What to Spend Your Assets On

There is lot more to this discussion than “money” in the digital/fiat sense. There are assets like “length of expected Life” and “How much to spend to get how smart?” 

Those are metrics that always matter.  Money just moves up to the “top of the pile” because it is the most visible layer in human economics.  The deeper question is “What are you buying and to what end?”

When studied, we fail to find in Nature, any such compunctions to print, charge interest, carry-back seconds, or the whole litany of behaviors called “financial engineering.”

Let alone buggering-up what should have already been a simply relief act due to lost incomes due to the shut-ins.

The Hoax of it all comes into focus – and we’re really now at the weakest part of the PowersThatBe Cycle – for angry mobs can arise – we need to look back, as well as ahead, to see what kind of a bargain will be struck with the Devil on it’s latest periodic visit.

And that begins with redefining our sense of “value.”

Which we will do after the COVID data, the ChartPack view of the markets, and with an eye towards Pappy’s best advice:  “You can only spend it Once.” 

(Pappy didn’t know politicians. though…nor fractionally reserved Banksters…)

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52 thoughts on “What to Spend Your Assets On”

  1. “What to Spend Your Assets On”


    Remember these……


    12 Squares of heaven and at two bucks a pop and all sold out..

    I use to get a chuckle out of the airport in Nashville.. it was a dime to get in the stall and another dime to get eight squares of tp LOL LOL LOL
    I thought what the heck.. and would carry the MRE packets with me in my pocket as pocket tissues..just for such emergencies.. today they are worth their weight in gold LOL LOL LOL…
    You gotta love free enterprise

  2. Well a labor movement is long overdue but its on the rise and will soon be among us,and if anybody ever read about the labor movement back in the 20’s it could/can/will get right down nasty and bloody, as in area’s it turned into little wars.I remember seeing cartoons in some old 20’s magazine of all the hogs sitting at a table and the caption was “robber barons”,and that’s the point we are at today.!!

    • That generation has done past us by – that was my parents and grandparents age (the decades of organized labor) – this bunch (not all) hasn’t worked for a living or for anything for about a good 30 years or more – welfare patrons don’t care about work – what they will care about is if the welfare train runs dry and that’s an entirely different matter of course they may not even care then as they might be too offended to do a thing – however; if your quarantined self or otherwise and the military and reserves are called out which they are in virus “HOT” spots – good luck with forming any kind of physical opposition – as we trudge thru the daily Virus Porn – just note that we are on borrowed time financially as we crank up the US Zimbabwe Bucks – and no gold or silver for you – quick look over here it’s a virus – and it’s gone ……..

      • True but remember those/these are the ones you voted for and yes we are on borrowed time for that clock started ticking back when Nixon took us off the gold standard, telling his Japanese counterpart fund our bases in Japan for we are broke.Truer words were never spoken and the game goes on.!!!

  3. George old man – U got nothing to worry about.. COVID, SMOVID. Jus keep movin – and death will never catch U!

    Besides – its just a lil cough..accompanied by lil shortness of breath – no biggie – besides CEPI has us sheep covered.

    Why they even announced it officially at Davos World Economic Forum this year.. a nCOV-2019 Global Vaccine.


    ID2020 Digital Identity Platform – brought t U by microsoft/rockafeller foundation & GAVI (global alliance for vaccines and immunizations)

    which leads us SHEEP to what pray tell? a warm blue light and or a warm yellow light – sure that will work out well – if its too good to be true..works on soo many levels.

    Serfin Safari/ 2020

    ..lets go Serfin now, everybodys learning how, come on a Serfin Safari with me..
    early in the crisis, well be freaking out
    some msn, will be hyping along
    were loading up our balance sheet
    inside with stocks along
    and heading out screaming our song – Serfin Safari – the fed boys

  4. Off topic but currently prophetic? (but also LOL). Listen to the song and lyrics of Kingston Trio’s “Zombie Jamboree” but warning! the song can stick with you forever if you sing along a couple of times.

