Talking Down Markets? Or, Waking Up to War?

Market futures are down a bit today.  Not a lot.  But, give it time.  There are many “moving pieces” that could fall well for America.  Or, very, very badly.

We will start by noting that Fed Boss J. Powell is talking-down the chances of a Fed Rate Hike for the remainder of the year, and beyond.  One reason is Covid virus, which we will treat separately in a sec.

Corp Tax Warfare

Second point is the Biden administration – via Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, is already calling for an increase in U.S. corporate tax rates.

You may not remember Dec. 20, 2017 well, but that’s when the onshoring of a lot of corporate money began.  Claims to the contrary, the corporate tax reductions were one reason the Trump administration had a reasonable economy.  Were there not a pandemic, Trump might have made two terms – tweets and all.

Biden to Kill Golden Goose?

Here’s how our Aggregate Index shows the change of trend channel from the pre-Corporate tax change through last week:

As I look at it, the 5 (ii) wave should have come down to the bottom of the long-term trend in place all the way from the left-hand side of the chart.

It didn’t.  Instead, spurred by corporate dough, the decline was truncated and we were off to the races.

The problem is?  We are running out of “Accounting Magic” to throw at the problem.  Here’s how the present period compares with the 1920-1929 blow-off and subsequent decline:

The Fed’s quandary is simple:  If they don’t keep inflating – and at a sufficiently fast clip to “paper over normalcy” people will figure we’re going a kind of Venezuela or Zimbabwe Lite inflation.

We rather suspect that won’t happen – and the Fed may have figured out how to “grab some cover” from criticism while at the same time making the Rich Richer and selling a bill of goods to We the People.  Some of whom are correctly-pissed that Congress abdicated and sold “sound money” to the banksters over the holidays in 1913.

How can such a feat be accomplished?

Cue the War!

Our work on the economic side, and collateral such as G.A. Stewarts essays on how all this lines up to fit Nostradamus predictions, begin to have a certain interconnectedness about them.

Scoff at Nosty all you want.  But, even Google Trends might be showing a recent uptick that could grow into something:

Some of the headlines today are, in fact, concerning:

Of course, there are other hot spots to keep an eye on, as well.  Like Taiwan and China.  And say, what’s this?  “Iran Blames Israel For Attack On Natanz Nuclear Site, Vows Revenge.  Everyone’s gotta have a scapegoat, huh?  Iran plans a get-even: “Iran vows revenge for ‘Israeli’ attack on Natanz nuclear site.”

Whee!  War and inflation are still our best long-term investments.  Which is sick…


Did you see where “India overtakes Brazil to become the second-worst hit country as Covid cases soar“?  We expect the conspiracy sites will light up on this as South America and the Indian subcontinent would make prime population reduction targets, goes the “where’s my meds” thinking.

On the other hand, the fact of 142 people in the Houston area – fully vaccinated – getting Covid anyway – is disappointing.

But, then, so is the report that “Covid variant from South Africa was able to ‘break through’ Pfizer vaccine in Israeli study.”

Overall? Virus lockdowns around the world as vaccine efforts stumble.”

We Told You This Was Coming!

Huge story out of China that few are likely to grasp the significance of. China’s Digital Yuan Comes With An Expiration Date.”

As for the claim of telling you this was coming?  In a 2002 Peoplenomics report, not all of which survived, we discussed depreciating money.  More recently, in Peoplenomics in 2016 (pre-dating Bitcoin) subscribers were told:

“It occurred to me this week, in a blinding flash that we are now at a unique point in world history. We can put computer chips in coins, to track their ownership and their spending patterns, so that we could really trace money (like we do ducks and whales) and maybe (like them) we could learn more about its habits. But no, what do we do? We print crap on printers and then put little strips of magnetic stuff in them that won’t tell us much of anything.

Picture, if you will, the perfect coin. It has a history of where it was spent, the registration of its present owner (so you couldn’t be robbed of it) and it would be impossible to clone at home or at the Kinko’s down the street. You’d need a forge, a chip manufacturing plant, and in what I call the “George Coin”, the coin itself would periodically have to be recalled by the government to be recharged.


Sure. It’s how you prevent counterfeiting. Just like paper money wears out, the “rechargeable coin” concept would allow the government to put into the coin whatever value it wanted, and smart dispensers would read and accept them.

Now, if we had “George’s Rechargeable Money” back when Elaine was buying nickel stamps (ooops, she’s not that old, I mean dime stamps) then she would still be able to buy a stamp for a single coin, instead of fumbling through her purse for the right combination of “dumb money”.

OK, so much for this week’s rant (with a copy to my Patent Attorney as notice of first use of the concept and phrase “Rechargeable Money” (Larry Graham’s, phone number on request).

What if it cost you: a “Rechargeable [and perpetually inflation indexed] Dime” and was part of my new “Integrated monetary system”? (It promises to be way more efficient and not prone to the excesses of debt that accompany credit cards and other less honorable means of exchange.

