Cases Climb, Market to Rally(?), Planting Day

We have a lot of “moving pieces” going on around here.  Market futures point to a big rally in stocks, the cases keep climbing and there’s big doings in the greenhouse today:  This is “planting day…”

Disinfect Your Surfaces!

Report out this morning (based on cruise ship follow-up) suggests CV19 can remain active on surfaces for up to 17-days.

I’ve been doing a decontam after getting mail or the odd package showing up.  Paranoia pays of!  Use 50:1 water to bleach.  Sprayer bottles are an easy line of defense…Protect Your Green Zone.

Market Futures Pointing Up

Had someone ask me the other day what I thought about “going short the market.”  So serious was the person that I explained that (in my view, and not as investment advice) the WORST possible thing to do is to attempt to trade the trend with money you can’t afford to lose if you DON’T understand the dynamics of market behavior.  Put another way, “If you haven’t lost at least $50,000 trading stocks, you are very likely not to have “paid your tuition, yet.”

There’s a venerable old saying:  How do you get Good Judgment?  By making bad judgements!  In the world of investing, bad judgments cost a lot.  But, after you loose $50,000 (or more) over a lifetime, you learn (in an ass-beating kind of way)  not to do THAT, again.

Sure, when you’re sitting at home, and there’s a few bucks in the bank, sure, the “trades are commission free…” pitch is inviting.  I totally get that.

But, you need certainty in bad times and pissing away money – running after professional investors who know where “Running of the shorts” comes from is awefully close to “Taking the payroll to Las Vegas…”  Not wise.

I mentioned to my son just yesterday (a teachable moment in the Monday column) that although we were not in the zone, yet, we might have a rally that could last a while.

This morning, with the futures up and with this being a New Moon…yeah, still in the zone.  Here’s how our Aggregate Index looked in the early slog:

All kinds of caveats here:  Yes, you may think you see a 5-wave down count of what is a larger Wave 3 to me (YMMV!).  But, the reason for showing the turn here is that if the market were to rally – as the futures hint (but remember, they’re fickle as hell!) then a rally of 4 to 4-1/2% is possible today.

If you were some kind of “dern fool” and was chasing the decline, and you got aggressive in a 2X levered short-side ETF, then you might have entered short just in time to lose 8-9% today.  Or, if you were playing triple levered shorts, you could lose 12 to 13-1/2% in a one day 4 to 4-1/2″ percent move.  Smart move?  Hardly!

Here’s hoping you didn’t do anything like that.  Or, did you just make one of those “tuition payments?”

Note to Volunteer Firefighters and 1st Responders

Son G2 put together a PPE2 (donning and doffing Personal Proective Equipment level 2) video if you haven’t been trained on how to “gear up” for assessing possible COVID cases.,

A lot of smaller (volunteer) departments haven’t trained up everyone, so here’s a link to G2’s video which is unofficial but definitely you’ll pick up some pointers if you want to get decontamination “right.”

No warranties…but shared on the basis of “We’re all in this war” – like it or not… And Time is of the Essence.

On the Battle Front

We will ease back on the morning forecasts after today because we’re into the “near vertical incidents” rise, now.  There’s gotten to be too much of a jump between the daily noon numbers and the morning numbers.  So we’ll point in the afternoon (if at all – long discussion there).

As for the Cases lookahead:

300,000 global cases in the next five days?  Heavens to Murgatroyd.

On the Global Death Count – still low but when the spread really begins to run in Africa and India, that’s when the big numbers will pop:

If the coffee is kicking-in, you’ll see the death/mortality number is beginning to hold more regularly at the 4.3% area.  But, understand a lot of where it goes will depend on the average age of people in a given country.  Older countries, like Italy…, Florida… add a heaping side of grim there.

Get Serious About Food: NOW!

If you’re stuck at home – and you’ve passed off my “greeen house adventures” as ravings of an old man who’s overweight (and intending to stay that way) – rethink time.  Here’s why:

First:  There is a HUGE story about global starvation to come if you read between the lines at InsideClimate News in their article “Locust Swarms, Some 3 Times the Size of New York City, Are Eating Their Way Across Two Continents.

Second, while it’s a little early for us to be doing the big math, CNBC’s Monday report “East Africa faces dual shock from coronavirus and locust swarms” will add one plus one, for you.

