COVID-19: The Space Ship Problem

Don’t look now, but there are huge things going on that most people are not tying together.  Since it’s the weekend – and you may not feel like going to work tomorrow, let’s do some “intelligent speculating,” shall we?

The timing of the COVID outbreak is extremely interesting when taken with a dose of UAP.  Which is?   Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon.  Moreover, the disclosure – that UFO’s are real – is being carefully managed by aspects of the U.S. Government.

Try to keep up now, but here are some data points from (ostensibly) credible media,

Let’s begin with the Washington Post report “Those UFO videos are real, the Navy says, but please stop saying ‘UFO’.”  September 18th of last year.  OK, UAP’s then.  Like it matters?

And the “disclosures” continued with a November 2019 report on  LiveScience that Navy personnel were directed to destroy evidence of a UFO UAP encounter back in 2004 to keep the lid on things.

The Role of Useful Fiction

One of the most useful tools to “look ahead into an uncertain future” is to employ written fiction to help pull-together a lot of disparate parts.

People who have used this tool to great effect have included writers like Jules Verne, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells, and as we explained to Peoplenomics subscribers Saturday, the late Leonard C. Lewin.  Whose book “Report from Iron Mountain” is a centerpiece of conspiratorial conjecture, but whose second book, “Triage” may have been uncomfortably close to what’s going around in present times.  Hit the nail on the head, possibly.

This morning, a brief look at one of our own “useful tools” – the goings-on of an off-the-books secret government agency we refer to as Directorate-153.

Again, Peoplenomics readers are well-ahead in terms of understanding the role of D-153 in running America at the highest-levels.  They know, for example that this fictional organization is headquartered at a virtual clone of Vint Hill Farms Station in rural Virginia.  Except adjacent to a long runway airport.

The facility is large, able to persist through all conceivable perils that could face America.  In short, it’s where the rubber meets the road in COGO – continuity of government operations.

This morning, we peek-in on what looks like an all-night meeting that has been going on since late Saturday…

[Executive Director (ExDir)]:  OK, let’s take it from the top one more time.  There has to be something we’re not seeing.  Read me the transcript one more time…

[Duty Science Officer (DSO)]:  On the morning of March 20th – a Wednesday – and the first day of Spring – we recovered a couple – middle aged man and his wife – that were attempting to enter the White House claiming they had been abducted by aliens and they had an important message for the President and entire world.

[EdDir]:  Right.  So these people seemed crazy and we took them in for routine questioning.  So far, we’re on the process.

[DSO]: Right.  We questioned them separately for a couple of hours and there was no discrepancy between what they said.  But, since they had not used force, there was nothing we could charge them with.  So we were about to let them go when the man interrupts and says that he has been instructed – in the event that they are not taken seriously – to advise us that there has been a micro-chip emplanted in his arm.

[ExDir]:  Right…so at this point, the interviewing officers notice a bump on the man’s arm and – at the man’s invitation – feel it.  They feel it and sure, enough, it’s a chip.

[DSO]:  Right.  So we scanned it and it reacted to RF.  So we read it – just like you’d read any other RFID chip.  And we recovered something we didn’t expect.  The daily launch codes for the U.S. nuclear weapons program for the last month plus the codes we were planning to use the following three days.

[ExDir]:  So this is where we held them for possession of National Secrets and began to bring in the psychologists and ultimately resolrted to augmented hypnosis with drugs to get as much of their experience captured as possible.

[DSO]:  Right.  The story unfolded about their agenda.  Eventually, it came out that Earth was a “planted” race and that we were genetically manipulated from lower primates and given an ability to think.  And as we evolved, periodically great teachers would come and would offer pointers to keep us on a path that would lead to eventual reunificatioin of this planet – an Outpost to them – with their core organization.

[ExDir]:  All had a StarTrek kind of flavor to it.  They had set a timer – deadline – of Fall for the Earth to entirely begin to change its ways and that’s what I’m not clear on.