  5. Great column today George. Thank you.

    I made it it to the big 78 today and thought I would add a positive thought as I take my prune juice and oil the wheels on my wheelchair :-)

    My grandson is in his sophomore year as a professional hockey player. One day after a particularly bad game in his rookie year, I tried to cheer him up after the game and he said something I will never forget.

    “Grandpa. When I am out on that ice, I only have control over one thing and that’s me. I need to give 100% no matter what the score or whether we win or lose. It’s the only way I can live with myself when the game is over.”

    Good words to live by.

    Proud Grandpa

  6. I find Elliott Wave interpretation difficult and confusing. For example if, you look at the Aggregate Index: do you see the triangle on the monthly since 2009? Could there be a bullish interpretation?

  7. TPTB are getting quite the bang for the buck with this crisis.

    First experimental run with UBI, the untold/unread pork in the same bill, people actually clamoring for more government intervention and a really good look via license plate readers at who is ignoring the ‘shelter-in-place’ suggested by various government entities.

    I think back on the huge power grab the Patriot Act accomplished, the trillions of stolen money that 9/11 hid – wondering what this giant smoke screen called COVID is hiding or attempting to hide. Maybe it’s the PM, since several are tanking due to not being able to deliver physical and the silver sector has been cornered?

    The nice thing about being prepped is that you can let things unroll as they will without being coerced by fear…

    • @Oilman 2

      BINGO……..then the’ march of the lemmings ‘…off to visit FEMALAND for food……..coming to a city near you..

    • Yup… they were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t.
      Destroy the whole economic system and more.
      We are totally in uncharted territory here.. the twelve single ply square toilet paper packets were selling for two dollars a packet. And they are sold out.. it’s not more than gold per ounce but getting close..
      Check out http://www.theageofdesolation.com to see the future predictions

      • Th here was only three choices.. 1. Go big..really big.. ( they didn’t but it’s better than nothing and anything helps) 2. Let the stay home directive stand and everyone deal with it themselves. (Business fails it fails you sink you sink) 3 pretend it’s ok keep the velocity of money move. Who gets sick gets sick let the chips land where they fall..

  8. Right now a giant network of makers, hackers, corporations, and individuals are rising to manufacture PPE and respirators. We can 3D print our future.

    • That’s the truth . Theres a mattress manufacturing shop locally. They make t as e best mattress around to and guarantee it for life . They have restructured their plant to make face masks for health facilities and people free of charge to anyone needing one.
      I actually have been wanting to get a new mattress so I will stop in for a mask and make an order..
      We have a mattress that my mother bought . It was shot and we were going to have it tossed out.. took it in and they rebuilt it while I watched. Awesome

      • Ok, come on, tell us who they is; because maybe they ship and others may want to support them. We can tell them we heard it here on Urban Survival. Let’s buy America! Excuse me, I mean support America!

  9. The Democrats & the Press would rather destroy this country than ever admit President Trump was right. And most likely they will be reelected. Maybe if the Dems excessively delay the free money that the people expected to receive by now, they will wake up & vote Republican. Nothing sours people more than not getting their free money on time.

    In NC, all gyms closed for 30 days. UNNECESSARY. Democratic Govenor, that’s why. Steal your freedoms so it is easier to screw you over later.

    COVID 10 PROJECTIONS: Projected figures are increasing so fast every couple of days, only the percent infected dying has any meaning. Of courses when this trends reverses, it will be the beginning of the end of the virus & you will find a State in control of your lives.

    • Trump might be right now for some things, but he certainly was late to the party in leading the charge to prepare the country for what was to come. I get it, fear around crashing the economy and ruining his chances for re-election. He could have come out strong on the isolation of the country, ordering up more masks and other PPE, much earlier. He was out telling the country there was nothing to worry about, this was just the flu. Those of us watching how China reacted, building hospitals and shutting down their economy knew it was much more. The US leaders certainly also had that info. He and his administration chose to minimize and mock preparation, even still mocking those wearing mask as if there is not mounds of data of the success of social distance and mask wearing. He could have led the charge 2 months ago to get prepared. Lets not re-write history.

