3 Ways to Live, 5 ways to Die

My, ain’t this an odd topic for a (nominally) financial (and other interests) website?  Well, not really. But today we go a bit deep on the part of “making a killing” that involves us personally. We inspect the choice we each will face when “comes time to go.”

Before we drill into that, however, the non-stop merriment of news flow continues.  We kick off with ADP and how it looks compared with the JOLTS report Tuesday.

Two perspectives on a U.S. missile test as we careen toward a worry filled July.  And there’s more political silliness than anyone would expect, except folks around here.

More than a dozen market charts on how economic means are rolling.  Definitely two cups worth.

Plus you’ll enjoy my “Woo for the Road” report…

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62 thoughts on “3 Ways to Live, 5 ways to Die”

  1. Well here’s an interesting article.. We rule the world .. What an idiot.. the really sad part of it is..it shows the separation of the citizens and those in the bubble.. he’s never held a real world job.. never had to budget and narrow minded enough to ignore what affect we have had on all these smaller countries that we have forced our will on.


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    • I strongly urge everyone to read this article before making a decision or to confirm your decision in the upcoming presidential election.

      • I tried — I really did.

        Kammy is not the only one in the Biden Administration with terminal word salad disease. At least she occasionally gives us full sentences of garbage.

        Joe’s words go into a blender after he creates the salad.

        ‘Nothing like having our future existence tethered to a hopelessly-conceited, narcissistic, megalomaniacal fool with stage three dementia and a penchant for pre-pubescent girls…

        • the truly sad part …is look what we have for a choice..that is suppose to be the best that America has to offer us for a choice.. Even with his narcissistic personality at least he worked for the people.. after spending billions of dollars changing laws and double standard of our laws Trump has morals and ethics.. and a street fighters ability to withstand the storm..
          George Carlin says it best.

        • as much that they have spent to destroy him..as much as they have given to those to destroy him..the millions that have been paid to family and members of the legal system the double standards and destruction of our border security..pushing us to a war we cannot win..
          no matter what.. I am willing to bet that they will never let Trump be president again. and if the democrats are successful in taking his secret service protection away..

    • Ol pedo joe had to learn about money after he bought his first mansion. He ended up selling his driveway to get by, not a lie . He some learned that he could sell his name and make millions.

      • My suggestion is to listen to:

        It’s “All Over Now Baby Blue”

        By the Animals……..

        And act accordingly.


    • “What an idiot”
      You can say that again Loob, as they are all very idiotic.

      Speaking of which, was at middle school choir concert for one of the kids years ago. At the end of the performance the kids turned & filed off of bleacher stands, row by row, single file. The last kid in middle row, was not paying attention, and was left standing alone at end of row. My Mother in LOUD voice says “will you look at that idiot”..wished I could have crawled under my chair..

      Its not just Joenocide Bribem, his whole administration is struggling – IDIOTS ? you want IDIOTS? I got Ure IDIOTS..

      Take grandma yellen, PLEASE!
      No really, think about her plan to STEAL Russia’s “windfall profits” from frozen assets (UST) .
      This plan is shear brilliance – let me explain;

      > Only about 10% of those frozen assets are held in US Custody, the rest -95% of held in EuroCLear.
      > Euroclear has offices all over the world including Hong Kong.
      > Russia will SUE in Hong Kong – get a favorable decision, and proceed to TAKE any and all assets they chose from any and all Euroclear offices. duh-ooh!
      >> The amount/value of western Oil Co assets in Russia far exceed amount frozen by USA. The act of which (stealing Russian Assets) IS the death knell for USD and UST mkts. USA can no longer be trusted..

      Stupid is as Stupid does – this admin Is down right STOOOPID! Which is great news for my Natasha, Countrywomen & Men.

      “Natasha We Must Nuke The Moose and zzzZap ze Squirrel.”

        • For myself the futility is the ….number…..
          there isn’t any real wealth..just a number…
          we live by the number but in reality its a shell game..
          Star trek actually brought up the puppeteers sitting in the back room betting numbers collecting numbers.. if you have a hundred pounds of wheat and then someone says that’s nice but see I think its only value is 14 of our numbers.. and we buy that.. willing to trade a hundred pounds for fourteen segments of one number per pound d..in return they get one hundred pounds of an actual product..can make a months worth of bread for a number 14 on a computer screen..

          brings up a story.. A young man came from Africa to go to college ..he got free college and guaranteed 40 hours a week free housing etc. nice kid .. anyway after three days I couldn’t find him..where did he go.. so I went room to room searching for him.. there he was standing by the nurses station. I walk up and ask him.. what Are you doing.. his response was things are different in America than in Africa.. how is that I asked. he said in Africa the harder you work the more you make in the USA the less you work the more you make..lol lol.. I laughed and said you have to have a sheet of paper first.. get a degree..
          well he finished his college degree and now has management position

          many of the young ladies and gentlemen that come on work visa’s from other countries Have told me similar stories. a wage here is several years income a month..the one that came to become a doctor ent back to Kenya to help her village deal with the illnesses there. I still see her kids that remain here in the same home she was given.
          One guy..( that thought a fellow coworker and I should be put to death..because we let women tell us what go do) only came to get enough money for 12 wives non Virgin sold for 4 dollars Virgin 100 and a herd of goats.. he was let go I’d didn’t make any difference how much government funds are given.. because he explained a woman’s role with the administrator that was a woman telling him what to do.
          I would have paid to watch that exchange..

