Coping: The Inaugural Speech Trump SHOULD Give

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I wanted to jot down a few ideas based on a “lost commodity” in America:  The Art of Thinking Big and doing something about it. 

Due to the feminization/neutering of America, old-fashioned male whupp-ass was put down by the forces of political correctness (liberalism) years ago.  It has shrunk our thinking and our national cajones, too. 

Other countries, with a more “male” sense of about them – China for example – are set to dominate the Globe. Events in last weekend prove the point.

Because of America’s lack of huge and worthy goals and big “touchdown plays” in nearly all fields of endeavor, I thought it would be interesting to write the “dream speech” that might – and it’s a small maybe – make America genuinely great again.

Forgive my presumptuousness, but there are some genuinely cool things Trump could lay out.

Will you stand, please?

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

We stand today at a major turning point for America. 

We have voted and made a national decision to become again the Great Nation we once were, but have fallen from aspiring to be.

Let me give it to you straight:  We have too much concentration of power and wealth in this country.  At the same time, we have too many citizens disenfranchised.

Unlike previous Presidents to hold this post, I come with a unique set of skills.  I am not a lawyer.  I am not a community organizer. My father did not run the C.I.A. I have never commanded a submarine, nor chopped down a cherry tree.

I am however a real estate developer, and I build things for a living.  America is the biggest redevelopment project I have ever undertaken.

When I see under-developed land that others have cast off, I see opportunity.  Where some see unemployment, I see a labor pool just waiting to be trained and put to work.

This mindset is very different than what prevails in America now.  Today, due to a liberal education system, we have abandoned traditional values and goals.

We haven’t done BIG since the Moon Landings.

To paraphrase the late comedian, George Carlin said, “It’s not much of a goal – striving to be average.”

For the past eight years, and arguably 24, that is the America we have become.  Lazy.  Non- competitive.  In debt.  Slackers.

A nation where spying on one another, building killer drones, and exploiting financial, racial, and sexual preferences for money has become our Nation’s “new normal” and source of “growth.”

Is exploitation a worthy “goal?” Really?

Not to people like me – not to people who make things.

Today, I suggest we begin the long process of changing that.

This change requires Education. Let me begin with a summary of David Schwartz’s 1959 book The Magic of Thinking Big .  It is a book I have read several times and I believe it in my heart of hearts.

It’s why the Trump Organization always Thought Big and because of that we Became Big.

Wikipedia says “Schwartz argued that the main thing holding people back is the relative smallness of their thoughts, and explains the importance of ‘Thinking positively toward oneself.’

He begins the book by relating a story of a salesman who sells significantly more product and makes more money than his co-workers. Schwartz points out that the man was not smarter, more educated or better connected than his colleagues. According to Schwartz, the man expected to sell more so he did.”

Wikipedia, ladies, and gentlemen. It’s in there.

We – the Greatest Nation on Earth – have lowered our expectations too far.

Honestly, it’s not from a single cause; it’s a lot of things.  

Was it fear?  You have heard of “Fear of Success” I’m sure you have.

Was it because of left-wing infiltration of schools and their romance with socialism – a system that has spectacularly failed?  Perhaps.

Was it because our bankers kept watering-down the money so that now have just 4-cents of remaining purchasing power compared to the mighty U.S. Dollar of 1913?

Yes, that too.

May I teach you an economic fact?  One that some previous Presidents didn’t mention?

The price of Things doesn’t go up.  It never has. 

What happens is this: The Purchasing power of your money goes down. Government waters it down…yes government.

That’s the Big Secret of crooked government. 

A hundred years ago, almost anywhere in America, you could buy a very nice home for just $10,000.  That’s right – ten thousand dollars! Don’t you wish?

Today, an equivalent home is pushing $300,000.

Did the home price go up?  A bit, sure. 

But it takes a LOT more paper DOLLARS to buy that home now.

A huge pile of $290-thousand more dollars is needed because 96% of the PURCHASING POWER of our individual dollars has been sucked out of them to pay interest.

I have made several billion dollars because I understand this. 

I am rich because I understand that when you buy something today, you will likely be paying it off down the road with money that’s not worth as much: Future dollars are cheaper.

We don’t teach this adequately in schools.  We don’t tell young families this.  (Shh!!!)

