Crash Delayed – Job Numbers – War Anyway

We have started to move our “daily word count” down.  No more 2,000-word rambles because there’s no point. Future is “locking”.

Two “Clocks” that Matter

As you may be aware, the stock market hit a new (nominal, Aggregate) high Wednesday.  this follows our report Saturday that we are facing a “Screaming Rally or Crash” decision.  With the new record high set Wednesday with have a likely answer.

In the new (pink, small) trend channel emerging, we could blast through the long-term upper trend line and be happily sailing higher for a while.

This is not financial advice, but rather based on the (data) that it was 55-calendar days from the Sept. 3, 1929, high to drop into the market collapse that year. The mass unwinding of confidence is likely to (again) be driven by “human clocking” and not the arrival of a new overclocked A.I.


While this pour oil on the waters of finance – and increases odds of a Fed rate cut (or much promising of one) at next week’s Fed decision – the longer troubles in market aren’t going away.  Which is to say the American federal debt is still $34.655 trillion dollars, but even this doesn’t account for committed interest costs.  Since there is no one who could come along and “cash out our debt” these interest expenses are real as well.

Therefore, since we are in a “fifth of the fifth wave” we should expect Energy and Metals to scream higher.  Until the Brick Wall Events.

Brick Wall Events?”

Sure.  Two posts by G.A. Stewart – who has spent half his life on Nostradamus research, has laid them out in two posts.  These are “must reads” Because even if we hit a new stock market high today, and the Fed lowers (or promises) next week, a massive financial decline is likely in the cards from this summer forward.

If you don’t have Stu’s books, click over here.  They may prove useful guidance ex post facto as the world implodes.

For Slower Readers

News foreshadows events.  To orient you to the flow of Future, think of these stories as being “snow plow flags” on the road into Next:

With the West supplying arms to Ukraine for deep attacks on Russia, the stage is set for Stu’s work on Quatrain IX-31 to go hot.  Personally, though, the reference in this to “The temple cracked open during Easter” leaves us thinking about a slow roll Future where ground war evolves over winter and into next year. Spring. Easter. Temple cracking.

But nothing to see here, kiddies. Markets are game-on for now.

Jobs Week Continues

Light ’em up, Cheech.

“U.S.-based employers announced 63,816 cuts in May, a 1.5% decrease from the 64,789 cuts announced one month prior. It is down 20% from the 80,089 cuts announced in the same month in 2023, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

So far this year, companies have announced 385,859 job cuts, down 7.6% from 417,500 announced through May of last year. It is the third-highest January-to-May total since 822,282 cuts were recorded through May 2009. The highest January-May total occurred in 2020, when 1,414,828 job cuts were recorded.”

(That was during Covid, we’d remind!)

The other layoff-oriented numbers are the Labor Department weekly stats on new unemployment filings.  Which have also been trending down, of late.

And to wrap things up, how about those Labor Productivity and Costs figures?

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 0.2 percent in the first quarter of 2024, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 0.9 percent and hours worked increased 0.6 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the same quarter a year ago, nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 2.9 percent, the largest four-quarter increase since the first quarter of 2021, when the measure increased 5.9 percent.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased 4.0 percent in the first quarter of 2024, reflecting a 4.2-percent increase in hourly compensation and a 0.2-percent increase in productivity. Unit labor costs increased 0.9 percent over the last four quarters.”

We could mention that Bitcoin huffed up a bit to a few bucks north of $71 thousand.  We remain patient, believing that when war comes to America, anything but “Uncle’s Own Money” will be deemed supporting “the Enemy” whoever that happens to be. But we could be wrong, of course.  The assumption could be flawed for a lack of high integrity in the halls of govt. (We do tend to bet with the House…)

Creepy Crawlers for Messy Masses

What’s in your sheep dip this morning?”

Let’s begin with a visit to the “No Shit Sherlock Department:”
Hunter Biden’s defense is off to a way better start than Trump’s. ( Wait till we measure the verdict and sentencing part differences… While we’re at it, let’s compare jury instructions when they come: Is Hunter Biden Pursuing a Jury Nullification Strategy?  Or did you see where EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Pressure Builds On House Committee Ranking Member James Comer To Subpoena Judge Merchan’s Daughter Over Her Firm’s “Work” With Top Ranking Democrats? Nothing will happen – fix is in we guess.