  2. Your thoughts on trans dimensional portals are both interesting and timely. Many times just prior to dads passing it was obvious to me that he wasn’t there. Almost like he was watching TV or something then he would just click back in and then say something off base. I always thought WTF . I think maybe he was in that stage like just after waking up and I wonder if he was just digesting what he just experienced. I’m about half way through Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. I see many parallels to your thoughts today in the story. And like you I pulled Haunted Mesa off the shelf for a reread.
    Stay safe. 73

  3. Elaine is an artist. I can see why she is so focused in the moment because she is so observant of details others miss. Specific colors and details seem to have always been important to her. It doesn’t seem out of character for her to be supper aware of the moment and finding the recent past less important.

    • people with dementia in the first stages they can be redirected back to the present.
      then they start settling into an age..
      my brother and I had supper with mom..she was telling us about what one of us kids were doing and he leans over and asks. who’s mom talking about..I said you..lol
      listening to Joe ramble on about his son the general that died heroically in iraq.. kind of stuff..it’s a normal phase of dementia and the misfires of the brain.
      I would love to see him draw a pig and a clock..those 2 tests tell a lot about someone that is dealing with dementia.
      most pick a time in their life and that’s where they are happy.
      we had one a highly educated woman..she landed back to first grade..
      the facility had an expert come in on brain dysfunction..told her her mom was dead..omg.. hell broke out..the aid came and said come quick the brain scientist told so and so her moms dead..
      I get in and said..what do you think your doing . I’m telling mom..she was instantly back to a comfort zone. saying tattle tail tattle tail..then I told that specialist I don’t care what in the hell you do on your shift but never do something that stupid on mine..
      so if someone has seated in painting..then get a paint set..one guy was an old retired attorney General. he lived to read had his old comfy chair and radio loved to sit and listen ..his son a semi famous lawyer.. anyway I visit with the son and said you should get your dad a couple of audio books. the son said..he wouldn’t remember any of it.. I said doesn’t make any difference if he reads the same chapter over and over..his quality of life would improve.. he had his secretary pick him up a couple..there wasn’t any better sight than to see him sitting in his comfy chair and his pipe in his mouth a smile on his face listening to the books over and over. my wife lives to sew and make things . I got her a good sewing machine .. find what they like..in the end it’s not about the number but who they are that matters.

      • I feel this very way about my hard working husband.

        He has worked for over 50 years and still is working.

        So one day he finds a car that he likes.

        Slightly mentions it, my ears perk up but I don’t say anything.

        A week or two goes by, he mentions it again, says it’s still for sale, but they probably want too much for it.

        A few weeks later, he says sadly, ‘oh, it’s gone.’ I say, “what’s gone?” He says, “that car I was telling you about.” Now remember, I haven’t see the ad yet.

        A few minutes go by, he says, “oh, there it is, I was in the wrong city (Craigslist). It’s still there, hey come look at it.”

        So, I stood over his shoulder and looked. Yep, a beautiful car, something he could never afford when it was new, a dream car, a peak life experience for him.

        I find out how much they want, and I say, you know what, why don’t you go see that car this weekend, call the guy.

        Long story short; he’s a proud owner of a beautiful motor vehicle, one he can enjoy for the rest of his well-deserving life.

        It’s a beauty, that’s for sure.

        And it wasn’t that much.

  4. Word !

    Yeah dog, I have been talking with my better half about this Alzheimer thing for last 5-6 years, since caring for Dad during last 2 yrs of his Life. I think they called the Dementia wing senior care facility Lavender Lane, and it was on 24/7 lockdown.
    Didnt really wanna be anywhere near that area after Sundown..we are talking CuuCuu4CocoPuffs time. Anyway people always would say to me that their loved one was “somewhere else” after seeing them talking to seemingly “thin air”. I had always known from an early age that they were indeed there, they just could see a whole lot more than most peeps. My Son even did meta study/analysis on Alzheimer’s (published) and different means of testing for early onset..Loosing sense of Smell for Peanut Butter was an outlier..

    Uncle Clif has finally started to gobble & nerk ( https://youtu.be/e1gSjcL8ZIE?si=GZ2cWJHTexIMgk3o) about modern science (grit model) being on wrong course and how we will never achieve squatta as long as Qi/Ki is NOT acknowledged, studied and understood. – WORD!