Even Business Schools believe the Keynesian fairytale of a free lunch somewhere. 

The reality is government goes in the back room – prints up more money – which causes inflation – and we claim that’s “Growth.”

The Trump empire is built on a clear understanding of the Present and Future Value of Money.  FV and NPV.  Look ‘em up.  Learn ‘em.

We need to understand money as a country.

Back to motivation and success:

We aren’t expecting much these days and so, as a country, we are not accomplishing very much. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it.

Let’s change that right now.

America is not going to lie about its finances anymore. And as your President, I will not tell fibs to make you feel better. 

We need not turn sexual preference into an economic stimulus program. We need national renewal. We need our manufacturing back. We need to think bigger.

Our Great America will compete by once again becoming the absolute BEST – at everything we set our minds to.

Equality, sure.  Absolutely – 100%.  Believe me…believe me.

But we have much larger goals:

We will return to American exceptionalism because America is the birthplace the airplane, the home of the transistor, the cradle of electric lighting, and millions of other Great inventions which declare this Great Country to be exceptional, indeed. 

When America is attacked, look at our adversaries like a Human Resources Director:  What is their Resume?  They talk a good line.  But what have they delivered?

What have they invented and what have their built.  And above all, have they advanced the mighty cause of a higher civilization?

I haven’t seen a better country yet – and I hope we never do.

For the past eight years, America has gone overboard trying to curry to Apologists.

But that time is gone – over and done with.  Apologists are being run out of town.

We will see to it that TALKERS are replaced with DOERS.

I do not – and I will not – apologize for America because, my friends, We ARE exceptional.

Without American aid in two World Wars, Europe would have fallen long ago.  Yet they too, are caught up in lies and mostly about money. Some about immigration. Few in Europe will openly admit that Europe has been invaded for a second time.  But I will tell you that.

America won’t lie anymore.  NATO needs to stand up.

Anyone with a positive mental attitude will tell you if you expect greatness it is yours.  If you expect failure, then fail you shall.  Above all, though, you always have the Choice.

So I ask…

What kind of Future do we choose today?

May 25th 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced the American Goal to put a man on the moon by the end of the Decade.

America rose up – and met the challenge.

Apollo 11 landed on the Sea of Tranquility July 20, 1969.

I believe today we need a bigger national goal for America than even Kennedy’s great goal. 

We need goals for profoundly simply reasons.

First, people who have a goal stay on task.

Secondly, their minds are focused on a positive outcome.  They Invent.  They Innovate, they Optimize, they Perfect. Above all, they are a Team.  A Team is not Black, not Latino, not White, not Asian. 

A Team is Americans going somewhere.

And third, great goals move civilization forward as a direct result of working as a unified country.

I told you I was a real estate developer.  As part of my study for this new job I assumed today, I learned that the U.S. Congress has already passed legislation legalizing asteroid mining. 

Asteroid mining…can you imagine?  Did you know that?  Well, now you know it.

It got me thinking. So how is this for a new National Goal?

Let’s not just go back to the Moon and stay there.  Let’s go to Mars and stay there, too.

And then since American companies are planning to mine the asteroid belt and beyond, why not go along there– and then all the way to the stars? 

It’s a developers Dream.

In fact, let’s declare our intent to be a full-on space-faring nation.

How do we accomplish this and involve every human on Earth in this gran d adventure?

One of my first acts as your new President will be to convene a meeting of the United Nations and ask that every human being alive be given title to A small piece of property on the Moon since everyone needs to focus to get this job done.

As we go to additional planets and moons, every human will receive proportionate factional title to a stake on those planets, too.

These ownership rights will not be transferable except to direct descendants.  They will be given to everyone.  Your children’s children will inherit your property on the Moon and a place on Mars, as well.  Yet this is only the start.

Does it sound far-fetched? 


Unless you suffer from that most crippling disease of all:  Thinking Small.

As a developer, I have done the math.

The Moon has a surface area of 14.6 million square miles.  If we award every human on Earth today – all 7.4 billion of us – an equal amount of property, everyone will own more than an acre of the Moon each.

Mars is even bigger.  With 55.91 million square miles the red planet will award each human 200,000 square feet of land.  4.6 acres of land is available today on Mars for every man, woman, and child of Earth. 

