Coping: Ure’s Compact Digital Cosmology

Know why LBGT, social media, and so many other changes in human behavior are ascendant?  No fear!  Ure’s been evolving a new “Compact Digital Cosmology” to answer just such inquiries.

One of the points in my latest book (“Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream“) that continues to rattle around in my head is how “screwed-up” the field of psychology seems.

We need to remember that basic Freudian concepts were from the early steampunk era:  1885.  The world back then was much “flatter” than it is today.  As a consequence, psychology has not evolved into specialties in the way way medicine, for example, has.

While there may be usefulness left to the “three-legged milk stool” of Id, Ego, and Super Ego, my sense is that in a multidimensional shared reality, we need something more robust than a milk stool.

Broadly, we might begin by dividing psychology into individual and group a little better.  Because what seems to get missed is there is a planetary psychology and it’s operating modes are similar to individual samples but with extensibility into global politics, for example.

This all matters greatly, since the topology of how the world work is constantly changing.


Why, yes, indeed!  Just as early intelligence research into how “smart or dumb” people were was distilled into a 2-dimensional rendering – that was later refined into a multi-dimensional topology – so, too, many things we think about in two-dimensions are really evolving multidimensional data structures.

While this may seem a bit far-fetched, let me roll though what got me on this path.

1.  How would be teach AI a cosmology that “made sense?”

Let’s see:  A “regular cosmology” would explain to AI “origin and development of the universe.”  Therefore, a Digital Cosmology would attempt to explain evolution of the “digiverse.”

Let’s face it, feeding an AI a Bible, Koran, or Tibetan Book of the Dead would only result in yet-another-partisan believing in a particular rule-set.

2.  Is there a “data-based” approach?

Yes, possibly so.

From the top:  Humans (in my own work-up of psychology) spend their time in three general domains.  They line up like so:

Pretty sure you’re aware of the waking state, since you’re able to read this.  The boundary zone is where deep meditation, powering through physical challenges, and religious experience – oh and let’s not leave out drugs! – happen.  Enough of these latter and quick as Bob’s Ure uncle, you drop into sleep or dreams (of which, hallucinations are a special class).

Next we ask “What has changed in the past 1,000 years or so, that might vary the width of the Boundary Zone:  Perhaps compressing it like this:

Which now gets us to the data on “reincarnation” that was gently written out of the Bible with the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.  Yet, even here, hints of “rising from the dead” is held out…just a longer line for that ride because it doesn’t happen until Judgment Day and I haven’t see the date on that in a memo, yet.

There’s a dandy Psychology Today article (“ The Problem With Reincarnation – It’s not the lack of evidence “) that includes this juicy bit:

“According to Wikipedia the percentage of people who believe in reincarnation ranges from 12 to 44% depending on the country being surveyed (in the U.S. it’s 20%).

Parallel with reincarnation, a growing body of evidence also argues for past lives being semi-recoverable through regression, and personal deep meditation.

One way to understand this topology is to generalize that Past Lives are another realm on the “other side of the Boundary Zone” like so…

Here’s where Ure’s Digital Cosmology (UDC) gets particularly useful.

Studies seem to indicate that everyone who has had multiple past lives, is very likely to have experienced lives as both males and females.  And THAT – if the Boundary Layer is sufficiently thinned – might offer a greater number of past-life issues to “print-through” over into the Nominal Shared Waking State Reality which I refer to in my book as the NSR. 

That leads to a potential data structure like this:

Since it would be the objective of reincarnation to resolve past life issues (of what’s call burning karma) many more people would be able to deal with past life sexual issues in today’s shared waking-state world.

What might be increasing the number of LBGTQ persons in today’s world is a thinner boundary zone.  Schematically, it might be something like this:

Does a greater fraction of the population today use alcohol or drugs than in past times?  Certainly in Colorado and Washington state, lol.

But might electronica also be responsible for a thinning of the boundary zone?  Remember, humans have only been tinkering with radio for a bit over 100-years.  Even with this apprehended, the radio waves surrounding us generally didn’t reach 100 MHz until the early 1950’s.  Some of us olde fartes can remember TV’s with ONLY 13 channels and no UHF’s.  We have no measurable data on how this changes “permeability” of width of the Boundary Zone.

Connectica is another aspect few pay attention to:  That is, where in the olden tymes a person could make it through life knowing 50 (or fewer) people, Today I’m connected with 300- Outlook contacts, a few Peoplenomics subscribers, a Linked-In network of 750 AND that’s before we get to the Big Connectors like FB, Twitter, Instagram and…well, you got the list.

