CPI, NFIB, and the “Forgotten Ukraine Nukes”

At the risk of sounding like a runaway Neocon, we will try for the major “bullet points” today.

CPI: Spend it Quick

While it still has purchasing power.

With “free money” being dispensed, what did you think would happen?  Just out from Labor Statistics:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.6 percent in March on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.4 percent in February, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The March 1- month increase was the largest rise since a 0.6-percent increase in August 2012. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 2.6 percent before seasonal adjustment.”

Here’s the handy chart of where the pain’s been most – and least:

Gasoline up 22.5%?  We have to score the story CBS-MoneyWatch story “Is cheap gas driving the oil industry broke?” a miss!  Unless you’re in the petrol biz, right?  Fuzzing up sheep-think is what PR’s all about…

Color us skeptical of low inflation outlooks – and waiting for additional developments and disclosures.  Please keep in mind:

  • We will continue to need to raise taxes to make the Nation’s books balance.
  • Slow Joe’s coming corporate tax increases will not only encourage corporations to go back “offshore” – as they were prior to the Dec. 20, 2017 corporate tax reductions.  They will also reduce some of the corporate hiring.  And that’s after you’ve already got your nuts installed in the “household budget vise.”  Ouchy 1.
  • Raising the personal income tax is cleverly worded so as to make it appear it will only be painful for “the rich.”  Thing is, over time due to compounding of debt, and inflation, the definition of “Rich” will be anyone not already broke. Ouchy 2.
  • All of which will be happening about the time the second macro wave of Covid variants is sweeping the country. Fauci Ouchy 3.

All enacted by the left-wing coup d’ tat behind their razor wire.  A legit government would represent the People, not coward before them; armed and stupid.  Which leads to what kind of outcomes?

NFIB – Optimism?

Yes – BUT….

Let’s begin with a couple of quotes off the NFIB website here:

“The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index rose 2.4 points in March to 98.2. March’s reading is the first return to the average historical reading since last November. The NFIB Uncertainty Index increased six points to 81, which was primarily driven by owners being more uncertain about whether it is a good time to expand their business and make capital expenditures in the coming months.”

Then some of the “talking points.”

  • Seven of the 10 Index components improved and three declined.
  • Sales expectations over the next three months improved eight points to a net 0% of owners, a historically low level.
  • Earnings trends over the past three months declined four points to a net negative 15%.

The problem with analysis is that more than 90-percent of people take numbers like these at face value.  That’s OK, but misleading.

Statistics Explained

Here’s what most people don’t understand:

Say you have an economy a year ago.  Call that 100%.

Then come lockdowns.  Economy drops 20% to run at 80%.

How much do things need to improve in order to return to 100%?

The correct answer is 25%.  If 80 percent increased only 20 percent, the economy would only return to 96%.  Asymmetry is a hard thing to keep in mind.  Point is, on the (for now) recovery side of things, expect to see “increase percentages” that may be larger than “decrease percentages.”  It’s how numbers work.

Does Ukraine Have Nukes?

Occasionally, “hardback history” is worth its weight in cryptos.

This flies in the face of DigitalNuThink – which acts as though “History doesn’t matter – times are moving so fast…”  But, that’s digital egoism run amuck.

1990 in the Motherland:  The Former Soviet Union (FSU) had fallen and the Soviet military was broke.  No one paid soldiers.  Guards simply stopped showing up for work.

Problem is?  “Work” included guarding nuclear weapon storage areas.  There were plenty of rumors at the time.

September 1997 the definitive (public) study came out in the book One Point SafeWritten by Leslie and Andrew Cockburn.  They recount some of the allegation.  Even now there are rumors from time-to-time that it was in this period when Osama bin Laden and former Soviet buffer-state governments may have gotten their hands on some of the unguarded warheads.

From the Amazon book summary:

“When the Soviet Union collapsed, the cold war may have come to an end.  But the deadly Soviet nuclear arsenal–thousands of warheads and hundreds of tons of plutonium–continues to sit virtually unguarded, presenting the world with a new and even more terrifying nuclear threat.  And it’s not just criminals, extremists, or terrorists who are now in a position to place us all at risk.”

