Day Trading the Weimar, Players a Bit Scrambled

Glorious Thursday!~

It was a highly profitable Fed announcement for Ure’s, truly.  And for a few of our readers, like D’Lynn for one.  Yes, it was a dandy day.  But punctuated with a reminder from my consigliere that although we are expecting something of a rally in here, “Counter Trend Trading is a great way to shrink your trading account.”

Public Only Once…

Whether our Aggregate Index is of any use, or not, depends how “into serious market-play” you are.  (CosPlay is more fun, lol.)  Here’s how close (when normalized, the track from the top of the recent Wave II (basis the Nov. 2021 high) and the previous blowdown (from Sept. 3, 1929) is playing along:

If you are reading on a phone, it may not be obvious, but the early (5 AM) futures were pricing about flat.  Which would put today slightly AHEAD of an equivalent day in 1929.

We’ll go over the whole series of asterisks on this chart this weekend on the Peoplenomics® website – there are lots of them.  Still, my consigliere is correct (as usual): my biggest losses trading always come right after my biggest wins.  (Point taken!)

Since the market could stand a little side-ways action for a while (before Class A Disaster strikes) I’ve sworn off trading for a week, or so.  The Elliott picture, I’ll grant you, does look tempting, though:

This is NOT (and never is) trading advice.  However, if you connect the small yellow 3 top with the right hand small yellow 2 top, you will see a trend which we really ought to wander sideways towards while the clock runs a bit.

However, at some point, we will likely (opinion only, never advice!) smash down to the red support level which is where the lows of June should be taken out.

Of course, when this happens (which we think it will) then the gates of financial hell open and – as we’ve warned for a couple of months now – our “Half off by Christmas” market shows up.

My consigliere is skeptical, though.  Not about the half-off part.  No: about my dimwitted optimism that it will take until Christmas.  See, he’s got a spidey sense that it will all be over except the financial funeral dirge music by Thanksgiving with room to spare.

Hopium in the Water Supply?

You know a rally could be nearby when our local trumpeter of Bitcoin (the Bitcoin Nazi, who coined the phrase “No Bitcoin 4u!”) is yammering about how electronically dependent “munny” somehow has value into the unlimited future.

Basic UrbanSurvival Philosophy 101 (Refresher Course)

  1. Never live life for maximum paper gains.  You can’t eat paper or gold.
  2. ALWAYS structure your life for minimum loss potential.

Some folks think that if they have enough paper (and digital) assets, they will surely be able to buy food, a roof, a meal, a screw and polish it off with a toast.

But this whole prospect assumes the lights stay on.  Cities remain calm enough for people to work in data centers, banks are online, store shelves have something worth buying on them.

People who think this way have my admiration for their die-hard optimism. My long spell as a reporter, though, taught me one thing is certain:  The FACTS do matter. Things always go wrong.

Facts:  Like the structural damage of Open Borders, collapsing fertilizer production, quadruple vaxxing, living in shit-ridden Big Cities, as sending the same dumb aZzholes back to Washington who have yet to solve “perpetual issues” (like abortion) which exist not so much for women’s health or sex ed but exist as political “dog whistle issues” which can never be solved, lest the aforementioned elective aZzholes be called to account for their sickening negligence.  Abortion rights as a 54-year election issue? Come on! GMAFB you political pigs on both sides

The Grand Slideways Slide.

I appreciate that if you’re the King of Bay Area Real Estate times are presently very good.  We will find out next Tuesday when the Case-Shiller Housing report comes out.  But even so, that’s a long-delayed data set.  We find peril driving by the rear-view mirror.  Other people have more faith in their driving skills.

Instead, we’re working on plans for an expanded garden with more critter-proofing, more seeds, more 3-3-3 (if you don’t know what it is, you need to read some agriculture books) and upping our on-site water well storage and maybe even ANOTHER 10 solar panels (which would bring us to 42 of ’em.

Another Reality is Aging

My personal odometer will roll over to 74 in five months.  Gotta tell you, I am pondering partial retirement.

If you wake up one morning next year and find a “FOR SALE” banner on the top of UrbanSurvival, and anyone who wants to keep reading will have to ante-up the $40 a year for Peoplenomics, that’s another reality.  It would reduce my work week a lot.

Sitting in front of a computer 10-12 hours a day to make this stuff work is not particularly healthy.  Even with another (smaller) treadmill for the office, there’s nothing like real farm work.  People who sit on smog-filled freeways to get to the gym have always been a non sequitur to us.

But that’s all ahead.  And IF our markets half-off by Christmas happens, society may enter that self-extinguishing part of the curve.  Having reached the pinnacle of tech, under Biden’s tutelage, America’s ability to shoot itself in the foot (repeatedly)  may bring its natural consequence.

Seeds, bullets, fencing, water pump parts, fish antibiotics, and more solar just seems OH SO reliable compared to even a portable hard drive.

To each their own.  It’s just like some guys like to look at a Playboy bunny.  Others would rather marry one, know what I’m saying? Bitcoin looks to us like it has a few staples in its navel, if you will.

Meh:  Fed Hike Fallout

We’ve been telling you we’re in the window for global competitive currency devaluations.  With the US raising another 3/4-point Wednesday, we found it significant that Japan intervenes in FX market to stem yen falls after BOJ keeps super-low rates.  This, in turn, has lowered the dollar which means it will take more dollars to buy the market which will make it seem things are getting better, bouncing.


The Books of Collapse

Enough of this maudlin crap!  Let’s see how broke we are, shall we?

“The U.S. current-account deficit, which reflects the combined balances on trade in goods and services and income flows between U.S. residents and residents of other countries, narrowed by $31.5 billion, or 11.1 percent, to $251.1 billion in the second quarter of 2022, according to statistics released today by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The revised first-quarter deficit was $282.5 billion.