[DSO]:  If you look at the transcript it’s pretty clear:  They asked their abductees a ton of questions:  “What is the goal of Earth?”  “Why ar4e you wasting resources?”  “Have you worked on telepathy?” and “If you don’t change yourselves, we will charge you by imposing a global time-out…

[ExDir]:  But the other detail stuff – it was all hopelessly judgmental and they should realize that if we did away with the “pointless systems” we use to monetize the world, things will simply collapse into a never-ending Depression….

[DSO]:  Well, in fairness, sir, they did make some good points and the projection of a Depression is our projection, not theirs.  They just think that a LOT of what we do on Earth really is waste and doesn’t move humanity toward being “worth keeping” was their phrase.  Page 146 of the transcript.

[ExDir]:  But look at what they want us to get rid of!  My God, we can’t just shut down brands.  Or pro sports, or advertising or marketing, or the whole political industry and social media!  There would be havoc.  How long does that economy last?

[DSO]:  THAT was their whole point, sir.  Page 179 in the transcript they make it again.  This part:  “You do not need an ECONOMY – you need education, cooperation, and Love.  When their are these things, everyone does a turn in Life in various ROLES and Life becomes as we intended – The Great Adventure.

[ExDir]:  You do remember the Great Depression, though right?  How it was America’s Hungry Years and how it led to World War II and all that?  Why would it be any different in another Depression is we didn’t learn from the first?

[DSO]:  It has something to do with the Internet.  On page 96, the talked about personal responsibility and online behavior.  How if we harness the web – license it and make people all accountable  – and we follow the Laws laid out by the many Prophets they have sent, how we could live a pastoral life.

[ExDir]:  That’s Communism, goddam it!

[DSO]:  Not quite, sir.  Communism and socialism both failed on what grounds?  Economics.  All so far have been monetizations of an underlying corrupt system of Interest and Money.  What took down the Soviet Scheme was inherently financial.  Same with Venezuela.  It was about money – which has trumped humanity.  And that was their we need to return to just that:  A set of government credits issued equally to all.  But in addition, educating people on direct trading and work-sharing so that “money” is not needed.

[ExDir]:  I just doin’t see it working…

[DSO]:  Honestly, I don’t either.  But now that we’re in their “imposed time out” and the government is just making up and issuing credits, how long before people figure out there are other ways of existing?

[ExDir]:  Hmmm… read a piece on a fringe economics site we monitor because they’ve been sniffing around our entangled comms units and other such topics…and it says we could use the internet to form cooperatives – like the old craft guilds – and do things like create movies and weekly entertainment series online.  The author suggested micropayments, blockchain for content rental controls, and the like.

[DSO]:  I saw that but while interesting, it doesn’t have the educational or cooperative demands right.  See,  going in that direction would just be another monitization.  We need something like a…I know this is going to sound strange… like a Global Religion that would organize people and provide a non-dollar reason to get up and go to work every morning.

[ExDir]:  That would lead to a global war, though.  We’ve been through that already.  At least it has in past centuries…

[DSO]:  Well, maybe, a group like the U.N. could get all the major religions of the world to drop their non-essential content so we could allk buy in to the basic law-set that has been sent to us repeatedly?

[ExDir]:  No one would buy it.  There’s no one group that has global power and influence sufficient to get the job done…

[DSO]:  Maybe that’s why we’re in this Global Time Out they threatened us with last spring…maybe we’re supposed to figure out how to globally organized into a Human Union where we all take an Oath and pledge to fellow humans.

[ExDir]:  Like a global Masonic or Rosecrucian Order…like that?

[DSO]:  Not sure, exactly.  But maybe since we’re in the Time Out, someone online will figure it all out…

A well-placed source – and this is a person who “sharpens the tip” of America’s “sharp spear” told me Friday night he expects this will come in three waves.  This weekend we are at the front end of Wave 1.  Two additional waves could follow…that’s the nature of pandemics.

Which ought to give us plenty of time to figure out some new ways of running the planet.