China is likely pondering its blitz invasion plans as US announces sale of US$300 million in F-16 supplies to Taiwan.  “Hand me another, Cheech – and tell me again how we get de-escalation through arms sales…and how that worked in Ukraine…”

Family Matters:  If you take the time to read Vladimir Putin’s Elusive Daughters Are Thrust Into the Limelight. What you will find is that Russia is working their home front with a strong all-hands in the family way. Like the Chinese position a “place at the family table for honored Uncle.” (No, not Sam you dolt!).  Point is, while the West is taking apart families, the Competition is building them up.  Care to place wagers on where “school-raised” or “family-raised” children will be highly unequal in long-term value?

Still pimping the “America Last” idea – did he take a jet to get there? Watch: Al Gore Drives Climate Hysteria at WHO: Demands ‘transition…away from the unhealthy practice of burning fossil fuels’. Hey Al!  Stop trying to Screw America First!

“In 2023, China added nearly 50 gigawatts (GW) of new coal plant capacity, which is a 10% increase from 2022. This includes 52 GW permitted in the first half of the year, which is equivalent to two coal power plants per week. China also commissioned 17.1 GW of new coal power plants in the first half of 2023, which is double the amount added in the same period in 2022.”

U.S. added ZERO. Go blow your smoke in Beijing, man! The US hasn’t build a SINGLE NEW COAL PLANT IN MORE THAN A DECADE!!!

“The last large (greater than 100 MW) coal-fired power plant built in the United States was the 932 MW Sandy Creek Energy Station in Texas, which came online in 2013. As of September 2022, developers have not reported any plans to build new U.S. coal-fired capacity in the future.”

Democrat still means demagogue. (*a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.)  Both parties are about equally wrong, we would note.  Same paymasters.

Biden’s Attack of Americans rolls along, too: Biden Admin Approves MILLIONS Of Work Permits For Illegal Immigrants, IGNORES 180 Day Waiting Period. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg: Sen. Josh Hawley: We know of at least 350,000 asylum cases where Joe Biden just dropped them and let the illegals stay forever even though most don’t qualify for asylum. (video)

Watching for the next plandemic? Kids’ Myocarditis Comes Only Post Vaccination, Not Covid Infection (

OK, that’s about all the fun we can handle in one sitting.

No “At the Ranch” section today – I’m on a word diet. I’m trying to lose half a chapter a week. If you want more to read, go reread our Tuesday column. Or help me find a Hallicrafters PS-500 power supply for my Cyclone.

Write when you get rich,

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58 thoughts on “Crash Delayed – Job Numbers – War Anyway”

  1. F-ing killing it G, killin it..Good job !

    “We remain patient, believing that when war comes to America, anything but “Uncle’s Own Money” will be deemed supporting “the Enemy” whoever that happens to be. ”

    Cue the lil cartoon dude – Pogo –

    “We have seen the enemy, and he is Us.” -Nothing could be more true today, nothing.

    You know the pedo joenocide bribem has been “zioized” or “phariseeD” , how else explain all the MALFEASANCE of this administration ?

    If you had to guess, which of the 2 world leaders (bribem or pooterz) identify with “The People of Light in Service of the Source” ?

    Sidney Poitier as brother john, grok please.

    • Pointing out the obvious is tiring.
      The largest Bitcoin ETF is BLACKROCK!
      Bitcoin ain’t going anywhere but up.
      Ask me to explain what my and Big Al’s dad did for 37 years.
      I asked him once how it felt to have debased the currency of the entire western world. He replied “They were going to do it anyway and it put you through college with no debt so quit complaining.”
      Speaking of which. In my 600 level power course at Auburn Dr. Maples (Bless him, RIP) showed us a chart of the sources and uses of energy in the US at that time (78). It has not changed much. Three of every Four Btus of energy in the U.S. go to hot air and hot water. As he described for us “This isn’t process air or water. It’s Room air and hand washing hot water. Both low temperature (under 120F) and therefor inherently inefficient processes that can be accomplished by direct solar.”
      (But we don’t.)
      If you’ve been to BOY scout camp and seen the tank on top of the rack with the shower head and valve beneath it you know what I mean.
      Dr. Barry Commoner (Comunist) at Washington University built one in the 60’s that was a tank in a wood box submerged in paraffin dyed black. The paraffin would melt in the Sun storing heat energy and holding it against the tank of water. The water would get hot and as the water was used the paraffin would heat the incoming cold water until it had solidified and was no longer high enough temperature to heat further.
      The Efficiency of a PV cell is in the 10 to 20 percent range. Anyone that has ever picked up a wrench mistakenly left out in the Sun will tell you about the effectivness of direct heating. Yes but how do you store it?
      A. S. Brown PE don’t do it for free.