The second-quarter deficit was 4.0 percent of current-dollar gross domestic product, down from 4.6 percent in the first quarter.

The $31.5 billion narrowing of the current-account deficit in the second quarter mostly reflected a decreased deficit on goods.

All of which means if you start a war, which hobbles Europe by getting their energy cut off, so the dollar rises, then the books look good – for a while.  Until, of course With nuclear threat, Putin backs self into a corner on Ukraine.

We also have the new unemployment filings data, which for the week looks like this.  I have highlighted the unjiggered (seasonal adjustments are a product of advanced lying school where it’s pandered as “Statistics”) which ticked up a bit:

Most everyone knows Mark Twains quote:  “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.”  But we’re more partial to Joseph Stalin’s “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” as being more befitting a world on the edge of famine and mass die-off.

5-million Somali children can’t be wrong.  But they can be ignored which is why we stick stories like Africa: Famine Looms in Somalia, but Many ‘Hunger Hotspots’ Are in Deep Trouble – in your face.  Proud of not making even some of your own food and grubbing digital tulips, yet, huh?

Don’t look now, but there is an important ethical question for anyone living more than 2 or 3 standard deviations above the global mean:  Is that kind of life ethical?  To our backward way of thinking, families with incomes of more than a million a year may have skipped Ethics in school.

Or, maybe that’s just our being a seriously downscaled couple since 2000 making a point.  (Said the guy picking up $563 worth of groceries today; we still have our faults, too. But at least we see where the walk ought to be.)

Distractions to Keep You Buying

Democrats – unable to close borders, balance budgets, deliver rational government – are nevertheless running Donald Trump as their main campaign issue (along with abortion) in the mid-terms which have none of the above on a ballot anywhere.  Not to worry, stupid Americans are easily led around by headlines like New York sues Donald Trump, Trump Organization for fraud.  Which is not to say the former prez doesn’t have egoic development issues. (Sheesh!)  However, Biden’s latter day Tammany Hall machine is also pushing Bait and Switch.

Political Fishing season is still Open:  Ginni Thomas agrees to January 6 committee interview.

Pre-Election voter buyoffs continue as Private Student-Loan Borrowers Might Be Stuck Watching Their Debt Climb (  We’re not sure a president can legally forgive anything, since all spending must originate in the House and this is (hype aside) spending because it transfers the  govt’s debt from (private) students to the public (you and me).  At some point, some law firm has to wake up to this as a very big class action deal.

Cooking their books to “make up terrorism” is revealed by Miranda Devine today in FBI hero paying the price for exposing unjust ‘persecution’ of conservative Americans (  Lawmen?  Above the law?  My, how very vigilante, eh?

Hurricane Jitters for the Gulf.  There’s a disorganized system off the north side of South America that’s on the verge of organizing into one big mother of a storm.  Click here for the computer models, or just read on knowing of hurricane risks in a week in the gulf coast states.

Around the Ranch

Been watching my Starlink account for a couple of years and keep debating when to get my hunsky that was deposited eons ago:

Do the Muskovites not know how calendars work?  Over promise and under deliver is NOT the way to make friends in Texas.

Write when you get rich,

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73 thoughts on “Day Trading the Weimar, Players a Bit Scrambled”

  1. No worries, apparently the lights will be able to be left on for ~ 90years. Heck that’s better than the uses found for fluoride. I’m certain there’s a major power holiday prior to recalibrating all the Zeroes that have been ginned into existence from trading against price discovery, in only those things benefitting the banks and institutions. Not your groceries or energy. Funny, that…..

  2. Are the Swedes no longer cream puffs? Are they retaking their country and living like their Viking heritage and bloodlines? And how does that relate to other citizens in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the rest of the EU?

    After years of gang rapes and murders from Muslim African and Middle Eastern immigrant thugs, the Swedes have finally woken up to the Progressive Kumbaya idiocy of unlimited immigration that is used to destroy a country’s culture and implement backdoor Soros/Rothschild/Banker supported revolutions and wars. Multiculturism is the hidden name the Commies use for making one-big classless melting pot.

    The Swedes just voted to keep the Red-Green Coalition (Commie, Socialist, Greenies) from taking office by 1 vote in a 349 seat Parliament. The far-left government of the last 4 years has ended. The crooked voting and election thefts by the leftists are still playing out like they do in the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The final vote is still in play because of “mail in” ballots. In shocking results, the normally liberal and tolerant Swedes voted for the Anti-Immigration right leaning Sweden Democrat Party (not to be confused with the Commie Leftist U.S. Demo_rat Party) with 20.54% (previously less than 5%) of the vote which is a major swing in Swedish attitudes.

    The Swedish vote is a forerunner of what will happen in America in November if the voting is honest, which is yet to be seen. Are the majority of Americans including the poor, the middle class, the upper middle class better off than 2 years ago under this lying impostor living in the White House, and those stupid ancient fools holding the majority in Congress, including a lot of stupid fool RINOs like McConnell and Cornyn and Romney? Real inflation is running over 16% according to ShadowStats, not the lies the government is feeding us. Government inflation numbers are total lies! Do people that shop for their own groceries really believe the lies they put out? Compare inflation as calculated today to how it was calculated in 1980 or 1990. Total fraud.

    Inflation is actually higher than what ShadowStats reports because people are having to lower their standard of living. When they compare meat prices they do not use comparable goods. No steak, but hamburger or even some people buying dog food to eat in the basket of goods used by statisticians. People that bought Prime brisket are now buying Choice or Select in the basket of goods with Select costing more than Prime used to be. No, people are not better off, and the final vote in November had better reflect it. Either that, or people in this country are even dumber than we think. NO ONE is better off than they were two years ago with inflation in food and fuel, and deflation is now looming in housing prices.