Write when you get rich,

56 thoughts on “COVID-19: The Space Ship Problem”

  1. Your fiction is as enlightening as your facts.

    Will you still allow us to write when we get poor :-)

  2. Dude! I dont wanna even tell anyone what I see. It’s bad. Maybe people dont want to know.???!!! Ugh.

    I uncovered alot of stuff. Heavy stuff.

  3. I’m gonna have to do this in segments. it’s long. I forgot the word count. Yes. I know everything looks pretty outside this morning. on the Horizon its bleak.

    I’m going to meditate for an hour to see if I missed anything important or am in error about what I see.

    • Andy, at least some of us are scrying for the truth – regardless of what it might be. Perhaps we should be breaking the rules and enjoying what we can for the short time left. Perhaps not.

      Regardless, it’s better to do our best with full information than otherwise. I have clues, though very limited. I realize that your ability is a double blessed curse, yet it’s valuable to us all.

  4. DSO]: Right. So we scanned it and it reacted to RF. So we read it – just like you’d read any other RFID chip. And we recovered something we didn’t expect. The daily launch codes for the U.S. nuclear weapons program for the last month plus the codes we were planning to use the following three days.

    The Age of Desolation: has readjusted its numbers since I wrote the book, but the U.S. suffers an 83% population reduction and Great Britain suffers a 78% reduction. Therefore, these two world powers are projected to suffer near-total destruction, and that can only come from warfare… the nuclear kind.

    • A truly deadly microbe, or a combination of them could easily wipe out the majority of the population. I’ve had this feeling that the atmosphere was septic since December. So could many other things. Nuclear war is expensive and technologically challenging. There are so many other ways to do war on the cheap.

      Mother Nature might wish many of us to begone. A big burp from Yellowstone or Cascadia could do that. Perhaps La Palma. The shortage of food is scary already, and we’ve no assurance that we’ll have a decent crop this year. Lastly, the destruction of the dollar and incipient war with China could cut us off from external help.

      Pride goeth before the Fall.

      I felt the same way when President GW Bush was grandstanding after 911. No, I’m not happy about it.

      • Unfortunately.. I can only live one day at a time.. if it erodes into a full war.. it erodes into a full war.. the predictions have been here for several hundred years now and it has been laid out for us to the details of what could be..

      • “Nuclear war is expensive and technologically challenging. ”

        Not so much, when using an already-existing arsenal. The real downside of nuclear warfare is it tends to render grounds zero uninhabitable and unusable for a long time, rendering also any surviving resources, unusable.

      • It appears that the mandate of creation (however it happened) is LIFE. And most of humanity is engaged in destroying life, especially the western world, and more pointedly, the U.S. If you look at the universe as a system and realize that organic systems have antidotes to things that destroy the system, such as the human body sending antibodies to its endangered parts, it becomes clear that it’s time for a major healing episode on earth. So I believe Mother Nature will clean up our acts for us, not WWIII. Nuclear war would destroy most of the earth, whereas Mother Nature will only “rearrange” it. Either way, the lessons learned will be at a high cost.

    • You are right Ray. The earth has been around for a long long time.

      Many of us on this rock, are so arrogant to think we are the top species to ever exist here. Lol.

      What about the land if Tiar that existed 50k years ago before the Atlantians? You see evidence of their existance in the runway in the middle of nowhere in south america with the land sculpture of the snake. There is evidence on the planet of a nuclear war that happend 100k years ago on this planet.

      She is very resilient. We are not the first ones here.

      The flood that Noah was credit too is recorded in 25,000 year old sanskrit tablets, as well as Norse rune poems, undated ancient Alaskan Eskimo stories, written in Aztec temples and Aborigini cave walls.

      It is said that Zoroster fell from the sky like a star prior to 1 dynasty Egpyt. The Sphynx is dedicated to him. He is the Sphynx.

      His hyroglph is the Face of a lion.

      He is the father of the concepts of Good and Evil. Before him??? There was no record of it existing. Trust I looked. I read 139 different stories of creation.

      Including the Myan storie papaVul, the Egyptian storie, The Cherokee storie, the Bible, Koran, Bhramaigit *sp ( all 12,000 +pages.) Etc. Etc.

