Climate Change!!! (Well, sorta…)

Here in East Texas, anyway.

And no, not really climate because that is really weather because climate is a function of multiple el Nino/ la Nina cycles over a good period of time, say 50-100 YEARS.

But let’s go along with the global tax scam promoters and remark on how earlier this week we recorded a low of 12.8°F here at Uretopia Ranch and last night it got down to a low of about 64°F.

So don’t look now, but climate is ALWAYS CHANGING.

Still, the 173 MPH wind recorded in California was mighty impressive.

Problem with such reports, though is they don’t give us geezers wandering around Old Man Labs enough real data. You see to us Squaw Valley Peak could be anywhere from 9,060 feet at the tippy-top summit, or down around 6,200 feet at the base. Either way, it’s a mile to mile and a half UP and yes sir, the wind acts differently up there.
NOAA Aviation Weather shows 60 knots still in 9,000 ft. winds forecast around Lakeview, Oregon and around Reno. Winds will move east across the Plains states today.

By this time tomorrow look for the headlines to be littered with wind damage reports. Related [Google news search].  Refresh once an hour, lkog changes, pretend you’re our Nostracodeus software, lol…

(Flight planning tip: Winds aloft at 9,000 ft. can wreck a cross-country trip this time of the year. I’ve seen days I could fly backwards.)

So instead, plan river rafting except where?

Northern California and Sparks/Reno on the Nevada side.

You realize it has been 16-years since Elaine and I skied NorthStar. 82” of snow there in the last 7 days and a base of 50 now…so Tahoians and refugee ski bums/bummettes from the Bay Area will have grand conditions this weekend, looks like.

But now for the “real” news…

Know why it seems like climate is “changing?”

Sun’s gone to sleep. Check out the latest NOAA Solar Cycle Progression Report:


Under-performing even the expectations – so what does that mean?

Well, sure we have that big iceberg kicking around the Antarctic, but we expect a cooler and milder summer this year due to the sun blinking out now. And until we get back over 100 sunspots on the next upleg of the solar cycle, say in 4 or 5 years, global warming will just have to remain marketed by tax-scammers as “climate change” and gee, with just a few global quintillions more in taxes, we could moderate the rains in California.

Forget that Ma Nature levels this xhit out without tax-scamming or carbon credits. Just stand with the herd…

The Shakes?

Philippines had one out in the Celebes overnight at 7.3: Green glob below…


Further Hand-Wringing???

Well, the Fools on the Hill take up the matter of Obamacare taxes this week and the NY times says the “Health Care Industry Is Quiet as Millions May Lose Insurance.”

But look at the bright side: With some tax relief likely, the Millennials and older set may actually be able to afford a life.

You know, between government REQUIRED spending, a lot of young couples today don’t have an economic prayer.

If government requires spending, is that not a TAX? So again, why can’t we write off car insurance? We get to write off other required spending like property and sales taxes, so why not the insurance “driving tax?” Don’t start me; the short answer is government and insurance have merged (in Ocare too) but if the outfit booking the revenue ain’t a .gov then you don’t get to .deduct. Still, crooked.

Ever read state personal financial accountability laws? That’s not there for LOVE, it’s there to say “Oh it’s not required…” Sure it is…the limits on personal accountability are so high it’s a joke.

<Look> They have mandatory healthcare costing out the wazoo. They they have to pay income taxes, then come the government-required things like car insurance – which is really just another TAX dressed up in capitalist clothing.

Yes, there should be required insurance to drive, but I just changed insurance companies yesterday because the one we’re with hit us (perfect records) with a 14% hike and we told them to go you-know-what up a rope.

The new company is 40% cheaper and tosses in comp and roadside for us…so the UrbanSurvival tip is simple: If you haven’t changed insurance companies in 3-4 years, make the calls. You may be glad you did, although YMMV. Insurance companies hate DUIs and accidents and these can be avoided by drinking at home and never getting to a car through a bottle…

Back to point of this whine: Mlive reports “Auto insurance costs a concern for new state reps as legislature returns.”

Insurance companies KNOW the best investment in profitability they have is the 20-to-1 return on buying lawmakers. Not overtly – they do it with contributions and rolling the grays out of nursing homes to vote.

It’s like the Mafia saying “We ain’t crooks…we didn’t kill anyone ourselves…we hired that out.” Hence we have state legislatures.

From the Mengele Files

A “Third of breast cancer patients treated unnecessarily.”

Tick-Tock – 9.5 to Go

Obama says goodbye tonight.”

Will we be the only ones playing “Count the Trump Bashes” home edition?

Econon Outlooks

Boring day… little scheduled in the way of news.

Not much to say except the National Federation of Independent Business reports “Small Business Optimism Skyrocketed in December.”

Dow futures are down 20, but we are still expecting the Dow to wake up again and move higher, but that’s based on our research that IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.

So off to more coffee and see you tomorrow with Peoplenomics and Thursday morning we plan the next chapter of “The Millennial’s Missing Manual” and that chapter is [keyword: Process].

Bean me, Jack…time to roll.

12 thoughts on “Climate Change!!! (Well, sorta…)”

  1. And George lets not forget the tax or state surcharge as the call it on parking tickets or any other type of tickets you receive $70.00 dollars here in N.Y.
    Not so long ago coming out of the hospital parking lot I got stopped by the town cop,he stated I didn’t put on my signal light,when I remind him that the traffic laws stated that they only needed to be used on the highway he said “well we will just run your plates and see if you have any old tickets” lol when I told him it wasen’t a very good-nite for fishing he went back and called for “back-up” but I did wish him a ‘MERRY Christmas”,home of the free, home of the brave my ass its nothing but a rip-off.!!

  2. @ Robert Ferrin

    Your local police are much less prone to this when you are carrying a sidearm. In fact, they are quite respectful and polite when they stop you and you inform them you are carrying a firearm…

  3. I went to school with Will Happer. Some of us were in special advanced chemistry, physics, and math classes. Will was considered as having the sharpest slide rule in the group. Nicely enough I agreed with his interview comments 100%. I have not seen him for about 60 years, though!

    • On climate change.. I think we should embrace new technology and rely on the present technology till we can work the new into place. slow growth. solar.. for an example.. I love my solar panels but love the stability of the grid.. as more people or power companies implement more solar gradually it will reduce the demand for energy produced by fossil fuels.

  4. George, weather is the day to day fluctuations of wind, temp, etc. Climate is the weather over a long period of time.

    • Exactly – but my point was that a MINIMUM of 50-100 year blocks is climate. Was the dust bowl of the 1930’s a climate change? Nope, don’t think so. Piss-poor bad luck? Yeah, bowlful of that fo sho

  5. There are two climate/geo guys on YouTube that really tie all of it together, spaceweather, earthquakes, and cern. One is bpearthwatch, and the other is dutchsense. I think you led us their direction in past episodes. Life is a long fun rabbit trail.

  6. Not to worry my fellow Uretopian friends. ( thats bad huh ?!!! )

    Our Governor here in the great Democratic Peoples Republic of California stated last year that the California drought was proof , PROOF of global warming. We all know that “they” are NEVER wrong , correct ?

    As I look out my window and listen to the relentless pounding rain and see massive flooding and hear of reservoirs dumping water , though our drought isnt technically 100% over , I think its safe to say that global warming is now over , per Jerry Brown.

    Next scheme…

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