    Crime is running rampant in our country because of the number of criminals coming across the border. Just like in Europe. Will people remember that if and when they vote here? Will they remember the filth in all the cities from homeless people?

    Filthy Muslim immigrants roam Sweden and the rest of Europe raping women and young girls and murdering them because they do not fit in with the Muslim belief system of a woman covering her whole body in Black Rags. They do not adapt to their host countries, but want the people to change thousands of years of customs to adapt to their religious extremism. These rapist SOBs should be hung with a short rope, but the leftist judicial systems have let them go with a slap on the wrist…and they do it again.


    And meanwhile here in the U.S.A., prisons south of the border in Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela are releasing their criminals on condition that they board transportation to the Southern Border of the U.S where they can cross and continue their criminal ways with additional benefits provided by the crooked Biden Administration.

    The Communist Socialist Party of the U.S., aka the Demo_rat Party, wants all 2.2 million illegals coming into the U.S. this year as long as NIMBY does not come into play…Not In My Back Yard! Just like the liberal fools that want Wind Turbines all over the country except NIMBY.

    And thanks Governors Abbot and DeSantis for sending just an extremely small portion of these ILLEGALS to NYC, Martha’s Vineyard, and to lyin’ Joe’s multi-million-dollar vacation home in Delaware. The liberals are getting a taste of what Texas has been enduring with millions of ILLEGALS invading our communities for years. And the liberal fools are squealing like stuck pigs about it. “It’s a border state problem”. “It is immoral how Texas and Florida are treating these human beings”. “This is kidnapping”. Bullshit you lying bunch of Commie governors and mayors in D.C., NY, and Massachusetts!!! Is it really illegal to put an ILLEGAL on a plane when they agree? Multiply the small number sent to your cities by hundreds of thousands and see how you like it.

    And now we have some liberal Massachusetts attorney that is suing DeSantis on behalf of the migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard. Boo hoo, abuse the legal system for the ILLEGALS, like that AG clown in NY filing a civil suit against Trump and family because there are no criminal charges that would stand. ILLEGALS don’t have the money or even know how to file a suit on their own behalf. Hey Libs, how about suing Lyin’ Biden for flying all of these ILLEGALS to Red States in the middle of the night? Thousands of flights paid for by American taxpayers.

    We need to re-implement Operation Wetback like was done during the Eisenhower Administration. Rounded up 1.1 million ILLEGALS and shipped them over the border back to Mexico. They came back. Rounded them up again and sent them way down into Mexico and guess what…they didn’t come back.

    Even native Latino-Americans, the Mexican Government, and the Braceros that were here legally from Mexico to pick fruits and vegetables supported the action because the illegals were driving wages down. Yeah the liberals, as usual, screamed it was inhumane, but it solved the problem for a long time.

    Implement Operation Wetback the minute they cross the border. Load ’em in the back of a U.S. military transport plane, or in a Mexican bus with all the chickens, dogs, goats, and NO air conditioning. Take them to far south Mexico or El Salvador! They sure as hell wouldn’t want to make that walk again. Word would get out fast and it would end the problem of the Open Border. Lyin Biden, Cackling Harris, and that lying stupid black Shirley Temple look alike Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s Press Secretary continually lie to us by telling us that “the border is secure.” Do they really think Americans are that stupid. Maybe they are!

    Take the ILLEGAL’S pictures for facial recognition software, take their fingerprints and DNA for future crimes and in case of re-entry, and give them a card that states: “If you come back again, when we catch you and we will, you get a trip in the back of the military transport with a parachute and a free jump lesson before you exit the plane at 10,000 feet.” A cheap parachute costs less than one night+food in the $450+/night hotels in NYC the mayor is paying for them to stay in complete with mini bar and room service.

    We owe these people NOTHING unless they apply and come in like our forefathers did! Get in line, apply, and tell us what you are bringing to the dance, if you want to immigrate! And it is not your drugs, human trafficking, rape, crimes, no masks or vaccines, and diseases. Lyin’ Biden and his Commie administration treat these ILLEGALS better than they treat our own military where they mandated shots and masks, and kicked out 10’s of thousands of highly qualified military personnel for not taking the phony shots that are now proving to cause serious side effects and do not stop infection of COVID! Right Lyin Joe and you Fauci? You clowns took all the shots and got COVID. Or was you taking the shots just another lie?

    And screw you, you liberal-assed Yankees, and West Coast delusional Commie political fools with your sanctuary states and cities. Welcome to the real world!

    One of the differences between the U.S. and Sweden is that our women CAN and SHOULD be carrying a gun to blow away any religious fanatic or criminal trying to attack them! And Biden is letting criminals and religious radicals in by the thousands!

    • So why are you choosing to sit there while the biggest sh*t storm the world has ever seen is about to come down on YOUR head. Tsk, tsking about all the bad stuff happening may stroke your ego about how wise you are, but it’s like sitting in a rocking chair, gives you something to do but doesn’t get you very far.

      Of course, as an “exceptional” American you have the privilege of being “right,” but you can also be “dead right!” Your diatribe is like arguing with someone running a stop sign.

      I find it fascinating that Americans had absolutely no clue about what was going to happen in the last 5 years, yet they all think that the next 5 years “won’t be so bad!” So there you sit.

      The big lie sold to Americans is, “it’s the same everywhere!” I call BS on that every morning, with clean air, clean water very cheap quality food in unlimited quantities, and one of our social security checks put into savings every month.

