Coping: Notes from the WoWW

The WoWW is, in case you’ve forgotten, the World of Woo-Woo where we get lots of odd/curious things.

For example, one note from a female reader informed me that..

. So I’ve given up on reading past articles that i had tried to save and really, as I sit here with aluminum foil on my head (my husband took a picture to try and blackmail me, but really, no one I know would even care) all I wanted to find was that article you posted on wearing some aluminum foil ..was it on your head or another body part? I occ. wore a colander and that was long before the movie Signs came out. Last night the very high-pitch tone in my left ear (no hearing aids) was most bothersome and it reminded me to find your article. Long lead up to: what were your instructions in that article, and did people respond?

I politely pointed out that many of the past 13-years of articles on the UrbanSurvival site have been removed in an effort to keep our content down to a more manageable side.  But, back in the day I detailed  a number of experiments of the “foil hat” variety and yes, there does seem to be something of a “calming effect” of wearing metal on the head.

It can’t be just any metal, though.  It needs to cover from the base of the neck, over the ears, and under the chin and so forth.  Ideally, so only the eyes can see and some small holes for air serving the nose and mouth.

The Montana reader says she’ll get back to us with results. But if you try it, see if you don’t also experience  a sense of calm of quietness.  My thinking on this stuff is that it has something to do with the huge amount of radio frequency energy that we have been shoving into humans since shortly after Marconi. 

We weren’t designed with RF resistance in mind and I figure that being the case, if could expect a lot of the craziness of humans at a very deep (un or pre-conscious) level.

Was I Wrong on DDT?

Earlier this week I offered up a link to news reports of a link being found between the use of pesticides and development of Alzheimer’s later in life…

As you’d expect, some people said that sure squared with their experience in life…

Wow almost exact same story with my father, fruit trees, grapes, garden all sorts of sprayers, powders, liquids swirling around him throughout the 50’s.

Didn’t do him any good, hard to tell effect, died in his sleep at 79.

But others, like reader George maintain that I’m  all wet, wrong and…

Like to call your attention to two writers who provide food for thought as regards the The Green Crusade: Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism demonized DDT, and the lionized Silent Spring:
1)  by Charles T Rubin, in which the author
     shows that Silent Spring was a put-up job based  on a single, flawed study. DDT was probably responsible for saving more lives than any other single factor postwar, thanks to its suppressing malaria and other pest-borne illnesses. It’s been a while since I read the book — so don’t  quote me — but I think Rubin’s argument was that the movement to ban DDT was at heart a movement to slow population growth in the Third World.
2)   The Ultimate Resource 2 by Julian Simon. Simon was an economic gadfly, who made headlines, at least in the WSJ, after winning a bet with Malthusian doomsayer Paul Ehrlich. Ehrlich had predicted that commodities prices were going to moon (in his ’70s bestseller “The Population Bomb“).  Simon won the bet handily as prices fell dramatically in the ’80s, putting the lie to the resource depletion meme so loved by overpopulation fear-mongers. If memory serves, Simon also questioned the scientific basis for the DDT ban. “Ultimate Resource 2” is a very refreshing read.   


As you never respond to my emails, I offer  this up FWIW and with a deep sense of futility.

Sorry about not responding to each and every email – I get 300-400 emails a day and while I do read everything, I don’t have time to thank everyone.  While I could put up an “auto-responder” with a form “thank You” that would be terribly shallow of me.  So please accept this as a group apology…

imageOn DDT?  Yes, I acknowledge that DDT saved perhaps millions of lives.  But as the old weekly Dow Jones publication The National Observer summed up so eloquently years ago, the world has a terrible problem on its hands.  If we feed the starving masses, they will create ever-more starving masses. 

Go look at the statistics in Yemen, which is going just nuts on populating.  Ask yourself, if we had not used DDT anywhere in the world, and millions of people had died, would the over-population issues and masses of poor be such a problem today?