Today and the next week are  prime planting days.  That is, if you (like the Ancients) connect what goes on in the stars with events on Earth.  Specifically, the New Moon was this morning ab out 4:30 AM here in East Texas.

Know much about “Moon Gardening?”  Topic’s found under Agricultural Astronomy on Wikipedia and – in times like these – you want to “load the dice in your favor” as many ways as you can; even in the “science” to New or close to Full Moon planting is on the light side…

“Moon gardeners maintain that not only is science on their side, but also that the results are plain to see. According to the theory, plants that are sown in the few days before a full moon become stronger and more productive. The moon gardeners claim that the gravitational force of the full moon affects the level of groundwater in the soil, just as it does the level of the oceans. With more water being drawn up into the soil during a full moon, any newly sown seeds are boosted by the increased hydration. Also, the increase in moonlight between the new moon and full moon (waxing phase) are thought to stimulate leaf growth,[8] when the light decreases between the full moon and new moon (waning phase) the plant’s energy is then thought to be focused on the roots.[9] The phases of the moon do not correspond to the distance of the moon’s orbit around the Earth, and hence are not indicators of the strength of the moon’s gravitational pull. Instead, apogee and perigee of the moon’s orbit are what determines the moon’s distance to the Earth. “

My experience last year in the hydroponics ought to be useful this year, for sure.

Holden the Golden

We have long held a “single gold round” – a “silver one” as well – plus enough 7.62 X 39 rounds to do damage to a small country, while muttering “Gas tank, tracer round, gas tank…” and other defensive thoughts.

Over  the years, people have assured me that gold was a terrible thing to even think about investing in.  Yet, I notice Gold is up over $106 per ounce today.  Gee, maybe we’re not the only ones who realize that “When Government Makes Up Money, Hyperinflation isn’t far behind…”  Or “Gold:  It’s the new toilet paper…”

While one of our commenter (The Bitcoin Nazi – BTN) will no doubt scold that BTCs were also up – to $6,600 this morning – I’d counter that already, the leading edge of Internet controls is showing up.  In the UK there is talk of rationing Internet access to prioritize important sites.  Someone didn’t read my 2012 book Broken Web, did they?

Woo-Woo: Living a “Charmed Life…”

You ever notice that I somehow tend to lead a “charmed life?”  I mean it is flat-ass amazing how often – if I just follow my  instincts or that  whisper in my head – how things work out in amazing fashion.

Therein lies a tale of woo-woo that is to me quite  revealing.  Goes like this:

I love our bug company (Orkin).  They’ve done a fine job and the young man who does the traps and spraying is an entertaining and colorful young man.

Last week, though, I decided to put the service on hold for a couple of months.  Elaine’s got a birthday coming up next month (basis ’43) and I just had one (basis ’49) so we’re both in our 70’s.

Yet, since we’re in good health (and have both had the pneumonia shots and are very active and are multi-gram C and selenium users) we decided (with medical decision-support) to go ahead and “self-quarantine” from over a week ago.

Trip to town this week was run combat-style with NNBC decontamination when I got home.  (No symptoms though seasonal allergies are a lifelong curse, but hardly serious.)

With no one coming out (Defend Your Green Zone,. right?) I needed to plan up for home defense from small bits of Nature who aren’t welcome here.

I ordered a batch of “sticky traps” and a couple of jugs of year-persistence bug juice.  Not the commercial grade stuff, but it would hold the line, I reckoned, until we take down the Q-flag.

Here’s where it gets interesting:  Sunday morning that  little voice in my head said “You haven’t put one of these traps together – why not put one together just to see how well they fold up and such?”

So, I did.  Not as good as the Orkin traps, but any port in a quarantine, right?  So, there I was, cup of coffee in hand, staring at the trap wondering how the design could be improved until I got bored.

“OK, no point redesigning traps…hmmm…what to do with  this one?

The Little Voice whispered:  “ Go put it on the left side of the guest room door…remember the Orkin guy has gotten lots of scorpions there in the warm weather in the past…It’s the RIGHT THING TO DO.”

Been listening to that voice for long enough to just Do and see what happens.

Fast forward to the Monday after-column stop at the guest room to unwind a kidney before going over to the house for breakfast.

“Wait!  Why is my new sticky-trap 3-feet away from where I set it?”

Bending down, I looked in amazement. At first, I thought it was a bird wing.  A wave of sorrow.  But then it moved and the trap moved as well.  Revealing a 13″ long juvenile Copperhead!