Somehow, the idea of going to work in order to recharge your saved coins, or asking Congress to authorize the Fed to recharge money, sounds way far fetched. However, in light of second and third order derivatives in the debt markets, this idea seems incredibly simple – if not elegant. Of course, no banker in his right mind would support the idea, because if money was always inflation indexed, what would a bank provide? For this reason, or actually the lobbying power of banks to look out for their own, this is bound to be one of those great ideas that doesn’t go anywhere.

But remember where you read it first when in 20 years someone says “Hey. Let’s try rechargeable money!” Drug dealers would hate it. How would you periodically recharge illegally gotten funds? A limited history of ownership is included in the money…and so instead of prosecuting the innocent dealer, who is after all only making a buck, government could go after the buyers, who put the drug lords in business in the first place. So-called victimless crime, such as prostitution and drugs, would go back to where they came from, merely intimate social contract, without the opportunity for “big business”. Undercover and covert ops? History. Any tin-horn dictator with an I.Q. over 50 wouldn’t accept “traceable tender” [tm]

Any currency over $100 ought to be rechargeable, and certainly anything under $10 ought to be printed on paper.”

In  the Peoplenomics subscriber archives: Peoplenomics Report for this week 2016.

Why It Matters?

There are several reasons we didn’t (and won’t) invest in cryptos.

  • They are a challenge to government and a form of self-labeling.
  • Governments don’t have ANY reason to recognize “private money” since it has absolutely zero value except as a unique, made-up number and we can make up numbers all day!
  • The Yuan with an expiration date means the problem of M2 Velocity of Money disappears.  If you hoard money that will be worth NOTHING at some point in the future, the faster you spend, the faster you lock value of some tangible.
  • Last, but not least, it becomes an economic caste system.  You bet!  With only the government able to “recharge” money, the social conveyor belt of inflation (buy with nothing down and wait 20-years and be filthy rich) goes bye-bye.

It’s the logical furtherance of Chinese-style central control and we’ve told you of it coming for almost 20-years.  Money – at the government’s convenience – not YOURS is arriving.

Ure’s Shorts

White House has gone to the dogs:  Major Biden to get training after biting incidents.

Buyed ’em, huh?  Sen. Marco Rubio: Biden’s climate plan benefits China – here’s how policy hurts US, boosts Beijing.

Peanuts kill – and nearly so:Model left brain-damaged after allergic reaction to pretzel awarded $29.5 Million.”

Chip Shortages Hit IT Depts:  “Sixty-Week Delay on Router Orders Shows Scale of Chip Crisis.”

What we could be seeing is a SLO-MO-WAR.

  • Slow motion as a low speed bioweapon makes the rounds.
  • Slow motion as chips run out.
  • Slow motion in Ukraine.

Something to think about.  Monday is normally a “slow motion day” huh?

NFIB Optimism and those glorious fairytales of consumer prices due tomorrow.  My, what a fun week ahead, huh?

Write when you get rich,

55 thoughts on “Talking Down Markets? Or, Waking Up to War?”

  1. G. watching a GLOBAL HAWK just off the Krime pin, as of 08:32 amet. flight radar big stick about to drop ??

    • I doubt it. From a military perspective, Ukraine has the worst logistics and strategic position that any military planner could think of. You thought the South Vietnamese Army was not motivated? Try backing the Ukrainians. Of course, US military planners have done many stupid things since the end of WWII, but I am hoping that some of the flag officers (who have had the same type of training as me, and a lot more) would see a hellish quagmire develop that would require more US and ‘NATO’ divisions then the US could muster in the next two years. Of course, with the exception of Britain and maybe a few of the smaller former eastern block countries in NATO, you will not get ‘core’ NATO (think Germans, Dutch, and the central countries) to fight. Oh well, stupidity happens.

    • Global Hawk is an unarmed all-weather, day or night intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) remotely piloted platform performing a Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) mission. The birds carry advanced equipment with tremendous optical and signals intelligence capabilities. They are not stealthy and are designed to loiter over areas of interest for long periods of time. They fly every almost daily around Taiwan, N. Korea and any other ‘hot spots’ or areas of interest that may pop up. The Black Sea is now one of those areas of interest. They can fly sorties lasting over 30 hours at or above 60,000’ altitude. Communication is near-instantaneous via satellite or aircraft data links. Globak Hawk unmanned aircraft are defenseless, easy targets for adversaries with high altitude surface to air missile capabilities. The bird is likely on-station in the Black Sea to provide U.S. and NATO officials with an accurate, real-time big picture regarding Russia’s military movements. See:

      • I wonder if they fly training missions out of Dyess in Abilene. We see them doing touch and goes out of our air field quite often. I guess they’re Global Hawks but drones for sure.