    QiGong: The Meaning

    “Qigong features simultaneous training of the heart-mind and body through parallel cultivation of xing and ming, in the form of concurrent motion and jing(calmness and stillness) with methods emphasizing coordination of intention, qi, body, and shen(spirit). It is ideal technique for health maintenance, physical wellness, fitness, prevention of diseases, diagnosis, self-healing, therapeutic treatment. longevity, prenatal education, performance, martial arts, skill enhancement, latent energy activation, wisdom development, special ability cultivation, and increasing working efficiency. It is a multiple technical discipline, a high technology among high technologies. It is a multi-subject discipline closely related to contemporary social sciences and natural sciences. At the same time, it is an ideal field of study for the understanding of ourselves and the universe, a multi dimensional scholarship integrating epistemology and methodology. It is highly harmonized outlooks on life, world and universe. This is the meaning of qigong.-Dr. YX

    xie xie (shayshay)

    • https://www.aarp.org/caregiving/health/info-2017/ways-to-manage-sundown-syndrome.html?cmp=KNC-DSO-CAREGIVING-HealthRelatedConcerns-23001-Bing-SundownSyndromeCare-Exact-NonBrand&&msclkid=263494e96132141193faf2891e1f7cfd&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Caregiving-HealthRelatedConcerns-NonBrand-Exact&utm_term=sundown%20syndrome&utm_content=Sundown%20Syndrome%20Care&gclid=263494e96132141193faf2891e1f7cfd&gclsrc=3p.ds

      on the dementia wings many are just forgetful. sundown ers is totally real so is moon phase changes..
      had one guy..sundowners..wow.. he totally tore apart a room.. destroyed everything.. then when he threatened the administrators life when they were trying to redirect him..( he thought the hallway hand rail was the urinal.. there’s always an issue with toilet use and corners)
      so they shipped him off..I get to work at the other facility and at coffee ..the girls were talking about a new resident on the lavender lane..ripped a toilet off the floor and beat a young girl with it breaking her shoulder and back. ( they had to eventually let her go she has a lifetime lifting limit of ten pounds) I asked is his name..yup it was the same one..they just moved him. the problem is one law fits all. the federal government in their attempt to fix it.. eliminated restraints of all kinds..locally known as the drop and flop law.. you have the right to throw yourself on the floor or rip your fathers out .. no side rails and no chemicals to level the chemical imbalances..you have the right to kill yourself in any horrible method that you want.. during the day they are just fine..
      we had one patient where a tractor rolled on top of him..he was a Hard six person transfer.. they forced them to take the side rails away and it didn’t take long and the situation was eliminated.. one woman had caught a nasty MRSA bacterial.. in surgery. she would rip her intestines out and throw them on the floor. today no one is allowed to use restraints she has that right..

      • (“rip your fathers out”)

        rip their catheter s out.. seen a guy rip his penis apart from his cath once..

      • When I worked in the elder care facility, I saw and heard everything you and BCN are mentioning, and more. I was the one staff called when the “behavior” was occurring. I have a vibe I guess, for calming them down. Ya gotta have a loving mindset. Acting defensive or combative, only escalated the situation. Makes you no different than what the patient is doing. Gotta be calm and offer calmness to them. I kind of walked in and became a part of their delusion … you could say.

        I never had a moment of fear and they always cooperated with me. No casualties.

        Several of them said they saw Angels around me, and some told me me future, (things that did in fact, happen) they all became my friends there. Ya gotta build trust and keep it.

        Alzheimer’s is now seen as type 3 diabetes of the brain. – These people are sick, suffering and deserve respect, love and quality care.

        • yes that’s what I was to.. the one they called never had any fears.. had to run interference a few hundred times. o e thing I know for sure..you haven’t seen it all..the minute you think you have..something really weird will happen that you have never seen before.
          there are times even now where someone will ask me to have coffee with someone to see what I think.
          sadly a lot of the younger kids are in it for the money and only in it for money. the ones suffering are those they care for.
          I had a favorite woman her son owns a baseball team ..anyway she was with it..but pretended she wasnt.. so two of us one guys name was dan..
          we would go in and she would say Dan, Dan which Dan are you. I would say I am the good looking dan..or I’m the smart dan..and I am the good smelling dan..lol so when Dan went in she would say Dan Dan which Dan are you..then she would sniff him and say oh I want the good lookin smart Dan that smells good not you…lol lol
          years later I was really sick and had to have a volunteer driver take me to a hospital several hundreds of miles away..all the way he visited about this pitcher and team that was his idol..what he wouldn’t give for that..the pitcher was on the team her son owned.. I called and asked if there was anyway I could get his photo for this guy that was taking time out of his life getting me to appointments.. two days later.. FedEx dropped a package off..two team jerseys a team photo signed by all the team the pitchers autographed photo and two passes for a home game in the box..
          when he took me to my next appointment he was visiting about his favorite team and I said I actually have so.ething to give you for taking this time for me and handed him the package. he started to get tears in his eyes..it was his life’s dream.. you meet everyone.i got fulfilled being someone else’s strength when they were at their weakest and learning their life’s journey..

  5. (“The Bread and Circus Department
    We are taking bets on who will serve more jail time: Trump or Hunter. Hunter Biden trial enters 3rd day with cross-examination of FBI agent.”)

    lets see.. not one of the members of the family busine
    because of a long life in public service and the lack of real world work experience.. his total disconnection from reality is quite obvious.
    i believe that Trump will not ever be allowed to take office again.
    they are working hard to pass a law to take his secret service detail away exposing him to greater threats of physical harm by placing him in a life threatening environment.
    Considering just much money that they have given already to putting him in jail and ignoring the alleged crimes of the family with mountains of evidence.. as low as they have been willi to go to get this done.. would they seek to purchase others incarcerated to push their agenda?
    they were willing to pay millions to others seeking to jail him and their family members..what would an early release and millions do for some criminal incarcerated for life..if he only would make their point.
    if they succeed i believe trump will never see the light of day.

