Dow 20,000 Due This Week

Going Away Present for Obama?

First thing we noticed this morning was that Dow futures were down about 30-points. But since the Dow closed last week around 19,964, knocking 30 points off at this morning’s open shouldn’t amount to a hill of beans.

On the other hand, remembering our old edict that “Techs lead the way” the NASDAQ Composite set a 52-week high Friday before pulling back a bit at the close. My point? We traded into a record with the NASDAQ so the blow off for the Spring is seemingly game-on.

Much the same with the S&P as well: Traded up to 2,282.10 Friday before settling out the week at 2,278.98.

What does it mean?

A powering-through of 20,000 on the Dow with our Peoplenomics subscribers eyeing the area around 22,000 as the possible terminus seems a shoo-in.

When it happens, you are likely to hear all kinds of cheers and me-too reports from people saying they “predicted it all along…” But there’s a lot more going on here.

For one thing, the US dollar is gaining strength. And that means foreign investors are figuring out that even if the US market was flat (which it isn’t) drop in the improved US asset valuations thanks to the foreign exchange swing, and now you’ve got at least one technical reason that is “making America Great again.”

Can it last? Time, friend, time.

For those not accustomed to investing in foreign markets either directly or through ADRs (American Depository Receipts), let’s do a hypothetical to understand it a bit deeper.

Let’s say we figure out that German’s money will double in relative strength to ours. So we would go out and buy native lander Volkswagen. Put aside pollution testing and let’s play with money, OK?

So we take $1,000 and buy $1000 worth of shares. Nothing changes now, except the currency positions. The German (stronger Mark) double as our figuring suggested, so when the $1,000 worth of Volkswagen “comes home” it comes home as $2,000.

Nice, huh?

British Currency “Pounded”

This movement in currencies is not always so “nice.” Just this morning, the British Pound has fallen to the lowest level in a couple of months in the ongoing melodrama over whether the Brits really have the cajones to walk out of that bankrupt association of nations known as the European Union.

The backstory on this is prime minister Theresa May says the Brits can’t just hang on to “bits” of the EU they like and trash the rest… That’d be akin to being a “little bit pregnant” when you think about it.

So today, in the Swamp (DC) the Brits will be trying to reach out to America for another lifeline. If you’re keeping track, this’ll be the third major lifeline to England since the AmRev in ’76: We saved ‘em in WWI, again in WWII, and I should not be surprised if we don’t have to save them again from yet-another terror spawned in continental Europe.  Wearing sheep’s clothing this time, natch.

I have warned you history-rhymes, right?

Blowing Up Culture

Say, ABC seems to have stuck its foot in it as reports here on how “liberal…”  “ABC Enrages NFL Viewers With Anti-Trump ‘Black-ish’ Promo…

As we have repeatedly advised: Everyone’s the same color on the inside.

Much of what goes on in American media is designed to carve us up from being a Unified (One Nation under God) into something more easily digested by the corporations of the world.

The whole narrative (we call ‘em lies) is designed to keep people separates and stirred up so government and corporate interests can exploit by sector which I hope you’d agree is bullxhit, but the way things are done IRW (in real world) circumstances. Spare us…

The Liberal-Backed Hack Attacks

If you had a bit slower time getting UrbanSurvival to load Friday, no fault of mine or yours.  Seems like some angry leftists are attacking sites that dare to speak the truth.   Here’s what it looked like:


The spike is about 1 GB of GET requests.

Even the Drudge Report is on the hacker’s hit list as Business Insider headlines “Someone is trying to take down the Drudge Report — and it’s a mystery who’s behind it.”

Mystery?  Hahaha…I assume it is a Clintonesque /Obama sour-grapes left/liberal attack. But it could be Shadow Government (GS-15 and up types) who don’t like being called what they are.

We’ve been running attack logs all weekend which will be turned over to As we have advocated before, attacking free speech on the web is a hate crime and if commerce is involved, then there should be a felony count for that, as well.

If you’re a street thug and black, media wails about the injustice of it all.  White pricks with agendas overseeing hacks?  Why they must all be Russian, right?

Miss my paranoia meds? Hardly.  See:

SCANDAL: Is Obama shutting down conservative websites to “get back” at Russia?…

We expect they will  taper off around January 20th so if you have trouble loading Urban, check back around then.   (Warned you about Provo, didn’t I?)

Meantime, could Russia be to blame for all this? Why sure they could be. USA Today is selling that idea…hard.  When they sell I make it a point not to buy.

I’ll leave the Feds at to track it.  Maybe we’ll see “Yes it was the government, but it was for their own good…trying to get their web shields up…”  But I think I know who…

Meantime:  Must be something here the PTB don’t want you reading…

Ramp-Up the Climate Scare

As headlines roll this morning about how “An enormous iceberg is breaking away from the Antarctic…” which could raise sea levels, depending on how much (if any) was grounded above natural floating levels before….

And as California gets wet and snowed

Yep, by late this week the Climate – already changing for million upon millions of years without a freaking dime of taxpayer money – should be all over the news afresh as “startling new discoveries” would be ideally timed about then. (Add your own favorite hype phrases to instill panic and a sense of helplessness…)

I mean if the real agenda is to spread groupthink and shake people down for still more money for non-causes…what would be expected, right?

!2 Days Left

Seriously?  What is in Chicago’s drinking water as I read “Sweet: Obama’s legacy — he will always be Chicago’s president…”

11 thoughts on “Dow 20,000 Due This Week”

  1. Iceberg – this one’s some 2000 square miles. How large does a berg need to be in order to potentially cause a ‘wobble’ in the Earth’s rotation?

  2. George, as these attacks continue to ramp up for now…Could you remind us again of your IP address, just in case we have the troubles you describe. Thanks…

  3. Top notch guest on Coast to Coast last night, Mitch Battros, has written a book on cycles. He laughs at the “climate change” bunch. He said one volcano spewing (and a few are) can quickly equal what humans put into the atmosphere in two to three years. He says ALL the planets are heating and it is because of cosmic rays from the galaxy that hit the core and that stirs up the internal furnace.

    He also said economists call him about cycles but only inquire about weather effects. His web site is here

  4. I’ve wondered over the past couple of weeks if your site wasn’t under a DDOS attack. It was impossible to bring your pages up for an hour or so but, then again, our web service leaves a lot to be desired.

    2000 sq. mile berg, huh? I tend to think the Earth balances itself out not to mention the fact the other side of Antarctica is collecting more snow at the moment. Things just have to happen now and then to break the boredom on this planet.

  5. @Rick Costtelo – interesting point, Larsen C is closest to Chile. Could we expect earthquakes as a result of the gravitation variance? Who would you ask?

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