This birthright lays fallow…just sitting there – waiting for us to show up. 

Should America take the leadership role in getting us off this Rock called Earth?

I believe we should.

Hollywood – and television – have shown us our space-faring future.  But they left a few things out:

  • Who will forge the path to the dream? 
  • Who is willing to get their hands dirty – like I’ve done my whole life – and actually build something?
  • Who will shut-up the talkers and replace them with doers?

The  “normal” we have today is thinking small

We stare at social media instead of at the Stars.  Can you believe it?  A terrible waste of resource!

Lies to ourselves, once again.  We’ve talked ourselves into being losers.  Where did the Doers go?

As a developer, I can tell you that people do not attack their own property.  They attack or steal property of others.  That’s a bad habit we don’t need to bring to the Stars.

I want everyone to own the stars.  Everyone. You, and you, and you.

In the meantime, we need to pursue Peace on Earth to make it happen. But that requires strength.

My administration will build the finest military to ever exist.  But we will give warning when we deploy.  

When I issue the occasional warning, to enemies of America, do not make the mistake of not taking me seriously. Your President will NOT allow America to be held hostage by foreign powers and upstart insurgencies.

I will abide by the intent of the Founders on notification to Congress of military action. But when notified, I will demand immediate action in return.  The Trump world moves faster than the Old World.

We can’t ignore social issues, either.

Criminals commit crimes for very few reasons:  It’s easy work or they have addictions. We will toughen law enforcement and make the “lazy route of crime” much less desirable. 

We will expand the AmeriCorps program so that when criminals need money, all they have to do is go to work. Yes! Just like the rest of us. 

We will begin the transition from welfare to workfare.

In some cities, methadone is more expensive than black tar heroin. Can you believe it?

It’s cheaper to buy a fix than get methadone, even though it leads to more crime. 

Well, we’re going to fix that. Yes we are.

We will work with States to beef up laws to punish the facilitators of crimes.

Those people who buy stolen property for resale are just as guilty as the thieves who steal it. They make crime pay.  They should be treated more harshly as criminals. 

Every chop shop, every “fence,” and every pimp needs to hear me today:  We’re throwing out the Old Ways and we are changing the game.

During the campaign for this office, I listened to thousands of Americans and if there’s one thing that was repeated time and again it was that people don’t feel like they have “skin in the game.” And in many cases they don’t.

68-million Americans have criminal records; that’s more than the entire population of France. Amazing, amazing…

My administration will ask Congress to strike down State laws that strip felons of the right to vote even after their jail time has been served. That’s not right.  If you did the crime, but have done the time, President Trump wants you back in the game to build something.

I want a program of rights restoration, too, so that people who have reformed can be 100% back in their communities.

We have manufacturing to build and the Stars ahead so there’s work for all.

Since the War on Poverty began with President Johnson’s Great Society programs, we have spent $16-trillion dollars fighting poverty.  Yet the percentage of people living at, or below the poverty level has remained essentially unchanged.

We will change this, too.

One of the first missions of my new Cabinet will be finding creative and innovative ways to involve the entire American public in solving our difficult social issues. 

From personal experience, I can tell you the best ideas don’t always come from the highest paid. 

Good ideas are everywhere.  It’s like going fishing there are so many.

Anyone can have a great idea, so we need to foster that and become a Nation of Innovators.  When found, we need to fast-track good ideas for the benefit of all.

There is so much to be done.

We have a Wall to build and we will fix the V.A. and there is oh, so much more.

Unlike past inauguration speeches, pardon me for this short outline.  It’s how I operate.

I study problems, hire experts who then explore and develop many possible solutions.  Then we narrow it down to the very best possible action steps. Then we implement like hell. On time, on budget.

This is not the traditional style of government. Did you notice?

In the past 50 years, we have lost our “edge” – the ability to Decide and then Act.

Effective from this moment on, that’s the way things used to be done.  Not in America the Great.

I will continue to Tweet directly to you every day or so, regardless of the workload.  I am your employee and you are my boss.

When there is news, you will hear it from me personally.  I will stream my press conferences live for those who don’t need someone to tell you what I just said in plain English. 

I will also accept occasional call-in questions from the public as well as the press. 

The press works for you.  Sometimes they forget that little detail.  Have you noticed?

No one in this Office has ever done that before, but with Trump, things are already changing.