How might this related to present day events?

Ukraine Teeters on War

There are rumors – among the Ukrainian immigrant community to the U.S. which have been reliably passed along to us – that some nukes were acquired by Ukraine.

Which is terribly disturbing when we look at some of the headlines coming out of eastern Ukraine today:

Sometimes, marketing matters.  Especially around linguistics.  Despite qualifications, the Russians believe we will be blinken at any crisis.  See what Blinken infers??

If the U.S. response is not sufficient, or fast enough, for Ukrainians who seem determined to seize Russia’s only warm-water port, we fear the chance – however small – that the Ukrainians might confirm those rumors in the immigrant community about nukes.

Kindling a Nuke War

My consigliere raised an interesting point – surrounding these old nukes.  The really large ones that may have disappeared would need to be periodically serviced.  Because some of the exotics in bomb-making are not “long shelf-life” products.

Neither Tritium H3 or Deuterium H2 is available from Amazon.

Tritium, says Wikipedia, “… has several different experimentally determined values of its half-life, the National Institute of Standards and Technology lists 4,500 ± 8 days (12.32 ± 0.02 years).”

Unless you have tritium laying around, odds of a 10-year (or in this case 22-year old) unserviced H-bomb going into fusion are low.  On the other hand, even an H-bombs conventional uranium or plutonium “primer” will still make a Hiroshima or Nagasaki sized mess.

It’s here we get into the “kindling aspect.”

If the Ukrainians let loose even a single Hiroshima-sized weapon, then NATO and Russia could use it as an excuse to go “weapons free.”

The mushrooms going up could then spread.  Because of missing nukes from  the 1989-1991 era. And because of a linguistic problem (Blinken).

To “message Putin” (which is blowing off Blinken and Ukraine) perhaps someone with a name like “Trigger” or “Bull” might have a BETTER chance of success.

However, in order for stability to return to the region, Ukraine would need to be put on a short leash and STFU about taking Russia’s only warm water port away from them…

BUT, since they are not…

Say, is this crime or sabotage? Russia Detains Two After Huge St. Petersburg Fire.  Probably crime, but in today’s world?

Two Things to Consider

The first is whether the government power structure in Ukraine might be secretly wanting to use those rumored and long-lost nukes?

The other – as we come up on the Nostradamus hot date (Easter) for this to possibly blow (Orthodox, not European Easter is May 2) – is to observe how China is playing it.

If the Chinese were staying “in their lane” and being a good trading partner, the odds of a larger game afoot would be low.

But, consider what they’re peddling in headlines:  “Taiwan Unveils New Naval Warship as China Encroaches on Island’s Air Defense Zone.

Behind the (red) curtain, though, China is already forcing us to burn through critical inventory as reports increase of a “Tough road ahead for U.S. firms trying to cut reliance on Taiwan chipmakers.

Here, all these years, we thought having a pre-computer car might be insurance against EMP.  When a simple chip shortage could force us all back into Carter and Holley carbs with no computers…

We laughingly wonder if mechanical distributors and classic “carbs” might outperform even cryptos?

Which will go to zero when the follow-on EMP (global time out shots) are taken.

Sheesh, full of cheer, this morning, ain’t we?

In the Shorts

Any sign of global awakening and sanity breaking out overnight?  See for Ure-self:

J&J Jabs on hold: FDA temporarily halts use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to rare blood clotting issues.  Anything an aspirin couldn’t handle?

Has the NY Times invented “Pre-emptive Joepologism?” Inflation Is Expected to Rise, but Don’t Be Alarmed.  WTF?  Of COURSE be alarmed!  Weimar dawns over ‘Merica, fer cryin out loud!  Am I the only one who does grocery shopping?

Religious break for some:  Muslims Start Ramadan Under The Shadow Of The Coronavirus.

ATR (Around the ranch)

Busy week at the old hacienda:  Son George II is being recruited by a couple of agencies.  One wants him for his Covid incident management skills.  But forest fire agencies want him for attack lines and Covid control on forest fires.