Hell of a moral dilemma and I don’t have any solutions to offer.  The Observer’s call of the feed & breed paradox was stunning in its clarity and seldom stated nowadays.

Quake Crazy?

Reader Stan sent in a link to the Seattle P.I. story about how its about the 314th anniversary of a mega thrust quake up in the Pacific Northwest.

Apparently, the author of the piece didn’t get the note on the Ure Minimum and how when the Sun’s output slows, we get a lessening of earthquakes because the land mass expansion due to crustal heating is on a break now.

In fact, I got up this morning – first thing – and hit the US GS earthquake center which confirmed there hasn’t been anything larger than a 6.1 quake in the past 30-days which makes a lot of the End of Worlding cast seem a bit foolish.

Not that I don’t mind a good “scare-em” now and then.  It’s just that the outlook is more in terms of tax costs and “mandatory voluntary” participation in healthcare and things like that.

I’ll eat crow on my quake skepticism as soon as Ohio sinks into the ocean, in the 40-odd hours remaining this month…

One other “tin foil hat” note, somewhat quake-related:  There was a minor Presto Alert this morning out of the Solar Influences Data Center:

A halo CME was observed in LASCO/C2 imagery first visible on 29 January at 00:36UT. This CME was the result of a filament eruption event to the northeast and southeast of NOAA 1960 and 1959 and took place between 00:00 and 02:00UT. It was associated to a C4 flare peaking at 00:49UT. The bulk of the CME was directed to the southwest and away from Earth, but a very faint loop could be seen to the north in LASCO/C2 imagery starting 02:12UT.The estimated plain-of-sky speed is 600km/s

But, no need to go hide under the bed, unless you’ve lost track of your dust-bunny count.  A C4 CME is the solar equipment of about a good flashlight.  I keep waiting for the “Solar Kill Shot” but that gets us to another group of people who seem to have missed my memo on the Ure Minimum.

Speaking of which, “somebody” tells me that an article here – posted back in 2010 – predicted the arrive of the “New Little Ice Age ‘to Begin in 2014.”

Straight up – that’s purely a coincidence.  (ahem.,..)  Robert Felix of the site rocksSeparate from that he has a blog over here…  If you live in Atlanta, and you’re stuck but have wifi, you have some catch-up reading to do.

Wooly mammoth herds due in Illinois in two weeks…

Disaster Porn du Jour

Reader Paul spied this little catch:

“Before It’s News” received a threatening letter about the superbowl that is somewhat concerning. – anonymous reader

The original letter is posted on Before It’s News and is quite detailed.   Any other premonitions?

None so far.  Frankly, calling the Super Bowl the “Treason Bowl” misses the point about how life changes in the ant colony when we’ve got too much sugar-water and the population is going far beyond what’s normal.  Toss in religions that promote NOT using birth control and there’s only one possible outcome.  More enforcer ants.

Since I don’t care to live under other people’s direct control, we busted out for the Outback long ago.  Most people will never leave cities, head for the rural life, or any other definite statements of protest and non-participation.  They’ll sit around gripe, piss & moan and do nothing about it – including go to (or watch) the Big Game.

If the SuperBowl was totally shunned by people (and lost a pile of money as a result) that would square away the problem.  But, seeing as people bitch but still go, you get what you get.


Voting at the election booth doesn’t work either.  *(Go look around Washington and ask how did those bailouts take place when the general public wasn’t for them?).  What does work is voting with your wallet.  But that’s a lot harder to do…especially because you’d have to miss a Big Game (that you didn’t need anyway, but that’s a longer rap.)   Oh, what the hell…

“Football Buzz”

Reader (and attorney) Doug who played some football back in his school days, schooled me this week on why the players pursue the sport.  Some worthwhile insights here…

There has been a bunch of discussion recently of time perception, such as the slow motion one may experience in a car wreck. I just wanted to mention that one reason many of us like football, aside from the primate territorial defense simulation bit, is that when we play, or in my case played, football, the time slowdown happened on every play. Incredibly cool to have seemingly infinite time to decide what to do in a fast moving and slightly dangerous situation, and to repeat at will this effect. My son found himself playing quarterback at school the other day, for the first time, and came home describing the same thing and how incredibly fun it was to see the whole field, every player, all vectors, all in super slow motion, and then to throw a perfect pass, scoring a touchdown, just as the tacklers got to him. I always have this effect in emergencies, except once, which was really scary. Slipped on black ice and hit my tailbone on the porch about when I realized I was falling. Yikes.

