Coping: With 2nd Amendment Haters

This being the Fourth of July weekend, and all, I wanted to share a grand note from long-time reader and contributor Oilman2 who also makes some mean-ass homemade wine.

We are both a little concerned about the direction the country is taking, having now decided to start chipping away at constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.  Oh, it’s coming slowly enough, but the recent decision that persons convicted of certain classes of misdemeanors can be stripped of their rights permanently sets a dangerous trend.

How long before blowing through a stop sign will be grounds for loss of rights?  We’re on a slippery slope, don’tcha know.

So with the usual caveat that this is purely informational and for home defense and preservation of the Union only, we carefully share…

“Some Additions for Home Defense  (from Oilman2)

Well, what does one do when hordes of zombies swarm over the hill near your home and there are only two of you and four compass directions??

Well, fencing is the first line of slowing them down. A barbed wire fence can be cut quickly as it is only 3 strands. But a barbed wire fence woven through a standard mesh fence is more difficult. At least you have them taking time to cut through your fence to load your rifles.

Another option is to use privet hedge or similar plants (yaupon holly is great) along with fencing. This is SOP in Europe to divide pastures, and works very well here in the south. It also is great for privacy, and just trimming it a couple of times a year makes it thicken rapidly. That leaves your zombies struggling through dense bushes only to find a fence in the middle of things. It is very effective in slowing troops, as GI’s in Europe discovered during WWII.

I am not going into gate systems here – too many options. But there are ways to build a gate that require a high-speed car or a tractor to get trough them – again, slowing them down and getting the zombies into a single spot is great for reducing their numbers.

Building a bullet proof house is a whole other topic, but lets just say that small arms fire can be stopped, but it requires more than a brick veneer wall system. Cement walls or cement block walls filled with sand are about the best you can do without spending a fortune. Contrary to what you see on TV, sheetrock does not stop even small arms fire. Your car door does not stop small arms fire, much less a .308 round. A .308 semi-auto rifle concentrating a few rounds on brick veneer eliminates it completely.

If you are trying to fight off zombie hordes, they are not armed in most cases, so this is not a big point. However, they seem to be growing intelligent from what I see coming out of Hollywood, and they don’t bleed out and get through windows really well because of that. They can rip through standard exterior siding in a group, as they don’t feel pain and are willing to damage their own appendages, so cement block construction works best for them as well. And cement block construction does not burn or get eaten by termites….

You can always make a particular corner of any home bullet resistant with a little work behind the sheetrock – but be prepared to buy and cut quite a lot of heavy steel or spend thousands on fiberglass bulletproof panels. This is why selecting a spot to be reinforced is best, unless you have a bottomless wallet.

Or, you can do what the military has quietly done and adopt a robotic ADS (Area Denial System). These were first being worked on back in the 1980’s, but sort of disappeared from the view of military PR and reporting. They have them, but since the entire “no robots without human oversight” thing reared it’s head, they are now very mum on this topic.

I can assure you that the ADS has been outfitted with IR, HDTV and is connected to a full-auto gatling gun assembly at this point It can be tuned to a specific body mass or temperature. With radar, it can detect metallic guns as well, to determine combatants vs noncombatants. This has been around a long time now, just kept wrapped up and muffled as it is very much a device without ANY conscience or discretion with respect to targeting and firing. It was developed as a means to protect fortified positions rapidly, which involves perimeter control – hence the entire ADS concept.

This homebrew device is a far-removed bastard cousin of the entire Aegis computer controlled gun system used on navy destroyers. If you watch the show “The Last Ship”, you can get an idea of this type of tech in some of their action scenes. The actual system is automated, unlike the one shown in the TV show.

Some industrious people that play paintball have devised this same tech for use in their playfield. It is a VERY short hop to transplanting a stockless rifle onto these platforms…

While the magazine end of things is limited for real firearms, just replacing the paintballs with pepper balls will work – it just takes one to shut someone down pretty quickly unless they are wearing a full mask setup.

A few of these can act like several people as far as denial of area, and for a cost much lower than a used ATV. If you are of a mindset that enjoys tinkering and building things, there are lots of projects and advice available on the Internet about using the Arduino to make these – the rest are parts easily fabricated or available as parts for other things.