      • Your expat condescension may have a sell by date. Round about the next political upheaval and or communist insurrection, or so. Corruption, inequity and violent political coups are all baked into the South American cake since, oh, about 1492. They are a feature and not a bug of Spanish Colonialism…In Ecuador and everywhere else in Latin America. If things go Tango Uniform in the U.S., I would not so sure that everyone will be singing *The Barney Song* where you live. When/if that happens, Gringos like yourself might not be so welcome. Or so smug. Then there is your own confident reliance on those Social Security checks showing up every month. It just might *not* be the folks north of the Rio Grande who are to only ones narcotized into thinking the next five years won’t be so bad. At some point, no money (in the federal kitty) really means no money. Same/same in the case of some intervening event like an EMP that stops those electronic deposits just outside the Treasury Building in DC. When/if the ordure hits the societal oscillator, I’d much rather be in Deep East Texas (or in my case, rural North Central Florida) than some place where I am a low melanin foreigner and drinking the water is sketchy at best.

      • There’s an Alamo for somebody all over the World. I’m taking as many of the S.O.B.s with me as I can when they come. You’ll find yours someday E.E. – or you’ll join the Borg and be happy.

      • EcuadorExpat…
        Like I have often said….You can’t argue with stupid, and you damn sure can’t fix it.

        Like I told you before, you think you live in Nirvana…but your right in the middle of the Ring of Fire. Lot’s of luck.

        Never said I was wise, but I am very well informed. Don’t know why you have a hangup on 5 years. Sound like a broken record hitting the scratch. You don’t have to worry about that though.

        Enjoy your clean air before one of those 47+ earthquakes blow off again. Best I remember there was also a nice little shake of 7.8 in 2016 with a Mercali Index of 8, or severe. More to come. And beware of those Commie Terrorists GRC and FARC. Still don’t like Gringos.

    • No,no,no – see here gringo, the largest $$$ spending group in Texico is young Hispanics now. CNBC squawk on the street told me so.
      That’s right while Texans been busy grousing (trying) about influx of military aged males – those same beaners” have now become the largest group economic beneficiaries of Govt-Corps largess. $$$ goes to the squeakiest – young military aged ms13 types and their significant others( sexually exploited) have become “the grabbers/rent collector types” number one marketing target…they got money to spend….Ure money..hahahahah

      You guys ought be sending bus loads of illegals to the Hamptons out on Long Island,NY. Sending ‘‘em to tourist destinations while entertaining is not really having a significant affect. I guarantee 1000 illegals walking around town out there will rock them coastal classholes to the their rotted out blackened cores” in fact due the destinations illegals have been bused to so far indicates to this observer it be moar bullsceisse theater. Send ‘em to where the decision makers live,eat and recreate and see if that don’t get someone’s or something’s” attention. Rat bastards!

      Right there with you on all the above..It is War, has been, On Us.

      On the other side ? Democrat party, Republican Party, MSM, Dept JustUs, State, DIA/CIA/FBI all actively warring on US population. They be winning- see covert19 jabberdoos. The craziest wildest thing about this whole global cluster F- Russians are fighting for Us citizens of the USA.
      That my good man is true mind fuckt territory.


    • Oh mate an honour to read . Tip my hat to you and will go into any trench to fight with west Texas . Yep the best

      • Thank you Len,
        I would welcome an Aussie in my trench. Y’all have guts and are real men. Bet we could stop the invasion at the Rio Grande ourselves. Couple of electric gatling guns and move em up and down the river every night and word would get out quickly. Saying from the old days about the Texas Rangers: 1 Riot…1 Ranger. My grand dad was one for a while. Worked undercover for the AG investigating some crooked lawmen in Texas in the ’30s. Got ’em. Take care my Aussie friend and have a nice weekend.

    • btw, total number of discharged troops is 3400, nowhere near your imagined ten’s of thousands…97% of the military agreed to vaccination, whilst the 3% went ‘anti-science’ with their oppositional defiance disorder….and the 3% still have secured veteran’s benefits, general discharge (not dishonorable)….

      You probably meant the 60k Reservists and guards who aren’t vaxxed (unvaxxed rate nearly 12% of total troops – higher than the regular military 3%, and they’ve been given a longer deadline of 7 mos vs reg mil..):

      maybe change your meds, then your meltdowns won’t have such a hard landing??

  3. George,
    By all means, please take care of yourself. I and all the other co-dependents will find alternative outlets for our whacked-out doom-porn fantasies and jokes that attract crickets. I would miss the ham radio tips and tool time, though. Maybe keep Sunday Shop Talk?
    So this elderly gentleman is going to get married and goes to the doctor for a check-up. After the exam which finds nothing unusual, the doctor says “You should know that sex puts a lot of strain on the heart as you get older, and could be fatal.” And the gentleman replies “Well Doc, if she dies, she dies….”

  4. Bear-on-the-boat: why are you using all numerals and no a-b-c? Just axing? Personal trading time-out? I fret when looking at a 3 of 3. Just sayin’

    Half-off? That would surprise most (especially the new trader kids running meme plays) but _not_ all that surprising if you’ve been in the game through a couple 50%ers.

