Coping: Cartesians within Dreams

imageIf dreams have predictive content,  we might soon be reading about a shopping center or mall attack in coming weeks/months.

Or – and this is really the more likely – last night’s dream was merely a collection of thought stubs.

First, though, let me tell you about the dream itself.

The dream was from the viewpoint of what seemed to be a male figure who had just met (or was looking for) a loved one/female figure who was a relatively new hire in a bank or store customer service department in a shopping area.

The bank or financial/customer service place where she (name: Christine) worked was somewhere to the right and perhaps down from the bakery that was the focus of the dream.

The male figure in the dream had just dropped by where this Christine works and she was getting used to life in retail – which for her was seven days a week.  She was to get two days off during the week (either Tuesday/Wednesday, or Wednesday/Thursday).  But, when the male figure in the dream showed up, it was somewhere around lunchtime.  Maybe 11 AM or even 10:30 AM, or so.

Since this Christine was in a meeting/training, the viewpoint in the dream decided to have lunch.  He decided to eat at a basement / half flight down kind of bakery.

So he goes into this basement or ground-level bakery, but on the way down (stairs or behind concrete half-wall)) to it, he has an alarm bell going off in his head.  Could the building he was entering be the site of a terrorism attack/explosion in a few hours or near future?

There was something that came through as a kind of “knowing” in the dream – and this is the part worth mentioning – that voce or knowing part said it was OK because the damage from the upcoming explosion in the northwest part of the building would not do significant damage this far away; perhaps only a few beams/pieces of ceiling,  but it would be survivable.

He (the dreamer) then looks around.  It’s early, so not all the fresh bread is out, but he does see a couple of loaves of a pale white bread that looks fresh…and (some weirdness now) – boxes and boxes of Velveeta or other cheese.  Apparently this half – flight down bakery/shop is famous for bread and cheese.

It’s too early, though for what he was looking for, so he leaves.

Then, quickly as it arrived, the dream shifted out and George became aware of the alarm clock going off.  I was back in here and now…  Just like an episode out of the novel I’m finishing.

Now, I have no idea why I would have a dream like this; it does have some of the characteristics of a “stub” of leftover thoughts, never completely processed.

Here at the thought stubs that might be mixing it up:

  • I know I’ve been thinking of West Edmonton Mall, lately, because we are thinking about flying up to Alberta this summer.  So that would be the mall part.
  • Terrorism could be a thought stub, too, since it was mentioned early on in the Philly train case.
  • And Philly is famous for what kind of sandwiches?  Philly CHEESE steak sandwiches, of course.
  • And the “department store angle”?  Well, that might have related to wandering through Macy’s a couple of years back when they were doing some extensive remodeling.

As you can see, there  has been plenty going on in my head that could account for this kind of a dream; but nevertheless, I think it’s interesting to mention because it brings up the matter of directionality in dreams.

imageIn most of my dreams, at least some aspect of the “directional indicators” played out.  In my dream in advance of the Gulf Horizon, there was a definite “easterly” component.  That in itself deserves some mention, though..

As you can see, from where I had that dream, the direction was predominately easterly but with a large south component that did not come through.

imageThe “west coast quake dream” in January scored poorly as a line-up directionally.

As the snip to the right shows, the directionality in that dream was “west” but when it showed up, clearly the major direction was north.

At the other end of accuracy, the dream about road closed for traffic fatality,  traffic rerouted, and orange road cones, which was in spring of 2014, the directionality of that was pretty much spot on.

All of which leads to a long discussion with my friend Chris McCleary who runs the project:  How much work has been done on developing the “Cartesian coordinates” of the inner/dream world?

It’s one reason, I suppose, why dreams are so difficult to work with:  Scoring accuracy is difficult, as this exercise in directionality reveals.  Especially when the direction on distance dreams *(the earthquake dream for example) seem to be west, but in reality are almost north.  Does that mean our inner archetypes don’t understand Great Circle Bearings?  Perhaps, so….

Hopefully, this overnight dream about the shopping mall will be just a waste…entertainment only.  But the dream viewer was also told that it wouldn’t be today, but “soon”.  Whatever the hell “soon” is in dreams.

Time accuracy is another problem of understanding the coordinate system down at the archetypical level, and a discussion of dream scoring on that level is totally beyond the scope of this morning, except to note that the January earthquake dream and April quake were close.

And just like the word “summit” popped up writ large a couple of days after the “Putin summit” dream, we know that timelines in the world of advance-dreaming can give up to at least 120 days of  lead-time.

