Coping: No, You Don’t “Own” Anything

Quite a few emails popped in when we discussed the Big Taboo: talking about the “Illusion of Ownership” that’s so widely held today.

The list is impressive: 

  • You don’t own your home.  Even if you think you have paid it off, the government still rents it to you via property taxes each year.
  • You don’t own your car:  First, you never get “title” to it, only a “certificate of title” that a title exists somewhere.  If you can find an actual “title”, let me know.  But it gets worse:  Unless you paid “rent” on public highways (long ago paid for!) you can’t drive it on the road.
  • You also don’t own any of your personal skills:  Sure, you may be able to wire up a house, but to do so without being granted government permission you don’t own that skill as far as anyone else is concerned.  Oh, and fees and a bond apply.  Same for plumbers, and that list goes on.  Right up through doctors and lawyers, all have to pass a test and be licensed (authorized and never free) to practice your craft.
  • You don’t even own the “right to drive” unless you have rented that right from the local department of motor vehicles licensing depot.
  • You don’t own stocks anymore, just an electronic chit that’s held at the DTC/Cede.
  • And your money in the bank?  Well, Europe is eyeing a “bail-in” on that front since deflation is pernicious and the laws are on the books for a similar haircut for the plebes, but not shareholders or bondholders, here if things get bad enough.

All of which ought to thoroughly piss you off when you think about it.  The land of the Free is really the land of the Dispossessed.

Oh, and as reader Gregory points out in a fine commentary on “how the world works” when it comes to this “ownership stuff” you also don’t really have a spouse, unless…..unless….


Your comments on “ownership” or the lack thereof struck a resounding chord with me, since this scam extends far beyond mere property.  It also includes human beings and it begins at marriage when couples are required to get state-issued licenses to wed, with even common-law unions increasingly difficult to pull off anymore. 

The marriage license [actually called permits in some states which reveals their true nature] amounts to a legal, binding contract between the couple and the state which is why you later have to get a legal decree to divorce and dissolve the existing contract.  But: it gets more diabolical once that couple have children.  The same thing happens all over again: every child born is required to have a state-issued birth certificate which -in essence- grants full authority of the child to the state… they are legally considered chattel and property of the state… which is why your children are forced to attend school and why the state can and will seize your children if you are deemed unfit as a parent… including inadequate education.  [But wait!  That’s another topic altogether!]  

Incidentally, this system of legal entanglement is also why the fed-gov waffles so much on abortion and birth-control issues.  It has nothing to do with morality, but rather a complex web of contract law.  But: should they ever choose to do so, the fed-gov could indeed order a woman to terminate a pregnancy or restrict the number of children a couple may create [China’s been doing this for decades].

Since we are all property of the state it is therefore illegal for us to take our own lives… which explains why suicide is also a punishable offense [and one which makes NO SENSE whatsoever in the final analysis].

The good thing about all of this is that there is a growing movement among Ministers who no longer require a state-issued marriage certificate, instead relying upon God-Almighty to do the paperwork – thus nullifying said state’s authority over the holy union.  And, if that couple’s children are born at home by a midwife that further weakens state control over a family. 

Of course: the fed-gov has another catch-22 waiting in the wings for those savvy enough to avoid such contractual traps: our personal Social Security accounts.  

Although never intended to be used as a form of ID [yeah: RIGHT!] this account was the fed-gov’s way of tracking it’s populace [at least until electronic snooping became possible]. 

Wanna’ eat?  Get a job. 

Wanna’ job?  Get a number. 

Wanna’ eat without a job?  EASY! 

Fill out these forms and hurl yourself deeper into an unforgiving and never-forgetting system. 

Now, it’s damned-near impossible to vanish from that system without elaborate -and totally illegal- actions on the part of the would-be invisible man/woman. 

And: it all begins at birth -or rather, when the unwitting couple agrees and says, “I do.”


Ah yes, another fine example of how “the Big Scram”  of ever-encroaching government is slithering around shows up.