      • Yeah, the CDC, dammit, who was warned under OBAMA about this exact pandemic, DID NOTHING…REPEAT, DID NOTHING – they had years to prepare and their budget is huge (yes, this is the same CDC that SILENCED Dr. THOMPSON, who found in his study that YES, VACCINES DO CAUSE AUTISM, ESPECIALLY IN AFRICAN AMERICAN BOYS UNDER 3) OH, you hadn’t heard of that, EXACTLY!!!….let that settle in for a minute! I, for one, can appreciate the fact that crashing the economy for a flu like/cold like virus is STUPID. I can appreciate that things did NOT fall into place PERFECTLY. I can still SUPPORT our President even if he is NOT perfect! I had a H1N1 flu and I almost died, so still the FLU deaths outpaces this Covid19 virus. WHERE DID THE COMMON SENSE GO? FIND IT AND USE IT; SPREAD THAT AROUND FOR A CHANGE!!!

      • “He could have led the charge 2 months ago to get prepared.”

        He was leading it 2½ months ago, while the rest of the world was glued to the Nancy Pelosi “dog & pony show.”

        The advise I give to all kids before they start to vote, and to grown-up folks once they figure out “Republican” and “Democrat” are private corporations whose principal directive is to acquire power by any means necessary, including bribery:

        “Don’t pay attention to anything a politician says, or what anyone else says about him or her. Instead, pay attention to how they vote, and what they actually do.”

        China first made us (and WHO) aware of this coronavirus on December 31st. It came from bats, remember? At that time, they stated that “human to human contact” was unlikely to propagate the spread of the virus.

        Trump first put an advisory staff-member on it on January 6th.

        Communicability first became known on January 14th.

        Trump organized a study committee on January 15th.

        Public knowledge of the communicability first became known in the NYT and WaPo on January 21st, BTW.

        Exactly how fast a response do you wish the dude to have taken…?

    • Free money sounds like socialism. So the people want their free money. Nothings free, that money has to come from somewhere. Can you call it something else?

      • I’d call it Other People’s Money(OPM), aka socialism. I probably won’t get any, but many will. It’s just dilution of the currency.

        The shenanigans in the House are shameful! There should be a way to make those congressoids pay for their travesty out of their own pockets.

        “Contempt of the Citizenry”, perhaps?

      • “Can you call it something else”

        Yep call it just what the to big to fail it calls its,it works for them it works every time,and I don’t believe they call it socialism they call it saving the nation.Greenspan said we will lie, cheat and steal to keep the stock market going,that was the canned response back in 87 when he said even if it breaks the law,For his services he was knighted by the Queen over across the pond,and no she didn’t knighted him for socialism but parasitic capitalism.!!!

    • How do you know its unnecessary to close the gyms, its poor people that try to make hay out of a sickness like this. You remind me of the story of the young Indian boy that was talking to his grandfather,his grandfather said there are two wolves fighting inside each person,and the boy said grandfather which wolf wins,the grandfather turns and says the wolf that wins is the one you feed.And the sorry part is that far to many feed the wrong wolf or achieve some perverse satisfaction from stirring the pot.!!!

    • NC,
      The more you express yourself, the dumber you sound. Keep it up. Makes all the rest of us look like geniuses.

  10. Folks, here we go.  Ok, I have decided to take a different approach here.  Let’s look from the vantage point of a year out, and look back to this time period.  Let’s see what had been accomplished:

    –A Biblical transfer of wealth from the top 20% to the Fed- the .001 (happening as we speak) 
    –Restrictions on movement and assembly (already happened)
    –Tremendous reduction in living standard for the middle class (happening as we speak)
    –Decrease of the individual rights to free speech as the ‘experts’ now can tell us what to believe and what we should be doing
    –Destruction of once viable industries such as tourism, many consumer products and consumption in general

    The point here is that the noise of all the ‘Covid-19 data’ has blinded people to the what is happening in the other hand.  I have sympathy for the masses, who after 911, we’re ‘traumatized’ by the event and fully supported the wars that would ensue.   It took many people a decade to digest 911.  It was a big pill for people to swallow.  I am just trying to speed up the digestion process.  Yea, I was also caught unaware of what happened on that faithful day in September.  Yes, the virus is real.  The solution is contrived and deadly to America’s future.