On the other hand, if something happens at a shopping mall,. and there’s a bakery in the lower level, down half a flight of stairs or ground level, remember where you read about it first.

Speaking of “Terrorism”

If you want some interesting audio to ponder, check out the latest on the Timothy McVeigh story from the Corbett Report over here.

It supports the notion voiced many times on this website:  That there is far too much coincidence involved in the arrival of “terrorism” and it smacks of a poorly executed system to instill social control and justify economic stimulus via war-making and anti-terrorism programs.

Ever wonder what would be trumped up to keep us all paying taxes and accepting of government “power” without multiple “terrorism” events?

I write it off as the “terrible burden of knowing.”

Another Side of Woo-Woo

Say…as long as we are winding up the week on a stranger-than-strange note, here’s a dandy woo-woo report from reader Mike R that I somehow overlooked when in came in in March.  (Maybe we weren’t ‘supposed’ to talk out it, in the grand scheme of things until now…)

Hey G, wu seems to have slowed down, but I thought I’d let you know about a gift from six weeks ago.

Wife and I are musicians from ellenton fl, just north of sarasota, south of tampa. We had had a gig in Sanibel, about 120 miles or so away. It took us an hour and fifty minutes to get there, with traffic.

At the end of the job, 10:30, we tore down, about twenty minutes, and headed home. Not much traffic, but to be safe, I set cruise just under 70 when we got on the highway. About a half hour into the trip I commented that we were WAY past where we should be, by about thirty miles. Our home arrival time should have been 12:30-12:45. We pulled into the driveway at 11:58. Somehow we drove 25 miles of surface roads and 85 miles of highway in just over 65 minutes.

No speeding. Not a huge deal, but certainly not normal. not doc browns car either!

Be safe, be well!


I would have been very interested in the amount of traffic that was seen on the road and was there anything odd on the radio?  Seems to me, that in that area coming back from Sanibel (Island?)_ there’s an awful lot of wide-open country.

Any unusual dream, headaches, or strange body marks?

Just wondering…

Object Oriented Music Is Coming

Oh, my…just reading up in the professional audio trades about how “object oriented broadcasting” is in the works.  The BBC has run some experiments with it and seems to be interesting stuff.

Here’s how object-oriented entertainment works.  In March, the BBC (5) did a live football (soccer) broadcast that was object oriented.  Most people left the ratio between  ambient where it was.  But since the content was in object form, the audience could set the level of commentary higher (relative to the crowd noise) or they could set the crowd higher and the commentary lower.

30 percent opted for each direction.

But you see where this is going, right?

As the world continues to evolve into a seamless fade from physical reality to v/r, we will increasingly see technologies like this evolve.

Just imagine going to a v/r (virtual reality, if you’re not quite awake) concert of something like the Grateful Dead or the Rolling Stones  and being able to set the sound levels of each performer just as you’d like them!

Kick up the Richards a bit, add my own chorus and flanging to Mic Jagger…yeah…when we get to (wherever the hell it is) we’re going, we’re all going to be able to set relative sound levels which will be life so far beyond Win-Amp and Audacity it will make Ure head spin.

While it is tres chic in the recording world to claim Surround 5.1 and 7.1 for mixing some things (like movies), this object oriented music thing will definitely change how people entertain themselves.

As soon as 8K video comes along, and direct to vector filming arrives, we could similarly be coming to a point where you could re-edit your favorite movies, as well.

Don’t like what the producer did with a particular see?  Shown in high def (which 1080 isn’t but go with me on this) you could move the viewpoint of the camera around a bit by reframing shots from 8K down to 4K or 1080…

And here’s where it gets to be an interesting world:  Right now, you don’t have to “touch them dials” but clearly – the direction “everything;s an object” leads us to a whole new world.

Except for one thing, as I’ve hinted at before:  We wake up one morning and discover that we are the sensory part of a non-virtualized layer above humanity and that we’re already a couple of sim layers deep in the big scheme of things.

To put it in early Commodore 64 programming terms:  It’s a bit when you go to all the trouble of waking up your consciousness, only to discover that we’re each “sprites” running under Someone Else’s idea of code…

Shit…don’tcha hate itg when those kinds of suspicions happen?

The $400 Pie Plan

Last piece of the annual overhaul of the Beechcrate should be arriving this weekend.

On a Lycoming 0-320 E2D aircraft engine, there are two plates at the prop.  One ahead, and one behind.  These are what the prop spinner attaches to.

