Back From the “Shaman’s Lake” & Jobs Data

(Payson, AZ) – Let me begin with the totally weird part first.

A few years back, I told you an amazing (but true) story of having stayed at this casino hotel – having a precognitive dream about a detour and such on the way home.

Through a remarkable set of coincidences, we stayed in the same room last night – so this morning I have been back to what a shaman might call “their place of power” from which things are very much clearer, although that’s a long enough discussion that it will be a column in and of itself Monday in the Coping section.

Turns out people apparently do have places of power – and we’ll get into that more Monday.

The two key take-aways from the remarkable dream states I get in this room  (*for reasons that are not clear but which are coming into focus):

The first is that the world is very much like a hollow “ball of yarn.”

What this means is that yes, we have a very fine surface of the planet to begin with.  Yet over time, we have lost our focus on getting the job of “tending that planet well” completely screwed up.

So above the planet (in metaphysical terms) we have wound a huge skein of  yarn. 

In economic terms, this surface of planet is what we need to actually feed and clothe people  – and a good portion of that crowd that is “meek” and inherits the earth.

With the arrival of the Internet, however, the skeins of “yarn “  – picture it as a cloud of economic overhead – have become more important than what we were tending in the first place. 

Each place the overhead “yarn crosses” another part of yarn there is growth, consulting work, and economic expansion to be had.  Or another tax scheme…

As the massive exercise in human egoic expansion continues, the stewardship for the basics has been shot to hell – and a “cloud” of made-up “regulations” “morals” and odd behaviors (like ‘funny money’) has ascended and is now lording over the basics.

With good reason, too:

One of the key problems that came out of early looks into the future – such as the Club of Rome report – was that if we had a gazillion people, what would we do with them all?

There simply isn’t enough “basic survival, happy plenty” to go around.  Not and have a large enough “margin” to support a globalist over-class and their minions in office.

Or, to look at it from our weird perspective: 

I don’t know if you are into Google Fusion tables, but here’s one that lays out U.S. population growth since the Founding.  You will see the U.S. had about 140-million people in 1945.  That’s near enough when some of us were born to be a useful, personal metric of growth.. 

Today the U.S. population is well north of 320-million.  This means the  population today is 2.28 times what it was back when.

The problem?  We don’t really need to make that much in the way of hard goods – that we made in WW II.

So what to do with the population here on the rock?

Well, we take the skein of regulatory and marketing “yarn” and we weave or wrap a massive cloud of services overhead – and let’s toss in globalist agenda and regulations – a cloud that is almost infinitely expandable at and above the run rates required by the ruling class.

(Yes, this is why Hillary wins – she is already anointed.)

The problem (thanks to being in what is apparently quite the personal “power place”) for me is in seeing how – at some juncture not far off, the silliness of the “cloud” of made-up jobs will falter and everything will come crashing back down to basics.

In other words the “services and regulations and funny money” cloud will collapse in unison.

Along with this, by the way, came the realization that is likely why Civil Defense in America has been largely taken apart in a process that started with the Reagan administration back in 1985 – or thereabouts.  If you have SDI (Star Wars) then you don’t need defense  in the old ways because the offense is so good.

Or, more properly, the mix of first-use and inbound repellant using space-based weapons is so good, you can take the money that might have gone into Civil Defense and repurpose it – to things like expansion of the regulator/services “cloud” as well as funding “more growth” programs including defense.

But since you need a real enemy (or many) we have to go out and create those, you see – which fast-forwards us to the jobs report just out this morning.

Cue the pixel-paster:”

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 255,000 in July, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in professional and business services, health care, and financial activities.

Employment in mining continued to trend down. Household Survey Data The unemployment rate held at 4.9 percent in July, and the number of unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 7.8 million. Both measures have shown little movement, on net, since August of last year. (See table A-1.)

Among the major worker groups, unemployment rates in July were little changed for adult men (4.6 percent), adult women (4.3 percent), teenagers (15.6 percent), Whites, (4.3 percent), Blacks (8.4 percent), Asians (3.8 percent), and Hispanics (5.4 percent). (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

In July, the number of persons unemployed less than 5 weeks decreased by 258,000. At 2.0 million, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was about unchanged over the month and accounted for 26.6 percent of the unemployed.

About here, you may be wondering about the second take-away from this morning.  Dow futures being +40 isn’t it…

The overnight dream/insight was a lot less pleasant – and it had to do with how the major world powers will react when it becomes apparent that the “clouds” of services/regulations becomes so heavy that it all falls down.

In this event, – sadly – it seems to end in nuclear war.  But of a very strange type.

