Coping: Rambling Investigations

Sometimes I just have to listen to the I-Ching inbox when it does something out of the ordinary, which it has in the past couple of days, and therein lies the tale.  There’s a bunch of disconnected parts to this story, so let me take it one step at a time…as it really will make sense, if discussed in stepping-stone fashion.

image1.  The single organization tool in Windows 7 (haven’t looked at 8 on my other computer which is just for travel, but I assume it’s there, too) is something called “Sticky Notes.”  It looks like this on my left monitor where I have my never-ending list of things to do:


image2.  Now, one of the notes on the monitor reads like this:

To understand this little project, all you need is an electronic function generator, about 30-feet of wire, and some knowledge of the Schumann Resonance which you can glean from Wikipedia over here.

Basically, the Schumann Resonance is that underlying 7.83 Hz frequency which is formed by lightning resonating in the Earth’s atmosphere.

What I’ve been thinking with is the idea of mildly overwhelming the Schumann Resonance with something locally generated at a slightly lower (or higher) frequency, in order to determine whether there might be biological effects.

3.  Where my poking around at Schumann gets interesting (research-wise, since nothing big seems to have happened yet in terms of reaction) is that there is a lot of ancient literature (Biblical and other) which gets to the idea of some kind of physical “connector” to Universe

Oh, sure, it’s dressed up in a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but seems to me that there really is something to the idea of sacred geometry and – when you go looking – you can even find ways to build your own “Holy of Holies”

You can go looking for visuals over on Google and there’s a ton of them, but notice they all seem to have an oblong shape to them and they have some “resonators” installed at key places.

4.  I can’t find the reference from when I was searching for the information a number of years ago (and found it) but as I recall, the resonators in this were the two kinds of cubits:  In each corner of the “Holy” there was a royal cubit, and exactly mid-way on each wall was a sacred cubit. 

I’ve been thinking over the idea that the Ark of the Covenant was some kind of ‘power station/transceiver devices which seems (from the design descriptions) to be akin to the Orgone accumulator units which has been built by Wilhelm Reich prior to the suppression of his work.

The idea is that IF you could build a “Holy of Holies” which would concentrate whatever that ethereal energy is, and then further refine/capture using an Orgone generator, you could seriously connect with Universe/Ruler of All, etc.

Except, of course, there are a million stumbling blocks, not the least of which is getting the dimensions anywhere near right.

5.  So off goes an email to Chris Tyreman, who’s the director of The Chronicle Project with a research request for anything they might have stumbled on to help better nail down the length of both the royal and sacred cubits.  It helps to know that the Chronicle Project is retranslating the bible using a kind of encryption system which is built into ancient Herbraic languages.  So this is what came back:

Unfortunately, the exact length of the cubit (Amaha in Hebrew, which means…to construct) is unknown and as time went on, different nations adopted different cubits. So it requires some work to reconstruct the most likely length of the original cubit but more, how it was constructed.

Since Babel was built soon after the flood, it is reasonable to assume they were still using Noah’s cubit.

Their cubit is as such: Babylon (old) “kush”

“2000 – 1600” BC 500mm (approx) 19.69 in

The one in Ezekial: Hebrew (Ezekiel 40:5) roughly 518mm 20.4 in The cubit for construction in Egypt…20.65

Which one was Noah’s? In 2 Chronicles 3:3, which reveals that Solomon used a long cubit in construction of the temple and in Ezekiel 43:13 an angel used the long cubit.

That aside, the question remains as to what was used to create the cubit. Once that is understood, which of the cubits the ark was built with will become evident.

Chances are, the Babylonian cubit is probably correct as this area was founded by Namarada (Nimrod) shortly after the flood

Knowing that the Hebrew language and lunar measurements were created as a perfect system by Creator, several things should be taken into account.

1. It has to be a simple measurement accessible to all without complex calculations just like Sabbath and festivals can be easily calculated using the Creator’s lunar calendar.

