This is one of those stories I wanted to sit on for a while because, even now, the weirdness of it is rather remarkable.  It’s another one of those remarkable “adventures in The Realms” where dreams reveal themselves to be an alternate reality, not just a place to hang out when we sleep.  Sometimes they inform us of the future.

People, understand, can lead two rather compelling lives if they work at it; one (the nominal shared reality) when awake and the other while sleeping.  The adventurer can bring information from dreams to the waking state, and from waking to the sleep-state.  It just takes work.

So there I was, a week ago last night.  I was having one of those vivid dreams.  The kind psychologists call lucid.  But, the term doesn’t go nearly far enough.  It’s just like living it.

I was with other people in an airport control tower.  There was a plane coming in for landing, right to left – and it was like it was landing to the west.  A sketch I made laid it out like this – and the frame seemed to be a window from a control tower:

As I watched, the plane came down, has a little “fishtail” in the touchdown zone, but rolled out.

Then the damnedest thing happened:  The pilot and plane seemed to “go around” and land again.  This was distinctly felts as a plane (out of view out this window) came from like the 11 o-clock position, came down and did a second emergency landing.

“Whew…this is weird,” I remember thinking.  I woke Elaine up to tell her about it, but she was not very receptive.  Can’t sday I blame her…after all, how does one handle a spouse waking up and prattling on about two emergency landings?

The jet type in both dreams was the same:  Twin-engine passenger.  For some reason in the waking-state I was thinking “Ah…DC-9 or MD-80/93’s.  But replaying the dream several times, there were no engines in the tail area. Hmmm…

I made a few notes to myself because that process, (notation / logging of dreams) is the key to moving information between waking and sleep states.

(A kind of double woo-woo just happened:  As I was writing this we had a 3-minute power outage here at the ranch…odd how the power acts up when I am writing these things for diostro…not sure why it happens, but oh-well…)

OK, I put the dream “away” and made a note to myself to see if there were any plane crashes when I got out of the office.  None.  So I didn’t think about it until the next day…and that story out of Kansas City..

“2 planes make emergency landings at Kansas City airport.”

Well, I’ll be dipped and rolled in it…

No one was hurt (just as in the dream) but there was a lot of angst.

But that’s not the process:  Yes, had the dream well before the double landing – in fact, about 12-hours before.  I won’t go through all the past dreams that have “happened” but that’s a very “typical” lead time.  The closer a dream is to a planned even in your life the more attention should be paid.

Now it was off to the research part:  First, what was the layout of KC’s airport?  Easy enough to find the FAA map:  Then it was time to sketch in what the “real” field of vision (FOV) would be from the tower if one were looking at the crossing runways:

The first landing was bottom to top in the dream, though the FoV is not quite right.  This is something common in my dreams:  I tend to have my “dream world” at about a 90-degree angle to IRL.  Dream coordinates tend to run 90-degrees off counter-clockwise.

Noticed this the first time when a dream about a double-decker buss in Melbourne (Aus.) happened – followed by an accident several hours later.

I was still troubled by the uncertainty about the aircraft type in the dream. According to the Kansas City Star, both planes were Airbus A-320’s.

In more recent dreams (overnight Sunday night of this week) I had all kinds of chatter about a world-wide communications system but it was not single-side band HF radio.  Don’t know what that means, but we will keep our scanning of headlines up looking for something on the world-wide communications front.

One last thing:  Been a lot of “teaching” going on over in The Realms and a bit of it comes out in Peoplenomics Wednesday when we get into (and this will sound odd):  The quadrature of probability.”

Which, believe it or not, may explain some of the fundamental misconceptions about statistics and noise.  But, we’ll save that for the advanced class…

On the dream front, one of my daughters had a premonition recently about something in October’ish.  She’s a bit skittish about it because it isn’t something she wants to happen.  But, that’s the rub with this kind of thing:  You don’t really have a choice.  It’s like getting drafted into a school…

Follow-Up Notes

The past three issues of Peoplenomics contain enough detail for one skilled in the art (of building spreadsheets) to cobble up a clone of our Golem project.  I think that’s what the Millennial Caller was asking about.

This past weekend, we got into the wave-forms of market moves and now with this new overnight insight into the “quadrature of probability” some neat things to cover Wednesday.

Notwithstanding, “the Golem” was right about this morning’s opening directional call…Down.

My friends who went whale watching (no whales around, ‘natch) had a fine time last Thursday.  Interesting note, though:  The pending posting of small craft warnings was heard on the new Standard-Horizon VHF portable with GPS and NOAA weather while they were off the boat lunching in Friday Harbor, Wa, so they made a beeline return…

Going out Cattle Pass and then over to Smith Island on a more direct (faster) run back to Port Townsend, if you know the waters.

That evening, the winds were forecast to 35 and 6-foot seas which can be very sloppy and dangerous in an open bow 19-footer.  All’s well that ends well, I suppose.  Boat on the trailer, an hour later here come the winds.  My friends are lucky people.

Still, as one of our readers mentioned, this is the kind of ground from which statistics arise.

I’ve been through lots of pilot training where the same message was repeated can’t tell you how many times:  NEVER NEVER let social pressure from ANYONE turn down (or off) when comes to your personal danger/risk alarm.  Too many times, I’ve heard of people getting “married to their plans” only to have them go sour.  The FAA records are full of people who “thought they could get ahead of the weather…” and it doesn’t matter if it’s ice, winds, turbulence”…same with boats.

Go cautious about conditions and sit on the ground/beach.  There’s always another day…unless you ignore the warnings.

Short column…much to write about this quadrature of probability concept so let’s hit headlines….

Write when you get rich,