Coping: With War and Rumors of War

So here we go again…looking into the future.

As long term-term readers of know, we are set – in the long wave economic scheme of things – to move into the war period along about 2020 to 2015.  My consigliere is betting in 2022-2024 if you are looking for a tighter bet range.

In a “normal year” we would expect the stock market  annual peak around August 26th, or so, however things are now ever-so  not normal.

We covered some of the problems in Wednesday’s “Presidential Election Lesson” on the Peoplenomics side.

But pay attention to this from our military affairs honcho “warhammer” who has insights into the role of Vlad Putin and Russia that you won’t be hearing in the parrot=talking LameStream media:

It seems Vlad Putin is moving his chess pieces into attack position, which stirred up some musings from Ures truly:


The linked article notes that August 24th commemorates Ukraine’s independence from the USSR in 1991, the exact day that Russia invaded the Crimea two years ago. Now here we are, 25 years on from Ukrainian independence, and Putin appears to still be holding a serious grudge.

The timing is perfect for Putin to consider a Ukraine redux. Obama is in full ‘Swan Song’ mode, not that the Nobel Peace Prize awarded president did anything to deter Putin’s Crimea grab two years ago. Add the U.S. presidential campaign making the final turn to the finish line and things are starting to get interesting.

Allow me to simply state the facts: a Russian incursion into the Ukraine will not further Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations and may help Trump’s. Many may be concerned that this, along with the Wikileaks release of the DNC hack data, further support claims that Putin is directly interfering in U.S. politics and decidedly favoring Trump.

I hate to break the news to Jane and Joe Citizen, but foreigners have been influencing American elections, directly and indirectly, since the earliest days of the republic. This is why George Washington warned his colleagues and future generations of Americans that we should not “entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition” in his farewell address. In that same address, the Father of Our Country also warned of “mischief’s (sic) of the spirit of party [which] opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passion.” In other words, hardline partisan party politics can foster foreign influences on one or more sides (back then there was often more than two political parties).

I would add to Washington’s caution that the 1st Amendment protected American media is serving as the catalyst for the deconstruction of American exceptionalism and the rampant globalization of U.S. domestic politics and policies. An example? Ms. Hill is accused of having used her Clinton Foundation to accept bribes/payments from foreign governments. Any serious journalistic investigation has yet to be seen from the mainstream media. That just ain’t gonna happen with the press functioning in a 5th Column type of role.

Permitting me the luxury of presuming my claim is accurate, any major move by Russia or China in the next 2 1/2 months should be seen as a direct attempt to influence the outcome of the American election. Nothing prevents ISIS and Iran from attempting to likewise influence the general election outcome.

As a former Soviet KGB operative, one can be confident that Putin wants to bring the Ukraine back into Russia’s fold. Other former USSR satellites are probably also on Putin’s ‘wish list.’ Putin’s best opportunity for bringing the Ukraine (and others) back into the fold is to move right before Obama leaves office, when U.S. foreign and military policies are in transition (or in chaos, as the case may be). I also firmly believe Putin would prefer to work with Donald Trump. Trump’s world view appears to better align with Putin’s.

A Ukraine invasion by Russia prior to the November U.S. presidential election would not hurt Trump and likely would damage Hillary due to her ties to the Obama foreign policy legacy as former Secretary of State. Whether there is a decided collusion between Putin and Trump is another story altogether, but one should not ignore the facts indicating Mrs. Clinton openly and fully supported the 2003 Iraq War, the Balkan conflict in the ’90s and the disastrous 2012 Libyan/Benghazi operations. She also supports Obama’s surges in Afghanistan and enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria. Note that all of these nations are either in Russia’s sphere of influence or actually bordering the Russian nation. So which major party candidate poses more of a potential foreign policy threat to Putin – Hillary or Donald? The evidence says the former.

Regional disagreements are increasing across the globe. These may, over time, will consolidate into new, diametrically opposed alliances which can lead to the marginalization and eventual decline of American superpower status. War always creeps around as an option when nations disagree – whether any future war might be regional or global (aka WWIII) is the real question.

And this brings me to a critically important point that students of history may wish to brush-up on.

President Reagan went to great lengths to drive an economic sword into the side of the Soviet Union.  And it mostly worked.

But it birthed a kind of half-breed form of government — almost a Troika — of mob elements, leftover Communists, and renegade libertarians. (We are more similar than different.  It’s just here the communists are newcomers while  in Russia they are on the outs…)

Russia iswhat the marketer Ure would call ,a “leftover” brand from the Cold War.  They ain’t exactly commies, but it’s still OK to hate them kind of thing.  Ask a school id.  It’s drifty.

