Coping: Tuesday at the WoWW

Ah…World of Woo-Woo time, is it?

A recurrent theme around here lately in our research are all those people who we thought were dead, but really are not.

One that plagues me is Fidel Castro…I could have sworn on a stack that he was worm food, but no, still alive and kicking.  I’ll be damned.  (Six conspiracy sites have reported Putin met with a zombie, though…)

And yes, I know it was a distinct event from Hugo Chavez…

Another person that many think is “a-goner” is Jane Goodall…British primate scientist.  Reader Donald admits to being plagued by this one:

I’ve been meaning to share this with someone. Having seen emails from your readers on your website that sound like my experience, I thought I’d sent it to you. So here it is.

I believe the past has changed thus changing the present at least from my perspective. Why? I do not know. Keep in mind that this is not a dream. It’s real life.

First, I want you to know that I’m well aware of all the stories and theories about parallel universes (or multiverse) and multiple timelines and everything strange in this universe. I’m not saying I know everything J about this area of human knowledge. I’m saying I’ve been reading about this (paranormal stuff) since I was 12-13 years old and I’m still trying to make sense of it. I’m 46 now.  

It has to do with Jane Goodall. Maybe you know about her. According to Wikipedia, she’s a primatologist who studied chimpanzees. But according to me, she studied gorillas. She’s also supposed to be deceased! Let me explain.

Since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed wildlife documentaries. I remember seeing a documentary about Jane Goodall when I was around 10 or 11. In that documentary, Jane Goodall studies gorillas. She lives with them, she plays with them. It’s a great documentary really. I remember a beautiful lady with long blond hair in a ponytail.

I also remember that at the end of the documentary, they explain that Jane Goodall was killed by poachers because she was trying to protect the gorillas from them. She was murdered. I remember that very clearly.

Then, a few years ago, I saw a headline on the internet that said that Jane Goodall was releasing a new book! There was this old lady on the picture. She looked like an old Jane Goodall all right. That I don’t deny. But from what I remember, that couldn’t be. That woman is supposed to be dead.

So I started to look for her on the internet. Maybe I’m mistaken I thought. Maybe it’s not the same person. But no. She is the Jane Goodall I know.

So how can this be? Further research on the internet lead me to Louis Leakey and Dian Fossey. Both Goodall and Fossey worked for Leakey. I didn’t know that.   

And according to Wikipedia (see the links), Fossey was studying gorillas and Goodall was studying chimpanzees. There was a third one working for Leakey. She was studying orangutans. Her name is Biruté Marija but she doesn’t have anything to with this story J

Plus it turns out that it’s Dian Fossey who was murdered by poachers. That’s her story in the movie “Gorillas in the mist” starring Sigourney Waever. If you ask me, that movie should be about Goodall and not Fossey.

So I don’t know what to make of this. In my memory, Jane Goodall studied gorillas and was murdered by poachers. But that’s not the official story.  

Thank you.

Yeah, know what you mean…I have a vague, but can’t put my hand on the memory clear enough to make heads of tails of it.  I’m pretty sure Ms. Goodall about agree, it’s nice she’s alive…but that leaves us with a really odd twister of humans and the psychology of “fame” to work through.

According to Wikipedia, which has an outstanding list of such “premature obituaries” over here (and it’s a marvelous list if you want to play the trivia game “Dead or Alive?” at lunch today), there are many reasons why people get twisted up on recalling deaths of famous people incorrectly:

Each premature obituary listed below has one of the following causes (where the cause is known):

  • Accidental publication: accidental release of a pre-written obituary, usually on a news web site, as a result of technical or human error. The most egregious example was when, in 2003, CNN accidentally released draft obituaries for seven major world figures.
  • Brush with death: when the subject unexpectedly survives a serious life-threatening illness or accident which made the person appear to be dead or certain to die.
  • Fraud victim: many people from Uttar Pradesh, India have been registered dead by officials who are bribed by relatives who want to steal the victim’s land. The ensuing legal disputes often continue for many years, with victims growing elderly and sometimes dying in reality before they are resolved. (See Association of Dead People.)
  • Hoax: when a death is falsely reported, generally as a prank.
  • Impostor: when an ordinary person who for years has passed himself off to family and friends as a retired minor celebrity dies, it can prompt an erroneous obituary for the real (but still-living) celebrity.
  • Misidentified body: when a corpse is misidentified as someone else, often someone who was involved in the same incident or who happened to go missing at the same time.
  • Missing in action: soldiers who go missing in war are sometimes incorrectly declared dead if no body is found. In particular, a number of Japanese soldiers thought to have died in World War II in fact survived – typically hiding in remote jungle for years or even decades, believing that the war had not ended.
  • Misunderstandings: such as when a Sky News employee thought that an internal rehearsal for the future death of the Queen Mother was real.
  • Name confusion: where someone with an identical or similar name has died. Usually the subject of the obituary is famous; the deceased person is not.
  • Pseudocide: when the subject fakes his own death in order to evade legal, financial, or marital difficulties and start a new life.

