CV19: 5.75% to Go? – And “CV19 as a Passover Rhyme?”

A good night’s sleep and I wake up with interesting things to consider in the day ahead.  And so began this morning’s adventures in “Spreadsheet Land.”

In my (crazy, nutcase, Wildman in the Woods) view, we may slow the descent of markets with the Fed move this morning.  And it would be a lovely “Rhyme Off ’29” if we came to rest around the same levels as the Great Depression did.  Let me show you what I mean:

This is NOT to say the resumption of the decline today (as shown in the 5 AM futures pricing)  will be stopping.  But, IF it were to, we can take the percentage decline from the September top in 1929 to the first major low – 39.64% and subtract from that the decline from out peak on February 19th.  We’re down 33.89% based on early futures pricing.

That would leave a further 5.75% of downside IF (and it’s preposterous to really believe it would roll-out this way…) we were to have a near-perfect mirror of the previous Depression’s track.

But, here’s what it looked like in the early daily data:  Before the Fed hit : PRINT. Pay attention to the two red “candles” – the left one being Wave 1 down and the one resuming this morning is Wave 3.  At some point, we will turn and the green “candle” will give a playable trade that could last a few weeks.

For this morning, however, we are sitting in the “Blue Zone” which I’ve been saying is where this down leg could run.

But, could the Fed action light off the “green candle move?

In Jumps the Fed

The U.S. (not really) Federal Reserve jumped in today with plans to spend up to $4-trillion of (4% real value compared with 1913) money to bail out the economy:  First, here’s the FOMC Announcement just out:

“Effective March 23, 2020, the Federal Open Market Committee directs the Desk to undertake open market operations as necessary to maintain the federal funds rate in a target range of 0 to 1/4 percent. The Committee directs the Desk to increase the System Open Market Account holdings of Treasury securities and agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) in the amounts needed to support the smooth functioning of markets for Treasury securities and agency MBS. The Committee also directs the Desk to include purchases of agency commercial mortgage-backed securities in its agency mortgage-backed security purchases.

The Committee also directs the Desk to continue conducting term and overnight repurchase agreement operations to ensure that the supply of reserves remains ample and to support the smooth functioning of short-term U.S. dollar funding markets. In addition, the Committee directs the Desk to conduct overnight reverse repurchase operations (and reverse repurchase operations with maturities of more than one day when necessary to accommodate weekend, holiday, or similar trading conventions) at an offering rate of 0.00 percent, in amounts limited only by the value of Treasury securities held outright in the System Open Market Account that are available for such operations and by a per-counterparty limit of $30 billion per day..”

Neil Kashkari of the Minneapolis Fed admitted today that the Fed has unlimited ability to make up money electronically…which is why we have referred to recent economic actions as MUM – Making Up Money!

Now, an overview from the Fed press release summarizing the moving parts:

  • Support for critical market functioning. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will purchase Treasury securities and agency mortgage-backed securities in the amounts needed to support smooth market functioning and effective transmission of monetary policy to broader financial conditions and the economy.
  • The FOMC had previously announced it would purchase at least $500 billion of Treasury securities and at least $200 billion of mortgage-backed securities.
  • In addition, the FOMC will include purchases of agency commercial mortgage-backed securities in its agency mortgage-backed security purchases.
  • Supporting the flow of credit to employers, consumers, and businesses by establishing new programs that, taken together, will provide up to $300 billion in new financing. The Department of the Treasury, using the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF), will provide $30 billion in equity to these facilities.
  • Establishment of two facilities to support credit to large employers – the Primary Market Corporate Credit Facility (PMCCF) for new bond and loan issuance and the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF) to provide liquidity for outstanding corporate bonds.
  • Establishment of a third facility, the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF), to support the flow of credit to consumers and businesses. The TALF will enable the issuance of asset-backed securities (ABS) backed by student loans, auto loans, credit card loans, loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), and certain other assets.
  • Facilitating the flow of credit to municipalities by expanding the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility (MMLF) to include a wider range of securities, including municipal variable rate demand notes (VRDNs) and bank certificates of deposit.
  • Facilitating the flow of credit to municipalities by expanding the Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF) to include high-quality, tax-exempt commercial paper as eligible securities. In addition, the pricing of the facility has been reduced.

The market likes free money – and the futures turned positive after the Fed announcement.  We shall see… a rally high tomorrow which is New Moon Day would sure fit.  Could go longer…can’t think of any examples of making up 20% of GDP we could use as a basis for estimation.

The “Passover Rhyme”

Longtime readers of this site will appreciate my holding to a very peculiar – and yet somehow useful – view of history.  That is, when I read secular accounts – particularly in religious documents – I try to generalize them to find the middle-ground where “science and religion” can get-along and “play nicely with one-another.”

A couple of examples worth considering.  The first – and most obvious – is Halloween.  Although wrapped up in much religiosity, there’s a very strong scientific case to be made that some 15-thousand years ago, an exceptional space impact occurred – hitting Earth – and throwing up so much debris that the landing debris formed some of the lakes along the U.S. east coast.

In addition, so violent was the “ringing of Earth” from the impact that freshly buried dead with “thrown up from the grave.”  Thus, the “night of the walking dead” – and why Halloween is one of the most wide and extensive underlying memes worldwide.

A curious person might wish to review my write-up of the event back in 2016 over here – should they be interested in the “hidden history” of Halloween…

The second historical example deals with how religions have (in almost corporate take-over fashion – done roll-ups of existing festivals.  Christmas is highest on the list here.  For it’s widely known that the Druidic/Wiccan midwinter festival (see Yule logs, too) was suspiciously called the birth date of Jesus.

A conscientious research (my hand goes up) on looking for some second-sourcing, finds the birthday was likely in the spring.  And that gets to the usurpation of lots of other grassroots festivals.  Samhain was rolled into Halloween.  Beltane being its mirror; a kind of Gaelic May Day…and perhaps that’s why communist advocates use May Day (halfway between spring solstice and summer equinox, when the crops are in and a fresh crop of child is being raised) as their political loci.

Subsuming holidays is great sport.

“OK Ure, what’s this got to do with Passover and Rhymes?”

Right-o.  So I was looking at when the market (could) hit bottom.  We have a new moon tomorrow…and – looking for nearby holidays – the next “biggie” is Passover.  That comes along at sundown on April 8 and ends of April 16th, this year.

It’s a dandy holiday to apply my odd generalizing of history to.  Because – when you read the texts – it’s almost as though Passover could be read as a Social Distancing motivated by public health issues.

By “the Book” then:  We turn to Wikipedia first, for some insight into Passover’s history:

“In the Book of Exodus, God helped the Israelites escape from slavery in ancient Egypt by inflicting ten plagues upon the Egyptians before the Pharaoh would release the Israelite slaves. The last of the plagues was the death of the Egyptian first-born. The Israelites were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a slaughtered spring lamb and, upon seeing this, the spirit of the Lord knew to pass over the first-born in these homes, hence the English name of the holiday.”

Years back, I developed something I call the “substitution method of learning” in order to help recover “lost knowledge.”  “What does this template fit?” is the gist of it.

That is, people in ancient times were not widely literate, but oral traditions blossomed.  Could this passage be “reconstituted” with some modernist tinkering to template-fit?