  2. “cash out our debt”

    President Jackson paying off the debt was a one time event. He was only able to ‘cash out’ the debt because the Native American’s land/resources weren’t yet collateralized into the system. Bad for the Natives but good for the Americans of the day. But the Borg got us anyway.

  3. Well they ran the first Joe ain’t quite there flag up the flagpole – I’m guessing no debates or immediately thereafter he’s gone – Take your pick Hil or Gavin

    • On the bright side, he did it on June 5th.

      (That’s right, President Houseplant forgot the day of D-Day…)

      • One of the guys living in our spare room landed on the beach .. he never talked about it ever.. the only thing he talked about was how the French were so nice and loved to dance and eat bread and cheese..
        the other thing he talked was how much rain there was and having to crawl through the mud..
        we were watching I believe swindlers list or the piano player.. and he said..they didn’t look like that..they couldn’t even eat a teaspoon of food..

  4. “Carnac the Magnificent” – my aggregate index has hit an all-time high. S&P500 also.
    The ECU [ European Central Bank ] cut their interest rates. [ catching our Fed off-guard ]
    Looks as though The Federal Reserve will cut rates.
    My take ? Look for a solid market sell-off within a week, or two of when ‘The Fed’ cuts rates.

  5. (“U.S. added ZERO. Go blow your smoke in Beijing, man! The US hasn’t build a SINGLE NEW COAL PLANT IN MORE THAN A DECADE!!!”)

    it doesn’t fit the business model… handing out solar grid tie units to every household is not only the cheaper option its a more efficient one..I will push the solar towers to..( yes I am getting the cardboard one done to show you )
    the only problem is the same as our lack of great medical service.. its the business model. The VA healthcare system has really only one major flaw..its operated like a government office not a medical facility. to much time away .. my doctor has 16 weeks of vacation a year besides all the federal holidays.. depending how he scheduled his vacation in reference to the federal Macarena holidays he could potentially only have to show up one day a week..
    The it lucrative benefit packages its win win all the way home..

      • We have been solar powered aty UrbanSurvival since 2008 so we know a few things for sure. TAKE IT TO THE BANK:

        1.Utility companies screw small-scale solar. The bums rush now is to pay us 50 percent of what they charge up. They made up a complex accounting lie to “account for it” and easy to pull the wool over captive bought and paid for regulators everywhere.

        2. Most of the utility sponsored systems will not run without the grid. In others, they are not grid-interactive like the one we use. They are grid dependent. You pay or not even your solar will work.

        Hell this is as good as the vaccine lies. Less money, longer fin-game.

        • I have told regeneration clients that the one thing I always recommend is that they DO NOT try to sell power to the local utility. It is and always has been a complete waste of time.
          I told one this back in the 70’s when it was all the rage. I recommended sizing the system to use the minimum utility power and to eliminate any demand charges but to still have a connection as a backup.

        • (“I have told regeneration clients that the one thing I always recommend is that they DO NOT try to sell power to the local utility.”)

          I agree with that one hundred percent.. those willing to have them installed should have their rates frozen for ten years.. but the power company should be able to sell the excess..if everyone got paid rates would have to continue to increase. the idea I have is to work as a cooperative..strengthen the grid..protect our nations power security not weaken it with the business model.

