My buddy Don the Bond Trader (Don Bondo) called just after the close Thursday to point out that the European Rocketry Club – better known as the EU – is giving a reported $150-billion or so to Italy to keep them from going Tango Uniform.

No, it’s not a surprise since the WSJ had reported that the “European Commission Authorized Italian Government to Support Banks.”

Around here, Zeus the Cat, as my familiar pointed out that the EU is no doubt trying to be warm and fuzzy in appearance in order to avoid the ITEXIT fan s from lining up and going English on ‘em.

In yet another stunning show of Continental Arrogance, this departure of the Brits means that the EU will no longer have any use for English as a language of record, so the murky moves of the syphilitic thinking at the core of rotted Europe will become even murkier.

All of which is a good joke on them, though it’s not clear yet.  They will no doubt find that dropping the unofficial second language of the world will leave Europe even more dazed, bastardized, invaded, and confused than ever before.

And for those with a keen eye toward the flavor of the times who have worried that Donald Trump’s goal to  renegotiate bad trade deals that leave the US screwed most of the time is somehow evidence of America turning inward and insular, have completely missed the implicates of Imploding Europe which we shall henceforth refer to as the I.E.

Off in the background, we see it all as proof out Ure’s Theorem that the G20 central banksters are engaged in global racketeering.  The plan seems to be to promote a universal synchronized devaluation of all G20 currencies so that (they hope, but it won’t work) the banksters can simply inflate bloated national debts into insignificance.

Such accounting treachery will no doubt appear to work for a while, but in the end, the US dollar which is worth about 4% of what it was in 1913 in terms of purchasing power, will drive a secular inflation like you’ve never seen before.  It’s while the metals are already perking up.

Just a week, or two, before the Federal Reserve’s confessional about the rate of increase of M1 for the three months from March through June is due.  That’s presently blowing up M1 at 16.7% and with what I expect will be gleeful money expansion to counter BREXIT, hitting a transient  19% or higher doesn’t seem like a far-fetched notion.  But we shall see…

In the meantime, stocks are not going up in APPARENT VALUE so much because of the value of owning American companies, which may be mainly domiciled elsewhere in least cost 3rd world sh*t-holes, so much as when the Fed is passing money out the back door to the banks, that dough has to go somewhere.

So it just takes a bigger pile of paper to buy common stocks.

Separately my consigliore notes that  both the US and Russia have scaled back on their overseas shortwave broadcasting.  Bad move as he sees it, because there are still places in the world where US Voice of America broadcasts are used to teach English as a Second Language.  When we give up our language, we are all the more ready for invasion…but since that’s being orchestrated already….

Most important is we are no longer explaining American-like thinking to the ROW (rest of world).  Near as I can figure it, that’s because we are no longer engaged in American-like thinking.

Military as a Social Project

I’m sorry, what exactly is the medical necessity that I as a taxpayer should have to pay for addadicktomy operations for US service members?  That revelation from the SecDef has been fairly well scrubbed in the sycophant press.  But pay you will.  Ain’t you lucky?

Not sure how long before the majority of income taxes could be renounced on personal religious or ethical ground but seems heading that way.  Though for now, there is no religious loophole for taxes.  Side bet there will be an end run on that shortly?

Market Pauses

Ure’s truly is doing a little happy-dance with the price of silver now over $19 and possibly headed much higher.  Gold too is up a bit.  Market futures are about flat.

My expectation is that the markets will act solid today ahead of the long weekend.

Latest on the Lynch Mob:  Show and Sell

Following the *(stupid) secret pow-wow between the attorney general, Loretta Lynch and the Email Deleter and democratic high bidder for the presidency’s spousal unit Slick Willy, we now ready with some amusement that Ms Lynch will accept whatever the FVI says to do with the email scandal.  Notice the Lynch story doesn’t cover whether the same promise extends to Bill, in the event his involvement in affairs shows up…  Not out of the realm, know what I mean?

The real story here is really two-fold.  One, having been caught huddling with Slick, Lynch had to “restore confidence that she’d prosecute.”

But the REAL story is that we all know that there are two kinds of prosecution:

A: Aggressive to make an example of and

B: Half-hearted, half-assed prosecution to ensure the high bidder remains.

So should the prosecution be headed by someone not appointed by President Obama?  Hey!  Ain’t that obvious to you?  The fix is already in, and we know the Clintonistas have this wired, it’s just a matter of how much wool will be used pulled over the eyes of the drugged out masses.

So we shall watch with endless amusement know that the Teflon Lady enjoys 100:1 odds of beating the rap no matter how good the FBI case.  Such are the trappings of the aristocracy. 

Besides, Hil’s final Trump Card would be a pardon from President Useless after the election, ending any change of a trial or disclosure of high crimes which can’t happen before the lection anyway… See how the fix works?

Paul Ryan, the turncoat former republican who now heads the Obama wing of the former GOP – who should have empaneled a Congressional Probe of Lynch is, instead, working on keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists.  But since terrorists don’t much give a shit about laws (which Ryan et al don’t seem to understand) he will, in the end, screw legal gun owners in his rush to try to prop up his Obama wing of the GOP.

If Ryan and Obama both leave office, that’d be fine with me.  Otherwise, I support TEXIT.

Useless’ Immigration Plans

Lemme see here:  More than a million are supposed to be deported including 170-convicted criminal;s but no, Useless and Lunch are still trying to shop around the Supreme Court.

Record number of Syrian refugees in June, too.

Who needs laws, when we have Emperor O?  Might as well send congress home – bunch of do-nothings.  Nothing right, anyway.

Nostracodeus Software Run

The word “Plague” (yes, with its flu like symptoms) is ascending.

The Fourth is a Gas

Last year, gasoline was $2.763 nationally.  This year $2.293 for regular.

Good government?  HAHAHAHa… 

No, you silly sot…rampant global deflation which is why the banksters can print so much!

Have a happy Fourth.  Drive safely.  It could be our last.