The front one had a hairline crack so we had to get a new one  Fortunately, there’s this little aircraft parts place in Oxnard, CA called Arrell Aircraft which has what seems like the most amazing collection of New Old Stock parts for Beechcraft on the planet.

New/old stock parts aren’t cheap, but when “quality is job one…”

Here’s an interesting couple of factoids:  The forward prop bulkhead came in at $425 and – if I’d elected to put a new spinner on?  That would likely be in the one AMU or higher level.  (An AMU is the same as a BMU:  one thousand dollars which is an aircraft money unit or a Boat Money Unit.)

Still, you can buy a used general aviation aircraft and fly it cheaper than you can buy a new decked Expedition or Denali…I mean like half the price…so it’s all according to how you want to get around.  Or, get by…

I simply picked the 140 miles an hour with no traffic and no tickets and whatever was behind curtail #3.   (Turned out to be that damn $425 pie pan called the forward prop bulkhead…)

Budgets And Hard Times

Naturally, with this kind of expense, we had to find somewhere to save $400 when our washing machine started to make odd noises this week.

Turns out our washer (GE part WJRR4170G1WW) was built in 2008.  It was  was (according to the Internet) the subject of a service bulletin in 2009 because of something having to do with the transmission which had a design problem.

We never heard about it…

Called GE – they offered me a chance to buy the parts from them…for a discount which came – hold on –  to about $269 (and that was before tax and shipping).

I then asked the GE customer service line  how it why it is that Sears can sell the same damn part for $118?  No satisfactory answer.  Well, how come I can buy everything I need on Amazon including the tub wrench and seal for $153…and that includes a fresh drive belt?

So we have the parts (and a tub wrench and gasket) coming.  And Ures truly will become an appliance repairman.

And, in the event that I am not successful in my washer repair efforts, when we buy the next washer, care to guess which brand it WON’T BE?   GE…

A couple of retired senior types should not be able to wear out a washing machine in 6.5 years.  And if you wonder why LG and Samsung have made huge inroads into the US market…it’s adventures like this one that definitively answer the question.

Oh, and did I mention there are no factory authorized whatevers that will do warranty work this far into the Outback for many appliances?

The good news is that there are lots of YouTube videos and appliance repair vids that will walk you through this step by step.  It’s time consuming . 1 hour 53 minutes is what a tech should charge, but since none seem anxious to risk life and limb out here in the Outback…

I sure wish Lexus made appliances.

OK…nuf of mah musin’s…time to hit it and git it…..

Write when you break-even…


15 thoughts on “Coping: Cartesians within Dreams”

  1. George you will find Samurai repairman on youtube, I’ve used them a couple of time with great results

  2. Household Appliances! I remember being seventeen and coming home from high school and finding my mom totally stressed out over the dishwasher not working. (They didn’t have the money for a repairman, and my dad was very bad at that sort of thing.) So I said that I would take a crack at the thing – I loved taking apart ‘stuff’. I figured even if I didn’t know exactly why the thing wasn’t draining I could take it apart carefully until I got to the drain part and see if there was a blockage.
    Under the ‘eagle eye’ of my mother I did just that, laying out everything I removed in order – until I got to the drain part and found coins in the drain part, blocking the works – Mom wondered ‘Who did that! I figured it was my little sister who liked shiny money . . . but it didn’t concern me – I then put the thing back together and it worked perfectly again!
    George, I figure you shouldn’t have any problem fixing the washer – pretty straightforward most likely . . .

  3. Don’t remember you mentioning it, but, have you watched (movie) The Matrix ?

    We have an “outside summer use” fridge made in 1938, still runs, and works, it’s also super quiet. Imagine it eats electricity.

  4. George,
    Its good to know that G.E. is selling their appliance division to Electrolux. Maybe it will improve.

  5. I’ll put on my Helen Thomas hat here for a minute and say, “War with Iran? Seriously? What is the only Middle East country with nukes? What country has no nukes and hasn’t started a war with anyone in 200 years?”

    I only have to watch “Bones” or “NCIS” to see what country or religious persuasion our “owners” have a hard-on for. Not moved by any “tools”, either — especially hammers.

    • that is 900 years, hasn’t started a war with another country in NINE hundred years….

  6. Maybe your dream was telling you to stock up on some Velveeta Cheese. Doesn’t need refrigeration and can be used for some filling dishes.