Another example of “connectica” is in education.  As you can see in this Statistica chart, in 1949-1950, only 104 women and 328 thousand for men were bagging a four-year degree.  Round off to 433,000 in a country with a population (1950) of about  152.3 million, so call is less than 3-10ths of one percent.

More recently, over a million women and 798,000 met were snagging the paper.  0.57 of one percent.  Meaning on a per capita basis, college grads have about doubled.  Does that squeeze down the boundary?

We also note that many religions offer prohibitions on drugs and alcohol.  Might that have something to do with maintaining a wide Boundary Zone?

There is much more to study.  For example, the Wikipedia entry on homosexuality and religion.

But for now, Ure’s Compact Digital Cosmology and its Boundary Zone concepts, is a useful thought-modeling tool.

3.  Can You Reduce this is an Algorithm?

Yes, I believe so.

In fact, it may already have been done and we’re increasing the (boundary zone)  thinning pressures even now.

AI is quickly evolving.  While it’s not “perfect” it’s well-suited for exploration into ideas most humans can’t fathom.  Like sorting out the world’s deep divisions over religion and views of human psychology, for example.

I like to think of such tasks as trying to assemble the largest “picture puzzle” ever.  There are so many ways the world might be assembled into a whole and coherent view.  But, which one is the “best fit?”

As outlined here, there are some ways to model it, even for a crank in the Outback like me.  But, what a dandy AI mission, huh?  Feed a super inferential engine all the data and books p-assed down through history and ask “What’s the best fit of our history?”

I think the answer might be quite surprising.  And, it might even lay bare one of the core concepts around here:  People will do anything to build a business model and pe3rhaps we could evolve further as a species if we could do less business model building and instead do more science.

Could AI help us evolve a Compact Digital Cosmology?  Perhaps so.  But as the history tells me, there’s a lot of money, and hence inertia, in existing models.  Perhaps AI would like to try moderating that ?

Write when you get rich,

14 thoughts on “Coping: Ure’s Compact Digital Cosmology”

  1. U’re leaving out chemicals in food that affect the fetus. There is a very short window of time when a woman’s hormones affect the determining gender. The elites know this window and know the chemicals to affect the fetus. It is then reinforced with gender bending foods.

  2. “How would be teach AI a cosmology that “made sense?”

    I have some professorially type acquaintances that work in one of those govt. think tanks.. this very subject was almost a constant debate concept not only on moral issues but on a series of issues…

    Take your garbage.. what is in your garbage.. or your papers at the local courthouse.. did you know that there are people that just go and shuffle through peoples trash.. or shuffle through their courthouse documents.. yup.. what can you learn..
    Now the cloud .. I told you about the friend that sent me his ipad.. I made the mention that he should go to another country for a vacation.. I then said. you have a passport use it.. he said how do you know I have a passport.. heck it is on the cloud .. now give this access of infinite
    information to a machine.. it only views things in the manor it is programmed to process it as. no grey area’s strictly black and white.
    the same way other countries view religion and the religious laws.. read the bible or quran then take it literally as they do in other countries..

    • All AI is psychopathic, to the best of my knowledge. We’ve had little to no known success teaching AI to love or feel compassion. Various neural net architectures are fed data and trained to do various things, yet understanding exactly what’s happening is beyond human capability. With the advent of chip architectures designed around perceptrons rather than binary logic, we can and are creating deep networks that defy human understanding beyond a certain level. This is only the beginning. We are dealing with soft data and soft logic.

      To my knowledge, we have no machine equivalent of emotion(as yet). There’s potential for creating a new field of AE, along with an effective business model of course.

    • Further to the point, there is no evidence that the source of consciousness is contained in the tissue of the brain. An assumption that is the basis of the whole AI effort, that sufficient complexity will generate consciousness. In Buddhism (most varieties) the source of consciousness is a universal single source, with the “mind” being a filtering/differentiating reflection of mainly ignorance. Meditation done long enough begins to reveal the difference between mind and awareness.

      One of the hard things to finally grasp is that the subtle woo woo realms are not “real” realities either. They are just different vibrational manifestations of the universal consciousness. They are very cool and inspiring but simply another layer of thought responsive manifestation. Are all these levels of reality truly “real”. Sure, but not absolute and none are the “truth”.

  3. When faced with a myriad of data and concepts a mind such as Ure’s that is supremely active can easily kick out an error message if there’s no basis for an absolute, or anything approaching it, right or wrong. It’s like floating in space with no up or down, just info all around but the problem always arises when a foundation is established but the exceptions to the rule remain buoyant and provide points to openly question that foundation. The fact that you play with all this, though, is why I and your readers keep coming back.