A genuine cynic would laugh at the LBGT community which has been “celebrating” the extension of marriage licensing to them.  What they may not have felt, in all the joyous celebrations of “recognition” is that deep down it’s just another cog in the gearing to further “own” all humans.

but take it from me, the Reality is a very dangerous thing to be talking about, or even thinking about.  It dredges up a certain feeling of frustration and futility.

The only reason I mention it this morning, is that we can get away with a certain amount of crankiness and grouchies this morning. 

It is after all Monday.  But I guaran-frigging-ty that the ownership problem will still be around on Friday come Miller time.  But by then, with any luck, you will have found something sparkly and new to catch your eye and hold your attention, so by Friday the sting of this realization will have worn off.

Slavery of the “old fashioned” sort went out of style long ago.  But economic slavery?  Oh yeah, still around. 

It’s why you feel compelled to pull over when you see blue lights come on behind you.  Because instead of “The Man” and the “Overseer” we’ve developed an advanced form of slavery which can be best described and “Mutual slavery” in the name of organization and efficiency.

And therein lies our weekly ponder, till 5 PM Friday.

Inner Worlds Mapping Project?

We’re going to talk about mind mapping this morning, but of a different kind.

What we’re going to talk about is the “cartography of dreams” which is really neat stuff. 

As you may recall, when I started up the National Dream Center project back in 2008, the idea was to find out what we know about the future based on dreams people have.

As so often happens,; I don’t have time for everything I want to change in the world, so Chris McCleary took on the project in March (or was it April) and he promptly embarked on something called Project August which is where he’s asking people to dream about a specific time period (August of this year) and see what comes out of it.

You can participate as an active dreamer in Project August here, or peruse the dreams that are coming in, over here.

This weekend, he came out with the third in the series of summaries of what people think will happen in August, and come the end of July, we will likely do a long-form interview with Chris for our Peoplenomics readers because some of what’s likely to be in the dreams (but I ain’t tipping off nuthin’) will have to do with our economic future.

Down at the archetype level, though, we have to begin to form a question like this one:  “If people can dream/prophesy in advance of a major natural disaster, what about economic disasters?”

There’s plenty of evidence for the former, it’s just that we have so externalized our approach to markets that we seldom listen to the inner voice or dream states much.  They tend to get “left brain suppressed.”

Playing the Piano and Inner Worlds

That realization about hemispherical dominance and suppression is something I want to work on a bit, because of an experience I had with my drum kit a couple of years ago that I’ve been meaning to get back to.

If you remember, I picked up a drum set (cheap, not terribly spendy) and set it up in my office so I could crash the crash and ride the ride when I was beating on tom-toms and the snare.

So one day, I decided to do an experiment.  Pure in the name of science, mind you.

I consumed alcohol while smashing on the drums and found that my playing improved…a LOT.  The use of alcohol *(small amount) and remaining conscious about it, revealed that yes, there’s a musician within, but it it over-ridden by the left brain which wants to reduce everything to formualic outcomes.  Which music, in the truest sense, is not; more of a whole-brain deal.

But it was my first personal encounter with working on consciously trying to moderate the personal imbalance that exists in all engineering types – everything is not a formulary.

Which gets us to the Inner Worlds Mapping Project.

I got to thinking about Chris’ Project August and while it will be incredibly cool to see how the predictions from dreams about that month turn out, there may be something even more interesting on the horizon.  (Gotta talk to him about this when we get time…)

As I’ve gotten older (and dream frequently) I have noticed that there is a “dream land” in my head that is very similar to the world “out here”.  Except that it is different.

There are certain geographical features which can be compared with the (objective, outer) everyday world and it is much, much different.

For example, in  my personal dream cartography, the land between the Pacific Northwest and California is not what it is today.  Instead of the Oregon plains going down toward the Siskiyou’s, for example, the land is much more “rolling.”

Same thing with the Rockies.  In one dream a while back, I noticed  that the Rockies had turned into a series of (more) rolling hills.  Gone were the jagged peaks that you see up in Colorado from Durango up to Grand Junction.

