Beat Down – Jump Up – Ides of Next Looming

We continue searching for Ground Truth in the origins of “Word Up. But so far to no avail.

Hot Date?  Try 10 AM this morning  – Labor Department’s Job Openings, Layoff’s, Terminations, and Separations (JOLTS) report may live up to its name with this insanely manic mess of a market.

First, the Beat Down

Not to be confused with the down beat, the recently upbeat markets face another opening challenge today. Making it appear that the employment news this week will be pleasant and Fed-Rate-Delusion supporting.  After all, we have often remarked on how news runs opposite economics at times. Hence a drop today might be telegraphing great news with ADP tomorrow, Job Cuts on Thursday, and the Offishall Numbers Friday.

For today, we are struck by the oddity of the Berkshire beat-down and the market’s Lazarus Rhyme immediately following.  You see, after being down more than 400 points on glitch Monday, our aggregate work showed an overall closing gain a razor under 94 points.  Sure, the Dow was down, but the S&P and NASDAQ more than made up for the Berkshire data boo-boo.  (Why, that’s sounds like a song title, doesn’t it? Jester! Make a note! A riff off Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop would fit, don’t you think?)

Think that’s gibberish?  Try how the stock market has been moving for a couple of weeks:

Ides of Next?

Look at the starting date of this-here chart.  5/21/24.  The Previous high for this wave had been March 21 around 44,600.

So, you think this might be some kind of canted angle triple top?”

No – just like we told Peoplenomics subscribers recently, this market could pop either way.  We have on the table:

  • Decline to a line then it’s fine.
  • Decline, a hover, and then it’s over.
  • Drop pop and hop to mid-July.
  • Or hop, hope and Dopes.

Jump Up?-

Our sense is that financial entities – the Bog Boyz behind the illusion – are thinking the markets are not likely to be normal in the final couple of months of the year.  The Election is too uncertain.  As a result, we are in a period of increased volatility.  This will make the free-running future seem indecipherable. But the Insiders already know, except for two factors.

  1. Will the Fed do the “non-partisan” Biden blow job with a rate cut at July’s meeting, AND…
  2. At what moment will the US/UK/NATO lob Western-made (and launched) weapons on the Russian homeland thereby green-lighting the Russians going to nukes rather than suffer another war of attrition like Germany tried in WW II? Russia has a keen memory and will not sit there taking punches. They will turn and go to the knock-out.

We think that three events will mark the middle of July.

  • Trump will gain in polls – frightening the hell out of the Globulists (sic) as America cheers the underdog after the sentencing farce the 11tdh.
  • The market could rally into the 14th – enjoying two weeks of screaming hype after an expected Fed rate cut, or at least a promise of a September cut.
  • Odds of a crash Monday 7/15 after a weekend nuclear *test* OR *use* by Russia. Which will be preceded by the desperation move by the Globulists “suggesting” the U.S. “help” hit key Russian targets.  Russia is in the anticipation seat muttering Vladimir Putin’s warning: “Beware of small, densely populated NATO countries” – They will not withstand a nuclear strike… (vid). But then, what would they say?

The U.S. under Biden has been acting very, um… “Hand me the foil and that lighter…

Still, a break 55 calendar days from a market high point looks like as good an expectation.  I’m taking some time off from trading. Never take sides in a bar fight.

This is only one of the ways these teabags can be read.  Tea leaves are comparatively much clearer reading than tea bags.  Even if they are Yorkshire Gold, thanks. (Mrs. Olson just rolled over as Ure periodically forsakes coffee.) Um…where were we?

Oh, yes.  A much shorter version in Global Bond Rally Wavers With Jobs Data Next Hurdle for Fed Path but it’s not nearly as much fun.

Messes for the Masses

Here is how Balance in Universe works.  In the Trump Trial, we know the only question was “When will they convict him and how?”  In the Hunter Biden trial, the opposite will be “We know the only question is when will they let him off the hook and how?”  Balance is maintained, you see?  So, this is more an appearance piece as Illegal drug use: Opening arguments set in trial of Biden’s son Hunter on gun charges.  Not a legal beagle, but how would this play: Downgrade to a misdemeanor would be a balance off upgrade to a felony in the other case, right? In house detention and done in 30-days.

Know what Joe Biden calls president Trump? Biden calls Trump a “convicted felon”, accusing him of assaulting judiciary. Don’t worry, Biden will still be calling Hunter “son” we’re sure.  Just Kabuki.

