Peoplenomics_STPT_01.XLSX Released

With little more than Trump-bashing over  Wall funding and resultant government shut-down in passing headlines today, we abandon our regular report format in order to offer a software manual to accompany the Small Trader Power Tool (STPT)  workbook (a collection of worksheets in a single file) being released concurrently..

As you know, I have been fascinated with the use of market aggregates as a particularly useful way of considering Big Picture financial market behavior.  All based on the idea that there is just so much money in the world at one time available to bid prices up, or down.

So while congress bemoans the closure – which could be over in an instant if the presidential non-signing was over-ridden, we will keep our eye on the ball – which is looking at the Big Picture for guidance on how the future might roll out.

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