Let me begin by stating that I am not a healthcare professional. My only medical training was a first aid/cpr card back when, and reading one of my son’s EMT training manuals.

Other than being the recipient of four eye surgeries in the past two months, the only other surgeries I have personally participated in involved any number of rare pieces of beef. Still, I have some opinions and some research you may follow-up on in your spare time (my what?) if you want to join me at 67 going on 45…

Is There Healthcare Rationing?

One reality I haven’t had time to research is the matter of heart attacks. The reason I don’t pay them much mind is that it’s my job in life to give them, not get them.

Still, Wednesday morning at the eye doc’s joint, we had a very interesting discussion with a fellow who’d retired to East Texas from the Auto Industry.

He revealed that his research showed that if you have a heart attack, you’d better make it a good one and get everything taken care of the first time-around. Because – and this is only an assertion, mind you – he says that on subsequent events, the only thing that will be authorized is medicine, not procedures.

You might want to look into whether that’s true, or not, but it was interesting enough that I thought is worth throwing out there for some community research.

The docs are being told with ACA rules coming, that after the first heart attack, the move by government is to counsel patients about death and the risks of lifestyle and so forth.

Rationing? Sure sounds like it, but this is only a street-level report – and he said the medical community is fighting it.

What worries me is that some of the money to fund the invasion of America from foreign people might be funded by such rationing..but we need not go there.

Statin Madness?

Related to this is a study that says prescribing of statins for cholesterol is of questionable value. One of the better write-ups is in the UK Independent modestly headlined “Heart disease is not caused by high cholesterol so taking statins is ‘waste of time’, research finds.”

This is something my doctor and I have been going around-on for a couple of years now. I hold the view that the research into the viability of statins is pretty low and there are plenty of risks from taking them including some risk to mental acuity (and things like TGA – temporary global amnesia) and I’m not interested in either one. While landing an aircraft, about the last thing I want showing up is mental drift…

My doctor insists that I’m a Neanderthal, although he observes professional ethics and questions present acuity, instead. And he’s got plenty of support from the careet statin makers who have basically started a major re-launch of the “statins are good for you” messaging. See articles like the Guardian’s Don’t throw away your statins yet – LDL cholesterol is still probably bad for you…” for the other side of it.

Still, when articles like Prescribing statins to prevent cardiovascular disease in older people ‘a waste of time’, according to study “ show up in The Pharma Letter, it is worth additional study.

I have referred to this issue many times. In fact, there’s been a dandy book on Amazon for six years, now – it’s so good I gave a copy to my doctor to read: and this has been out since 20-10.

Ignore the Awkward.: How the Cholesterol Myths Are Kept Alive (Paperback) – Common/

As I said, I am not a medical professional, but I do, thanks to business school, know a few things about statistics.  And the issues here arte part statistical and very much financial.  Statins are a huge source of profits in the “health care” industry.  If they have side effects, break a few shells to get an omelet seems the approach.

Here lately, I have been doing a fair bit of research into what I can only call the “Fadicity” (as in fad-like) approaches to public health. 

Chlorination of water is a fine example:  It can create carcinogens by the test rube full.  And yes, use of ozone as a water purifier that kills more viruses, doesn’t have the side effects, and demonstrably tastes better is obvious.  In fact, virtually all bottled water is ozonated.  But have the facts changed public health on use of chlorination?  Not so far as I’ve seen.

There is – in much of what we do here on Ant Farm Earth, a financial herd mentality.  Once an idea (even if questionable with alternatives available) takes financial hold, you pay hell trying to get people to chaing their minds.

Go look up how much money is being spent in the fight against cancer on exotic drugs…and nothing wrong with that.  But then look up how much current research is aimed at improved cellular level oxygen uptake….and oh, my, I’m going to bet there is a spread because oxygen is not a financial exploitable but some 20-symbol sting of chemicals is, so see how this all works?

Let’s move on… there’s still more on my list…

George;s Missing Beard

Yes, that and the caterpillar under the nose are both gone.

When the temp got up to a “feels like” of 103F this week, even though I avoid going outside like the plague, off came the facial hair unt65il the Ice Age returns..but that’s around the middle of October.

The side benefit is there is less chance of my face flaring up in fire from either alcohol fumes in the beard or an odd spark.

Elaine looked at me differently for the first two days./  “You look like a different man…”

I’m not, but you can call me John, I told her/  The hell of it is Zeus the
Cat was a little skeptical of being fed by “John” the first couple of times, too.

Benefits from Boron?  Alternative Turkey?

Here’s another supplement to look up when you get time:  Boron.  You can find it at health food stores, but interesting stuff.  Then flip over int the local master gardener programs and such and ask about plants with (and without) boron…see what grows best.

Last, but not least:  We’ve discovered the local grocery emporium, Brookshire’s, bakes fresh turkey breast in their deli daily.  When Elaine happened by as a breast was coming out of the oven, Elaine said “I’ll take it…”

It was justg cool enough to slice and put on fresh French bread by the time she got it home.  And between us, it had the half-life of a political position…gone in a day.

We don’t usually engage in such extravagances, but rather than fire up the grill, or heat up the over in the house, this seemed like an easy way to get some simple turkey which I like to toss in soup, or have on a sandwich.

Along the way, I’ve also converted Elaine to Claussen’s Dill pickles – which are in the reefer case generally around the sandwich meats.  IJ don’t know if you’ve ever  done a side-by-side of a cold process pickle (real) or the heat-treated last till the Second Coming type, but E’s not a cold pickle convert.  It’s a small congregation, but they do have good taste.

Bring more coffee and show up tomorrow…and write when you get rich…