    • Thanks for sharing that Stephen..
      That was very well put..
      It sure makes a person think .

    • Let me just respond to the 911 Inside Job. I, for, one, knew immediately that it was an inside job…withing THREE days everyone should have realized it. BUT, too many people want OTHERS to tell them what to think and what to do. AFTER that terrible debacle, and then 2008 debacle, why would ANYONE without a clue to understanding THEFT ever put their money in the stock market and leave it there? You have now seen how many “people in the know” got their money out way ahead of the collapse (AGAIN), yes, peeps, we have had a collapse. Does everyone on this blog agree that 911 was an inside job? IF the majority of you do, what have you done to support the Architects and Engineers who HAVE WORKED SO HARD TO BRING THIS INFORMATION TO THE PUBLIC AND SHOW IT AS A BIG LIE FOISTED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? Here: “WTC 7 Not Destroyed by Fire, Concludes Final University of Alaska Fairbanks Report.” DONATE!!! https://www.ae911truth.org/news/656-wtc-7-not-destroyed-by-fire-concludes-final-university-of-alaska-fairbanks-report

      Website: https://www.ae911truth.org/

  11. “It took many people a decade to digest 911.”

    It was easy to digest. It was a terrorist attack. Just like this is a Virus. Too many people think this shouldn’t happen to us, only others, & want the gov’t to save them. Let’s see how the gov’t screws this up. These people aren’t on your side. Get a grip.

    • It was NOT a terrorist attack. It was a false flag that was quite masterful, especially since the brilliant people that pulled it off knew that some people who believe every detail of the narrative, including the ability of largely untrained pilots to expertly pilot an airliner into the buildings. I don’t want to argue details because the damage has already been done by 911. The plan exceeded all expectations, and we got ‘our’ wars which we are still engaged in and trillions of $$ in MIC spending. I am a former Marine Officer, so I am not blind to patriotic virtue, but the true masterminds of 911 knew how to take patriotic virtue and make it blind to the obvious!

      • Stephen on March 25, 2020 at 17:20

        Regarding 9-11 “Ability of largely untrained pilots to expertly pilot an airliner into the buildings.” Stephen, after someone walks up to a building and sets the GPS co-ordinates into their phone, then later sets the autopilot on a hijacked airliner as a destination, it will “expertly pilot” the plane right to that location even if they dozed off in their chair for the rest of the flight.
        The bad guys were all student pilots that were indeed taking training to familiarize with the controls of the airliners to do exactly that.
        Even a newbie could accomplish this. Calm down and think.

      • Dream on. First GPS didn’t even go into a phone – and that was Europe GSM in 1999.

        Ever reprogram a plane guidance system? Known airports only on most…plus there’s terrain avoidance and…

  12. Ya know

    People struggle with believing in God. That God is real. Because they cant see God, feel God, hear God, smell God, touch God. They wont take anyones word for it. Even the word of their closest friend or relative they have known their whole life!!! They outright definently refuse to pray and meditate. They refuse to hold hands and pray.

    All because they cant See, Hear, feel, smell or touch God. Therefore, God is not real.

    *****HOWEVER, they have no problem believing in a Virus that they cant see, hear, touch, smell or feel. And yet, they will take the word of someone they have never met or see in person ever in life. And eagerly and vigilantly They will perform “social distancing” dawn their mask, perform the required hand washing and rubber glove ritual without question. Because the Virus is real! That PhD dude from MIT who was on the TV said so last night.

    Earth….. what a strange place.

