Distilled Monday: Rally, Jobs, War, Weather

Although the price of Bitcoin was stuck just under $69,000 when checked before pounding out the column, we are concerned that inflation is becoming an institutional fixture.  Which means a harder landing ahead. Unless the hype is right: Bitcoin could top $150k in Q3 2025, chart veteran Peter Brandt says (crypto.news).

The problem with a “little bit” of Fed inflation is that in the cause & effect, knock-on and gearing world of economics, few understand how glacier-sized economics weight take a very long time to shift.

Even without talking this weekend, my consigliere and I are likely aligned that the odds of higher OPEC+ prices (via production cuts) will likely have an inflationary influence on global economics for three to five years ahead. OPEC+ Agrees to Extend Production Cuts in Bid to Boost Oil Prices wouldn’t be so bad (for the economy & future, except for Biden administration drags on energy development.

This sets America up to be the “tail that gets wagged” when the Middle East lights up.  But that’s next month’s theme.  Between now and then, G.A. Stewart’s framing of Nostradamus is worth watching. Along with how president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt is being gradually moved into the hawkish came largely by Israeli action in Gaza.  Negotiations for Gaza truce talks underway as child malnutrition rises, make the point.

More subtle, though, is how low-key nuclear preps are now in motion in the middle east.  Qatar, for example sees Training for National Plan for Nuclear and Radiological Emergency begins. This is worrisome because Nations tend to be “future-efficient” – which is to say they don’t piss away money without some basis in fact.

Rally then War 

With gold and silver prices basically unchanged (in the noise floor overnight) nothing would surprise us less than a continuation of last week’s snap rally:

We can almost “see” the Elliott structure that seems destined to peak in mid-June.  G.A. Stewart’s sentencing for Trump then the Big War, sounds about right when measured against headlines.

One of the major battlefronts: word out over the weekend hints that France will announce more “advisers” and technology for Ukraine Thursday of this week. Europe at war with Russia: Macron’s official announcement on June 6 – Request to mobilize 900,000 reservists in Germany (vid).

Everyone knows that mobilizations take time and this bakes in about a month off “fixing to get ready.”  As a result, we’d expect Macron to send in a quick deployment PR force to “help Ukrainians”. If the European mobilization were to take 60-days, that would mean big fighting in August.  Hard to see how precise the take on the King of Terrors in July will be.  Is Nostradamus being metaphorical (as in “everyone be afraid”) or literal (as in “keep your head down”)?  Stick around, the answer will be along all too soon.

War and Publishing

We spent some time this weekend pondering the personal risks that will come with the outbreak of an actual shooting war involving NATO troops directly facing Russian forces in Europe.  Should things erupt in that direction (where the odds are pointing now) our sense is it would be likely the incumbent administration would impose some kind of (made up) martial law in the homeland.  This would control political opposition (To nuclear war? All in favor say “Aye!”) and provide for war-delayed elections.

Eventually, our thinking got to the “managing personal profile” angle and it’s here we have made a decision that upon first use of a nuke on the battlefield, we will cease the free UrbanSurvival.com updates and reduce to 2 or 3 days a week on the (no ads) Peoplenomics.com site.

The reasoning is a kind of “defense of free speech & thought.”  There would be little point to publishing an “open” website at such time. Because we really do have some interesting look-ahead perspectives. Which, in time of war, could (or would) be misconstrued in order to impose even more social controls.

We can also see much the same thing happening in “social media” – where the same techniques that allowed the left to “modulate the public discussion” would be back a hundred-fold tighter. To the point where speaking against the war (or War Party) could become akin to a crime.

We plan to keep Peoplenomics going, of course.  Right down to a mailed-out newsletter., if it comes to that. It could be a period of momentous economic change and we sure like writing about change.

This is not locked and loaded, but if – or when – foreign forces arrive in Ukraine and nukes are flying, we’re going to keep our heads down.  To be a successful “war correspondent” it helps to live and not offend what would (trashing the Constitution) have evolved into a non-elected government coup.