    • velveeta, also good in rat traps, & as a body filler material. Used Kenmore appliances for years until sears tried a bait and switch on us, haven’t been back in years! Our Maytags are 10 yrs old-no repairs/breakdowns!
      Your mileage will vary…

  7. You can usually get a used appliance like a washer from a used dealer for $150 or less.They usually guarantee them for 90 days. If they make it that far they usally work for years. Older models are much simpler and probably better made. Alot easier than spending all that money and time on fixing the poorly designed one. Of course it might not look as nice or match your dryer.

  8. I’ll never buy another “Maytag” either – I’m looking for an appliance place that sells OLD refurbished washers from like the 80’s or 90’s – one that will get your clothes clean.

  9. Hey George.. I enjoyed the story about the washing machine.. I have a similar experience.. but ..I have a dishwasher with an extended warranty original price was four hundred dollars and change.. from the company.. now here is how this one has played out so far.. we bought it.. oops they had installed the wrong gasket in the door from the factory.. so the company. sends a service rep.. now they don’t have anyone that services the unit close by.. so they send someone from Minneapolis Minn.. down to see what was wrong with the unit.. ( a four hour trip ) then he has to order the new gasket.. then make another four hour trip to install it.end time almost two months to get it working. less than a year later ( oh the unit now is almost two years old) the circuit board goes out.. again I call the service company this time they found someone that is two and a half hour drive away..he tells me it is a flaw in the design and the circuit boards go out because of the steam from the unit. two trips I am not sure what the cost that was charged to the company for two two hour trips and the return trips plus parts but for me to buy the part is almost a hundred and fifty dollars… it took almost three months to get someone here to work on it he ordered the parts and then had to make a return trip.. ok.. that was last November 2014.. in april of this year.. the circuit board started going out again.. I call and they say it will take some time.. three days ago they called me and said they just don’t have anyone close enough to work on it and for me to call someone.. to diagnose it.. I called a local service company and he said the cost to just come out and look would be one hundred thirty dollars. I called them back and they said oh that is ok go ahead and then send them the bill.. ok.. but if the cost of fixing it is more than two fifty to have the service rep give them a call.. so total now on a four hundred dollar dishwasher is over what it cost in the first place on a unit that instead of being black should have come in a nice lemon yellow color.. I like you will never buy that brand again even though they are covering the product total service time down just in maintenance is almost a quarter of the time it has been owned.. How they can justify the extended cost on this is beyond my reasoning and if it is a common design flaw like the one service rep said then they are shelling out some serious money to just keep a unit that has this problem in operation..

  10. Why did you only consider the great circle route? If you look at the globe, Nepal is almost EXACTLY west of Texas.

    • Easy answer:” If I had mentioned that yes, Nepal is due west, some OTHER reader would say no, great circle is closer.

      This is why I drink a martin now and then…damned if you do, damned if you don’t…lol

  11. Weird dreams? Had one last night where evil forces had technology to capture time which used as a weapon had catastrophic consequences. The message was here goes I know it’s super weird but an official announcement by the ciA that. A time
    Stamp had been recorded in the Florida keys. Time stamp meaning a measure or
    Signature of time weaponry. I know too much spicy food. Ha

  12. About 15 to 18 or so years ago I had this dream: I was walking down my hallway to the front door, and I went out the front door just like in waking life. I looked left and there was a for sale sign in the yard next to mine….I looked right, and 2 doors down, there was a for sale sign also.

    Then, I looked left again, and the sign changed to for lease…and then the sign changed again to for sale.

    That was the end of the dream.

    So, I interpreted the dream to mean that the house to the left would one day go on the market for sale, and then be taken off and then go up for lease.

    That the guy 2 doors down was going to sell his house.

    The next day, I was walking my dog, crossed the street to walk on the sidewalk and the owner to the right, he crossed the street to talk to me. He wanted to tell me that he had put his house up for sale, but the sign was not up yet, that he could not stand the neighbor that was between us. Of course, I listened to him, but I was not surprised because I had seen it in my dream.

    Now, it gets more interesting…the neighbor to the left was about 78 years old….she is still there all these years later and wants to live in her house until she passes, but there has been a few times when she has spoken about selling out and moving to a retirement community. She is now 94. She has one son, but he is peculiar and not helpful or respectful to his Mother.

    I expect that when she does pass…the house will go up for sale, but then be taken down and put up for lease, and then eventually it will be sold.

    So, think….the immediate future and the far future in the same dream. A dream as real as waking life.

    We shall see.

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