Coping with Woo-Woo: Head-on with the Mandela Effect

I haven’t done one of these for a while – talked about woo-woo –  but it’s always good to hear from a traveling Son of the Republic (of Texas) who is presently self-exiled to Indonesia. Bernard Grover sent me and world-famous author Joseph Farrell a that tills some familiar soil in the Land of Woo Woo:

“Dear George and Joseph,

I want to introduce you to each other. George Ure writes a wildly popular economics blog called UrbanSurvival ( ), and Joseph Farrell is an author, researcher and has an equally popular blog GizaDeathStar ( ).

The occasion of this introduction is the Mandela Effect. Joseph has been tracking the issue for some time, and George has mentioned the strange phenomenon of celebrity double deaths or non-deaths, as it were, on several occasions over the years.

George, I remember you mentioning this phenomenon in the Coping section under WooWoo at least a couple of times. I wonder if you would be willing to share some of those posts, or at least your memory of them, with Joseph.

Basically, the events center around celebrity deaths that many folks remember, but didn’t happen (Kirk Douglas), or remember someone dying twice (Nelson Mandela).

Given that you both have towering intellects (Editor’s note: By this he means Farrel’s is twice as high as mine) and are (probably) not aware of each other, I hope this intro will be fruitful for both of you.

My B.B. King experience was posted at

Thanks and happy blogging!

Best regards,

Bernard Grover

Executive Producer

Well, this got me to thinking back on the multiple “supposed to be dead already” famous people. As I’d discussed back when, this is the basis of the old adult contemporary radio morning show game “Dead or Alive.”

The way it’s played is some famous person who you thought might be dead may (or may not) be. Then a caller is asked “Are they Dead or Alive?”

On most stations, if you get five in a row correct you win a prize (or at least fame, but not in large enough measure to effectively monetize, or the radio station would keep it for itself because (*repeat chorus twice) Everything Is a Business Model.

Here’s one to try out:

Dick Van Dyke: Television and move star. Dead or Alive?

(As of press time, he was alive, but I swear he died in the early 2000s. No, I am not wishing it, and I hope he lives forever, but there are a lot of people who may think him dead and he is not.)

This is the kind of thing that really rocks your world. Since I was in the news game for years and years, I can’t tell you how many times I would read a story like “So and so died last night in Hollywood age [whatever].”

In the next commercial break I would ask the morning DJ on the intercom…”No shit? He just died? Didn’t he die in 1979?”

About half the time I would just pass it off as a mental defect and poor recall on my part. (I have lots of mental defects, so this part is easy.)

But I’ve also gone looking for the answers and they are not comforting, whatsoever.

For example, I’ve had a large number of readers give me stories about transient global amnesia (TGA). Could this “Mandela Effect” be caused by some yet-to-be documented medical condition beyond the conventional TGA episode.

Think of it as TGA meets Déjà vu.

Which gets pretty weird – quickly. I tried to discuss it with my wife Elaine: “Can you imaging remembering something you forgot?”
(Her True Blonde reply: “I go there every day…” )

But it doesn’t end there: We have the experiments of the Nazis during World War II – where as Dr. Farrell points out in his book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa’s Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12  – which gets into die Glocke project in detail.  It will get you started toward his more recent works including Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations.

Yes, there is an alternative history with a much richer one that is ever let on in polite society.

Is it possible that the operation of a mass reduction engine warps dimensional space? And if there is “warpage” is it a short-lived or long-term effect?

I wrote in 2000 while on our sailboat in San Francisco about the odd syrupy sense of time what we noticed on the boat on the very morning that Livermore (or Stanford, I forget which) set a new world’s record for the strongest magnet ever created.

Hopefully, Farrell will have the bandwidth to join in the discussion.

And, in the meantime, I’ve still got my collection of magnetics and the signal generators to start my “Big Sweep” of interacting magnetic fields to look for what might account for the ability of Edward Leedskalnin to move massive monumental rocks around, or could it explain that first-hand pilot report that we talked about a while back which was carefully documented by a Beech Bonanza pilot flying from Andros Island to Miami and flew through a dimensional warping green fog which emerged in a horseshoe shape from above the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle.

Yep, definitely a serious side-order of weird, but then that is what keeps life interesting.

This could account for people “missing miles” while driving and all kinds of other things, too. Mandela effect…is it The Adjustment Bureau leaking, or is there a physical foundation that stands ready to reach out and touch…

When you least expect it?

Summer in the Outback

The sun comes up. At first, you don’t think much about it, although a glance at the weather widget says it is getting down to about 77F overnight. A few weeks from now, even that will be cool.

Thanks to some humidity this year, we have already had several days where the “feels like” was up in the 105F range.

Only a couple of more weeks and another eye doctor visit and we should be clear for the trip up to the PNW.

About Those Eye Surgeries

Down to one drop, twice a day with the expectation that the operative eye will continue to improve from the current level (20-50). Reading, it’s doing fine, but a bit near-sighted. The non-operative eye, dialed back in with a rigid gas permeable lens is hitting 20-30 regularly, and I can watch a movie with no contacts…so that’s all good. Legal to fly? Yeah, in another two weeks, or three when I get down to the 20-40 level in the other eye. So that’s nice.