No idea what he was doing there…but before breakfast let me assure you that there were sticky-traps on either side of all three entrance doors to the shop.

Now, this may seem like a little thing.  And Coincidence?  Of course!  But, that little voice has kept me out of harms way more times than I can count.  It’s really quite remarkable.

Call them hunches – a sense of something – instinct – or your inner voice – when you trade markets or in other ways stand apart from the herd and do as much of your own thinking as you can, the voice can be heard.  

If you can’t hear it, the “noise level” in your life is too high.  Got to quiet the mind and it’s almost a Zen-like thing.  The voice doesn’t shout…but it does guide.  And when you ignore it, you stand in danger of getting Off the Path.

Since we’ve had a lot of rain,, the snake, stuck to the trap and the foot rug them writhed over to, we placed upside down in  a puddle outside the shop.  Not sure if you’ll ever need to know this, but a snake can be underwater and live for up to 3-1/2 hours, says the book.  24- seems like long enough…

OK, off to be the Thriller with the Tiller…

Peoplenomics tomorrow.  Lots of folks find it’s more than worth $40 a year…price hasn’t changed since what, 2000?  Back here on Thursday, barring one of those asteroids passing us by doing an airburst.

My consigliere called Monday to ask: “Got room for a little doom-on-doom?”  (I think he was calling from under his desk.)

Write when it’s safe…or the fan stops.

78 thoughts on “Cases Climb, Market to Rally(?), Planting Day”

  1. George, run a chart of actual next to your existing projections please, from now forward. Thank you

    • I thought the top line was the actual 3/24/20. Or are you looking for a chart that would compare actual vs. projected as time goes on so you could complain if the actual & projected count were different.

  2. If food shortages are coming plant a lot of catnip. Plant the catnip in an open area of the yard. Within easy viewing range of a window. Trade your “stew” with the neighbors for their “stew”.

    • Now Worries OOWS… the country is going to go back to normal production next week. ..
      it will be business as usual.. want a stock suggestion..
      since the covid19 survivors will need the same things that someone with emphazema invest in oxygen tanks and johnson and johnson, 3M and casket companies.. the future looks financially bright if you look towards the future..
      We are going to go option 3. let country go back to work as usual and let the chips land where they fall.. 2. no assistance let everyone deal with the situation on their own.. corporations and individuals fail in their own mannor 1. go big help everyone equally look out for the betterment of all the people..

      • The economy collapsed.

        Liquidity was a problem back in January. Now the stores are closed. We can only buy essentials from Amazon. Instead of a run on goods, we can’t buy goods at all. We are frozen by what Trump said is, “the invisible scourge”.

        People haven’t been off work a week yet, gov is compelled to get them a couple of G’s in pocket money. Parallel moratoriums on payments. The spending bill being voted on makes paying bills optional for one year.

        They don’t want to tell the economy collapsed and they are buying time.

        In the 1920’s everyone stood in the food lines.
        In 2020’s everyone gets a debit card.

        George was right.

      • “gov is compelled to get them a couple of G’s in pocket money. ”

        We all know how this is going to work out. The last three bailouts the only ones that got it was those that know how to use it properly. They got their multi million dollar bonuses and the workers paid for it. Except with Bush and Reagan the Bush tax rebate was approx two weeks pay Reagan’s was a months pay twice.
        I seriously doubt we will see anything here on the ponderosa..

      • Reagan and Bush should have for they are the ones who created the policies of where we are today,with their out shoring of jobs,NAFTA, cutting taxes on the rich and adding it to the bottom, but wait Reagan brayed that he was simply leveling the playing field and digging a hole for the working class, one that they never got out of, as they worked that old treadmill from can to can’t and that ain’t changed but maybe the virus will change it for them.!!!

      • Please tell me which of these Presidents: Reagan or Bush, were President in 1995, or even 1989?

        NAFTA (and GATT in its current form – we forget GATT was a trade & tariffs vehicle originally written to allow American companies to not lose money on the rebuild of Europe after WW-II, because its name and charter changed in 1995 to “World Trade Organization”) did not come along until Clinton, nor did offshoring. The first “offshoring” was to Mexico, when manufacturers discovered labor payrates were statutorially-limited by each Provincial Government, and Mexican peasants were not allowed to make more than $1/hr in any province in Mexico. GM was beyond thrilled when they found out the pay ceiling in the Province where they’d begun building was 65¢/hr, making Mexican labor over 20x cheaper than U.S. labor, and the (at the time) ~$8/hr of benefits UAW rank & file were getting, wouldn’t be required, or even allowed, south of the Border…

  3. Moonular Dude – absolutely moonular.

    New Moons(1st Sliver visible) – best day of month for “practicing” Ure prefered style Meditation.

