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It’s a key concept of effective time management.  Sorting out what is important – and it bounds how the desired future comes about.  Which can be an entirely different animal than what seems to be urgent.

With summer rolling by already (since Memorial Day), though “officially” not for two weeks yet, we are seeing the news wires loaded with some really urgent sounding stuff.  But the really important stuff is being slow rolled.

OK, Jobs Matter

With a Fed meeting ahead, let’s see how they spin it, right?

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 272,000 in May, and the unemployment rate changed little at 4.0 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in several industries, led by health care; government; leisure and hospitality; and professional, scientific, and technical services.”

But is it really all that good?  A check of the official (right out of the database) numbers will show you the Truth, lower right corner here:

Pardon our choice of words here, but it’s a 24-kt crockashit when the database of Employed shows a drop of 408-thousand working.

Especially when with equal seriousness the CES Birth Death Model made up how many jobs this month?  Let me give you a hint:

In other words, 917,000 jobs were estimated into existence.

Why, we’re so old that we remember when numbers had to all “tie-back” and what a waste of time that  turns out.  Nobody would recognize numerical Truths if they saw it. Let alone whether to pet ’em or kick ’em.  Butcha knew that, eh?

What’s Pimped as Urgent

Famine will not appear, nor end, the world won’t break out with nuclear sorties, but the shrill media – desperate to keep revenues rising in a time of national mood shift, isn’t sure what to pitch.

Politics?  All over the place.

All very urgent sounding, right?

Now Let’s Focus on the Important

Top of the list is Nuclear War with Second Depression in a close second place.

The biggest deal of the week, moans our consigliere, is the press failing to make prominent play of Map Shows Ukraine’s Record-Breaking Hits on Russian Nuclear Warning Sites.  This (we agreed) is a sure sign the Biden administration is angling for nuclear war to jigger the election.

That’s because of a Cold War artifact called the “Open Skies” policy. In order to understand the (irresponsible risky course of) Biden policy, you need to know what Open Skies is:

“The 32 state parties to the Open Skies Treaty are BelarusBelgiumBosnia and HerzegovinaBulgariaCanadaCroatia, the Czech RepublicDenmark (including Greenland), EstoniaFinlandFranceGeorgiaGermanyGreeceHungaryIcelandItalyLatviaLithuaniaLuxembourg, the NetherlandsNorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSwedenTurkeyUkraine, and the United KingdomKyrgyzstan signed the treaty but has not yet ratified it.[6] Canada and Hungary are the depositaries of the treaty in recognition of their special contributions to the Open Skies process. Depositary countries maintain treaty documents and provide administrative support.[7]

The Open Skies treaty is one of unlimited duration and is open to accession by other states. Republics of the former Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) that have not already become state parties to the treaty may join it at any time. Applications from other interested countries are subject to a consensus decision by the Open Skies Consultative Commission (OSCC).[2] Eight countries have joined into the treaty since it entered into force in 2002: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Sweden.”

Now, let me tell you why Open Skies exists:  the core idea is that when nations become paranoid about nuclear first-use strikes, they can rest assured (via Open Skies) that a pre-emptive strike has not been launched.

When a nation is blinded from seeing what they fear will be an Enemy and assumption is made that the Enemy either is (or is about to) strike.  Obviously, the only response possible would be for the opposing country to “go first.” And that is how 100-million Americans could die in the first couple of hours of crass political manipulations designed to hold power while – for the real paymasters – delivering on the Georgia Guidestones population outlook.

Ukraine strikes that “blind Russia” and it’s Western-directed acquisition radars may seem a valid targeting idea.  However, Ukraine has (in our view) no idea what it’s getting into. As we model it out, if the Ukrainian efforts were to “blind” too large and arc of Russian flanks, then it could easily lead to a “flashy pre-emptive move on NATO.”

Admittedly, I’m not much of an “armchair general” but I was working on acq radars (with O4 equivalent rank at age 19) as one of the Cold War whiz kids.  (Who, for enough money, would to the outback of Alaska and sat on a remote site making sure comms were up.) Your hair would stand on end if you knew how close the world has come to the Bad Ending.  Very much “front of mind” were the numerous close calls (9 times the world was at the brink of nuclear war – and pulled back) when I was up there in 1968.