Biden in mid pivot from war-starter to peace-bringer now: US urges UN Security Council to support Biden’s cease-fire plan in Gaza. Kabuki.

But this Biden-Trump battle is one of those never-ending stories: Biden DOJ Hit With New Lawsuit Concerning ‘Collusion’ With Alvin Bragg’s Office.

Doping the horse races?  Every time (as a very old, highly cynical) reporter I read something like Congressman’s son steals the spotlight while his dad delivers remarks at the Capitol– I ask myself “Who is pushing this ol boy into the public right now and why???” Reading his bio, John Rose (Tennessee politician) – Wikipedia – could see him as a Dept. of Agriculture boss – and sure is nice to have a non-lawyer get into office.

We regulate what?  Regulators Raid Toyota Offices Over Safety Scandal, Sending Stock Down (  What strikes us is the (allegedly) falsified data involved “pedestrian safety tests.” Maybe they just ran out of volunteers? (What do you do for a living?  “I run over people.” – see how crazy this quadrant of the Universe is getting?)

Attack on the conservative press or a crime? U.S. Government Goes After Epoch Times CFO; Charges Include Money Laundering and Bank Fraud. Make a note to follow and file with the Alex Jones/Infowars stories.

After the ouchie from Fauci, let’s look in on how Breaking: Juror Dismissed After Mob-like Bribery Attempt in Biggest U.S. Pandemic-Era Fraud Scheme Trial Involving 67+ ‘Prominent’ Muslims and the Democrat Party – RAIR (

At the Ranch: Project Durable Recovery

Still piling up – all the things that have gone wrong in the past 2-weeks.

  • Record rains and 3/4-inch hail.
  • Extended power outage.
  • Starlink outage.
  • Landline outage.
  • DSL outage.
  • Waterline geyser and outage.
  • Garbage pickup was missed so it should go today.
  • Monday morning, the kitchen and washer drain line plugged up. Buddy JTP (Justin the Plumber) was on scene in an hour and a half and was done in an hour.
  • Truck tabs have been a nightmare
    • Got state inspection Thursday
    • When went to get tags. whole computer system was down. “Come back tomorrow Mr. Ure…”
    • Went back Friday which is when we discovered the wrong vehicle was brought in (car not the pickup – oops!  Next time read the renewal form, idiot!).
    • Went to get the RIGHT inspection Monday at our regular place – but now they have a sign up saying they don’t do inspections anymore, because it’s going away next year.
    • Went to the new place, but the road there (Loop 256) was closed to repair a railroad crossing so a 3-mile stop and go detour to get then…
    • Finally got the tabs done! Just in time to meet JTP…

Yes, this has been a hell of a two-week period. don’t know what set it off, some cosmic transgression, or what?

Sometimes events just cluster but this is acting like the four-letter extension to that root word has been tacked on.

Write when it all passes…

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52 thoughts on “Beat Down – Jump Up – Ides of Next Looming”

  1. George, don’t frame it as payback on some cosmic transgression, see it as a prepayment for some good karma a little later……

  2. “Yes, this has been a hell of a two-week period” – get used to it Chief, its what Ure reading says is in Ure future 4 this year..

    The unexpected, surprises, a year full of em, BUT they should all have good surprise results/endings-solutions – positively positive, less of course you no likey surprises, but who doesnt like Surprises? Why even good ole Gomer Pyle was a fan..”surprise, surprise thats not my finger either!”

    * No answers for the 6 year delta on Q posts and yesterdays date?- How did Q tards know that hunters gun trial would start on 6/3/24 six years ago ? The post, when rotated/inverted is in a shape that looks like a Gun image. A cowinkydink no doubt.

    Its time again..
    [Defining Democracy for the unawares; democracy which is foreign rule.
    Demos is the people, Kratos means rule. It means ruling people, which implies a remote.] There is only the remote world rulers and their human forms, so you know.

    This current administration IS jewish. So we could say that all war parties are imaginarilly fighting on behalf of the chosen ones, which are the DIE Deep State, which are the world rulers.
    A fine mess..

    • 1440
      Jun 03, 2018 3:58:29 PM EDT
      Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 5a7e3c No. 1620282

      as each of US old enough, remember the day JFK was killed and each remembers 9/11
      so we each should remember the day the demons labeled Trump as a felon,,, a first convicted president,,,
      as each event is the handy work of the demonic deep state, to maintain their control and power. Their corporate owned news media propaganda machine sing siren songs to the masses
      The Three Sirens – ”Go to Sleep Little Baby” from O Brother, Where Art Thou?