    Full Moon best day for Harvesting palm Fronds (Cohune) for Thatch – see tiki bar.

    Physical Silver gone – no more – good luck at $18/oz.

    CEO 1st Majestic in interview last night said they were Out Of Stock at COMEX/SPOT Price. Not selling Silver into market at these Spot prices for several months.. while a current Shortage is tightening up.

    Gold/Silver Ratio at historical levels…this madman is Long and accumulating physical Silver

    So even with STOP or Slow Down in manufacturing – Silver is still needed in everything imaginable..Medical,Electronics, Drug Manufacturing ect.

    Would coot dare consider catching some falling knives? U bet Ure sweet ass I am! buybuybuybuy and then lock in $$ with a Spread ..limit Ure Upside – preserve Ure gain. ZOOMZOOM =ZM, not fake ZOOM caution advised.

    Looks like Oil is might have found a Bottom 4 now..

  4. Holy crap!! Where you see one copperhead there is at least one more nearby. Since this is a little one his whole family is probably around. Watch where you walk and put your hands. Woodpiles. lumber stacks, toolboxes and drawers, anything. Your going to need a lot more traps than you have. Get the big ones for rats. Tomcat is a good brand.

    Stay safe.

    • …Prob’ly also a good time to drag out that pair of chainmail gloves I know you have stashed, somewhere.

      Just sayin’…

  5. Something I learned from very young is to have at least 3 months of expenses saved and liquid for being able to cover all expenses (emergency fund). From all the reports of people not being able to pay rent or expenses after only 2 weeks, I have to assume many have nothing saved. Now I get the single mom, recently separated and left with nothing, but that is not most people. We have had a booming economy for 9 years, and people and businesses chose not to have an emergency fund? Before paying out trillions of dollars, people should have to submit an income/expense summary backed by a rule of lying will be considered a tax cheat if applying for taxpayer money. I am sick of covering against those that refuse to do the most basic economic planning. Do we tax payers have no recourse to stop bailing out the companies and individuals that fail to do any basic planning? At some point we have to reward the people that choose to do the right thing vs punish them by bailing out the deadbeats. We cannot have a stable economic system continuing down this current road where there is no downside for making risky economic decisions be they personal or corporate.

    • True we have had a booming economy but that was for the few not the many,with 74% of GDP in the service sector which is noted for low pay no benefits, it becomes impossible for those to save anything as many work two and sometimes three jobs just to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.Now never fear those CEO’S who have been milking millions out of the companies/corporations (Boeing comes to mind) and using all their money for stock buybacks, will now be lined up at the free money window so they can service their debts.Only a country,a country of Oz where up is down and down is up thinks that somewhere out there is a fountain of money that never ends,we shall see my bet is save your money save your food for this is only the beginning of a long row to hoe.!!!

      • “CEO’S who have been milking millions out of the companies/corporations ”

        Right, where’s Delta’s three month money emergency fund? They couldn’t last three weeks.

        Boeing has been getting bailouts since, well, if you include the forced marriages like McDonnell Douglas, all our lives. They’ve never had an emergency fund.

  6. Good practical advice and I hope most use some of it.

    Markets, in my view, are just too volatile to trade at this time unless you want to stay glued to your monitor. An example – Left the house for business travel up about 13% on my morning trade. Checked into the hotel and the trade was down 50%! Part of my dues, but it came back (6 months) and I made about 11%.
    Be very, very careful if trading.

    I am over run with cherry tomatoes, which is good. I like the moon in Cancer for planting.

    Happy birthday to Elaine from another ’43’. Ain’t we great!

  7. I am at the car dealer this morning getting an oil change & tire rotation. If they have the part available per a recall, I will be here 3 hours. I wanted to get the oil change done before a stay in place order was issued. It is not very busy, so there is plenty of coffee & pastry for me. Hopefully they make some popcorn later if I am here for 3 hours. Probably not a smart move for an old man (basis ’48). Time to check the market. I brought my tablet with me.