That (in our silly country bumpkin hiding out in the woods of East Texas way) is why we consider impetuous radar site attacks as highly Important.

Now a word from Mr. Pants on Fire: Exclusive: Biden tells Muir US weapons will not be used to strike Moscow, Kremlin. We’ve got a sawbuck on nukes before Election Day. (That’s $10-bucks if you are under 50 – age or IQ, we take both here.)

Playing Money Right is Important, Too

Fed meets next Tuesday.  Announcement at lunch Wednesday.  We think it’s too early for the Fed to cut rates, but since there are predictive rumors of a mass casualty event at the upcoming Olympics and an outbreak of larger war shortly thereafter (by NATO) it is possible the Fed will either cut (or talk up the July meeting) as a cut in the works.

The Europeans have already cut this week. ECB policymakers warn about inflation challenge.

The problem is – as reader D’Lynn pointed out – and as Bob Prechter of the Elliott Wave International group has pointed out – when rates are cut, the market is about to fall out of bed in the coming year. Typically, the rates are cut – the market coasts higher for a week to three – and then all hell breaks loose on the downside. 30-50 percent down.

IF the Fed cuts rates tomorrow, then our add works (in the constellation of us who work at it – there are may) then the Fed July meeting (30-31) could be setting up such that a (possible) mass casualty event, followed by a NATO drive “in support of Ukraine” in August, would see the final rah-rah’s around Labor Day and then the big flushing noise into the election. All plausibly deniable.

Which – should anything happen to both Trump and Biden’s health – could give us a President Harris because the GOP has made a one-pony bet. The dems have Gruesome from California, the Hil from Hell, and Burnt-out.  Lots of grandstanders to pick from.

Now, let’s slop the masses, shall we?


Goes from bad to worse: NEW: LGBT flag flown at half-staff for a *straight* state trooper who was killed during a traffic stop after the Democrat town council refused to fly a ‘racist’ thin-blue line flag. You can’t make this up. Trooper First Class Aaron Pelletier was killed by a driver high on….

What could go wrong for lefties? Cambridge, MA may deploy unarmed social workers to 911 calls ( Geniuses.

The New Normal (sucks): It’s Almost Okay To Admit That the Response To COVID Killed Some People.

Is the Washington Post regrowing its balls? ‘Unusual’ cancers emerged after pandemic. Doctors ask if covid is to blame. – The Washington Post.

Box office knock-out ahead? ‘Hardest I’ve Ever Been Hit’: Will Smith Details Intense Experience Filming For ‘Ali’.

What’s in Your wallet? Another retailer bans American Express, joining revolt led by Costco. EBay opting out.

At the Ranch: Waiting Room Chronicles

Elaine had her follow-up with the cardiologist Thursday.  As often happens, there was a “longer than usual wait” and like a damned idiot, I forgot the Kindles.

So, we played a round of “waiting room chronicles.”  That’s when you strike up a conversation with whoever else is in the room and see how much you can learn about them during the (interminable) wait.

It’s good for a reporter to do once in a while- keeps you up on what other people are thinking.  One retired fellow told us he has now read Sidhartha 7-times. A 1922 novel by Herman Hesse.

Another fellow – retired at 46 from the military – told us about his penchant for fine woodworking. He has four mortising machines. I’m not the only tool slut in the area!

A lot of fun.  But what was terribly interesting – and we talked about it after – was that none of the people seemed the least bit interested in learning a single fact about us.  Here I was being all Studs Terkel-like.

Tells me volumes about the mood of America.  Still deeply ingrained in Meism.  Don’t think that’s good.

Write when you get rich,

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49 thoughts on “Jobs – Sifting Important from the Urgent – Open Skies”

  1. Hi George,

    I am 62 and have never heard about a sawbuck. I’m pretty sure my IQ is over 50. LOL

    Here is what I found about the word:

    Sawbuck is an old-fashioned slang term for a $10 bill.
    The phrase reportedly reflects the fact that the Roman numeral X, which resembles a wooden sawbuck, was traditionally used on U.S. $10 banknotes to denote the number 10.
    The X disappeared from the reverse of the 10-dollar note by 1880, but the nickname stuck until fairly recently.
    Sawbuck is also a forex term for trades in the amount of USD $10 million.