  6. what a great day,,, as Andrew McCade tells you about his FEAR and the FEAR among his fellow traitors,,,
    “It’s terrifying, it’s frightening. I have a lot of conversations with former colleagues, people who are or were in the intelligence and law enforcement community, and may have worked in the Obama administration, other places and people are really trying to assess what is life going to be like if Donald Trump wins a second term.”

    as the cases against Trump are failing only fat Albert’s case is still in play, till it gets to an appeal court
    Jack Smith’s legality was brought up in the congress hearing as Rep Massie questions it less than 2 min vid,,,
    and Judge Cannon has a trial date to visit that topic
    and fat azz Fani has a court date herself over her attempt to get Trump
    and don’t forget ,,, the laptop from Hell [Hunter] the spies who LIED, called it Russian disinfo,,, they knew it was a lie, after all, are they not the best our intelligence service has? ELECTION INTERFERENCE by the top spies is TREASON,,,
    Hell yes they are afraid,,,

    QUICK bring on WW3 and break out that chicken virus cluck cluck cluck
    how many people will fail the intelligence test and get vaxed for it?

    And that laptop of Hunter’s is now in court evidence
    Wowzers, he is a hardcore piece of garbage

    • my guess is the laptop will be tossed out.. nothing is going to come from it.. doesn’t matter how many crimes that family has made.. it is all going to be tossed out.. Trumps secret service detail will be told to stand down..

  7. ???

    WHY did Ukraine strike a Russian “Over The Horizon Early Warning Radar Station” 1800 km (1100 miles) from it”s border with Russia (radar station was located in Central Asia) that was NOT pointed at Ukraine but pointed to look for US ICBM’s and Bombers coming in from over the North Pole or Missiles from subs coming in from the Artic Region? (this is the second Russian Early Warning Radar system that was NOT looking at Ukraine but looking at the Northern areas that Ukraine has now attacked)

    WHY are Russia’s “Early Warning Radar Stations” that look for incoming ICBM’s from North America” being taken out by Ukraine?

    a) . Is the US pulling the strings and trying to BLIND Russia?
    b) . Is Ukraine trying to get Russia to respond so as to get the US directly into the Ukrainian War?

    Either way strong efforts are clearly afoot to get the US into a DIRECT WAR with Russia

    (under the math behind MAD theories if one side intentionally BLINDS the other side it means that the other side’s ONLY OPTION TO SURVIVE is to launch an ALL OUT First Strike. That was the reason behind the US/USSR “Open Skies” Treaty … FULL observation of each sides actions so there would be no surprises that could be done, which creates a more mathmatically stabilized system under MAD. These attacks are going in the exact opposite direction … destabilizing the balancing that needs to be done)

    SOMEBODY on the US /Ukrainian side clearly wants a FULL scale US/Nato vs Russia War.

    • Somebodys going to attack the Olympics, will be made to look like a terror attack on israHELL/israHELLs athletes.

      Same exact “people” who did the Munich Olympics – yet ANOTHER israHELL false flag operation.

      * Said once, said it many times here..

      – ALL Terror attacks EVER, in the World, were/are State sponsored – ALL .

  8. re: Casino
    feat: Pay Later Specials


    Did The Fed dare G7’s kid brother to jump? The Bank of Canada dropped interest rates by a quarter percent yesterday. The Bank’s 6 member Governing Council most recent detailed report dates from April. Interestingly the council observed higher than forecast immigration numbers were bringing the economy in line with Bank targets. Also increased mortgage interest payments from the past two years were not included in the “core inflation” measure. Have the policy wonks been reading “Urbansurvival”?

  9. Whenever The Fed pivots the stock market drops. In the six times that the fed has gone from raising rates to cutting rates – back to 1969 – the average sell-off has been 42.5%

  10. Cash is being phased out.

    The following headline is misleading because one cannot use cash (legal tender) even at a higher price. Only a cash substitute is usable and the substitute has to be purchased. So the option is go along or don’t participate.

    Want to Pay Cash? That’ll Cost You Extra

    “When Noa Khamallah recently tried to pay cash for popcorn and soda at Yankee Stadium, his almighty dollars struck out.

    The stadium’s concession stands no longer take cash. An employee directed him to a kiosk that could convert his greenbacks into plastic. Khamallah, 41 years old, fed $200 into the reverse ATM, which subtracted a $3.50 fee and spat out a debit card with a balance of $196.50.”

    • wow…, I have not heard that.
      Bloody amazing !
      Brings on all kinds of possibilities and tracking.
      .., damn !

    • But wait! There’s more. Credit card companies charge 4% to the vendor accepting that card, to the detriment of their bottom line. Many local businesses, restaurants & food joints especially, now ADD a 4% ‘convenience fee’ if you pay with a credit card. Cash is actually preferred at these places now.