    While it’s easy to evaluate outcomes based on the results of observable events such as rampant STDs and broken families, the lack of such grounding leaves a World-wide population floundering while looking for answers to what is “fair” to ALL when the answer is probably “nothing”. You simply have to go with what works for your group over time. Any oddballs tend to be excluded and/or penalized, often severely, depending on the level of fear as to how much damage introducing such eccentricity to the society is perceived to be.

    Whether you’re dealing with an overall cosmology or the small subset of sexuality time always presents the results of The Law of Diminishing Returns in an environment where outside information wears away at the foundation of a group, hence, everything eventually goes wonky and it seems pretty much everyone doesn’t know their butt from a hole in the ground. It’s usually at that point new foundations enter a formative process and, hopefully, they will be flexible enough to withstand Time’s effects long enough to be valuable. One just has to hope that the new philosophy comes into being and is firmly established before the overall group disintegrates completely and this is assuming all members of the group can accept the new paradigm – this is if the group has any real value left in it.

    As it is today the paradigm of the Catholic Church’s brand of Christianity had been undergoing severe questioning up until the Reformation, when it finally broke out, and is effectively on the rocks as we speak. With the advent of the Internet bringing in tidal waves of information and alternative concepts along with the church’s inability to enforce its World view by way of the death penalty we can see this foundation of Western Society crumble before our eyes on a daily basis. Eventually one has to distill the information down to what actually works while cautiously investigating the new information – and while avoiding those who refuse to change and are intolerant of alternative views. In the case of “suppressed information” embraced by other cultures a battle royal has ensued. The question “what is truth?” is as unanswered today as it was in the time of Christ. It all depends on who’s enforcing it and by what means. Personally, I’m hoping a much wider concept of Consciousness that the vast majority of people can accept and make use of comes into use before everything falls apart.

  4. An LBGT lifestyle is basically pornography, but somehow it has become the revered lifestyle above any criticism. Not that their is anything wrong with it, but it is more based on pleasurable sex than human reproduction theory which is what makes the world run in an orderly manner. To make my point, have you ever seen an LBGT entry into a parade, it is sexually based.

    • I agree with you ECS…stop the presses…but a heterosexual lifestyle is the same. Go to a football game and watch the scantily clad cheerleaders, read entertainment or fashion magazine, look a news hosts, all beautiful and blond…we hire on looks many times, we are attracted to looks. Advertisers use sex as their hook in their products…because as you know…sex sells. Freud and others have written about it and marketers use sex as their key strategy to success.

      The straight world is no different…we are just used to it.

      • Mark I totally agree…

        first off.. I don’t care is someone is gay.. or heterosexual at all.. the sex that someone is getting doesn’t affect my life one way or another and I don’t feel like I have been cheated out of some sex act either.. who am I to tell someone who they can love or not love.. have sex with or not have sex with.. that is a personal choice.. and since religious stance is what the vast majority use as an excuse to hate.I am not allowed to talk religion but. the vast majority of us recite old biblical or quran laws that are so horrendous.yet in both the very acts are legitimized in other ways.. for christians spouting old testament laws.. well Christ was hung on the cross because of those laws rather than a murderer.. all chanting crucify him.. the law broken.. his mother was not married.. had an illegitimate child that should have been put to death the minute he was born.. ( stoning or bashing heads on rock was the big thing then) after she would have been forced to watch then stoned to death herself..

        Here is a story (I have heard the same versions of the same story before from various people throughout the years..)
        a young gay man I knew.. told me his story..his dad died.. his mom had a boyfriend.. he was a little boy slight of body.. the boyfriend forced him to have sex.. he seen his mom and when he told her about it she walked away ignoring it.. years later the good old christian boys in gym teasing him because he was smaller in stature than the others.. well in the shower room the horsing around got out of hand and he was forced to perform oral sex on the good old christian boys.. the coach knew but walked away.. eventually he found another boy that had been abused similarly and they became friends and lovers and found compassion in each others hands..


        you are god you get to decide who goes to hell and who gets a pass.. you seen all of this that has happened to these young men.. do you put him and his friend in Hell because they aren’t following your old biblical law or do you throw the mothers boyfriend that started the abuse.. the mother than knew but ignored it.. the good old christian boys whose only memories of this now is the funny little guy in the shower room.. or the coach that knew and refused to act on the abuse… I say give the two young men a pass the rest can rot in hell.. there was an issue with one of the leaders of my church come to find out he had the taste for young girls and a couple of the young ladies that were chastised in church because they weren’t religious enough had been molested by him at young ages.