Another oddity, while on a business flight in one of my dreams, I noticed that I was changing planes in Indianapolis…which was odd, since it was a transcon and in this world, that kind of flight change would normally have happened in Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, or Dallas.

In another dream with heavy cartographic content, Elaine and I were on a cruise that went down a completely reformed Caribbean.  Instead of the scattered island, there had been some kind of upwelling such that the whole Caribbean was separated from the Atlantic by what seemed to be a 500-1,000 mile line of shoal islands.  Through these, there was something akin to the Intercoastal Waterway that had been cut.

There was a very well-defined channel and large cruise ships (including one we were one) were going down this dredged-out channel and were pulling over to stop at various shops and attractions along the way.

The water was also particularly green – much more so that I remember seeing any water in the Caribbean before.

All of which got me to an interesting point.

Is there something to be learned about the world of the future (or some alternate realms) by asking a lot of people to “map out” the inner world that they see in their dreams?

That we all have some “inner world common elements” is already well-established by the work of Jung, the archetypes, how Tarot works, and so on.  But there’s even more about this “inner cartographic” angle to be found in places like The Inner Guide Meditation: A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century.

In this book, Ed Steinbrecher shows how to use a mental process of active meditation, enter into a cave, and through a specific series of visualizations move into your inner world.  It’s really a very fine work.

But my question is different than his:  Rather than go into a meditative state, going into a cave, ahead, to the left, and then to the right, and emerging into your inner domains (read the book, you want to get this stuff right), I’m asking what if you go into the cave, click your mental heels a couple of times (or so some other ritual) and then go back outside and start wandering around that landscape?

I’m doing a lot of reading lately on how this “down low, inside view” of things works in the field of mass consciousness studies.

And seems to me that once we find whatever Chris’s study in Project August points us toward, whether there is an “agreed map” that evolves among people, perhaps formed by news events and emotional attachments, that somehow builds a “next world.”

WE don’t need to get into this “next worlding” topic too deeply yes, but what IF when people die, they actual go into a world which has been created by the kinds of things they put into their heads when alive in THIS life?

And if the things you put into your head in this life are interesting (my dreams sure as hell are) and you live a “clean life” of no violence, equality, and respect for life at all levels, then that’s the kind of “next world” you get born into.

On the other hand, is it possible that people who denigrate others, kill insects for sport, are mean to people, and so forth, are “building their own next world’s” that will reflect those kinds of values, with them as the recipient in “next life” of what they practice in “this life”?

Intriguing questions, all, and more than a morning’s worth of contemplations.  But I thought I would mention it so that as you journal your dreams that you look at the general quality of your dreamscapes and look for technological and cartographic features.

I’ve spent enough time in my “dream world” to know there’s work to do there (I apparently have several jobs) and that there is still transport, but no crime to speak of.  And we get to go on cruises.

What hangs as a delicious ponder is why the quality of that world is sort of “pulling together” – almost like coalescing – as through at some point, we all get to “sleep out of this dream” and “waken in the next one?”

It’s a ponder that plays heavily in my novel Dream-Over which I’ve decided to finish up.  Time is just right now, somehow.

OK, more coffee and onto the news and markets…more tomorrow.

Write when you break even, but more importantly, if you find there is a consistency to the “lands in your dreams” please send them along and I’ll ask Chris about maybe whether “cartography of dream-space” might be something to incorporate into his National Dream Center site.

Oh, that people might “dream together” a shared future dream world as a coping response to something like global disaster or unbelievable proportions (think nuclear war) as a kind of ‘mass ascension or  exit strategy” is something not to be worried about yet.  Unless there’s an unseen asteroid coming our way or there’s nuclear war just ahead.

In which case, humankind condensing a new home world is an interesting notion, too. Especially if this one is no longer suitable.

Now if 144,000 people were sharing a New World vision….well, that would be prophetic, would it not?