      The Earth will survive long after we are gone.

      • Ugh, don’t want to go there. One of my recurring lucid dreams involves Indiana becoming the new Oregon, after nearly everything west of Lake Michigan falls into the Pacific…

      • Lol. I just hope it doesnt go to everyone else’s head. I make no mistake about where my abilities come from. Even if eveyone else thinks it’s me.


  5. Perhaps we have missed something, “hazed”- occulted from view..

    Southern Hemisphere – Americas

    Incoming signs from outside our own solar system suggest “it” is getting closer..

    Or Not!

    Why does DS keep spraying “sunblockers” in our atmosphere – when Heat and UV are exactly what puts Corona Virus to rest?


    Why does POTUS have the EVIL Dr. Fauci and the EVIL whats her name Dr Doom on his COVID Response Team..

    “Please tell her we all love her” Dr. Anthony Fauci wrote to Killary Clinton hatchetwomen Cheryl Mills – revealed by wikileaks.

    He said this after Killary’s testimony on Capital Hill on Benghazi incident.

    With at least 2 members of the Clinton/Obama Crime Syndicate on his response team ( lady – Dr doom seemly Blinking Code to handlers while on stage/background).

    R we watching a “master” showing us how to keep your enemy’s/deep state saboteurs as close to you as operationally possible..?

    And why does ECD have a prep stash of 1ml bottles of Atropine?

    Dautura Innoxia usage requires very careful dosage and administration – Plant parts R VERY poisonous if ingested – Know a real Herbologist/ Essenses

    • Thank you for your comment. The whole reason we went into Libia is not oil!!!! The reason she didnt give one crap about Benghazi and never got in trouble is this!!!!

      Nubian Sandstone AquiferSystem (NSAS) is the world’s largestfossil water aquifer system, covering some two million square kilometres and estimated to contain 150,000 cubic kilometres of groundwater.

      That is why! The Bush Family bought up all the Natral Spring water sites in South America.

      Why would they want all that water????

      Because all the other water would be bad In the future.

      Money and power.

  6. the Dogon say the Nommos (Spirits in the cetaecean) will return and when they do it will be called The Day Of The Fish. when they do the first indicator will be a new star appearing in the sky (comet ATLAS??) the ‘star of the tenth moon’ (Phoebe of Saturn?, perhaps there place of long stasis?) will have returned. The Nommos will land on the Earth in their Ark and from this will emerge our mythical ancestors who will then ‘rule from the waters’. they will not be hostile since they invested so much thousands of years ago to help us develop and will nbot want to see this all go to waste.
    do you recognize that fish symbol?
    credit Robert Temple, awesome research in ‘The Syrius Mystery’.
    We are the Ogo, the Fox, who escaped too soon.
    The Dogon have known things for thousands of years that we are just now discovering.
    Perhaps Ure right, George and are just part of the message from the Anubis cell we all have forgotten how to access.

  7. Made a run to the grocery store for fresh goods this morning, and well, to make a damage estimate. I stayed away from the warehouse store, and went to a national chain which is probably a union shop. They had a cart person disinfecting handles on carts and giving them to shoppers as they walked in. In the store, all the workers were wearing gloves.
    Nothing but picked over artisan bread was available, at $4 a pop or so. There was some $2.89 /gal milk, but I figured it would be gone pretty quick. Sandwich meats looked looted. There was some fresh ground beef available, surprisingly. Frozen stuff had been restocked, although the selection of breakfast food was limited.
    There appeared to be some produce available, but I didn’t do inventory.
    Nonetheless, shoppers were smiling, and appeared to be doing their normal shopping, not piling anything they could snatch into carts. It kind of reminded me a little of shopping in a brightly lit and partially restocked supermarket in the aftermath of a hurricane, basking in the sheer joy of shopping in an American supermarket. No one was letting their guard down today, and social distancing was in effect. The initial panic is subsiding a bit, and people I saw are adjusting to the reality of the new norm.

    • Hopefully N things will return to a form of normal.. now that the panic is wearing off..

