Further Researches on Dream-States and Finance

(Albuquerque, NM)  — Yes, dream-tuning and the “shaman’s lake” have everything to do with investing.  Rather than toss pearls non-subscribers come Monday, we lay out some interesting technology experiments that are on the docket when we get home.

And those involve?  Dream-tuning.  for fun, prophet,, and profit.  A world of odd resonances and Room 108 will be explained.

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7 thoughts on “Further Researches on Dream-States and Finance”

  1. Good information today. I do hope there’s a part 2. And yes, it was definitely right to move it to the Saturday report!

  2. George, you and I have have a lot in common and you actually drove past my “boat” sign overlooking Walker Lake on the 95 last week in the 50 mph zone, missing I suspect, both the full beauty of Walker Lake, a “powerful” body of water, and Classical KQMC, Nevada’s best classical music broadcasting from my house in nearby Hawthorne.

    While I subscribe to Peoplenomics out of respect for the many gifts you share, I draw no distinction in value received between Urban survival and and Peoplenomics. Personally, I would have published this on the “free” site, not because it’s necessarily cutting edge, but because many more people would see it and make up their own mind. I rarely put a dollar sign on the value of my life but do value those I share this life with.

    I tend to travel life under the speed limit and spend more time under the spell of great bodies of water (and land) than in pools, casinos or Interstates.

    In the end, both approaches work just fine.

  3. Being “on vacation” and all you may have missed that almost half of the jobs number were made-up by the CES Birth-Death model.
    I don’t know about you but I haven’t been able to believe anything issuing from the Federal Government since the Warren Commission cover-up of the JFK assassination; reinforced by the attempt on R.R. just two months after taking office (by the son of a personal friend and business partner of H.W. Bush); and the 911 Commission which didn’t include a single engineer.
    We may in fact see the run-up that you are expecting, but there are an awful lot of potential Black Swans over the next 6-12 months. If the “market” goes no-bid at the open some morning what good will the run-up do?

  4. How much plenty is enough???
    Or… Are we like carpenter ants???
    They build and build and take away from their environment till it’s destroyed. ..
    Take a group of squirrels one gathers all the nuts and hides them leaving the rest to starve..
    yt?yet the nuts that the greedy squirrels are collecting isn’t good but shards of paper and metal that they destroy their communities and environment to get..rather than be good stewards that would insure their very survival and the survival of their very community ..
    to me that sounds crazy.

  5. I wonder…could there be a difference in the dream state and EMF frequency. .how about harmonic frequency shifts..
    I knew a man that had traveled extensive while in the.military he swore that he seen a monk levitating just with sound..then in an area with a higher EMF ratio there seems to be a lot more dreams..



  6. George,
    I recommend a book by a man who gets his brain in resonance with the Schumann’s resonance (pg 176) and has scientifically documented results at five research labs. All the documentation is available via internet and most is peer reviewed published. The book teaches how to do it.
    The Energy Cure by William Bengston, PhD

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