2. It is most likely based on other measurements already in place in the other systems. Now most will tell you that a cubit is measured from the fingertip of a man to his elbow. Cute idea, but never very useful if more than one man is working on the same project. Sure, that might be close, but there is no way Creator would have a sloppy system like that in place.


We went through all sorts of documents, and the only thing we could find in consensus, was that of the two cubits known, there was a short and long version 518 mm that the Hebrews used. The long one was considered the more important one while the shorter was for standard construction.

It makes logical sense that the cubit used by Creator regarding the instructions for the ark would be the longer of the two considering the importance of the construction, plus the sheer volume needed.

It seems strange that the translators would have fixed on the shorter cubit for the size. Most chose the shorter cubit because of the size difference of beams and other parts of the ark which would have needed to be increased dramatically with the longer cubit and the assumption that it would have been just Noah and the family building it.

Assumptions we now know to be inaccurate. Using the longer cubit of 518 mm or 20.6 in, the dimensions of the ark would increase dramatically from a length of 430 ft to over 500 with the use of the longer cubit. This alone would add the extra space needed for this kind of endeavor.

I began to theorize that the Amaha (to construct) had to be based on something unchanging. I checked the wavelengths of varied elements to see if any equaled 518 mm but to no avail. What I did find was very interesting.

If you take one Kilo of gold and place it in water, it will displace 518 cubic millimeters of water, or a block 51.8 cm tall, wide and long. Both gold and water are still ongoing standards used on Earth. Very odd coincidence. Just like the name we use for the measurement is…cubit (cube it).

Is that the correct answer? Who knows, but we are open to any suggestions that might help us track down the answer.

6.  You’ll see that I highlighted “Nimrod” because that’s a very low-probability word to be showing up not only in the email from Chris but it was also mentioned by a reader in a different email the same day.  Since I haven’t had that word pop up in an email in years, I thought….”Is this a kind of tap on the shoulder?

Honestly, I’m not sure.  But a read about Nimrod over here shows that he ruled the Land of Nimrod…which happens to be (essentially) northern Syria and Iraq.  These are areas that have what in common?

Well, seems that the US has a penchant for invading such places and there’s quite an agenda in play there.  Especially since the report yesterday that anti-Assad rebels were planning to launch chemical weapons into Israel in order to draw in the Israelis into active fighting and that, in turn, would draw in the US.

Oh, sure, the Saudis want to have a natural gas pipeline run up through Syria to deliver gas to Europe, and yes, Russia wants to keep control on Syria so it can control Europe’s gas resources, but is there something else going on…something just below the surface.  Maybe something having to do with the reports early-on in the Iraq War that archeologists were sent in to Iraq to scour the countryside?

Were these ravings of the ‘net, or is there still something out there…something worth going to war over?

Reports like these add a dash of seasoning to this line of inquiry:

An Archaeologist and the Iraq War

Embedded Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and the Iraq War

[2010] Iraq’s Ancient Ruins Face New Looting

Ten Years after Iraq: Archaeology, Archaeologists, and U.S. Foreign Relations

The list of references goes on and on.  But somewhere in this midst of all this may be a hidden gem, quite possibly:  Why would the US be so anxious to engage militarily, or, behind the scenes are there darker motives afoot?

7.  With all this as background, there’s only one more item on the rambling research list this morning:  It’s recalling what Hitler’s Ahnenerbe was doing in the Middle East.  Some Wikipedia quotes frame the inquiry:

The Ahnenerbe was a Nazi research institute that promoted itself as a “study society for Intellectual Ancient History.” Founded on July 1, 1935, by Heinrich Himmler, Herman Wirth, and Richard Walther Darré, the Ahnenerbe’s goal was to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race, and later to experiment and launch voyages with the intent of proving that prehistoric and mythological Nordic populations had once ruled the world. Its name came from a rather obscure German word, Ahnenerbe (pronounced AH-nen-AIR-buh), meaning “something inherited from the forefathers.” The official mission of the Ahnenerbe was to unearth “new evidence of the accomplishments and deeds of Germanic ancestors using exact scientific methods.”