      Joe Biden: “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist!”

    • re: Angora Love, 1929
      feat: ides of june


      One looks forward to the mid-month gathering of bespoke members of the Peace for Ukraine club at the Bürgenstock (“vouch for”) Resort overlooking Lake Lausanne, Switzerland. The historic 35 year long home of the Bilderberg meetings now receives munificent guidance through a subsidiary of the Qatari sovereign wealth fund founded by His Highness, The Emir of Qatar. Eligible guests for the June Peace soiree are invited to rsvp to the Office of the President of the Ukraine or a designated representative at their earliest convenience.

      With performance preparations underway, let’s checkin for an update worthy of classical KING from DJ George with today’s lunch platter special. Sound the trumpets as another masterpiece theatre opens from the pen of Mouret dedicated to a battle-victorious grandson of King Louis XIV –
      “Sinfonies de Fanfare in D Major, Rondeau”.

      • Yo Jester,
        And the curtains are closed on scene 35 of Kabuki theather. Enter Scene 36: The Banking Hollandaise…..

    • G, et al, ‘America First Legal Foundation’ (known for sympathinzing with White Nationalist ideologies) Blake Masters on it’s Board,

      Big Daddy Warbucks (Thiel-previously donated $10 million for Master’s Senate race) ain’t helpin out Blake Masters anymore!

      G, you are attracting and featuring the AntiSemites (BCN thinks Biden is Jewish, puuuleeezzz…he’s Catholic), your ‘Make America Hate Again’ (MAHA) ideology is on full display…

      • “admistration” – what about this word dont you understand ? Not anti SEMETIC – as jews are NOT Semites, G-enius.

        No I dont Hate jews, let alone dislike em. I have great respect for my competition, raised kids that way – To Compete and Win.

        I hate israhelli’s and zionists .

        I am not hiding from ANYBODY, and aint nobody hiding from me..

        C – can you name one single person in the pedos’ admin who is not duel citizen jew ?

        Hard to believe my own writing, in response to a commie..truly an Inverted Age I am living in,truly.

      • “If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands.” ? Douglas Adams

  3. for the pedos and satanic child traffickers,,,
    [Verse 1]
    Well, if you told me you were drowning
    I would not lend a hand
    I’ve seen your face before, my friend
    But I don’t know if you know who I am
    Well, I was there and I saw what you did
    I saw it with my own two eyes
    So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been
    It’s all been a pack of lies

    And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
    Well, I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
    I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
    And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord”
    Phil Collins song in this link

    liddle sorass showing FEAR of Trump at DAVOS
    click the volume button in the vid, 1 min long and 10 sec

    I never dreamt that I would be witnessing this epoch moment in HISTORY, WOW,,, is the hidden hand getting burnt?

    another pedo caught
    Maui Fire Department battalion chief Shawn Rogers

    Now we get the pedo family into court as hunter’s jury is really a bunch of lib tards when ya read about the selection

  4. George,
    The late great Paul Harvey had an expression “Aint no use to worry ’cause nothing is going to turn out alright.”

  5. (“this market could pop either way”)

    ?????….. How high does blue sky go before it turns black?
    I thought there was a limit and we had to be close thirty five years ago.
    The the biggest question is there a top?
    Since there’s a definite bottom….
    What challenges does the top have to keep those at the bottom complacent with their station in life?

  6. (“Which will be preceded by the desperation move by the Globulists “suggesting” the U.S. “help” hit key Russian targets. Russia is in the anticipation seat muttering Vladimir Putin’s warning: “Beware of small, densely populated NATO countries” – They will not withstand a nuclear strike… (vid). But then, what would they say?”)

    Think about that and the huge devastating demonstration march of BLM and Entire in Martha’s vineyard.. and Beverly Hills, the Hamilton’s etc..
    oh wait.. Demonstrations never occur in the affluent neighborhoods.. they happen in their own neighborhoods the most vulnerable and poor neighborhoods..
    the instigated issues never occur where the instigators live. similarly those in politics a high positions and their families are never shoved out as canon fodder..
    How long do you think.. that those small densely populated countries that are now realizing that they are the canon fodder. The herd mentality.( when I was in the military the Company leaders did little things..they seemed funny but it was done on purpose to get new recruits to think.. like the young man that they sent him out to get a gallon of prop was ( air) wash. he was gone a week came back with this little can of prop wash and said I looked everywhere this was all I could come up with..)..So how long will it take before they realize that they are the shills in the demonstration being used to push the agenda of the politically powerful?? don’t come back until you get that prop wash..all while the instigators sit back and watch..