  2. Nostradamus’s end is always pushed out a few years 1999, 2000, 2001 due to calendar discrepancies), 2012, 2020. Can’t keep track really.

    People still believe in Q and Pat Robertson. 911 Truthers are still going. In 2016 Trump said, “Lock her up”. Later in 2016 Trump said, “The Clinton’s are good people.” Four years later Trump was at it again and some people went for “Lock her up” the second time!

    Televangelist Pat Robertson says God told him Trump will win, then an asteroid will hit Earth
    – 10/20/20

    Pat Robertson: Trump Will Win, Followed by War on Israel and the End of Times
    – 10/22/20

    Pat Robertson Tells Trump: ‘You’ve Had Your Day And It’s Time To Move On’
    – 12/21/20

    This guy still believes in Nessie.

    Man spots Loch Ness monster for fourth time

    “The Loch Ness Monster has been spotted for a fourth time this year. Eoin O’Faodhagain says he noticed the mythical beast “rising up and down” in the form of two “black humps” near Urquhart Castle. The Nessie fan says he has managed 12 sightings of the monster since 2017. The Loch Ness Monster is a creature in Scottish folklore that is said to inhabit Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.”

    – 3/18/21

    • First off I dated Nessy once. She is a monster. Hahahah

      I recently went to help someone in Maple valley and this little russian blonde lady I met on tinder wanted to meet up for coffee. I said what the hell. Let’s meet for coffee. I meet up with her. She jumps out of her jeep and she is 3.4. A little person. I shit you not. Has purple hair not blonde. I thought oh shit, this could very interesting.

      I said, I thougt you were 5 foot and had blond hair. She said that is as low on the scale as I could go on the site. I’m actually 3 foot 2. And I recently dyed my hair purple. The whole time we were in the coffee shop she groping me and wrapped her arms around my leg like a toddler. You are such a big handsome man. And everyone in the coffee shop was staring. I almost patted her on the head. I was pleasant and acted like a gentleman.

      However, I had to skedaddle after 20 minuted. All my buddies said they would have dated her, secret fantasy and laughed.. I just kept thinking, “I need to get a back pack and put her in it and then we could walk around the mall and she could yell, “Who runs barter town?!!!” Hahahahhahaha!

      So it wasn’t a match. All things being relative perhaps the Russia Ukraine deal is not what it appears in the news. Could be a little person with purple hair at 3 foot 8 inches in 4 inch heels, not a 5 foot blonde.

      Since my life is a mirror for the world. That is where I get most of my data about the world events. Is from paying attention to world around me, in my every day life. Lol

      A few friends said, only you Andy! Only you! Hahahah.

      Ya know renown pastor Hagee wrote an appocolyps book a while back then told the whole world that all we need Jesus to defeat Covid. He was saying the Jab was the Mark of the Beast. Then he got Then he got Covid and had double pneumonia. (I might add I have had double pneumonia a few times. But I didnt think it was that bad. Even if it killed me twice. Lol) Then he snuck off and got the jab in secret. So much for we can defeat Covid and we need to rely on Jesus for our Vaccine. Since if Pastor Hagee the Elite Hell Fire beating on the pulpit “you are going to hell!!!” Southern Baptist TV Evangelist just got the mark of the beast… what is this world coming too?? Lol

      “You will know them by their works” Springs to the mind. I’m not a doctor so i dont give medical advice. However, that being said. I will not be taking the jab. If I die from the Rona, which two medical facilities said I unable to contact the virus? Then I die. I dont care about dying. Lol I shouldn’t be here in the first place.

      Afa the rest of your post. That is a big problem in this world. That is why when I’m wrong. I say it. If I mess up? I own it. Alot of people struggle with owning their shit. They can’t say, oh shit I made a mistake. They think making a mistake or owning it make them a bad person or nullifies their reputation. one of the things I actually love about George is, that is when he is wrong. He owns that shit right out in the open. That means he has integrity. Integrity is Quality of Character. Quality of Character is more valuable than reputation. reputation is what others say about you. Quality of Character is who you really are. Because alot of what others say about you is their words and opinions and their words and opinions are about them, not the person they are speaking about. Because their thoughts and words come from them, and speak about who they are.

      Guilt: I made a mistake or did something bad.
      Shame: I am a mistake or something bad.

      The first one is integrity. the second one is reputation. which ever you choose to live by? Is entirely up to you.

      The first one give one the freedom to grow and learn and become better and autonomy. The second one? Condemnation and slavery to outside influences.

      Many people are looking for an outside bandage for an inside wound. Many people want to be told and not think for themselves. many people are afraid to make mistakes. Many people think what others say about them is who they are. Many people foolishly think that if they get enough likes on Facebook they are loved and valued. Have worth. And none of that kind of thinking is true at all. Many people dont know how to value themselves or ever look got ways they are in error so they ca grow. I’m always on the look out for personal development and where I am in error. That is how I got so good at what I am good at. Not by ego. But by looking at where I am making mistakes and how to not make the same ones.