Here’s how the world really works:

In order to maintain the war-based economy which the democrats founded (led by Franklin D. Roosevelt as a depression coping tool which led to WW II) we see that the dems have continued beating the same horse they have been whipping since before WW II when Roosevelt engineered and manipulated the Japanese into an attack on Pearl harbor.

[Roosevelt lied large in November of 1940 when he promised in his campaign “I say to you fathers and mothers, and I will say it again and again and again, your boys will not be sent into foreign wars.”

What’s more, Roosevelt manipulated things to hold the Presidency from 1933 to 1945, to so those who figure Obama  can’t pull off a similar scheme, be advised that the 22nd Amendment was passed after Roosevelt’s death but the loophole is there to “act as president” for two years still…so, for example, if something happened to Hil before taking office…well, the mind reels at such…]

The capper to the history lesson is to ask – in all seriousness – which government has more liberals and communists in it today:  Russia or the USA?

And, since we are taking down our border with Mexico, is this any different than Russia disassembling its border with the Crimea?

The problem – which the nasty nest of neocons at State can’t cope with honestly comes down to this:  They are in the war-making model. 

Wars create artificial demand.  They kill people, they reduce populations, they take excess production offline, and they reset the political boundaries of how much “governmentness” people will put up with.

The sit-rep right now is simple:  We have been fighting wars with small enemies – and they are easily modulated.

But a showdown with Russia?  China over the South China Sea outposts being constructed?

These are non-trivial and that is why the financial revolutionaries who are exploiting control of the West – turds like George Soros et al – are pouring million s into groups like BLM and the deliberately mislabeled social justice” groups.

They want wars alright; but just big enough to throw off fat profits and trading opportunities for them and certain Foundations.

But not big enough to force serious, fundamental, honest, and equitable rapprochement which could cost the bloody crooks their jobs.

To head down this path, the PowersThatAre know is not in their interests.  Divide and Conquer!  That’s the crooks game. 

And groups across the entire spectrum – whether the republicans, democrats, the KKK or BLM…none of they have the vision because they have been sucked into their respective roles as Stupid Partisans.

So it all ends badly, but remember who told you to stock up on shit and who advised you to keep your head down and don’t wave flags for idiots pretending to lead.

Hand Me the ViseGrips

Put the coffee down – don’t want you to spill it.

“Your Tax dollars hard atr work:  Feds host ‘rural summits’ for lesbian farmers.  N o, really.:

Now, any all readers know, I am egalitarian sort.  I don’t mind money being spent this way as long as there are equal portions spent for gay men, racial minorities, and oh yeah, straight white people, too.

But they won’t, rest assured. It’s OK for government to discriminate.   “All the animals in the barnyard are equal – just some are more equal than others.”

Because government is no longer about equality…it’s about social justice warrioring – which is the shit-he tween the ears teachers have been pumping into kids when we grown ups were all trying to make enough money to pay for both the kids and the teach retirements.

Say, any chance of a refund?

Write when you get rich,

19 thoughts on “Coping: With War and Rumors of War”

  1. Yes, exactly.
    Mr warhammer , although connected, still drinks the ussa is the only good guy in the world.
    And Russia is the eternal vampire that wants to eternally kill us all.
    what credit did Putin get for defusing the Syrian crisis -getting Assad to turn over all his chemical weapons?
    Ask the 500,000 children we killed with us sanctions in Iraq or all the civilians we killed in Vietnam
    Or maybe all the folks who had the good life in Libya before we liberated them into the arms of ISIS

    • Russia (as the USSR) murdered 20 million of its own people (WWII), decimated countless Chechens, recently rolled over Eastern Ukraine, shooting down a Malaysian airliner in the process . . . and the nasty old US? Uncle Sam fought the expansion of communism via the policy of Containment, and won. Part of the commie expansion was the N. Vietnamese invading the South – France bailed – the US took over. The results affirm that war is indeed hell and many innocent people die usually die as a result. RE: Syria – Bashar al-Assad used most of his chemical weapons on his own people (remember “crossing the red line?”) Oh, the total number of civilians (including children) killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan is 210,000, so the “children in Iraq” stats are incredibly inflated, and the sanctions against Iraq were levied by the UN (not the US) and lifted in 2003. See this from 2015: And Libya – blame Nobel Prize winning President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton on that one!

      • Yes, but who funded and killed 36 million Christian Russians in WW1? May as well go back to that war if you are going to bring up WW2!

      • Sorry, it has been proven that Assad did not use chemical weapons on his own people. Do not believe those stats on innocent kids killed; over 1 million Iraqi women and children died during our long years of sanctions in that country, not to mention the last 13 years of non-stop war. I agree with you on Libya, though, and the WHOLE TRUTH is not out about that, but enough has been leaked to see the cesspit Hill and Bummer got themselves into taking out Qaddafi and getting our ambassador and others killed.