    • Its obvious.. WHO they are and what station that .. are considered salvageable.. just look at how many shelters that have been made in the event of the unthinkable happens..oh wait..there aren’t any only made provisions for the few.. not the average.
      that’s what makes Kim in NK so dangerous.. He is the only one that has come right out and told them hey you’re included to the drama unfolding and your calm serene life away from the drama lifestyle will be on top of the list now leave me alone.
      that’s the surprising part of the big events like the cove and The Bilderberg Meeting that shocks spot where the three hundred that decide the fate of seven billion that come together ..all in one place un-afraid and obviously unaware of the potential danger that could be associated with their positions of command and influence gathering..
      I thought the story I read was they were going to stop having them until things calmed down in the world..

  7. No Mr. Ure,

    Mr. HODL has some major banks (and possibly REITS?) in his Berkshire Class A shares.

    That gap you see… isn’t a glitch wick at all. Somebody took a dump on CRE yesterday. You’re seeing the first salvo. And what an example of what’s coming. The darling of CUSIPs.

    Me thinks the Oracle was liquidated. If you look at the price pattern , someone got some cheap Berkshire. This is a practice round homegamers. Get the oracle mouthpiece out of the way quietly so that the legend can be rolled out to cal all into HODLing while CUSIPs go the way of the buggy whip.

    Got. Blockchain?

    • Yo Steevo – hows about we take a spin around the World and have looksee at Gold, Gold Reserves, USD and a Gold Standard.

      Gold Standard is classically backing Money supply with 20%-40% Gold Backing.

      So 40 % it Is for Our purposes.
      For Money Supply = M1- which has increased very significantly in last couple months.
      And for USA Gold reserves we use the official number of 833 Tons Gold. Turn on the magic numbers configurer machine, and viola- we need $27,000 per Oz Gold in a Gold Standard based Economy.

      Block Chain and Gold Standard – gonna have cross some Stormy Ass SEAs to get that Paradice..

      • the problem with the same today that it was 50 years ago.. I bought gold and silver.. then had to sell it.. only to find out.. no one wanted it.. I had to sell at a loss.. to the same guy I bought it from..

      • BCN, Its much more than that. At a higher level everything is comingled. When the naked shorting cash with in lieu of good delivery merry go round stops, it will mean that JPM is no longer being underwrittten by the Fed.LOL

        I really think of Bitcoin in the long as being denominated at $1M in 2017 dollar purchasing power equivalency. The year when this whole shin-dig got traction.

        IMHO, Gold’s gonna get very pricey , then fall out of favor as the BTC FOMO really starts to take generational hold as peeps realize they shouldnt have spent that BTC in their accounts on Pizzas.

        Ill be scooping up cheap metal [in crypto terms] when the time and place present an arb opportunity. We are a few years of from that day. Strap in and enjoy the ride !

  8. Trump looks different to me.

    Perhaps a new hair piece and make-up shade. But he also looks like he’s gained weight and his eyes look different. Not his pupils but the overall look. Could be age/sickness/body double./add yours. Anyone else notice?

    • Sitting in court while you are being raked over the coals will do that to a person.

      • he will be in real trouble if the democrats succeed in eliminating his secret service detail..
        but then I seriously doubt that with as much that has been paid out to have him convicted …the laws that have been changed and ignored.. the money that has been haven to family members and members of the prosecution..that the odds are that they will never allow him to take office any capacity..

  9. .., but who is Claudia Sheinbaum
    on Sunday, she became the first woman, and the first Jewish person, to be elected president of mostly Catholic Mexico. [ Her grand parents immigrated to Mexico from Germany at the beginning of WWll to escape Nazi Germany – they are Jewish.] Sheinbaum won around 60% of the vote in the largest and most violent election in Mexico’s history [ the bloodiest in Mexico’s history. Dozens of political candidates and applicants were killed by criminal organizations.] At 61 she will take the reigns of one of the most violent countries on earth., as the efforts to raise Mexicans out of poverty and the “hugs, not bullets” policy of her predecessor has left the country with soaring violence [ at least ten, unarmed women are killed in Mexico City, alone, every day.]
    What her policies will be [ outside of her pledge for more welfare ] after she settles in for a few weeks’ time., we will have to wait and see – but whatever they are, she has a very hard road ahead.
    – The day after she took office the Peso lost over 4% in value [ to the US Dollar] and the stock market slumped. Her political party also has the Super Majority in the Mexican Senate., making any policy she may want a virtual shoe-in. It is a very strong “One Party Rule” in Mexico right now. The future of Mexico is now.., “all on her”.