As of this moment you live a new and different country.  The old, solid country with core values like hard work, thrift, investment, families, and national goals is back. But with fresh goals.

What’s New is we are back on track. We are a Great Country – Again.

I leave you with a simple choice: You are either going with us to the Stars or none of us will go. 

We can only use some of Earth’s resources one time.  When they are gone, that’s it. Gone.

Space if full of resources, but Earth is finite.

As your Developer in Chief, I leave you with one last thought.

If we don’t go to the Stars, we will sit here on Earth, and burn out all of our resources.  Yes, we can do that…it’s the track we’re on now. This will SPEND our birthright.

The other choice – and it’s a harder one – is to go space-faring

That’s different – that’s an INVESTMENT.  There will be returns on this investment.

Are you a Spender or an Investor?

The choice is before us.  You know which one I am.

I hope your answer is “To the Stars” and that your commitment is as strong as mine.

Thank you. 

And God bless the United States of America.

I asked Elaine to read it.  She thought it should be put up on the free side (UrbanSurvival) Monday.

I polled our subscribers and they agreed without exception. So there it is, respectfully submitted for your consideration.

Please repost everywhere  and share like hell, if you feel so moved; a link to would be appreciated. 

We have places to go.

Write when you get rich – on our way to the Stars.,,

23 thoughts on “Coping: The Inaugural Speech Trump SHOULD Give”

  1. No mention of oil or energy. Energy drives the economy and will be a major problem as we go forward. Total energy production will decline. Net energy available to do economic work will decline even faster. Think of the difference between gross production and net yield as the energy tax. The net declines as the cost of production goes up. The economy will not grow except as fiat money is inserted into the economic mix. This will only enrich the wealthy.

    • I think there were people in the times of Wilbur and Orville Wright who said the same thing. And C. Columbus, and George Washington Carver and every thinker, writer, and inventor ever born. Thank you for offering an example of small thinking so quickly, for comparison.

  2. Excellent George…you missed your calling as a Presidential speech writer…There will still be a follow on speech needed in 2020 for Trump…as well as your acceptance speech as VP…Ure the man…

  3. Excellent George…you missed your calling as a Presidential speech writer…There will still be a follow on speech needed in 2020 for Trump…as well as your acceptance speech as VP…Ure the man…

  4. Hopeless. You can’t make silk out of a sow’s ear. Just another example of older Americans moving in to the future looking into the rear view mirror. George, your horses left the barn over 10 years ago. How many of you were filled with hope 8 years ago with the Obama inauguration?

    • Eight years ago I saw politics as usual. The same was true 16, 24, and 28 years ago. This time we have an outsider from the games of politics. I don’t always agree with Trump, but I’ve watched him in NY, read his book, and have more than cautious optimism. I’m willing to do my part.

      I have no tolerance for politics as usual, nor the boring hypnotic drone of most recycled politicians. We need to remove any regulation that can’t stand the scrutiny of the general public, and businessmen in particular.

    • You have my Vote as the Speech-writer of Choice Jon.
      Prepare for the Screeching Crtiques from your antagonists. In particular, he who assosicates you with those of “Your Kind”!
      G. was Mighty congenial in his remarks. Perhaps, even he can not besmerk a writing of such great truth?

    • I’m afraid Little Jonny’s never going to get it George. He’s blind and tone deaf to the atrocities his beloved Dim-o-crat party has committed even to its own devotes. Whoever copied all the Podesta e-mails revealed the sordid inner workings of that party and people walked away in droves. He’ll never see it because it’s his ticket to furthering his hubris. Apparently he never learned that axiom about honey and vinegar his daddy tried to teach him either. So sad … so sad.

    • Bada bing, bada boom, Weird Al. Since both you and the object of your sycophant admiration, Little Jonny, slunk away from our last conversation I’ll pose the question to you both again – Who’s being the jerk?