I’m lobbying for the latter – obviously because he could base out of Texas for the forest fire lines.  His call, though

FedEx Surprise!  LOOB sent us a marvelous gift:  Some of his “Prescription Rum” and some “Prescription Elderberry Wine.”

Topping it off is an exotic tomato which will be planted first thing this morning.  Made the trip safely.  Pictures when I get to it for Thursday.  Meantime, LOOB is warned “No good deed goes unpunished…”

Clock ticking:  A bit more than a month until Elaine’s second hip surgery comes up.  Working like a mad man around here trying to get everything done on the various punch lists before then.

Markets 40-minutes out:  Dow futures down 65, Tech futures up 58.  Which means (since the tech index is cheaper) that in Aggregate terms, a rally at the open may be ahead.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. LOL let me know how you like the rum wine.. LOL LOL one kid tells me .. it has to much citrus in it.. one says to much vanilla.. but I thought heck this is tasty.. LOL the tomato’s.. that is really an odd one.. I am sprouting seeds the same way they sprout cells.. works pretty good to.. I have sixty year old seeds that I sprouted..

  2. George,
    A little food for additional thought:
    After all, isn’t a typical car (non-fiberglass body) basically a rolling Faraday cage?

    • There is an old episode of BBC Top Gear where they strike a VW with a “bolt of lightning” from a Van de Graff generator.

      The host, inside the car at the time, casually starts the car back up after the experiment.

      Might just be marketing but i bet we would still have a few surviving machines on the road should we get clobbered by sn EMP.

      Good luck driving around without getting shot at though!

  3. Fear the secret suitcase nuke from the Uke… I think that was from the early 1990’s. The debate meandered to suitcase nukes needing to be maintained.

    Remember the days of innocence, “Don’t believe anything you read on the Internet.” I found a good one from the 2012 doomers.

    Ten 100-year predictions that came true

    In 1900, an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000. How did he do?


    Original article scan:

    In December of that year, at the start of the 20th Century, John Elfreth Watkins wrote a piece published on page eight of an American women’s magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal, entitled What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years.


    • The suitcase nuke idea was from the late 1990’s. Airliners would prove to be the real problem.

      Are Suitcase Nukes on the Loose? The Story Behind the Controversy

      November 1997

      Former Russian Security Council Secretary Aleksandr Lebed has stirred controversy in both Russia and the United States with his allegations that the Russian government is currently unable to account for some eighty small atomic demolition munitions (ADMs) which were manufactured in the USSR during the Cold War. Lebed originally made the allegations in a closed meeting with a US congressional delegation in May 1997. His charges generated public controversy three months later when he repeated them in an interview with the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes, which was broadcast on 7 September 1997.[1] Russian officials initially dismissed Lebed’s charges, saying all of the country’s nuclear weapons were accounted for and under strict control. Top-ranking Russian defense officials later went further and denied that any such weapons had ever been built by the USSR, claiming that they would be too expensive to maintain and too heavy for practical use. Lebed has stood by his statement, however, and his charges have been backed by a former advisor to President Yeltsin, Aleksey Yablokov, who told a US Congressional subcommittee on 2 October 1997 that he was “absolutely sure” that such ADMs had been ordered in the 1970s by the KGB.


  4. George

    “Unless you have tritium laying around, odds of a 10-year (or in this case 22-year old) unserviced H-bomb going into fusion are low.”

    As part of my DSV, Daily Shift Verification, checklist I was required to check that a certain indicator light was functional. It was labeled War Head Pressure. If that indicator every came on it meant Big Trouble and you are now in a No Go status call the Command Post immediately.

    The tritium is used to increase neutron production in a chain reaction thus making fusion a likely outcome.

