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Peoplenomics readership is pretty broad and many of our readers are involved with the web. Some at the executive level, some as content providers, and others in marketing and sales.

So, a periodic discussion of how to assess, build, and analyze websites is something we have a real interest in.

Our technology is not “the hottest licks” out there.  But, it does get the job done.  In fact, before the year is out, we will be switching our subscriber content from traditional hard-coded HTML (which has a lot to recommend it) to the current “responsive design” concepts.

A few headlines about “Where’s the damn war?” And the morning ChartPack.  Then a forward look at the web, how to assess and how to plan for an internet challenged world if the web becomes a war zone. And Social Media falls apart killed by it’s own egoic excesses.

Which we’re kinda figuring on…

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35 thoughts on “Tools: Website Development”

  1. George, good morning from Costa Rica where the Quality of Life is Excellent to Outstanding.
    Yes, my list of QOL Countries would be much different and based on a different set of qualifiers.
    As a Retired person I look for the best QOL that I can get based on how much dough I have in my pocket and how I can live on it very comfortably.
    Here we need an income of $1,000 USD, for life, to qualify for ‘residency’. What can $1,000 USD buy? Decent house, good food, dining out and on and on.
    But, the two big things here are 1) the people. Simply wonderful people and I have been from the near East to South America and places in-between. I would say the best people in the world! 2) is the climate. Here is you are not happy with your climate then move 500 meters up/down or around and it will change.
    Could go on, but I feel like checking on the flowers, birds, coffee plants and garden. Three crops a year are possible here. Nice.

  2. “A few headlines about “Where’s the damn war?”

    Give it time…..My thought is the puppeteers must be in deep thought about this.. anyone with an IQ over ten can see that we screwed the pooch …and through greed and want of tulips have put ourselves in a very vulnerable position.. then to complicate the whole mess we were already in.. we have been printing like mad similar to digging in a hole to get yourself out of the hole your in.. then have people that truly don’t have a clue letting illegals run amuck through our borders.. even though they came right out and informed us that was exactly how they would penetrate our country with their fighters.. how many would it take out of a million to be dispersed in different strategic area’s.. ten thousand..
    then to see those that the puppeteers want to go against strategically dispersing themselves in different area’s just to get us to split ourselves up even more then we already have….
    They usually work in three’s.. they pretty much don’t give two hoots about the USA for one the vast majority of them don’t live here.. they just buy the connection and control of those in authority to get us to do what they want.. but with that in mind.. the minute we loose they loose even though they are playing both ends to meet the middle.. the wild hair is NK.. he came right out and said he would bring it to the puppeteers homes..( that hasn’t happened since the sixteen hundreds ).
    Middle of May we should know if the puppeteers put things on hold or not.. about two and a half weeks to three weeks down the road..
    If the opposition thinks they are being cornered.. then the puppeteers don’t have a thing to say about it.. because the control will be lost to the one that feels despirate.. of course all of that is my opinion..
    I don’t plan on worrying about it.. mostly because it is way out of anyones control..learn chinese or russian.. the last year has already given us a glimpse of what life would be like if we cannot supply ourselves..

  3. QOF in Costa Rica, plan on $1,500 for a single person and $2,000 for a couple to get you more in the ballpark. The $1,000 is doable, but you won’t eat out much. Panama is cheaper, but the people are not as nice.

  4. The internet is already at war. “Things” will only get worse — more restricted — from here.

    Kids from 12 to 20 years old today will be tasked to win back Liberty. (It’ll be mostly gone shortly, nibbled away incrementally.)

    At some deep level people are afraid to be free. It reminds me distantly of the way mice act if you release one in a room. They will immediately run to a wall, and run along the wall in close proximity because it gives them a sense of security. “Out in the open” is where the owls and hawks patrol, but close aboard a wall, mice feel safer.

    So it is with humans. “Out in the open” is where the Sabre-Tooth Tigers run and hunt. We’re safer in our caves.

    Displaying one’s Liberty — such as an act of Fee Speech — often attracts danger, criticism, and even opposition. One can get fired from a job for opposing critical Race Theory.

    It’s much safer to run along the wall, and go along to get along.

    Until the feeling of restriction gets intolerably suffocating and unpleasant. THEN, even a mouse will rear up, bare his teeth, and prepare to fight to the death. He has no choice at that point.

    At some point, our children will rear up and fight for Liberty, or make the safe decision to shut up, and knuckle under for a paycheck and some crappy food.

    I hope they fight — as difficult and unpleasant as that will be.

    But I honestly don’t know.

  5. I agree it seems that long-established national values are now viewed by many as obsolete or irrelevant. Woke is right, all other views are outdated and wrong. The polarizing tactics of progressives are driving American society into escalating phases of conflict. History proves that hideous political demons tend to materialize, rise and thrive amidst social chaos.

  6. Yo G,

    The Partay is on ! What party U ask ? Why -* Bitcoin 2021 – Miami – in the marry month of May.