      • Saw an interesting thing in Wal-Mart this afternoon. Couple of guys were filling a basket. The one who was doing the filling from the frozen foods section had the usual surgical mask on the other guy had a full head mask like they wore in WWI – grey, it covered the head completely, round glassy ports for the eyes and a mushroom shaped filter toward the bottom. This guy was filming the other with a camera so perhaps they were doing a YouTube video. Didn’t get close enough to hear or see exactly what was going on. Their excitement seemed a bit exaggerated, though. On the way out there was a W-M employee standing with a city police officer. The W-M person was asking someone through a radio if whoever they were watching had left the building yet. Perhaps these two jokers had caused some excitement somewhere else and decided to bolt.

        The times are ripe for some antics to begin to play out.

      • Went to Costco yesterday, all the checkers are wearing gloves. They do not change them out after each shopper. So, this is what happens. They state they are wearing the gloves to protect ‘us’. Instead, they do not let you pack your groceries at the end of the cashier stand like normal, they want you to do that in the parking lot. They touch everything you have to get a price with their scanner, if you have meat in a plastic bag, in goes those gloves and touch all the things you have. There gloves have been worn ALL DAY touching everything everyone else has touched all day long, and then they claim that is to protect YOU. I had a good ole tussle with them trying to expand their consciousness which fell on DEAF ears. I got quite upset with them messing with my things with their filthy gloves all the while pretending to help me. I told the to stop touching my items, and let me hold them up for them to scan. Oh, no, I was ordered to back off 6′. I told them YOUR gloves have touched hundreds of items that hundreds of other people have touched, how are you helping me???? I then told the Senior Sales Associate, she told me to tell the manager. I said YOU tell the manager! I won’t be shopping at stupid Costco’s for the duration.

  8. Back when (about 10 days ago) the Covid-19 virus got rolling, I sent an email to Dr. Jacobs, who has worked with 1,000’s of “experiencers” who’ve had alien abduction encounters, to ask whether he thought Covid-19 was “the change” that all the Hubrid Human/Aliens trying to pass as Human talk about. They say things like “after the change everybody will be happy”. But of course they won’t or can’t tell what “the change” is, only that it’s coming and it’s supposed to be big.
    So George, like always, looks like you’re ahead of the curve with your little story this morning and my hat’s off to you.
    And no, Dr. Jacobs hasn’t responded to my question….yet.

  9. This is my assement if our current trajectory. I dont care if ya believe me or not. This is what I see unfolding. I am not interested if ya like it or not, believing has nothing to do with it. It is rather lengthy so I will post it in chunks.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

    ****(Please note! Think for yourself. This isn’t about creating fear, it’s about being aware. It is NOT finacial advise.)

    This is merely what is revealed to me by my God through meditation and through translation of data arrangement by Psychic means. I am limited however my God is not.

    Let us begin.

    The Dow will stabilize at around 6212.
    New York city will be on fire for a whole month. Once civil Unrest occurs. The US markets will be no longer as they are known now. There is a great possibility that the US Government will assume control of a few large corporations as it did with Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

    There will be a shooting in the Senate floor. I just see a balding man in a dark grey suit pulling a pistol which looks like a .38 snub nose, and shooting another senator with in the head and nancy Pelosi fainting over it. I saw it live on Cspan.

    Martial law will be declared by August 2020. Under the guise of “National Emergency.”

    • You will have no right to assemble, no right of free speech, you can be detained without warrant or reason indefinitely without trial. (With everyone catching the Virus, there will be nobody to show up for Jury duty) The government will assume control of news and the flow of it under the National Security act. (As if they are not already under Government control or Vice versa.)
      They will attempt to confiscate guns. This will only last sneak because of all the shoot outs. You not be able to travel without written permit. There will be road blocks and check points. They are not concerned about your Gold or Silver. With the issuing of a new Currency, your gold and silver wont matter.