In the Book of Exodus, God helped the Israelites escape from slavery in ancient Egypt by inflicting ten plagues upon the Egyptians before the Pharaoh would release the Israelite slaves. The last of the plagues was [a plague that killed children]. The Israelites were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a slaughtered spring lamb [quarantine] and, upon seeing this, the spirit of the Lord knew to doing this, the disease would pass over the first-born children in these homes, hence the English name of the holiday.”

In the Book of Numbers (9:13) we pick up another scent of “quarantine” instructions:

13 But if anyone who is ceremonially clean and not on a journey fails to celebrate the Passover, they must be cut off from their people for not presenting the Lord’s offering at the appointed time. They will bear the consequences of their sin.”

Not just a One-Time-Code…it was important enough (recurring?) to put into Scriptures.  As to the nature of the (supposed by me) “ancient public health” issue?  Well, in the Book of Leviticus, (23:6) we get a hint that it may have been related to the eating of yeast: Was there a springtime epidemic of spoiling yeast that could kill people?

“6 On the fifteenth day of that month the Lord’s Festival of Unleavened Bread begins; for seven days you must eat bread made without yeast.”

Thus, if I were “scripting a way to guide the future” back in ancient times, and there was a “spoilt yeast” condition that reoccurred periodically” how would I wrap it up and market it for future generations?  Indeed, I offer to you the idea that an “unattached reading of history” can yield huge benefits in understanding.

And did you notice how Passover is a one-week long event?  Again, just as modern public health is instituting two-week virus breakpoints, perhaps an earlier, faster-moving bug could be broken in a week’s time.  Time enough to restart yeast cultures?   Ah, to have a time machine,, right?  Not sure if they make one of those portable machine-translators for ancient Aramaic yet, though…

Might shellfish spoil more easily than whitefish in a time before appliances?  Or, was the prohibition there in Jewish culture because of occasional to frequent anaphylactic reactions for which no one was running around with EpiPen’s?

And the other food prohibitions (examples in Leviticus 11:3 and 7-8) also make huge sense from a public health perspective when you remember that wild pigs and boar often carry worms as all Texas boar-hunters know (which was why pork must be thoroughly cooked) whereas beef was not so worm-inclined.  Again, it’s wrapping up public health in a ceremonial/religious/cultural way that embedded in tradition and belief-sets that makes it endure.

That’s why I wanted to mention:  In most religions you study, you will find real gems.  The Muslim’s have a similar set of dietary guidelines (Hilal) which Wiki out this way.

“According to the Quran, the only foods explicitly forbidden are meat from animals that die of themselves, blood, the meat of pigs, and any food dedicated to other than God.

However, a person would not be guilty of sin in a situation where the lack of any alternative creates an undesired necessity to consume that which is otherwise unlawful. (Quran 2:173) This is the “law of necessity” in Islamic jurisprudence: “That which is necessary makes the forbidden permissible.”

Speaking of which – were times different and Ure not focused on the greenhouse and the future of food, so much – it would be fascinating to write a Book on Religious Economy.

Here’s why:

We know the present “disease outbreak” is suspiciously timed in that the financial system was about to “self implode” anyway.  It’s the inevitable effect of compound interest.  Which is nothing more, or less, than a highly cerimonialized “making up of money.”  Every time a financial engineer does a new structuring, they are creating additional debt.

Originally, there was a logical limit to debt and in the early Christian/Jewish religious texts, the Kondratieff Long Wave was spelled out in Leviticus 25.  Every 50-years, there was a Jubilee.  All debts forgiven, and ownership of lands returned to the Levites and so forth.

In Islam, there is a strict prohibition on Interest (free-for-all debt creation) and as a result, only buy-sell operations are allowed.  As well as sharing of profit and loss.

Still other religions have different attitudes toward money, ownership, and such, making for a marvelous study in human affairs.

Yet another book I wish I had time to study fully and write.  There is so much Knowledge wrapped up in Belief Systems, that ferreting it out would be a Life’s Work worth living.

We I read stories like “White supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to cops, Jews, FBI says” I’m sickened.  There is so much knowledge that gets destroyed by errant beliefs held by small minds.

But , it’s time we move on.

The COVID Data

There was some improvement in the data Sunday…small, but any port in a storm, eh?

Our usual caveat:  The morning numbers grow with the mid-day reports, so don’t hold your breath.  We lean toward that April 8th – 16th Passover week…because the calendaring would be graceful.

On the cases – while Cuomo et all are saying 80% will get the virus:

Obviously, we run out of people so the disease will begin into nonlinear decline from June 11th, but likely way before then – depending on how social distancing digs in.

But the death toll?  Going to hurt:

A terrible mess, to be sure.

Which Collapses Next?

Commercial real estate isn’t a bad nag to bet on in the worlds sickest horse race as: “Real Estate Billionaire Barrack Says Commercial Mortgages on Brink of Collapse.”

If you have food and toilet paper – and stay home you may be fine.  Good article in  Fortune about Which stores are open—and closed—during the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.?

And the political system continues to implode with even CNN having to report “Senate GOP ramps up pressure on Democrats over coronavirus stimulus package with Monday vote...” Look for a scuffle on this later today.  Political pettiness, seems to us, is remarkably resistant to treatment.

Enough, already…

Write when you get rich,

101 thoughts on “CV19: 5.75% to Go? – And “CV19 as a Passover Rhyme?””

  1. George, I would like to see a few peoplenomics articles on how best to prepare your finances for the coming inflation. I personally don’t have much in the way of ideas how best to protect value of the money as the currency gets debased later this year as the printing presses go non stop. I am not convinced that paper metals, virtual coin, are any more safe then paper dollars and I just don’t have the facilities to store real metal.

    Thinking about spending some of my paper assets to convert to real assets, Solar infra, properties, real long lived assets that will inevitably go up in value as the inflation kicks in. I am not an idea guy and would really appreciate your suggestions.

    • Inflation —> hard assets

      Deflation –> cash

      The real questions are: Are we going to the moon, or to ground, and if the crash is deflationary, exactly WHAT will constitute “cash?”

      • Deflation first morphing into inflation at the end. Luxury items will be the first to lose value, especially if they have no practical use toward, for lack of a better word, survival. Look at any and all overpriced items for sale today and ask yourself if they really, really are a necessary daily item. When all the money in your savings becomes dear and what you really need starts shooting up in price you’ll see the beginnings of the inflation scenario.

        One person I’ve read recently even said housing, and real estate otherwise, will rise exponentially in terms of dollars but deflate in terms of gold and precious metals. Overpriced McMansions won’t hold their value, especially when the jobs that pay for them disappear. They’ll be sold for cheap or abandoned. Where people will go is anyone’s guess but the real estate market will have to go through these fire sales before the taxes on it will start to reflect the actual values.

  2. UBI has always been affordable.

    C’mon, 50 years ago Chrysler was bailed out. Automakers and auto suppliers are begging today, right now for bailout.

    Nothing has changed.

    Don’t get me wrong, if I was at Chrysler I’d take the free cash today just as they did 50 years ago. I’m 100% in on UBI at this point.

    At least Bernie is honest with himself and us.

    • I think it was 40 years ago that Chrysler got its bailout. 50 years ago Chrysler was making and selling the Hemi Cuda. It didn’t need a bailout for that.

    • “At least Bernie is honest with himself and us.”

      No. Bernie is honest with himself (for which I admire him, because considering both Houses, there are over 100 Marxist/socialists on the Hill, but he is the only one with the stones to publicly admit it.)