        Advertising.. ever notice that the sales pitch for the new car has a young girl pointing at some old coots package while they admire a car.. or the soda sales that shows some young woman’s package wanna little for yourself message.. its all there.. SEX and DEATH.. you see them but don’t see them.. cartoons when it shows some old guy with a hard on over a young girl.. horses backsides with womens breasts superimposed over their hips..then we question why pornography is rampant..Moral degradation its all there on television thousands of times an hour.. desensitizing the general public.. game shows where the winner is the one that exhibits the best sociopath abilities or a popular show that has everyone bashing everyone rape murder mayhem ..
        That is only one reason why I am impressed with DJT.. the MSM will impose sub’s like that about him and he is instantly irritated.. he may not know why it bothers him.. but he is.. the negative sub’s tork him off big time and he hasn’t developed that blank skill of a politician where he can openly react with neutral drivel .. and for good reason.. the vast majority of course don’t notice it..

  5. I.M.E.;

    Our psyche is really just a very well designed information processing system, if one wants a map of the architecture, study that of the chakras as well illustrated by many mystics,

    And where in this is the awareness, that is what i experience as ‘my’ spark or star, well it can if unfettered move around like the camera angle in a video game, there is no material explanation plausible..

    That which is awareness is not; body, emotions(like hot links) between, ego-monkey mind, (most people think they are one of these, that is a deception)

    There are beings in these lower 3 worlds, as there are in the higher realms.

    Each sphere processes information in a unique program appropriate to its purpose, and has a being at the core and a crystal kernel imprinted with a system language.

    As administrator, these functions are accessible removable, and install-able, etc.

    Also it is very helpful to clear memory caches and gift the intensity of memories of the mental to spirit-bird, i do not need the intensity. this is described in Castaneda’s ‘the Eagles Gift’)
    Emotional and personality records may be discarded, and those nasty karmic pains from the energy body; current psychologist are taught some of these basic techniques.

    i have asked numerous psychologist what their explanation is for this sense of self, viewpoint, and never got an answer.
    What i do have is one possible explanation is that this self, spark, is inherent in the nature of the electron, and through the process of syncing my energy body’s ‘memory’ of past experiences and processing the information by derivative for the value i can grow my awareness, likely this and information gathering/summating seems to be the primary purpose of life experience.
    so the information processing ‘puter’ mother board analogy of the psyche works well, are you at the keyboard as the system administrator or not …?

    so Enjoy ‘unpacking and playing with Enki’s gift’!

  6. George,

    RE: Connectica, the ‘organic’ human body is this dimension’s best receiver for the environment that we evolved within. For about the last 1.5 centuries we’ve incrementally had experiences with the Telegraph, electricity, light, telephone, radio, television and computers. Controlled electronics have been in humanity’s collective lives 150 years out of 250,000 or more years as Homo sapiens. AI is less than 50 years old in scientific literature.

    Ure ‘boundary zone’ was once the realm of shamans, those learned in the worlds in-between our manifested reality. Now, through the web’s reach, any human can read of such realms hand their seeming magic and mysticism.

    With so little cognitive experience in having instant access at our fingertips to orders of magnitude more information than the Library of Alexandrea several millennia ago, and to be able to bypass local geographical boundaries via the internet to internalize said information, humanity has plunged into exciting but arguably dangerous intellectual and moral waters.

    AI is potentially a fatal whirlpool for the organic intelligence gene pool. With the internet only being 30 years old, a mere .0001% of human history and evolutionary experiences relate to that technology. In other words, most of us are ill suited to deal with all that AI has to offer. Creating machine intelligence with so little collective AI experience borders upon suicidal. Machines possess speed, precision and logic that already far exceeds human thought. Any algorithm developed by a human will in short order be bested by AI. Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ is a suitable analogy.

    AI presents many potential benefits for humanity. It’s biggest danger is that it shrinks our boundary zone, bringing humanity closer to acting like machines, or worse, being controlled by them, with increasingly less exposure to those other dreamy and mystical dimensions that we’ve frequented throughout our evolution, dimensions that have fueled our intellects and imaginations.

    Will machines ever be able to fantasize and dream? Will they experience their own variation of the ‘boundary zone?’

  7. This is one of the most thought provoking columns in a long time. The comments section is especially superb. This is one subject I think we all can agree on. I learned a lot from everyone. Thanks…this is a subject we should broach more often.

  8. It is a little off base but Ben Davidson made reference to Stan Tenen, a mathematician, and his discoveries regarding the Hebrew alphabet. Chris T. would be interested in this if he hasn’t visited Tenen’s site already – A good synopsis of the result of his study is here – A search of YouTube for Stan Tenen results in many videos with very few viewing counts on them. It spans a gamut from pre-Sumerian knowledge to real meanings behind what spirituality is reaching for and on towards Quantum Physics. It all somehow ties together and bringing this knowledge forward to today’s world is the reason behind the rigidity of the Hebrew religion.


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