be suprizee when you are really, “crazy.”

        There is power in words. How we think about things mainly ourselves and how we speak determines alot about life.

        Anyway. Im a young Om. So that is my 2 cents.

        Sorry for the blast I have to go adventuring again soon. Have a great week! Knowing my fortune, it will be full of suprizes and wonderful presents. Lol

  7. the lunatics are running the asylum! And people think im the crazy one??? Lol

    The eye of the storm has passed. Release the grizzly. Its feeding time! Blood on the streets. Don’t worry. Kodak Grizzleys don’t kill ya. They just maul the shit out of ya, tenderize ya, burry ya in shallow leaves then come back and eat ya alive later. Hahhaha

    I know. I grew up in Alaska. I see them 1300 lbs, 11 foot tall bears many times.

    Good luck to ya all. I just picked up two S&W 50 cal revolvers and a tool belt. Lol

    Joe Biden. What an idiot.

    • “the lunatics are running the asylum! And people think im the crazy one??? Lol”

      God I am right there with you Andy.. dam its nuts out there..

      I was appalled last night the running mate.. gave a talk on the news.. not sure what channel it was.. but the way I understood what she said was basically a justification of the use of violence and looting to get their point across.. I am sorry that is totally nuts wrong.. I wouldn’t ever vote for JB before just because of how they buried Hunters actions and justified it and did all the horrible false accusations and constant attacks at the president.. I definitely won’t vote for another democrat as long as I live because of all this crap..
      somehow sensibility and ethics has just vanished completely..

      • I mean i see this stuff long before it happen most of the time. Not much pisses me off. I dont really care much about politics. This pissed me off. Lol I already know what is gonna happen but I live in the now as well. Went to the stateline races in idaho last night. It was a bunch of ” Hell Yeah” fun. Met a pretty blond who’s birthday it was. But I dont date 25 year olds anymore. Haha

        Lately, i see situational life path inertia of the people around me. All started when I came out of meditation and saw the belt of Orion perfectly vertical lined up in front of me with a palm tree. Venus off to the left and the sun was rising i saw out of my peripheral a figure to my left cloaked in a pale white shroud. I dont know who or what it was. But it definitely was female presence. Then I had that 13 hours of excruciating sciatic pain. Felt like someone was feller me open from my lower back to my heal and pouring lava down my leg. I worked the level (meditation tool) and separated myself from it but it was the most pain I think i have ever felt physically. Its beautiful. I respect that kind of intensity and power. It propelled me into a plane of meditation I never been before and since then I can see the inertia of life paths around me coalescing. Kinda hard to describe. Its like watching a living Chinese puzzle box/ honey bee dance where life’s(feelings, words, thoughts and actions) are moving around in a pattern.

        Its a new ability. Lol im surround by gifted people right now. One is a very gifted hermaphrodite seer. She has both sex parts. Reminds me of the Oracles of Delphi. They are filling in the gaps of the stuff I dont know.

      • And they don’t know what to make of me. She said, I have never experienced a presence like yours. You are like a giant golden light lamp of energy when you walk in the room. Haha. Like a mini sun in human form. I said well I a dumb ass at times too. I call her she because that is what he/she prefers. Did you see the moon, Saturn and pluto all lined up on 08/28 in the centar constipation? Talk about some heavenly signs.

        I dont much about that stuff. But i dont think that happens very often. Pretty cool.

        I voted for trump last time and a bunch for Scooby-Doo and wrote in George for the senate. Lol

        I will vote for trump but I still see the elections being postponed for a year. Martial law is coming. I aint the only one who sees that.

        2020 has been a super good year for me. Prosperity and abundance galore. Lots of travel and i participated in and recieced bunches of acts of abundance, prosperity, kindness, love compassion. I have met so many beautiful from all walks of life. Seen soo much beauty. I only wear a mask to get stuff at the store if I have to and I havent been sick at all. I actually have gotten healthier and healthier.