The robots are not coming – they are here now. There is no reason that a solar panel and 12V battery cannot power these paintball systems as a means of repelling humans or zombies – it just takes a little thought.

So after watching two zombie movies up at the farm this weekend, we are thinking about modifying some things to eliminate zombie hordes and improve privacy and reduce illegal trespass, and my son suggested I share.”

If you hadn’t figured it out OM2’s children were raised with the Version 1.0 American values which are now being swapped out for AmVal2.

Please appreciate I didn’t include any of my home recipes for dangerous explosive you can make with just a few home chemicals.  We support the duly elected civilian government, but we have concerns about what “duly elected” means here, lately.

We’ll skip the recommendations about a good home prepping item being food-grade hydrogen peroxide. That, a box of Fels Naptha laundry soap and Hilbebrtand’s Inorganic Chemistry should be kept under local and ket until age 40 or completion of military service.  U.S. that is.  I’m sure some of our new arrivals already know this stuff.

Now Let’s Talk Robo-Wars

Next, we have this cheerful outlook from “warhammer” our oak left cluster fellow:

Hi George,

The article below contains what I feel is a bit of fascinating news which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities regarding the influence of magnetism, and electromagnetism, upon humanity in general, let alone providing plausible explanations for weird individual human cognitive and subconscious behavior:


If one could somehow travel at the speed of light, time as we know it ceases to pass.  Photon of light, when split experimentally and sent in opposite directions, instantly demonstrate their ethereal ties at great distances when just one of the two photons is measured or altered.  This was called quantum non-locality, an effect Einstein derisively termed “spooky action at a distance.”  In the ’60s, John Bell set forth the ways to determine the validity or non-validity of non-locality, which Lucien Hardy finally demonstrated via logical proof in the early ’90s.  So light is ‘instantly’ connected at great distances in our physical paradigm. 

According to the brilliant electromagnetic pioneer James Maxwell, there are an infinite number of electromagnetic wave frequencies, all of which are traveling at the speed of light.  Each infinite piece of the EM spectrum is theorized to react to or with matter in a slightly different way at the quantum and the macro levels.  So, in a sense, remote sensing or telepathy could be explained by particular humans being able to ‘read’ portions of the invisible EM spectrum somehow.  One might go so far as to explain precognition via EM spectrum influences.

If the human mind is influenced by magnetism, it could also potentially be impacted by any of the other areas of the EM spectrum ‘instantly’ across great distances.  In fact, as an undergrad Psych major, I’m naturally curious about things that affect human consciousness and subconciousness.   Which is why I’m intrigued by a new theory that states when our brain’s neurons fire, they generate an EM field which elicits the firing of targeted neurons down the line.  The firing process eventually results in synchronized neural firing, much like summer fireflies, wherein what we interpret as thoughts are actually electromagnetic representations of the synchronized neural firing which encode information that we somehow interpret.  Free will is thus argued to be the interaction of this field upon our collective neural network.  So we are mathematical algorithms functioning in a universe of infinite frequencies.  See:


So, perhaps Master  Yoda was right:  “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”  Or, this quote from Nikola Tesla, the child of the light:  “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” (Tesla was born in a fierce lightning storm. See <>)

Cheers, and the Fourth

Hoo-rah.m sir/

One of these days I want to get OM2 and Warhammer on a Skype conference call to discuss long lead-time preps for humans to lay in for the likely use of robots against civilians within 10 years.

By then, I may be too old to do much other than fake Tourette’s Syndrome or throw a bottle of Getitol at them.  But I can think of lots of uses of spray paint, cargo nets, chains and conductive wire…  Like prepping food, not the kind of thing to load up on at the last minute.

Whether we avoid all this when the banksters outlaw cash, gold, silver, bitcoins and such will be amusing. We may be inside the four year window for those things.

Additional Reading:  Over at our Rural Pioneer™ website, see OM2’s discussion of the coming breakdown of the global supply chain and what we’re doing out here in the outback… 

Another Helping of Woo-Woo

From reader Douglas B…more on the Mandela Effect that we were talking about…

I had at one time thought that Both Douglas and Van Dyke were dead and then saw articles about them, before yours. But the Mandela thing was huge for me, and supposedly 10% of the US population. When they let him out of jail I was astonished, having clearly remembered him dying in jail. Art Bell used to talk about this and take calls, because he remembered it too.