Radio Silence

You may wish to reread – if you haven’t seen them already – the comments of William of the Radio Ranch who posted some very useful reminders for the non-spooks of the comms world.

He also posted some good info on where we can all meet up (recognition words “business model”) if things EMP apart and there’s power left.

Pants on Fire Monday

Let’s see how the (generally complicit) mainstream media softballs this one: REVEALED: Dr. Anthony Fauci confesses he ‘made up’ covid rules including 6 feet social distancing and masking kids | Daily Mail Online which is also told as Fauci Confesses He “Made Up” Covid Rules, Including Six Feet Social Distancing and Masking Kids – The Daily Sceptic.

If you’re new around here, we called it literally from day 1 as a bioweapon and that continues to slowly slide into the light of history. With (so far) no arrests or prosecutions, except of people who didn’t put up with unconstitutional usurpations of personal liberties, of course.

If you’re surprised by Hospital Insider Testifies: COVID-19 Numbers Were Faked – Slay News you haven’t been paying attention.

Show Time to the Peeps

How do you keep borders leaking, start wars, and make up excuses?

Simple: Keep the Distractions rolling.

That communist Biden’s Ballot Stuffers are being lined up as Biden admin offers ‘mass amnesty’ to migrants as it quietly terminates 350,000 asylum cases: sources (nypost.com).  Constitution? Due process of Law?  Exsqueeze me, where you from?

Say, isn’t Sheinbaum a Latinx/Hispanic name?  Mexico Elects Claudia Sheinbaum as Its First Woman President (nysun.com). In another big national election, Narendra Modi Poised for Historic Third Term as Exit Polls Predict Decisive Victory in India.

Speaking of Biden and values: Philadelphia Sets Largest ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ Guinness World Record (breitbart.com).

Is this where we mention the feminization of America’s military? Judicial Watch Receives Records Detailing U.S. Air Force Drag Events Paid for By Taxpayers. Naw…it’s just the balance in Universe working out as Idaho bar celebrating ‘Heterosexual Awesomeness Month’ in June creates stir. Among whom?

Still, better late than never, we suppose: Hunter Biden criminal trial begins in aftermath of Trump conviction (yahoo.com)

At the Ranch: Rain and Productivity

Alcoholism weather here.  (As in “need to dry out…”). with more than 40-inches in the official gauge 40 miles from us, and upwards of 45-50 inches here including that 3/4-inch hailstorm Saturday.

For comparison, Seattle has had 15.59 inches since January 1st.

Around the Workstations: As readers know, I use a “workstations” approach when possible.  The idea is that (just like in school) people can hold very good focus for anywhere from 20-25 minutes (Pomodoro time management) on the one hand and the 50-55 minute (School clock hour) on the other.

Whatever your station in life, you can organize your life using these blocks of time to get more done in life.  Here’s what’s the WIP (work in progress) at some of our workstations around here:

  • Music workstation: Reloaded a new (recycled) PC (i7-920) when the older i7 machine crapped out and was unrestorable in an economic amount of time.
  • Kitchen (is a workstation): The pot roast came out great – had it over noodles instead of potatoes.
  • Greenhouse: Working on change of plans to move all the hydroponic starters out of the studio into the greenhouse. (More complex than it sounds.) Aquarium air stones are running smoothly.
  • Writing: Sent a couple of colleagues some ideas for a possible new book (3 Ways to Live, 5 ways to Die). Very short version of the 5-Eays to Die part will be on Peoplenomics tomorrow.
  • CNC/Printing WS: The new Swiss Micro hot end and direct drive extruder came in for the CR-10 V2 which has been down.
  • Burn Barrel: It’s a workstation, too.  All the packing materials not composted got burned. Despite the rain.
  • Electronics Bench:  The 7-inch LED microscope was mounted to the bench.  Next up is a cleaning and then reconfiguration of test equipment.
  • Ham Radio station: Pulled the trigger on a matching speaker for the TenTec Omni Vii…
  • Woodworking Workstation: Found a Drill Doctor used sharpener (with two drill chucks) which will get us more “on point.”
  • Reading workstation: Kindle is loaded with tons to read, just ran out of time blocks this weekend.