  2. “Tells me volumes about the mood of America.” Yes it does. You look out for me, and I’ll look out for me too! Kinda reminds me of the Government doesn’t it!

  3. I finally got around to reading George’s Saturday Peoplenomics Report. As I recall, some readers’ comments were a bit incredulous. Frankly, I do not see anyone else on the Internet writing or dissecting this thing that we call reality and the end of that ride that we call death.

    I have dealt with the incredulous most of my life, and sometimes I have to ask these people what gives you the right to be such a critic? Have you done the homework?

    Frankly, I have, because I am curious and blessed, and I have the resume and the tools in the toolbox to ask and experiment. How many of you experiment?

    In 2016, after four days in the hospital for some unknown cause, I had a Near Death Experience that informed me that I was a lot sicker than I knew and death was close. My exact thought during the experience was, “I didn’t know I was that sick”. Doctors discovered why the next day. Where did that information come from?

    I believe that in this thing that we call physical reality, time and consciousness are one. Every moment of time, and every thought are like the sand on a beach; I suggest that these granules of time and thought circulate in the magnetic fields of atoms, cells, people, the Earth, and the Solar System etc.

    Good or bad, I believe that the thoughts we focus on are pulled from our own personal magnetic fields, and this is how we become the people who we are.

    If you want to change civilization that means changing the Earth’s magnetic field, and that means getting eight billion people on the same page.

    That’s why I write a blog and experiment, and why I challenge the know-it-all critics and the haters. Magnets and lasers work on one principle, coherence.

  4. News from the farm Chief,

    there is a new warpig (sheriff) coming to town. all hail satan..unh I mean julianne smith. wonder if she ever worked for blinkin over at WestExec Advisors ????

    Say – who is WestExec Advisors ? How many alums went to work for pedo joenocide bribem admin ? How many pentagon contracts gone to these guys last 3 years?

    Great day or what – we gotz a new, old fat disgusting war pig at State. Same ole disgusting shit, new old pig.

    Groos, the splatta”, just dont matta – you cant bring Me down!no,non,no,no..

    The Belmont at Sarratoga tomorrow- shortened course – gotta lay down a couple superfectas(exotics) 9-3-10-4 for da WIN! Not advice, not suggestion – purely ENTERTAIMENT. Root root root Ure Horse home!

  5. Oh, George, I take a totally different slant on your waiting room conversations. Those people volunteered info on their lives but were too polite to inquire about yours. To their way of thinking, if you wanted to share your experiences, you would have volunteered it. Julia

    • That’s not been my experience. Almost everyone I’ve met in the last few years and some of my older friends talk endlessly about themselves, their families, their health, their pets, etc., without ever asking me one question about myself. It’s a battle for me to get in a few words! If I do manage to inject something about my life, they barely pause and immediately change the topic back to themselves. I’m always interested in other people and find it very strange that the interest isn’t reciprocal. These one-sided conversations are new in my experience, so George’s similar encounters in the waiting room may indicate a perplexing change in social dynamics.

      • That is what I loved about healthcare field.. I got to hear the wide ranging areas of other peoples lives.
        and everyone rich poor tall short skinny fat celebrity or street survivor.. everyone eventually passes by you..
        silly question tumbleweed.. how did you pick your moniker… I choose LOOB because everyone is stuck in the box in the sixties it was called the RUT of daily life the drive at five news every day the same as it was yesterday .. the monotony of daily life only seeing what is in the bubble without ever peeking out and saying.. what about.. or what if..while still sitting securely in the box of their life.
        some friends depending on what decade nicknamed me Dex some poin some dusty and a couple of others.. It works as a good time stamp

  6. “Hits on Russian Nuclear Warning Sites. ”

    The so-called West is prepping for ‘First Strike’. China has to be in on it but could double-cross the West. India has to know and probably the reason why they are placing assets into high-level Western .gov positions. It’s going to be a land grab.

    “100-million Americans could die in the first couple of hours”

    That’s almost 1/3 +/- of the population and doesn’t include the damaged folks which the remaining folks will have to care for or put down. What to do with half fried people who have weeks to live all the while knowing replacement Tylenol comes from China and is months away?

    The survivors face spending resources that won’t be replaced/humanely assisting their suicide/let them wander & wither like Gazans.