Somehow, though, the list is doesn’t quite feel “settled” if you know what I mean.  Those seriously left-brained editors of Wikipedia seem to have left our favorite explanation out:  Namely that the truth about how Reality operates was accidently “leaked” in the movie The Adjustment Bureau and ever since then, the blue-teams have been reworking present reality in order to ensure their little secrets about (stopping time, reordering events, and such mayhem) recall doesn’t get out.

Maybe it’s because so many of us are afraid to die…perhaps there’s some kind of “mental firewall” software that keeps us from shining the bright light of consciousness…and we’re satisfied to generalize and forget…even if wrong.

That would make sense, from the psychological standpoint of course:  Who wants to revisit the unpleasant memories and sense of loss?  Nope, better to “firewall and forget” in order for it to become possible to get back to the here and now and the business at hand.  Which usually comes down to processing food and paying taxes….

That makes scientific sense.  Until you realize that consciousness is non-local, that energetic beings are real, and we are only lobotomized pawns, of course.

Once you go there, no telling who’s alive, who’s dead, and what’s real, is there? I know I have one of my old sayings for this sort of thing.  Hmmm….ah, yes…

Ure’s Axiom:  Science is the tool that enables us to deny madness.

Yessir:  Humans are just as crazy as ever.  But now we have spot remover to clean up the stains of history.

And people nowadays are denied the right to die of “natural causes.”  Instead what kills ‘em is science.

I wonder if the monkeys mentioned that to Jane?

Adventures in Email Marking

I am working on setting up a weekly summary email since people have asked for it. 

But while you’re waiting for that to happen (don’t hold your breath, I don’t have enough dough for Elaine and me, let along your heirs), do any of these email marketing gurus ever “sex” their list?

Sexing is something old farmers do out here in the woods…you know, figure out who the roosters are and who’s gonna make eggs?

Or, have I really gotten to be such an old and discrepant male that I need a “Zip Bra?” 

Speaking of which…

Got me some new definition of aging:  The onset of aging is when you stop ordering AstroGlide in 55-gallon drums and start ordering the smallest possible size…

Serious aging is when you can remember where you put it very small container..

The onset of dementia is when you wonder what that bottle you’re holding is for…

Serious dementia is the same as onset, except you realize you’re in a crowded shopping mall with no clothes on at the time.

Death is when you tell you’re partner “Don’t move…” and they don’t for several days…and then you can’t remember where you wrote down the number to call 9-1-1.

Advanced directives is having the sense to tape the number for  9-1-1 to the very small bottle of….


Around the Ranch: Pouring Life into a Keyboard

So last night, reader Ed sends me a note from Oztralia.  “Your site has been down!” he advised.

Sure enough, UrbanSurvival access to Down Under disappeared when I turned on our nifty-new IPv-6 capability.

You know – that replacement for the four numbers with six numbers and hexadecimals. 

But sure, enough, not all ISPs in Australia have adopted IPv-6 yet (list of some who have is over here).

But if you have any strong feelings, this way, or that, please let me know.  We’re curious.

Studio in the Ditch

Yes, that studio here (part of my Radio Free George initiative) has ended up on the rocks of software, just to the side of AMD’s Processor Reef.

With the latest upgrades in Windows, my firewire connection to the mixing board has taken early retirement and left no forwarding address.

Now the problem comes down to skipping firewire while we hook up USB, downloading new firmware into the mixing board, going back to firewire (we’ll see) and then testing to see if anything more than a couple of lights work.

The only good news is that at the end of the day – like until 8 pm – which is where I was watching my life dribble out a keyboard, there was the simple pleasure of a martini in hand.

Plug and Pray world, ain’t it?

Speaking of computers….we get seriously into computer prepping for the Big Whatever tomorrow…have a great day. 

See you tomorrow if you’re a subscriber, or back here for more on the free side of things Thursday morning, unless you can’t find this website because we’re back on IPv-4 and, geez….where’s my coffee?