Seems almost a bit nuts to “schedule yourself” for an hour at each of your personal workstations, but it ensures a lot of productivity, a plan for each, and gives you a lot of variety to life.

I’ve been trying for more than 50- years now, and so far., nothing beats a small 5×8 yellow pad and a goals list and project time to get there for each of the workstations.  I have tried them all, seems.

Still on the personal productivity planner list to try is Motion, Monday, and Akiflow… but each of these seems to have a $20/month price (or thereabouts) and yellow pads are cheap and you don’t need an internet connection to make ’em work…

Leaves me pondering on Mondays: “What is the biggest enemy in Life?  The Clock or Ourselves…”

No definitive answers, but a few uncomfortable suspicions.

Write when you get rich,


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George Ure
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47 thoughts on “Distilled Monday: Rally, Jobs, War, Weather”

  1. “We plan to keep Peoplenomics going, of course. Right down to a mailed-out newsletter.”

    ‘The Postman’ is set in a post-apocalyptic and neo-Western version of the disestablished United States in the then near-future year of 2013, 16-plus years after unspecified apocalyptic events, followed by plagues, left a huge impact on human civilization and erased most technology. Like the book, the film follows the story of a nomadic drifter (Costner) who stumbles across the uniform of a United States Postal Service mail carrier, and unwittingly inspires hope through an empty promise of a “Restored United States of America” and starts his path to become a national hero.


    • I love that mivie..it’s a favorite..
      and in a lot of ways I think potentially accurate representation of future usa.
      the reports that congress has had created are correct..there will be very few left alive..
      If they did buy access to the usa via open borders to get a hidden army entry posing as illegal refugees..then we all may either have to learn new laws if they are successful. or perish as they take over .. what’s ours may not be ours. ( to the Victor’s goes the spoils)
      If we pull back.. with tens of millions coming to America by land sea and air..supported and given shelter by the administration..they still have won. the Cloward Piven strategy will knock us off the top of the hill..


      • It seems that the goddesses of humility and fortune have chosen to let mankind fend for itself. This is also a common element in Judeo-Christian texts. One might ask: Why are the gods absentee caretakers? What of the celestial assistance rendered in the past?
        Why has this heavenly assistance diminished over millennia? These questions suggest that Revelation may be right; for the time being, Satan is in control of this little neighborhood of space.

        Edgar Cayce even stated that the forces of darkness would be so powerful that the forces of light would waver in their assistance to mankind.

        Copyright 2007 The Age of Desolation – page 160
        All Rights Reserved G. A. Stewart

  2. Great ponder G-Pops,

    “What is the biggest enemy in Life? The Clock or Ourselves…”

    – Or something that I call “TheBurn”. The burn is what the Human body was Designed to do – Burn Up.
    Just like any Motor or Engine that runs constantly, without proper maintenance and worn out parts replacement – dat Engine aint gonna run very long.

    So “the Burn” is de problema, and de act of Severe Caloric Restriction is the counter intuitive solution..restricting “Fuel consumption” (food intact) so 2 speak and Supplementing like hel under medical supervision solves the Burn problem(for a while) and doubles Ure life expectancy.

    Who Knu ? You knu, you all knu – so question becomes Why You wanna burn up and die so soon ? Whats the matta ? Is it all the splatta ?

    * Male rats in the severe caloric restriction studies maintained Cognitive Abilities and Sex Drive throughout the years.. : D = senior YOWZAs in the Trousers !

    Dont forget – Seniors need loving too.

  3. (“our sense is it would be likely the incumbent administration would impose some kind of (made up) martial law in the homeland. This would control political opposition (To nuclear war? All in favor say “Aye!”) and provide for war-delayed elections.”)