    • Is it going to be like the end scene in Reservoir Dogs?

      “The biggest risk for nuclear war isn’t that either side will knowingly choose to enter into one, but that one will be set off by miscalculation, miscommunication or technical malfunction in the chaos and confusion of soaring tensions, as nearly happened numerous times during the last cold war. The higher tensions get, the more likely such an incident becomes, and the more hair-trigger everyone’s nuclear systems will be.

      It’s a lot like a standoff where people are pointing guns at each other, like the end scene of Reservoir Dogs. The more guns there are and the more tense the situation becomes, the more likely it is that someone will make a move that sets the whole thing off and gets everyone killed.”

      • Stu hit is right on the nose I think… he quoted
        (“A retired Russian army colonel and former defense ministry spokesperson claimed that Russia has seeded the coasts of the United States with “Nuclear Mole Missiles” Apparently, Viktor Baranetz was a bit premature that “Russia is “quietly ‘seeding’ the U.S. shoreline with nuclear ‘mole’ missiles“. Was he three-years premature?”)

        My thought is.. WAS he premature????
        Or did they have to see the USA deplete and position for the final countdown.. when I first thought I seen the trap being set.. I figured.. it would be a faster moving event.. then I remembered a big tree falling.. when cutting down a huge tree.. you have to notch it.. back cut it just so.. to get it to fall even then it doesn’t fall fast.. sometimes you have to have a line in the tree to get it to start the fall.. so use up our strategic reserves.. ( with congress not doing a thing about any of it) deploy and invest in the pawn.. deploy our military to the furthest reaches of our globe.. and march an army in with the whole shooting match putting their arms around them supporting them and giving them shelter and transportation and financial security..
        I thought I seen and still think I see the poison pawn trap being implimented as a war strategy.. so seed the the heavily populated coastline.. then get us to use up our strategic reserves makes perfect sense.. everyone just miscalculated the amount of strength we had in reserve..then get us to deploy in several different directions at the same time.. all in the book the art of war.. allow the army to enter by side tracking away from congress all while gaining financial security for those that sold out to foreign govts… ( or did they ..if the dollar tanks from the cloward Piven strategy then it is worthless.. remember if it tanks it isn’t backed by anything)
        Either way at this point in time I believe we have lost the battle.. the country was outwitted.. our generals have been cautioning eveyrone for three years about this stupidity that is unfolding.. without firing a shot at us we are now in a position where the illegal populations financial drain on the taxpaying citizens is un manageable.. people that have a million already lost half of their wealth all while not even noticing it was being taken..
        what I haven’t seen is.. the family and the politicians moving.. everyone that has read any history books.. knows that it doesn’t fare well with surviving politicians if the country is overthrown and a whole new set of laws are implemented… there was a mass exodus by wealthy people.. but not by the ones that will be affected the most..

        (“Globally, 2024 is projected to set new records for millionaire migration, with 128,000 high-net-worth individuals forecast to move countries compared to 120,000 in 2023. Much of this anticipated tidal wave can be attributed to geopolitical tensions such as the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, runaway inflation, and lingering Covid impacts in Asia — all underscoring America’s relative safe haven status.”)

        (“Barack Obama and Joe Biden brought a Middle Eastern ports company, GULFTAINER (GTUSA), inside the wire into America’s ports while bypassing the required National Security Threat Analysis and Committee On Foreign Investments In the United States (CFIUS) review even though three Congressional Committees had its owner under investigation for his funding of Saddam Hussein’s WMD program. The owner of GULFTAINER’s brother and business partner, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, was on the Pentagon’s Blacklist wanted for “capture or kill.”)

        Back then I thought it was crazy.. then

        with millions of illegals that to just like the port deal side tracked and funded and transported away from congress.. then you can’t blame it totally on the administrations.. where in the hell was congress.. they were out on another fact finding junket someplace or getting laid by the sex workers hired by the gift givers of the beltway.. no one is home no one is going to do a thing.. we see all the courts and everything.. but none of them have done a thing and neither will they.. its the election year pony show.. the dead horse issue that they will drag around the campaign arena all while not doing a dam thing…

        • Lessee, when was it, I said the Russians were (to use Stu’s term) seeding the coasts of CONUS?

