(Payson, AZ)_ —  It seems like an odd topic to tee off Friday morning with, but a Thursday piece in the Washington Post is more than worth your time to read – regardless of which brand of religion (if any) you choose to believe.

The story (here) has to do with Chinese myth that holds China began with a great Flood.


A Great Flood?

Try on this quote for size:

“The flood is pouring forth destruction. Boundless and overwhelming, it overtops hills and mountains,” goes a quote attributed to the legendary Emperor Yao. “Rising and ever rising, it threatens the very heavens.”

If civilization was to survive, the people needed a hero who could tame the floodwaters and restore the land. That man was Yu, founder of China’s first dynasty, the Xia. Over the course of decades, Yu organized a dredging campaign, dug channels that would carry the water back to its source, and pioneered a tradition of great Chinese public works.”

Depending on how much sleep you had last night, and what kind of religious up-bringing you have in your background, the Chinese version of ancient events sounds suspiciously like what would in modern times have been called a “global coastal event” – and every bit as scary not to mention life-changing for the survivors.

And this m yth is persistent in other sources, as well.

In Greek mythology, the lands of Atlantis (which some have theorized are under the Antarctic icecap now) were once home to an amazing civilization.

True, much ofx the fanciful crap about powered by crystals and such is likely made up, the idea that something of the Earth could power huge industries and feed people is not so far fetched.

We just don’t have the crystal approach down yet – we’re calling it uranium and enrichment.

From there, the myth spreads:  The fierce red-haired humans who came ashore at the tip of South America and seeded the high civilizations of South and Central America.  And what about all that5 gold-mining that was done in ancient times in Africa:  Human, or were we a trading outpost for off-planet types…

And it all fits in with the stories that fall out of the work of our friends up at the www.thechronicleproject.org who are finding much the same thing in ancient (self-defining) Hebrew.

So here we have another data point to stick on the map of human history:  This is the nth culture that has Big Flood in their past.

Y9ou don’t need to be Hercules or an ancient Chinese scholar to figure out that when you get enough points on a scatter-chart it may be trying to tell you something.

And judging by the kind of progress we are making as humans? 

It’ll be a dead heat whether we grok to the bigger picture before we level the planet again.

But like Ecclesiastes points out:  There is nothing new under the Sun.

As Friday morning dawns, it all comes down to the Big Picture is resolving into a rather convincing Big Picture that we as human s have not yet been able to fully wrap our heads around.

\This latest pile of facts seem to support the idea of an older Flood event, elevations to power based on Flood, and the preservation in multiple cultural memories.

To me, this causes almost everything else in the news flow today to pale in comparison.  But then bedrock – especially when it comes to our core values – is something we take deadly serious around here.

Science and religion are continuing on a merger path… and that’s absolutely huge.

Friday Woo-Woo

Been saving this report for today because it’s the kind of report I had to think about a good bit before even attempting to write it.

\Here’s what happened:

Night before last, at our hotel room in Reno, I happened to be awakened in the middle of the night by Elaine talking in her sleep.

The problem is, the language she was talking made absolutely no sense.

I’ve been an avid shortwave radio listener for 50+ years and I have heard almost every language there is:  Can I sort out the rural Finnish dialects from Inuktitut?  No, But I have heard them – along with man y African and Middle Eastern tongues.

It was like NO OTHER LANGUAGE I have ever heard.

It was precisely spoken…it wasn’t just dream-noise.  No, it was précise and maybe three or four sentences worth

But now here is the really odd part of the language:  It was spoken as though there were absolutely NO VOWELS.

I have never heard a language like this one:  It was incredibly smooth – and after hearing it, I don’t think I could describe it any better than this. 

It was almost as though I was listening to an other-worldly voice – and that any use of a vowel was…how weird is this?…would simply corrupt language.

Oh – and it was emotionally warm.  Not like the hoch Deutsch or lower German with guttural sounds.  No clicks or pops…just utterly smooth words may up only of the vowel sounds

Elaine can’t remember the dream it came from, but says on this trip she has been having very vivid dreams – to the point where it seem s like she’s “somewhere else.”

Like what?

Best description she could come up with was “non-location” – no sense of sad or happy – just non-location.

If you have any ideas of what kind of language this might have been, please pass it along – sense this is bugging me and I would sure like to hear more of it…

One From the Road

Sure – why not?

One of Elaine’s snaps from the Mogollon Rim (Mountains north of Phoenix)  as we worked our way into Payson after coming down the scenic Mormon Lakes area of the Coconino National Forest..


Two more nights on  the road and then home to our usual summer routine…

Have a great weekend and more tomorrow for our Peoplenomics.com readers and more Monday right here…/

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