    As it would happen on one of my work days that indicator came on. I performed some quick checks per a tech manual and then we call the Command Post. We quickly became the hot topic up and down the chain of command at SAC. Technicians were dispatched from base who resolved the problem without having to replace the RV. The RV is the reentry vehicle where the physics package, (bomb), is located. That takes about two days and involves a large crane and much security planning and gnashing of teeth. You can learn about all this fun stuff here: http://www.titan2icbm.org/

    • An EMP sounds more realistic to fear for myself.. nukes would devastate the land . Good farmland is hard to come by.
      Take down the grid that everyone plopped all the eggs in one basket.. ( because they had to keep control for money) and let nature take its course.. the wealthy and elite politicians head for the dumbs. What is it predicted.. 97 or 98 percent of the people would die. Leaving the land fillable. Since they already have control over industry and have dropped roots here..they can seal up the dumbs. And come out as the saviors of the rest of the survivors..
      We already know that those in power haven’t prepared for the general population. Where china and russia and most countries have.

      • Using lithium is an acceptable substitute for tritium though the device would be somewhat heavier and bulkier. And a fission-fusion-fission design makes up for the possible loss of yield. Tsar Bomba was a layer cake design though physically bulky. But delivery is a weak spot. S-400’s are like proof against plane or missile attacks.
        James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • It was Russian General Nikolai Lebedev who postulated that terror orgs bought suitcase nukes when the USSR collapsed. I was still active duty at the time and serving in a nuke alternate command and control site. Our intel briefings largely panned the idea of making suitcase nukes out of missile warheads as improbable due to the size and weight of the majority of the Soviet nuke warhead arsenal, with the key caveat being that the Spetsnaz GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate) could have commissioned ‘suitcase nukes’ (more like storage locker sized nukes) for special forces which then might have been sold to nefarious actors when the USSR disintegrated. As those above in the know folks, including Rocket Mike, have noted, nukes need a lot of TLC to say functional. The main worry in the West regarding contraband nukes was that the warhead could be detonated with conventional explosives to produce a dirty nuclear bomb (plutonium scattered over a city block or in a nation’s capitol). A large yield warhead is ‘all points safe’ so that the array of conventional explosives surrounding a warhead must be precisely spaced and all be the same sized yield, going off at precisely the same time to compress the material and begin the fusion reaction. Without one key step just before the timed compression, the result would be a low yield A-bomb instead of the devastating H-bomb.

      • Whether it is a big bomb or a little one, the target zone is not going to be inhabitable for a very long time.

  5. @ Ronald Wilson – Thanks for the link to the article about facemasks. I had not ran across that one. Very interesting paper.

  6. Wow . Just thought . Isn’t the Ukraine where Biden and his kids have plenty of friends? Wow this is starting to get interesting. I’m so distracted by the massive crash and depression I didn’t even think . I said to a leading guru years ago would take war and depression before gold took off. He said some idiot from down under suggested madness. They all laughed , that bloke won’t talk to me now. Yeah

    • “Isn’t the Ukraine where Biden and his kids have plenty of friends? ”

      I don’t know!!!! are they still good time Charlie friends..?
      Its all a business model.. Good time Charlie friends are only friends as long as they are buying you beers the minute they quit buying you beers the good time Charlie moves on….

  7. Hey Bonehead (s)

    Did you buy the dip in BTC ? Why of course not – cause you know better..

    Can mr editor/commentators please explain how a Global EMP works ?

    What an amaze ballz weapon that must be – waaaaaaay beyond any T.S. levels I ever knew/heard about.
    I cant even imagine the magnitude of such a blast as to impact the entire circumference of planet Earth.

    ..Oh wait I get the strategy now – launch 2 massive nuke icbm’s on Both sides of the globe – high altitude airbursts – GENIUS Plan General Ure, simply genius!

    Hardley knew ya $63,000.00
    – hello $75,000.00 !
    – no worries, NO INFLATION to see here..

    Nien Crypto 4 G

    – too bad Norlisk Nickel just issued the 1st two tokens – linked to smart-contracts – to two largest customers; Traxys and Umicore. After the evisceration of contracts/ contract law during 08 mortgage debacle, one would think the transparent nature of smart contracts would be a desired outcome/solution…apparently Gure is not that transparent, is he ?