          ISTM it was nearly a year ago — right after the Western Press was made aware that Poseidon was live.

          It only makes sense to do so.

          With that said, what doesn’t make sense is the Administration, trying to egg Putin into a hot war with NATO. Even with the vacuum-assist maglev “subway” (which I “invented” 40 years before Elon “invented” it, and 10 years after the USDoD began using the version of it that one of their bright boys invented) to the Denver underground, our feckless leaders have to get to the train station (Russia can hit D.C. 28 seconds after we detect a launch, with a hypersonic nuke) before they can make the trip, and even after they do, Russia has enough testosterone in their arsenal that they can spend 3-4 nuclear bunker-busters on the Denver area, to ensure everyone who makes it to our (non)secret C&C facility is permanently entombed and interred.

  7. “We’ve got a sawbuck on nukes before Election Day.”
    He sits back smugly and lights a Cuban cigarettello..,
    – “I’ll see your sawbucks and raise you a Benjamin.”

    • lol lol ..I’d choke if I inhaled the smoke from a Cuban cigar…lol lol…but a good cup of coffee…now that’s living…
      I asked chatgpt 4.5 when ww3 begins .. it predicted November..after Germany attracts russia.. now chatgpt has access To everything… dark side light side and the cloud.. A computerized guess after going through the information at hand..
      I don’t think there will be an election either.. I believe we will be under a state of national emergency and the election will be on hold..
      now that’s just a guess.. but I do truly believe that they are not going to allow Trump to take the seat again.Look how much they have done trying to put him behind bars..look how much they have done to bury everything the family business has done. and hunter will walk.. just a guess mind you..

  8. I’m sure that some republican would jump in, maybe Cruz or Rubio. Probably two or three rinos.

    • why hasn’t Cruz or Paul jumped in what is the back story on that one.. why aren’t they they are the best qualified.. they still believe in our constitution and bill of rights…. Rubio.. I sure wouldn’t vote for Rubio.. wasn’t he the one that didn’t care to show up for work but one out of every three days..

  9. “Tells me volumes about the mood of America. Still deeply ingrained in Meism. Don’t think that’s good.”

    Yes. I never forgot when, many years ago I was driving on a highway in a suburb of NYC and a girl zoomed by, her bumper sticker said…

    “It’s All About Me”

  10. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has declared an Ozone Action Day for the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Galveston and Brazoria areas because of high levels of ozone, also known as “smog”. Officials suggested that to help reduce the air pollution, people should minimize the use of their vehicles.
    – .., and so, I wonder: Just when will this suggestion to help-out.., become an enforceable, “you must” law.

  11. Well., I just turned down the latest invite to a private poker game. I refuse to fly anymore, and the game is to be held at a private estate on O’ahu., at the end of this month.
    .., I’ll wait.

    • Smart man. I had not been to the mainland since 1999 (pre TSA). Last June I went to a family reunion in MN. Not bad going over… boarding in Hilo, small interisland TSA scan and then non stop from Honolulu to MN. Return was a nightmare. Minneapolis is a Delta hub, and every overnight stored plane was departing before 8am. The bag drop and TSA wait lines from 5am were thousands, and THOUSANDS of people. 2-1/2h line wait to get thru TSA. I was prepped with Ivermectin, so I didn’t get sick, but there were people coughing all packed in lines in the ‘great hall’. I was the only one I saw with a mask. I told family… “Never Again!”. I don’t even want to fly the 1/2 hour to the big city of Honolulu. I have all that I need here.

    • After 9/11 air travel in the US was shut down for a month (so many people have forgotten), who knows how long it might be shut down for “WHEN” another “BIG” event happens (not “if”). It is a long swim from Hawaii back to the states.

      Good choice.

  12. re: Skies Open 6/6/24
    feat: talking to the hand


    Yesterday UK and French msm reported on a potential diplomatic incident between their respective heads of state at an 80th anniversary D-Day event. Late arrivals President Macron and his spouse kept King Charles III and Queen Camilla waiting for 20 minutes on the beach. Shortly after the King kissed the hand of Mme. Macron, the latter attempted to hold the hand of the Queen against royal protocol, and was accordingly rebuffed. The President was not amused.