      Where Bernie is not honest is with us, because he espouses Marx’ theory from a utopian perspective and not from the perspective of practical (or even possible) application. Biblically, mankind, after the Second Coming, will live in a socialist utopia. This is only possible (BTW this is the fatal flaw to the LEFTIST’S political use of the phrase: WWJD?) because God, by definition, has the ability to create anything from anything else, or from nothing at all. In God’s World, mankind can live in peace and harmony, and with all needs met. We ain’t God, and I get PO’d by people who think they, as individuals, or we, as a species, can supplant Him.

  3. As I reflect on this CV19 Virus, I realize that the reason for our loss of freedoms (see Benjamin Franklin quotes) is that women have traded in men, for the government, to provide protection. Don’t gloat men, you failed to protect your woman & now we are paying the price.

    The Dems continue to block Trump without concern for the country or its citizens. Disgusting.

    • Also, it may have been prosperity & not women. If Afganistan became a wealthy nation, would conditions for women get better? Probably.

    • Lol well NC you remind me of a old Choctaw saying “that if you can’t see both sides of an issue then guard your sight jealously, for your already blind in one eye”,and there is a lot of truth in that.

      We lost our freedoms because we bought into the old government line that we were getting something for nothing,that we should interfere in everything in the world,as the Sec. of War said back in the beginning of world war one “we have to become involved in the war because we are the great arbitrator of the world” and that mentality has never left us, and now we are going to pay the price, and I don’t care which party you belong to or who you try to blame it on, your going to pay the price for its payback time and there are no extension’s.!!

  4. In some aspects your right George,all that worthless paper that people have been accumulating can now be used in the shortage of toilet paper,as the Fed. creates paper/money you can’t see and others say buy it now you’ll make a killing.We were told growing up certain things and they have either come to pass bringing along the rest or knocking at the door, the loss of the value of the money,loss of freedoms,another depression and another revolution,they have all took there rightful place except for the last and that will arrive in its own good time, as the deep pockets play their game,and howl me too and line at the free money window, and the hoax continues as they condition the people.But there is a spark of hope because many don’t buy into it,but I see they have called the army into N.Y.C. ,Washington too to protect the crooks and I’m sure like the plague it will spread to other cites and places for this is only the beginning, and it has a long way to go pack your bags and join in for its going to be a long and bumpy ride and no one knows the outcome only time will tell.!!!

  5. Well smack my ass and call me bitcoin nazi!

    Latest Q post – “Do Not Fear”

    -Damm! just what the BTN needed! to get his “bull” out of the “pen” into making moar Amero’s, Denero’s, FRN’s, Seashells, colorful beads, magic beans…what have U.

    Sayz here a Satoshi = $1.00 sooner than later. Used think is would not happen until around 2035.

    Should there be Currency Controls put in place during this War against Kung Flu/Too Wong Flu then BTN timeline quickly accellerates.

    During time of WAR – what should/would/could happen to a politician/speaker of our house of representatives that Willing Acts to harm the President & country by blocking/refusing to negotiate Financial Aid papkage (S).. Truely MaligNancy.

    ? What happened to the Presidential Seal on front of Podium during task force news conferences..

    ? Freudian Slip or something else when POTUS said “the deep state department” during news conference last week..


    ..NO Bitcoin 4 U!

    • Ure wrote long ago that the modern analog to “calling gold and silver” in the last depression would be cryptos in this one. TBN…still the tempest in ure mind. Calm the lake of reflected thoughts. See in the reflections the seeds of the addiction to thingness coming back in a new form?
      Move to a double-wide on many acres of trees. Plink a bit with an AK, center chest harness with the Glock. No bills, your own power…
      The noise in the mint addicted to the game must quiet. In silence comes truth. We can all be happier.
      Cyrptos are just another kind of paper. The real values are in your heart, under your feet, in your belly.

    • “MaligNancy”

      Silly question..if she’s out on recess or work period or some lobbyists junket.. and she’s in Cali… would they make her stay there during quarantine.. would she be able to fly infecting others if she has it..
      Or would they make ole nasty stay there..

    • “Well smack my ass and call me bitcoin nazi!”

      Thank god you didn’t say ..

      “Well smack my ass and ride the mud mound cowboy. ”

      With everything going on I just wouldn’t have been able to deal with that today…

  6. Evidence seems rather firm that nature established certain checks and balances to prevent any particular species from overpopulating their niche on the planet. Anyone who has ever operated a home aquarium understands this principle – too many fish, bad stuff appears in the tank, fish die off until the filters can suitably refresh the water. Humans tend to be our own worst enemies. However, viruses and bacteria certainly do their part in controlling our bumbling stumbling herd. The Great Plague, Spanish Flu and demise of Native American peoples (due in large part to contagion) are prime examples. While the adage of “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” certainly applies, at times I feel as if our elected leaders are adding accelerant to these viral fires.

  7. Canada and Australia have cancelled participation in 2020 Olympics. I expect others to follow and when USA does, that’s it.

    These athletes are fine tuned machines and that is the beauty of the Olympics. They train 24/7 for 4 years to be there. Weeks of social separation is not a recipe for them to go anywhere, especially the team sports. Beyond the Coronavirus, they would risk serious and permanent injury.

  8. The President will now rethink the silly quarantine order – The Fed has announced virtually unlimited MBS purchases – what that means to a layman is that homes will be lost to foreclosure perhaps going back as far as 5 years ago on new mortgages – as layoffs/terminations ramp up – a business will only carry you for so long and then it’s sayonara. Cuomo is right – if you quarantine the outbreak will last 9 months or longer – virtual devastation to people with mortgages. the healthcare system will be overloaded anyway – let as many get sick and perish ASAP and then pick up the pieces – hence Trump has finally realized what a stupid mistake he has made as well as ignoring the virus going back to December – to me it appears intentional.

    • “The President will now rethink the silly quarantine order ”

      There hasn’t been one, nor has da Prez the authority to declare one, unless he first declares Martial Law. If you are under a lockdown order, it came from your Governor, or from your County’s Emergency Management Director or County Council.

      “Cuomo is right”

      That’d be a first…

      “if you quarantine the outbreak will last 9 months or longer – virtual devastation to people with mortgages”

      How devastated will they be, after they’re dead, or incapacitated for life with their lungs rotted out?

      Sometimes prudence is the best council, regardless its source…

  9. Dam.. I never gave it much thought that passover could have been associated with a pandemic.
    I thought the ten pagues were associated with the dramatic climate changes going on that changed the landscape of Egypt. And the customs back then was that the first born gets the first food made.
    And passover was the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. Which was a week long event. But the idea of it being the quarantine sure makes sense. Moses and Noah and their messages from god.. similar to all those that have been predicting events that are now unfolding and those sensitive enough to feel the need to prepare for the unknown

  10. Warhammer,
    I agree that our elected leaders on both sides of the aisle have cried wolf for so long, I don’t know who to believe. Trump says one thing, Anthony Fauci says another, Pompeo another, Sanjay Gupta yet another thing and Pence takes all sides. Democrats and Republicans are fighting over rhetoric on the most Recent bail-out package …some of which I agree with, some I don’t. The Chaotic confusion is what’s causing the volatility in the markets. If we just had a steady, trusted hand at the wheel…one consistent message of how to maintain calm and caution at the same time…the markets would have halfed their recent losses.