    Exactly what I thought… a national emergency.. then war powers act..elections put on hold.. ( especially if it totally appears that jb will lose..) then congress sent home.. industry is taken over by the president and his team..to maintain COG..

    A few of us have had that thought that there wouldn’t be an election this year..
    If they are playing the poison pawn trap.. that is a double edged sword there.. our military will be busy on the what eight fronts.. ( I do get the impression that we are going to abandon taiwan since they are moving all chip manufacturing away from Taiwan… to hard to defend for us) which leaves seven fronts .. unless we abandon So. Korea to.. My thought was it would be Kim in NK to announce the signal to charge..but it could be Iran.. going after Israel.. Israel is mighty.. but lets face it.. all the Arab Tribes are related.. they may not like each other but they are all related the same way that the UK’s leadership is related to many of the NATO countries.. centuries of inbreeding..

  4. Thanks to William for his information. I’ll admit over the past couple years my time on the air has decreased substantially. I used to check in on several semi local 2m nets but they have become pretty quiet lately and my success on HF could be better. Time management I suppose.
    I have sort of been released from bondage if I agree to wear the sling during scheduled rest periods and to avoid any reaching, pulling or swinging activity for 4 more weeks. Any re-injury or overexertion will result in my being returned to bondage. Sounds kinky.
    Lots to do getting things ready for the dance.
    Stay safe. 73

  5. Yesterday our local Fire Chief, who is also a building contractor was here to talk about some excavator work that I want to have done.

    Before he left, he mentioned that he has been building houses and at first he thought he would be building one or two this year. He said that the prices of building materials are so high now that he is surprised to be doing almost nothing but building houses.

    He said that two years ago he built a house with a materials cost of about $120,000. He is building an identical house now and the materials alone cost almost three times as much. To top it off, the earlier house was built during the time when Covid restrictions had pushed up the prices to what seemed to be crazy levels.

    I didn’t tell him that I suspect that city people are desperate to get a “retreat” built and don’t care about the cost.

    When I see him again in a week or so, I intend to ask of those are off grid houses.

    • Yup lots of city dwellers with means have picked up stakes and added to the realestate value around the island and around CONUS. Grateful for being able to hide in plain sight, and watching the values denominated in paper chits climb into orbit. There’s a real diaspora out there. I am still amazed at how what I would term as Clif’s “amplifier” of future trends technology has been so dead nuts [thematically]. Timing? Really people? We are dealing with quantum observation. These things all arrive when you stop looking. LOL .

    • I asked someone that’s building a house.. why in this economic situation..
      he is betting we go Zimbabwe.. so a million dollars now won’t be anything more than a burger in costs later..borrow at today’s currency value pay off with the futures currency value..in a way that made sense..

    • a man with let’s say a million dollars has already had over 30 percent stolen from them with inflation.

  6. Dr. Anthony Fauci confesses – Why do we accept people that knew facts and lied to us directly to our faces. Then they doubled down on those lies to to even lie to congress in testimony. The got people banned from social media, tarnished their reputations and in some cases leading to arrest taking their freedoms away. Kept us seperated from our families and places of worship. Yet those scumbags just move into private companies that accept those lying bastards or continue to move around to other government jobs. What is wrong with our moral compass, that we accept these actions if they agree with other important political ideals. You can lie straight to our face, lie under oath, but as long as you to fly a pride flag, all is forgiven? We approved a supreme court justice that claims to not even know what a women is…world has gone mad.

    • All have been entrained .

      All that is behavior that is seen inside cults…in this case the biggest cult in world history, the elohim worship cult; faith and forgiveness be the cornerstones.

      Been believing all that malarkey since the day they were born – knew Nothing else their whole entire lives. Holds true of ALL organized religions – 100 % faith in the Unknown/Unsee able/UnTouchable magician..

      ..hell they even venerate a made up jewish god, in a dress nailed to stick as their savior, hanging images of this outrage all over their houses, bodies, cars, churches. Then recite “this is the body and blood” of a tranny on a stick as they consume bread and wine..it appears to be ritualized cannibalism, but Im a total ignoramous, so what the hell do I know?