    Speaking of talking to the hand, French media appears to be rather more reticent than UK media like “The Express” as to an uncontrolled detonation occurring this past Wednesday at a 2 star hotel room on the periphery of Charles de Gaulle airport. It seems firefighters had responded to calls for assistance for a Russo-Ukraine gentleman recently arrived from Donetsk suffering hand and burn injuries. Upon further inquiry, it was alleged the Russian and Ukraine multiple passports holder had inadvertantly detonated an explosive device while fine-tuning its homebrew battery operated trigger. According to Wikipedia, the blast event 2 star hotel chain is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. By coinkydoink their Jersey City hq building features in the backdrop as Iron Man saves Manhattan from missile attack in the 2012 “Avengers” film.

    What best way to launch into a lovely weekend ahead at the beach? Let’s reminisce of today’s society wedding of the year held at the 11th century Chester Cathedral as noted by the “Daily Mail”. There the Duke of Westminster, wealthiest Briton under 40 with his London landholdings, was happily wed. As an usher the Prince of Wales exited the Cathedral following the ceremony, a pair of senior lady bystanders emerged of the JSO (Just Stop Oil) protest group and released orange contents from fire extinguishers. Police quickly doused the unauthorized celebratory melee restoring order. Other seniors surrounding the rebel pair said one of the suspects had been reading an unnamed Richard Osman novel. Mr. Osman is author of the ongoing “Thursday Murder Club” book series as well as the television hit program, “The Fake News Show”. Four senior ladies resident in a county of Kent upscale, assisted-care home solve murder mysteries in the novels.

    As cheers rang out from the crowd, the Duke and his new Duchess were able to board unhindered the Duke’s vintage 1930 Bentley 8 motor vehicle whose 6 liter powerplant propelled the pair towards their happily-ever-after. The 1930 Bentley 6 model was the last of the fine line automaker before entering receivership, and subsequent rebirth with Rolls Royce.

    • re: Moscow or bust
      feat: Palais Bourbon


      Construction began on the Palais Bourbon in 1722 at the behest of Madame la Duchesse, a legitimized daughter of King Louis XIV and his favorite Royal Mistress. According to Wikipedia, she apparently became wealthy with assistance of the Scottish-Franco founder from Edinburgh of the first fractional reserve Central Bank of France. He is also credited with masterminding the Mississippi Company collapse. It supposedly saw the word “millionaire” enter the lexicon as well as provide inspiration for England’s South Sea bubble operation.

      Today the President of Ukraine addressed deputies of the French National Assembly at the Palais Bourbon. Folks, sad to say, this was no standing-room-only show like America’s State of the Union Address or the Academy Awards. Many of the 577 deputy seats were vacant as you can note yourself from the introductory 1m10s standing ovation National Assembly video stream below. Additionally, random perusal of the subsequent 10 part video of President Zelensky’s speech delivered in the Ukrainian language may reveal that some deputies were not requiring simultaneous translation to French that was being offered via headphones?

  13. Greetings from the Perimeter G,

    Fuiyoh – someone must be using some “evil auntie hot oil” in their projections-calculations.

    In what might be one of the most remarkable events in recent financial history – alt media has finally confirmed what every reader of urban survival has known for years – That the Economic numbers put out by BLS are “grotesque data manipulations”.

    Ya dont think they are trying to cover up their abject FAILURES of everything Bidenomics?
    “Its the economy stupid”- frm the other pedophile in the WH. Dont even listen to their own ilk…ya know scratch a lgbt and find a pedo (just ask hildog) – burds of a feather…

  14. Open Skies is all about overflight of a territory to verify nuclear treaty compliance. The process requires formal notification, then adhering to a pre-planned overflight route with associated timeline. Thing is, any commercial flight is capable of covertly recording signals intel and terrain data from below and around its route of flight, without having to publish any advance notification. So Open Skies is essentially just another useless diplomatic tool between Russia and the West. So far as I know, China is not a party to any such agreement.