  8. Speaking of twos (plural) nukes being nukes. Ding! Popcorn is done. Lol

    I can’t remember who it was but someone on here said, “When it comes to detecting radioactivity, put some dried corn in your shirt pocket, when it starts popping? Skedaddle! A clear sign you are told close to the fallout.”

    Not a direct quote.

    Bowl of Wrath number duce?
    “”he second bowl: the sea turns to blood. Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died”

    With Ure language and the timely languages on Zero Hedge,

    Japan Decides To Dump One Million Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water Into The Pacific; IAEA Approves.

    At the Link: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/japan-decides-dump-one-million-tons-radioactive-fukushima-water-pacific-iaea-approves

    Interesting juxtaposition.

  9. Btw, believe or not, nukes have a shelf life. I don’t know anything about the Ukrainian nukes or whether they have the nukes, whether they have a delivery platform, and whether the nukes have been maintained. You don’t just get these puppies out of storage and use them.

    What I do know is the the Russians have some of the best ‘humint’ in the business and if Ukraine has these puppies, the Russians will have a good guess of where they are and whether the nukes are still viable AND whether there is a capable delivery platform.

    Here’s what my ‘background’ can tell you. Putin and the Russians are very calculating, they don’t want to rush to any wars, but they are absolutely not afraid of America, Ukraine, and so called ‘NATO’. NATO is not a unified organization with a totally unified command structure, despite its reputation as some sort of master alliance. The bottom line is that Putin thinks the US Administration is composed of morons and he has no respect for them (neither do I).

    This will end very badly for Ukraine if Biden and Blankin (intentional) should try to commence hostilities!

    • Don’t you sometimes wonder if that is the whole point; to end badly for Ukraine. Ukraine starved and murdered; again on the human chopping-up-blocks, this time for all of the world to see, instead of part of our hidden history.

      Great genetics over yonder; gotta pollute that. No intention of ever letting them live free (the globalists).

    • It’s the cascade affect. Like domino’s… the freak hundred year winter storm in texas gave a slight indication as how that would play out.
      Transformers and othe vital grid equipment is over ten years behind on orders from other countries. Three or four high altitude warheads could shove us back to the days of Noah..
      Then you have to consider the USA bought a few faulty guidance chips.
      And our military is someplace else. Economically and industrially broken..

      • There is a logical reason why our politicians and the power they weld should never be for sale.

  10. George,

    I’ve got a really bad feeling that we’re watching the final ignition sequence that leads up to WWIII going hot. The bad guys are back in charge here and not only are there unaccounted for nukes from legacy countries out there, there are current countries with unacknowledged nukes. What I mean is that that certain countries have nuclear weapons that aren’t public knowledge.

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but the first one that should come to mind is Israel. It’s not official, but the fact that Israel still exists as a country is all the answer you really need. Another country that has maybe half a dozen is Taiwan. How they got them is another story that may or may not tie back to the first country that I mentioned. There are others. Some aren’t countries, but organizations. Suffice to say, this shit is getting real.

    One last bit of sunshine is this story out of Mexico. Here’s a math problem for you: What is the sum of a completely open and lawless southern plus stolen iridium-192? It’s not someone attempting to generate the 1.21 gigawatts necessary to charge their flux-capacitor. I’ll give you a hint…it’s spelled ‘dirty bo….’ well, you can figure it out from here.


    • Unofficial # was 3 “conventional” rogues..

      Rumored 1 was just recovered in Egypt..

      #2 was rumored to be”nested” at Olympics in GB

      # 3 one eye deer

    • “What I mean is that that certain countries have nuclear weapons that aren’t public knowledge.”

      Or knowledge, at all. WE had no idea Pakistan had nukes. I was still in the information loop when they detonated their first. The reaction around the Pentagon was “profound astonishment.”