    • I saw Trump straight up say over and over “I new about this, I knew this was going to happen” last night then he played the Victim about how hard it is for Billionaires. That alot of rich people in office are his friends and how the Rich have it harder than the poor.

      Even my hard line Republican friend damn near puked in their mouth. How put of touch with reality can you be???!!!

      • Andy, that “insulation” from the plight of the Common Man isn’t the province of the wealthy, but that of the privileged.

        Consider — as detached as Mr. Trump is, or can be at times, he is the closest thing we’ve had to a “common” or “in-touch” President since Eisenhower, simply because he worked with, and sometimes alongside his construction workers, and learned their individual needs, desires, and problems…

        I’ve actually seen this crap attitude more from upper middle-class and nouveau riche than I have, old money wealthy. I’ve even theorized the “stuffy conceit” and this privileged insulation is the reason Marx had no problem with the “Rothschild-class” truly-wealthy, but a particular dislike for UMC and “new money” rich.

        What I don’t understand is those of the “political class,” or entertainers for that matter, who lack a privileged background (are “self-made”), yet become seriously priggish and elitist once they acquire power or notoriety.

      • Right on, Ray. Add Bush I & II to the list of Polititions who had no clue of the plight of. the common man. Entertainers are like Clint Eastwood said “Your a legend in your own mind”. Great post.

      • “he played the Victim about how hard it is for Billionaires. That alot of rich people in office are his friends and how the Rich have it harder than the poor.”

        Actually Andy he might be right.. when your poor everything is defined simple..I have nothing that anyone else would possibly want. They are being sought for what they have or who they know.. both sides have their share of problems. For me it’s the basics for the billionaire the basics are a non thought. Life is simpler filled with huge challenges but simpler. friends see you because they want to. Not to use you for the step up or the contact.. your remembered for you not because you had more. No sly comments like. They had to screw him into the ground..
        I dont know.. it’s a toss up.. both has their pluses and minuses..
        I’d love to live like one for a while. But if I won the lottery . What do I really need . Nothing I have enough crap now. They have to have more crap to keep the image..
        Big toss up.. they couldn’t survive in my world but then I couldn’t survive in the world the homeless live in.. the challenges would be to great.

      • I think your right on Ray.. I would have been proud to work for him. For his employees to feel that they can talk to him and he would listen is a big thing. He may be narcissistic and arrogant but you can see he cares. He is concerned about their welfare and to keep his image.
        Hes fought hard to try and do the things he said he was .
        I believe he truly cares. He had three ways to go.. go big, let everyone fend for themselves or do nothing let everything go as normal pick up the pieces later.. hes trying real hard to do the right thing and still keep our economic system in tact.
        Tough choices..nothing good in any of them..I’m glad hes making them instead of anyone else.

  11. George,

    Just like another reader, I have been exploring avenues to “invest” cash into some other vehicle. Like yourself, I have a single gold coin, which would hardly be notice by TPTB. Since I farm, I looked at buying some additional land that I could use to produce income and store current value. Problem here is that the “good Government men” can raise the rent (taxes) and confiscate for said taxes. I even asked my local tax collector if I could pay forward on my land taxes for several years. Asked this question 3 years ago. I was told absolutely not because the tax rate could change. I said fine, that I would agree to pay any additional tax due as a result of rate or appraisal changes. Still a no go. They want the ability to tax you out of your land “for the common good”.

    I thought OK, I will store gold/silver with which to pay taxes on the land. That is a non-starter, because if they decide to take land for taxes, they (the government) will confiscate gold/silver. Try to pay in hard currency(gold/silver) and off to jail you go.

    So, I guess the ability to grow/raise food with heirloom seeds, etc. is about as good as it gets. As for other items you might need, invest in skills and abilities that you can trade for other things, but know well the person you are trading with. I have “friends” in my small community that would turn you in during a SHTF situation, just to gain favor with political party.

    I fully believe that in the very near future, that our “all powerful” dollar will become worthless or at least public devalu. Already seeing signs that they are preparing to restrict access to cash, because the even our small town bank is now appointment only. I think they are expecting a “run” on the banks.

    I am not trying to play down the serious effect of Covid 19, but as recently as the 2018-19 flu season, the United States had 45 million cases and 50,000 deaths. The Covid 19 panic is being used to further the erosion of personal freedom and increase government control. How long before these “temporary” closures and travel restrictions become permanent for “the common good”.

    I do not trust anything that organizations like the CDC or WHO (founded by the Rockafellow and Rothschild families) has to say. Both organizations have the “one world government” agenda as their guiding principle. Just as the AMA suppressed the info in the early 1950’s that IV vitamin C in large doses cured polio, I feel certain that the CD and WHO are withholding info on ways to control Covid 19. In the case of polio, we could not have the masses easily cured by cheap vitamin C when Salk had a vaccine worth millions to big pharma. Everything is a business model.

    Stay safe, live long and happy, and invest in high grade protection/intruder repellents.

    • “I have been exploring avenues to “invest” cash into some other vehicle. Like yourself,”

      I had said this before to.. Lloyd.. I was asked if I had extra money what would I invest in.. I said..
      I would invest in a farmer.. give him a lower interest than the bank is going to ask for his planting and harvesting costs.. as long as he sets out one acre of land for a garden and the work for you.. a cow or goat.. chickens etc.. it is his way of life.. he lives the farm.. feeding an extra hog or calf is nothing new and won’t cost him that much money or time.. you pay for the processing of the animal.. ( we do that for our beef ) they make money you make more than you will get at the bank he pays less than he would have to pay at the bank and you both take the same risks of crop failure due to weather.. plus you have your food..
      I don’t live on a farm.. and people thought I was nuts because I still have an old cream separator.. now I might have to be getting milk from the farm.. pull out and get the old pasteurizer cleaned up and make sure it works.. if the bottling company shuts down as one dairy farmer has been warned could happen milk will still be needed they will have to dump it.. so why not trade.. I make cheese.. anyway if you have money that you want to invest and are not to sure on the future of the stock market.. I would consider a farmer in your area.. find a good one.. get to know him or her.. make sure they are good at their trade.. then ask them a lot of the little farmers around here are all worried that they won’t be able to get the money to buy the seeds or the repair parts to get the equipment into shape for the spring planting..five or six investers for one farmer.. everyone wins if the weather cooperates.. your risks are similar to that of the stock market.. people loosing money hand over fist right now..

      • “I would invest in a farmer..”

        What did the farmer say when he was asked what he will do with the million dollars he won in the lottery? “I guess I will keep farming until I go broke.”

    • I swear, George, Mr. Snyder isn’t me on another e-mail or IP address but I agree with everything he’s said. Guess farmers and ranchers think a lot alike. The one thing I fear more than a lack of hot water is the tax man. Many will be laid down in the cold, cold ground before it’s over.

      A friend sent me a link to (116th Congress) H.R. 5717 – Gun Violence and Community Safety Act of 2020. I think they’re trying to get it out of committee and into the free money for everybody bill. The dimotwits are trying to turn the whole country into Virginia and this is the prime opportunity to do it.

  12. Adding a hair of info. The Hebrew word that is translated Passover, should actually be translated “to disable”. This was the night that Creator “disabled” Egypt.
    The people left near the time of the full moon, on the 14th of Nisan, the first month of the
    Hebrew year. Using the Lunar calendar, that put it on the evening of April 9th.