Here’s another one. One or two of weekends ago my son showed me an article on a Sunday, about Russia exposing many of Hillary’s deleted emails and the non deleted ones, but the total number was 20,000.

I was amused and not surprised, except I had expected Putin to keep his powder dry until closer to the Dem. convention. But there was not a peep about this on any site like Drudge the next day – Monday. Only one of the 5 sites my son showed me still had the story. NBC, I think. That is probably gone now, as well.

So it could have been a false report. Or it could have been released early. Or it could have been scrubbed, like the air traffic controller who guided Ron Brown’s plane as it crashed, committing suicide “with a large caliber handgun” and who was found in his home by “US operatives”. That story ran on CBS radio early Saturday morning, right after he died. I was so shocked that this had been reported (not shocked that it had happened) that I listened to every CBS radio report for 16 hours, on the hour and half hour. It was never repeated. My working theory at the time was that it was the network’s C team, early Saturday morning, who didn’t know any better than to mention the convenient death of the last living witness, a local resident in a country with strict gun control. This was after the stewardess walked under her own power from the wreck to a helicopter but then died of a cut to the femoral artery on her inner thigh, and after Clinton ordered all the bodies cremated in country, without autopsies. Of course Ron Brown was to begin testifying at a legal proceeding the following Monday implicating corruption at the highest levels, so . . . .

Anyway, a lot of stuff gets scrubbed. And body doubles are being revealed almost everywhere. We certainly can only know that we don’t really know much. do you remember the Janet Reno coverup of the League of Women Voters’ election rigging in Dade County when she was DA there? Few do. A TV camera team got it on tape live. It is hard to find on the Internet. But it is why she was tapped for Attorney General, along withe her “curious lifestyle” which in those days was blackmail material. It is also why the League stopped hosting Presidential debates. That one, at least, has not been totally scrubbed, though the remaining stories have been polished up a bit.=

A few headlines about the runaway market blow-off and we’ll fry steaks and hope this is not America’s last birthday.  No column Monday unless I am completely crazy.  Oh, wait…

Remote Dreaming: The Most Excellent Futuring Dream

Another one of my syrupy but damn interesting dreams:

Myself and another presence had been summoned to a location where Russia was working on a serious study of futuring. 

What  struck me was that we argued a bit, but then agreed to work with the Russians because of what was becoming apparent to all who looked at the future.

We appeared in the doorway of an aristocratic man whose name was something like Pshemgrin.  He had two lovely assistants. 

Upon informing him we would work with him on decoing a particular bit of near future he was concerned about.  He took us to a work table just outside his office and we began.

I remember we used a new device – it was almost alchemical in nature – a piece of plastic, the center of which was placed over a “target” on a map and which tells of the next location of a future event.

The place at the center of the device was placed over the central US where we were clearly shown that there would be an outbreak of a serious disease with flu-like symptoms.

Oddly, the device pointed to Alaska, perhaps Fairbanks, as the second outbreak location.

We were quite excited by this knowledge and appeared before Pshemgrin again.  I had taken off my lab coat and hung it up and was rolling up my sleeves to begin even more serious work.  I instructed on of the two attractive women, the dark haired on, to find me an English keyboard.  That’s because Pshemgrin has insisted that all of their work on futuring be written in Cyrillic in order to reduce odds of a security breach.

As the woman left to get the keyboard, we were shown to a library downstairs./  In front of a sliding series of book cases, Pshemgrin started to whirl.  I intuitively knew that in “whirling dervish” fashion he was going to a place of centralized and calmed mind.

As he spun, he pulled out books in a particular order.  Two were titled Rames IX and Rames X.  The books continued to appear.

The very last book he pulled out was titled with two words, the first of which was “END… but the second word was not shown./

He explained that our “seeing” of the flu like symptom meant that a disease that would later become key – and had been prophesied before in these multiple books, would later be argued as to whether it arose spontaneously or was a bio terror attack.