Long Trip Prepping Notes

I don’t know if you’ve been taken to the cleaners by your insurance company this year, but it’s looking to me like the auto segment, along with property and casualty, has taken some cues from the healthcare/Obamacare types.

Our old farm truck (2001) and the old Lexus (2005) driven only for recreation are costing us 650’ish for six months.

Just so we’re clear on this, neither Elaine or I have ANY tickets. And we are careful as hell. When I sold the old Porsche 930 to whaletail down the road at some multiple greater than twice the speed limit, I hung up looking in the rearview, monitoring scanners and active countermeasures. It’s far less exciting but the sky is free of speed traps, other than don’t exceed 250 knots below 10,000 feet, especially in Bravo airspace, but with our old Beech, it’s not a problem.

Plane Simple, Car Foolish

Which gets me to two points: The airplane FOR A WHOLE YEAR with a million of liability insurance was $552. So cheaper than the cars, by half.

Now let’s talk about maintenance costs.

Jeremy the Mechanic is doing the annual now and discovered a cylinder was only making 30-pounds of compression when it should be in the mid 70’s. Off came the cylinder, over to the engine shop. Verdict? Valve guide and bad exhaust valve. Easily fixed for $350 for the shop, about five hours of Jeremy time, and that means the annual on the plane will be about $1,500 barring future heart-testers.

Now let’s compare that with the 120,000 mile service on the old Lexus, prior to going on our trip. We always go with the car in as near to perfect condition as we can.

This time around there were lots of things to do in addition to the already spendy 120,000 mile service. Like four new tires, fixing two leaking valve gaskets (normal aging problem for an 11-year old car. I knew it was time to turn rotors all around and new break pads.

What’s more, I told you a couple of years ago (2014) about the rat that had decided to make its winter home in our car’s air conditioning system.

This past winter, unbeknown to us, the same thing happened again. No, this it, the small furry had the courtesy not to much on the (soy-based so it smells like food) wiring. BUT it did leave behind a quart or two of leaves, twigs…you know, the kind of nesting materials a rat or squirrel would like to feather out an a/c duct with.

Zeus the Cat, who is in charge of keeping such events from happening has lost television priviledges for the next two years, since taking apart the A/C duct was a good part of the bill, which will come to right around $3,500.

About here I come to the point of the discussion: Again, not just on insurance, but turns out in maintenance, too, the old airplane is cheaper to maintain than the car.

We’ll see how the eyes are doing in a couple of weeks. There is a fair chance that all the drops have been irritating things and the vision could improve rapidly – or not. We’ll see, but driving is no problem, and that’s a nice thing.

But it hasn’t improved to the point where I can the bottom of any of the holes punched in the checkbook.

Write when you get Rich,

21 thoughts on “Coping with Woo-Woo: Head-on with the Mandela Effect”

  1. With all the “vitemins” you are taking, how come you haven’t amped up on zinc for your eyes? Eyes are a good bit zinc, zinc promotes healing. Gulp down 150 today and a hundred mg /daily until your eyes heal themselves. Am going on 77, just had some interesting surgery. Four pain pills the day of chopping one next day, made a vitamin cocktail, Mg, Zn, E, D3, etc… Pain almost gone by supper time.. Following Monday, this past, doc said my healing was fantastic, come back in a month. For some, business models, others life models.

    • No, I think that headline was that someone went down on Clinton in an airplane. LOL ! ! !

      Sorry, George, if I stepped out a little far on this one, but we are all adults here, aren’t we ?

  2. Dick Van Dyke will probably live a long time. He eats 50 vitamin pills a day and hangs out with Suzanne Summers.
    (I was also surprised to see Kirk Douglas was alive).
    Sometimes I wonder if the tabloids seen involuntarily at the checkout counter while waiting in line, had anything to do with my faulty celebrity memory.

  3. I’ve thought for some time that Farrell’s work on Bullion, Bonds and Brains would be an excellent discussion ‘tween you and him…here’s hoping you both can find the bandwidth to engage in the intelligent discourse that will most certainly follow.

  4. Get some new car insurance lined up, but don’t commit. Call the old company and say “cancel my coverage.”

    I’ll bet you a silver dollar that they transfer you to someone else who will knock 30% to 50% off your premiums.

    • Call USAA, anyone can join now, and then compare with 2 other major carriers. Yes, some will be low to get your business and land you in the same spot next year, but it is worth a try. My carrier wants $2400 per year to insure house BUT if I add my pd for car, they will drop it $600 a year. Guess what my annual car premium would be? Yep, $600. So this becomes a kind of persuasion that forces 2 coverages on one policy. I am shopping around myself this year. Just 22 years ago, I could insure my house for $340 a year for a $62,500 house. Now the house is valued at $310,000 thus the increase in insurance costs.

