Crash and Depression Weather

Economics is much like meteorology, we reckon. Today’s report is as much for me (personally) as it is for subscribers as we line up the “match points” between the Great Depression and what’s evolving.

Rather interesting exercise to try next time you can’t sleep and it’s 2 AM.  Really ought to try it.  Many have observed that when the Earth faces away from the Sun, there’s a certain kind of “mental quiet” that occurs.  Perhaps as radio bands change, the F2 layer lowers, and summer noise abates if only for a few hours…

What really matters now is that our long-term view – hence outcome – is gaining, not losing in strength.

Which should scare the hell out of the FedGov.  Which is all too busy missing historical contexts while selling 2022 hysteria against a former president.

With so much that might be done, we live in Ostricheville.

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49 thoughts on “Crash and Depression Weather”

  1. “We live in Ostricheville”

    For some reason, the Eagles song “Welcome to the Hotel California” started playing in my head when I read today’s column. What a classic song with such great lyrics.

    “Last thing I remember
    I was running for the door
    I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
    “Relax,” said the night man
    “We are programmed to receive
    You can check-out any time you like
    But you can never leave!”

    • Exactly what a great song and nothing you can do..scary huh..
      “parallels to the Fall of Rome keep building”
      I have noticed the parallels starting in 80.. deregulation and promotion of greed and expanding the gap between social classes..
      Now with the parallel between the wicked witch of the north east and colligula where the deviance and debauchery of the elite and politically powerful being totally ignored and justified.. even with the demise of so called friends and the security team..the only differences is the security team is remaining loyal..why I will never know.. now we have a Nero destroying the country little by little and drawing it closer to playing his kazoo as it burns and crumbles.. sad.. and no one in public office willing to say God your nuts.. if what’s on the laptop and the allegations has any remote possibilities of truth to it then their sick perverted and corrupt beyond belief . It all shocks me daily just how fast it’s all going down. Stuff I never believed two years ago would ever be good are now being told its wonderful..
      Our future looks pretty dim as we work our way into a war that will destroy mankind..and to think its all over the protection of the mass corruption


  2. Birds of a feather flock together as the ostriches would say, and CBC Ottawa has laid a late Easter egg for us to paint.

    Apparently tomorrow is the thirtieth annual iteration of Russia Day. Today’s CBC report heralded the occasion by interviewing the mayor of Ottawa yesterday. Permission had been refused to fly Russia’s flag at City Hall on June 12th because of the Ukraine invasion.

    However the Russian Embassy had requested the flag flying in a letter to the City dated February 23rd, a day before the invasion began. Three and a half months later it is news. I thought it was kind of interesting how the media would throw some grease in the pan on a quiet Saturday morning for a stirfry.

    Before the bough breaks let’s raise a flag to DJ Ure diggin’ some Dylan in the yard with
    “Blowin’ in the Wind”.

    • “Easter egg” has come up alot in the grid around me.

      Now I don’t give financial advice. But I will tell you. When everyone is selling cryptos I keep getting indicators from the world around me to buy buy buy buy. So instead paying $7 for a coffee from Starbucks I put it on different cryptos.

      I understand that has nothing backing it. Like gold or an army. Or an economy. When I type that. I hear one word. Yet.

      So I’m either reading the grid around me wrong and passing my money away. Which isn’t much these days. All the signs around in the living language says buy cryptos. In September you will be grateful you did.

      I don’t buy bitcoin or etherieum because I just have a hunch those are the beta tests. And they remind me of AOL and Yahoo how they were big in 56k dial up days. Not so much anymore.

      Like I said I don’t give financial advice but keep seeing. That end of August to mid September a massive rally as the Fed Jack’s up interest rates over 4% come Q1, 2023. Some indicators in the living language around me say 6% and some say 9% in Q2.

      I could be nuts tho. Do as ya like.

      I can explain to a degree and I’ve showed an example in a private email to George and Clif I sent out a while ago of the hidden geometrical structures found within everyone written words. It’s the same as the grid around us. And those geometrical structures are saying buy buy buy.

      But I don’t give financial advice. And I could be wrong.

      As it is, the incline of inflation is the greatest degree of arch upward it has ever been from my studies even though we haven’t hit the greatest levels of inflation yet, we will rocket past those.