The vision was that it would begin with a small regional war – perhaps one or two U.S. cities hit – and maybe EMP.

But then – after a pause of a week or three – the major powers decide to “first-strike” one another – and that’s when things get really ugly.

That’s when the meek (read: rural, not in target impact areas) really do inherit the earth.

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with the partially made-up crap about Trump and nukes, either.  This vision is a ‘regardless of who holds office” view because remember, government only has power (and the ability top levy taxes and steal worker outputs) so long as there is a credible threat. 

The threat credibility is already failing – which is why the third party and “none of the above” movement is growing.  Increasing numbers of people are awakening to the idea that government is a game – it’s out there with the skeins of yarn (regulations) and more yarn (bringing in people who hate us) and more yarn (“stimulus nonsense”_) and so forth.

But in the End – whenever that is, apparently it is presently tracking as a two-stage affair.  A “get started” or Kindling Effect – a pause as drama and tension builds – and then the major powers scrubbing out one-another.

Gee, ain’t this a chipper outlook?

Like I said, the ‘personal places of power” part will be up in the Coping section Monday, but for this morning,; the output is damn interesting.  Thought I’d share it.

Looking for Kindling

With the conventions over, we can sit back and assess where the kindling effects might come from.

Turkey has potential,

Internal events there are being written in the WaPo as being the end game of an Islamist civil war.

By the way, while most of the press is still beating the Khazir Khan story to death, the Washington Post did something remarkable this week:”  Saying Donald Trump may be right suggesting a rethink of our relationship (and bank-rolling) of NATO…

Unfortunately, as explained to Peoplenomics readers this week, the Fifth Column of the American free press isn’t interested in reporting the actual Trump campaign andf plans – only maximizing revenue and that’s why the Khan fiasco is still being tossed around like it’s “news” even this morning.

When it comes to spinning a lie, I don’t suppose you’d care to guess who the world experts are, would you?

Global Caliphate – Still Plotting

We haven’t heard too much – until this morning – about the Global Caliphate’s expansion into Muslim countries like Indonesia.

But today we read how six Indonesians have been popped on terrorism charges for plotting a rocket attack in Singapore…

So goes Friday.

Looking Ahead:

Consumer Debt comes out this afternoon.  We will go into that a bit in tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report.

By Sunday, Elaine and I should be back at the ranchy in East Texas, and into the heat.

Here in the uplands of Arizona, there have been plenty of thunderstorms as the “monsoons” – as the locals call it – are working their way in.

Say what you will about global warming, the Southwest looks just very damn normal around here – maybe even greener than usual.

So if you want to head for the beach this weekend, I wouldn’t worry too much about a global inundation for at least the first six-pack worth.

In the meantime, the idea that “global warming” could “unfreeze” “toxic waste” from the Cold War era” makes for fine skein of yarn overhead promotion.

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  1. There are just too many retarded (99%) humans on earth, the difference make up the 1%. ‘-)

  2. not be the materialistic weasel of this group, but why not give the subscribers a bit more insight into the dreamscape tomorrow?

    /just sayin’

    • OK – fair enough…change of plans
      The whole “places of power” discussion will be for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow…howzat?

    • Not getting you dollars worth already? The free loaders now can’t read about the dreamworld, thanks pal.

      • Don’t be so hard on Sketch – there is a ton of work, expense, equipment, and so on involved in the experimental side discussed in Peoplenomics this weekend. Seems only fair that those who support the (admittedly odd-ball) research should benefit first and foremost.
        I share more than 75% or everything I do…but there is a balance here. So subscribers get some very interesting insights and useful views of markets. For example, Grady and I have yet to make a dime on the Nostracodeus project.
        Note that colleges and universities aren’t free, either
        And yes, everything is a business model – which is what I tell myself every morning at 4 aM when I start on columns…

  3. Nostradamus site also sees nuclear strikes coming.

    “It will be the Casus Belli to call to arms the 39-Nation Sunni Alliance Army and initiate American Secretary of State, John Kerry’s Plan B.

    That can only mean one thing; someone is trying to engineer a nuclear war.”

  4. As I have said earlier, this election is totally irrelevant to what is going to happen to the USA and the world economic systemic the next two years.

    The system on many levels has already failed. It’s not a one event scenario. The failure for each of us personally will come from a different point in time and place and circumstance.

    Watching from my second story window as the 10 story building of the USA collapses.