  5. Ooh! Can I have first refusal on an interview with you and Farrell? That would make for monumental radio, accent on the “mental,” for the Far Side? Here’s hoping you get airborne soon! Cheers!

  6. You just think Aircraft up keep is cheap, When you reach the 2000 hour overhaul think around $20 thousand for the rebuild .

  7. “Dick Van Dyke will probably live a long time. He eats 50 vitamin pills a day and hangs out with Suzanne Summers.”

    He must be taking gobs of ‘vitamin pills’ becase in 2012 he just marred a woman 46 years younger than he. now what about the vigara pills??? does health plan covers those? LOLOL!!!

    check her.. ehmmm…them out here:

  8. “Dick Van Dyke will probably live a long time. He eats 50 vitamin pills a day and hangs out with Suzanne Summers.”

    He must be taking gobs of ‘vitamin pills’ becase in 2012 he just marred a woman 46 years younger than he. now what about the vigara pills??? does health plan covers those? LOLOL!!!

    check her.. ehmmm…them out here:

  9. wrt dead celebrities? It might be a computational problem in our little universe. See: ‘digital physics’ and ‘The Simulation Argument.’ It’s possible that we’re all NPC’s on a 5th grader’s Z-box. When you think about it, that would explain a lot, aside from crashes, reboots, updates and upgrades to his little system. Note: As NPC’s we prolly wouldn’t notice a ‘reboot’ or upgrades and what have you. All we’d notice are dead people who are suddenly alive or 3:33 showing up on the clock, over and over again. Maybe a set of keys ‘falls’ thru the bedroom floor and ‘lands’ on the carpet of the first floor ;) In my case, occasionally, I don’t need to re-fill the mower, either. :D Just a thought in passing. Sim City, anyone?

  10. George,
    With all due respect to your famous correspondents, there is no such thing as a “Mandela” effect. I’ve personally chatted up dozens of people who swear that this urban myth is true – and, they all have a few things in common: 1. they simply do not pay attention to current events on a daily basis and 2. they ingest some form of medication. Generally they are also fairly young [you’re definitely an exception, there!] and heavily involved in social networking. They have an affinity for conspiracies and are also quick to claim that sinister forces were at work even when presented with hardcore evidence to the contrary and will argue endlessly about “alternate timelines” and other such fantasies. HINT: there are no such things as alternate timelines… but there ARE
    such things as alternate REALITIES. These are also called delusions, which takes us right back to the meds I mentioned above.

    With verified stats that state a staggering 70% of all Americans are regularly ingesting prescription drugs [with the majority of those scripts for depressive/anxiety-related issues, followed closely by mind-numbing Opioids] are you REALLY surprised such “woo-woo” is so prevalent?

    I’m not! I’ve also always been drug-free and remarkably clear of mind and strong of body.

    Imagine that!

    • I’ve been drug free my life except a couple of college transgressions. Im now almost 50 so not young. I also had never experienced any signs of this in my life until recently (or was not aware). Flash forward to an accident I had about two months ago in which another driver ran a red light and I somehow broadsided him. Had I been half a second faster I probably would be dead.

      Anyway, so I have now seen many examples of things that just do not seem right any longer. Depends diapers for adults are now depend and I remember it clearly. Anyway, I remember many things that no longer appear to be correct.

      About 18 months ago I had a dream/vision that things would get odder and odder as time passed – (almost like one was going crazy), so I wonder, if what is happening now with things being different are a slipping through the veils of alternate realities being able to see many all at once, prior to ending up in the reality that one fits in – for whatever reason. I died in my car wreck and because my body was so “wrecked” I was put back in a reality close to what I was in before…. however, it is my “matrix”/”reality” and so my noticing things that are wrong is also shared by others in my “holographic” universe as it is simply part of me.

      I honestly have no idea, but am not on drugs, am older and fairly grounded in an agricultural lifestyle.

  11. George when I did Classic Rock Radio in the early 90’s we changed the game to “Dead or Canadian”. It added another element of “fun”.

  12. Hi George,

    Congrats on your eyes healing and the annual coming in less than two AMU’s! Regarding the car, I’m rather shocked that the maintenance is so high. I presume you mean “valve seals” when you refer to valve gaskets. I’ve never heard that term. In many cases, they can be replaced without pulling the head(s). I tend to take the old fashioned approach and just ignore them, while checking the oil regularly.

    On car insurance in Texas: I presume you’re getting liability only, since your vehicles are way beyond insuring for collision. There’s an unpublicized rule in Texas regarding occupant medical coverage, and it’s that it can be declined on your affirmative signature, or e-sig. It’s included by default unless you mention it and don’t want it, so if you’re covered otherwise or take your own responsibility, you can decline it and save quite a bit.

    I always felt that insurance should be per driver, and like an airman medical, you needed to have it current in order to actually drive on a public road, but have no need for per vehicle coverage. There’s no legitimacy to paying insurance on multiple vehicles that exceed the number of available drivers. It’s just a ripoff, and the reason I don’t keep more vehicles registered.

  13. You mean Rich is still walking around. Why hasn’t anyone gotten him yet? What did he do anyway?

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