      When I look at the abstract such art, music and other information and meditate in it. Because art imitates life as the saying goes.

      We see a massive resurgence of LP purchases and alot of language around 45’s and at EDM’s they play recorded beats.

      All this talk of records. Make me think we have a “record breaking’ year as it relates to other things. Especially economics.

      Easter Egg. That is a hidden treasure on the internet. Elon mentions Easter eggs in teslas several times and it has come up in the language of people around me alot lately. Which is noted and filed because it’s not Easter. Lol

      Have a wonderful month. I’m off to the UW graduation to keep everyone safe. :) back to driving big rig on Monday. Best of both worlds. Moving mountains and earth and security and saftey.

      All the while being Truly, Blessed and Highly Fortunate.

      • “All the signs around in the living language says buy cryptos. In September you will be grateful you did.”

        Wow @Andy… I see bitcoin and I chuckle lol..

    • One last thing. Something nobody had mentioned Here not even the Bitcoin Nazi.

      Prior the sell off of Cryptos a few select “whales” pulled all their cryptos off trading platforms and placed them in private wallets. To the tune of 10,000 bitcoin a day. Which is alot of cheddar. Shortly after, Bitcoin and all the cryptos collapsed.

      Ya I noticed. I saw it in the grid around me, did a search as led by my intuition and that is a factual thing. Right before the collapse of cryptos. A bunch of whales pulled their cryptos off trading platforms and put them in private wallets. That is not selling. That is holding on to them. The the crypto market went down shortly after.

      I thought i Wonder why they pulled their cryptos out of tading platforms like that?

      So I did the same. Because they obviously knew more than me. They didn’t sell. They just pulled a shit load off the trading platforms.

      And everyone selled.

      Been seeing alot of references to the Wolf Of Wallsteeet lately. One my favorite movies.

      • When I read the CPI yesterday, I think it’s distorted, the geometrical structures within the language from my read of things says the Fed is going 75bps in Q3. The Fed will be forced too. But like I did I don’t financial advice. They are still highly downplaying the actual rate of inflation. Gas was $2.08 a gallon 2 years ago. It has tripled in 2 years in my area.

        They are still either in denial or trying to downplay the rate inflation to not start a panic.

        But what do I know? I drive a haul truck and moonlight security. LOL

  3. Detroit failed once the Industrial Age ended. A front door every 30 or 40′ feet built with old-growth lumber and the people let most of it burn.

    Probably 1,000,000 man-hours of labor wasted building Detroit to let it rot. On the other hand Detroit’s decline began right around the start of FHA. Detroit failing may have been purposefully done as a government jobs program.

    Same will happen to California. If California is being orphaned the Information Age has ended.

    • It is not the information, tech, movie, planes, or war mongering that’s ending in California. It’s FOOD. The geo engineering has continually attacked the weather patterns, and the liberal governments have attacked the water supply to the farms and people. It’s a combination famine and farm economic destruction set up, to in source product from other areas, and flood the state with newcomers, and knowingly watch hundreds of thousands leave due to these failed state policies. When they really set the national parks on fire, you’ll know it’s the end of the world. Those chemtrails cause those fires to burn hotter than hell.

      But, only failed to some. A great example, and model to follow, of how to destroy a state or country.

  4. The lure of “Empire” is something that has plagued Mankind (go ahead Woke heads, flame me) since the beginning. One person can cover a pretty good piece of ground but enlist and enslave a few others and the reach of power becomes irresistible no matter how much altruism exists in the beginning. Subsequent generations always get lazy. Thousands of years of history and people still don’t/won’t learn. Another interesting article: “US Is “Beyond Bankrupt” – Kim Dotcom Fears “Controlled Demolition” Enabling A “New Dystopian Future”” found at

    We may be in a drought right now but the two good rains we’ve had over the past 6 weeks has made the pastures beautiful. Haven’t seen the cows around the corrales in quite a while but, when I do see them, one thing you can’t see is ribs. Like Elmer Kelton said in “The Time it Never Rained” – “You can’t feed fat onto a cow…”. Only God and green pastures can do that if you want to make a living at it. A good number of goats still hang around the corral areas, though, if I make a regular trip to the ranch. I’ll still put out a sack or two of corn for them as they were really run down with kids and not much to eat over the Winter even with a half dozen tons of feed thrown at them. It just keeps them alive.