      • Dear Mr. Spaghetti
        Thanks for pointing out your current status. Until I read it at the end of your piece, I thought you were kidding.
        There is a book with the operating instructions for life that has been around for a very long time and is quite popular.
        In it though, is some advice that seems tailor-made for you.
        “There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see.”
        Good luck with whatever you have substituted…

  7. A couple of Ham radio points:

    You don’t need a license to BUY a good-capability radio.
    (You can’t legally transmit without a license,) but the
    RECEIVERS in typical “get started” rigs are excellent
    by civilian standards. (Car AM radios are also usually
    really, really good, too.) It’s the stations BETWEEN
    the local loud ones you’ll probably be most interested
    in during stormy times.

    I’ve suggested the Icom IC-718 — but there are many
    others just as appropriate. KEEP IT SIMPLE if you’re
    new to this. Lotsa “features” will mostly drive you
    crazy — especially as a newbie. (You want one of the
    ones that has AM broadast band and shortwave. Might
    not seem all that crucial right now, but post-balloon going up, you’ll wish to God you had a good AM recever. (Trust me on that one.)

    When / If the wheels come off the world, FCC enforcement will likely be quite lax — especially for listeners only.

    99% of everything worth knowing can be gleaned by listening only. (When the paychecks stop, the enforcement will stop close behind. This principle
    works for most other Gov employees.)

    Ham licenses and callsigns have FCC registered addresses. CB “handles” don’t. You NEED a license to legally transmit on any Ham frequency. Listening only is anonymous.

    EVERYTHING you do on the internet is logged forever.
    NOTHING you do as a radio LISTENER is ever logged,
    anywhere. You wanna be Joe Anon? DON’T TRANSMIT.
    99% of the useful intel, SOMEbody will give voice to.

    No, you won’t need the Morse code. (Might be nice, and even fun, but you don’t NEED it anymore.)

    U-Net “recog phrase” is “Business Model.” Don’t
    hang a lantern on it, or highlight it; just work it into the
    conversation, all sorta casual-like. We’ll know.

    (In a radio-hostile environment, Tactical Calls or
    “Handles” will keep you anon. No, I’m NOT sayimg to
    NOT properly and legally identify WITH your official
    FCC callsign. That would be wrong. Just sayin’…..)
    If you pick a “handle,” keep it simple and boring.
    Easy to forget. NOT creative, remarkable, or colorful.)

    For now, I’m monitoring 7.295 UPPER sideband by day
    when I’m sitting here, anyway. When the Blowhards get
    going on AM, I turn my volume down for a while.

    For me, here in central North Carolina, day coverage
    is from Florida to southern Pennsylvania, and from the
    coast almost all the way to the Mississippi. Maybe a
    700 mile radius. Propagation varies constantly.

    “Trapper John” on CB

    (Always figure the Bad Guys are listening to
    everything you say. So, THINK. and be careful.)
    (They most likely AREN’T; But stay sharp,anyway!)

    • “Double Clutcher” monitoring 9,18,19 until 1989…

      Many of the truckers now are HAMs…

    • Well I gave you a few calls just now from N VA, but slim chances anyway, nobody on the band…

  8. BCN(Tromboneously)
    June 2, 2024 at 07:07
    Dr Rushs’ Thunderclappers were only way to move Ure scheisse along..
    The Recipe !
    * Mercurous Chloride Pills
    Compound Colocynth Extract – 8 GM
    Mild Mercurous Chloride – 6 GM
    Julap Resin – in fine powder – 2 GM
    Gamboge – in very fine powder – 1.5 GM
    Diluted Alcohol – a sufficient amount
    Too make 100 pills
    Avg. Dose 2 Pills

    Dude! This looks like a recipe for dis asster. Did this come from dabbling into AI foolishness? You know, like how to mix gasoline into pizza cheese.
    Stay away from AI man, and don’t eat things containing mercury… Jeeez you are right up there with the, “Dihydogen-Monoxide,” joke, group.