At the end, he said, the bad news was that “If it happens, it means that despite all our hard work (there apparently was futuring cooperation with the Russians at some level) it would turn out that we humans could not really change the future…it was more or less “locked” but that how we got to each lock was variable within bounds..

Other than that, all I remember is that in this odd dream, the Russian Duma (congress) has set aside a small amount of money for research on futuring and that the Russians, much as we believe, had concluded that the future  “leaks into present” and that by collection, scanning, and the application of modest artificial intelligence, they too had discovered some patterns and were actively trying to change the future before the last book, :End…” something.

He laughed and then broke to tears as he explained “We can not change it…

I awoke debating whether the dream should be shared.  But WTF….

Write when you get rich,

14 thoughts on “Coping: With 2nd Amendment Haters”

  1. Here’s a woo-woo dream I had last night.People were gathered around a TV were there was breaking news and a picture of the White House on the screen. Something tragic happened there. I immediately thought Obama or the Donald had been assassinated but was shocked to learn it was Michelle. It was a very vivid dream. Thought I’d pass it on.

    • Could mean a ‘psychological death’, she won’t be Our Lady of the Spotlight (and/or daily tabloids)anymore. Doesn’t mean a literal death.

  2. Zombies?

    The Art of War is a very short book, taught at all military academies, since Vietnam. Free translations online don’t really do it justice, IMO, but it has one key line that summarizes the core concept and translates pretty much the same way every time:

    The best defense
    Is to not be
    Where the Enemy attacks

    Chew on that for a few decades. Or not. Beings of light.


    • The term “hordes of zombies swarm” made me think he was joking around, so I immediately didn’t take his advice seriously. Also, a lot of potential zombie dinners like me live in apartments and in cities, so don’t have much defense but to band together with neighbors. I prefer the Art of War advice if it is possible to “not be”, and if we can get accurate clues about the future, we can take prep with foreknowledge.

    • Art of War is on the shelf and has tattered edges at the farm. However, there is a difference between moving a few folks out of harms way and moving 3 generations of extended family and abandoning a farm and all that goes with it.

      Zombies serves as a nice way to describe “things after yours or your livelihood” by vigorous means. We made our decision years back to live in suburbia but have a place to get to and make it should things get stupid, ugly, or both. At Rural Pioneer, I talk about things at the rural end of my family, while typing in my suburban den (no cellular or internet service at our farm).

      I agree completely that avoiding conflict is best, but there are many more who think of conflict as a video game or as a means to ‘get what they think they need’.

      And the entire paintball sentry thing ALLOWS YOU TO BE ELSEWHERE!

  3. Can’t change the future? Interesting concept. As I have learned in this life, we can only change ourselves, and even that is limited by our character and life experiences. I suspect we are simply players in the Big Game where there are overriding rules, much more skilled players, and random “accidents” to make it more challenging. All we can do is play the Big Game.

  4. Two things come to mind with regard to Russia and your dream. The prophet Edgar Cayce, who has been accurate with other predictions, said that when the world is about to be destroyed that it will be saved by Russia. So maybe even though the Russian cries in your dream and says we can not change it…they may still figure it out before it’s too late.
    The other thing is the video of Obama on the phone to Putin when he thought his mike was off, apologizing to Putin that he hadn’t finished his homework, more or less, and promising to get it done. Like Putin was his superior. I think that was a video posted by one of your readers. We’re not privileged to know the real hierarchy and what’s going on. We could well be working with the Russians on Futuring. How would we know?

  5. Tibetans say there are 3 kinds of dreams. The kind which is a fool riding a 3 legged horse where it is a jumble of interpretive karma unfolding in a disheveled fashion. Then there is a wisdom dream out of your karma that is lucid and intended to teach. Then there is the dream that is from the outside that communicates things you could not otherwise know and intends to help you jump a level in your understanding. I have had 2 of the last type at age 21 and then at 61. Both changed my life significantly.

  6. “So, perhaps Master Yoda was right:”

    I believe his name was Yogurt and the Schwartz was with him! His greatest power was Merchandizing!
    In George speak, everything is a business model.

  7. It’s judges who hate the 10th Amendment and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act that concerns me the most.There is no way in hell that Nevada should be able to stop New Jersey from taking sports bets.

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