  2. I think I’ve discovered the source of your typos/trademarking. It’s in your right hand. I suggest you wear a ring on your right second finger, and see if that automagically balances out… if you desire it to ;)

    Phil in Austin

  3. I think I’ve discovered the source of your typos/trademarking. It’s in your right hand. I suggest you wear a ring on your right second finger, and see if that automagically balances out… if you desire it to ;)

    Phil in Austin

  4. Warhammer got me at “Russia invaded the Crimea two years ago” gambit. The Russian military had a long term lease on the Naval base there allowing 25,000 troops of which around two-thirds were there two years ago. Nearly pure democracy followed as the Crimeans voted beyond a “landslide” majority for annexation to Russia in response to the U.S. sponsored regime change coup installing yet another corrupt but US friendly oligarch.

    I’d go on but it’s too much work to unpile the BS mountain of lies the US foreign/war policy is built on. As you say, George, it’s all a business model. Somebody’s getting very rich.

    • Excellent point. I readily admit Russia immigrated 1/3 of the Crimean population in the peninsula. But it still took a military coup and armed occupation of the Region to make sure 100% Ruskie sympathizers were in charge and regional voting to rejoin the alliance with Russia was certain.

      • Or as Gloria said when trying to install” our” puppet into the Ukraine “fu_k the EU. The sooner these leftovers from the cold war can die off the better – we have to get over driving the GDP with conflicts and armed weapon sales and get back to making things and if we can’t then we are doomed it’s just when and not if…..

      • The coup was in Kiev and not in Crimea. Your version of events is incorrect, the Russian speaking majority of Crimea rightly saw the menace of the newly installed (not elected)regime in the Ukraine and demonstrated real democracy in action.

        Your belief in all things neo-con makes me wonder what is in those cookies Victoria Nuland was handing out.

        I think history is going to see the US as being on the wrong side since November 22, 1963.

  5. Back in the eighties (I think) there was a book called ‘Truth is the First Casualty of War’, detailing some famous situations (including Vietnam) and how ‘history’ had changed. Since Aeschylus, the Greek playwright coined the concept almost twenty-five hundred years ago, little has changed.

    I have thought that a yearly ‘magazine’ could be produced detailing what is the current thought regarding ‘historic’ (meaning ANY time in the past, however short) conflict. It would help to keep people aware of the current ideas of what had happened . . .

    (Of course, perhaps it is already being done and I am clueless!)

  6. Hammerhead is wrong about Crimea: It wasn’t “grabbed” by Russia. The people of Crimea (largely ethnic Russians) voted in a landslide to RETURN to Russia — that little Kruschev gift in 1954 notwithstanding. Hell, Crimea has been a political football for centuries.

    As far as Vlad, I wouldn’t blame him for amassing his military at his borders. What would we do if Russia had troops and materiel on our borders with Canada and Mexico? The man has shown remarkable restraint and will not be goaded into kicking NATO’s ass (regardless of how badly they need it).

  7. Sorry about leaving a second comment – but this is actually the more important.

    There is reporting about how Donald Trump is not pivoting in the election – to the general part . . . actually I think he is doing exactly what he intended by bringing on the ex-Fox and the Breitbart staff – to the shame of how he conned the Republican voters. The man wants to run a media outfit, not be president.

    If the Republicans had had a decent candidate, it would have been a much tighter contest, given Clinton’s faults. But this jerk has gamed the system – oh, he got ‘his fifteen minutes of fame’ all right, and more – leaving this great country with a problem. How do you tell whether a candidate is really wanting to take on the responsibility of being president?

    Ponder on that!

  8. Ok, so speaking of all the spooky, unsettling stuff going on inside and outside the country, what’s up with one of the latest Executive Orders providing for the order of succession for the Treasury in case the Secretary or Deputy Secretary have died, resigned or otherwise can not perform their duties of office? This cropped up on a article at and is an interview between Elijah Johnson and Rob Kirby. Is this something to wonder about in Obama’s last 3 months in office?

      • The EPA and Dept. of Veterans Affairs has had similar EOs issued for them as well. Isn’t this covered elsewhere that would make all this ridiculously redundant?

  9. If a winning Presidential candidate dies or becomes incapacitated between the counting of electoral votes in Congress and the inauguration, the Vice President elect will become President, according to Section 3 of the 20th Amendment.

  10. Stalin did murdered many Russians back then, more than the Native Americans murdered by the US.
    It’s more likely the airliner was shot down by Ukraine, who did have BUK missiles in that location.
    The people of Crimea voted to be part of Russia.
    Those chemical weapons in Syria came from Libya via Turkey, thanks to Clinton et al.
    And the US did a great job preventing a Communist government in Vietnam, winning many friends around the world in the process.

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