      5 DAYS after Pakistan tested their nuke, India detonated its first nuke. Not only were we unaware of Pak, we were completely in the dark regarding India. When the Indian nuke went off, the astonished brass in both the military and the diplomatic corps, completely lost their shit. The climate in D.C. went from petty posturing to abject panic, almost instantly, followed by a lot of pols and bureaucrats getting really pissed. Closed-door sessions were initiated to roll heads and figure out how two nations could go nuclear in a one week period, without our spooks having any clue that either even had a nuclear weapons program…

      • It is/was also common knowledge in the early 2000s that Japan was not nuclear, but had all the pieces to begin a weapons program and crank out a finished, functional nuclear bomb within about 5 months. Japan also (along with Taiwan) has a claim on the petro field about which China has been posturing. With a considerably more-aggressive China, led by an ever-more-aggressive emperor, who’s to say Japan hasn’t joined the club… Were I they, I would have. If they wait until Formosa becomes a communist island, they’ll be too late to defend themselves.

      • I remember those days! It was a humbling experience and, I think, more fallout from our highly degraded HUMINT capabilities. Remember when SIGINT was end-all-be-all? Good times.

        I also agree about Japan. I suspect that they’ve joined the club, too. With China in its current posture, you’d be insane no to. Once things start happening it’ll be too late.

      • ” more fallout from our highly degraded HUMINT capabilities. Remember when SIGINT was end-all-be-all? Good times.”

        Yeah. What I never understood was the Clinton Administration took the heat for that cocky, shortsighted policy, but it ALMOST had to have begun under ex-spook GHW, and I can’t for the life of me understand why Bush, of all people, would take electronics over boots on the ground. By mid-1994 we had nearly zilch WRT covert overseas assets, and I don’t see Clinton moving that fast, unless he’d arranged LORAL with the ChiComs while he was still in Arkansas (possible, but unlikely), and needed to preemptively cover his tracks…

  11. Remember when, “One Covid Death Is Too Many !!” …. Vaccines injure and kill some people, “Let’s all take a little (pause.) shall we?” – insanity.

  12. yes folks . but unfortunately its time for a little la la la la la la . and here we go again around the globe for another AI day .. and then to USSA tonite

  13. My wife thinks I’m a bit odd for keeping a pretty complete set of radiacs in operable condition, though I don’t have a neutron detector or a gamma spectrometer. Though for all practical purposes fallout composition is pretty well established. Kearney’s books are useful reading in these times.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • James – might wanna check new mini nukes- size of a celly
      -Beruit/Yemen/Syria/Afghanistan..list goes on. Neutron style packed in micronized iron..little to no fallout..

      • All fusion devices/weapons use fission as detonator to create the conditions for fusion to occur. All fission weapons create measurable fallout. In air bursts where the fireball does not come close the the ground the fallout is limited to essentially the fission products. A ground burst vaporized surrounding matter and in the fireball the debris becomes mixed with the fission products and massive fallout ensues. There also is neutron activation of surrounding matter during detonation. With air-bursts the fallout is diluted and dispersed so dose rates are lower(can be lethal close to ground zero shortly after detonation). Ground bursts results in very high local and downwind fallout that will be lethal for up to weeks after detonation as thousands of tons of contaminated debris settles out.
        By definition a suitcase nuke (usually of a bi-conical design, very very difficult to make) is a ground burst unless it goes of in an aircraft several thousand feet above the ground). Neutron bombs are nuclear weapons of enhanced radiation design, usually by omitting the outer reflector of uranium, and still produces fallout. If it is an air-burst the fallout will be less but easily detected. If someone is saying a neutron bomb doesn’t produce fallout they are ignorant of basic nuclear physics. When there was atmospheric nuke testing going on the US could determine which reactor produced the nuclear materials by gamma spectroscopy analysis of the fallout which had drifted from the USSR to the US, half a world away. Most people have no idea of the monitory capabilities of the major powers (US, Russia, China).

        James Johnson, ex-nuke

  14. George,

    Perhaps my research is incomplete, but I may have a reason J & J vaccine is on hold. Everything I have read to date indicates that Bill “savior of the universe” Gates, does not have his greedy little fingers in J & J. Seems convenient that even though the other vaccines, which Billy Boy has an interest in, have similar side effects; there has been no call for a pause on their use. Just saying as did AC/DC, “money talks”.