  15. The Russian radar attacks are scary, and have CIA & false flag written all over them. Andy’s prediction of July and potential false flag are looking more likely… and certainly before elections. The swamp creatures are desperate, and have no qualms about wiping out half the country. 911 showed their disregard for life. Today I’m busy ‘EMP-proofing’ my two vehicles with 18v TVS diodes and MOVs. An EMP specialist recommended multiple places to put as many as possible. So I went for the OBD computer connector also. Diodes on each side of the CAN buss which goes throughout the car and the B+ line at the computer connector. Also Cig lighter plugs diodes, and MOV across the battery. Clip on ferrites on the alternator line. Just maybe it will save the auto computer if a burst goes off in the distance. It may not matter if there is no fuel afterwards, but one never knows.

    • If EMP fries a vehicle, it’s stuck in place. With some level of reserve fuel – home or elsewhere, you have some reserve to function with. The diodes are a good idea.

      • Cars will likely do OK until they have to be re-fooled. About 90 percnt will still run (maybe, depends on field strength).
        But gas pumps with no grid? Yeah…sure…how’s your shoe leather?
        EVs much less likely to be running than a realiable 1980’s carbed engine. Talk to brother Ray…
        TVS Diodes in a cigarette lighter is really all you’re likely to need.

        • “EVs much less likely to be running than a realiable 1980’s carbed engine. Talk to brother Ray…”

          Yeah, about that…

          I can think of no way to EVER EMP-proof an EV. Even if you could, you could only reliably charge it off your own system and excursions would needs be limited to about a third of its estimated range, because if it were to run out of juice it would never run again and you’d be walking home, probably with a hundred zombies, following along behind you.

          The EPA were real dicks WRT the auto industry, in the late ’70s to mid ’80s. Bosch had a marvelous collection of both mechanical, and electronic fuel injection systems. They offered them to American automakers for an exorbitant amount of money, which beancounters and brass alike, from all four automakers, rejected. Thus came the birth of the “EPA carb.”

          The EPA carb was the bridge between mechanical carburetors and the early “crossflow” and “tuned-port” fuel injection systems everybody came up with, to keep Ameribucks out of German banks.

          First of all, they were electronic, with sensors and dohickies scattered amongst their many, MANY chambers. They were inefficient, sacrificing power and tunability for exhaust numbers that’d pass an EPA sniffer. They were incredibly complicated — difficult to work on and damn’ near impossible to rebuild, tweak, or even clean, without manufacturer-specific tools which cost more than my house.

          And yes, this IS the voice of experience. I “successfully” rebuilt both Rochester 2v and 4v EPA carbs. After rebuilding, the car would have to go to its corresponding GM dealership, to have the carb tuned and sync’d to the engine and the ECM (which cost about 380 late 1980s dollars, or nearly twice as much as a Holley 650CFM double-pumper…)

          A mechanical carburetor is as important to the survivalist as a distributor with actual moving parts. Nearly all American vehicles made before about 1998 can be retrofit with everything needed to make them viable, post-apocalyptic MVs (‘might need a new intake manifold and other bits for some. This is why Summit Racing and Jegs exist in my “prepper links” bookmarks.) However, post EMP, this will cease to be an option, as every NAPA and Auto Zone in North America will go on the hit list, right after grocery stores and pharmacies.

          Right now you can buy new, and it costs a couple hundred dollars to have that Holley or Edelbrock manifold wrapped in oil-paper and setting in a box on a shelf in your garage, next to a similarly-packaged carb and a gasket set. After Oshit-Day, people who own wrecking lots will own the world, and their junk will become worth more than, well, just about anything.

          Bear in-mind, with all this automobile blather of mine:

          Where are you going to go, and what are you going to do once you get there? Do you realize that if you are seen anywhere, by anyone, you’re almost certainly going to be shot, and if you survive, the tire tracks are going to be followed back to your hidey hole…?

          In a post-apocalyptic world, you might live. If you do, you will only live until you make the first mistake. It is entirely likely that your fatal mistake will also cost the lives of everyone around you. Go with God, live with care, and don’t do dumb stuff — EVER…!

    • The diodes are a very good idea.

      I advocate acquiring a vehicle which has no electronics, because honestly, the whiz kids at LL and MIT can toss around as many equations as they like, but no one actually KNOWS what will happen when Carrington Redux (whether God-made or man-made) arrives.