      ** Then there will be complete civil unrest and outrage after a video gets leaked on then internet of a young boy being shot by a police officer with an itchy trigger finger in protest/civil unrest???? His last name is coincidentally “Hancock” the location is as of now “undetermined.” * similar in nature as the Event echos of the British troop shooting Event of the shooting of kids throwing snowballs. ****Remember time is cyclical and moebius.

      We will
      California will succeed from the Union, followed by Texas. Washington Idaho and Oregon will form one tri-state union inside of 2 years. In an effort to keep their economy’s collapsing due to the heavy strain of carrying the entire nation. There will also be other state unified boarders. These are the ones that stick out to me.

      • Over 1800 banks (not branches) will be out of buisness inside of one year from posting this. By the end of 2024 we will see the bankruptcy of Fanny Mae. With Congress passing a bill to remove its guarentee and ties to US treasury’s. Thus the end of Wells Fargo and US bank. Laden full of defaults and foreclosurea. Both own an extremely large amount of Mortgages both banks own.

        154,000 retailers will permanently closed within one year of this posting. Including the end of Starbucks, Khols, Sears, Pier one imports, Macy’s, Forever 21, The gap, Walgreens, Fred Myers, Albertsons and Food Lion to name a few.

        The US president Election will be suspended for a year. Due to people not being allowed to Vote becasue of Martial law being established under the “national state of Emergency” clause for “Quarantine”. If everyone is sick and has the virus??? Nobody can go vote. For the first time in history. I wont go into further details about this. As it is, Joe Biden being in the lead of the Democratic primary is nefarious and he is actually 50 points behind Mr Sanders.

        *** (I am not a Sanders supporter. I am also not a Trump Supporter or Biden supporter. I honestly dont care who is president.I simply present what I see. I am not Bias and have no Agenda. I simply reveal what is shown to me as I understand it.)

        From my vantage point. Bernie Sanders will still be the next “elected” US president. However, he will never take office. It is unclear who will be the next US president because it completely depends upon your definition of what the United States is at that time. It is defined differently than it is now. There is soo much Chaos.

      • We are about to experience alot of earth movement. There will be a Massive Tsunami after an EQ that will strike Brazil. Yellowstone will awaken soon. I see an 8.1 there but I see soo many EQ’s it’s hard to sort them all out. New York city will be on fire for a whole month.

        As we already see this happening: for 03/20/20; 29 EQ’s of 3.0 or higher on
        Including 5 of 5.0 or higher.
        On 03/21/2020: 32 EQ’s of 3.0 or higher. Including 7 of 5.0 or higher.

        The earth is moving alot more than previously. This will continue to pick up pace and intencity. Mostly due to the earth entering the Celestial particle Waves. Neutrino’s? And how they are affecting Earths Plasma Core.

      • The Virus,
        We will see the emergence of 2 mutations before it has run its course. 18 months. new mutation that affects younger people and children by Easter. And yet another mutation by September this year.

        Itally, There is a 97% probability that the Vatican will be completely on fire by Christmas 2020. I may be one year off on this.

        Massive civil unrest in China and all over the Globe. Putin Flee’s to the Swiss Alps. Moscow is on fire.

      • There is a 69% potential unfolding that Yellowstone will decimate the entire north American continent within the next 10 years. It’s just hanging out there in position 8 of the Matrice Lattice of time “future present. ” The contingency plan is already in place keeping American Armys in Iraq and Afghanistan so that American Leadership can relocate there and establish “New Babylon”. The ruling elite set “man traps” for remote viewers, intuitionly inclined people. They make a certain level of people believe that it’s about oil and drugs, creating a barrier that people will think that is the reason. Like a piece of candy in a vase to catch a monkey. However when I look past the fog of this concept I see the above agenda. I have considerd this for many many hours and it is the most plausible reason for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. I do understand how rediculous that sounds. I was very much taken aback by the absurdity of the thought. It was completely foreign to me and I had never considered it. However it has surface in deep meditation several times. Like a nagging itch. So it has to be considered.

        The cure??? It will be issued when the world currencies go into Hyperinflation. Inside if 18 months of this post.