In 1938, Dr. Franz Altheim and his research partner Erika Trautmann requested the Ahnenerbe sponsor their Middle East trek to study an internal power struggle of the Roman Empire, which they believed was fought between the Nordic and Semitic peoples. Eager to credit the vast success of the Roman Empire to a Nordic background, the Ahnenerbe agreed to match the 4,000 RM put forward by Hermann Göring, an old friend of Trautmann who led the Reich’s Four-Year-Plan.[1]

In August 1938, after spending a few days traveling through remote hills searching for ruins of Dacian kingdoms, the two researchers arrived at their first major stop in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Here Grigore Florescu, the director of the Municipal Museum, met with them and discussed both history and the politics of the day, including the activity of the Iron Guard, a fascist and anti-Semitic group.

After traveling through Istanbul, Athens and Lebanon, the researchers went to Damascus. Here they were not welcomed by the French (who ruled over Syria as a colony at the time). The newly-sovereign Kingdom of Iraq was being courted for an alliance with Germany,[1] and Dr. Fritz Grobba, the German envoy to Baghdad, arranged for Altheim and Trautmann to meet with local researchers and be driven to Parthian and Persian ruins in southern Iraq, as well as Babylon.

Through Baghdad the team went north to Assur where they met Sheikh Adjil el Yawar, a leader of the Shammar Bedouin tribe, and commander of the northern Camel Corps. He discussed German politics and his desire to duplicate the success of Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud who had recently ascended to power in Saudi Arabia.[1] With his support, the team traveled to their final major stop—the ruins of Hatra on the border of the Roman and Persian empires.

In 1938, Ahnenerbe president Walther Wüst proposed a trip to Iran to study the Behistun Inscription, which had been created by order of the Achaemenid Shah Darius I—who had declared himself to have been of Aryan origin in his inscriptions.[1] The inscriptions were recorded atop steep cliffs using scaffolding that was removed after the inscriptions were made. Unable to afford the cost of erecting new scaffolds, Wüst proposed that he, his wife, an amanuensis, an Iranian student, a photographer, and an experienced mountaineer be sent with a balloon-mounted camera. The onset of the war however, saw the trip postponed indefinitely.

The footnote in Wikipedia reminds us “The Ahnenerbe organization was the basis for the Nazi archaeologist villains in Steven Spielberg’s “Indiana Jones” films.”  The plot, if you’ll recall, had to do with a supposed quest for lost relics.  And yet, as we review news of the past 10-years, we see a pattern of continued warfare in the region.

Since one of my logical cornerstones is the belief that people generally act in a rational/logical way, which makes behavior largely a matter of computing payoff probabilities of human action, we can start to add up what the Iraq war cost us in excess of one trillion dollars.

Toss in a potential few billions for a strike on Syria, and the pending Israeli attack on Iran, and we’re left to wonder is there something more in play – something non-obvious – that goads us back into the region?  Some missing artifact of power from the Tower of Babel? Something at Hatra long missed?  Some argue magical powers to the Holy Grail (last in Ethiopia, when I researched that a number of years ago), or is there some other occult talisman/amulet/symbol still floating around, awaiting discovery?

Our friend who runs in the real-deal PowersThatBe circles – which creates Hollywood icons, moves markets, bestows political success, and generally rule from away from the public eye – has two favorite edicts:  “First you have a Navy…” and “The Movie is the message….

Was Indiana Jones a preview and analogy to coming events, or just highly entertaining fiction?  Most mornings I blow it off as fiction.  But when I look at the price of pipeline control and Nimrod shows up twice in a single day, something nags, just below the threshold of consciousness.  Something that nags “Ure missing something…”  And that feeling is back again this morning.

