Coping: Feng Wallet by the Shui Whiz

My income didn’t go up as much as I expected this year.  Up, yes.  Enough?  Ever?

As usual, when something is “off” a bit in my Life, the best thing to do is sit back and open up the doors of awareness.  For there, the correct answer is certain.

So, it was open the I-Ching Inbox this week, to find a note from long-time reader CK…fine fellow to read a career’s worth of typo’s here…and he answered by 1040 question – without it even being spoken.  Here’s what he wrote:

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His email arrived on the holiday:

Hope you are having a relaxing President’s  Day. 

I need your help please, the computer gremlins stole something and I cannot find it in my files to save my life. 

Years ago you did a piece on mandalas and numbers bringing luck.  It was a great article.  In that piece you had an attachment of an oriental symbol with the yin and yang symbol in the center surrounded by what would appear to be scrolls of oriental art for a better word to describe. 

Anyway the article discussed how this particular items symbolism was for money.  

Well I’ve been carrying that symbol in my wallet ever since and it has worked.  I swear on a stack of bibles my wallet has never been empty.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted too.  Anyway here is the issue.  It’s still working like a champ but so tattered after all this time I can no longer copy it and give it to other people like I have been doing off and on for years.  If you have the time would you please be kind enough to send me the link to that article or as an attachment so I can make more copies please. 

This thing really works mate, and people I have shared it with say the same thing.  Karma works in strange ways and it is truly amazing how this symbol works.  Thanks for your time and trouble.”

Ah, brother CKi… with no effort on my part, you have both solved by “income rising too slowly to please me” as well as the further “What the hell should Thursday’s column cover?”


As a promised in an email back to him earlier in the week, I would send a software agent looking.  And sure enough.

But first, what I done WRONG in terms of recent years of “wallet feng shui” (That’s the  Chinese science of chi energy (alt spelled qi and qui if you live the burden of an unenlightened life…)

Here’s what I did wrong:  (First, though, see if you spot the errors from this picture!)

The old wallet is on the right, the new one on the left.

  1.  I had taken an old, tired-out 8 out of the brown wallet a couple of years ago.  Forgot to put a new one in.  Mistake #1.
  2. Second mistake is a brown wallet.  Only two colors for most people:  Black is the color of wealth (along with gold and silver) which is why it’s no surprise that a black Lexus, um, looks rich.
  3. Third mistake is it didn’t have my personal number in it.  13 is my personal lucky number.  In broadcasting, I did 13-years on 1300 on the AM dial, for example.
  4. Fourth mistake:  No “Happy Coins.”  ISYN:  You can get these at Amazon.  ($5 for Femitu Chinese Red Enless Knot Feng Shui Coins to Attract Wealth and Health – 3 sets of 3).
  5. And, Watson (I see you studying my method of observation and deductive science, no?) you will note the present wallet is fat, bloated and doesn’t look like it needs filling.  Wrong!

To more directly respond to our reader inquiry: My little search agent found the original article on one of our storage servers – from May of 2010.  Here’s the original report:

Monday at the WuJo:  Accursed Eight

Want something to ponder? How about the story out of the Telegraph this past week that a mobile phone number (0888-888-888) has been suspended because three user/owners of that number have died in 10 years.   Not sure why the number would lead to any particular significance, except this…stay with me, this will take a little explaining.   first:  You need to know that a lot of people have been turned on to putting the number 8  on a simple piece of cardboard or stiff paper and putting it in their wallet. Most who’ve tried it see their financial fortunes improve. Eight has powerful meaning at a preconscious level.   So much so that Glynis, the numbers lady who was on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory a while back, has a long explanation of it on her website here.   My suspicion? Sure you want this? OK, try this one on for size: Maybe the PTB have an interest in stirring up some fear in the public mind of the power of the number/mystical symbol 8. Can’t have too many people getting hold of financial security…because that’s their whole method of control lately.   Makes sense to me that “8” would be spun as dangerous/bad/fatal. And yes, my income has gone up by about $100,000 a year since I put one of those “8” cards in my wallet a number of years ago.   Not saying you should do it…but it is one of the best kept open-secrets out there. Go ahead, put one in there…give it a few months and let me know how your financial fortunes go…   If your fortunes improve (See Peoplenomics this week on how Reality Waves work) then it will likely have been something you (ready for the terrible pun?) eight…   Try it…you have northing to lose. Might even write the 8 as the infinity symbol ?.  After all, money always matters.”

But it didn’t stop there.  In the following weeks, readers sent in many miraculous stories.  Here’s a typical one:

“Another story about putting 8’s in your wallet for our growing collection of WuJo material on the topic:

“Hi George, Just wanted to share with you my experience with the magic eights you’ve been talking about.

The first day you mentioned putting an eight in your wallet, I did it. I had never heard of it before but thought I would give it a try. That night I got home from work to find out that the air conditioning guy that had come to fix our air left an estimate of $1000 to fix it. (new compressor) That next day my washing machine broke and I also found out it would cost me around $500 for repairs on our van……not so lucky with the eights… Then when you mentioned putting 3 eights in your wallet in the shape of a pyramid I thought, well, can’t get much worse, might as well try it. Last night I came home from work and found a letter from FedEx. It had paperwork in it to do a loan modification on our house. I had not applied for this and was a little confused. We had been starting to fall behind a little on our mortgage since my husband has been on unemployment since November. With 4 kids its getting harder to make ends meet. Anyway, the modification letter stated that if we wanted to accept it, they would take $13,000 off of the principal balance of our loan and make our interest rate 4% (it was 5%) so all of this will also take $100 per month off of our mortgage payment. Sounds a little sketchy at first but it was from our loan company with our loan number and everything. Once I talked it over with my parents we figured it was some crazy crap Obama had decided to do with the tax payers money and thought, if we don’t take advantage of the deal, it would just go to someone else anyway so we might as well, considering we could use the help right now. So in all…….One eight cost me over $1500….Three eights in the shape of a pyramid gave me $13,000 and saved another $100 per month for the next 20 years or so! Thought you might find this interesting. Keep up the good work on your site. I look forward to it every day. “
Personal story:  After I put three eights in a pyramid arrangement in my wallet, I discovered a check for $1,000 that I had overlooked.  Unfortunately, the check had been shoved behind credit cards and such and is way past expired.  universe trying to tell me something about working too hard, spreading myself too thin, and not keeping my wallet cleaned out.