  6. The most important gift you can give your life’s partner is your physical proximity — closeness — for as much time as seems approprite. Be there — close by — as whatever dreams and reveries may occur. They may not give much indication that they’re aware of you, but they are.

    As to what you are both doing — reading, watching a movie, or just a-settin’ there as the time gently eases on by — it matters not. Your beloved Presence is The Thing. It will ease both your minds.

    No rush. No pending appointments. No pressure from the 10,000 unimportnat things we clutter our hours fretting over. Just BE with her. If she seems distracted or adventuring somewhere else, not to worry: you are being an anchor. Maintaining a welcome grip on life in the current world.

    The long fronds of kelp sway slowly in the gentle surges, but at its base, the kelp is held fast to a rock which does not move. It is free to sway, well anchored.

    • Agreed.

      A dear friend’s husband has dementia.

      She says that it is a KNOWN neurological fact that statin drugs, to lower cholesterol, attack the myelin sheath of nerve transmission and damage them.

      Her husband’s dementia came on pretty fast.

      She was trying to cope in their home and ended up having an aide come in 4 hours a day, 3 times a week, just so she could get things done, as he was busy emptying drawers, taking things out, and then walking the street, knocking on doors to say hello to neighbors. She said everyone on their street knew him so just greeted him and smiled at him and he smiled back.

      Anyway, she got up one day and tripped over the cell phone cord and landed very hard and completely bruised her body and face. He stood looking at her, unable to comprehend her fall, what she needed, and did not offer to help her up.

      She decided then and there, what she had been doing was the wrong thing, to keep him at home alone.

      So, she has now put the house up for sale, downsized, found a Christian Dementia Full-time care place, where she can also have a very nice 2 bedroom apartment on the same campus.

      He can come home and they can spend time together, but he has a place at the facility. They have been together over 50 years, so she wants to be as close as possible but she knows that she cannot afford another emergency.

      He has settled in and is happy. She is doing well also.

      This is in Texas.

      • I’d ask her for data to support the statins claim because “Therefore, a recent systematic review and meta-analysis addressing the relationship of statin use and risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease based on observational studies is very important (1). This paper was published in on 6 December 2021 in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. In total, a pooled analysis of 36 studies found that statins were associated with a decreased risk of dementia (OR 0.80 (CI 0.75-0.86). For Alzheimer’s disease, the association with statins based on 21 studies, was also reduced (OR 0.68 (CI 0.56-0.81). There was no sex difference in the risk reduction, the results were similar for lipophilic and hydrophilic statins, and stronger for high-potency statins compared to low-potency statins.:

  7. (“Life force and dimensions are most likely not electricity, but something else. However, the concepts of electricity may be useful as parables and similes. In other words, it’s not electricity, but it’s similar in how templates used in electricity and electronics can be applied and seem to fit”)

    Everything is a frequency.. the studies on light and sound .. chakras..
    the healing sounds ….

  8. You believe strongly in ‘something’. For me., my way of thinking.., the next logical step is: Prove it. Prove this ‘something’.
    How do you analyze ‘something’ that has no data? What exactly do you analyze? Correlate folk tales?
    How do you experiment with ‘something’ when the basic laws of a scientific experimentation are none existent?
    I will set aside my T.I Scientific calculator, since there is no math to examine., – just what do you have that will convince me ? An ancient story told by a native American elder, high on peyote recounting a story his grandfather told him – while high on peyote? Sorry, I am not convinced. [ Good camp-fire story though.]
    Your belief in ‘something’ has never been proven. On any level. Why is that?
    There is no proof of your ‘something’. None. Speculation abounds in the imagination of many minds. From fantasy / science fiction writers., to artists., to scientists [ of many disciplines ] yet there is no tangible, repeatable, science to support or confirm this ‘something’.
    Hundreds of years and thousands of experiments to physically create this ‘something’ have failed., all of them. Lead to gold alchemy comes to mind.
    “Belief” is the only thing you’ve got. And it can be very strong indeed, but can not be analyzed. It can not be scientifically proven. And that belief provides no evidence, no data., no psychical elements that can be looked at, studied, analyzed and recreated to prove / confirm what you believe in.
    .., and thus.., my T.I. Scientific sits idle, gathering dust – as it has nothing to work with.
    I do however, have my art tablet available – if you can describe, with any detail of what this ‘something’ might look like., I will try to visualize it for ya.

      • My experience? Where did I go?
        – Nowhere., in the physical sense – all in my head.

    • (“How do you analyze ‘something’ that has no data? What exactly do you analyze? Correlate folk tales?
      How do you experiment with ‘something’ when the basic laws of a scientific experimentation are none existent?”)