      I am allowed like every human been to change my mind about stuff later as more information becomes available. Sadly, most dont give themselves, the same freedom of movement.

      Good post. Created in me the idea to speak up. Got a bunch of feedback from me, so it must be a good post. I dont answer everyone. Lol

  3. G. looks like a party in the black sea, just added a P8A sub hunter to the mix. she’s lookin hard for russian fish….bout’ paint swappin time, just like the late 70’s early 80’s

  4. As a fan of KISS, it occurs to me that most of what could be accomplished with a rechargeable coin could also be accomplished by regulations involving debit cards and the outlawing of paper money. No need for massive chip foundries, only government “supervision” of debit card networks. By the way, my son lives in Sweden and can go for weeks without handling paper money. i’ve been to computerized restaurants in Sweden that simply do not accept paper money.

    • In our local area internet gets “spotty” in places and isn’t available country wide. So, we do a lot of cash at the local farmers markets and beaches. Also discounts for cash at some stores.

      • Cash is still king here Florida, particularly with small businesses and tradespeople. The internet is fine most of the time whether by cable or mobile phone, but most people hold extra cash during hurricane season in the expectation that ATMs and card readers won’t work. I’m not advocating rechargeable coins or even my debit card scenario — just envisioning an easier to implement nightmare. Why use a flamethrower when a fly swatter will do?

    • I’ve been wondering if there is something behind the ‘coin shortages’ that immediately started with the COVID shutdowns last year? Many restaurants now are cash-less and the list is growing..

  5. It allow China to do some behind the scenes work to absorb liquidity and price suppression to keep the yuan from going to hyperinflation, as well as track all purchases. Tracking ofcourse helps corral the herd. Good stuff G.

    I honestly believe that bitcoin and alt coins are a displacement for liquidity to hold back the acceleration of inflation. If there was no such thing as bitcoin or alt coins? Where would all that money be? Bonds, stocks, savings accounts? New car purchases? Storage units full of more stuff? How many trillions of dollars is in the sum total of Bitcoin and all the alt coins combined??? 5 trillion? 10 trillion? How much money has been pumped in the system by “Quantitative Easing”? 5 trillion? 10 trillion $$?

    Correct me if I’m wrong. The less you have of something of value the more it is worth. The more you have of something the less it is worth. Say a Lamborghini? They make 100 million Lambos in 2021, are they still going to be able to charge $500k a car versus when the produce 2500 of them off the assembly line. Same with stocks. The amount of stocks dont drive yo the price. The price goes up not because they are creating more stocks in company A. The Value of company A goes up because Company A is doing making profits and only have so many stocks.

    When company A stock is sold at say $350 per share. The Money has to go somewhere. Its transferred into another company’s stock, or to cash in bank account, or to something else of value.

    So the Fed pumps $10 Trillion into Quanitive Easing over 10 years. Where does the money go? To ride the value of stocks? Commodities? Since we know that inflation is present and at a certain rate with the Minneapolis fed calculator, where would you hide all that spill over? Create something like Bitcoin and alt coins. Then when you have further contraction in the market, pass a bill outlawing bitcoin or even worse, do a bust on a really large pedo ring, funded by bitcoin and then release a media frenzy that bitcoin is funding pedo enterprises and anyone holding it or investing in it, is contributing to human trafficking. Drive The fire sale of bitcoin, fueled by mass histeria propelant of graffic imagery on the news of human trafficking. All that money has to go somewhere. Most likely into the market. Wait a while and then release a safe alternative government controlled substitute for people to accept, since for 10 years they have been conditioned to the idea of “crypto” currency.

    Just my 2 cents. A theory I have had for a while. Doesnt mean its true. Could happen tho.

    The term “biometrics” sprung out while I read your 2016 from 2002 article. Twos. Not sure why that word sprang out like a 3d image.

    Well, I got my own shit to do. New podcast, find a fricken day job, work on the new report. Which may have a drastically reduced price after a long conversation with Asta, who said, this info needs to be affordable to people who dont have deep pockets. It’s too important Andy to make it only available to those who can afford it. She called me on my shit about making it only available to those who can afford it. Then said, you think that is what The Dude wants? Only the people with lots money to know the future? You are a warrior for the little guy but price your reports so they are left out of the loop. Doesnt Make sense dude.

    I thought, your right. I am out of line. I will consider reducing the price to make it more affordable for the little guy.

    Wheh, long windy comment from me today. Hahah. New pod cast will be available after the gym and my gratitude list. Had lots and lots of Synchronicity yesterday. all good stuff.

    Later dude.

    • I will purchase when price is reduced. Asta is right. Lower price, sell more, word gets out, sell more. Funds will flow in and you will have your new day job, just like that!!!