    • You know George, I had an Uncle Less. He went to the doctors because he didnt feel good. They ran some tests on him. The Doctor sat him down and said you have late stage lymphoma cancer. You have less than a month to live. I’m sorry.

      He laughed and said, no I dont! Your crazy. I’m just sick. The doctor said, sir the tests dont lie. All the Evidence says you have very late stage Cancer. My uncle Lester said, I appreciate your concern but I cant have cancer. Ya see, I just got married and we just had my baby boy. I have way too much living left to do. He said I will just put on a hot mustard seed pack for a couple days and I’m sure I will be fine.

      26 years later when my cousin got married to his wife, my uncle Less sitting in the front row. He said this the best day of my life. He went home and died of cancer.

      The attending physician he met at the Hospital that day. The one who told him he had cancer??? His grand daughter was my cousins bride. He didnt even remember my uncle until the day of that wedding. He had not seen him since the day at the Hospital till 26 years later at the wedding. He was amazed that he even remembered him. He is the one who told that story at my uncles funeral.

      True story.

    • I know of what you speak, I am married to someone like this, so you can imagine, how the myriad of ways that God works in my life to the amazement of my spouse. (My spouse is honorable and wonderful; but a skeptic.)

      That’s it; sometimes we are used by God as witnesses to his awesomeness.

      John 20: But Thomas, one of the twelve, called Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came.

      25: The other disciples therefore said unto him, We have seen the Lord. But he said unto them, Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe.

      26: And after eight days again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you.

      27: Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.

      28: And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God.

      29: Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

    • “All because they cant See, Hear, feel, smell or touch God. Therefore, God is not real.”

      Andy, it’s because no one is taught the meaning of, or differences between “faith,” “belief,” and “conviction” any more.

    • @ Andy

      and those that work for the government and are in charge, never lie…..only tell you the truth…..and since they are on tv everyday they must be believed….amen….wtf over

  13. Yo G-Dog –

    Playas want to know when/wheres historical rhyme to the markets from big move down in 29 and big move down in 87?

    History tends to repeat, kinda/sorta..specially in financials..

    So coot is Selling this rally – and Selling with gusto..SOLDsellsellsellsellsell -keep selling sellsellsell “Thats right U own it now – SOLD” sellsellsellsell..

    Remember U R A Sheep – U will do as TOLD by Ure lefty “GlobalistsAgenda” leaders..

    1) Mandatory Global Vaccine

    2) Mandatory Global ID

    3) Mandatory Global Digital Money – Exchange Ure Dirty Cash for Digital Trash..and U will like it! No Contagions on Ure digital money, and “they” can deposit it directly into Ure bank account.

    Now Bend Over – this one goes in Ure Arse!

    • Coot – Ure may have gone short near today’s highs but he could never say lest it be construed trading advice and I am not licensed and therefore, I will only smile at how God distributes brains…

  14. $50 House Maintenance. A lot of people don’t line-item this. Because they don’t, though, even a modest glitch can turn into a Life Wrecker.

    I’ve never understood why folks don’t budget stuff like this, once they are solvent enough to do so. My car repair budget on the Jetta, for instance, is $69/mo. The Jetta is a diesel. It is very cheap to run, but when it breaks, every repair is expensive. I’d much rather have that $800/yr in the bank, than p!ss it away to “Car Shield.” ‘Same with home repairs. The screwers who offer “home and appliance insurance” charge $99/mo or more, for a financial vehicle which is essentially “stopgap” coverage on homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, and they insure stuff like your electric lines from the pole to your drop (and gas lines from gas main to meter), which the utilities companies are required to cover, at their expense. –NO! By putting that $1200/yr in a savings account (actually a ledger entry), if my refrigerator or water heater craps itself, I’ll go buy another, and still be thousands ahead.

    You can only spend it once — spend it efficiently, and stay the hell away from con artists who play on people’s fears to short-circuit their ability to reason.