  9. Most analysts and economists are expecting a “Fed pivot”. The “Fed pivot” is when the Federal Reserve decides to reverse its strategy of raising rates to bring inflation under control and instead it cuts the rates (hence the “pivot”). This event is expected to happen some time late this year. Many guesses as to when, exactly. The majority of analysts and economists are of the view that this pivot by the Fed will be very positive for the stock markets – i.e. that it will make stock markets rally much higher. However, history does not agree with this view. In fact, history shows just the opposite occurs.
    1969., ‘pivot’ – market dropped 36%
    1973., ‘pivot’ – market dropped 48%
    1981., ‘pivot’ – market dropped 27%
    2000., ‘pivot’ – market dropped 51%
    2007., ‘pivot’ – market dropped 58%
    2019., ‘pivot’ – market dropped 35%
    The markets didn’t plummet on the day of announced ‘pivot’., it took a week, or so.., but it always happened.
    Agreed., we have a different economy, different rules & regs.., a different Fed Boss.., and a very different stock market. And we also have a enormous amount of cash sitting and waiting. .., but we are also sitting on the edge of World War Three., with an economy that could slip through the scuppers and go overboard at any moment.
    The Fed “will” make the ‘pivot’.., but will the stock markets follow its historic pattern?
    It might be something you should look / prepare for – “just in case”.

  10. So, George, you hope your place in the piney woods dries out this week. You know, I do remember rain. The Old Ones tell mythical tales where drops of water actually fall from the sky and land upon the earth. Hope to see rain soon before the fires get out of hand.

    • Hi Ms. Nancy – are you still active in the business ?

      If so, do You ever sell over the internet or just in person, “by appt only”?
      Accidentally clicked wrong link and went right to HCG site, but nothing was “active” . Just curious..as well as interested in tsavorite garnet earrings shaped like 4 leaf clovers..Gorgeous! Thx.

      • Hi, BCN,

        I had my last jewelry show October of 2023. I still cut gemstones and render gemstone repairs and gemstone recuts. That said, I have some jewelry not sold. I also have the gold castings of the four leaf clover earrings that are just blanks with no stones. If you want those, I can have a jeweler I trust to finish these for you. You may contact me through email: attaway@highfiber.com

  11. Re: “Leaves me pondering on Mondays: “What is the biggest enemy in Life? The Clock or Ourselves…” ”

    Reminded me of a lesson I’ve wanted to show my daughters when they express their desire to avoid the world’s stress and go blindly about their lives. And yes, 2 of the 3 admit to lowering their faculties to get by… ;-(

    What is the Greatest Evil on this Planet? [answered at the 18 minute mark of the 19 minute video]

  12. Kilauea Volcano erupted last night. The ground cracked open about a mile south of the summit crater and is flowing a bit of lava. This is a low-pressure shield volcano, nothing explosive. The area is confined to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and there is no danger to the community. It is about 30 miles from the Volcano Ranch here. Typically these small eruptions do not last very long. There are no webcams in the area (yet), but USGS may set one up if the eruption lasts more than a couple days.

  13. I’d like to take War for a $500 George.

    …6 year delta to todays Date, see Q posts.

    “Boom x 4
    Big week ahead
    Dark 2 Light
    Blackout necessary”

    Multilevel message – “Puzzel ”the post..

    .. Flip the post upside down, north is south-south becomes north- what’s that look like ?


    * Enjoy the Show

  14. re: War & Peace
    feat: PI in the sky


    Today the Philippines’ “Inquirer” noted the arrival at Manila of uninvited guest Mr. Zelensky. Apparently the President-for-life-of-the-war-in-Ukraine had somehow been unable yesterday to meet the President of PI, son of the late dictator President F. Marcos, in the vast expanses of the Ballroom at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. What could make more sense then than to jump on his Airbus and fly 1400+ miles for a photo-op at Malacanang Palace rather than make haste to an allegedly shaky home war front? Thankfully Manila airport had enough lead notice to locate and roll out a red carpet for the unexpected arrival.