    Well over 10k people who live in the “here and now”, will be there – learning, training, teaching, sharing, swapping, en-lightening each others!
    After hours get togethers with extremely smart/ super fantastic intelligent Women and Men.

    – theres an electric buzz that attracts the BCN like a moth to a flame.. ahh to burn up in flames at the peak of ectasey/bliss! ewewewew, can we do it again?!?!?!?

    Lightening – got that , Speedy Trial soft fork coming sooonly -Yeah. Taproot is on the way(go boy, go), a few more tests&tweaks..positively positive.

    Coiners recently butt hurt @ Signal – very Pissed off..Signal sold out to VC firms , who turned around issued a Sheetcoin. Betraying the entire User base data = OUT/Dead.
    see ya Signal, hope it was worth it -NOT

    See Sphinx Chat – it is where the Coiners have gone -why ? think

    ..Sphinx is Private- straight Peer to Peer. You “pay” to post comments – get back what U payed after 8 hrs, if the comment/post was positive to convo/tribe. Very smart – super nifty.

    *” get off the boat, the banana republic boat.”

    Ukeies got no nukies . No conflicts Black Sea – USN will not dare enter the Black Sea again..scared shitless.

    Just in case some arsehole does in fact chuck a nuke for shits and giggles – great survival learning channel on how to make shelters in the outdoors with whats on hand, and Everything that goes into ‘roughing it” in all environs/climates/weather is at corporals corner on the youtube. dude is/was Marine – big sucka, big enough to rock an M60. dude also teaches and shows how to cook a Steak Pennsyltucky style – open flame – season with gunpowder..

    tripped down nother rabbit hole in bitter bitter lake area, stories of global supply(containers full) of climate change reactive “chemies” confiscated off of the ever given it to humanity “cargo” ship.. misdirect from the horrors of what was really found on board? doubt it
    = Conspiracy

  7. We’re being told there is a chip shortage and that’s the reason automotive production lines are going idle.

    Yet, car lots are full around here. Incentives are great too.

    The F Bronco (from $28,500) is brand new this year.


    0% financing for 48 months plus $500 cash back

    The late model Microsoft Surface Pro has never been cheaper compared to previous lifecycle pricing. Free 2-3 day shipping too!

    Why would manufacturers discount their inventory during shortages that affect everyone?

    Sony doesn’t seem to be experiencing chip shortages with their new game console, the PS5. They’re shipping on time and without discount.

    • Load the PS5 software onto the Surface Pro and plug the device into the Bronco’s system. Now that’s productive use of IT. Not all chips are the same?

      From a tactical perspective — throttle an adversary’s access to hardware that will improve its mobility, or access to hardware that will tie the adversary down in front of a game console?

      Half the problem with the press is they only divulge the details that suits them and their agenda. I’m sick of logging into the news sites and getting “news lite”.

      Never could figure out why we need to keep upgrading computer devices to run new software. Why not invent a computer with upgrade-able boards?

  8. re: Buying Microsoft stock

    JEDI is the name of the DOD initiative to put everything it does on the cloud and the press about it has been in the Federal contracting and IT pubs for a very long time. It’s a record setting contract being fought over by MS and Amazon. I believe the contract was originally awarded to Amazon not too long ago but MS challenged it and got the decision reversed. Done deal and what DOD does with IT, the rest of the government follows. Weighing in on MS’s future is not surprising.

  9. “Above All? Q.O.L.”

    I’m guessing a preq for this list is being independently wealthy, or having an UMC remote job or an American Express Black expense account.

    Japan, Germany, Switzerland? Unless you’re an established property-owner (or what passes for same in these countries) with an established trade, or have a native and established family, I don’t believe subsistence can be managed in most of these countries for less than $50k/yr — perhaps in the Outback or Northern Canada. You’d have to give me that AMEX-B and tote the $250k quarterly bill before I’d even consider Sweden.

    Try Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Portugal, or Greece, at least until the ChiComs call their notes. For longer-term stability and socioeconomic political systems like ours used to be, the Baltics (Lat/Lith/Est) are clear winners…

    • Ray, you exaggerate on Sweden. My kid’s family lives very comfortably on less than $200K/year. He gets 5 weeks vacation, his wife gets more. No medical bills. No long-term care insurance. Public transportation less than 20 minutes away for the vast majority of the people in the country. Generally, no loans to pay for college. Gigabit fiber to most of the town where he lives. Tax returns take 5 minutes. Property prices are in a bubble right now. Gas roughly twice what it is here. Hard to generalize on food prices however protein is expensive. Hardest part is not the expense but rather 6 hours of daylight in the winter. Oh, and they screwed up on covid just as badly as we did.

      • Marc, I don’t exaggerate, because I would have to have absolute insulation from the rabble and human detritus that’s destroying the nation, before I could even consider living there. Dat stuff ain’t cheap…

        It sounds like your kid’s family are Citizens. Living somewhere as a citizen is a whole lot different than living there on a Visa.