    I harken back to an ole Art Cashin (head UBS floor trader) remark from Feb. 2022 on CNBC:

    “When I was new in the business an old trader told me to never bet on the end of the world. That only happens once so those are lousy odds”

    Write when you get right,

  5. good morning. after I posted my last thought, I received confirmation from THE DUDE that there will be a major bank failure on Monday. i will forward you george the confirmation.

    interesting that a friend on the street, sends me a note about a potential major bank failure. then I think about it, post it on here, opened an E book “The sermon on the Mount” by Emmit Foxx I have been reading a while off and on for 5 months, which I hadn’t opened in a while which and it says, ” Even the Safest of Banks can and will fail” the next page it says, ” let us say, the Bank in which you keep your fortune in stops payment on monday” right in sequence after she texts me about the bank failure on 09/24. quite the juxtaposed sequence

    I meditated on which bank for a while. having recently acquired an antique key from the mid 1800s for a pony express safe for wells Fargo back in the day. old keys are magic keys, what with Warren Buffet saying he wouldn’t buy all the bitcoin in the world for $25 causing the collapse of cryptos to be sold and deposited, causing a sell off and deposit of money in banks, coupled with Wells Fargos heavy laden housing loans collapse durring pandemic in which we discussed a year or so back and the massive default on car payment loans and the 90% increase of reposition of cars by banks in the last few months.

    me thinks the bank is Wells Fargo. I wasn’t sure if After the Queen dies, if it was Warren Buffet actually dies or his fortune. I just know, it goes Queen Dies, Warren Buffet then George Soros in rapid sequence.

    when banks start failing and people don’t get their money, it only makes sense there will be a massive up tick in peer to peer payments. such as cryptos. after all, when banks failed back in the day, people kept their money under their mattress. having recently taken all the money under my mattress and donating it to feed the children through an anonymous church fund. I have no idea how much it was. I just put it all together, put it in a bag and donated it. left the bag next to the donation thing. I did give two fist fulls to a homeless cowboy standing outside of a store. I actually drove out to the middle of nowhere to find him standing there leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette with his cowboy hat pulled down. and I was told under no uncertain terms, I would receive a return 1000 fold. I said where you from. he said Texas. I said here this is for you. wait there is more. and I filled his ditty hands twice with money. he said thanks Mister now i can get back to Texas.

    who in their right mind would give away one of their stashes before a financial collapse? well, I follow THE DUDE. I don’t question HIS ways. it always turns out good and I always receive a good return.

    yesterday I saw a Texas license plate and a bumper sticker next to it that said, ” we’ve got your back”.

    broke back mountain mountain indeed. broke cowboy gets back to texas. now you have my respect. hmmmm…. I highly value skill like that.

    2 bees in my truck yesterday N____. thank you. I prefer wild bunnies IF your going to create in my life.

    super busy dealing with a bunch of More More more! and dumping big loads. not much free time to reply or read Here. I’m off grid alot.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! it is my hope you are as well.

    que: ~ Rebel Yell ~

    Billy Idol

  6. I discovered years ago when I was day trading that after a “very good day” the next two, even three days was mediocre, or for a loss. Something wasn’t quite ‘right’. So, I set a personal rule. No trading for 72 hrs after a banner day. I’ve stuck with that Rule ever since.., and it has paid off.
    * * *
    G – would you tell me [ us ] what batteries you are using in solar set-up? I just bought three new panels and now want to expand my storage. – Thanks.
    * * *
    Japan gov may have intervened but the Yen is down against the dollar.., the Pound is up – 0.0001 cents.., and the Euro is down – 0.0002 cents. Didn’t seem to have much effect.

    • Look into Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Expensive as hell, but number of charge cycles will likely outlast your lifetime.

      • 12V 1200 Ah / 15 Kwh Lifepo4 Solar Battery Bank – $9,6000.., plus tax.., plus shipping = YIKES !
        – Thanks for the tip.., they do look ‘very’ good.., but – .., damn !

        • See why Ure went with 6V golf cart batteries (stacked in series x 4 for his 24V system) at $400 per stack? Six stacks would be $2,600. while they will take periodic maintenance when the world blows up, I will have tons of leftover trading time.
          Plus what Hand didn’t mention is the special charges they they. I can charge the Ure24 system with a chainsaw driven old Leese-Neville 24V truck alternator…just saying…

  7. “If you are reading on a phone”

    Just a couple years ago the phone people were mocked. “They never look up.” Mobile optimization came and still, “They always have their nose buried in their phone.”

    Don’t forget the JIT inventory. There is no food back in a $WMT stockroom. Trucks bring it daily and if a big Internet cable is cut the pallets stops.

    The other day I read a rumor about the Iranian ship, RADIN. RADIN recently left China and has secret cargo. Could be a start point for the ‘coastal event’ fractal. Or just a rumor.

  8. Don’t worry about more seeds, etc. George. If things get to the point that they become important for your survival, you as an old couple living isolated will be targeted early on and killed for your lode. Your place would make a wonderful gang headquarters while their folks scour the neighborhood searching for food to feed their families in the city.

    When things get tough, it takes a survival community of at least 12 to be viable. Because if 10 armed folks show up to take your sh*it, you are going to do nothing. If you just spent $500 on groceries, you quite likely have already been targeted.

    • You know, that’s going to cut both ways. After living the life of a patron, when the local boyz get a bit lit at the local cantina, how sure are you they won’t come lynch the local gringos?
      Maybe not down there, but $500 is a couple of weeks worth for most families nowadays…

      • …and how long are those SSA checks going to keep flowing out of the country.. Not hard to imagine a ‘must be in-residence to collect’ rule.

  9. Do you like the rumors?

    Rumor is, Putin’s decree has a classified section that will be used to conscript 1,000,000 Russian folks.

  10. So, let’s say your regular food market day is Tuesday. And you find the store is out of everything, since this is the ninth week of the trucker’s general strike.

    So, you go home, empty-handed. A Few days later, you go again. Same result. Few days more pass: same-same.

    So you starve to death. NO!! WRONG!! You do NOT starve to death — you DO something else. You ask a neighbor for help. You hike to a nearby church. You visit the firehouse or the cop-shop. YOU TRY THINGS!!

    Here is the lesson:

    They TRY THINGS. They (we) take an active, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer, roll.

    The Big-Wigs almost always lose sight of this in their predictions, assumptions, and linear extrapolations.

    A lot of Doom Porn also thinks this way.

    But the curve WILL break. People are an active, powerful CONTRARY FORCE. Great harm will (has) occurred. Too bad: — but that’s not the end of it.

