Don’t look now, but there are huge things going on that most people are not tying together.  Since it’s the weekend – and you may not feel like going to work tomorrow, let’s do some “intelligent speculating,” shall we?

The timing of the COVID outbreak is extremely interesting when taken with a dose of UAP.  Which is?   Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon.  Moreover, the disclosure – that UFO’s are real – is being carefully managed by aspects of the U.S. Government.

Try to keep up now, but here are some data points from (ostensibly) credible media,

Let’s begin with the Washington Post report “Those UFO videos are real, the Navy says, but please stop saying ‘UFO’.”  September 18th of last year.  OK, UAP’s then.  Like it matters?

And the “disclosures” continued with a November 2019 report on  LiveScience that Navy personnel were directed to destroy evidence of a UFO UAP encounter back in 2004 to keep the lid on things.

The Role of Useful Fiction

One of the most useful tools to “look ahead into an uncertain future” is to employ written fiction to help pull-together a lot of disparate parts.

People who have used this tool to great effect have included writers like Jules Verne, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells, and as we explained to Peoplenomics subscribers Saturday, the late Leonard C. Lewin.  Whose book “Report from Iron Mountain” is a centerpiece of conspiratorial conjecture, but whose second book, “Triage” may have been uncomfortably close to what’s going around in present times.  Hit the nail on the head, possibly.

This morning, a brief look at one of our own “useful tools” – the goings-on of an off-the-books secret government agency we refer to as Directorate-153.

Again, Peoplenomics readers are well-ahead in terms of understanding the role of D-153 in running America at the highest-levels.  They know, for example that this fictional organization is headquartered at a virtual clone of Vint Hill Farms Station in rural Virginia.  Except adjacent to a long runway airport.

The facility is large, able to persist through all conceivable perils that could face America.  In short, it’s where the rubber meets the road in COGO – continuity of government operations.

This morning, we peek-in on what looks like an all-night meeting that has been going on since late Saturday…

[Executive Director (ExDir)]:  OK, let’s take it from the top one more time.  There has to be something we’re not seeing.  Read me the transcript one more time…

[Duty Science Officer (DSO)]:  On the morning of March 20th – a Wednesday – and the first day of Spring – we recovered a couple – middle aged man and his wife – that were attempting to enter the White House claiming they had been abducted by aliens and they had an important message for the President and entire world.

[EdDir]:  Right.  So these people seemed crazy and we took them in for routine questioning.  So far, we’re on the process.

[DSO]: Right.  We questioned them separately for a couple of hours and there was no discrepancy between what they said.  But, since they had not used force, there was nothing we could charge them with.  So we were about to let them go when the man interrupts and says that he has been instructed – in the event that they are not taken seriously – to advise us that there has been a micro-chip emplanted in his arm.

[ExDir]:  Right…so at this point, the interviewing officers notice a bump on the man’s arm and – at the man’s invitation – feel it.  They feel it and sure, enough, it’s a chip.

[DSO]:  Right.  So we scanned it and it reacted to RF.  So we read it – just like you’d read any other RFID chip.  And we recovered something we didn’t expect.  The daily launch codes for the U.S. nuclear weapons program for the last month plus the codes we were planning to use the following three days.

[ExDir]:  So this is where we held them for possession of National Secrets and began to bring in the psychologists and ultimately resolrted to augmented hypnosis with drugs to get as much of their experience captured as possible.

[DSO]:  Right.  The story unfolded about their agenda.  Eventually, it came out that Earth was a “planted” race and that we were genetically manipulated from lower primates and given an ability to think.  And as we evolved, periodically great teachers would come and would offer pointers to keep us on a path that would lead to eventual reunificatioin of this planet – an Outpost to them – with their core organization.

[ExDir]:  All had a StarTrek kind of flavor to it.  They had set a timer – deadline – of Fall for the Earth to entirely begin to change its ways and that’s what I’m not clear on.