  11. (“U.S. added ZERO. Go blow your smoke in Beijing, man! The US hasn’t build a SINGLE NEW COAL PLANT IN MORE THAN A DECADE!!!”)

    consider that for a few moments..while we have been busy gaining wealth for the ones truly in control of our country..
    think about their expansion. in over forty years while we have been ignoring our countries needs they have been busy expanding..using the money we would have used for our essential needs from our local factories to expand their industrial capabilities. along with building ghost cities and factories the can house and put to work and to provide living quarters to over a billion people..building deep shelters to provide wartime military bunkers. one bunker alone can house over a million .. they have been expanding power plants to sit idol in the event of a future need to have the ability to just be fired up and running at a moments notice..
    the same thing has been happening in Russia and many other nations that all have been gaining political clout through our government by using firms designed to gain control and push varying public laws and policies..pushing more time off for the hardest working politicians that money can buy. our government has been sold out from under us.. our industrial superiority decimated by greed..our border wide open allowing potential enemy soldiers grand entrance and total financial support from those sworn to protect this country.
    our laws and agencies all appearing to be unwilling to protect the taxpaying citizens..I hope and pray its wrong but it sure doesn’t look like it is. the countries we have decimated so a few could gain have all been aligning against our country and making agreements using the greed of the leaders to position and deplete our strong position..
    I see the poison pawn trap..them hoping that we will continue on our journey Dow the rabbit hole weakening us.. with all these million of illegals compounding the already stressed taxpayer on bailouts and pushing for more.. they I believe has already won the future game..
    of course that’s just my opinion from what I see..

    • In the words of Detective Columbo “Just one more thing….” The US has shifted some power generation to natural gas because it is cheaper than coal and plentiful.

      Also the Chinese shift to coal seems to be driven by a desire to reduce air pollution not carbon emissions. Clean coal produces far less air pollution than cars with internal combustion engines. What some major Chinese cities are doing is to make it impossible to register an ICE car thereby forcing people into electric vehicles. This also means that critics who claim electric vehicles are “coal burners” are probably right, at least in China.

      Finally I would like to point out that people who claim nuclear power is cheap should look at the cost of current projects. The most expensive infrastructure project in the United States is an upgrade to an existing nuclear power station in Georgia that is projected to cost thirty four billion ($34,000,000,000.00.) That a lot of zeros, for 3.0 Gigawatts The most expensive infrastructure project in the United Kingdom is Hinkley Point also for 3.0 Gigawatts and clocking in at forty six billion dollars and counting, maybe “accelerating” is a better term.

        • All those woke electric car drivers should only be recharging the EV’s with wind and solar panels. Otherwise they are just pretending…

        • The sad part BIC… is if the balloon goes up.. it won’t matter about the coal pollution..
          that would be the least of our worries..
          what I see is Russia and China and several other countries have been working at strengthening their nations security their populations security ..while we have only sought the welfare of a few at the top..
          their cost of living per person is a fraction of ours..the quest for knowledge where we have pushed hard to dumb our youth down and make them dependent..
          our native American tribes are working hard to provide the dependence and security of the reservations energy needs.

          the rise of the American Indian ..

        • Coal can be made cleaner..and with very little cost in comparison..
          I burn coal..
          I changed the burn chamber to burn off the cyngas.. for big power plants a secondary filtration system.. ok for my decades old rant..
          put co2 filters on every lamp post and hand out grid tie solar systems to anyone willing to have one installed.. build solar towers starting at the furthest point from the power plant then work back to the power plant..for the cost of one 3mwwind turbine you should be able to get 3 gw..
          build air wells in arid regions..
          now what does that have to do with coal exhaust.. you can use some expensive filtration system to remove the re!aiming polutants.. but like the co2 filters using activated clay filters.. they are cheaper and can be reprocessed and disposed of cheaply.
          Then there’s the GEET..that can be used.. using the same HTPE ( high temp pressure electrolysis ) dispose of the harmful exhaust contaminants..
          now before everyone home and has over the geet process.. check the patents world wide.. every automaker has one each with slight variations and every branch of every military has one on the technology..its not widely known because it doesn’t fit The business model..