      What a great question….
      The scientific method is a systematic way of conducting experiments or studies so that you can explore the things you observe in the world and answer questions about them using the cause and affects known to exist.
      through the laws of physics.. we cannot exist.. neither can anything else in our rhealm of existance.. IF those laws are absolute.. we find every day how things differ than what we believe to be true..
      Folk Tales.. Folk tales and legends come from peoples past experiences.. passed down through word of mouth..Folklore studies (less often known as folkloristics, and occasionally tradition studies or folk life studies in the United Kingdom) is the branch of anthropology devoted to the study of folklore. finding evidence of their existence takes more time..like our constitution.. we see what the constitution and bill of rights had to say in the beginning.. but as time has gone by it has been altered and deleted from existence.. to fit someones narative of what should be.. We seen the islamic radicals destroy historical monuments and have torn down many evidences to history of the country.. their beginnings and way of life will become a legend.. the BLM and Antifa terrorist activities did exactly the same thing.. why they targeted their own neighborhoods remains to be a secret without an answer.. but their historical existence will be a legend in future years.. we see that with the Bible and the Torah and the Quran etc etc etc.. the Vedics..
      what once was is no longer allowed so it becomes a legend.. a technology yet to be discovered that once was popular..
      Take the Tucker.. destroyed by the money pushers.. yet his inovations are even now today just coming out as new and approved.. Tesla and his inventions from the MRI AC current radio and television all stemed from his out of the box thinking.. what if..
      Take the Berry basket.. we read about the exploits of the Lewis and Clark expedition the sacrifices they made to do what they deemed important.. what we don’t know is the family stories that happened behind the scenes.. they are just an old family story passed down.. I wouldn’t have known about the berry basket story if I hadn’t of asked why all the grown ups hated him so much of my great great uncle… that as a little boy explained it to me…when I die.. the kids will clean out the shed and see that two hundred plus year old basket and throw it out into the trash..
      Archeology… I love this.. and am patiently waiting for the book the table of the gods to be released.. I have probably tried all the recipes in it.. love the question.. what did the ancients enjoy to eat.. and drink.. what can we find out.. it is my quest to try all of them.. patiently waiting for the recipes in the voynich manuscript.. this link actually shocks the shit out of me.. YALE has always blocked anyone but Preppy Daddys boy from reading anything in their library.. LOL no access unless your a member of the brand LOL LOL
      then to see a copy in their library is amazing.. LOL…
      its a farmers almanac of ancient origin.. can’t wait I will get the recipes from it.. got part of one of the old recipes.. similar to mashed potatoes but using grain..
      Because it is hard to follow what is real and what isn’t.. I read the way I do.. I will read a chapter if I see something that has me question.. then I research that in other material until I get it answered.. i would drive any college kid nuts with how I read..

    • Several examples of published research;
      Journal of Scientific Explorations, Vol16, No.3 pp . 381-411, 2002 – certain physical mainfestation and effects of external Qi of Yan Xin Life Science technology
      2006 – The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology xxx(2006)xxx-xxx (avail online http://www.sciencedirect) – External Qi of Yan Xin Qigong differentially regulates Akt and extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathways and is cytotoxic to Cancer cells but not normal cells.
      http://www.elsevier.com/locate/brainres, Brain research 1006 (2004) – Involvement of phosphatidylinositol 3 -kinase and insulin-like growth factor-I in YXLST-mediated neuroprotection.
      Life Sciences 69 (2001) 289-299 – Protective effect of XY99-5038 on hydrogen peroxide induced cell death in cultured retinal neurons.
      Mat Res Innovat (1999) 2:349-359 – Springer-Verlag 1999′
      Structure and property changes in certain materials influenced by the external qi of qigong.
      Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society Vol 22, No. 5, October 2002, 397-402 – Homeostasis is maintained in Yan Xin Life Science Technolgy-Optimized Caloric Restriction: Physiological and Biochemical Studies. aka Bigu

      -to cite just a few studies

    • “For me., my way of thinking.., the next logical step is: Prove it. Prove this ‘something’.
      How do you analyze ‘something’ that has no data? What exactly do you analyze?”

      You can’t prove it, nor analyze it.

      Let’s talk Christianity for a minute:

      Your only data is:

      Jesus Christ lived.

      He was executed via the most inhumane of all the means the Romans used for executions.

      Upon His death he was interred in a cave, which was then sealed by means of a several-ton rock.

      Three days later, the rock had been moved, the body was gone, and a blanket remained, photochemically-etched in a manner that, to this day, we can neither comprehend nor duplicate.

      There is no way to prove that people didn’t move the rock and steal the Body, nor is there any way to confirm that any of the miracles attributed to Him, or His teaching itself, ever happened.

      Right about here is where we get into the word “faith” and its meaning. “Faith” is a belief in something which can’t be proven or quantified. To have “faith,” you have to suspend analytics and analysis, and just “believe.”

      It sounds really easy. In truth, it is really difficult, and until I came to the understanding of the word “faith” and its meaning, I was in the same place as you. Also, understand that any spiritual or extradimensional belief you have, or even if you have none at all, is still a “faith.”

