Crashes: “Shock Timing” and Futuring

While we are sitting around clearing the financial wreckage and waiting for the Fed to be put in its place by the PowersThatBe Wall St. Division, let me share with you a revised chapter from my book “Real Time Machines: The Future is an Ap,”  This arises from ongoing discussions between brainpower Grady, Mike, and Ures truly.  It gives key insight into the danger of getting “married” to a particular method of predicting the future both in terms of crashes as well as secular events.  If you’re a radio-frequency engineer, it will become apparent why it was so important that we develop the “tunable intermediate frequency” approach to analysis of the internet in our Nostracodeus project.  But first, headlines and coffee to wake us up.  This morning’s report may be a bit longer than usual, but trust me, it will give you new methods with which to consider the always-arriving “next.”  Including a fresh look at Vlad Putin’s “Gentleman’s War” with the EU at the Ukraine front…

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