    Since we’ve been taking care of an 18 month old grandkid the past 3 days the ranch has been neglected for a while. The last time I left things alone for a day or two I found a billy goat in the North water trough with half its face eaten off already. It takes both of us to keep an eye on her and we’ve both wondered how we raised the kids when we were younger and got anything else done. That was before the wife had to get a job, though. It’s like following Steve Martin around in the character he played in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”. The bad part is I’m starting to do it all too often myself.

    Working out in this weather, however, requires starting early and working into the heat of the day if you’re doing a full day’s work. The mornings are great since the temperature doesn’t cross over the century mark until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. By that time a wet handkerchief around your neck works wonders for keeping you alert and thinking straight. Worst case scenario is an additional one around your head … and Gatorade. Lots of Gatorade. Maybe some Vienna Sausages once in a while but range cubes (I call it “cake”) work in a pinch. Purina’s my favorite as it has a strong anis or licorice flavoring to it that is smelled more so than tasted. It sure cures the shakes when the blood sugar goes into the ditch.

  5. For goodness sakes man – “this aint no Mudd Club, or C.B.G.B’s, we aint got time for that now”-TH

    Its a Dbl. Marubozu Manbearpig Market Monster – please, call Ultra Man – he will know better than to buy lotto tickets to lotto known to be teetering on its last leg. Like Indy said in Tibetan bar “its not the years honey, its the milage” and bullish trade over weekend in this current environment – seems to be a “pig in a poke” kinda bargain. But what the hell do I know, I take the other side of the slow and steady trading model. While I do trade in a slow and steady manner, I always have a “big game trophy” lined up in my sights..always. Over the years (+30) of Trading and Investing, 2 very different disciplines, I have come to the realization that hitting it big once in a while is THE PATH to success..defined as 10x or better increase in underlying. You have to have a “big game” plan working in background all the time in order to increase, to build the probabilities in Ure favor..

    Look out below, the SPY is coming thru..without a parachute that bitch gonna die on the Russian front, maybe after a bounce or two, you do know where to bury it, no?
    Yes sir – Down Bubble – we are trimmed for the bottom..strap YO safety harness in for Monday blackness.

    Dont forget to stock up on Ure favorite beverage for “Blacked Monday” like mr mojo risen said ” I woke up this morning and got myself a beer, the future is uncertain, and the end is always near..”-JM
    His music – our generations messages…hear the Spirit ?

  6. What I find interesting is that the biggest cause for the fall of Rome written about by Romans themselves is not in the list that you quoted: Taxes. When the Roman Empire fell and Odocer was made King of Italy taxes fell. Not just in Italy but in Egypt, Greece and Gaul as well. In other words the Empire ended and people experienced an improvement in their standard of living.

    • Every collapse of civilizations affected other countries.. the weimer depression was just a starting point.. it’s a complex tiered collapse.. one fall and all the domino’s follows.. just like our grid.. the world economy is designed for control and profit for a few.. not for security like ancient civilizations had..

  7. 440,000 people moved to California and 650,000 left. That is true…What isn’t said is the quality of people that moved here and the lack of thereof that moved out. Of the people that moved here, 90% were post graduate, engineers, scientists, professionals that were recruited by the top companies of the Silicon Valley, SoCALS Silicon Beach and the Bio-tech sector of San Francisco and San DIego.

    The people that moved out were the ones that came here to make their fortunes, failed and left. The rest were service workers (restaurant, bar, entertainment, venue management) that were disgruntled at the COVID restrictions and went to states that were had lifted those restrictions so they can earn a living.

    Economically, this is a big advantage for California in that higher educated equals more taxable income, higher buying power and for me, more home sales. We are having our 6th record year in a row and were just names one of the nations top teams as a result. The way I look at it, the service sector is becoming more automated anyway. We have been ordering our food at sit down and fast food restaurants on our phones for a few years, buy theater tickets on our phones with seat assignments…which is 1000% better, and need far less concierge services frI’m humans…It’s more efficient, cheaper and eliminates human error. In time, the rest of the nation will catch up….Humans need to aim higher anyway than a stupid service job.

    • Yeah yeah – the Losers that cant make on the East Coast asways fail to to kali. Uneducated, Homeless, Druggo’s and Un-employeed have been flocking to the country of Kalifornication – its the Climate, genius. Tons of freebies for the disenfranchised in Cali..
      Professional class is taking a hit – as all non DS actors are bugging out..hello Austin.