  10. Your batch of vinegar is finally aren’t able to purchase mother.
    how will you make future vinegar batches..
    scoop the mother off of the will appear as a leathery substance. turn it over and clean off all the apple chunks.
    cut it into pieces two inch squares .. place in a sterilized jar pour distilled vinegar to keep it submerged vacuum seal the lid on it to keep air from it causing it to mold. place in a dark cupboard. your future of vinegar starters has been made..

  11. There is another way to store the starter..the same as yeast cake.. freeze dry it .. vacuum pack it in a jar..
    reconstitute it and feed it to start.. A little fruit juice will do it..
    let it sit in a dark warm spot..
    To make a version of vegamite is easy and disgusting but then it is healthy..
    Yeast slurry from beer (preferably with finings)
    at the bottom of every fermentation tank is a yeast cake.
    pull it out or drain it ..using a cheese strainer works great.
    Vegetable stock
    Run the yeast slurry through a filter to remove solids. cheese strainer..
    Add salt and vegetable stock to the yeast slurry.
    Bring the mixture to a slow boil, then allow it to simmer until it thickens into a buttery spread. put in a jar and store in the fridge.

    • I had not seen that – thanks.
      Last week a banking analyst stated that he expects to see one bank a week go under – starting later this month.

  12. “Yes, this has been a hell of a two-week period. don’t know what set it off, some cosmic transgression, or what?”

    And you can’t even blame it on Mercury Retrograde. That doesn’t happen until Aug. 5 !

    This has been a test of the Emergency Response systems. Had this been an actual emergency, you would have been advised to kiss your bottom goodbye.

  13. Pray tell those of the radio brain trust herein. Is the SSB function on this CB radio capable of the reception of the signals that Word speaks so convincingly of?

    I am in search of a cb that will allow com’s between me and my tribe at a distance of about 7 miles. It would be nice to find one that would allow SSB functionality at the same time.
    Am I asking for too much?

    • Is the SSB function on this CB radio capable of the reception of the signals that WoRR speaks so convincingly of?


      Not by about 20Mhz.

      That appears to be a nice radio. I would assume you could reach out seven miles with a Wilson, tuned to give you an SWR under 1.5.

      However, you could definitely reach out seven miles with the cheapest used icom or Baofeng 2-meter handheld HAM tranceiver (walkie-talkie), and Technician-Class HAM radio licenses are not that hard to get, if you already understand things like tuning a Wilson CB antenna for a low SWR…

      For an overview, I suggest you look at Midland’s radio primer:

  14. re: What’s Shaking in Clacton-on-Sea?
    feat: Mods vs. Rockers 60th Anniversary Bash


    Welcome to those readers just tuning in after the Delaware court hallway diatribe launched by the spouse of the accused who subsequently took her seat beside the First Lady.

    Today the infamous Eurosceptic, anti-migrant and newly-minted leader of Reform Party UK, Nigel Farage, launched his UK election campaign in the 70% voted pro-Brexit Victorian coastal resort town of Clacton-on-Sea. The venue for the occasion was a pub whose parent company takes its name’s first initials, “J.D.”, from the fictional American television series “Dukes of Hazzard” character. “J.D.” apparently was namesake of the President of the Confederate States of America.

    The launch was going to plan adjacent to a hotel bearing a royal nomenclature dating from 1872. The “Daily Mail” then reports that a fetching local lass recently returned from a rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey had dumped a banana milk shake in the campaigning leader’s face. Judging by the cup, the contained product was perhaps sourced a block away at an American fast food purveyor which markets to the masses by clown on occasion. The media interviewed a brother of the alleged young lady culprit, she maintaining self-employ as an OnlyFans entrepreneur. He expressed the family’s outrage at his sister’s support of the Labour Party. Hopefully the July 4th UK general election date will not be disruptive to Independence Day plans across the pond.