    • you are right..you cannot prove the transmutation of the soul..or even IF the soul exists..it is a belief.. I have my academic friends debate the issue with me often.. WHY DO YOU BELIEVE..
      we know in our life that there’s a past we believe there’s a future but we cannot even prove our existense.The only evidence you have that you exist as a self-aware being is your conscious experience of thinking about your existence..you think therefore you are.. now my experiences on the floor of many medical wings I have seen stuff beyond explanations..one of my first was when I was a boy.. as a class we would donate ti.e at a nearby nursing home. while in there a woman came up to tell me she was leaving and that her husband said to say goodbye to everyone that she cared for.. I like a crazy man said when are you going and where are you going..she said Jesus and my husband are here and said in a half hour we are leaving..I was telling the charge nurse and she said that’s real better check on her..sure enough. a half hour later she was gone.. my mother was telling me how dad was there visiting with her discussing the days events the news etc. sure enough she left when her and dad discussed..
      the old story..live by the sword .. holds true. if you live with a hateful heart..
      ever cheat at a game..
      my experience a woman died..the aid came over to tell me the nurse wanted to see me..on the other wing. I get there and the nurse said she has never dealt with death would I prep the body.. the woman was an early riser.. she was fussy about her bed..you had to be able to bounce a quarter on it.. so up at 4 watch the early news have her toast and coffee ..she died in her chair..the process was bath the patient clean clothes get their burial outfit for the final journey with the undertaker. I gathered up the bath blanket laid it out on her bed got the warm water the towels etc..her burial clothes .. gently picked her up and laid her on the bed..she jumps up and says what do you think your doing..you messed up my bed.. I almost had a heart attack.. I asked her where were you when you seen me mess up your bed..up in the corner with the angel..she then said now make my bed and get my coffee..I was coming back with the coffee and toast..the undertaker was checking her out..they look at me all shocked and asked..what are you doing. I said she says she’s not going anywhere until she’s had her coffee.. she lived three more years..
      my personal experience..we were really hurting.. if it could slap me upside the head it did..working nonstop..my life was hell..I passed out in the dip n dunk room.. they hauled my but to the ER..I had ripped bile duct and peritonitis had set in.. I had to be admitted..tubes everywhere.. while they were waiting in admissions and the tests..I went into the hospital chapel..I was the only one there..I said a silent prayer telling heavenly father I tried to do it on my own..but couldn’t do it. I was putting my life in his hands he knew what I was dealing with..
      they shoved tubes every where ..on critical care wing .. in the wee hours of the night I woke in a drugged fog..there was a shadowy figure of a man no real distinguished features ..he said you could use this..and left an envelope..the next morning I tjought it was a dream asked the nurse if there was any visitors last night she said no the wing was a licked wing the only ones on it was the charge and her..went for tests came back and housekeeping was there and said oh I put your mail in the drawer in the envelope was just enough money to help us until I could be back on my feet.
      the year we went without an income..the same thing after a period of time savings was almost depleted everyone had abandoned us..deep in prayer..then a card came in the mail..I dont know why but after my morning prayers I can’t get you out of my mind and keep getting the tjought you need help..and in with the card was just enough money to get us through..when the first paycheck came we had 24cents left he saved us..now I hadn’t seen him in forty years he was 8 the last time I had seen him he had to search to find where I live..
      so is there a god..does he listen to our prayers. oh my..three times gid stepped in and saved me..why me..who knows I am nothing special.. I never made much money who cares what I think or feel.. I have no importance at all.. but if I see someone that needs a hand up and I hear the whisper..I will do everything in my power to give them a hand up..
      whether heavenly father exists is up to you and whether you believe..I do.. I have an unwavering faith..
      anyone on hospital floors will tell you countless stories totally unbelievable..whispers and conversations in rooms with no one in them ..exercise bikes peddling with no one on them..

  9. What happens if you get into heaven and find out it’s really boring ? Can you get a weekend furlough to have a blues-filled bender at a smokey roadside dive-bar that sells two dollar chili dogs?
    “I don’t think that’s part of Gods’ plan.”
    Now I understand why so many people sin.

    • That standing around singing Hosanna’s and Hallelujahs ain’t heaven. More like hell.
      The afterlife is a lot like the present life with better color spectrometry, no financialization (with a power to create, who needs money?) and gobs of wildly interesting shit to do.

      But my question wasn’t “Do you tire of “the same old shit” easily.

      Do you dream?

      • A whole bunch of assumptions., all based on ‘belief’., not science.
        – As far as “Do I dream?” – You already know the answer to that. I have posted a couple of my dreams here.
        – Your point being ?

        • Where did (you, essence of poker players) “go” during that time? And how did the calculator handle that (bviously real) experience?
          Which gets us to the ‘Were there no germs before microscopes?” discussion.