      Google and FB = defacto deepstate.

      Clowning around with 2% while spiting on and trampling the less fortunate under Ure feet I am sorry say is not a virtuous way, nor is grubbing for ever more $$$$. For Ure sake, I hope you get all the $$$$ you desire. Perhaps bliss can be found in $$$$$$$ – I rather know it is not so – but hey Im sure anything is possible in a state of kalifornication. Best o Luck. YIP!

    • “The rest were service workers (restaurant, bar, entertainment, venue management) that were disgruntled”

      ?????… obviously not all Hourly wage earners..otherwise if you stop at mickies you’d have to fry that burger up yourself..or unload a grocery truck and fill the shelves to buy something.. make your own beds at a motel etc..

      • I haven’t for at least 20 years, nor will i ever eat the crap at McD’s. The fast/death food chains can all go out of business for all I care, except for Amy’s, and many of the healthy food offerings. You pay a premium price for healthy food, but my medical bills are non existent. Cost averaging, I come out ahead. Many fast food chains are closing here in the coastal towns in California. As far as the rest of the servicing jobs, Luxury hotels house their staff here, delivery and stocking technology has made it cheaper to manage and that is being passed on t the worker in higher wages. Technology will do two things…make some jobs obsolete, and make the remaining jobs more valuable and come with higher wages. It’s a win win.

        As for the comments of RGEa…The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance.

  8. Jan. 6th Hearings ratings –

    “The Hill’s Joe Concha explained how bad the viewership was.”
    Context: The evening newscasts on CBS, NBC & ABC average anywhere from 18 to 20 million viewers combined on a typical night. Those newscasts do not air in primetime. The January 6 hearings airing in primetime Thursday took in just 11+ million viewers on those three same networks.”

    So it was actually fewer than 20 million who watched. Oh well, liars, cheaters and thieves have to eat too. Our tax $$$, made up or not, at work.

    “Sham Jan 6th Panel Paying Staffers Double What Regular House Staffers Make – Here Are Their Salaries”

    “The sham Jan 6th panel has made its staffers a lot of money since it started.

    They have spent over $2.5 million in taxpayer funds so far — and many of the staffers have made over $10,000 a month for their role.

    The staffers are making double what an average House staffer makes.”

  9. Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

    From Livestock to Laughing Stock: New Zealand Plans to Tax Cow and Sheep Burps in an Effort to Stop Climate Change

    TGP’s loaded with material today!

    “‘Transgender’ YouTuber With Over 1 Million Subscribers: ‘Childhood Innocence’ Is A ‘Bullsh*t Fantasy Made Up By Adults’”

    Try it in my town and see what happens – boy.

    “With Border Cities Completely Overwhelmed, Biden to Begin Bussing Illegals Deeper into the US”

    Whaaddayamean “deeper”??!! They’ve been flying illegals in ever since the Traitor in Chief took office last year.

    “Oh, Canada… Fresh Off Handgun Ban, Tyrant Justin Trudeau Says Using a Gun For Self Defense Is “Not a Right That You Have” In Canada (VIDEO)”
    In an appearance on ‘Pod Save the World’ this week, Trudeau claimed that guns should only ever be used for hunting or sport shooting, but never to protect oneself.

    “There are debates, and we have a culture where the difference is. Guns can be used for hunting or for sport shooting in Canada – and there are lots of gun owners, and they’re mostly law-respecting and law-abiding – but you can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada. That’s not a right that you have in the Constitution or anywhere else.

    If you try and buy a gun and say it’s for self-protection – No, you don’t get that.“

    • “Oh, Canada… Fresh Off Handgun Ban, Tyrant Justin Trudeau Says Using a Gun For Self Defense Is “Not a Right That You Have” In Canada (VIDEO)”

      Canadians should require Trudeau to disarm all of his security staff. If citizens can’t use guns to defend themselves, it should be a crime for his security team to defend him with them.

      • The smug look on the boy who would be king’s face tells it all. I posted an article a week or more ago about how an Eastern Canadian province had outlawed “assault weapons” but only 160 or so had been turned in by December of last year. I have no doubts that Canadians get it about what has happened to their country but, just like us, they don’t want to step out of their system to make things right … until it’s too late. Guess what? It’s too late times 2 … or 3. More?