I’ll check the lottery tickets I found later on this week.  Who knows, might win $8 or something…”

Well, obviously, I didn’t win – since I’m still here (at this gawd-awful hour) writing.  But, one of these days, maybe my reward for stopping subjecting people to such an odd point of view will be the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I ordered some gold-colored metal infinity symbols off eBay and if I suddenly become a billionaire, follow your heart (and the trail of thousand dollar bills) in this direction…

With light flooding due to heavy rains in Texas, we have the water for it.  Now if only the sun would come back…

Help with some personal science?

If you have some friends (I don’t or I would do this myself, lol) divide them in half.

Give one-half a piece of card stock with the infinity symbol (8 laying down) on it and have them put it in their everyday wallet.  Give the other half a card with just a black spot on it.

Check back with them in six months to a year and note any differences in relative wealth levels.

Send in your reports. I will try to remember to remind us all of this project sometime this summer.

Write when you get rich,




11 thoughts on “Coping: Feng Wallet by the Shui Whiz”

  1. Ha ha ha. My dump truck number is 138 or 13,8.

    This is super cool. I’m going to make okne this lornjing and put it in my wallet and see what happens. I have a black wallet.

    Got the mother in law place closer to work. The guy was super nice, Israeli dude who owns a bunch of hotels down in the virgin islands as well. Be moving soon. :)

    Rich Me!

  2. George

    While looking for your previous article on Eights I found “Coping: Getting Out of Dodge, Rammed Indeed”.

    Your tirade against the current design of automotive products is right in line on how I feel about the subject. In fact there have been times when I considered obtaining a Voodoo doll and box of pins to punish automotive engineers in Detroit!

    It’s not hard to incorporate “ease of repair” into your design unless all you care about is profit.

    Ford lost me as a customer over that issue on a 2006 F-250 diesel I bought new. They are supposed to be heavy duty trucks, but there built to the standards of economy cars.

    It’s good to know that I am not alone on this issue.

  3. Everything’s changing here and it’s not supposed to be changing this soon we have warm weather they say some kind of thing coming down from the top as split and creating cold weather on the west coast and hot weather on this side these cuz well it’s been almost near 80 degrees in the High 70 and the chickens are going crazy they’re like yeah we want to lay some eggs and the way I live out here by myself in this place I have opportunities to study how chickens work they find a way onto the porch they find the way into my back room dirt room they find ways to delay eggs in my compost tumblers they find ways to lay eggs in the tree lower branches. And they lay them in the shed and then they lamb in a tool shed I mean it’s like an infection gone wild when they want to and they’re free-ranging they go anywhere and everywhere that they can find a place I’ve seen them lay them on top of my woodshed.
    Then I’ve got my Dairy open and they can lay them in there and then i ve got the a shed that’s open they lay them in there and then i find them on the ground every once in a while just laying there it’s hilarious.

    And then I have one dog I leave loose and so he goes out and retrieves a lot of eggs and that are just laying anywhere out in the perimeter.
    So it’s that time of the year when eggs start appearing and then if Mother hens start staying on top of them and heating them up they reproduce them for you know what you have more hands which is a good thing.,, more eggs mor chickens.

    But what I’ve noticed throughout the winter is all those Chemtrails that they’ve been putting over has suddenly destroyed my big beautiful shade tree that thing must be 50 feet tall and I noticed early on that all the leaves start having holes in them from the King Trails so I don’t know whether it’s going to recover or not I hope it does it’s a big beautiful tree I love sitting out there in the hot sun underneath of it getting shaded so do the dogs and the chickens and cats I don’t know about the rats.THE cats keep them down pretty good

    • When we went to Sequoia National Park and Kings Forest and Yosemite one and half years ago, we noticed all the destruction of the trees from the chem trails. Oh, the story was the drought. What the true story is is weather modification to destroy California’s fruit and vegetable and nut economy, the trees were just a by product. The drought in California just about accomplished its goal, so we can import more fruit and vegetables from Mexico, Chile, and all other places, except grow them here ourselves. The out of control wild fires are also linked to the chem trails. Plant another tree is all I can say, and while you are it, plant several.

  4. Hey George, this is a very auspicious day for eights.2/22/2018. (2×2×2=8) or (2+2+2+2+0+1+8=17.1+7=8).I checked my clock right after placing an 8 in my wallet.11:11.I’ll write again when I get rich.Or not.Superstitious yours, Mike Riley

  5. Remember that you sent out that link to that woman who said to put out an intention about a money miracle. Well, I got two in one week. Two, $500 amounts just showed up as gifts. Amazing.

    • I don`t know if this qualifies, but a week or so ago when I was reevaluating my investment philosophy during the mini market downturn, I found some old financial records & went thru them for shredding. I found a stock certificate dated 12/23/1991 for 1,000 shares of Repro Med Systems, Inc, symbol REPR. It is currently selling for $1.35 & I have no idea what I paid for it. I did go to the link that George gave us for that lady and maybe she was thanking me.

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