We have arrived at a day – long-predicted here – where the over-built media doesn’t have enough “real news” to keep the bloated information channels full.

As I looked through the overnight server runs it was, more or less, the same news I was looking at last Thursday before this pitiful “pseudo-holiday” got underway.

You want some examples?  Sure…

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We have plenty of ’em:

CNN put this out on their RSS feed: Do these photos make you queasy?  Like we’d care?

World stocks lower on U.S. tax reform uncertainty, May’s woes rattle sterling seems more useful.  But, since our trading in markets is more based on technical considerations (and we’ve known since Friday downside follow-through was likely because the market closed under the 9-day moving average) that a further pullback was likely this week.  This kind of sweeping generalization doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the media.

The rest all seems like “political fill” – except for the 7.2 quake, but that was off in the Middle East.

Fox sums up the obvious in How Hillary Clinton’s 2020 hopes were ruined by Donna Brazile, but who’d vote Hil after she rigged Bernie Sanders out of a even run?

While Donald Trump has been president (or president-elect) for a year, we see how the lazy slob mob (congress) still can’t legislate it’s way out of a paper bag. Confirmation slows for nominee to serve as top CIA watchdog.  How could it slow from here?  The mind reels.  Meantime, leftover Obama embeds are ruling the roost…

We have no idea if there is  substance to Roy Moore Says the Underage Sex Allegations Are ‘Fake News’ and He’ll File a Lawsuit in Response. But, when comes down to it, there was hardly any doubt that he’d deny unto death about this stuff.

Where there’s a REAL story – and this was picked up off Twitter by reader Ray (see our comments section) was the claim that a certain large Washington newspaper was holding out money to people from Roy Moore’s past in order to goad them into coming forward.

There’s a lot of background on how people’s memories change over time – and especially if there is money on the table. m Where are those stories?  Controlled by the left-leaning libs, o’course.

The national media, operating more like your local propaganda ministry, doesn’t want to roll up its sleeves and get into the claims of “witnesses” against Moore being “paid” to come forward.  Seems to me that would be news, though.

It has cast a cloud over both Moore and now the media reporting the story.  More clouds than usual?  Nope…just a lack of the U.S. having a “media of record” because all the old go-to’s have either been compromised by obvious bias in reporting, or their are so “under the thumb” of The Network when comes to story coverage.  MSM media is a national joke.

Ditto the Clinton-sponsored “Russian Collusion story” with the Mueller fishing expedition.  There’s continuous hand-wringing on both sides of the aisle with stories like The Trump Collusion Case Is Not Getting the Clinton Emails Treatment being representative of the middle-right view.  The left cheers a possible Flynn indictment.

Nothing new there – and that’s my point.

Once again, the media is missing the REAL story.  And that is?  The continuous Mueller leaks.

When I see stories about how “Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Bring Charges in Flynn Investigation” we ask “Who are these sources and, if leaking secret proceedings, why aren’t they in jail?

Still, none of this, nor the reports on the tax “reform” swindle  is  anything “new.”  It has not only been on the table since last week, it has been on the table for almost a year on some of the stories on the Russia-Trump claims, for example. I heard “tax cut” during the campaign, I seem to recall.

As I pointed out for Peoplenomics subscribers, there’s something else going on – and it’s HUGE so of course no one wants to hear of it:

I demonstrated a statistical correlation between the upturn in mass shooting cases since 2004 with the rise of social media.

THAT is a MONSTER story.  It gets to the heart of why Americans are mostly born and bred dopes.

Yet it’s not in the psych journals, and since no one else is looking for data correlations, bupkis is said of it.

Which is exactly – and precisely – the problem with modern media, or what passes for it.

There really is “news” to be had.

But the media doesn’t want to ask hard questions that would break the illusions in the  Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein or any other claimants about what “witnesses” have been promised in the way of payments, protection, and future book deals.

Yet to me, that’s the ONLY story.

Another is the Mueller leaks – FBI should have a task force all over that one, not to mention the leakers who torpedoed the first half-year of Trump in office with what turns out to be non-stories in retrospect.

Then there is the whole reprehensible collection of crooks called Congress who are 0playing us for the Robin Hood Reverse:  stealing from the Middle Class to fund the Rich.  That ought to be the lead story every day. Hound ’em out of office and if democrats win…well guess what?  Honesty is better than crookery and lies.

Unable to improve on Obamacare, they whole lot of ’em ought to step down or be removed at the earlier possible election.

If they can’t do as promised, they should ALL  be subject to recall elections based on false and misleading representations.

THAT would be news.

But, of course, since The Network and it’s muscle division of the mob have this whole thing dialed in as a Machiavellian game show, it’s never going to happen.

As you head back to work this morning, remember that reading media reports of Where we are going as a country is very similar to Driving with the rearview mirror.

When it’s a STORY it’s already HISTORY.

There’s only one thing that matters if you are trading markets, or living a high-performance lifestyle:  Getting (and incorporating) news BEFORE it happens.

If you’re looking at the Moore story, tax “reform,” Mueller leaks…screw your head around to forward and start looking at hints about what next moves – or better yet three moves ahead – looks like.

There’s a reason playing chess is important for young people:  It teaches the art of seeing through the short-term ploys and seeing where the flow of the game is leading.

And American media lacks chess players…  The some old game’s in play again this week.  And We the People are losing.

Write when you get rich,


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