Coping: Springing Ahead Insanity

I won’t spend much time of today’s column because it’s too logical and sensible:  I believe our whole, planet-wide understanding of time is screwy and uselessly complex.

Tonight, at 2 AM, we will “spring ahead” to 3 AM instantly.  You and I will both get screwed our of an hour of sleep.

What happens is predictable.  We will expect a small bump up in accident rates, for example, because people’s personal “clocks” have been tampered with.  What’s more, there’s no corresponding drop in accidents the weekend and week following the end of the damnable time-game we’re playing.

To be sure, there are some school safety issues with low-light driving conditions, but why not set the starting time for school’s differently?

See:  Here’s the deal:  Time is totally made-up and we really don’t need anything other than what real people use anyone:  The ONE GLOBAL  TIME.

Check out what Wikipedia says about Greenwich or “Zulu” time:

Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated to UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. It is within about 1 second of mean solar time at 0° longitude,[1] and is not adjusted for daylight saving time. In some countries where English is spoken, the term Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is often used as a synonym for UTC.[2]

The first Coordinated Universal Time was informally adopted on 1 January 1960[3] and was first officially adopted as CCIR Recommendation 374, Standard-Frequency and Time-Signal Emissions, in 1963, but the official abbreviation of UTC and the official English name of Coordinated Universal Time (along with the French equivalent) were not adopted until 1967.”

It isn’t like I’m the lone nutjob on this:  All military branches seem to run fine on “zulu” time.

When you take an airplane ride somewhere, the pilot’s weather briefing, flight plans, data records…at the important stuff is on UTC.

It also eliminates confusion when dealing with geographically dispersed teams.

I happen to be working with a team right now that is in Florida and California and the Central US.  Setting up the “time” for the next Zoom meeting is a waste of precious recourse, yet workgroups all over the world cling to this temporal stupidity, not relaozing that to even discuss anything other than UTC time is indiciative how how weak-minded, uncoordinated, and sloppy people are in their thinking.

Thank God that Daylight Time doesn’t impact UTC!

On that note, Ure is going back to bed this morning as soon as Peoplenomics is posted.

Because it’s about time and I want to bank something for tomorrow nights herding of the sheep.

There’s an old story about daylight time handed down in our family and traced back to the early family days in the Dakotas.  A Native Elder known to us is reputed to have said:

“While man foolish.  He cuts a foot off one end of his blanket and sews it on the other end.  And then pretends that the blanket is long….”

First People may not look, at things like majority rat-racers, but their thinking is admirably clear and unambiguous when it comes to mass self-delusion.

If you operate on local time, you speak volumes about yourself…and not very complimentary ones, if you don’t mind the mention.

I’d say “Wake up!” but that might seem alarming and that might reference time.  Screw it…back to bed.

Write when you figure out what time it really is…The correct answer is always “Later than I’d like…”

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  1. Good points George. Many people allow time & other outside influences to control their lives & thinking. When, in fact, the only time that matters is the NOW, the present moment. When living in the present moment, we look within ourselves & control our world from the inside out. This allows one to control any situation & not be controlled by the situation.

  2. Absolutely despise daylight “saving” time. If you farm, which I do, it screws up the entire supply system. For example, if you have a breakdown at 4:30 PM CDT and the parts store/dealer closes at 5 and is a half hour drive away; no parts and no work until the next day when they open. Unless you want to pay the extra fee for off hours service. What a business model!

    Animals still want to be fed according to the solar schedule, which in many cases makes you run late for the Grandson’s ball game, etc.

    I personally think the whole idea was conceived by the powers that be to screw with the population. Think about it. More accidents, means more trips to the emergency room thus more dollars for big med. More accidents means more auto repair or replacement, again money. People are more irritable and domestic strife increases, meaning divorce lawyers get more business. Granted some of these ideas are far fetched, but you get my point.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • Arizona doesn’t turn to daylight savings in the spring because the temperatures are so hot in the spring and summer, most businesses don’t want the sun to last until 9:00pm. The sooner the sun down, the more enjoyable the evenings to enjoy outdoor dining, shopping, kids baseball and softball games etc.

      I personally like the later evenings where light is lingering past 9:00pm in the summer and I would like it to stay that way year round. I hate leaving the office at 5:00pm and have it be dark in the winter too. It’s all about preference though…Many don’t like waking up and going to work in the dark either…or have their kids wait at the bus stop in the dark. Thus…The balancing out of daylight “savings”.