  8. George – did you kill the copperhead? If so, I assume you gave him the Mossberg treatment or maybe the old shovel to the head? Hardly seems worth it to use a good 20 gauge round on a juvenile copperhead.

  9. I used to thrill with all the market moves now I’m just burnt out. Doubled my trading account since February 21 and then gave back a bit last Friday. Still up 78% ( I bet that slv would tank) I still have 1500 puts for June but am sitting on all cash other than that paid for position. Glad I took profit when I did or there would be none now. Take it when you have it and get it when you got it, sit back and watch when you get dizzy, silver could be $8 in June or $20 next week.

  10. Big opening gain. My take is the Dems will screw up any rally by delaying & neutering the stimulus bill. Anything to block Trump. Unfortunately, the virus seems to prefer republicans (Or were they infected on purpose).

    My indicators are starting to tease a buy. Close but not there yet. Cash is still king.

    • As they say hell is empty all the devils are walking among us, maybe the virus is just cleaning out a few.!!!!

      • Bluedog,
        Interesting that you said that. Many cities on the way coast are rounding up all the homeless and housing them in now closed budget hotels. They are banned from the streets and the word is that will stick for the rest of the year. No exceptions. Nothing like a pandemic to rid the streets of homeless people.

        I also just heard that prisons are having outbreaks and of course, they are low priority when it comes to ventilators and medical help. So much for Jared Kushners prison reform.

        You all can draw your own conclusions from this. Interesting to say the least

      • Also read where its hit the troops in Afghanistan no one escapes it.As one said if you think you have it but no test kits are available just sneeze in the face of a rich guy and you will soon know if you have it or not.!!!

  11. “73” eh?

    There are several of “us” on here.

    We are very far-flung in miles.

    I suggest our Fearless Patrol Leader name a “daytime” frequency, and a “nighttime” frequency where we might bump into each other. I suggest a recognition word – “banana” will do.

    I modestly suggest 60 meter “channel one” for night, and 7.299 LSB for day. “Night call” at 0400Z, and “day call” for 1800Z. But our Fearless Leader can possibly be coaxed to name a better pair.

    This channel (I-net) could go down unexpectedly. That is an ugly fact.

    (If you are not one of “us,” you might consider it. Could be very useful.)


  12. Chief – Its a plague of snakes then…woe onto Egypt or something like that..

    Sheik Imran Hosein cites hadith of Prophet Muhammad that the Hajj would be Abandoned during End Times(akir uz-zamaan).

    Crazy dude suggested that it would be cancelled during period of Extreme geopolitical tension between ZioNazis and their enemies (Iran & friends) due to manufactured hysteria over a pandemic.

    Been raising the alarm that the Dajjal – Zionist Antichrist will attempt to “rebuild” a blood sacrifice temple in occupied jerusalem – from there intends to rule world and enslave the Goyim..always thought Obummer was the Dajjal, recently leaning towards MBS but in light of the above starting to look at bibi netanwahoo. Maybe he is a 3- headed monstrosity..

    Sticking with the theme..
    “I see a bad moon arising
    I see trouble on the way

    Hope U got Ure things together
    Hope Ure quite prepared to die
    Looks like were in for nasty weather
    One eye taken for an eye. – BadMoonRising/CCR

    • Lol greatest band that ever lived,to bad their time was so short and look at the crap today.!!!

    • Response to Eastcoast Deplorable: can you please explain the MBS in the AntiChrist post? I’m flailing trying to come up with a name, even roped husband in and the only one he could think of as a possibility was Henry Kissinger, but initials don’t match (lol).

      • MBS: Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, colloquially known as MbS, is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Not a suitable candidate (IMHO) as he doesn’t fit the prophetic criteria.

        B-HO (Obama) didn’t either until Dec 21st, 2019. Then he suddenly fit 99.97% of the profile (and prophecy) in a most unusual and powerful way. Deep study, a rabbit hole, and some meditation will reveal all of that.

        Or, maybe Andy will enlighten us!

      • Thanks everyone for responding to may question. Obvious, I guess that MBS would equate to Mohammad ben Salman in ECD’s post, but I just couldn’t get it; then, I didn’t check my email to see George’s notice that my reply was posted. Slow in both cases (and meanings). Have a great day everyone.

  13. Hi George etc al,

    For a quick snake bite fix (while your one the way to the ER): apply spit or water over the bite, apply a 9 volt battery to the affected area.