    • That there is a smart fella. The Lunar calander, measures “time” in tides. It is the most accurate calander in existence. Having only lost 17 seconds in over 20,000 years. 13 astrology signs instead of 12.

      If you know this??? You should know that Jesus was actually a Taurus. So was Peter “kick against the pricks.”

      The sacrificicial Bull. Christ King Jesus. (Taurus)

      Thank you for your contributions Chris.

    • How I miss your CP site, Chris. I know it was a ton of work but that’s what we’re here for and you did it well

  13. With daddy fed bailing everybody and everything out, there appears to be little need for congress to saddle the taxpayer with an additional $2 trillion in debt. The market doesn’t like this as the fed may actually expect these companies to pay them back – with interest. However, congress not appearing to come to the rescue calls into question their relevancy – as if they ever had any.

    • “With daddy fed bailing everybody and everything out,”

      Unfortunately… I won’t be getting that.. the last three bailouts the only ones that got multi million dollar bonuses were totally on a different social class status. In the eighties we got the equivalent of two months wages.. in the nineties two weeks.. in 08 nothing but the royal shaft..
      This time nothing but the bill and the night chill when it all crumbles. .

  14. Tap tap! Is this thing on? Testing testing won tu tree!

    Good morning parishioners of the Urban community.

    Let us begin with our look into the topic of today’s discussion.

    First we will not that the name of “God” is “YHWH” is the first two letters and the last two letters in the Torah. Know by the Rabi as the Abbreviated name for “God”. “God” being a commonly accepted term for “The Big Dude”, “The Head Chief”, “The Top of the Food chain, The Creator of the Universe,” “The Boss.” White cloud throne and big fluffy white beard guy.

    The totality of the Torah is 304,805 caractures. That is the Whole name of “God” also referred to as “the word.” Because it has no punctuation, period and paragraphs. It’s just one series of 304,805 caractures written from left to right by a left handed Moses. The pinicle of “consciousness stream writting.”

    The first 4 books of the Christian Bible are from the Torah. Closely resemble the story of creation written 3000 years before the Torah by Hermes. Since both Moses and Hermes came out of Egypt it makes sense. What is peculiar is The Myan Story of PapVul (people were made from Corn not dirt) is also similar in nature. Yet it is found accross the Atlantic Ocean.

    Back to the Point. “And the word became Flesh.” There is 304,805 gnome sequnces in Human DNA. Shared only by The Rodent, The Swine and some shell fish. Curiously the forbidden delecasys.

    Kinda makes ya wonder why Jesus cast those demons into a herd of pigs, then they ran off the cliff. Hmmm? When he could have sent them to a goat or a pony. But the “kids” wouldnt like it if a pony jump off a cliff. Would they.

    Anyway, wonder if the Lance of Longinus will be up for sale on Ebay soon? Rumor has it, that what ever country holds it??? Can not be defeated.

    Have a great day. Thank you all for the accolades. I’m nothing without my God. I give all the credit to him. Hopefully he sends me some kinda money soon.

    • Same exact amount U would buy with your ATM card, Credit Card ect when Internets go down.

      Run out of Dirty/Virus carrying dollar bills and what will U be able to buy? Will those dirty-virus laden bills be worth anything then..prolly not

      Will there be any $$ left in Ure US Treasury Direct account when the Internets go down..Of course not!

      “They” Hold Ure Digital Assets – bwahahahaha

    • My $110 bitcoin investment is now worth $83, I think. I don’t really understand this Cash App. I may add to this before it is all over. Demand outside the USA will be the driver. If you lived in India, would you want your money in Indian Rupees or Bitcoin. Limited supply of bitcoin, where they can print rupees on demand.

  15. There are many parallels between the aftermath of 911 and this virus thing. For those of us who remember the heady days after 911, you were considered a fool if you did not buy the official explanation and the subsequent US military response (several invasions and trillions in ‘defense’ spending). It took people several years for people to settle down and see the broader contours of what really happened during that fateful day that changed America. People were very traumatized and were no doubt very emotional in their initial response. I have to say that I initially bought into the fear and panic (and the invasions) after the initial event. Gradually, like many people, I grew to challenge the official narrative and questioned the ‘endless war’ response (btw, I am a former Marine officer). I think much is transpiring today that falls into the ‘hysteria’ category that followed 911. Future questions that may be considered when cooler heads prevail: Did they really have to shut down the global economy? Did they really consider the total costs of shutting down the most productive elements of the society, ie, small business. Did they not think that back stopping Wall Street with 10’s of Trillions was going to cause they biblical devaluation of the dollar. Like 911, the light of day will emerge to see that we lived in a crazy time with only some glimmers of truth emerge. Unfortunately, emotion is overtaking the rational side of things for now.

  16. I happen to catch last night on Fox news, that Fema will be in charge of the National Guard as they begin to set up “camps” uhem Facilities in Ca, Wa, and a few other states. Old Trump sure has weird eyes. Pence looks like an older version of Data from Star Trek and may have played Skellitor in He Man. Hahhaha

    Just an observation.

    As you know I dont watch the News. I just noticed it when I was walking through the room and someone had it on.

    I noticed the president seal was missing too and that Nobody on the stage was expressing scocial distancing. Old Trump looks like he dropped 30 lbs.

    First time I had seen his image since he was running for office.

    I dont watch TV. Maybe a movie once every few months. Telekinesis, telepathy, are snubbed out by -> television and ESP-N or ESP – N(utrared) or Neutral.

    Uhem. No thanks! I’d like to think I’m smarter than that.

    • “president seal was missing”

      Trump took over under war powers. Rumor is war powers suspends the Corporation of the United States.

    • “that Fema will be in charge of the National Guard as they begin to set up “camps” uhem Facilities in Ca, Wa, and a few other states.”

      They have had the camps for a long time.. the last time I made a wally world trip there were trucks making deliveries at the one close by there..

      • Yeah I got the GPS addresses to the hidden ones that HaliBurton built in the mountains that you can only get their by Rail. Lol.

        Remember the stacks of 500,000 pvc made coffins?

    • “Old Trump sure has weird eyes. Pence looks like an older version of Data from Star Trek”

      Harrard is the word.. a lot of stress right now.. you can see it around the eyes that they have been pushed to the limits trying to figure out a good action plan.. they both want to maintain the american way of life.. keep the velocity of money moving and businesses intact.. instead the options being shoved at them have all the potentials to shut down everything we know and maintain.. if the virus cannot be maintained.. then it goes to a whole new level if you read the plans that they are forced to enact are followed to the penny..
      the whole financial industry is in jeapardy.. and they know it.. we all know it.. we maybe don’t like to think about it..
      Like I had a call a little bit ago.. someone asked. I said so far I am trying to keep everything as normal as possible.. but at some point .. tough choices will have to be made.The first thing out the door is unusible services.. then insurances… like what goes.. and it won’t be pretty.. and if the virus takes down enough support people.. the industries and services that we enjoy and the way of life that we all take for granted will be gone.. garbage for departments. Healthcare workers.. enough get sick it shuts down the hospitals… I hate to even think what that would be like in LA or new york every human produces seven pounds of trash a day on average..I am even keeping my junk mail in case I Have to make paper.. I did order the chemical to aid in changing starches to sugars.. ( telling everyone to spit in a pot just doesn’t sound as appealing LOL.. it is like asking a woman on her time of month to pee in a cup so you can make a mosquito attractant LOL LOL.. they look at you kind of funny LOL) So lets hope like hell that they can figure out how to keep it all the same and yet provide what is needed to with stand this time.. i know I sure don’t have a clue.. during the weimer depression the story my father told us kids.. about two boys.. both got an inheritance.. the one invested it and had all his money in bonds making interest.. the other he went out and partied big time.. wine woman and song.. the depression hit.. the one brother had to take wheel barrows of money to buy a loaf of bread.. the other brother.. well there was a glass shortage and he had a basement full of wine bottles..
      this time around toilet paper.. one gentleman in the news said he wasn’t going to appologize.. he bought toilet paper and hand sanitizer by the case loads months ago.. and was picked up because he was selling it on the black market at a huge inflated price….
      the next couple of weeks will tell the tale.. will the big bank account be worthless will it not.. will the guys selling toilet paper by the square be more proffitable.. who knows..