        • I have always been amazed how fast we forget the ancients and their discoveries..
          the process to clean the exhaust originally began thousands of years ago.. was hinted about with the jealousy of a frog that started the experiment s of Volta and Galvani horror stories were written .. most of us have heard about Frankenstein.. ever chewed on a piece of gum but left a small piece of foil on it as it it’s a filling..
          the only real issue is the business model.. until the business model changes and we actually want national security of essentials it will never be allowed.

    • First job out of Auburn was General Electric I&SE (Installation and Service Engineering) on Large Steam and Gas Turbine generating plants. The plant in Schenectady is still there. Are they still making Turbines? And if so, form whom? Where are all the turbines China is installing coming from? Is this part of the Clinton technology transfer?

  12. re: Warbucks Inc.
    feat: behind the veil


    QNA, Qatar News Agency (“Family is the treasure of a nation.”), pictured the red carpet arrival yesterday of President Zelensky at Hamad Int’l Airport, Doha enroute to Paris. Mr. Z. was returning from the Qatari financed Singapore Dialogue of last weekend. He was met at the airstairs by Mrs. L. Al-Khater, Minister of State for International Cooperation. She is an engineering graduate whose instruction included the Imperial College London founded by Prince Consort Albert to Queen Victoria. The institution’s motto is “scientific knowledge, the crowning glory and the safeguard of the Empire”. Apparently the Minister is studying for her PhD at the University of Oxford with researches into Islam, Modernity and the Nahda (“Enlightenment”, renaissance?).

    Afterwards, the guest was ushered to dinner with the Emir at the 130 hectare private Palace Compound of some 163 residences which features its own farm-to-plate dining facility.

  13. Smoked onions…

    I like cherry wood for smoking or any fruit wood will do..

    1 cup mushrooms chopped
    1 cup of green bell peppers chopped
    2 Tbsp bar b que spice ( goog shit )
    1 lb. hamburger
    4 onions hollowed out
    1 cup shredded cheese
    bar-b-que sauce
    1 lb bacon ( I like thick bacon)

    cut the ends off of the onions hollow it out carefully..
    take a pound of hamburger one cup of chopped mushrooms one cup of green peppers put 2 tbs of good shit spice mix it up.
    stuff the onion with the hamburger mix
    then wrap and pin the bacon around the onions..
    place in smoker at 250 degrees for about an hour or until the internal temperature of the hamburger gets to 155 degrees..
    at this time take the bar-b-que sauce coat the onions you can sprinkle a little more good shit spice on it.. then put grated cheese on top close it back up in the smoker let the cheese melt..
    sit back cold adult beverage and enjoy your onion dinner..

  14. Beef substitute….

    one cup soybean flour
    two cups of wheat flour..
    one and a half cups of water..
    1 Tbsp tomato paste
    1 Tbsp soy sauce
    1 tsp nutritional yeast
    1 tsp miso paste
    1 tsp vegan worcestershire sauce
    1 tsp smoked paprika
    1 Tbsp ketchup optional
    mix well it should be a little sticky.. mix the dough then cover and let sit for an hour to allow the gluten to form.
    then keep a bowl of water to dip your fingers in.. streatch the dough fold it beat it keep it up.. this makes the gluten bind and form.. do that for about twenty minutes or so.. Now .. you can add onion powder and garlic powder to this dough when mixing up the original dough ball..
    then let it sit for another hour..
    take a bowl of ice cold water.. and soak and mix it up.. the water will turn milky.. the fiberous liquid in this is your gluten..
    do this several times until the water is clear.. then you can form the gluten into a ball.. let it sit for a half hour or so..
    now you can boil it in beef broth..
    1 cup vegan beef or veggie broth
    boil it for about twenty minutes..
    once it is done.. you can either shape it and cut it to what you desire.. or.. you can grind it up and use it as a hamburger filler.. mixed in equal portions of hamburger gluten.. form it into burgers or make it up anyway you like for any hamburger dish.. for chicken you use chicken broth or vegan chicken..

      • Then use wheat flour.. the soybeans increases the protein..
        like any recipe what you like for spices you put in it.. your the boss of your taste buds.
        my moms secret family recipe for baked beans the only secret was low and slow.. the rest of the recipe was similar to every other baked bean recipe..she never mentioned low and slow..