        • science has no proof of why the placebo effect works, but that is why they do the double blind trials. When you believe it alters the quantum field. Similar to the observer altering the the out of experiments with waves and particles

  10. Many years ago I was backpacking across the Black Rock Desert in Nevada., it was close to ten in the morning and I had already been hiking for four hours – as the early morning was the best time., heat-wise., I stopped between noon and five, or so, to avoid the worst part of the day.
    I stopped in the shade of a weather-beaten old pinion tree and took a drink from my canteen – figuring I had another four, maybe five miles to my next designated camp-spot. [ I didn’t feel like taking out my map.] When a sound, that nobody wants to hear., ever., started just to my left., about ten – twelve feet away.
    I looked over and there was the grandpa of all rattle snakes. At least four feet long, fat and sassy. I was mesmerized as he slowly coiled – his head never moved., but his over-sized body kept tightening and coiling under him., tighter and tighter as his forked tongue darted in and out.., long rattle seemingly getting louder. He was quite serious about letting me know that I was not welcomed under ‘his’ tree. Probably had never encountered a clumsy, heavy-footed human before – didn’t know what I was.
    He was too far for a strike., or he would have already done it., so I slowly backed away and just as slowly raised my hand to my 45., “just in case” it came down to it. At twenty feet away he stopped rattling., but the tongue kept darting out and he remained tightly coiled., staring intently. I stood still and starred right back. He was incredible.
    I started to circle around him., he could have the shade of the tree – fine with me – I didn’t want to lose the compass heading I was on and needed to get “back on track”.., as I circled away from him., he slowly uncoiled and started to move away, inch by slow inch – thankfully in the opposite direction I needed to go.
    We parted ways. I did look back once, just to make sure.
    Why tell this story? In an odd way I have the same feeling as that moment with the desert king.., too many things are coiling – tighter and tighter. I could actually feel that snake and his warning – and it seems I can ‘feel’ a warning right now. Since my first cup of coffee by the koi pond early this morning. In this case though, I can not tell from where the warning is coming from. Lock and load.., or order more vegetable seeds? To be prudent – both? Is it universal., or personal ? Aimed at all of us., or just me ? I don’t really know.
    .., but it’s there.
    – “Stay Frosty !” Corporal Hicks

      • yup.. I feel and see it as well.. the sad part is.. we keep pushing towards the rattle.. poking it with a stick.. the Generals are giving us fair warning to.. telling the one pushing towards the rattler.. back up.. back up..

  11. I enjoy the mental exercise but ain’t no point dwelling too long on a problem with no solution.

    Serenity Prayer

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it;
    Trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will;
    That I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    Forever in the next.

  12. re: “In Praise of Folly”
    feat: Erasmus of Gouda


    Thanks again to DJ George for sailing us through dire straits into happy hour at the ranch with Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow”. Please don’t smoke the banana skins!

    Apples don’t fall far from the sheinbaum of knowledge? The Oxford English Dictionary suggests that the first use of “yellow alert” took place on Sept. 8, 1941 in the “Bismarck Tribune”. The front page headline of the day reads “Leningrad Ringed, Say Nazis”. Indeed, history would appear to reflect that date as being the beginning of the nearly three year Siege of Leningrad by the German and Finnish armies.

    Today, in lieu of transcript of the latest White House fundraiser, vagaries of history’s twilight zone-like recording era give Chancellor Bismarck only one minute and fourteen seconds to speak.


    Announcer: Friedrichsruh on the seventh of October, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine.

    Bismarck: In good old colony times,
    When we lived under the King,
    Three roguish chaps fell into mishaps
    Because they could not sing.

    [When] Emperor Redbeard came with praise
    to the holy land,
    there he had to go with his pious army
    through a desolate and empty mountain range.

    Let us therefore rejoice
    while we are young.

    After a delightful youth,
    After a troublesome old age
    We have ground.

    Let’s go, children of the Fatherland
    The day of glory has come
    Against us from the tyrany
    The bloody standard is raised.

    Do everything in moderation and morality, especially work, but also eating, and especially drinking. Advice from a father to his son.

    PS: I hope it doesn’t get anyone’s goat, but I realize there is a recording of Queen Victoria from around the same period dropping rhymes. However I believe it’s “Mary Had a Little Lamb” which I think we’ve all heard before.

    • The Latin translation is inaccurate.

      That’s the first verse of “Gaudeamus igitur”, popular among high school Latin students — who would tell you that the final line is actually “the earth will have us”, which is to say “we will be buried [because we will be dead]”.

      I hope the other translations are more accurate.

  13. This may be way out of line. I’m reading between the lines. Women need social connection. I know. it’s the same for me – fiercely independent, professional career, somewhat of a loner but I do have a partner I love. One linchpin, one anchor is not enough. It’s actually truly frightening. Your presence is everything……….but still not enough. It will never be enough. When my partner is furiously engaged with the world, they’re not with me. And my life raft is my imagination – I willfully drift off to other people, places, times where I feel secure…where I feel happy. That is my only escape………………………

  14. (“If there were three “existence levels” why just three? Other realities lurk in drugs and alcohol by all accounts. There are Dreams, and they can be all over the place. Then we have that Legend and Lore not to mention that odd 1.6 gigahertz signal on the spectrum analyzer at Skinwalker.
    A quick review of the structure of symmetrical waveforms briefly. Because when you match up identical AC voltages that are exactly 180-degrees out of “phase” they will – if the same frequency – exactly cancel each other out.”)