    I don’t have have info on duration, for spider or insect bites/bee stings we apply for 30 seconds to a minute repeat if still itchy.

    The wetness carries the low voyage current across the tissue. It’s believed that the low voltage changes the molecular structure of the foreign protein.

    Borrow a 9 volt battery from a smoke detector if needed.

    Hope this was useful.

  14. George, really a good article today. With sound advice.
    But am surprised you didn’t include Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s extending on Trump’s provocative idea about how to now handle the Plague (now that the absence of tests has exacerbated the situation so much). Best, Mike

  15. Fox News Channel is hosting a two-hour virtual town hall with President Trump and members of the White House coronavirus task force on Tuesday, March 24, at 12 p.m. ET. The president and his team will be answering text and video questions submitted to Fox News’ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as email submissions for the special live event at [email protected]
    Anchors Harris Faulkner and Bill Hemmer will co-moderate the event and will be joined by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Fox News contributors Dr. Nicole Saphier and Dr. Marc Siegel.

    ‘Guess I’ll turn on the timewaster and see what’s going on…

  16. Just a heads up on new moon. The modern calendar “New Moon” is actually conjunctive, meaning it is right by the sun. Ancient new moon happens later this week on Friday evening when the sliver shows. This is the one they planted by, so you still have a couple of days.

    • The Shawnee’s always said “that when the leaves on a chestnut tree were the size of a mouses ear than it was safe to plant anything”.Mother nature has a way to tell you when its time to plant and harvest, all you have to do is look and listen to her./!!!

  17. George,

    Yesterday a reader was looking for an investment class in these troubled times.

    I have myself asked the same question. Precious metals? In bar or coin form? Really won’t matter, the Powers That Be will confiscate if they want, just like FDR. Common argument is, “They can’t lock everyone up”. True, they can’t, but they only need make an “example” of a few to get everyone else to fall in line.

    Stocks/bonds? Forget that, the big players will crush the peons.

    Aah, land/real estate? Nice idea, but again the Powers That Be hold all the cards. If they want it for the nice government men, they will simply raise the rent (taxes) to the point you cannot pay; and boom it is taken. Tried three years ago to pay forward for 3 to 4 years on my property taxes. Answer was definite NO. Tax rate or appraisal might go up. I said fine, I will sign agreement to pay the difference if that happens. That floated like a lead brick. Farm I live on and cultivate has been in my family since 1854, would like to pass it on to my Grandson. But the nice government men want it their way.

    Safest investment is things that can be used to barter. Be extremely careful who you barter with, because some weak willed SOB will turn you in to the PTB or rob you later. If you barter make the trade partner think they are getting the last of such items that you have. Don’t go to an exchange alone, and make sure your backup person is well armed and willing to use those arms. If it ever results to this scenario (heaven forbid), you need to plan to be the only ones to walk away. By this point in time, law enforcement will be a thing of the past.

    Because I fully expect things to get worse before better; I have taken steps to make certain that all my farm machinery is inoperable unless you know the secrets. All fuel supplies have been doubly protected and hidden. Anything of value, locked up and out of sight. Make it difficult for all but the determined, professional thief to get. Constantly change your routine. Never travel to or return from any excursions the same way. Change your hours of doing things. DO NOT be predictable.

    Would love to be getting my garden planted, but considering that 2 to 3 inches of water standing in all fields and my garden; rice would be my only crop choice. Going with raised beds ASAP. Have my seeds, I just need a window of opportunity.

    • My SOP for the past 40 years. Once you live this way for, even a few months (as I’m sure George’s BIL Panama can attest), it becomes a way of life, and “the norm.”

      For kids and lifelong city dwellers, I heartily recommend Jonathan Gilliam’s “Sheep, No More – (The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival.)” It told me nothing I didn’t already know, and fostered a lifestyle I had lived for many years, but my upbringing and lifestyle were not typical.

      When the protections of society go away, a careless man need be so only once.

    • Ohh BTW, You know how they swab ya for the Virus???

      They jam a 8 inch q-tip up your sinus cavity to right about where the 3 eye is. Twist it and then drag it out.

      Its definitely an experience you will never forget and yes, it is very painful. I had it done 3 days ago.

      It’s almost like they are taking penile gland samples.

      • The outlandish occured to me a few moments ago after watching someone else get swabbed down at the VA hospital.. What if this is some sort of “harvesting” of DMT or penile glands?

        The older the berry, the riper the juice?


