Yeah.  I know.  “Last thing you need, Ure, is another damn hobby...”

Admittedly, between Elaine and I, we’ve been through a few of them.  Most recently, I’ve been taking a break every forty-minutes and hitting either the treadmill or the weight machine for 10-minutes of “high intensity training” on the theory that I’ll live long.  Been stories out this week about the dangers of sitting

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Still, with by buds off wandering the uplands of Arizona, struck me that they should be scouting turquoise and other decent stones.

While my mind was wandering, I got back to the Light Crown Project I have mentioned.  That’s where we pump the brain with specific light colors (infra/deep red, blue, and green) applied to the trigeminal nerve and “third eye” area.

And that got me to looking at a new book on my reading list which I’d gotten when the Light Crown work started (A Lapidary of Sacred Stones: Their Magical and Medicinal Powers Based on the Earliest Sources) and one thing led to another.

First thing you know, another book jumped out at me: the Revised Lapidary Handbook.

One thing leads to another and the first thing you know, I found that there are lapidary bits for the Dremel tool.  So the $19 Agile-shop 50 Pcs Diamond Tipped Coated Rotary Grinding Head Jewelry Lapidary Burr Grit is now coming our way.

Since the shop is well equipped, we already have some diamond burrs – another $15 well-spent.  Used previously etching out traces on PCB board material (and Vector boards) used in the Light Crown project.

I figure this is enough to get me started at least.  So with “the goods” either on hand (or on the way) it was time to talk to my unindicted co-conspirator.

George, you have the same problem I have – too many hobbies, too many interests, and we don’t have enough time for all of them…

Hmmm…certain truth to that.

When I was cleaning up the shop recent, I found an 85CC motorized bike kit project that I’d picked up on eBay back when.  After the end of the world, my plan was to hook it up on one of the mountain bikes and get some well-condensate from Clarence down the street and be able to go into town where nothing would be available.  Kinda like Houston the past couple of weeks.

Which has what to do with Lapidary?  Oh…yeah…so UNDER the bike to motor-bike conversion, I found that eons back I had picked up a double-barrel rock polishing system, 10-20 pounds of raw gemstones.

Explaining this to Elaine, she mentioned that she had both some uncut as well as some polished stones to work one, too, and yeah…that would be fun.

Except, neither of us has room on the schedule.  We you have 29-acres of land, you don’t own the land.  It owns you.  (We’re still snickering at having a guest room/gym.  There’s plenty of work and weight to be lived around here, so what is the point of a weight machine, again?)

From there, the conversation turned to business.

“Do you think there would be any business for a well-equipped shop like ours if we just, oh, you know: rented some of that cheap square-footage in a strip mall, now that shopping is all being killed by Amazon?”

She regarded my question as ‘fair to partly crazy.’

Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers.  And after insurance, what’s the point?

“Yeah, but think how many elderly people there would be in Phoenix or up in Payson who are retired, but don’t have a big shop.  So they can’t get on a 10 in saw or a big drill press because they have done what we’re talking about — downsizing!  Why, I can see it now: Renaissance Centers where the Industrial Arts are still alive.  Weld-your-own chainmail for the Renaissance Faire and make those new cabinets yourself!  Why, there’s be a line around the block!!!”

No.  Too hot.  Besides, your target market is too old to use half the machines.  How many 80-year old’s are throwing full 3/4-inch sheets of plywood around?  Besides, look at our eyes…You SURE you want those people around power tools?”

Damn.  She’d nailed the business problem dead-to-nuts.  Lawyers, insurance and eyesight around power tools:  Yeah… I knew there was a reason I hadn’t quit by real life to run to Phoenix and open such a place….

The shop won’t really be ready for any lapidary work until the middle of October.  My consigliere and I will be busy with “Old Man Labs” and the hacking space-time project until then.  And, if we do manage to isolate The Ure Effect, well, then filing patents would be my next job.

More likely, though, CERN will rule bosons, Elaine will rule bozos….and the great Balance in the Universe will remain undisturbed.

Until the Dremel bits show up.

Don’t know if I mentioned my friend (‘the major’) is well known in medical circles for his training in subtle energy medicine.  (I skip some details here and there).

One reason we have moderate (egg) sized amethyst crystals around, is that if you place one on each of the cardinal headings around your house (4 of ’em, NESW direction) they tend of keep certain kinds of…oh-oh, off into woo-woo now.

But that’s precisely where the gemstones and “precious stones” stuff hails from.  But this part of the Lapidary of Sacred Stones write-up got me to thinking:

“Drawing from a wealth of ancient Arabic, Greek, Jewish, and European sources–from the observations of Pliny the Elder to extremely rare texts such as the Picatrix and Damigeron’s Virtue of Stones–Claude Lecouteux provides a synthesis of all known lore for more than 800 stones. He includes such common examples as the emerald, which when engraved with the figure of a harpy holding a lamprey in its claws will banish panic and nightmares, and beryl, which when appropriately carved can summon water spirits or win its owner high renown, as well as more exotic stones such as astrios, a stone celebrated by ancient magicians and whose center glows like a star. Lecouteux also examines bezoars–stones formed in animals’ bodies–as well as “magnets” that attract materials other than iron, such as gold, flesh, cotton, or scorpions.”

I had to admit that sounded like pretty cool stuff to tinker with.  Plus, homemade bling that’s one-off instead of dime-store crap, yeah, some Big Dog appeal to that, too.  (Woof!)

I can definitely see how by time we get to the “hot season” in Texas (which is sort of like the cold season in Hell) next summer, how we just might be “rockin'” more than the Kasbah.

Already cruising “lapidary” items on eBay and CL.  Like any new hobby, we begin by looking at equipment, prices, and the specialized lingo.

Until 20-hours ago, I had no idea what “dopping” was.

After watching this video?

Now, I think I could actually do it.  Badly?  Sure.  But that’s like any hobby.  My first few landings weren’t good, and I lost many sailboat races, bit it’s the thrill of the chase that keeps us young.

What’s your next hobby?  I don’t plan to die at rest,  and neither should you.

Write when you get rich, (more coffee?)