5 thoughts on “Did Germany Just Win WW II?”

  1. On the general question of whether Germany is now ‘top dog’ in the EU . . . yes, but that county is not the Germany of seventy-odd years ago.

    Globalization has made it an economic powerhouse; Ironically this was helped by the destruction of the antiquated infrastructure during the war, enabling new manufacturing techniques and procedures to be utilized.

    Thing is, if one believes that Germany ‘won’ – it would have been at the start of the EU rather than now, as ‘open borders’ is/are a god-send to promote business, (Not only in the multiple actual borders, but also in the general concept.)

    The current situation is actually quite dangerous to Germany – they may be ‘top dog’ but as they say, ‘uneasy lies the crown’ as any one of the other member states could declare their determination to leave . . .

    The next few years will be ‘very interesting’.

  2. Since Great Britain has taken the plunge and the heat for doing the right thing, she really does need to immediately implement border controls and start using her own proper fishing grounds, repudiating any agreement immediately. That’s the only way to keep the high ground now that she has the moral clearance to claim it.

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