    • Governors are in charge of the NG. Trump did not Federalize them. FEMA is functioning as an advisory body — telling the governors where the weekenders need to be deployed, and in what capacity. This is so weekenders can be deployed across State lines without having been Federalized — f’r instance, so Oregon and Utah weekenders can deploy to Cali, to build &or populate emergency hospitals or quarantine facilities, without Trump having to take over every State’s N.G. It is “efficiency streamlining,” nothing more.

      The Seal is missing because these are not Presidential addresses, but NIH Briefings to which the President and VP are merely parties. Note the Admiralty Flag is still in the background…

  17. MI – three weeks of no work/no pay. America has been Venezuela’ed.

    “If we all come together, get serious, and do our part by staying home, we can stay safe and save lives,” said Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

    The order in Michigan is effective at 12:01 a.m. on March 24 and will last for at least the next three weeks, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said in a news release.

    • Told’ja…

      Whitmer is directly responsible for COVID-19 coming to the UP, yet none of the newscasters who’ve been giving her facetime over the past few days have called her on it.

      IMO the significant part of the blurb to which you linked is:

      “In California, many people flocked to beaches and parks over the weekend, prompting a response from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.”


      If I lived in Cali and wanted to get out at this time, I’d be hiking mountains “a hundred miles from nowhere” and nearly that far from the next-nearest human, not hanging out on a beach in Orange or L.A. County with 15,000 of my “best strangers…”

      • Yeah Ray, you know my vagus nerve is very much active. My head knows I am right where I am supposed to be but my gut is not liking it at all. I am not a slave to instinctual fear. I am not a slave to my thoughts. I just tell it, simmer down. My intuition is telling me something else. we have to stay put for a little while longer.

        I’m considering jumping on a flight to Maui. However, at the moment… I am to remain about 112 miles east of LA.

        I should have my directions and know where I am supposed to be. I need clarification not ramblings. hahahhahahhahahahha! im sitting here hanging by a thread financially and I must apologies for being a whiney tit baby. I don’t like it, at all.

        I have had a job since I was 10 years old. Worked hard my whole life and at this moment… I am unable to. Its kicking my ass… releasing that fear and releasing my life and situation to GOD. I aint afraid of death, I aint afraid of any man, I aint afraid of nothing. I am afraid of being in the wrong place at the right time. I am afraid of myself and my abilities. I know how I am and how powerful i can be…… yet I doubt. LMAO! doubt is the sour fruit that hangs on the branch of Vanity. hahahha and all Vanity finds its root in fear.

        I don’t like it at all! I am a spaz sometimes.

        someone sugjested I started a go-fund page. This person is very cool and very gifted. However, I don’t have Facebook, I don’t how to ask for money. I think I have 3 times in my life for financial help. I don’t want a facebook page and my stupid pride doesn’t want to ask for help.

        I don’t even know how to start a go-fund page.

        and I absolutely hate being a whiney tit baby. arrggghhhh…. im going to go pray and talk to the broken and desperate, clean the smoking area. Its a lock down facility. I am the only one they allow in the place that isn’t a patient or staff. I just love, encourage and listen to the broken minds, shattered hearts and many times physically incapacitated. I bring in flowers, sweep up the smoking area, sit and talk to and pray for those who are there… help them free themselves.

        That I can do, God can figure out my financial sh!t. “Chop wood, carry water.”

  18. One dependable source [ Urantia book] gives the birthday of Joshua Ben Josepph as august 21. for whatever it is worth.Yhe old man in the hills

  19. Yeah, I was wondering George. Is it possible for you to go outside and dance around the fire a bit, to get these markets to go back up ??? I mean, you are a pretty powerful guy, and I am sure the markets respect what you have to say, so why not give it a shot ?? I am assuming you have the required wardrobe and affectations to perform the ceremonies…right ??

  20. Heads – up Bunkies – the zon just delivered my new HD Night Vision Monocular.

    First thing I notice as I pulled this puppy out of the packaging..”Made in China” sticker front and center of box..rut row!

    This puppy is highly rated w/LCD display,4x digital zoom, 1 Meg Pixal Image, video only 960p and only 3W, 850nm IR LED’s and a 32G TF card.

    Point is puppy was relatively cheap.. cause its made in/by the Chi Coms with Slave Labor.

    IF Urb Surv community members wanted to, were thinking about or even just considering some decent electronics for back up/replacement ect – YESTERDAY would have been a good time to reconsider timing of your acquisition (s) .

    When current supply chain/Inventory is depleted – NO MORE – EVER ! at those prices from China.

    JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing/shipping/inventory is DEAD/GONE

    How long does it take Pack a 40ft Container?/How long does it take to Stack a Container Ship Full of Cargo?/How ling does it take to transit the Pacific O-chin? While were at it.. How long does it take to regrow a Population of working age Men &Women ?
    – the fat lady is singing..and it aint a pretty tune.

    *Best conspiracy theory so far – Pedo Flu!?

    a Tained batch of Chinese Adrenochrome ? or just Adrenochrome Withdraw.hmmm

  21. Well, the oilpatch is roasting in its own juices of debt and dearth of demand – the drilling rig count is in free-fall and nobody is making plans for shale oil drilling. Old conventional drilling plans are moving ahead, and may help prop things up as the cost of materials and rigs declines to 1980’s level again. There is some hope with national oil companies in other countries, as they need to drill due to depletion and many have budgets that need to be spent. But those do little for independent businesses in the USA oilpatch.

    Went to the farm to get a new tractor delivered early the other morning. We have a patch of construction about 20 miles long where they are widening I-45 to 6 lanes. Usually, it is slow there. No traffic issues, as I counted only 47 cars at 8am on that stretch, where normally it is uncountable – so lots of folks staying at home.

    On the 2-lane state highway to my farm, I usually pull to the shoulder 15-20 times on a trip. This is because I drive 60MPH – the difference for me is 5-6 MPG at 60 versus driving 65 or 70. I had no need to pull over yesterday, because nobody was behind me and the view in front of me was mostly empty.

    I made the drive at 8am – so it should have been traffic heavy – not so.

    Pulled in to get gas and the local store had NOTHING for sale to eat that was locally cooked – the warming bins were empty. Normally I grab some fried catfish or sausage on-a-stick – but nothing was on offer that wasn’t pre-packaged.