        But I dont watch the news or polute my brain with crap. Lol

        I will vote for trump, but I dont think it will matter. Lol

      • “But I dont date 25 year olds anymore. Haha”

        LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.. do you date them any less LOL LOL LOL
        You know Andy this is a joke in the house.. a couple of months ago I went and got the shopping list.. neatly on the list was ..
        One twenty-five year old blonde, Must like to garden..( yeah right like I am going to find a young twenty five year old that likes to garden


      • “it was the most pain I think i have ever felt physically. ”

        Andy I can totally relate to that.. Have you tried acupuncture.. I tried it dam was that good.. not the ear acupuncture but the real deal.. the cotton balls on fire etc.. I got so much relief out of have to try it out.. make sure you get someone that knows what the heck they are doing was amazing… the big issue is.. it was almost three hundred a shot.. which every two weeks is unsustainable.. the pills are cheaper..

      • Well, George and LOB. There multiple way$ to attract what you want. yes, believing is important but faith without works is dead. So there has to be a certain amount of ritual performed.

        I think in LOB’s case it would be prudent to make a vision board. First things first get some Sea Salt. Dump it in a circle around your work station. Sea salt wards off negative vibrations. Get a bunch of old magazines, cut out with tijeras the words and images of what you want to come into your life. Paste then around in an eclectic pattern on the board where all the magazine cut outs touch in together at some point. Then i would write a simple series of “I Am” statements in relation to what was on the visualization board, read it silently, read it out loud (while recording it) then isten to it.

        That should cover 5 vehicles of communication with Creative Intelligence.

        Then, pour water on it. lock the image and writing in a safe and dont look at it or expose it to light for atleast 90 days. Then after 90 days open it up, re do the ritual and then burn everything in a fire pit. So all 5 forms of communication will tranfer through earth, water, air, fire and become Aether.

        You can Do that or join the farmers only dating site and look for a girl who has Daddy issues LOB.

      • All visualization boards are performing really well.

        When you write/rite/right those I am statements. Make them only 3 or 4 words.

        [I am generosity
        I am love
        I am sexy
        I am beautiful
        I am with her
        I am happy
        I am joyfully
        I am having fun
        I am grateful
        I am great sex
        I am abundance
        I am Prosperity
        I am having a great life
        I am tender moments]

        Don’t use brackets. Lol I only did that for my example. To keep what is mine mine and what is yours yours. Lol

        Don’t put a period after your statements. Periods mean full stop. You are not writing/riting/righting anything anyone else is gonna read or see. And you continuous dynamics. This is between you and God, ie the creative spirit of the Universe. You can not impose on anothers will. So don’t do negative stuff about anyone. Because you will reap it if you do.

        It will take a little time to manifest. But it will manifest. Im always in that dialog with God. Do something for someone else every day. Return some ones cart at the grocery store, give a bum $5 or hold the door open for someone else. As you do these things you are showing the Creator your willingness toward His desires and He will respond in kind.

        Pretty simple stuff. But most will never do it. Lol

        Have a wonderful week.

      • I hope you get over the lower back pain without surgery. Riding too much, especially in low slung sports cars, can set it off. Never heard of meditation as a risk factor – live and learn.

        You seem to understand the reflected pain deal. The problem is usually in the nerves coming through between the L5-S1 or L4-L5 disks, but the reflected pain can be felt anywhere from the hip to the middle of the back, down the leg to the toes.

        Severe symptoms like drop foot or prolonged high level pain require immediate intervention. If you have ever read any of the hell-fire sermons from the early protestant era where the authors vividly describe the fire that burns without consuming, those authors sound like they had chronic nerve pain from back trouble.

      • all my visualization boards are performing well in my life. I have physical ones and electronic ones. I have one that has gone viral. A meme I made with a small written i am statement in it. It has been shared 396 time in the last 5 days alone. Lol

      • “Well, George and LOB. There multiple way$ to attract what you want.””