    We’ll get with neighbors. We’ll storm City Hall. We’ll re-define the civilization and the government if need be.

    I remain an optimist even among all the Doom Porn. Because I think I know who Americans are. I side with Lincoln.

    • :..,since this is the ninth week of the trucker’s general strike.”
      Long before nine weeks rolls around, every major city in the country will be in full panic mode and probably burning down. Streets clogged., no services [ police, fire, ambulance] ., and once it does start – how do you stop it ?

      • God willing, and with luck and prep, you survive it.
        Then, you’re around to help with the re-build.
        (…and write the history.)

        Deadly dangerous? Yes. Difficult? In the extreme, yes. Luck a factor? Most assuredly. But to do nothing and let events overtake you — not in my plan.

        Not every hill is worth dying on. Only some. Selecting the right one(s) is the key.

    • One hole in your scenario- fuel is delivered to service stations in trucks. So if grocery stores aren’t being stocked, then keeping the car fueled becomes an issue. If you have ever experienced a major hurricane in a metropolitan area, you understand what I am saying, and worse.
      Once you are reduced to foraging on foot or bicycle, sh!t gets serious. Throw in grid meltdown, and Walking Dead and 3000 BC level scenarios start coming into play rapidly. Complex civilizations tend to crash and burn with hotter flames than pre-industrial societies.
      Best to keep the lights on and the trucks running.

  11. From the article linked about the FBI Whistleblower: “He says he was removed from active investigations into child sexual exploitation and human trafficking to work on J6 cases sent from DC. He was told “domestic terrorism was a higher priority” than child pornography. As a result, he believes his child exploitation investigations were harmed.”

    He must have been getting too close to some very important people in the DC Swamp with his child sex exploitation and trafficking investigations.

    It’s difficult these days to decide which is most evil and disgusting with so many evil and disgusting things to choose from.

  12. Lawsuit against Trump:

    Since my business is directly related to the issues raised in the lawsuit a bit of a background about real estate values and developers.

    Probably since the days of Egyptian Land Speculators buying and selling lots near the then abuilding pyramids Developers have ALWAYS valued the same piece of property differently for different reasons:

    * Cost to construct new (what they use for Insurance Value since that is what it would cost to rebuild)

    * Value in current use (what the darn thing is worth with the revenues it is CURRENTLY bringing in)

    * Value for redevelopment (sign that nice new tenant at double the rent and VOILA the value of the property just jumped a LOT, maybe doubled! – this is a property speculator’s DREAM, and I have seen it happen multiple times: 20% down, double the value with a new lease, voila suddenly a $100,000 property that you put $20,000 down on you are taking $120,000 OUT just 24 months later. Add a couple of zero’s to those numbers and you are set for your life and your children are set for their lives too!! – just saw a deal where the buyers put $2,500,000 down and walked away with $25,000,000 30 months later!!)

    * Fair Market Value as if Unencumbered (act as it there are no leases or obligations on the property … this is what it would sell for in the open market free and clear if there were no leases on the property)

    * and THEN we get into raw undeveloped property (or a property that is to be torn down and replaced by new build) …. OMG, the permutations of valuations Appraisers can come up with based upon what they expect to be built on the land and the timing of when they expect that to happen

    Well the long and short is that EVERY developer has different values of the same property for at least 3 of the different scenarios above, sometimes for more. One value for one reason, another value for another reason, and they ALL may be accurate … FOR THAT REASON STATED.

    As long as the NY State Attorney General goes after EVERY developer in NY City with the same theories that she is going after Trump then we can say there is NO POLITICAL AX GRINDING … since EVERY developer in NY City has been and IS dong the EXACT SAME THING that Trump as a developer was doing. In other words they ALL should be sued!!

    IF she does NOT also chase EVERY OTHER developer in NY City under the same theories she is expressing here … well you know 100% that this is strictly a Poltical Witch Hunt since ALL the NY City developers were PLAYING THE SAME EXACT GAME!!

    Odd’s the NY State Attorney General will chase any other big (or mid size) developer in NY City under the theories that she is chasing Trump for?

    I will put my “guess” out there … and say …. EXACTLY ZERO!!

    Now personally since I am in a related business I greatly dislike the game the Developers ALL play with their valuations. Some are valid, such as Insurance Appraisals, but most are just game playing. Everybody in the business knows the game though, including the bankers lending the money, so nobody is fooling anybody else who is playing the game.

    One value for taxes, a higher one if trying to sell on the open market, am even higher one for bank loans, and sky high one if marketing the property to outside investors (NEVER be one of those outside investors unless you know the developer personally and they have a good track record … EVERYBODY is trying to pick your pockets whn you are just a no name real estate investor!, particularly for anything coming through a Wall Street Firm or “investment counselor”)

    The NY State Attorney General is playing big time politics with this … and via the power of their office is trying to BANKRUPT a person they disagree with politically. A person who is doing the exact same thing everybody else in the business is doing, and has deen dong for 100 years. What the NY State Attorney General is doing is the stuff of Tin Horn Dictators, a clone of what Nicaragua’s leftist leaders did to it’s political opponents.

  13. Folks,

    Back in the day, heads of state traveled to the White House to meet the president. Today Mr. Biden is flying to NY for a meeting with Mr. Marcos, the son of a former dictator and now President of the Philippines. Later a separate DNC reception is being held according to the WH schedule.

    Care to look at the train wreck that comprised Tuesday’s DNC reception held in New York at the home of Henry R. Muñoz? Wikipedia advises that the gay activist Latino Mr. Muñoz is Finance Chair emeritus of the DNC and last year purchased the comedy studio website “Funny or Die” which traces its roots to co-founder Will Ferrell.

    Well, Tuesday evening featured Amateur Hour with a President not getting much respect.