    I will say the restrooms were most clean and reeked of either bleach or lysol. All cashiers were gloved up, and the place I gas up had trash bags out for use when pumping gas – so you didn’t have to touch anything directly.

    After I got the tractor squared away at the farm (had to get it delivered due to weight and size), I went fishing for a couple of hours. I landed about 10 keepers, perch, and took them back to the farm. Scaled, gutted and froze them.

    The drive back was similar to the drive up – reminded me of things just after hurricane Ike hit Houston – just lots emptier than normal.

    I am over 60, non-smoker and in good health with zero chronic conditions. I am not a big socializer, as my views are very non-traditional on many things. I am not going to self-quarantine, but I am taking contamination precautions, more to keep those nearby from panicking than out of worry. In fact, in rural areas, there is far less panic than in cities. If anyone is sick, everybody else knows within hours, and they generally tend to stay away as a general precaution anyway. I found out when I hit the local feed store that there were 3 people who were sick, and who they were. Nobody knew if it was flu or colds, but they all knew who had gotten fever and fallen ill.

    There seemed to be many folks out fishing, which isn’t exactly a social event like football. Most people are smart enough and conscious enough to know infecting others is going to be bad for them and those they might infect – they stay home anyway unless they have a boss who demands they work sick. Fortunately, this Chinese flu has ended that demand from butthead bosses in most places. Maybe it will stay that way – which would be great. Maybe it will stick in schools too, now that things have changed in the thinking f bosses and admins. But who can say…

    IMO, this whole thing is contrived – the convenience factor is just too coinkydink. At what level was it contrived? Creation? Release? Media spin? It does seem that oilgarchs and governments never let any crisis go to waste – witness Pelosi and Schumer in action, busily plugging socialist goodies into the relief bill.

    I have been prepped for most of my life – ask George – it’s why/how we met long ago. So nothing to do in that area and the lack of panic is most satisfying as I drive by Costco and watch the sheeple in queue…

    The sun is now busting out, so I am thinking fishing is a great idea just now – but thought I would put in my 2 cents on the ground. And who-the-hell got rid of that cents sign when they made computers and phones?

  22. It’s an expensive way to buy gold but theoretically portable and won’t be called.

    Our Mission

    Men? crafts 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology, timeless design, and radical transparency, Men? restores the link between jewelry and savings.

  23. I have other stuff to attend to. Ray, can I Email you? I will swing by Dp’s site and have a look around the poetry dish. Mark, if you want to talk or have any questions please email me.

    George, if ya want to do the podcast? Just let me know when.

    I got alot to consider and I need to place focus on some other things. This is not easy for any of us. I hope to God my car doesnt get reposed. lol. Faith is a crazy thing. I listen and I was told to drive 1700 miles at 4am. Pack your sh!t, cash your check and haul ass. I tried to bring a girlfriend with me. She chose to stay. Now I’m sitting here and there is no work. I keep getting synchronicity things. But I am trippin. *guess it’s better than the belly of a whale. Hahahahahha

    I will talk to you all when I talk to you. Dont fear! Be smart and be Vigilant! Get off Facebook and participate in life around you. It could all be over, by the time you look up away from your screen and you would be the last one to know it was time to sh!t and Git, 4 hours ago. Haha!

    I am downloading all the old rail maps. Not many will be traveling them. and Fema wont be looking at them.

    I was offered a job working for the CDC. But I havent submitted my resume yet.

    I need to “THINK” for a while.

    See ya!

  24. If I take that job at the CDC? I think that would be bad thing on several levels. I would be above FEMA, local law enforcement etc. though.

    I’m very much qualified for the lead investigation job.

    I just have to do my resume.

    My question is, is it morally correct and would I be an accomplise.

    Reminds me of that Benjamin Franklin quote: temporary safety in exchange for liberty.

    I dont think I will even apply.

    • Shhhhh OOWS…that’s as bad as telling a nurse or police officer or fireman to have a GOOD, QUIET shift.. it’s could jinx everyone
      Theres to much going on now..we sure dont want some psycho going nuts now as long with all this other world changing events.

    • good point.. sort of like having an AED…. the cost is high for a piece of equipment that the odds are you won’t use.. but then if you need one.. the nearest ambulance with one is twenty minutes away.. what if it was your wife or child…. OR …. what if it was you.. is it worth it to have it..
      what isn’t talked about on the four percent is.. the stress on the medical facility.. if the virus is as deadly as they are saying.. catch it and survive it once.. but you won’t survive the second time around because of the damage done the first time.. almost the ultimate biological weapon.. now what if the virus isn’t just the virus.. but also a spore.. that can sit dormant for a long period of time until the right conditions.. now you have the ultimate.. sure 96 percent can survive.. but the second time around after its mutated.. bingo its your turn.. it would stay on a continuous cycle.. get over it.. the next guy has it you catch it again.. and still bankrupt the kitty..
      then how many of that 96 percent are going to be in the same condition someone with emphazema has.. ever seen someone gasp for breath so hard that the hospital bed bounces on the floor feeling as if they are drowning in their own fluids.. I have it isn’t pretty and the perfect thing to show someone that smokes..
      Horrible tough decision.. the reason that weapons so horrible are created is to discourage anyone from using them.. I walk through the valley of death unafraid because I am the scariest mother in the valley.. its all a matter of perspective..damned if you do.. damned if you don’t..

  25. First look from the worm’s eye view which is on the ground and beneath the ground.
    Second look at man’s View.
    3rd look at the bird’s eye view and in this case it could be jet airplanes or satellites or other entities that have a relationship to remove the humans or to remove the horns, Discerning between the two is wisdom and magnificence.
    The Earth is covered with treasures from recent times within the last year many people with riches have buried their stash and throughout thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years even millions of years and the Earth is over a trillion years old so things that have been stashed over a billion years ago have been recycled in the evolution of the Earth.
    Thank you oilman2 that is the best of recommendations.
    In China all it takes is relocation of people to the front line of manufacturing companies.
    As the sick die and are cremated more are brought in from their masses to achieve their manufacturing goals just like in a war except this war is about keeping the concert-going we have to have people playing the music and we have to have people listening to the music.
    Okay let’s think about the people that are otter in space on the space station they’re surviving because they’re being maintained with everything they need to survive in that artificial environment,
    We have the ability to do the same thing here on Earth we have the ability to create a structure that has food delivered to us that has sewage transferred away from us and for electricity needs to be brought to us all without contact ,we didn’t have that in the last depression, now the only thing that’ll keep it from going smoothly is the laws that our country has set up because this has never happened before under these circumstances with the technology that we have now compared to 1918 Spanish flu.
    Being the old man in the Hills has its advantages.
    And even more knowing your nearby Neighbors.
    We have neighbors online and communities to join and many more that we can speculate ,but when you get down to it ,who’s your three top online communities that you trust.
    This is Good
    This is Broad
    This is External
    Once you grasp this concept the same as your space station you’ll be able to leave the Earth in groups ,communities,.
    And for those of you old man like me who are happy on your country parcel of land enjoying the Sun beaming down on your skin and the plants that you grow watching your grandchildren and children and community expand with the knowledge that any one of them can be part of those that reach to the sky./

  26. Just saw this:

    Dr. Enqiang Mao, chief of emergency medicine at Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai, states that his group treated ~50 moderate to severe cases of COVID-19 infection with high dose intravenous vitamin C.