  6. The COVID virus started in Wuhan, China almost a year and a half ago. Here are some current statistics to ponder.


    China 1,439,776
    USA. 331,002
    Canada. 37,742

    COVID cases

    China 90,426
    USA. 31,920,778
    Canada. 1,060,158

    COVID deaths

    China. 4,636
    USA. 575,841
    Canada. 22,316

    Vaccinations per 100 people

    China 12
    USA. 56
    Canada. 22

    BIC (Bob in Canada)

    • 650,000 people died in the world from the flue in 2018 according the CDC numbeds. But only 42,000 in 2020. Which is kinda weird. Covid kills the flue stats.
      See there is always a bright side.

      970 000 died of Aides in 2020.

      9.5 million cancer deaths worldwide in 2018. According to the WHO.

      Did you know. 1 out of every 20 people on the planet dies in a drug or alcohol related incident annually according to the WHO. 5% of the population of the planet dies from a drug or Alcohol related incident every year.

      Let’s look at abortions? The number #1 reason for Abortion or fetal death is Selfishness. same with divorce. Alot of people think divorce about money it infidelity. However the #1 reason for Divorce in the world is Truly Selfishness.
      Same with Abortion.

      42.3 million abortions world-wide in 2019. The number one killer if life is selfishnes.

      Abortion is the number one cause of death on the planet. I mean. Maybe Covid is pretty bad. But it pales in comparison to all the other big killers.

      3 comments a day. Later dude. I got a busy day. Lol

      • Makes one wonder how many people who chant “my body my choice” wrt abortion are also in favor of vaccine passports and mandatory (emergency use, experimental gene therapy) “vaccinations” for school, work, or travel?

      • Hey Dan T. (My comment for tomorrow)

        What IF, this whole world exists because a group of people decided in another dimension to abort their offspring and since nothing ever really goes away it only changes form, we are the abortions of “Angels” or “The Gods”? Due to our inherent flaws. Or because they were too busy to have a baby angel or god at the time. Perhaps that is the “tunnel of light ” after all. A spiritual commode flush.

        Quite the Ponder.

        I dont claim any rights over anyone. I dont care if anyone is gay or having an abortion or any of that stuff. As long as it doesnt infringed on anyone else’s personal liberties. Ie rape or hurting children, or women, burning down someone’s lively hood because someone is protesting etc etc. Its none of my buisness. My conscience tells me, I am pro life. Anyone else does what there consciousness tells them. if it is different than mine? Well, I dont say anything about it because that is between them and their creator. Now trying to force shit down my throat like I need to apologize for being white? Well, you get an ear full from me about that. I was born white. I can’t do anything about it. I’m not a racist. So F off with me apologizing for being white. That is dumb.

        If you want to get the jab? Get it! Hope it is everything you hoped it will be and all they tell ya it is. But dont try force that on me. Or try to tell me I’m anti women’s rights because I’m pro life. I’m all for women’s rights. And I’m also pro life. I can be both. You can’t tell me i can’t. Lol. That is above your pay grade.

      • Edgar Cayce said that all sin begins with selfishness.


        Negative attitudes of all kinds have their roots in selfishness. Edgar Cayce was very clear about this:

        What is ever the worst fault of each soul?


        What is the meaning of self?

        That the hurts, the hindrances are hurts to the self-consciousness; and these create what? Disturbing forces, and these bring about confusions and faults of every nature.

        For the only sin of man is SELFISHNESS!

        – Edgar Cayce reading 987-4

    • China is not a free society, and went to hard military enforced lockdowns. They had drones out looking for people not following their rules. Asian populations were pretty used to wearing masks and China had a large number of these ready. So they responded and continue to respond with aggressive responses. People there take great care, as they can have their freedoms removed for getting or be responsible for spreading. Few other countries took or could take such steps against their populations. Recall they built new hospitals in just a few weeks to take care of infections as well as incinerators to purge the bodies. We may never know if the numbers of deaths or infections coming from China are legitimate. I still believe this virus escaped from the gain of function Wuhan lab. China did a lot to cover this up, but they responded aggressively. I would not want to live in a place that can weld my apartment doors shut, but it can result in a much reduced virus spread through the population. I recall one week were they tested all citizens of an entire city, to stop an outbreak, when US was still debating if we were china-phobic. The west has been changed since AIDS in making patient health privacy is more important then population health. There are no such thoughts in China.

    • What’s this retarded crap? You have not learned to do percentages? ( I’m too old to even consider this type of information ;-( sorry!)

      • Hey choices.
        It was the percentages that got me thinking in the first place. Sorry, I slipped 3 decimal places with the population numbers. China has 1.439 billion people not 1 million 439 thousand.

        .006% of Chinese population got the virus
        .00032% of Chinese population died from the virus

        9.6 % of Americans got the virus (160,000 % more than Chinese)
        0.174% of Americans died from the virus (54,375 % more than Chinese)

        I think Joe Dish answered it very well. We agree no one here would want to live in a society like China where there are no freedoms. There is however, a high price to pay for our freedoms when it comes to this virus. Joe is also right that we probably cannot trust numbers that come from China any more than their explanation of the source of the virus.