    • The folks up nort’ are gonna be SOL when the U.S. border-crashers we’ve been sending to Canuckistan decide to unload on them.

      What? You thought the Biden Administration was only flying them to wealthy areas of New York and Connecticut? B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan, at the least, have received planeloads from the Midnight Border Express, if Monkey’s plane-tracking can be trusted.

  10. Oh that is funny. The last time I worked a UW football game 2 days after the field was covered in crows. I though ohhh there is a sign. Now i havent been out to the UW football stadium since. Until today, I’m working at the UW football stadium, it’s covered in graduates wearing black gowns. Looking like a bunch of crows on the field. Hahahahahahhah

    THE DUDE has jokes. Hhahah

    I guess maybe I should stop taking life so seriously.

    ~ we are right on schedule ~

  11. Okay. So I got a little starry-eyed yesterday about the DNC shindig feat. Potus at the multi-billionaire’s humble abode in Beverley Park. Hopefully there was time in the schedule for a sidetrip to visit Hunter and the grandkiddies in Malibu.

    Unbeknownst to me, also yesterday the WH mandarins were busy announcing the rollout of another episode of “Operation Fly Formula”. This is round SIX for those counting. Apparently baby formula product will travel commercial from London to Boston and Detroit in 10 days or so.

    If that image does not offer up enough contrast of barbarians at the gates, let’s hope Mr. Biden has set up a hotline to General Electric global hq in Chicago. The rationed order fulfillments of medical dye from their locked-down Shanghai subsidiary GE Healthcare, is spooling up into current headlines of postponed ct and angiographic procedures in Alberta and elsewhere…

    • One flight = a total of 75ml of formula for every known baby in CONUS. (It takes 540ml to feed a newborn for a day, 720ml for a 2-week old, and 1400 for a 2-month old.)

      Of what use is 75ml total?

      The “unknown,” those crashing the border, probably have a supply of gallons per day, which is doubly awesome, since they come from places where kids exclusively use mama’s udders, or they die…

  12. Three months after Venezuela’s Conviasa bought a new-to-them Airbus widebody from Iran, president Maduro has been racking up some miles. Why rest after seemingly well-received whistlestops this week in Algeria and Turkey? Reuters advises of the signing of a 20 year Iran-Venezuela agreement at Tehran’s Saadabad Palace formerly the seat of what was to be the “Great Civilization”.

    As outlets like ABC have dubbed the tour as “Eurasian”, one is left to wonder where in Asia that Mr. Maduro has been invited to visit.

      • Ding, ding, ding!

        Maduro, like his predecessor, has bought fairly heavily into the Belt in Mouth initiative, paying for same with a combination of CITGO oil and USD. I would guess Xi wants fewer petrodollars, and more gold (regular or black), in future dealings…

    I’m getting ready to bottle the forbidden wine of the first emporer of china..
    The boss and I sat out on the verandah and had a cup…
    The bosses response was the ultimate compliment.. which WAS “DAM THATS GOOD”
    SOON ….

  14. Lincoln was right.
    (The People eventually figure it out.)
    Nixon was right, too.
    (There is a silent majority.)

    A each end of the political spectrum, we have firebrands. Subscribers to the Vince Lombardi school of winning and losing. Absolutists. Binary thinkers. Fanatics.

    I’ve said this a hundred times, but I guess nobody really believes it.

    People adapt, and go forth All curves break, because extrapolation limitlessly assumes conditions will not change. But they do change, and extrapolations beyond the Sea Change Point give wrong results.

    1,000 years ago virtually all humans lived under one flavor or another of a monarchy. Now, very few do — and those who don’t more often than not don’t WANT the dictatorship any more — they want Liberty — and they KNOW it works. That cat is out of the bag.

    Is it vital that your particular specific clan survives and thrives, or is it more important that Humanity does? That Life itself does?
    There is something magical about Life: Life has Consciousness. Life is Transcendent.
    Who should rule the Universe? You? Why?

    Chance are, Universe will rule itself; and could not possibly care less that you think you or your clan should.

    Play nice and Live.