  15. one of the things I made during the worst and best xmas I ever had.. was I made gluten our of soybeans gathered off the ground and beaten with a rock in a cast iron pan.. we didn’t have any beef broth or onions or anything and it was better than nothing.. in making a crude gruel..

  16. To Stu,

    From your site:

    “When the buried come out of their tombs” seems to be a reference that there will be too many dead to bury.
    Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars 2024, G. A. Stewart, 2023, Page 403″

    Perhaps. Understand though, the dead typically “rise” when a cemetery gets flooded — like from a thousand foot tidal wave.

    “The 2025 population projections at have become very controversial.
    The populations of the United States and Great Britain in 2025 appear to reflect a nuclear war.”

    (I’m assuming you have the Deagel charts archived?) Please also note the drop in the populations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and every other English-speaking nation upon which the US or UK exercises a political influence. Note also, this radical drop in population doesn’t extend to a single, not primarily English nation, and note there are not significant rises in population anywhere, which could indicate a migratory diaspora from the English-speaking world, to elsewhere.

    I’ve used Deagal occasionally for intel snooping, since the mid ’90s. [Once it was published], their pop-projection has always bothered me, because it could only indicate a large-scale NBC event that went really badly for the place I reside…

    BTW, I strongly suspect Russian Poseidons have been pre-positioned along both our coasts, along with submarines. The “torpedoes” can lie dormant for years, if need be, then activated remotely from a bunker located under the catacombs of St. Pete. It is absolutely what I would do, if my nation were facing an adversary as paranoid schizophrenic and psychotic as the U.S. has become…

    • Not just flooding, we would remind.
      Victor Clube and his academic pal Wm. Napier point out (in one of their several books) that another itme the “dead come out of their graves” is when there is planetary upheaval in the wake of the impact of a major object with Earth. This is why the events of 15,600 years ago (the northern hemisphere impact that formed the east coast fingter lakes – disgorged the recently buried. ANF -to us this was always kinda defining – set up the folklore around the world’s biggest Holiday.
      Which is? Halloween, of course – around the Taurids time.
      And these ol boys are the real deal:

      • Or maybe the nukes will cause a “Night of the Living Dead” type situation.

        Ok, I admit, I’m a bad boy. LOL

    • From Russia with Luv.. Kanyon/Staus-6/Poseidon
      *(who was/is Poseidon?)

      20 Meters Long
      1.8 Meters Diameter
      100 Tons
      -Equipped with nuclear reactor,carries 2 Megaton nuke warhead, with 70 knot operating speed.

      ** current locations; East Coast/West Coast/Gulf Coast/ Great Lake.

      So a giant crab boil for east coast, giant crawdad boil for the gulf coast, what they gonna boil in Cali ? dungeness, imagine great lakes will be cooking Muskie & Yellow Perch. Dont be strangers, drop us a Glasnoss when the seafoods’ ready to serve.

      “Natasha we must boil the Moose & Squirrel!”


      and in the new warm water port..When slo joe flipped Cuba off when they asked for help..they stepped in..
      I also suspect the Obama Biden port deal with the makers of the Club-k remote systems that there’s a definite possibility that they moved a few around the country sitting for activation.
      they are chess players and we only go for the business model of getting wealth for the puppeteers.. we have ignored our infrastructure and our national security.. the needs of the taxpayers and put unbearable burdens on the citizens. our medical system is one of the worst in the world.. and we exported industry..
      now with the open borders we have pongo ally allowed in a Trojan horse army all while deploying our military around the globe and using a great amount of our strategic reserves chasing the golden goose..
      but then I’m just some old moron in the wastelands.. the other ones in control are the smart ones.. doing the Macarena..

      • Russia is sending a (probably Gorshkov-class) frigate armed with a full compliment of nuclear cruise missiles and hypersonics, and at least one fully nuclear-armed Yasen-M class sub in, to be hidden in the Caribbean somewhere, under cover of these pending Naval wargames. We know they’re doing it, but don’t know which ships, or their itineraries. We’re not likely to ever know which sub, and probably won’t know the frigate until it disappears from our satellite surveillance.

        ‘Tellin’ you, if’fn I were Putin, I’d buy one (or two, or three) of those deserted islands north of Bermuda, dredge one side, and put up several square miles of camo netting, just to mess with the CIA…

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