And watching something on tv is very similar to doing it, brain-wise.

Football, porn, cooking shows. . . .

Do you think skydiving elicits the same effect? Certainly the time i was a teenager on final, in a Cessna 150, 300 feet altitude, final turn, flaps down, with a best friend whose mom thought we were getting pizza, (we were going to get pizza after landing) and the engine died,

I had this effect. [We were killed, of course. ;-)] Actually,

when the engine caught, I could count the explosions in the cylinders, while doing all the stuff you do in order to not spin in that situation. But even flying was tame, time dilation-wise, compared to

football. And it is safer than a lot of other sports, including

soccer, bicycling, horseback riding, motorcycles, and of course skydiving.”

I’ll have to ask George II about that time dilation effect.  I know it happens in martial arts and maybe one of the reasons I am always building something around the old ranch-stead here is because I notice that same time dilation effect when falling off ladders.  Oh, and landing the old beechcrate, especially in a good cross-wind…

Life at the End of the String

Jim, the local phone man, was out the other day working on phone line re-routing as Anderson County is about ready to do some serious road repairs on the super-freeway that comes up to our house from the mega-freeway down south of us.

Truth is, there’s a large culvert (4 or 5-feet in diameter) over our pet seasonal creek, that’s about to be replaced.  So we’re now “stuck in the outback” for the day.

Still, it will be nice to have no traffic going by.  Traffic out here in East Texas has really been increasing, though.  Last month alone we had two uninvited vehicles come up out road.  Out here in the Outback, game cameras are often used to snap intruders…cheap home security that allows for (how to say this?) independent follow-up?

Teaching Bitcoiners a Lesson

Earlier this week I pointed out how the Fed’s have come up with a new way to go after bitcoiners; by claiming that they are operating unlicensed “money transmitting” facilities.

Of course that didn’t set well with my Constitutionally oriented friend, reader Rick…

George, the primary question is what does the word “money” mean in the statute? Bet you can’t find that one. Federal Reserve Notes are not “lawful money of the United States” that’s for sure.
Sent from my mobile with the little bitty screen, so please forgive typos!

(Wish I had thought of that excuse for typos…)

But, see, here’s the thing Rick misses:  Even though you may not like them, even the new baby blues/peaches ($100’s) “This note legal tender for all debts public and private.”

While I haven’t heard from my source who runs with the PowersThatBe lately, reader Rick may have missed that wonderful “First you have a Navy…” quote.  After that, if dried tamarind leaves are declared “legal tender” the fact is the thugs with the bullets can enforce anything as “legal tender.”

Since Wal-Mart isn’t accepting one-ounce silver coins to pay for the groceries – yet – I’m not going to make a big deal about it.  “The System” is Goliath and it’s too early in life to be off thinking like David, jes’ sayin’…

About here, I figure reader Rick oughta be fit to be tied.  I can just about hear him sputtering “Damn coward, Ure, that’s what you is!”

Hell yes, I am.  “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.”  (Burma-Shave?) Go read Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.  As all the guerillas of righteousness know: “Must be present to win.”

Personal Researching

When I’m not doing real work, or writing (which is not real work), you’ll most often find me reading all kinds of books on my Kindle.  If you don’t have a Kindle Fire HDX 7″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers for $229 from Amazon, you’re missing a damn fine way to read.

But good as the Kindle is, until this morning it was missing something:  A good hook-up with Scribd.  And now that little problem has been resolved with a Scribd Kindle plugin that you can get over here.

OK, write when you break-even, or before…