    Apparently the shake incident has prompted the Reform Party UK to take advantage of spilt milk and issue a commercial retort based on a provocative number from a Harlem songstress. Be prepared to show valid government-issued ID before tuning into the DJ George After Hours show. Tonight’s special is from the “Tasty” album by Kelis –

  15. Lets go… YEAST…..

    who discovered Yeast…
    ancient China had yeast for thousands of years..royalty and the average man alike enjoyed beautiful pastries ..
    the average man in Egypt and Rome ate flat bread.. only royalty enjoyed bread that was made with yeast.. in Sumerian times the tablets explain that yeast was discovered accidentally..
    the first real author of the process comes from someone we all have read and heard of..Pliny the Elder › …PDF
    Ancient Roman Recipes

    how it was done is similarly made by Chinese and Romans..
    crush a batch of grapes with a mortar pestle.. squeeze out the juice..on grape skins there’s usually wild yeast..
    cover with a cloth and place in a dark place for three days. this allows the wild yeast to grow.
    on the third day you will definitely notice a young wine smell..this is the wild yeast growing.

    put it in a bowl and take unbleached bran flour and mix in it .. ( you can add a tbsp of honey or brown sugar ) mix it until it makes a dough that can be formed.
    take this and form into balls about the size of a walnut.
    now the Chinese did it exactly the same way but used rice flour..
    flatten them slightly and poke a hole in the center. run a string through the ball and string your yeast balls like a necklace.
    the Chinese would set them out to dry we can dry them in a dehydrator or an oven set at the lowest temp and the oven door cracked..
    the Chinese hung the yeast necklace in the kitchen to be used the Romans and Sumerian stored the yeast in crocks.

    • Medical Question for You – Loobster,

      ? Are not yeast balls just another way of describing Jock Itch ?

      So I get where the Rise in the dough comes from now, lets call it Muscle Memory..
      Loobs White Yeasty Balls – a delicious salty snack for the discerning Beer drinkers everywhere..

      Cant wait for Ure version of Salty Yeasty Balls song to be released. I always suspect you were the Songbird of Ure generation…

      Go Loob!

      • BCN being his nasty self. Here’s a medical tip. Jock itch fungus can be quickly cured with application of Hydrogen Peroxide. Wipe down twice daily. Gone in 2-3 days, versus weeks of applications of the damn ointments. The secret is that Peroxide kills the spores, too, so it cannot re-infect.

  16. ok so what was a favorite meal in Pompeii..
    along with fresh bread and goat cheese and butter..


    1 cup coarsely ground nuts
    1/2 cup coarsely ground stone-pine kernels
    3-4 tblsp honey + honey to drip on afterwards
    1 tsp minced rue (peganon an herb used in ancient rome can be gotten on amazon)
    50 ml Passum (or wine or grape juice honey)
    50 ml milk
    2 eggs

    Mesh pepper, pine kernels, honey, rue and Passum with milk and eggs, and boil the dough. Serve topped with honey and sprinkle with pepper.

    1 whole chicken, deboned or 2 boneless, skinless thighs, 2 boneless, skinless breasts chopped into pieces
    2 bunches of leeks, usually 3-5 of them in a bunch cut into pieces and washed
    1 small bunch of dill weed, or about 1 tsp. dried
    3 qt. water or 1.5 qt. each chicken broth and water, keeping back 2 cups for later
    black pepper to taste
    celery seed to taste
    2/3 cup of rice flour
    fish sauce to taste
    3 tbs. red wine
    Disjoint a chicken and bone it. Place the pieces in a stew pan with leeks, dill and salt [water or stock] when well done add pepper and celery seed, thicken with rice [flour] add stock, a dash of raisin wine or must, stir well, serve with the entrees.

    Take the chicken meat and place in a 1 gallon stock pot with the leeks, dill weed, and cooking liquid. Simmer until the chicken is done and the pieces of leek are tender. Add the rice flour to the 2 cups of reserved stock/water and blend well. Add the thickener ( they used flour ) and rest of the spices, turn the heat to low and simmer while stirring till thickened. If you want to substitute wheat flour for the rice, the flavor will change only slightly.

  17. Brewers yeast.. saved washed and put the cake in the can save it and make yeast balls with it to.. similar to how the ancient Chinese did and Pliny the Elder says..

  18. Pompeii.. one of the luxury resort spots in ancient rome..
    A couple of the favorite activities was their brothel and open baths and of course wine and food..

    one of the favorite dining pleasures was..