  5. The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), aka Star Wars, was “all” about ‘defense’ with zero first strike capability, aka offense, planned for the system. In principle, the technology proved too much to handle for the bankrupted Soviet barter economy. They could not match it nor defeat it. In reality, it was a technological proposal, a ‘vision’ that had a few workable components but was theoretically achievable. The Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) was the only major piece of SDI that survived, and it’s been thru 4 congressional Nunn-McCurdy breaches (major cost overruns) to date. That all said, ‘THE’ #1 potential man made space-based strategic threat to America is an EMP detonation over the continental U.S. by a rogue nation (e.g. N. Korea, Iran). Best read up on Faraday Cages (George covered this topic a year or so back).

    • SDI – corporate welfare. I agree that an EMP burst is a threat. However, I don’t think that it would be by a nation state. They make too easy of a target.

  6. Look at farsight institutes recent remote viewing project , viewing a month out. Apparently the” time cross project” has seen a nuclear hit on an american city in August.

  7. So! Dreams is the subject that’s likely to inspire me to subscribe to this fine Economic Wizard’s website. Who’d a thunk it?!

    Sir, your website is as delicious as the finest Texas pinto beans. ;)

    • Welcome! You’ve missed a lot, BUT, if you sign up for Peoplenomics, you can catch up fast!!!

  8. George, there is a ‘question’ or rather a story ‘out there’ that I heard about regarding ‘the possible first lady’ – Mrs. Trump that I have wondered about.

    Not in a factual sense because ‘the story’ has been ‘out there’ for a very long time. It’s in regard to the photo spread done for GQ some twenty years ago, and supposedly ‘dug up’ by the Cruz campaign and ‘this led’ to comments by Trump himself, saying it was a smear effort.

    My mind is slightly boggled. This kind of thing – as point of fact – will follow a person quite naturally forever. GQ isn’t a fly-by-night magazine; while it isn’t as popular as it used to be, people would be curious as ‘the prospective first lady’ was a model.

    Actually that is the other part of my ‘boggle’ – I remember Mrs. Kennedy giving that tour of the White House, and the reverence with which the news people treated her. Then I compare her with Mrs. Trump, and I get a ‘brain freeze’ – I can’t help comparing past decorum of First Ladies with Mrs. Trump . . . Sorry, but your past does follow you around.

    I know this is sexist – and Bill Clinton has way too much to answer for, but First Ladies have always been above reproach, and for Trump to get unhappy because someone has pointed out a readily available photo shoot? Like I said, ‘Your past will follow you around.’

    • So, what? She did those photos BEFORE she ever met Trump. The Kennedy’s were no sweetheart’s and IF people knew what they were REALLY like, do you think you would have felt the same about Ms. Kennedy? What about the Bush’s? Their history is disgusting, and to even blow by Mr. Clinton and ALL of his miseries, is weak mindedness and sloppy. YOU CAN FIND OUT ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW NOW ABOUT MS.CLINTON AND IF YOU DO JUST FOUR HOURS OF HOMEWORK, YOU WILL BE MUCH MORE DISGUSTED THAN OGLING SOME PICTURES FROM 20 YEARS AGO OF A MODEL, WHO THE LAST TIME I CHECKED, MODELS DO POSE IN THE NUDE. You have a blatant LIAR and CRIMINAL in Hillary and you are worried about ‘reverence, decorum, and above reproach.’ JUST APPLY THOSE TERMS TO HILLARY AND TRY TO TELL ME THAT THEY FIT, THEY DO NOT!!! Who cares if Melania’s PAST follows her around, she has not done ANYTHING to be ashamed of! Grow up!!!

      • I doubt if you can find any ‘political leader’ in this world, that doesn’t have some ethical problem of some kind – politics, more than business, is a matter of compromise and deal-making. If one was ‘perfect’ then they would go into ‘religion’ or some such . . . however, in leading communities of people, within parameters – a leader must be consistent – or they won’t be a leader for very long.

        Donald Trump is not consistent; he can not be depended on to stick to a particular viewpoint or action. Going in a new direction for a leader can make that political leader ‘great’ – but, if it is done too often or if they change back and forth, the people who make up their community will lose faith in that person, and they will fail.

        Mrs. Trump is presumably a ‘nice person’ – and hey, who ever thinks that they might be married to someone who one day ‘wants to be president’? She is however, someone who did ‘pose in the nude’ – and those pictures have lately been ‘promoted’ and commented on – not only by Cruz’s people, but also weirdly, Trump’s people. Sometimes it’s best to ignore a problem and Trump has apparently not learned that . . . evidence being the Khan situation.

        Noticing the physical attributes of First Ladies, are similar to those of your mother or grand-mothers – yes – sometimes they are in ‘very good shape’, but it isn’t something to have one’s attention drawn to.
        And it does come down to ‘class’, even if you think that doesn’t exist . . .

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