        They will attempt to make it law that you can not buy food, work, buy gas or anything until you have your certification of inoculation. They can code at the molecular level. As was stated 8 years ago. IF you take the “cure” then you are agreeing to be tagged, and agree be property of the state. That is the truth. You will become property. No different than a desk chair or a table lamp.

      • Sugjeation:
        Get rid if Facebook and do it now. Your cute selfies and your Dog pics will be a snare for you. They know your animal’s routine. They know what time you sleep, where you live, who your friends are and your habbits. Do something different and it may save your life.

        ***Many will be convinced this the end times. Nothing truly ends. This is the rapid transformation of mankind. A chain has ended, a root race will be born.

        As much as a Palm tree has greater conciousness than a rock. As much as a Dog has greater conciousness than a Palm Tree. A as much as a child has greater conciousness than a Dog. As much as a Fully grown adult human has greater conciousness than a child. This sparks the New Race of humans with greater consciousness to degree in difference of a fully grown human being at the level of a dog and this new “awakened” consciousness level being a Fully developed Human Adult. In other words: We make the big leap as it happend between cromagnon man and neanderthal consciousness. We will see some signs of this soon in this transition.

        The hero’s if this age can be anyone from Jim the fry guy at McDonald’s to Blake the computer nerd to Sally the truckstop janitor. So be careful of who you judge by apearance.

        The current trajectory is very bleak. However. Please know;

        There will be great Humanity moments of compassion and kindness. Tomorrows heros are yet to awake. They are right there infront of you. Maybe even you. You may not believe in Jesus. He was so powerful and made such an impact on the plant??? They changed how we measure time. They started a whole new calander because of him. This is the next level in the evolution of Consciousness. We are about to make that jump. It has already begun.

        The next phase of leadership in the world are yet to awaken.

        Please remember, Remember it is always darkest. before the dawn. I dont care if ya believe me or not. I’m not here to convince you of anything this way or that. This is simply what I see unfolding.

        You have my expressed permission to share this with anyone you see fit. I’m not charging one thin dime. Neither should you.

        Off to lunch with my old friend thr TAO master. Be good to see him again.

        Have a good day. Mark, Email me.

      • Best post ever, Andy!! I totally agree with your insights, though I lack your gifts totally. I see this all as the results of our human impudence. WE have been doing it to ourselves!!!!!

        Few people understand what’s going on in our world and I do lack the words and time to explain.

        As Jesus once said: “I live in the Father — and the Father lives in me.” This phrase applies to all of US, not only to Jesus, IMHO. Just imagine it’s implications. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

      • NC, Bwhahahahhah! I am just a Man! Hahahahahahha. Thanks but no thanks! Hahahhahaha! I hid myself for a long time because people start thinkin I’m anything other than just a dude.

        God is my friend. I get my abilities from Him. I’d rather go throw the Football around or play street Hockey with the kids than start a cult.


  10. The system has to change in order for = May all beings be lovingly fulfilled.
    May all beings be financially fulfilled.
    May all beings be readily fulfilled. So be it.

  11. George

    I take an Energy view of how things work. If you explore Hyperdimensional Physics a bit you see that there is an underlying back ground energy to the universe which is essentially the Aether. The position of bodies in the universe effect the vibrations experienced by this Aether. This can be explored with devices that themselves vibrate such as tuning forks. Their vibration frequency changes from external events. This has been observed during solar eclipses.

    Now apply this information to the study of astrology. Perhaps the positions of the planets is actually effecting the vibrations the Aether experiences which effects living entities.

    In astrology events are cyclical and it has been observed that troubling events happen on a 18.5 year cycle. You know things like pandemics!

    I watched an interesting video today where an astrologer gave a quick intro on how astrology is performed. Her take is that the covid-19 pandemic will be with us at least through June.

    So if astrology is actually using the vibrations as observed by Hyperdimensional Physics then we can use it as a tool to make and check predictions of major events. If it becomes reliable great, if not we move on!

    The astrologers name is Joni Patry. The video is here:

    As for me I take and evaluate information from many sources. If it pans out I use it, if not I discard it.

