Coping: With Future Leaks Into Dreams, Again

We need to revisit the Cartesians of dreams topic, again..

You see, I wasn’t thinking deeply this week when a reader pointed something out to me on a discussion posting this morning:  “Didn’t you have a dream you wrote up a while back about an explosion to the northwest?”

You mean  in advance of the Tianjin industrial explosion? 


In the interest of dream  science, let me remind you of the posting I put up on May 18th:

Coping: Cartesians within Dreams

Posted on May 15, 2015 by George Ure May 18, 2015

If dreams have predictive content,  we might soon be reading about a shopping center or mall attack in coming weeks/months.

Or – and this is really the more likely – last night’s dream was merely a collection of thought stubs.

First, though, let me tell you about the dream itself.

The dream was from the viewpoint of what seemed to be a male figure who had just met (or was looking for) a loved one/female figure who was a relatively new hire in a bank or store customer service department in a shopping area.

The bank or financial/customer service place where she (name: Christine) worked was somewhere to the right and perhaps down from the bakery that was the focus of the dream.

The male figure in the dream had just dropped by where this Christine works and she was getting used to life in retail – which for her was seven days a week.  She was to get two days off during the week (either Tuesday/Wednesday, or Wednesday/Thursday).  But, when the male figure in the dream showed up, it was somewhere around lunchtime.  Maybe 11 AM or even 10:30 AM, or so.

Since this Christine was in a meeting/training, the viewpoint in the dream decided to have lunch.  He decided to eat at a basement / half flight down kind of bakery.

So he goes into this basement or ground-level bakery, but on the way down (stairs or behind concrete half-wall)) to it, he has an alarm bell going off in his head.  Could the building he was entering be the site of a terrorism attack/explosion in a few hours or near future?

There was something that came through as a kind of “knowing” in the dream – and this is the part worth mentioning – that voce or knowing part said it was OK because the damage from the upcoming explosion in the northwest part of the building would not do significant damage this far away; perhaps only a few beams/pieces of ceiling,  but it would be survivable.

He (the dreamer) then looks around.  It’s early, so not all the fresh bread is out, but he does see a couple of loaves of a pale white bread that looks fresh…and (some weirdness now) – boxes and boxes of Velveeta or other cheese.  Apparently this half – flight down bakery/shop is famous for bread and cheese.

It’s too early, though for what he was looking for, so he leaves.

Then, quickly as it arrived, the dream shifted out and George became aware of the alarm clock going off.  I was back in here and now…  Just like an episode out of the novel I’m finishing.

All of which leads to a long discussion with my friend Chris McCleary who runs the project:  How much work has been done on developing the “Cartesian coordinates” of the inner/dream world?

It’s one reason, I suppose, why dreams are so difficult to work with:  Scoring accuracy is difficult, as this exercise in directionality reveals.  Especially when the direction on distance dreams *(the earthquake dream for example) seem to be west, but in reality are almost north.  Does that mean our inner archetypes don’t understand Great Circle Bearings?  Perhaps, so….

Hopefully, this overnight dream about the shopping mall will be just a waste…entertainment only.  But the dream viewer was also told that it wouldn’t be today, but “soon”.  Whatever the hell “soon” is in dreams.

This dream  is a curious one indeed.

First for the fact that it came much further head of my usual dreams about the future.  My dream in advance of the big oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was only 18-hours ahead of the event.

This dream with aspects of retail, northwest (which is sure as hell is from here, see top map) and explosion came a whopping 80-some days before the event.

The dream has many problems, not the least of which is that it happened much farther in advance than most of my dreams that hold some precognitive content.

But the direction from here (northwest), the facts of the event (explosion) and the deep link with US retail/shopping impacts is there.  The good news is according to figures designed to minimize public concern about Chinese suppliers, the Fed claims the size of China’s contribution to the US consumables market is on the order of 2,7%

You might want to sit down, however, because right here, the “fit” of this dream becomes mighty damn weird. 

Let’s take a look at that Federal Reserve of San Francisco newsletter again, shall we?


As you will see, the two largest columns under “share spend on “Made in China” are what?

Household equipment (20%) and clothing/shoes (35.6%).

I don’t know about you, but if someone came up to me and said “What would you call a place you’d go to get household equipment, clothing, and shoes?”

Hell.  I’d call it a shopping mall.

And that, my friend, is the kind of crap that comes through in dreams in advance of events.

China is a shopping mall for America and, at least from here, it meets the directionality of “northwest” and this week it met the text of “explosion.”

So this morning Ures truly will sit back and ponder this a bit.  Then toss it into an email to Chris McCleary at the site and our chief programmer of with an invitation for them to come up with mathematics of psychological underpinnings of how all this works.

Because last night’s dream was another one of those of curious quality.

It featured a word:  Ryaku  which was accompanied by much interpersonal conflict with an opponent armed with long green sticks.  And as I mastered controlling my opponent’s stick, there was another very strange image.  To take it out of dreamland and put it into waking language, it would translate into something like “fierce umbrella fighting.

Which lead me to expect that we will have some kind of outbreak Bartitsu.  According to Wikipedia:

Bartitsu is an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during the years 1898–1902. In 1903, it was immortalised (as “baritsu“) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes mystery stories.[1] Although dormant throughout most of the 20th century, Bartitsu has been experiencing a revival since 2002.

One too many reruns of old Sherlock Holmes, waiting for the next episode of Elementary, or is Cumberbatch ever going back to the role he excelled at, again?

Or does it hint at more, perhaps an outbreak of more open hostilities in the East China Sea?  Opening moves of bartitsu which we might liken to low-level conflict (as with Mexico) through the magical egoic lens of ryaku?

Too early to tell, on this one.  Again, we are back to assessing a dream or future prediction’s accuracy, something of a non-trivial language and math problem.  And when I toss Nostracodeus at the problem we find the word STEAMpunk curiously present and variously spelled.  Which is telling us what?

I think I’ll sleep on it.  Maybe I can start dreaming more useful information.  Like put option symbols, for example.

Write when you break-even,


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  1. Geo,
    Could that word in your dream have been Ryukyu instead of Ryaku? I’m thinking of Okinawa and other small islands in that area known collectively as the Ryukyu Islands. When the Japs took over the islands, the natives were disarmed. They taught themselves how to use simple and innocent looking farm tools and long sticks as weapons. In the hands of the masters they were deadly. Perhaps the “long green sticks” in your dream were bamboo, just as the enslaved Ryukyu Islanders fought with. Just a thought.

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