    Thankfully, during Mr. Biden’s opening monologue, New York mayor Adams had the presence of mind to remind the president he had met Mr. Mandela in South Africa…(the President was stuck on what came after the “in” part.)

    Mr. Biden related an anecdote he had told at the G7 a month after his inauguration. “America is back” he said to the gathered leaders. “For how long” replied Mr. Macron.
    (Insert laughtrack)

    Following remarks in no particular order…….

    …America…first to offer 12 years free education…but other countries have caught up and passed (the US)…

    …you know…

    …how you doin’ man…

    …if we don’t win in 2022, I’ll be doing a lot with the veto pen…

    …well the only good thing is I’m still President for two more years…

    …and folks look, you know, we – you know we, we got a lot more to do…

    …(cellphone rings in audience)…that must be Trump calling again…

    …can any one of you name what the Republican platform is…?
    unidentified audience member – against you…against gays…against immigrants…they don’t have a single policy…

    …I think we should pass the DUSCLOSE Act..billions of dollars of hidden money…you can contribute, you know…influx of foreign money from foreign sources coming into these elections right now…

    …I think – you know, we’re going to get the assault weapon ban passed…

    …and we find – you know – you know all the statistics. I won’t bore you with them…

    …and there’s so much we can do, and we can afford to do it. And we can afford to do it well…

    I’m not even talking, I haven’t gotten into foreign policy…

    And so, folks, I just think there’s enormous opportunities – enormous opportunities…

    Okay…check your local White House webpage for the full transcript. Help yourselves to some h’ors d’oeuvres and bevvies on the way out…

    • Comrades,

      It’s hard to keep your eye on the modesty bunny when the headlines are rolling the way they are:

      1./ All sorts of grief in the Islamic Republic of Iran as the modesty police manhandle a non-hajib wearing woman to fatal effect.

      2./ CNN cancels interview due to hijab requirement.

      3./ Australia welcomes its first hijab wearing Senator.

      Okay folks, that’s a wrap.

    • Re: the cart before the horse

      I was out on the highway trip Tuesday and stopped in at the gas station a couple of hours east of town. All the gas pumps were doing a steady trade. Off to one side were 6 newly installed Tesla chargers. I didn’t see anywhere for customers to pay for a charge. However not a single ev was around which made sense because this was the edge of “limited auto services for the next 500 kilometres” territory. Today I see a post that three Tesla J1772 chargers are newly installed in a lake cottage get away community north of the city. Use of these chargers is definitely free. Apparently it’s to attract tourists. Wow. Too bad no one around here is offering free gasoline fillups for the regular folk driving ice vehicles. We’re tourists too. Anyhow, best not be worrying ourselves too much about it. I’m sure Mr. Musk is a busy man and he will iron out the wrinkles as time permits. At least Starlink is working in Canada.

      • George,

        It might be a good thing that your Starlink is not working yet? Concerns of a national nature are not yet overhead and lie elsewhere? Otherwise – “duck and cover”?

        A possible anomaly happened Saturday morning as seen on the official White House schedule. The First Couple went to their home in Delaware. However they went a different way this time via Fort Lesley J. McNair located on the former Buzzard’s Point. One might even argue there is 20 minutes of missing time between Friday night’s 2315 WH schedule Twitter bot drop and the Saturday actuals posted on the WH website.

        It’s a bit of an Area 51 Twilight Zone, but my browser relates the McNair base perhaps having housed offices of a former US Air Force General now apparently on staff with Space X. Here’s an old link which may have aged well.

  14. Lucid dream couple nights ago, while fasting and taking magnesium.
    Don’t usually remember dreams so vivid. Thinking if it is the fasting.
    Take metoprolol for several years, and have foot ‘n leg cramps at night. Wow, big cramps woke me up from my lucid dream, so thinking not a magnesium insufficiency. Had stopped all supplements ‘cept for B12 couple weeks before procedure.
    Get best relief from taking quercetin with zinc and copper once week, and potassium on a different day, and eating more bananas too. B12 supplement every day.

    • I was taking potassium for severe nighttime leg cramps, increasing potassium intake as cramps increased. Then I saw an old “Magnum PI” episode where a surfer drowned because he was given an overdose of potassium. For grins I stopped the potassium intake, and the cramps decreased. A few days later the cramps stopped. Now I have an occasional cramp after unusual exercise, but still not taking potassium.
      Not medical advice, etc…, your mileage may vary.

      • olfart
        September 23, 2022 at 09:47
        Had the cramping as you describe it. Asked my cardiologist about it and he just said, “Take more potassium.” So I did. Cramps kept coming. Then one morning I had PVC’s (premature ventricular compressions) that kept on happening. Saw the cardiologist again and he advised to keep taking potassium. No dosage or questions about the amount.
        Then I learned the procedure for administering a lethal dose of death at the penitentiary begins with a big shot of potassium to interrupt and halt the rhythm of the heartbeat while the death serum(s) are then administered. It works!
        Stopped taking the potassium supplements and the PVC’s were gone. So, be cautious doing the old self-medicating. It may be more powerful in its effect on you than you bargained for….

      • The cause of the cramps is almost always either an electrolyte imbalance or chronic dehydration.

        Potassium is only one of the four essential metallic electrolytes.

        The other three are sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

        Over the course of my lifetime, I have suffered leg cramps from calcium deficiencies, magnesium deficiencies, and potassium deficiencies. This is why whenever a doctor does blood work on me, I request an electrolyte screen — the four have to be balanced or you have issues.

        Also, the four electrolytes are synergistic, meaning they work better when taken together. It also means a megadose of one will cause deficiencies in the others. This is why I stopped drinking Gatorade, years ago. It only supplies Na and K, not Mg or Ca.