        Being serious Andy.. I don’t know what I would do with a twentyfive year old.. the newness would wear off and she would wear and old man like me out LOL LOL LOL.. the wife was kidding to.. when she put that on the grocery list LOL….its now the family joke.. LOL LOL LOL… I have a wonderful wife.. she keeps my silly but in line.. lets me do my old man lab experiments and doesn’t complain..( well not to much )
        i also couldn’t afford a twenty five year old.. most twenty five year olds are high maintenance.. my wife isn’t high maintenance..

      • “You can Do that or join the farmers only dating site and look for a girl who has Daddy issues LOB.”

        Or you can just whip out your wad of hundreds and make a casual comment.. I just never seem to have any change at the college library…LOL

        Everything is a business model!

      • @LOOB

        “Being serious Andy.. I don’t know what I would do with a twentyfive year old.”

        I do.

        If she looked like she was together-enough that she was on her way to becoming a real woman, I’d ask her if her mother were married.

        If she didn’t, I’d try to plant a couple subtle seeds in her brain, to assist her in growing up. Then I’d go away.

        In neither case would I plant seeds elsewhere…

    • Clerk is an awesome one to start with.. I was really into magnets at one point and loved to do things that everyone said is impossible to do LOL.. I love to get the kids interested in magnetism using the magnetic wave principle… or use the old top.. we have a top that the kids can get spinning then it floats in the air.. the anti-gravity and magnetism.. LOL.. if you want to read clerks paper on magnetism it is a good might want to move on from clerk to thide.. thide has a good and maybe a little more in depth than clerk.. clerk gives an astounding beginning point on magnetism.. what gets people is magnetism as common as it is illusive.. the power of magnets is amazing I have a couple that are strong enough they could take your finger off if you messed with them to much.. I ordered some one time for an experiment and when I got the box it had a nice hold in the side.. the magnets pulled right through all the packing and stuck to some conveyor someplace.. LOL.. you can do a lot with magnets.. consider the fact that we are a magnetic motor.. there was a place in Europe that made a car and drove it through the alps..then apologized for putting up the video and took it down.. have fun playing with magnets be safe and sit back and look at what you have done see how it is working study it then look for the failure points and ask why isn’t it working the way you envision it.. pretty soon you will see the connections but you have to look at it with an open mind.. look at the solar system the cell the atom..there is a really really good school in india that teaches magnetism .. well worth looking into the whole class is free to take if you want on you tube edu.. LOL LOL LOL LOL oh great.. I am always criticizing YALE for not having anything worthwhile out to be read or watched.. and here they have one of my favorite authors on magnetism on youtube discussing magnetism and giving lectures on it LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL anyway have fun

      right now my six year old is interested in .. volcano’s.. he has been asking me a ton of questions on volcano’s.. I told him we would make one.. now the decision is.. do I show him a fiery volcano or just some suds coming out of a bottle that has what looks like a volcano around it.. I can do either the one uses sand and some household chemicals but gives a cool example to a real lava spewing volcano LOL.. but I don’t want him doing that when I am not around and then burning the house down..

  8. I’m a day late reading but your article reminded me of the tsunami dream I had last night! Take away was when you feel the quake to MOVE and get to higher ground. Was told I need to check local topographical maps to check elevations and then check how long it will take to get to higher ground, walking and vehicle. I saw lots of open mouthed people watching the water lift things up until it was too late. So many crushed by debris trying to swim and keep their heads above the water. Horrible. I’m 33 feet above SL in Eastern VA south of DC so I’m guessing water came up 40-50 feet? Been trying to remember since I got up what the dream was about!

    • Cathy A: Whoa. I dreamed similarly last night, too. Only I was in downtown by the river area of a local city. Knew if it ever flooded there again, it’d be wiped out. How and why I was there, no idea. I don’t like being there in real life, let alone a dream.

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