      • Andy (assuming your glands are still intact) and George and ???:

        A call for any sort of Woo/Wu-Jo/Esoteric type information please. I have about a dozen intuitive friends, counting the Remote Viewers and off planet walk-ins, and ALL of them are ringing with unknown energy/information. Sort of like a giant gong has been struck, warning of a major event pending or starting. Everyone says it is “dark,” and covers their head like they are in pain. The only thing I can find in the near term is a reference to April 4th.

        If you guys or anyone has a flash of intuition or a chance to download over the next day or two, please ring in with what you sense or feel. Even the logical EQ and Wx sensors and satellite information looks Off. Like it is being jammed or something.

        Anybody else sense anything?

      • You got a link RBI? I was just having a wonderful conversation yesterday with a fella from up North of me.

        We are seeing similar things except a few details.

        I know people like-ish me all all over the world in damn neer every country from the US, london, Russia, india, poland, Hong Kong, Australia… I wish my friend In Australia would contact me. She pulls cards and is amazingly gifted but I havent heard from her in a year and a half and she may be back in Chili..

    • I hear ya Andy.. dam auto correct gets me in trouble all the time even when I think I have them all corrected…
      If I wasn’t such a lousey speller it wouldn’t be so bad LOL… and if my fingers are off the keys by one I just created a whole new language..

      Always remember the golden rule if your caught doing something stupid… your partners deaf and you don’t speak english..

    • Andy, Yes I have a link. Same as last week, maybe we can get George to pass them along. Thanks George – and I owe you a cold beverage!

      Yesterday’s event turned out to be the Mag 7.5 earthquake in Russia. At least the first round of “revelations.” We managed to peg that idea (but not location) about 7-8 hours before it triggered.

      There seems to be a ginormous event coming around April 4th, and might last through the Easter period until the 11th. Just lots of “hits” from the energy sensitives.

      We’ll chat about that and compare notes with George when things drop into place.

  18. Plague of locusts set to descend upon Middle East in time for Passover

    A plague of locusts the likes of which have been unseen for over 30 years is about to hit Africa and the Middle East. Adding to the perfect biblical storm, the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting travel of international experts and in-country gatherings for training to combat the locust threat, said Rome-based Senior Locust Forecasting Officer Keith Cressman on Monday.

  19. The corn and green beans are up at least 1″ tall. The tomato plants are turning yellow. Not sure what is going on.
    Mark “RD”

  20. Dude – U need to keep Ure penile gland samples to Ure own self..please.

    Regardless whether we R talking male Gametes or Kung Flu warping into Wok- in-Pneumonia..there Bee a WAR going on..

    Russia Military just deployed to Italy – on the ground – over adozen IL-76 Transport [planes including ; large # medical & disinfectant equipment, 8 mobile medical teams, and over 100 viral agent defense experts. These ruskie viral agent experts are some of the best in World – always have been..
    They will find patient Zero or pick up the trail from Wuhan – where over 16 Million Cell Phone Users have gone dark….Dundundun.

    If I were a betting a man – and I am! I would be laying odds on ME getting hotter than usual this Sumer – just saying..

  21. “Now, this may seem like a little thing. And Coincidence? Of course! But, that little voice has kept me out of harms way more times than I can count. It’s really quite remarkable.”

    And that, precisely, is ‘The Father within who doeth the work.’ You are so blessed by appreciatng this phenomena, IMHO of course.

    It’s a shame that Jesus’ pronouncements had been mostly distorted for power, and the love of money (forgiving of sins by the clergy??).

  22. ‘Got my exotics in m/l permanent pots, last night — at least the ones I’ve received. One of my lifelong bucket list items is to buy a piece of dirt, somewhere between Minot and Sault Ste. Marie, and grow mangoes, pecans, and citrus – just to prove it can be done in the land of -40° winters and 20 foot snow depths.

  23. HAWAII CASE COUNT NOW 72 as of noon yesterday. Honolulu 53. Big Island now 5. We had our first Covid-19 death reported last night. Death occurred last Friday in Honolulu. Patient had ‘multiple underlying health issues’ besides the virus. Governor has issued ‘stay at home’ orders now. Essential business only. Hawaiian Airlines shutting down ALL long-haul overseas flights as of Friday. Interisland flights only.

