Power In the Greater Depression (Ch. 9)

Lifestyle and System Integration is our menu today.

Since we have taken the time in the previous 8-chapters to learn the basics of the sub-system components, we can focus on making intelligent purchase decisions today.

Which will lead into next week’s chapter on wiring it all up and how to navigate a “Co-Generation Agreement” if you’re planning to sell power back onto the grid.

We’ll get to this after a few headlines and our usual view of the market which continues to be more than slightly bearish overall.


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19 thoughts on “Power In the Greater Depression (Ch. 9)”

  1. There are 2 kinds of Politicans in the world. The “Peter Pans” & the “Muscle Man”. The Peter Pans are the ones who never grew up. The Muscle Man is the bully. The Peter Pans are good at starting things, the Muscleman is good at finishing things. I think our current group of Congress Woman are Peter Pans.

  2. My individual stocks are all bearish. But the S&P 500 & the NASDAQ are still bullish. The DOW is bearish. I would rather go with the individual stocks because that is where the money is made. As they say, go where the money is. I developed a whole new stock trend trading system. It is nice because you only need to look at what happened at the end of the day, but you need to do it daily even if gone fishing.

    • I just completed Monday’s plan. Do nothing until closing review of targeted stock portfolio. I have the day off which is good because I will be fishing.

  3. I’m totally on board with the idea of a serialized BW2. I read the original Broken Web and it’s been a useful data input. While I hate the idea of a web license, it’s better to be prepared for that possibility than to have my head in the sand just ranting.

    BTW, regarding a battery bank: On an old forklift battery(occasional use only) that’s gassed a lot and deposited too much in the way of (probably) sulfate salts all over, is it advisable to add H2SO4 rather than just watering? The battery is minimally functional and I’d like to avoid replacing it. It came that way with the forklift and a small, semi-intelligent charger that seems to distinguish between acceptance and float. The battery weighs a bit over a ton so I’m trying to avoid pulling it out for service too often.

  4. I personally believe a person should have two choices when it comes to solar energy. If you want to sell back then you should pay the power increases. If you don’t then any increases in rates should be frozen for ten years. Power companies should embrace solar. Instead of a huge wind or solar farm where major changes in infrastructure has to be implimented. Smaller solar and wind collection stations starting at the furthest portion of line. Place one at each boost station. Like a tree depends on its roots so is solar power the households and individual arrays are the leaves of your tree the smaller solar towers at each boost station is your branches.. You not only strengthen the grid and secure the nation against some enemy or group from taking it down with a couple of surgical strikes sending us back ten thousand years. We also by supporting small solar and wind generate more power for the companies to sell…
    Speaking about an organization that I think totally rocks. They are kid friendly and family friendly and everyone I have known there has. Been downright nice and smart with great sense of humor as well..love these guys…
    Well here is a kid friendly activity that you can do with your kids and get rid of some trash..

  5. Again, the NK “summit” wasn’t a failure, it was a show, put on for the benefit of Mr. Xi.

    “Sanctions” were placed on North Korea by the UN, not the U.S. Kim knows this, and knows Trump can NOT lift them — ergo, they’re not a point of negotiation, regardless of anything the stupid “Press” or the ignorant Congressoids may say into the nearest camera.

    There’s a reason the U.S. Press Corpse was shuffled around and disoriented, and why Mr. Trump addressed only foreign Press.

    North Korea is China’s foreign policy “stick,” which they’ve used for 70 years to poke and prod the U.S. and Western Urepeein nations, whenever the Party deemed it appropriate. They are a tool.

    Mr. Trump is attempting to turn the tool, and use it against the ChiComs. Whether he’s successful, we won’t know until at least June… but that is the gist of the “Hanoi Theater.” It was one act of an ongoing play, that’s all…

  6. Lizzy Warren is a Marxist socialist. She will want to break up every major company. She’s just starting with the Internet, because to break up those three, or nationalize them, gives the Party in-power in the gummint, nearly absolute control of information search and dissemination, and sufficient centralized control of E-Commerce to regulate or weaponize it.

  7. Glad to see you mention “wire connectors.” I learned those dirty words “insertion loss” about 10 years after you did, but have since always figured them into every wire connection I make — not just coax…

    Vehicles started getting alternators in the 1950s. Until the “Delcotron,” they all used external (fender or firewall mounted) regulators, just like the generators they replaced. Back in the ’70s I drove an MGA equipped with a Motorola positive ground alternator. The alternator was a 37 amp negative-ground unit from a Dodge or Rambler (don’t remember) and I did the rectifier and regulator work myself, which was dead-simple, because it DID use an external regulator. ‘Point is, an alternator from a non-GM car or truck made before about 1972 or ’73 (later for Fords, IIRC) would have such an external regulator. Many tractors, trailer-mounted welders and generators, and lots of military stuff, didn’t get the Delcotron-type alternator until the 1990s.

    An “auto electric” shop should be able to build up just about anything, using high-grade wire, for not much more than a “Fleabay special.” {My local shop built me a John Deere starter a couple years ago, using Belden MIL-spec magnet wire on a Bosch frame, for $10 less than a new, junk, Chinese JD starter. The owner also warned me to NEVER pitch an OE starter, generator, or alternator, but to take them to a shop and have them rewound/rebuilt…}

    BTW that same shop THREW AWAY 5 55gal drums of rebuilt alternators, a couple months before I arrived with my dead starter, because they needed the room!*

    *Okay, not actually. They sold them for scrap, for $100/bbl. Had I known, I’d have bought the lot of ’em and spent my summer building windmills…

  8. > The simple answer is Amp-Hours and Kilowatt-Hours are close enough to the
    > same so that the calculations “work” even though not completely precise.
    > So, in this instance, we would need a battery that (in our nominal 24-Volt system)
    > would need to deliver 368 watt-hours times the 24-hours in a day.

    I always recommend you convert everything to watt hours. Why? It’s way too easy to
    transpose the 24V 300ah and the 120V 300ah when you are a page down into the calculations.
    In actuality the former is 7,200wh and the latter is 36,000wh. Not a mistake to discover after you have clicked the BUY button.

  9. All I hear and read is Lying Trump but nobody seems to know what the lie is. Somebody please let me know.

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