    3 lbs. of red mullet ( Red snapper or Salmon)
    Lovage (or celery leaves)
    Olive oil
    Liquamen (or white wine)
    Ground black pepper

    Create a parcel using greaseproof paper by folding a sheet in half and repeatedly folding the sides to seal. Put the fish inside; add the olive oil, salt, pepper, Liquamen ( which is a fish sauce made by fermenting whole fish similar to garum ). Close the top of the parcel and bake for 30–40 minutes at 350 degrees until cooked. Finely chop the herbs and combine with honey, a little bit of olive and wine. Add to a saucepan, bring to the boil and simmer for 25 minutes to reduce. Pour this sauce over the baked mullet and serve immediately.
    now today we use parchment paper but back then they used..Papyrus leaves…

    • Now days in Hawaii we wrap ’em in Ti leaf and bake. All kinds fish. Season to taste & slather with Mayo.

  19. Biden’s border sham: Executive order shuts down nothing and makes invasion-level illegal immigration ‘PERMANENT’…

    Resident Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order Tuesday that would allow his regime to halt asylum claims at the US-Mexico border once apprehensions reach 2,500 per day. Yes, you heard that right: AFTER apprehensions hit 2,500 per day…This is nothing more or less than an executive order that essentially cements the “legal” crossing of illegals but caps it at a certain number.

    • Hmm..could it be turned around and eliminated.. the other thing is a Congressional law that limited gov. assistance to those that became citizens and met the same requirements that taxpaying citizens have to meet. paying into the system taxes for forty quarters..
      if its good enough for the taxpayer it should be good enough for an illegal .
      pay the same taxes we do and a non citizenship tax no benefits until they become citizens and pay into the system the required amount of quarters.

  20. George, did I read that right – that vehicle state inspections in Texas are going away next year? One of the reasons that Texas was crossed off my list of viable places to live was the need for state car inspections! They’re often corrupt, and I have a visceral disgust for having all my stuff being judged – especially on a repeated basis. Too much work to keep up with this stuff. At least NM doesn’t yet have that problem except in areas like Bernalillo county. I’ll trust my own ability to both maintain my stuff and avoid other people’s ill maintained vehicles. A stress free life involves finding ways to interact with bureaucracy as little as possible!

    I may reconsider Texas, though I’d miss the mountains. Texas only has mountains that are too close to the equator.

    • Yessir – first of the year no more safety checks. Write some money and drive away.,

      But you might want to work on that notion of other people judging your stuff. Fuck ’em – Your stuff and it works for you and doesn’t interfere with their life path. One finger salute to ’em. The ONLY ones that judge me is George and the Universe. Everyone else can get lost. Oh, wait…they are.

      • George, I’m relatively immune to judgement by regular folks, with the exception of select females. Unfortunately, much of what’s fun in life requires constant evaluation and judgement by those with powers to limit you. Your age is posted prominently on your various licenses, and most of them require regular re-evaluation. A pilot’s license or mariner card requires a physical for most levels. I stopped recertifying lots of things because I simply didn’t have the time or inclination to continue to prove myself to others. Sometimes there are good reasons, but most recertifications, including car inspections, are opportunities for control and not much else. I own a car given to me by a friend that would have cost far more to comply with state inspection requirements than it was worth. It runs fine, is safe, and runs clean. It just doesn’t meet some regulatory requirement in another state. Regardless, I’m happy to hear that Texas got one more thing right!

    • I live in a “no inspections” area. It is refreshing.

      I bought a pickup truck from New York State some years ago. It was the vehicle in which I drove through Midtown Manhattan at 5pm on a Friday night with my budding photographer daughter hanging out the window to fill up the 16gb compact flash card in her new Maxxum 5D.

      Nice truck, and pretty (from the front, anyway.)

      New York State has a famous PITA inspection regimen.

      No inspection sticker, no drivee, and they inspect everything.

      That truck had nearly 100 pounds of Bondo, chicken wire, pop-riveted panels, and wadded-up newspaper in it, which I didn’t know until it began to fall out, two years after I purchased it.

      New Yorkers don’t fix stuff, they just hide it.

      Not a fan of vehicle inspections…

      • I totally agree! I’m aware of one case of a forged NY inspection sticker, since that state is so fussy. More recently, they have everything, including OBD-2 info uploaded to the DMV database. Another NY case involved filling a rotted frame with concrete and painting over it to pass the inspection.

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