  15. this inflation story . hillarious . due to businesses big and small in many sectors going broke they TRY to push up price . invariably they catch the occasional sucker but by and large sales either reduce or become marginalised . declining margin from desperate suppliers . the big picture is velocity of money which the global kibutz desperately needs . this has fallen to pre historic , mayflower landing days .. gt with the plan . short hard . dont be a spruker zombie robot

  16. Mr. Ure

    Please double check my math on the J&J Vaccine thing. 6.9 million J&J Vaccine doses given in the US. 6 reported cases of blood clots. 1 reported death due to said blood clots. That works out to…. less than One In A Million vaccine doses resulted in blood clots. That’s a 0.0000869% chance of a blood clot and a 0.0000145% chance of dying from said clots. HOLY HELL!!!! LET’S PULL IT!!!!

    It’s this kind of thinking that makes me scared for the future of humanity as a whole (not just this country).

    I see this kind of thinking more and more in general life. For example, a few weeks ago, the NWS had forecast that we’d get a whopping 6 inches of snow here in the Denver Metro Area. CDOT put out an EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION warning ALL residents in the 7 county metro are to STAY OFF THE ROADS for the entire weekend. Out of an abundance of caution, right? Those words should be written on America’s Tombstone.

    • I ran the same thing – same answer – which gets me wondering what’s in the mRNA version iinstead of a DNA shot they’re so anxious to get into us

      • Aye, Cap’n…

        The death rate from acetaminophen, implanted IUDs, and nearly every other med and procedure is higher. If I ever have to take the shot, it’ll be the J&J — slightly less effective, but much more broad spectrum WRT CV-19 variants and mutations, and doesn’t jack with humans’ foundation blocks…

      • Mr Ure

        I’m thinking of 2 possible reasons for the PULL IT declaration.
        1) This might be an attempt to drive down the stock price in order to profit on some PUT options or short sales?
        2) Maybe some lawyers, eager to score another HUGE class action lawsuit settlement against JNJ (if those are even allowed against the VaxMfgs anymore). JNJ is already subject to at least one multi-billion-dollar class action suit (baby powder/asbestos) and this one could be another nail in their coffin.

        As long as the gen-pop is scared out of their minds, nobody is going to raise the red flag or dig deeper for a rational reason. They’ll all just go along with it and say “Thank you, overseers, for keeping us safe.”

        I’m going to start digging through Option Market and insider trading activity for the last few trading days. Follow the money, right?

  17. “Raising the personal income tax is cleverly worded so as to make it appear it will only be painful for ‘the rich.'”

    Also cleverly-worded so Creepy Joe can use the number “$400,000” in his speeches. That’s per-family, and without certain exclusions, can be applied to families earning as little as $190k. The number per-person is “$200,000,” also structured so depending on one’s personal circumstances, it can kick in at as low as $95k. All this is, of course, is before CBO or the Fly By Night Accounting Service, whichever Biden’s handlers choose to inquire of first, discovers the numbers necessary to reach their goal of buying as much pork and dung as possible, without crashing the economy harder than the Fed can paper over, don’t compute — Kinda like 1915…

  18. “Does Ukraine Have Nukes?”


    AFAIK they don’t have any “black market nukes” but the one person I could ask is currently unavailable.

    They have a Soviet stockpile. So do Bulgaria and Belarus. So did Georgia and the Soviet ‘Stans, until Soros and Nuland did their thing in Georgia, and Putin’s Nouveau Russia figured out nuclear war tech shouldn’t be where anti-Russian militias could get their hands on it. It was only a few years ago that Russia (quietly) reclaimed the nukes they had stashed in Moldova.