[DSO]:  If you look at the transcript it’s pretty clear:  They asked their abductees a ton of questions:  “What is the goal of Earth?”  “Why ar4e you wasting resources?”  “Have you worked on telepathy?” and “If you don’t change yourselves, we will charge you by imposing a global time-out…

[ExDir]:  But the other detail stuff – it was all hopelessly judgmental and they should realize that if we did away with the “pointless systems” we use to monetize the world, things will simply collapse into a never-ending Depression….

[DSO]:  Well, in fairness, sir, they did make some good points and the projection of a Depression is our projection, not theirs.  They just think that a LOT of what we do on Earth really is waste and doesn’t move humanity toward being “worth keeping” was their phrase.  Page 146 of the transcript.

[ExDir]:  But look at what they want us to get rid of!  My God, we can’t just shut down brands.  Or pro sports, or advertising or marketing, or the whole political industry and social media!  There would be havoc.  How long does that economy last?

[DSO]:  THAT was their whole point, sir.  Page 179 in the transcript they make it again.  This part:  “You do not need an ECONOMY – you need education, cooperation, and Love.  When their are these things, everyone does a turn in Life in various ROLES and Life becomes as we intended – The Great Adventure.

[ExDir]:  You do remember the Great Depression, though right?  How it was America’s Hungry Years and how it led to World War II and all that?  Why would it be any different in another Depression is we didn’t learn from the first?

[DSO]:  It has something to do with the Internet.  On page 96, the talked about personal responsibility and online behavior.  How if we harness the web – license it and make people all accountable  – and we follow the Laws laid out by the many Prophets they have sent, how we could live a pastoral life.

[ExDir]:  That’s Communism, goddam it!

[DSO]:  Not quite, sir.  Communism and socialism both failed on what grounds?  Economics.  All so far have been monetizations of an underlying corrupt system of Interest and Money.  What took down the Soviet Scheme was inherently financial.  Same with Venezuela.  It was about money – which has trumped humanity.  And that was their we need to return to just that:  A set of government credits issued equally to all.  But in addition, educating people on direct trading and work-sharing so that “money” is not needed.

[ExDir]:  I just doin’t see it working…

[DSO]:  Honestly, I don’t either.  But now that we’re in their “imposed time out” and the government is just making up and issuing credits, how long before people figure out there are other ways of existing?

[ExDir]:  Hmmm… read a piece on a fringe economics site we monitor because they’ve been sniffing around our entangled comms units and other such topics…and it says we could use the internet to form cooperatives – like the old craft guilds – and do things like create movies and weekly entertainment series online.  The author suggested micropayments, blockchain for content rental controls, and the like.

[DSO]:  I saw that but while interesting, it doesn’t have the educational or cooperative demands right.  See,  going in that direction would just be another monitization.  We need something like a…I know this is going to sound strange… like a Global Religion that would organize people and provide a non-dollar reason to get up and go to work every morning.

[ExDir]:  That would lead to a global war, though.  We’ve been through that already.  At least it has in past centuries…

[DSO]:  Well, maybe, a group like the U.N. could get all the major religions of the world to drop their non-essential content so we could allk buy in to the basic law-set that has been sent to us repeatedly?

[ExDir]:  No one would buy it.  There’s no one group that has global power and influence sufficient to get the job done…

[DSO]:  Maybe that’s why we’re in this Global Time Out they threatened us with last spring…maybe we’re supposed to figure out how to globally organized into a Human Union where we all take an Oath and pledge to fellow humans.

[ExDir]:  Like a global Masonic or Rosecrucian Order…like that?

[DSO]:  Not sure, exactly.  But maybe since we’re in the Time Out, someone online will figure it all out…

A well-placed source – and this is a person who “sharpens the tip” of America’s “sharp spear” told me Friday night he expects this will come in three waves.  This weekend we are at the front end of Wave 1.  Two additional waves could follow…that’s the nature of pandemics.

Which ought to give us plenty of time to figure out some new ways of running the planet.

Write when you get rich,