    Cruise ship ‘Norwegian Jewel’ limped into Honolulu after being denied port in several south pacific island destinations. Hawaii granted emergency resupply docking as one of the ships two main engines was disabled. No known illness onboard. State granted emergency evacuation of passengers as cruise line arranged charter airlines home for passengers… some Australian, some American, maybe a few others. Passengers screened onboard before loading onto buses straight to airport and charter flights awaiting. So we accomplished a humanitarian evacuation of the ship with little or no risk locally. Still 1000 crew members staying with the ship during repairs here and return to home port.

    • Infowars got this from Breitbart, which got it from Epoch Times, the originator of the piece.

      “The number of cellphone users decreased from 1.600957 billion to 1.579927 billion, a drop of 21.03 million. The number of landline users decreased from 190.83 million to 189.99 million, a drop of 840,000.

      In the previous February, the number increased. According to MIIT, the number of cellphone users increased in February 2019 from 1.5591 billion to 1.5835 billion, which is 24.37 million more. The number of landline users increased from 183.477 million to 190.118 million, which is 6.641 million more.

      According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the country’s population at the end of 2019 was 4.67 million larger than in 2018, reaching 1.40005 billion.

      The 2020 decrease in landline users may be due to the nationwide quarantine in February, during which small businesses were shut down. But the decrease in cellphone users can’t be explained in this way.”

      Epoch Times is the organization which did the investigation and ran the numbers.

      Entire article may be found here:

      …And, in case y’all don’t know who “Epoch Times” is, here’s an excerpt of their blurb:

      The Epoch Times is the fastest-growing independent news media in America. We are nonpartisan and dedicated to truthful reporting.

      We are free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party—this is what makes us different from other media organizations. Our goal is to bring our readers accurate information so they can form their own opinions about the most significant topics of our time…

      …The Epoch Times was founded in the United States in the year 2000 in response to communist repression and censorship in China. Our founders, Chinese-Americans who themselves had fled communism, sought to create an independent media to bring the world uncensored and truthful information…

  24. show me 10 hospitals on youtube in usa that are being overrun by the virus

  25. So Larry Kudlow just announced that the entire stimulus package is now 6 Trillion!!!

    Is that even possible?

    So if we were to decrease that debt with 1% interest at the tune of a billion $’s a day, it would take well over 20 years to pay that down. In other words, it will never be paid down..we are in deep, deep debt for the rest of our lives

      • Dam another one… it must be nice to get a fifty million dollar bonus during a time of crisis to loan money out to the people that are paying for it…. Some How I think they like PUDDING…. pudding the shaft on the people and No one gets wKY

      • LOOB, When Trump gave CONgress his outline for the bailout, he insisted they include specific language, making it not possible for Government largess to be used for bonuses or payouts to wealthy execs.

        Unfortunately, the Senate spit out a 1000+ page bill which they had to pass without reading (sound familiar?) and is merely a “recommendation” anyway, since spending bills, by law, must come from Nancy’s House, so God only, knows what’s actually in it…

  26. Noon Update: HAWAII VIRUS CASE COUNT UP 14 TO 90 NOW. Honolulu has 58… up 14. Big Island now 2… down 3?? Looks like some classification changes were made “By Residence” on islands. Glad to be in the low density boonies.

  27. The Sovereign has spoken.

    Not since a month after the market crash of 1987 and computer users were first getting stoned, The Vatican has issued an update this month to Law N. CXIX with “Law N. CCCLI on the Judicial Order of the Vatican City State”.

    Peace out

  28. Moved the office to the house yesterday at the employer’s request. VPN works fine. Texas is going into lock down patchwork.

    People who are traveling are getting stranded when they test positive for fever at the airport. If you need to go somewhere, travel by personal car, or stay home. Carry food, drinking water, and sanitizer with you. No public transport is safe. It doesn’t take a Phd to realize that the areas which are hardest hit are the areas which are most dependent on public transport.

    Going further, the position that govt and doctors need PPE but citizens don’t is sociopathic bs.

    Every time I hear a partisan politicize the plague situation, I make a mental note of it for reference at the voting machine. I can see where all the partisan gangs will want to hold off elections as long as possible, to stave off the electoral consequences.

    This is a global SHTF situation, not a warm-up. Geometric progressions are relentless and merciless to the unwary, and the only relief in sight is for the whiz kid plague bead counters to run out of test kits, again. At some point, expect the US to stop reporting new cases, rather than admit the govt allowed us to repeat and exceed the Chinese fiasco.

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