    Those Soviet nukes have zero chance of going bang. Ukrainian Presidents/Parliamentarians had no incentive to mess with them until we installed Poroshenko and by 2014 (even by 2004) the bombs were tango uniform. The best Zelensky could do is cannibalize them into dirty bombs to contaminate — Ukraine!?? Don’t think so…

    If there is a nuclear exchange in the Black Sea region, it’ll be live, fully-juiced Russian nukes vs live, fully juiced NATO and American nukes, followed before we even hear about it by a blanket bombing of northern Europe, northern Asia, and central North America. I kinda wonder how badly China will want to rule the world, when most of it above the 25th parallel will be uninhabitable for several millennia…

  19. “Tritium… the National Institute of Standards and Technology lists 4,500 ± 8 days (12.32 ± 0.02 years).”

    I’ve always heard the half-life of tritium is 12y 4m. This is why the Mil-Issue compasses I gave my kids’ for their GO-bags were not tritium. I couldn’t justify spending 4x the money for something which was likely to be of no use, when it became necessary to use the tool.

  20. Nobody wants nukes going off in their own yard or their neighbor’s yard. Theoretically, low-yield tactical warheads (Davy Crockett, anyone?) or artillery could be used against large troop formations, armored columns or bases, but the reality is that countries have ‘red lines’. Once those are crossed large areas of the planet could potentially become uninhabitable. The question for all of the players is ‘does your adversary have the guts to back up their tough talk?’ In our case, our adversary does and we don’t.

    Every major power has war plans that include ‘if-then-then-that’ scenarios that are basically short-lived windows of opportunity that once closed stay closed. If you already have an aggressive stance and you have an opportunity then you’re going to go for it. So, what windows open for China if NATO gets fully engaged with Russia? Since we’re already basically losing to China on our own territory I would think a coup-de-grace would be the move, but who knows? I’m just some random guy who posts on blogs.

  21. Tritium half life is 12.3 years per the Dept of Energy

    Since the LAST POSSIBLE TIME that the Russian nukes OUTSIDE of Russia could have been recharged was 1990 that means that we are now 30 years past the last possible recharge date, which gives means that any Tritium in the bombs outside of Russia are at less than 25% power, with MOST probably closer to the 13% range since it is unlikely most were recharged in that final year or so of the Soviet Union’s existence.

    Can an H Bomb go off as a H Bomb with it’s Tritium in such a weakened condition? I am NOT a student of bomb design but I highly doubt it, though the “Trigger” bomb itself “may” still work as a small atomic bomb.

    Can even a “Yield Enhanced” regular atomic bomb still get it’s “Yield Enhancement” with it’s Tritium in such a depleted state? Highly doubtful imo. (and yes, Lithium can be used from what I have read, but the entire point of a “Yield Enhanced” atomic weapon is to put it into a small package for aircraft or missile dilivery, which imo rules out bulkier Lithium as the main material of choice for making most such weapons).

    Ukraine DOES have about 15 working nuclear reactors for producing electricity so theoretically they “could” recharge their Tritium, though it would probably require a modification of at least one of their reactors to be able to accomplish that, plus a different type of reactor fuel load. I have not read any indication anywhere that Ukraine has gone down that path, though that is not to say for sure that they haven’t. Remember North Korea has been able to accomplish amazing things with a lot less brain power and economic power than Ukraine has.

    In any event I doubt Ukaine would want to have a nuclear event on it’s soil under ANY circumstance, including losing a War with Russia – Chernobyl is a constant reminder to them about the risks for many future generations of Ukrainians inherent with going down that road.

    Ukraine wants “It’s” territory back, even though most of those residing there are ethnic Russia, which sadly harkens back to the days of European Ethnic Tribalism (which apparently is NOT DEAD YET). Tribal Hatred along with a desire for Additional Land are classic War Causers throughout European history and could still trigger a NEW European War.

    • I agree that lithium would not be suitable for aircraft or missile delivery. But would work for ship, rail, or truck delivery. That said, Russia is much better at humint activities than we are, and I’m sure that the people with the skill to possibly refurbish or modify a nuclear device are being monitored. It might be that such a plan was attempted and defeated, but you or I would never know as the Russians are not shy about cleaning up any loose ends.
      James Johnson, ex-nuke

  22. some pretty smart people here on this nuke stuff . george attracts all types of folk . me im more the economic and shorting type .. ronnie milsap . any day now !!!

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