      • “My kid’s family lives very comfortably on less than $200K/year. ”

        Shoot.. on 200 thousand a year I’d feel like a king…5 weeks of vaca.. hell I worked over thirty years without one lol..( I’ve actually never been on a real vacation just to enjoy myself)
        We got 2 weeks a year but the way they had the company worked up.. only exec’s could take it floor workers were SOL. After I acquired the max I would donate my vaca to employees that had gotten sick. ( you got sick your job was done go find another job. )

      • Ray, I’ve been to Sweden once or twice a year (except 2020) for the last 12 years. Your comment about “rabble and human detritus that’s destroying the nation” suggests you haven’t been there. Yes, Sweden accepted a lot of refugees. Yes, there is a problem assimilating them. Yes, there are areas that are unsafe in a couple of major cities. And there are the Sweden Democrats who are right up there with our white nationalists and the QAnon folks. But the global picture is much different and most Swedes are better off than most Americans in terms of health, safety, and happiness.

        The life expectancy at birth in Sweden is 82.4, the USA is 78.5. (

        The homicide rate per 100,000 in Sweden is 1, the USA is 5. (

        In terms of Forbes “best countries for business” Sweden ranks #2, the USA #17. (

        On the world happiness report ( Sweden ranks 7, USA is 19.

        Doesn’t sound like a nation being destroyed to me. I’ll take credible statistics and personal observation over scare stories on Fox news any day.

      • That’s awesome! You should see if yer fam can work in a day trip to Malmö or Göteborg the next time you visit, or maybe just take the Stockholm subway to Stadsdel for dinner and a visit to the runestones…

    • Portugal keeps popping up on the Marketwatch “where can I retire on my SS pension” lists.

      Greek culture, climate, and water views are wonderful. Buying a $250K house can get you a Golden Visa citizenship, and for that money, it can be a big maisonnette on one of the lesser known islands. However, taxes are high and the economy is struggling as the country depends on tourism. But the biggest hurdle may be learning the language; it’s difficult.

      Also, there is the Nostradamus quatrain that focuses on a huge famine-like event centered in Lamia. Lamia is in the heart of mainland Greece. I always pictured it as one of those renegade nukes going off by accident while enroute from the ME to Europe.

  10. “You see, local government workers will want inflation plus a little something. And so will government retirees.”

    And this is why offishul inflation numbers have borne no relation to relevant fact or reasonable observation, since 2007. Many, MANY retirement plans, including Social Insecurity, are inflation-indexed. By cooking the numbers, the gummint and pension managers avoid bankruptcy. If’fn we had honest bookkeeping, millions of pensioners would have been back to work, the government would’ve been hung on a pike or rode on a rail, and the Fed would’ve been out of business, 10 years ago…

  11. Filched from George’s “Computational Future” news stream:

    “Things Are Out Of Control”: Supply Chain Collapse Leads To Lumber Frenzy, Soaring Home Prices

    IRS is probing the dark web to look for cryptocurrency and NFT tax evasion, says IRS commissioner

    Prince Philip: Rehearsals take place for Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral

    US Pushing Japan’s PM Suga To Issue Joint Taiwan Statement With Biden

    “All The Good News Are Priced In”: BofA Lists 5 Reasons Why The S&P Will Drop To 3,800

    California promotes ‘dismantling racism in math’ guidance in draft for statewide framework

    No links! If something looks interesting, go visit the site…

      • Yes.

        The ones that got me were the rehearsals for Prince Phillip’s funeral and California’s non-racist math.

        1) Do you really have to rehearse a State funeral for three days? REALLY? Have the Archbishop say a prayer, Andrew a eulogy, da Bish another prayer, then shove the poor guy in his mausoleum drawer…

        2) If’fn nobody read it: Correct arithmetic answers are racist, unless the class also explores the incorrect answers and the kiddies who gave them, to give them the opportunity to explain why they answered the way they did and how their answers may also be relevant.

        I had addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tables memorized through the “12s” by the time I was half-way through 4th grade, and that was before I read Trachtenberg.

        A few days ago I designed a custom gate. It has a mirrored bezier curve along the top. I had to figure out how to make the curves on a 15.6′ gate. The solution required geometry, trig, and calculus. I did it in my head — ‘took the better part of 3 hours (most spent trying to remember stuff I hadn’t used in 40 years), but I was doing labor so it was a basic mental exercise. I doubt there are a hundred non-mathematicians in CONUS who could solve that gate bezier today, without a computer. After we “learn” “non-racist math,” I suspect that the number will be zero…

    • We have used Goog analytics for years. We just don’t publish site traffic…it’s only used for ad placement. which generates a whopping $100 per week, lol

      • “which generates a whopping $100 per week, lol”

        a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks.. its a car payment.. LOL LOL.. after we did the taxes and found out that after insurance.. the wife as a nurse made a whopping thousand dollars last year LOL LOL well a thousand and four dollars .. LOL LOL
        with that in perspective.. you make more off of google ad’s than a Nurse…LOL LOL LOL

    • We’re being run by committee. Mr. Biden is just the figurehead.

      When one has a committee running something, they can have as many on the committee as necessary, to ensure EVERY issue is addressed.

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