    YEARS AGO.. one of the gentlemen I took care of was one of the top scientists that wrote several books on quantum mechanics and planned the Apollo space missions to the moon.. Great guy .. every night we would go out and have coffee and stare at the stars.. we discussed many things.. alternate realities was one of them..
    similar to the show sliders.. can there be alternate realities that we all live in in different dimensions.. He would get frustraited because I didn’t have an interest in quantum before.. but have contemplated those discussions for years.. ( read his books to.. they are text books at most colleges.. )

  15. ( “Isn’t that a neat group of cute people on that cruise ship?”

    At this point, with over a thousand miles under my keel, you think I wouldn’t notice a cruise ship? I asked her to describe them and the ship they were on. Which she did in great detail. Somewhere in here, I began to think she had totally “lost it.”)

    Here’s the musings of a moron on this and
    shamanic trance’s where the shaman has the ability to understand and interpret alternate realities. or.. is their ability to look beyond and receive divine information.. just the ability to see different ..frequencies..physicist Hugh Everett, MWI suggests that every quantum event leads to a branching of the universe into multiple parallel worlds. each the same but different considering the actions taken.. as in the movie war games when the computer is learning the futility of war.
    In this view, each possible outcome of a quantum measurement occurs in a separate universe.
    These “bubble worlds” represent different branches of reality, coexisting alongside our perceived universe.
    If we consider the idea of a quantum mind that proposes that classical mechanics and neuronal interactions alone cannot fully explain consciousness.
    Instead, it suggests that quantum phenomena—such as entanglement and superposition—may play a role in critical aspects of consciousness. I have seen many people with brain tumors as the tumor grows the ability to see things that are not perceived by others stuck in the realm of reality.
    There were programs where using hallucinating chemicals were used to see if they could see the future and other places with the use of medications and trendline states. transcendental meditation..astral plane is a dimension beyond our physical world, described as a realm of pure energy and consciousness.
    is it where our consciousness goes after physical death or during altered states like deep meditation or relaxation.
    Some has speculated that it’s populated by angels, spirits, or other immaterial beings.is astral planning lucid dreaming
    The astral plane is central to practices like astral projection and lucid dreaming and some association to the lack of oxygen that stimulates the brain to release drugs that stimulate lucid dreams to explore and awaken your spiritual potential and connect with non-physical realm the lack serotonin and norepinephrine Contribute to Lucid dreams that are considered glimpses of the soul’s journey toward divine union. Native American cultures view dreams as a bridge between the physical and spirit worlds and are passed down through their verbal lessons about the the souls journey. many of these stories can be found in casinos as historical museum of their heritage. I would love to see these lessons taught in public schools.
    Lucid dreams allow communication with ancestors, spirits, and animal guides.
    Dreamcatchers are often used to filter out negative dreams and enhance spiritual connection.

    Ancient Egyptians believed dreams were messages from gods or the afterlife.
    Lucid dreams were seen as divine communication or prophetic visions.
    Temples had dream chambers for incubating lucid dreams to receive guidance.

    when I was in the military I joined a volunteer grout of 37 that the study was..could a person work long hours efficiently just using three deep rest meditative events every 8 hours. 3 months there was a log kept then it was over. after discharge I made the journey down the rabbit hole of distress.. I decided to use what they showed us.. and did it over thirty years. my egg timer years.

    • Remind me in a week or three to do the PN piece on “What the MWI misses.
      It’s a very long (you and Stu will find it interesting) but every time the MWI diverges (and spawns a new timeline which is what divergences do)_ it also slings a modest change in future probabilities.
      Such that over the long haul, the events that BRANCH OFF ARE WEIGHTED TO RETURN TO THE LAUNCH POINT consensus.
      It’s an amazingly elegant approach. New futures, new timelines, but all reconverging out at the event horizon.
      Thought of usefully as the “vanishing point’s probability”
      We are (for now, understand) very formulistic in our approach and not optically or three-dimensionally inclined.
      Thus. a big change now (which may jolt things 200 left or right of where we are standing) when evolved overs the fullness of time – as things move toward the event horizon, were actually very small -infinitesimal little blips when seen 100,000 hours ahead. Which is why optical thinking – rather than numerical primacy – but with numeric support – is how great minds work.
      See with Mind first – work out the math later. You already have the answers. And you’re not obligated to share it, though folks like Nostradamus and Tesla did try…

      • MWI shows up in a lot of SF under various guises. W. Gibson called them stub timelines. Nine Princes in Amber is another example on the fantasy side.
        My own feeling is that the idea that MWI timelines and worlds spawned by human actions is along the same lines as medieval belief that earth was the center of physical creation.
        There are some reports of strange temporal effects around relativistic technology, but it is mostly an X-Files phenomena as best I can tell.
        It is possible that such effects occur at the sub-atomic level, but that is more a mathematical interpretation than anything observable.
        Folklore, ghost hunters and the G____ hint at the existence of other stable realms, but that would not be structures forged by the likes of mankind.

        • I like the idea of ‘relativistic technology.’ Any ideas how the home gamer can start playing with this?

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