        At the very least it should give some support to the fact that masks do help prevent spread of the virus and we can learn from that lesson.

    • * covid started as SARS – see ALL dead Scientists/Researchers in (western&eastern) SARS.

      Current covid 19 was created in Maryland, at Ft Detrick .. – again see all the dead SARS researchers & scientists.. Co Incident to….

      Precedent ? where have we seen virus and similar leak out, infect, and kill, besides Detrick, Plum and Lyme ?

      ricahrd lugar lab tbilisi georgia..think Ure precious israeli newsmax/cbs/nbc/cianewsnetwork suppressed those stories..Wonder how much mr Poooteeen enjoys having a US level 4 bioweapons lab on his border?

      gain of function studies – all off shored after Congress outlawed on US soil.

      -thanks to tony falsie and his NIH (taxpayer funded) $$$.

      – see kickback scheme where by the goblin-look-a like lizard gets payed upwards $500,000 for a “talk” at NIH research funding recipients hospital/med center/research center. all nice and neat enrichment off of US taxpayers largess.

  7. RE: Crypto – Elon Musk and Mark Cuban are vocal fans of the eCurrencies.

    Since they are each successful billionaire entrepreneurs, the likes of which generally tend to see lucrative trends long before others do, I wonder if they might possibly be onto something that escapes my psuedo-capitalistic brain – transnational currency. I was raised on ‘hard cash’ allowances in U.S. coinage, collecting tangible forms of money from paper route deliveries (which jump started by numismatic tendencies), depositing funds and paper paychecks in person at a brick and mortar bank manned by actual human tellers while working a litany of menial jobs thru H.S. and college. In 1980 I honestly never would’ve envisioned performing virtual banking transactions on my wireless phone’s LCD screen, since wireless had not hit the market yet and back in the 80s 99% all phones were clumsy hunks of bake-O-lite hard wired to a wall or phone booth. So I now observe the wise and wealthy with interested caution, as they have demonstrated far more success than I wrt investing. That said, they also have orders of magnitude more money than I do to burn on risky ventures.

  8. We had a fire the other night.. ( best investment of all.. a great fire pit)
    that chair even though it is fairly expensive for a dam camp chair.. is one of the most comfortable ever.. so is the big boy rocker..
    so is this one..
    I am actually thinking of buying two or three more of the plastic ones.. they stack great for winter storage and comfort.. dam.. ..anyway I digressed..
    the evening was wonderful.. and the fire warm.. the kids were playing in the yard.. the dogs lying and a couple of cold drinks were in hand.. Now.. the home made spiced drink.. there was a debate.. one of the kids said.. to much vanilla.. son in law said to much citrus.. I thought heck it is just right.. so were we the three bears.. or was it to much citrus.. to much vanilla.. I didn’t have coke to mix it with I just had it over ice..
    the debate continues..

  9. Wake and baked in the Texas outback – again.

    Dam dude – boggles the mind that U can get that high in the AM, and still put out a fairly comprehensible report, or is that reprehensible?

    Recharge -A Coin in 2016 ..
    -Bitcoin white paper in 2008 , buying weed off of dark net 2013 with bitcoin. nice try though..
    Ironically my tini,tiny fraction of a fraction of a bitcoin was just got “recharged” over the weekend with like 3 hundred moar USD’s, and I didnt have turn it in to the “overseers” for recharge, or tell the roths collection agency -that G loves sooo dearly..

    All good – its option expiration week – precious metals get hammered down into Friday, sell pm miners Calls into Expiry w/tight stop, Buy Phys Silver wit proceeds – paper/phys spread, hardest leg is the Phyz..

    REALITY is knocking on Ure door – R U going to pull Ure head out of the sand and realize EVERYTHING has changed with the “question” -this is titled Urban Survival – perhaps evolve into.. Urban and Alien Survival.

    Question becomes what to do with antiquated Science/Physics/Religion-Control/ Governments ?
    ? the name of the “great” overseer in the growing fields of eden in Genisis II ? someone in Canada knows the ansar, even if they cant decipher dragon.

  10. I asked you a few years ago if you’d read Silvio Gesell, he had a similar idea to your rechargeable money. He was some manner of Georgist; he suggested that all land be leased from the state, and the proceeds be distributed to all citizens as a sort of UI. And instead of inflation, he suggested that money expire at a certain rate, a sort of stamp tax on money. The idea was that this would ensure that money velocity stayed high, as people would prefer to buy things that held their value, rather than hoard cash which slowly lost it’s value. Some interesting ideas, anyway.