      Our country is a melting pot. My grandfather came through Ellis Is. – legally – and my wife’s folks, now gone, were either legalized or naturalized citizens from Mexico. The rest of my family has been here since New York was called New Amsterdam. There are many other “Your Kinds” out there that make up America and 99.9% of them just want to be left the Hell alone. BUT there’s … YOUR kind. The ones that sit in their ivory towers full of mirrors that lust after the power to tell everyone else how to live. THAT kind has gained great ground in telling us things such as we need to “tolerate” hundreds and thousands of radicalized Muslims as well as deranged men – MEN – in our wives’ and daughters’ restrooms, locker rooms & etc. We aren’t allowed to vet the radicalized new comers any more than we can separate the deranged perverts from the simply confused until shots are fired, a bomb goes off or someone’s wife or daughter is attacked. We aren’t ALLOWED to make any distinction until it’s too late and ever THEN it’s an uphill battle.

      Yeah, YOUR kind is a real problem in our country. Your kind employs the same tactics and has the same goals that the Bolsheviks did in Russia. If the Internet and YouTube existed back then more than likely the Communists would have been marginalized and an autocratic monarchy would have ended with a more democratic republic – maybe. People thought very differently back then. At least they’d of had the information to make a more informed decision.

  5. George, we cannot give away something that is not ours to give! what about the native Martians? are we going to round them up and march them to reservations? Will they be allowed casinos? Will the reservations be on their native planet or will they be banished for their own good to some other less desirable planet?

  6. I’m going to assume I was right, but we can keep it on a “need to know” basis. LOL

    Now I’m curious about how much traffic your website can take without crashing, say, if you get a mention on Coast-To-Coast AM and you’re suddenly flooded with looky-loos. The “space first” crowd is legion and very, very one issue. You’ve hit their hot button and they may well want to take a closer look at what you’re proposing.

  7. To quote Bill & Ted – “most excellent” speech, George! If only!

    Some points (several are admittedly ‘wish list’) I ‘hope’ to hear from Trump regarding his take on ‘change’ during his inaugural address:
    – controlling U.S. Immigration. Simply document who is entering the country, where they came from and where they are planning on going.
    – seek out, quarantine and destroy terrorists of any ilk intent upon imparting harm on Americans and our trusted allies, anywhere and everywhere
    – stop foreign aid (and hostage payments) to radicalized nations intent upon doing harm to America and her ‘trusted’ allies. Emphasize stronger ties with all nations intent upon eliminating terrorism and the nations which sponsor it.
    – restore balance to individual health care choices, while exploring every possible option for providing essential services to people of limited means (but they MUST first be legal, documented immigrants or U.S. citizens)
    – strengthen key military and economic alliances – terminate all of the others – every single last one of them.
    – decide what America’s international/foreign policy role actually is and then invest military and foreign aid resources ‘ONLY’ to those nations which furthers America’s role.
    – dismantle and reinvent the American education system, treating students as national resources and putting ‘for profit’ and anti-democratic institutions and campuses out of business by removing their federal aid and scholastic accreditation.
    – proudly proclaim “American exceptionalism,” the very principles which defeated Nazi Fascism, Stalinist Communism and produced the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Post-WWII Europe – these should be the administration’s core and inviolate mantra.

    The enemies of the democratic republic envisioned by America’s Founders will stop at nothing to impede or stop Trump. The forces of Liberty and American exceptionalism must prevail. On this, all depends.

  8. I am disturbed by one part of your proposed speech due to the temporal echos with a certain Pope who divided up the Americas without the consent of the peoples who already lived there, because they were different and thus less than human.

    By what authority would Trump do something like this?

    Do we have any proof that there are not others who claim the moon, mars, et al?

    Do we base such claims on the very small parts of each we have superficially explored?

    Do we say that because any life which might be there is different, it isn’t intelligent and thus not worthwhile in its own right?

    I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Don’t go giving away places and things that don’t belong to you ….

    Explore ..Yes. Reach out ..Yes. Take for some possible momentary benefit? That hasn’t worked out very well in the past.

  9. Thank you Elaine & to the Peoplenomics subscribers for sharing the passion of thinking & doing BIG! Great speech George, thank you. Will be sharing around – for those with ears to hear… Thanks for the ‘divisive’ reminder too.

  10. Good speech. It is “cojones”, not “cajones”. Cajones is big boxes. Cojones is balls, gonads, “guts”.

  11. So as the B continues to resort to School Yard bravado and (am guessing, a bullying background), he continues to be confused about how one has an adult conversation regarding differing philosophies!
    Hopefully his vile rants will help expunge some of the hurt he has suffered and soothe his tortured soul?


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