    The IVC dosing was for 7-10 days, with 10,000 mg for moderate cases and 20,000 mg for more severe cases.

    All patients who received intravenous vitamin C improved, and there was no mortality.

    There were no side effects reported from any of the cases treated with high dose IVC.

    (Richard Cheng, MD, PhD, reporting from Shanghai)

  27. IMHO COVID is a hoax. We are in the global reset/NWO.

    The only reason we haven’t been full Venezuela’d, plentiful food in the supermarkets as example is the Second Amendment.

    Food may be low in the supermarket but don’t forget the kids normally would be eating at school, parents at restaurants for lunch/after work mingling/eating at the restaurant for breakfast/dinner. Point of service moved back to the house. Plus unpatriotic,savage hoarders have filled their closets. :)

    Here in MI we’re locked down for 21 days beginning @ Midnight. Many places have already been closed a full week.

    No employee checks, no employee portions toward the medical insurance premiums.

    More bailouts are coming.

  28. The lock downs for Covid 19 are picking up steam in Texas, with the Dallas lock down going into effect this morning. If you need a change of venue, your window of opportunity is slamming shut. Be advised though, coming to Texas may not get you any relief.

    There is a surreal character to some of the things I have read at this site in the last couple of days. But thankfully, no one sounds any farther out than they usually do, so all in all, I think the Urban Survival readers are coping pretty well, in their own unique ways.

    I am continuing to gather information and guidance on strategies for coping with events. Note that vegetable seed supplies are tight, and if you intend to have a garden and don’t already have seed, you need to get with it. Again, if you really need things, you need to move to acquisition quickly.

    Stay with basics. Shelter, water and food. Whatever your shelter options are, make sure that at least one is on a cash ownership basis, even if it is only the 10 year old SUV. Have clothing and bedding for non-electric scenarios. Always have a several days of water in storage, capacity of storing multiple weeks, and filtration and purification for the worst scenarios. Having a supply of food for sheltering in place and supplies for a garden is good adult judgement, not hoarding. Putting in a stock of supplies for home canning and storage is reasonable. Just be careful about trying to acquire large quantities of storage foods in the current panic environment.

    • Per your comment “WTF Andy”.

      I just went and got a bunch of meds, quit a few I dont even use anymore. Just to have on stock because they may come in handy. I went to the Pharmacy on Monday and do you know what she said when asking if they had a prescription for an Albutetal inhaler?? She said, sir over half our delivery’s to the Pharmacy are on back order because the place we get them from is out of stock. I said no kidding?? She said no, I’m not joking. Alot of Pharmacy’s not just us simply cant get our shipments because they just dont have it at the warehouse. I said, I wonder why?? She said FEMA and the Government is getting alot of it. They get Priority emergency services. I said, Wow! She said that and she whispered, alot if it just isnt getting sent to the warehouse people to be sent to the Pharmacy’s.

      So, you can fkn wait for Fema to show up with your meds???!!!! Or you can get yours by any means possible and not fkn die because you were worried about being a good little worker done slave and run the risk of dieing in 3 months when sh!its really bad.

      You know what??? Go turn on the Idiot Box and watch old reruns of Fantasy Island. Open up a can of Viana sausages and a big tin of Cheese Balls, pour your self a glass of Crown, kick your feet up and fart. Eveything is gonna be peachy. you got nothing to worry about. The plague ain’t gonna get ya and the Locust dont even like cheder cheese puffs. “Boss da plane!.da plane!


      Denial is not just river in egypt. FTW!

      • I didn’t get my Albuteral inhaler btw. I dont need it now. I do have mild asthma. I just need it Incase i get bronchitis in 6 months and ain’t up for getting chipped, a one way train ticket and a all exclusive pass for a luxiory tour of the FEMA ovens.

        Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I’m just an asshole. Ask yourself this. When is the last time in recorded History that all the Christian churchs (catholic, Baptist, mormon, protestant, Methodist, Jehovah Witness), all the Mosques, all the Buddhist Temples, all the Jewish places of worship, all the native american, scientology,
        kabbalah, pagan, even the Hotel California is closed and the Satanists didnt assemble for a week to Express their spirituality?

        ***All the faiths in the world took a knee to the virus.

        Has that ever happend in recorded history of man? I spent 15 plus years studying religion. Every faith that has ever existed on the earth.

        It has never happend ever in the history of man that I have found.

        The point is, you do whatever you have to do now because if you dont??? You may be fkd! And not be able to later.

      • The above may seem like a lack of faith. As I said many times, This is not about living in fear… all of us should be prepared by now. However, there is some who are freshly new to this —> sight/site. My point is we are living in “times” that have not existed since before recorded history be it written, or hieroglyphs or cave paintings.

        the only one that comes close is the cave painting that is 100k years old of a spiral in the sky and images of stick figures holding their hands on their heads and being sucked into it. I think it was painted in cave found in Mongolia.

        if you are gonna need it in 6 months or a year to stay alive????? you best get it! I am not saying lie or be deceptive? even though people do that all day long and not even know they are. I would encourage you to ask first for a years supply… if you are told no??? then you go see another Doctor.

        because when the world stops assembling to express its spirituality all at once?????!!!! Something wicked this way comes!!! Nobody in the world is gonna judge you for doing what you need to survive when this is all over. They are only gonna just be glad you are still here.

  29. OOPS.. guess there may have been way to many that seen the writing on the wall.. pushing for option three.. 1. Go Big 2. Let everyone fend for themselves 3. Do nothing let the economy run as normal and let the chips land where they fall….

    My guess is if they go three.. they will figure out a way to give the upper crust those multi million dollar bonuses..

  30. PrisonPlanet Dump:

    Whistleblowers Claim China’s Coronavirus Recovery ‘Fake,’ Several Silenced

    Idiots React to the Coronavirus

    Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer help those over 60

    Flights From Coronavirus Epicentres China, Iran, Italy STILL Landing In UK

    New York Health Officials Told Residents to Congregate in Huge Crowds in “Defiance” of Coronavirus

    LA TIMES: Barack Obama’s Fault There’s a Shortage of N95 Respirator Masks

    Dr. Fauci Blasts Media’s Constant Effort To ‘Divide’ Him And President Trump

    NASA Warns Two Asteroids Could Cause Atmospheric Explosion Over Earth This Week

    This is why I sometimes cruise Infowars/PP. If you ignore Alex Jones’ blather, his site is a decent aggregator of news from other sites.

    • Thanks Ray, you have mail.

      Also, heads up!

      I was sitting on the green green grass with petals of blossoms all around me. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. I was waiting for the TM. A bumblebee landed on my book. He hopped off and on the ground. So I said hello Mr Bumble.  How is your day? Apparently, he has been super busy. He is also said he grateful to be single. That is as much as I could make out. I dont speak very good Bumble.

      Before he flew off, i mentioned Humanity plight. He said bzzzzzzb bzzzzz bzzzzz BZ! I have no idea what that means.


      I think it means I will sting ya in the honey is taste better on toast with peanut butter.

      You have mail.

      • “He said bzzzzzzb bzzzzz bzzzzz BZ! I have no idea what that means.”

        Honey bee interpretation…

        Enjoy health eat your honey!

  31. As far as COIVD-19 goes there’s this old poem that came to mind the other day from somewhere back in the 70’s

    It’s not the cough
    that carries you off
    it’s the coffin’
    they carry you off in

    -Robert Tyler


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