Minor disaster here at the Ranch Monday:  Our Rain gauge broke.

Could I have fixed it?  Ummm… I suppose so, but it was getting sun-damaged and I felt like living large a bit, so I went shopping.

Here is the data as collected by Old Man Labs research:

NCAA Penn State Nittany Lions Rain Gauge: $11.27

NFL Dallas Cowboys Rain Gauge, 12.5″: $24.73

MLB Detroit Tigers Rain Gauge: $12.39

NCAA Texas Tech Red Raiders Rain Gauge: $21.58

NCAA Kentucky Wildcats Rain Gauge: $23.49

MLB Minnesota Twins Rain Gauge: $12.99

NCAA Kansas Jayhawks Rain Gauge: $15.72

MLB Oakland Athletics Rain Gauge: $4.22

With far too much coffee onboard this morning, I can’t help but wonder about the data set.

Particularly interesting is that the last item – the Oakland A’s rain gauge is an add-on item – which means the price is low if you spend yourself into the poorhouse loading up on other items.

But how did the A’s get to be an add-on?  Was it because there was a drought or because now the California Drought is over?

Damned if I can figure it out.

A further peek into the psychology of America by noting that each time has a different price.

Are the Kentucky Wildcats really worth twice (and then some) of Penn State?

Time to fire up the Bunsen burner here at Old Man Labs.  A B-52 is sounding pretty good, about now….

Jeez…living in a country where sports teams have anything to do with rainfall in the back yard – Is (sic) we programmed, or what?

Focal Point of Curved Monitors

Anyone done the math on the Samsung (and I guess others) who have come out with curved UHD TVs?

I have a 49” 4K TV – experimenting with replacing all four of the discrete monitors on the desk, but it would sure be cool if someone made a 50” 4K wrap-around for the desktop.  With a focal point about 2 or 3-feet out.

That would yield an incredibly immersive computing experience, but at the same time it would work for more distant viewing in small spaces.

Saw one of the curved displays on display at WallyWorld and looked like the focal point was something like 6-8 feet out (or more) which markets well but misses the “super-sized” desk frontier.

OK, OK…VR glasses might be an answer, but the screen rez. sucks on those so far.  Give me 4K and a wrap-around any time…

Geezers like me would step up big-time. Bad eyes and damn near unlimited screen real estate.

Gastronomica:  Chinese to Please

Had our friends up the street over for dinner Saturday.  Ure’s truly cooked.

Menu?  Chinese:

Nibbles:  Home-cooked Hoisin BBQ Pork

Soup:  Home-cooked Wonton Soup with homemade wontons. (28 of ‘em, thanks for asking).

Main Courses:

Homemade Oyster sauce Broccoli Beef

Homemade sweet and sour chicken

Homemade shrimp and pork fried rice

Homemade chicken sesame chow mein

Dessert: Lychees with vanilla ice cream

Beverages: Hot Sake or champagne

OMG was it good!

Prep time?  Oh, that’s the catch.  I was in the kitchen from 11 AM to 4:00 PM when the company arrived.

Everyone oo’ed and ah’ed…and it was fine.

A bit of Mao “criticism/self-criticism?”  Next time drive up to Tyler if that’s what it takes to get fresh bean sprouts.  The canned bean sprouts suck and ruined the flavor I was going for.

Next time…  Meanwhile I ordered 5-pounds of GMO-free Mung bean seeds and a sprouter from Amazon.

Daughter who’s the award-winning chef complimented me on the workout, but I was disappointed that everyone was too full for the ginger scallops that were ready to fire.

They didn’t go to waste (waist maybe…): Ended up as sautéed Tarragon Scallops with champagne for lunch Sunday.

Monday, it was back to the Oatmeal diet.  Damn.

My Body, the Chemistry Set

All this talk about food brings me to the important topic of managing body chemistry (and cooking).

Been seeing some low-level discussion on the ‘net lately about how different heritage foods seem to impact longevity.

People in Ukraine, for example, who eat lots of yogurt daily (or more) seem to live a great deal longer than averages.

And people in Mexico down to South America and into Asia seem to have fewer coronary issues.  Is it all related to diet?

Of course, having your doc tell you to “eat spicy food” a couple of times a week to keep the blood strong is not going to pad the corporation’s wallets, so we don’t read stuff like that.

And instead of cooking with things like Saffron, we use the Life Extension Optimized Saffron w/ Satiereal, 60 veggie capsules.  Not free, but along with our other goodies, seems to help.

See the Life Extension article and Saffron and alpha-carotene here. With our eyes, it’s a no-brainer.

Where is this going?  Oh – yeah…the other point…

Well, I got to thinking about tastes and desserts while I was cooking Saturday and this one thing kept bugging me:

We all know spicy goods (cayenne pepper, for example) is good for you. 

So why don’t we end meals with hot, spicy foods?

Almost every dessert I’ve had whether flan in Mexico or the Nordic pastries, ice creams…all that sugary stuff:  Nothing with a good “Emeril” type KICK to it.

Prediction:  Someone else is going to figure this out and come out with “hot desserts” one of these days.

Remember where you heard it first.

Ham Radio / Nerdy-Stuff

Oh boy:  Son George Ure, II was up on Mount Washington near Snoqualmie Pass in Washington’s Cascade Range again this weekend. 

This time with KG7THF helping out piling up ham radio contacts on the 2-meter and 440 ham bands.

You may be able to find the video of the horizon view from the peak on his site over here.

Meantime a tree fell on my legendary 746-foot long wire antenna I put up last year for the lower ham bands.


See the downed wire?  Dang-me.

So, Monday was spent with antenna modeling software. trying to figure out whether to splice and rebuild or simply shorten the overall length or whether I needed to reconnect at the break and maintain the uber-long length.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that looks at good as the 186/560 foot length for DX on 75 meters:



See those major lobes?  That brings my signal down toward the horizon to the northeast (Europe) and southwest Pacific/Hawaii.

So looks like a chainsaw and a propane torch and some ladder work is ahead when the rain quits…

Looking Ahead:

Peoplenomics.com Tomorrow:  Why the News Business is Dying an Unreported Death.  Or, what mess networks are teaching us about News.

Thursday:  The Millennials Missing Manual:  Chapter 3: [keyword: Invent!]

Want some leftover fried rice?

Write when you get rich,