  11. Cryptos are dark pool money; their contribution to velocity of money in circulation is a net negative, and yes, very negative indeed. As the amount of speculative investments pour into cryptos, at some point the credit system will seize up, and credit deflation will become the dominant economic driver. Modern monetary theory does not really comprehend crypto Ponzi deflation. Pouring liquidity on the fire isn’t going to be the answer. Send in the regulators.

    • Awesome – you seem to have moved on to the Attack stage !

      Soonly enough you will be red hot in the Anger Stage..

      When you get to Acceptance stage – drop the BCN a line, luv nothing more than helping Neewbs – get on board baby! take control Ure finances, before they control U!

      ..Cause the Bitcoin train is about to leave the tracks..

      • Nope. Just statin’ the facts. I’m not buying the multi-level marketing derived sales pitch. I’ve heard it before. With all the public spin coming from crypto Ponzi pirates, it doesn’t hurt to throw a little cold water on the proceedings, for the benefit of the potential greater fools.

  12. “Cue the War!
    Our work on the economic side, and collateral such as G.A. Stewarts essays on how all this lines up to fit Nostradamus predictions”

    OF 3…
    Every three months the controller’s have this desire to control and conquer.. we have what three weeks till we here those fateful words.. “smoke em if you got em” or light em up boys”
    My plan is to age some fine steaks and sit on the veranda grilling..
    The sub search.. the left hand doesn’t see what the right hand is doing.. if your preparation has been to topple the tower wouldn’t you search Closer to the tower..

    I don’t have the link to it but stu’s site has an interesting post from one of nostradamus predictions that target this very thought.
    Buy the money ever spent and a fine quick read..

    • Eventually “we’ll just talk ourselves into a WAR” and it will have nothing to do with Nostradamus’ predictions, because it’s US talking so lightly about it as though it’s just one of those things.

    • The U.S. East Coast hasn’t been a safe haven since the late 70s when Ruskie Delta and Yankee class strategic launched ballistic missile subs patrolled the Atlantic. When I sat nuke alert at two different NE U.S. bases, we’d get put on restricted alert, meaning we could not leave the alert facility save to perform a daily B-52 preflight or run routine maintenance. The reason for restricted alerts was Soviet SLBM flight times were estimated to be under 10 minutes due to close patrols off the U.S. Atlantic seaboard (but outside the 200 NM economic exclusion zone). Twice our bombers were relocated from the alert pad to the ‘Christmas Tree’ area at the end of the runway due to dramatically short Russian SLBM times. It was a game, of sorts. They’d come in close. We’d go restricted and/or move to the end of the runway, their satellites would see our reaction and then their subs would head back to port. Today Russian subs are being tracked right at the 12 mile oceanic border areas in the Atlantic and Pacific. U.S. and allied nuke capable vessels respond in kind in a game of tit-for-tat. Bombers no longer sit alert, taking around 12-18 hours to ‘generate’ to alert ready status, but USN subs are the first line of nuke deterrence, followed by ICBMs that are able to be juiced in short order.

      The new Russian Belogrod nuke sub is a indeed a game changer. It can carry nuke tipped torpedos, which come in handy attacking carrier battle groups, military convoys and in disabling naval and important commercial harbors and bases. It is also anticipated to be used for special ops/intelligence missions and is designed to carry air, sea and/or sub-sea drones (possibly nuclear armed).

  13. G –
    You and I had a long convo about putting an expiration date on cash – lo well back a decade or more. My thought was it would give velocity of money a static value over time, and discourage savings of fiat – both terrible for bubbles and speculation…

    As for the ‘war-war-war’ headlines? Well, if it were me on either side, I would make the traditional moves in plain sight while ostensibly doing nothing else, ostensibly…

    The big issue for this one is that the Ukeys are right up against Russia, as is NATO per their incremental advancement. Russia has nowhere to go. I imagine if we had nowhere to go and peoples encroaching on our only warm water sea outlet, we might get a tad testy. There was a valid reason for Putin warning that anyone attacking Russia needed to know they would not hold back on their nukes.

    I’m not sure who is in the skull driving Bidens foreign policies, but they feel very much PNAC to me at this point. Domestically, it seems like Karl Marx is driving…

    Our country is so amazingly dysfunctional at this point.

    • “I’m not sure who is in the skull driving Bidens foreign policies, but they feel very much PNAC to me at this point. Domestically, it seems like Karl Marx is driving…”

      Well O2.. the theory is to … follow the money.Then consider the W’s. who’s been donating and buying gifts..what would they ultimately gain…

    • “I’m not sure who is in the skull driving Bidens foreign policies, but they feel very much PNAC to me at this point. Domestically, it seems like Karl Marx is driving…”

      I’m guessing you’re right on both counts. Nuland’s bloodlust notwithstanding, one need remember the only difference between a neocon and a leftist-socialist is the scope of their planned tyranny.