Vaccines “Junk” Probed

Just when I thought we’d had our last bit of discussion on the matter of vaccines, along comes a note from super-thinker Brad who read the piece on the FDA website under the heading “Investigating Viruses in Cells Used to Make Vaccines; and Evaluating the Potential Threat Posed by Transmission of Viruses to Humans

“The use of tumorigenic and tumor-derived cells is a major safety concern due to the potential presence of viruses such as retroviruses and oncogenic DNA viruses that could be associated with tumorigencity, Therefore, detection of persistent, latent DNA viruses, and endogenous retroviruses in vaccine cell substrates is important for vaccine safety, particularly in the development of live viral vaccines, where there are no or minimal virus inactivation and removal steps during vaccine manufacturing.”

So thanks to Brad for the catch (and his friends for passing it on) and yes, I’ll pass on the vaccine options for now.  Maybe when I grow up (somewhere around 80) I will maybe think about a pneumonia shot, but for now “optional vaccines” are less than appealing while the FDA investigates this potential tumor/virus area.

Here Comes Healthcare

Reader Johnny has been looking at the cost of the ACA and sends this:

Hello George,

I am a very long time reader of your blog.

Today I was reading yesterdays’ blog (was out of town without computer) and noticed the objection reader ‘John’ sent, that you posted on your blog, about ACA not causing rate increases. I have attached a one page scanned comparison that Humana provided for me last week. I have one month to choose or have my policy terminated.


Granted I can stay on at the present rate and keep my identical coverage or choose the ACA plan. Which one do you think I will choose? However, since I don’t know what limitations I have about choosing now and maybe not being able to choose differently later, I may find my obvious choice now could cost me even more later.

Anyway…. it is what it is and I have provided a scanned copy of what I have to deal with. My choice seems obvious but it somehow seems too obvious.

I’ll admit there are some differences in coverage, but $5,700 a year worth of differences?  Since Elaine’s already got Medicare and I can sign up in December, where’s my incentive to continue paying my $450/month premium?

Don’t you wish everyone in Washington had to receive the same plan as the Peeps  & Sheeps?

Healthy Computing

I had to do something about the long hours in front of the computer, finally.  So along comes Dan Hersam’s nifty little program SnapTimer.  I’ve set it for 55-minutes and at the appointed time, the sounds of burbling water (one of the alarm choices) reminds me to get up off my ass and walk around a bit.  Sitting for hours on end is NOT good for one’s heart and in worst cases can lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).  So it just went off and I have to go run for 5 minutes.

My New Nightlight

After doing a lot of reading in the area of vitamins, I decided recently that if I was really going to live into my 90s, I would need to keep up my vitamin research and so the latest thing I’m testing is Twinlab Stress B-Complex Caps with Vitamin C, 250 Capsules.  Seems that B vits may have a lot to do with keeping allergies under control, so I thought I would try these for a while. 

Even when taken with food, your body will slough-off any excess of some vitamins causing one Amazon reviewer to write “Ladies, if your husband can’t seem to pee in the toilet at night, have him take one of these and he’ll have his own ready made night light.”

That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do fine a #5 welding shade helps aim when the sun’s out.

Around the Ranch

Bunch of collected notes here:  I’m off to the Dentist this morning for a scraping and dig session.  I figure to have good breath for as long as it takes me to drive from his office to a Chinese buffet joint. 

Elaine went to the hair dresser yesterday, so between me applying a thin layer of money to the inside of my mouth, and Elaine’s applying a thin layer of money to her roots, looks like just another quiet week here in the outback.

A reminder to visit the website, if you’re looking for something to do on the weekend of September 28th.

Peoplenomics tomorrow is all about the future of wearable wealth which turned into a pretty interesting topic.

More Thursday morning, or as so moved between now and then. 

Do I hear a motion to adjourn?  Second?  All in favor?  Opposed? 

Why imagine that!  Carried.

Write when you break even…