Hell of a “Recipe” this morning:

Ingredient 1: Remember the television series “Quantum Leap?” Wiki it sometime:

“Quantum Leap is an American science fiction television series that originally aired on NBC for five seasons, from March 1989 through May 1993. Created by Donald P. Bellisario, it starred Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist who leaps through spacetime during an experiment in time travel, by temporarily taking the place of other people in order to correct historical mistakes. Dean Stockwell co-stars as Admiral Al Calavicci, Sam’s womanizing, cigar-smoking companion and best friend, who appears to him as a hologram.”

Ingredient 2: In Hollywood, “…the movie is the message…

Ingredient 3: My book “DreamOver” which was based on a few fragments of recalled dreams…

Add One Crackpot Theory: I’ve hinted at this before but I don’t think I’ve ever said it aloud: Suppose that there are multiple Realities and that at certain times and through a mechanism we don’t understand, the “veil between Realities” thins and becomes traversable…

Been doing a lot of thinking about this since Sunday nights two incredibly realistic dream-sequences. It was a night of back-to-back living in an alternate Reality.

Dream #1: The Hawk River Facility

I was supposed to meet a group of four quite religious people who were involved in some kind of broadcasting operation. Shortwave, I think, because they were in a four-place Cessna and they were “flying the radials” from a transmitter location.

To understand what this means, takes a bit of explaining from my youth. AM radio stations with two (or more) towers, used to make a radio station’s signals directional have to be measured periodically in order to ensure that the towers are properly phased and the resulting directional signal is not causing interference to other stations.

This religious group (the dreamer kept thinking they were Episcopalians but knew that wasn’t right) had two women on the flight and I was supposed to meet with one of them, although the reason was not clear.

In time, I wandered up to the airport tower to see if the controller on duty had heard from the plane, but no sign of them yet.

So I wandered back downstairs to the tarmac and into a large hangar-like building that had been open before and mostly just empty with some workbenches.

To my surprise, though, as I returned I noticed there were many backpacks of equipment and olive drab radios on the benches and soldiers were carrying them off to somewhere out of my vidual range.

Just the, a figure came up to me and started a conversation about Army boots. Turns out, he had made some passable imitations of Army boots that could be used for smuggling.

Then, seeing I wasn’t interested, the fellow then got into al discussion of new high-tech hand warmers. The ones he was showing me looked like a stainless steel watch, but they had an open back. Small pouches of powder were placed in this 1” diameter cutout and the device was placed on the back of the hand. He assured me this was a much better hand warmer than anything ever made because it left the fingers free for shooting and whatever soldiers carrying the gear around were getting ready to do.

Then I awoke…

Whew! I had never heard of the Hawk River Facility before, but wherever my brain had cobbled that up from was just doggone interesting. Seemed like it might have been a covert or National Guard shared airport of some kind.

The only Hawk River I could find was in Alaska and there’s a Night Hawk River in Canada, but no airport…so maybe it was a code name of some kind.

I had a glass of water, did some recycling and went back to sleep expecting peaceful sleep but that rolled right into…

Dream #2: Signaling with Treasury

Back asleep I quickly returned to the “same world” where all of my dreams are situated. It’s not a scary place…quite lovely in many ways.

In this “episode” (for they are not dreamlike at all) I was on a government project and was visiting a U.S. Treasury (might have been a Mint) location where I was in some kind of mid-level capacity.

I had been in meetings all day, but as the day was ending, I was taken to a set of stairs that went down into a deep basement, perhaps 20-feet tall walls, underground.

There, I got into a discussion with programmers about a new ultra high-speed game that rendered in 3D but was only available for demo on one of those old 16-inch amber CRT displays. The lines of code went whizzing by, catching only a glimpse of an outline and then some company name at the bottom which was notable because of the use of upper and lower case letters arranged XxxxXxxxxx, Inc. Danged if I can bring out the name of the place clearly.

Anyway, it got to be around 5:30 PM and we all went into a special fallout shelter. This was more like a missile silo than anything else: The sky was openly visible looking up, until about 5:38 PM, dream time, the top blast door was rolled into place and there we were in an area with lifts and lots of black and yellow striping on the floor.  Elevators and platform lifts and such.

I asked about what was going on and a very odd explanation followed from one of the chiefs of programming.

“A long time ago, the upper non-elected levels of our government developed a way to signal back and forth with the Russian government. When instructed by a central office in Washington, we go into the blast shelters and roll the doors closed. What the coding is, I have no idea, but there are two facilities in our region that are closed up right now. It’s like an ultra-slow signaling system available only to us and the Russians and using the flyover times of the Russian Molniya orbiting satellites. Later ones had optics so it’s a useful way to communicate that no one else knows about….”

“Oh, that makes sense…” I said, although I was in the dark about it.

The man who was briefing me explained the upper layers of government, what I called Shadow Government, wanted its own peer-top-peer into Russian government so this system was evolved away from the DC-Moscow hotline that gets too much attention.

Just then, I noticed my new crown on the lower right of my mouth that come loose. As the blast door finally opened, maybe 10-15 miles later, I remember eating an MRE or something like it with the crown still in my mouth needing repair.

When I awoke, the crown was just fine and hadn’t moved at all.

But I was left with the impression that this was my “marker” and it would signal which side of “the veil” I was on…. solidly attached on the waking state side. 

Whew….woke up.

Elaine had strange dreams Sunday night, too. Hers involved being able to personally fly.

There hadn’t been anything out of the ordinary for dinner: Panko coated chicken, red wine…We were both quite pleased with the adventures but not sure how it all fits together.

I mean assuming there’s any kind of fit at all.

Still, I hope you don’t mind my using the column to note some of these more outstanding (and extremely vivid/realistic) dreams as a report.

If Death is simply the Big Sleep, I’m in for some grand adventuring in the Afterlife.

New Car in the Family

Congrats to daughter Denise.

Found herself a 2014 Prius – dealer loaner car with 17,000 miles on it. Great deal and at 50 MPG, the eventual recovery of oil doesn’t frighten her a bit.

Dad is proud…good decisions by today’s young should be noted.

Peoplenomics tomorrow: Evolutionary Marketing and its Impacts

Write when you get rich,