      If one reads Marx and gains “recognition,” they can draw D.C.’s curtains aside and actually see the pillars forming underneath. ‘Tis not a pleasant sight…

  14. Smarter not harder George. Smarter not harder.

    In the world of hammers, everything looks like nail. Even a screw. :)

  15. “Huge story out of China that few are likely to grasp the significance of. ‘China’s Digital Yuan Comes With An Expiration Date.'”

    Followup story on Bloomy’s financial network today is that dev of dYuan is driving USFRB to hurriedly develop our own digidollar.

    Since I don’t believe in coincidences, this leads me to wonder whether this visible “drive” by the Fed was preplanned, and they’re simply using the “threat” of the dYuan to excuse any clumsiness WRT the d$ rollout…

  16. ” Were there not a pandemic, Trump might have made two terms – tweets and all.”

    Seriously George?? You’ve railed against it, you’ve exposed it for what it was – The Steal. Sure the Plan-demic was about getting rid of the outsider Trump in part but the bigger picture was implementing the takeover of a World Economy starting from the top down which was started a little late when Hellery didn’t get the position. World-wide fascism. Seen what Canada is doing to the churches up there? Coming to America soon. The Dim-ocrats are desperate to not let anyone see what’s inside the ballots and machines in Maricopa County, AZ so they sent their attack dogs down there now that it looks like it might succeed. The Cancel Culture, BLM, Antifa (that funny old “idea”). Our president being bested by a dimwit that couldn’t draw a crowd in a lower income parking lot with free BBQ and a VP that couldn’t draw more than a few percentage points in her home state. The White House YouTube channel’s videos STILL can’t get an on-balance favorable thumbs up vote even when YT edits the vote count.

    Trump WON, bigly. He wasn’t allowed to assume a successive term but, in doing so, exposed a Deep State that people have become aware of and realizing they can’t trust. If the next vote goes like this last one did, IF we get that far intact as a country, you can throw the “rule of law” out the window.

  17. My last post for the day:
    How much is our praised “so-called FREEDOM” really worth while sitting in rubble, w/o running water, and w/o electricity?
    Those are the practical wages of war I know!!

    • The thing is “rubble” gets rebuilt like Europe did. We need to get over our civilized trappings and recognize the fragility that they inherently have.

      • Good for YOU, Bill. I ain’t got “the time left left in my life” to re-built anything; I feel pleased about it for myself, but opinions may vary with different individuals, though?

        YOURS are the choices as always!!

      • The problem is… we were the ones designated to rebuilt ignoring our own infrastructure.

  18. I remember when they dragged us down under DC because of a threat. My boss at the time had told us a story about a Congressman that informed his friend in NYC to seek safety.. the guy was rushing home only to find out if it had been real..he wouldn’t have made it. Not long ago they discovered a sub had been just sitting in Sanfran harbor undetected.. then if you consider we sold our ports and seven of out major toll roads to offshore companies. With what less than 5 percent of containers being checked and the klub-k defense system..not even considering the push to allow illegals enter.. even though the leaders of factions that oppose us openly said ..we will send our fighters into the usa posing as refugee’s.. we could be relatively screwed..

  19. Here we go again!!!! Der der der . And the old Georgey economic guru medicine!!! Nobel prize!!!

  20. A major purpose of working hard when you’re young and taking huge risks is to save “money”, aka resources for when you’re older and want to enjoy life. If money has an expiration date and is all traceable and cancellable, then why bother with it other than to accumulate value in some other form. Just imagine a warehouse full of OSB bought last year before the price increases! If you can’t buy what you want with money, it’s not useful beyond basic needs. Looking rich is simply making a target out of yourself. Some of the characteristics of money are that it’s a store of wealth, durable, fungible, and anonymous! If it is less than all of these, it’s simply a means of exchange, and a poor one at that. While I endorse honesty and integrity, I also value freedom and anonymity. Without these latter two, I’d shut down and do very little in my life. The things that really matter to me and many others are not fungible, and can’t easily be bought with money.

    I don’t trust BTC, though I’ve considered taking a flyer in it. Other crypto “coins” are not necessarily mathematically constrained, nor even pseudanonymous. It’s never good to buy at the top, and from my perspective BTC has always seemed to be at the top, until it went into four figures. Now at five figures, it’s rather expensive if you make a mistake. There’s a long way down. I trust the dollar for the moment because most others do and I can shed dollars for other assets very quickly. Even if selling BTC was easy, what’s it selling for? USD? Other currency? Now it’s a checkoff on a tax return, so there’s yet another disincentive to engage. Until I can understand the details of the environment(that would take months, at least), it’s investing blind. The early BTC millionaires were impetuous and just jumped on a lucky thing. Good for them. Now it’s a bit late to the party.

    The only real value in BTC is as a means of exchange(for some things) and a method to quickly and quietly transfer value across borders. With the KYC rules in all countries, even that latter case is rendered less useful, even if the original resources were quite legally obtained. I have no idea how BTC will play out in times of war.

    Sometimes the only way to win is not to play.

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