    Stay Safe!!


    • Dude! Take a breath, and relax…

      If the SHTF, it hits the fan. Don’t work yourself up needlessly.

    • I have to say that it occurred to me yesterday, now that people’s freezers are stocked, the power is gonna go off. Wait and See.

  13. I just read your article. as you know I didnt read it prior to my post. My IP address click count will show, I clicked on comments and not the article itself until about 2 minutes ago. Also what I posted, I wrote 3 days ago with omitting a few things and editing this morning.


    I will go read the other one now as well.

  14. The guild of jesters hasn’t seen this much levity displayed on “Urban” since the Black Death laid waste to Venice in the 1340’s.

    Two eastern Canadian provinces are marching in the direction of requiring Canadians resident in other provinces even arriving by road to self isolate for 14 days, commercial truck drivers exempted. People may wish to complete final (or initial as the case may be) assessments of their immediate surroundings in preparation for possible long-term confinement. Choose thy ghetto wisely.

    Temperstures are rising. One notes an early spring blossoming bumper crop of the “ad domum venditionis” genus on local front lawns. Don’t blink as things may be going to seed quickly.

  15. Modern Man is not the first biological experiment on this petri dish we call Earth and he will not be the last! We are definitely of intelligent design and put here by someone and anyone that would go that far would not interfere with the course that experiment except to end it COMPLETLY can anyone say T-Rex? Enjoy what you have been given

  16. We all might want to think about “The God Factor” on what is currently playing out on Earth. Maybe He had us on the long leash all this time and decided to put us back on the short leash since we are terrible at following His Word (Commands).

    All through the written history of mankind things change, but the one constant that doesn’t change is human behavior.

  17. I under what you are asking. I will answer this one question to the like who keeps asking. Woke me up at 3am.

    “How can New York be on fire for a whole month, twice? It’s the Concrete Jungle, and that doesnt burn.”

    No not because of Nuclear Detonation.

    It is because of the Massive Cremetoriam of the dead. First because of the Disease, second because of dead from lack of medication, food and supplies..

    That is why it is written twice.

    That is the only question I will answer here. If I do an interview with George? I will answer as best i can then. I dont know eveything. I dont have all the answers. I do have some.

  18. “Maybe He had us on the long leash all this time and decided to put us back on the short leash since we are terrible at following His Word (Commands).”

    Or is it his divine plan all along.. the whole book of Revelations and daniels dreams deals with does stews books on the nostradamus predictions.. the Hopi indians mrs. shipton, the georgia guidestones.. etc etc etc.. . But.. I personally think the Virus itself is the works of evil doers..
    in a couple of weeks everything we took as normal will be transformed.. its a lot like giving birth.. we are traveling through the birth canal now to be born into a world that will be strange and new to us.. depending on what is done now will say whether or not we will still use the old green back as a form of stability. I had a dream once where people were walking aimlessly out of the cities sick and weak.. those left in the cities were burning money in waste baskets and barrels to keep warm.. now was that a dream of what is to come.. the cities so infected with a virus that it kills merclessly and the dollar worthless only used to keep warm in the winter dark.. possible….everything depends on if they cannot contain it the projected rise is already higher than what was projected..we haven’t even dealt with the spring crops.. who can get seeds.. who will have enough fuel to plant.. or will they have to plant by hand since all of our repair parts are produced where.. oh my maybe we shold have kept some of the industries in the usa…. we may be thrust back to the stone ages again.. there are so many uncertanties and variables to be considered…. a virus doesn’t care who it touches.. We are in uncharted territory right now.. the best idea of where to get a heads up is

  19. Edgar Cayce: Let’s go to one of the experts on Edgar Cayce, John Van Auken. There is a great online seminar coming up for $39.00 on March 25th.

    The other person I would recommend getting familiar with is Dannion Brinkley, he predicted US troops at our Southern border in his first book in 1994. He had his NDA in 1975. Other of his predictions have come true, also.

    Of course, tried and true, Mary Summer Rain, “No Eyes”, and “Phoenix Rising.” Must have books.

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