    • thats a good idea.. I hadn’t thought of doing that.. I do know that our delivery person wears exam gloves when they deliver..

    • I haven’t ordered any perishable food.

      The stuff I HAVE ordered is not critically time-sensitive. Parcels (and mail) I have received since Friday are setting on my ozone-rich porch, in quarantine. ‘Just got a new outdoor PTZ cam from Hong Kong. I bought it to set up a strategic “puppy cam,” because if this is the BIG ONE, eventually someone will gaze longingly at my dogs as if they were livestock. I won’t need the cam for a minimum of 2 months. It shan’t concern me at all if it sets out there in detox for a couple weeks…

      BTW, I’ve stopped tossing my disposable nitrile gloves. After watching G-2’s video I realized it might become necessary to sterilize and reuse (bleach-wash) them. Masks are not an issue. I haven’t used any, but if/when I do, will probably investigate sterilizing/reusing them too — maybe with an alcohol wash?

    • Don’t overdo the disinfectant spray on a paper envelope you may actually have to keep the contents of. I hosed down a utility bill; it looked like it was flood salvage when I opened it.
      I had slowed down on setting up an ozone sterilizer. I may have to rethink that.

  15. Thank you Mr. Ure! This was a very deep and informative Peoplenomics. Very much worth the $40 I pay everything year! This gave me a lot to munch on. Also showed I need to get other areas of my life straight so that I can be a solver instead of a servant as I am tired of being one.

    Also, Man on the white horse and Dave Goggins were the best recommendations given to me for my life. I wouldn’t be where I am at and where I am going without you Mr. Ure! Thank you and I pray we get to speak soon again! Would love to talk with you more!

  16. “https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/senate-passes-largest-rescue-package-american-history”

    I have a question.. it has bugged me from time to time.. everytime I hear a news story that says… CONGRESS feverishly working late into the night. in a past lifetime I had worked in dc.. and had someone tell me the same thing.. only to have to deliver a package and end up minutes later standing on the floor of congress and only one person there and finding out that the person for the package wasn’t even in town but gone to some resort ( I get to the buttway and my congressman called me personally.. oh he buttered my buns with compliments etc..and wanted christmas cards printed up for him and his wife..my being naive did it for my congressman and I went to deliver them personally to him)..and thinking….
    Now when the news says something to the same oder..they are feverishly working late into the night.. only to show a scene of the floor with a couple of people some janitor in the back ground. one with a magazine open and only one person looking like they were doing anything at all..and they could have been playing solitare for what anyone knows.. we already know they don’t read this crap will even tell you they aren’t going to read that crap..who knows what was stuck in it..
    It always brings back the memory of the congressman off to florida back into my thoughts.. for one if they want you to know that they are feverisly working to solve some issue.. why not say no camera’s allowed on the floor showing that no one is here.. we are going to do a phone or auto vote.. the people aren’t that stupid.. or is it the news trying to place a negative sub.. in everyones mind by showing such a negative image…
    I knew that our congressman wasn’t on the floor he was someplace else.. and he wasn’t working feverishly on anything.. just curious.. is all..

  17. https://youtu.be/y4BlkfrAgqg

    LOL .. capitalizm important enough that they haven’t listened to anyone that knows something about this and what they have said…. LOL LOL….

    the virus is a killer.. great four percent of the old and weakest.. leaves what was it thirty percent with damaged lungs… enough that they would to be the next wave..

    IF… it is a designed virus.. it was designed to be a clear cutter… and it doesn’t care who you are or what your social class is.. even if you survive round one.. will you survive round two.. will you walk around with a kangaroo pack on and canula.. just saying.. interesting times ahead for all of us.. if your army is weak and out of breath.. you cannot fight.. its just walk in with the o2 and look like a hero..and in my thoughts since we are not even manufacturing anything anymore.. we are totally depended on everyone …for everything..
    the good news is.. if we survive this.https://trippingovertheworld.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/img_3837.jpg?w=1440 . we will not only have a life changing view.. but our country will change. the world will change….

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