With the markets closed, here at Uretopia Ranch, other than a hellatious amount of rain overnight, there’s little to do with all the computing horsepower at Old Man Labs.

We are left with little to do but look at how various media are still using the commemoration of Dr. King’s death to drive wedges between Americans.

Our little foray begins with the front page of the NY Times which proclaims “Trump Sets Off Backlash With Attack on Civil Rights Icon.”

To be sure, Rep. Lewis has been a leading advocate of civil rights causes in the Georgia 5th district since 1987. Right on.  He is an icon.

BUT we need a little more clarity of thought than the headlines imply.

It was, in fact, Representative Lewis – not Trump – who began the attack by saying Trump was not a legitimate President. We would respectfully offer Rep. Lewis a reminder of how the Electoral College works.

Moreover: Doesn’t anyone understand Trump? He doesn’t let criticism just hang out there – he fires back. Lewis criticized and what happened? Blam.

But see how the NE liberals have warped it into a “Trump Attack…” ?

The NY Times piece then cites “some blacks” and “many blacks” as questioning Trump’s civil rights record.

Fact check me here: As a newbie to government, Trump hasn’t established a (public) record yet, has he? Hello?

Yet here it is again in the Washington Post as “The Fix: In spat with Lewis, Trump attacked ‘one of the most respected’ men in America.”

Who started it? By my read, Lewis “illegitimate” remarks were out of bounds first.  So to us, the MSM isn’t playing it “down the middle” and it’s become just the latest Trump-bash.

The NY Post this morning reports on “Loretta Lunch calls to eliminate ‘waves of intolerance’ in America.”

Here again, we are somewhat confused:

Just last week we saw video of Obama administration officials coaching Syrians how to use fake passports to get into America, while deciding to send refugees back to Cuba. And yet the Mexico border flood continues.

It seems to me Ms. Lynch has a politicized view of equality. If you’re a fleeing a communist country, go home. If you are a refugee Muslim, come on it. If you’re from Mexico, come on in.

News is how America is hypnotized.

If you tell people only the bad news and don’t offer positive direction for 8-years, seems at some point they’ll end up believing it. I expect they did in Ferguson and Baltimore… The process is politically-driven self-hypnosis.

On the other hand, blacks (and other minorities) are mistreated in many places. Even democratic strongholds.

Take the story in the Chicago Sun-Times this morning about how “Victims of police misconduct skeptical of justice report’s impact.

Two things to remember:

First is that ChiTown has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the country. Doesn’t seem to have helped police, at least from the Texas view.

Second is Mayor Rahm Emanuel Obama’s Chief of Staff – has been mayor of the Windy City since May 2011 (5 ½ years).

Could it be that Politicians don’t have an incentive to fix things too quickly, perhaps?

Meantime, how many times did you read, during last year’s campaigns, that it was republicans (Lincoln) who actually did something about civil rights via the Emancipation Proclamation?  Hint: Wasn’t a democrat.

Methinks we have a party working against national unity, although the old guard republicans can leave anytime, as well.  They are just as bad, or worse.

I expect at some point in his term, Trump will get sick of it and found a third party for the mass in the middle.  One more Paul Ryan misstep….

Continuing our MLK Day Score Cards:

The Philadelphia Inquirer asks “What would MLK make of Trump’s promises to the African American community?

The Inquirer missed a better story. If I were running their news desk, I’d put two reporters on “What would MLK make of Obama’s performance on behalf the African American Community?” Be a better story, I think.

Politics and politicians have made political careers out of splitting people apart. And that’s my first point this morning.

The movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure offers the only advice one needs in most human relations: “Be Excellent to One Another!

I don’t think the late Dr. King would have disagreed with that, at all.

Politicians, religions, or mass movements that don’t hold to the simple Bill & Ted standard are why this world is in the shambles it is.

After how many eons now?

Holiday Weather

Yes, in a word, it sucks.

Big ice storm is rolling through fly-over country this morning:


And we have plenty of flooding in south Texas as rainstorms, thundershowers, and tornado watches predominate things in our ‘hood.

More than 5” of rain in the past 24-hours here.

Government Versus the People

There’s people and then there’s government.

People like us have to file our Q4 2016 Federal Income Tax payments by tomorrow (17th) due to the Holiday.

That’s how people (citizens) are treated.

Now the Bureau of Labor Statistics is supposed to be out with its Consumer Price Index reports on the 15th of each month.

This month, however, THEY won’t have the CPI report out until Wednesday the 18th.

Seems to me we ought to have a bit more “equality” when comes to the Calendar, you think? I know, a nit…move on.

Bitcoin Tracking

Up to $834 this morning.

Not as high as 2014.

We’ll discuss this a little more in tomorrow’s column, but remember this week is one of the possible targets for an all-time-high to be set. So getting light on assets going into Inauguration might make sense.

If BTCs were over the 2014 levels, I’d be inclined to stay long. But when in doubt, hide in cash for a week – as risks are something we just hate exposing ourselves to unnecessarily.

Are current prices an 80-85% retracement of Elliott Wave 1 up?

OK…on to projects at the Ranch.

Do try to remember the reason for the Holiday and remember the sage advice from Bill & Ted.