      The first “electronics” introduced into cars was the rectifier pack in that newfangled “alternator thingy” Motorola came out with in the late 1950s. (Not counting the “solid state” radio about 1960, the second (and much more important than the diodes attached to the alternator output) was General Motors’ HEI Ignition. You could buy an aftermarket electronic ignition (my Dad built & installed a Heathkit ignition system on his ’67 F250) but IIRC all it really did was “desparkify” the breaker points to render the rubbing block as the points’ only maintenance issue, and boost juice at the plugs by a couple kV. It also had a “bypass” switch on the side of its little gold box, so you could bypass the system.

      HEI was built into the GM distributor, and was not “bypassable,” except by replacing the distributor with a Mallory-type mechanical racing distributor.

      This is important to note, because by the late-1970s, GM went to ALL HEI across its entire product line, worldwide. American Motors licensed the tech (and went HEI) in about ’78. This is significant because it means all gasoline-powered vehicles based on military vehicles (like the Jeep and all AMGeneral gassers) went HEI, years earlier than most people realize.

      Chrysler, under Iacocca, did a limited license until Nippondenso reversed the tech, and Ford ran with points & condenser until Philco could reverse Delco’s system.

      My point is, long before “computers in cars” was a thing, once a vehicle has a high-energy (breakerless) ignition system, it is vulnerable to an EM burst. The old time survivalists have all saved their pennies and bought Mallory or Accel aftermarket distributors (and mechanical carburetors) for their vehicles. Remember, fuel+air+spark= a running vehicle, and while it’s not a beginner’s exercise, the ignition (coil & distributor), electronic timing (optical or magnetic cam-sensor), and “drive by wire” (go-pedal and EFI) are the only things that can not be taken out of the circuit to build a functional, post-EMP vehicle. Provided this is planned for in advance, and mechanical parts acquired before the poo hits the squirrel cage, this ceases to be an issue…

  16. Look at Arthur Bradley’s YouTube channel, EMP Doctor, and website, for packaged EMP doodads. His high current ferrites are a unique offering. They are a clamp-on ferrite with a thin engineered dielectric spacer to allow them to work on single high-current conductors. Traditional clamp-on ferrites saturate at with high current on single conductors, rendering them useless for vehicle DC protection, or home service entrances.
    He also has some little picosecond cigarette lighter plug-ins which are nicely packaged, and are probably the same under the hood as what Hank is using (but again, durably packaged). He also has a fast HEMP protector which goes across the battery terminals.
    Arthur has added a rather expensive high current vehicle device, which should protect against anything except a direct lightning stroke. I haven’t indulged yet, but I am eyeing it. When I trade cars, the surge protection goes with me.
    HEMP phenomena is fairly low energy, but extremely fast, and can jump across air gaps (like switch contacts). Throwing a main breaker may protect, and then again, it may not. Arthur likes the Siemens whole house surge protectors. Combined with his high current ferrites, they do a good job of protecting the home service panel. I have one on the main panel, and a second on a sub-panel. The rationale is that the two in tandem should stay on long enough to trip the main breaker and maybe still have protection from one afterward. Be advised that this remains an untested theorem.
    All electronics in the house have at least a 1 ns surge protection. Microwaves ovens and other higher current devices have 5 ns Transtectors. I have been told not to mix protection devices, but I use a 1 ns plug-in on the 5 ns Transtector power strips, with a big stack of three or four ferrites on the power cord. If you put all the conductors through the clamp-on ferrite, it doesn’t have to be a high current type. That only applies to single separated high current conductors, like a service entrance or a vehicle battery cable. I use 2 mix 61’s, and one mix 31 as minimum , which I get from mail-order electronics stores. A higher frequency ferrite probably wouldn’t hurt for the AC cabled.
    Guarding off-air antenna lead-ins is trickier. VHF is extremely susceptable to EMP effects. Since I put the HEMP-rated device with ferrites on the off-air antenna, the coupler board hasn’t blown on the antenna. I got a 50 ohm HEMP device from Arthur on a special bulk buy deal. Hank advised that it should be OK on the 75 ohm antenna coax, and I haven’t had issues. The current price has about tripled. I still keep two spare coupler boards in shielded storage.
    I have protection on my microwave link, but I have no confidence it will survive a HEMP episode. I have only blown the transceiver once, and that was before I put ns surge protection on the Ethernet lines.
    Of course, this is all home hobbyist chat, and not a professional engineering consultation. Results may vary according to dumb luck. or lack thereof.

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