  15. Enjoy a taste of history…
    Sing when you drink! Because life is brief; Like evaporating dew it goes past,And days slip away painfully fast. Over the feast I sing, high-spirited, Yet my mind remains afflicted. What can rid me of my worries? Nothing else than the Dukang jiu.
    The Strategies of the Warring States (Princeton has this in pdf) stated that Yu the Great’s daughter ordered Yidi to supervise winemaking. Yidi then produced a delicious wine dedicated to Yu The Great’s daughter and invited her to taste it before presenting it to the emperor.. when he passed on, kegs of this was left in his tomb for him and his concubines to enjoy in the afterlife..
    Yidi (??: Yee Dee) is the god of wine and alcohol in Chinese mythology (Daoism). It was forbidden to partake of the sacred wine of the first emperor of china.. punishable by death the only ones that were allowed to drink or taste it were the emperor’s concubines and the emperor himself..

    got the bottles all washed and sterilized.. just waiting for a little bit to let them drain before filling and corking..

      • I just finished bottling it all.. 44 bottles..not counting what we’ve already drank.. I always cold crash the last half gallon in the fridge..
        Already have had requests and given out 4 of the bottles to friends..

  16. Come on, guys. The Gateway Pundit as a reliable source? Really? I like a good yarn as much as the next guy, but I have as much confidence in ’em as I do in Biden.

    • Argue with the sources they provide in every article. Your ignorance you engage in to stir the pot and then throw the baby out with the bathwater is your own choice.

      • I haven’t moved to the State of Paranoia, still living in the golden state of ca, world’s 6th largest economy and supplier of over 70% of your fruits nuts and veggies would supply links for listed facts but haven’t learned how to copy & paste on an android. Newsom won 70% of vote. Mark , you were impersonated on this lust by someone claiming you live in tx and read atlas shrugged. Others, pay close attention to the Jan 6 hearings, your deliberate chastising of the news reporters, et al, (blame the messenger) indicates your concealed terror of the world learning what trump and his proud boys were up to!

  17. the FBI Proud boys informant/leader is not mention in your sham fake hearing, that help lead the riotous part of the Jan 6th protest.
    Where is Bill Epps? the FBI provocateur that said “we have to go into the Capitol? in your one sided committee uniparty witch hunt.
    but, but, but, it is always President Trump’s fault according to the 3 monkeys with eyes shut, ears plugged and babbling nonsense.

    OH WOW, could there be more than one person named Mark?

    • obd, You engage in your own version of political correctness; ‘never mention that the Proud Boys committed many racially motivated violent crimes’…sshhhhushhh, that would make them the Shameful Boys!:

      Nope, sweep all the violence, murders of Jan 6th under the same rug so that 20 million won’t see it (G, thx for the stats link on the Hearings viewership, Trump’s Impeachment was only 10 milion…read between those lines why dontcha!).

      Guess how courts and public opinion change in a Bear Market (Hint: Andrew Jackson, Clinton and Trump were acquitted only due to a Positive Social Mood, according to Elliot Wave):

      Oh my Trumpeteers! Lions, and Tigers (Year of the Water Tiger), and Bears (Bear Market), Oh my! (repeat chorus 3x)

      addendum: much easier to view and navigate this site on a laptop instead of smartphone (used while I travelled the West Coast)

      • You know, C, with no chance to cross ex. the FBI informants, you better not be making any bets on those alleged acts.

        The government first makes then offers solutions. As Hitler showed, these get around first to loss of liberty and then loss of life goes up in smoke, quite literally.

        We are a national (or remnant) of a once single-set of standards.

        When Sussman’s case was “fixed” – and when the FBI agitator didn’t appear on the witness list – looked to us like the curtains about to roll down on the shit shown.

        Want to be wrong, but notice who seldom I am in the long term?

  18. You know George, with your adamant denial of facts, you’ll never figure it our.

    The body counts and hospital records are all there for the public to discern. Stop praying that Hitler will appear out of nowhere to rescue the Republican party from the heinous crimes committed.

    We’re not all dumb as the Donald, although your convoluted denial suggests you are….

    • And yet The Donald is having a stellar track record of replacing your Marxist minions around the country. He’s not out of the race by any means. Looking forward to this Fall and if your people try and derail any of the elections I’d recommend body armor by this time next year. Mmm, oh, that’s right, your people just outlawed it so I guess only us outlaws will have it.

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