Tactical View of the World

(Las Vegas, NV) – Subscribers to our Peoplenomics.com website will want to refer back to a June 2014  report in which I sketched out the then-current boundaries of the Global Caliphate.

Then, you can flip over here to a report in the UK Sun  this morning that depicts the terrorist-eye view of conflict as a heat map.  Please note from from our 2014 report, ISIS has been pushing along the borders we described.

It is important – because of this morning’s headlines – to see how terribly botched the “War on Terror” (WoT) has become.

We can begin this morning with the American killed in London.  Stabbed to death, in fact.  Please note that Britain has one of the most disarmed populations in the world, but then so does France.

This is strategic information you will wish to recall in the middle of 2017 when the Clinton administration will be fighting hard to press through a massive gun tax – and if Paul Ryan is returned to congress, it seems likely that the former republican party will play along, as they have on immigrant dumping and border insecurity..

While it is true that we have favored Donald Trump as a challenger to the “old way” – there is increasing hype in media that he has “lost his way” and is trying (for how many times is it now?) implode.

For better, or worse, there are still lots of “old America” value’s holders, including the likes of Clint Eastwood, who call this a “generation of pussies.”

Yet, Americana capitulation to ISIS as well as Iran continues unabated at the highest levels.

Note the comments of a recent ISIS defector.

Paying Off Terror

You see, the Obama administration just sent $400-million taxpayer dollars to the government in Tehran. 

This is obviously a payoff to free some Americans held by Tehran, but the administration is telling us once again, not to “believe our lying eyes” when facts are in plain sight.

And She Who Will Rule makes light of “old business.”

While it is true that some members of the US Department of Just Us had objected, we are not surprised to see another miscarriage of justice at the Lynch Mob . The same group that dismissed nearly a year of investigating Hillary wrongdoing in less than 24-hours.  Teflon or grease, you make the call.

In the meantime, the pro Muslim hijack of the democrats continues to unravel.  Now we read reports on how the much touted Khazir Khan not only ran an immigrant-oriented law firm, but he also is alleged to have founded  a sharia law promotion journal.

If you don’t hear the rattling or the chains of sharia yet, you aren’t listening.   Or, perhaps you’re hard of thinking.

An Embarrassing Question?

I see where the Saudis are willing to help Indian workers who have been abandoned ion the kingdom.  They can get food and a flight home.

But this got me to thinking:  How many Syrian refugees have the Saudis accepted?  Oh, sure, they say 500,000 but the UN numbers over here way most (like 2.7 million) have gone to Turkey and then onto Europe….

The Illusion In Trouble?  Job Cuts Rising

Hot off the press release:

The pace of layoffs ticked up in July, as employers announced plans to shed 45,346 workers from their payrolls. That represents a 19 percent increase from 38,536 job cuts in June, according to the report released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

It was the second consecutive increase in monthly job cuts, as the June total was up 28 percent from May, when planned layoffs fell to a five-month low of 30,157.

While the July total was up from the previous month, it was 57 percent lower than same period a year ago, when job cuts surged to a 4-year high of 105,696. The increase was due to heavy cuts in the military, where 57,000 troops and civilian personnel were discharged in budget-cutting initiatives.

To date, employers have announced 359,100 job cuts in 2016. That is down 8.7 percent from the 393,368 job cuts announced from January through July 2015.

“While job cuts were up last month, compared to June, the total was still lower the July average recorded since the end of the recession. We did see a resurgence in energy-sector job cuts. This was somewhat unexpected in light of recent projections of increased oil prices and possible labor shortages in the industry,” said John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Job cuts in the energy sector totaled 17,725 in July, a 796 percent increase from the previous month (1,979) and the largest job-cut tally for the industry since April, when these firms announced 18,759 job cuts.

Once the news of this filtered out, the Dow held onto a 40 points gain on the futures side, but count me skeptical.

By the way, did you catch the ADP report Wednesday?  Look at the bottom two lines of this summary:

What this means is what?

Well, notice that the number of goods producing jobs fell (yet again) and the only growth has been in the service industries?

This continues to evolve more and more into what we call in economics the “shop keeper economy” – when everyone makes a living by selling things to each other – services.

If you want to grab a nation by the financial short hairs, all you need to do is own their manufacturing of real/hard goods and you can twist any way you like.

8 thoughts on “Tactical View of the World”

  1. I always thought one of the most important aspects of survival is being able to accept and integrate new facts into one’s belief system. If you’re drowning admit you’re drowning. If you’re being robbed admit that you’re being robbed. If you’re lost admit you’re lost. A lot of times humans can’t face reality. In orienteering we call it “bending the map.”

    I’m not sure what the hoopla is about the $400M to Iran. In 1979 Iran made a down payment to buy arms from the US. The Iranian Revolution took place. We didn’t ship the arms, but kept the money. Iran goes to the Hague for arbitration and the US settles for $0.10 on the $. Makes sense to me.

    That’s reality and some people want to bend it to suit their opinion. Not a good survival mechanism.

    All of this was widely reported more than six months ago. Here’s a press briefing from 01/19/2016. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2016/01/19/press-briefing-press-secretary-josh-earnest-1192016

    What bothers me about this is the black ops slush fund the money was paid from. How much off the book money does the government have, where does it come from and who oversees it?

  2. Here is an interesting story….. at first I thought just another mind numbing piece of propaganda then you think on it it is really a deep thinker..


    Now consider this information that I seen on the defense channel on cable television just what a couple weeks ago…. the new tanks that are made out of nuclear spent steel.. the inner shell is radioactive surrounded by material to keep it from affecting those using the vehicle.. if it gets hit or bombed the deadly radiation is spread.. couldn’t that be considered as a nuclear weapon?what are the long range effects of blowing up a radio active tank.? what is the life of radioactive material spread over a long range area as a dirty bomb or dirty tank? or how about the elephant in the box..
    yup.you guessed it.. fukishima….. once it melted through the containment vessels.. I think that was pretty much it and of course no one is talking about it..

    • so…. what you’re saying is that it will be the same as ‘hillary’, but without the 40 year history of being held unaccountable for mistakes, black face and illegal activities? At least Trump has had his days in court, good or bad. I’ll take Gary Johnson over Trump, but I’ll vote for a dog’s ass before i vote for Hillary.

      What people don’t understand is that Trump – and Johnson for that matter – represent more than what comes out of their mouths. It represents a rejection of the past 60+ years of the political BS that Hillary squarely represents.

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