    Time to take a compass reading and finangle through some studio charts with DJ George. Here we go with a tune suited for travel at miles high altitude from The Who-
    “Magic Bus”.

  15. AAaand it’s gone! Just like that, the volcano has stopped erupting. Just some SO2 ‘fart gas’ coming out now. Just a teaser from Madam Pele for 12 hours.

  16. Rumor has it (hal turner site) that Scott Ritter and Andrew Napolitano were both removed from a plane yesterday and , possibly , passports were seized. They were going to a conference of some sort in Russia.
    Both are very vocal critics of US foreign Policy and apparently their travel is not approved of by our Govt. Controlling the opposition ?? , guess so.
    Looks like the heavy hand of govt is getting heavier. They are not even pretending anymore.

    • Ritter was removed and his passport temporarily retained.

      Napolitano removed himself after receiving a note from someone at DoD.

      Their destination was the St. Petersburg economic forum.

      I suspect nothing nefarious — that Nappy’s note explained they would be held by the Russians on spy charges, if they went.

      Not all acts and actions are bad — not even by THIS Administration…

      • Seems odd to me that those 2 would be held on spy charges. They are 2 of the least critical of Russia and openly critical of our own govt.

        • International politics. Nappy is high-profile, Ritter was an Intelligence asset, and therefore, is a danger in an ever less-stable part of the world.

          Ever see the Van Damme movie “Bloodsport?” Frank Dux was the world’s top spy. “Bloodsport” (the entire movie) was a CIA covert op — The movie was made to insert Dux into a part of China in which our spooks couldn’t gain access. NOBODY knew this until Dux released his autobiography & memoir (fascinating read, BTW.)

          Russia has no problem, learning from China’s mistakes…

          With that said, Napolitano and Ritter may actually have had their trajectory “adjusted” by the Biden Administration to punish them for “wrongthink.” I’m just telling you that (in this particular case) it is not the most-likely reason.

          Never discount the conspiracy theory, but at the same time, never hold it as the most-likely answer unless it is the ONLY answer. (Welcome to the 21st Century…)

          We are at war.

          The Russians are doing everything they can to not have to nuke us into oblivion, while Alex Soros, Victoria Nuland (yes, Vichy is “retired,” but she’s still around), Obama, and President Houseplant are doing everything they can to get us both into a shooting match with Russia, and force Russia to shoot first.

  17. I don’t post much because at 70 I’m just starting to figure things out (SLOW LEARNER). But as I look at my chart work, EWI work, Charles Nanner’s work and your work I’m leaning to the top on at least some indexes the Russell and the NASDAQ 100 are examples are in. I’m waiting for steep declines before I deploy capital. It’s not advice it’s a question if you see something or do I need a dunce cap!

    • I think you are right to be patient – we can still have one more (nominal) high – depends on how the Fed does a rate cut or promise of one.

      It’s also axiomatic around here that markets never crash from tops. they crash from bottoms. Wait until they are sitting on critical support then wade it if you smell blood

      • Smelling blood?…nah smells like Dog to moi. As in Who let the dogs out ? Who, who?

        Gitten doggy wit it they R; DOGE 365 days ago was $.06 cents per. Today DOGE is$0.16 cents, or 160 % return.
        Not good enough for Ure jaded eyes, okay Jorge. SHIB (poopooInu) 365 days ago was .000007974, today SHIB is at $0.000025 !

        Granted there is tremendous risk involved with ShitCoins – which DOGE & SHIB are prime examples of shitcoins. In fact in BCNs world – ALL others besides BTC, are Shitcoins, and All will eventually go to Broke, IMHO. In meantime – alls fair in Trading & Warfare for the maximalist.

        365 days ago BTC was trading for $27,000.00 today it will cost you 70,000 USD to purchase 1 BTC. Looking back from today to June 4,2023 one could say that BTC price @$27,000 was a smellin like blood.

        1 Year does indeed equal 365 Days .

        “Book em”

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