      Being a former Advertising agency exec, “falling back” in October used to be a way for Local News and Network News to attract more advertisers and ad dollars because the sun would set earlier, driving more people inside to watch TV during the non prime 5-7 time slot. The first round of Ratings week would always fall into the prime days of late October and early November as well…Today, with everyone streaming their shows on demand, and watching the news on their phones, there is less of a Media lobby to thwart a Daylight Savings rollback.

      No matter what…there will be detractors either way…

      • Here in NM, the State Senate has passed a bill to make it MDT all year long, and the State House has passed one to make it MST all year long. They only have a few more days in session to screw up our lives with dumb new laws(mostly about guns and taxes), so instead of doing something useful that most people want, they’re going to leave the current stupid system in place.

        Personally, I prefer MDT all year long. It fits the days and sunlight better. I try to maximize waking time when the sun is out since I enjoy doing a lot of outside things. I’m stuck with doing business during business hours, so I have to comply with the consensus time.

  3. Being an aviator in the AF for 29 years my mind always thought zulu time. Anywhere I would land in the world the first thing my mind would do is calculate how to get to zulu. For example I live in the CTZ so it is +6 to zulu. So it is 10:25 here in Weatherford, and 16:25 zulu.
    When we move to daylight time tonight, we are jumping to the time zone 15 degrees longditude to the east of us. So Sunday, tomorrow at 10:25 DSTime, it will be +5 to zulu or 15:25.
    When I use to fly fighters out of Deutchland (Ramstein), it was minus 2 to zulu. So if takeoff was 07:00 local, the time on our flight plans would be listed as 05:00 zulu.
    Since aviators were always converting to zulu, all the fighter pilots I knew wore G-shock watches set to 24 hours. It was always so much easier to get to zulu with 24 hour settings.
    Mark “Red Dog”

  4. Globe trotters and deploying military forces face a unique problem with Zulu time. For instance, during Standard time, Hawaii is -10 hours from Zulu (e.g. 00:00 Zulu is 2pm (1400) the previous day, while Guam is +10 hours that same day as Greewich, England (1000). Yet both are in the west-central Pacific.

    If the world were ‘to do a Zulu redo,’ we could make the international date line the prime meridian. That would put a lot of human brains thru the blender initially, but make much more sense in today’s digital world.

    • Exactamente! Run the line through no countries and if the middle of the Atlantic was the “least troublesome” dateline, then so be it.
      OR…alternative, really SOLVE everything with “Digital World Time” which would incorporate a date as the prefix to the time so we would all know where the day is… at least as of 20190310.12.46 Coordinate Digital Time…

      Date math sure gets easier..

  5. Hawaii being in the tropics, our daylight varies only about 1/2 hour with seasonal changes, and we don’t “DO” daylight savings time changes, thankfully. But in dealing with mainland businesses we always have to be mindful of the mainland changes. East coast… is it 5 or is it 6 hours off this time of season? Worst experience I had was being responsible for scheduling satellite time for an entire TV season of baseball feeds. The jerks at Hughes satellite (who had the carriage contract for MLB) worked out of NYC and all satellite times were “New York Time”. The user (me) was left to figure out the time changes and DST changes during the season and when it changes. Yes… I missed a game feed schedule once and had to pay premium ‘on demand’ satellite time to get my feed to the TV station. New York figured they were the center of the universe, and the rest of the world could damn well figure out what ‘New York Time’ was during the year.

  6. Not a single comment about the real reason for DST. It saves billions in energy costs. Otherwise, those hours of early daylight are wasted while people are sleeping. And then they would stay up an hour later into the night with the lights on.

    • DST doesn’t “save” anything ! ! It costs BILLIONS in lost productivity by workers walking in their sleep the first hours of the work day. It costs BILLIONS in traffic accidents by shifting early morning commuters BACK into total darkness to sleepily drive to work. It costs BILLIONS in UN-NECESSARY psychological disturbance and readjustment sessions. I could go on and on; but you get the picture.

  7. I so hate living in Indiana for this reason. I, unfortunately, live in a region that does the change the clock forward and backwards. It’s frustrating to me as I live a short distance to towns that don’t do this, and I never know which time it is when I go there. It’s stupid.

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