        If’fn you can’t wait for the results of the screen, go take a bath in epsom salts. This is magnesium sulfate, and the Mg will be absorbed through your skin. If that doesn’t work, chug a quart of milk (Ca.) If you’re still cramping, eat a couple fist-fulls of apricots or a rack of bananas (K.)

        An acute overdose of potassium will cause an undesirable (and often fatal) cardiac event. Sodium OD will cause a huge retention in cellular-level fluids (edema.) AFAIK there are no proven issues from Mg or Ca overdosing, although it is suspected that a long-term Calcium OD can lead to, or complicate, joint issues like arthritis and gout, and bone-spur-induced plantar fasciitis.

        Not medical advise.
        Listen to your doctor, and if over 40, watch the ‘lytes.

  15. Africans have been starving forever. I probably heard about the “starving African babies” on my first day of kindergarten. I do not believe it’s a problem the rest of the world can solve. Their continent is huge, with an abundance of natural resources they don’t seem to manage well. IMO, the real problem is that they spend so much time fighting each other that they have no time or ability to grow food. I saw the same emphasis on fighting when I lived in an inner city for 13 years. Fighting was the rule, not the exception.

    BTW, George, what source do you use for your fish antibiotics? I’m in the process of determining which outlet to buy them from and your input would be appreciated.

    • Remember the “starving Ethiopians” from the 1980s. I did the math and determined that, if the claims were accurate, the Ethiopians were reproducing their entire population every 7.8 years. I was married at that time and my wife changed my residence to that of the dog for several days, for daring to suggest “Save the Children” and UNICEF should send condoms, not corn…

    • My mother-in-law related the story of the time she told my brother-in-law to eat his veggies because there were starving children in Africa. At the age of 6, he replied, “Name three.”

  16. Found a dead possum in my live trap this morning. Find that strange? Old adult and my trap set next to my composter.

  17. You know George, not everyone can marry a playboy bunny. I’m seeing one of my ex’s who is a bunny tomorrow night. But I met this very juicy Cosmic Apple recently and the synchronicity is off the charts. More so than any single person I’ve ever met.

    That girl at the gym last night looking sooo good. Probably the nicest backside ive ever seen then she came over to the water fountain and got a drink next to me. If I see her again, i will sure I get her number.

    You know the thing is, some of those beautiful women, you have to let them come to you. I notice she noticed me, and I saw her, she noticed I saw her. But I didn’t make an advance because I’m at the gym getting busy being about it. Not there to pick up women. And like I said if I see her again? I think she will approach me. Why? Because I didn’t didn’t engage the last time when she approached me. Dating and all that is a dance.

    And as you know, I’ve dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. 3 different state Champions who went on to the Ms USA pagent, NFL cowboy cheerleaders, a sport illustrated swimsuit model, couple different playboy centerfolds, a harley calander girl, a Ms Hooters national winner, a Victoria Secret and Juicey Coutour runnway model tc etc.

    Some times the best approach is to look and then act uninterested. Then they come to you.

    And I’m really really interested in that compounding synchronization with the Cosmic apple. Who is a 10 for sure. But we have that. Not just looks and chemistry.

    Hope all is well. We are rapidly approaching some major world changes. And I’m always right where I’m supposed to be. As are everything ane eveyone else

    • Like I counted 76 occurrences of syncs with the Cosmic Apple and then she texted me and said dinner? I said yes! I will pick you up when you get off. She said great! And the same time I said text me your work address she texted it to me. I mean mind blowing even for me synchs. Never seen anything like it. Ever. I get hundreds every day with THE DUDE and I’m used to that. But not with any single other person. Not any ex, not even my children like that. Hmmmmmmmm..

      But I did promis my ex the center fold. Sennnnter fold. Center… fold. That sticks out. That I would come see her tomorrow. And i am a man of my word.

      Anyway you have mail dude. It did occur to me that I had set things in motion to insure that G2 will make it back to your place. No matter what the world does. “We got Ure back” next to a Texas plate, shortly after found that lost cowboy out in the middle of nowhere, from Texas and insured he has the means to make it back home.

      So G2 is good to go.

      • And don’t worry, alot can change on a dime. I know that. Like I said she is a 10.

        I rarely date anyone but 10s. Lol

  18. You will have a ‘plausible denial’ excuse to cut back on your writing after the big crash… not before. But you will not stop writing. This is your daily diary.

    RE: Starlink… I tell ya… declare yourself the eighth continent and Musk will rush to get you installed. He’s obviously on the WAC [worked all continents] contest roll.

  19. If U gots Deer, you got Rabbits nearby.
    Brother Deer is Always nearby brother Rabbit, Always.

    Have been since Ameri Indian creation..back in day tribal council held races for fastest. Whoever won race got a beautiful set of wooden antlers carved by brother Beaver.
    Day of race Rabbit was off screwing around somewhere doing Rabbit things, other folks found Rabbit in brambles cutting/chewing a clear path thru to victory. Cheating was reported to council and they awarded Deer the wooden antlers in default. That is how Deer got antlers.
    Obvious clues here are Beaver and Deer – suggest JA slakes his desire by finding a Deer” and seeing where it leads to…

    Who knows might just lead to a Beaver, or someone near and deer.

  20. Today is probably last call for Amazon Prime. Anything scheduled for after Saturday AM delivery is sketchy. Once a cable is cut or an EMP hits Western life will stop/drop & freeze.

    NATO is going to get us killed.

  21. George wrote
    “Some folks think that if they have enough paper (and digital) assets, they will surely be able to buy … a screw …”

    None of the local hardware stores accept Bitcoin. I assume Amazon also does not,

    Oh, not that kind of screw?

    None of the government agencies around here (at any level) accept Bitcoin.

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