TNFSP: Thursday’s News for Stupid People

Seems CNN makes up news Caught at it when it leaked that one of the school shooting witnesses claimed he was “scripted” by the network.

Point for the Stupid:  This is making up news to an internal agenda, not reporting.  “Proactive journalism” is a neo-liberal concept.  The word report infers after a fact or event.  Neoliberal ‘journalists’ crusade.  News reporters (hate to break this to you) ‘report.’  Most lacking enough real data resort to “pre-porting.”  And now scripting.

Networks ought to disclose staging and prompting. Tip off the audience of their biases and crusades. They don’t.  That would reveal too much.

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Question for CNN:  Was the school student who compared Marco Rubio to the school shooter speaking his mind OF FROM A SCRIPT?

Mueller’s Not Republican

Mueller’s no Republican. Try to wrap your head around the Daily Caller News Foundation EXCLUSIVE: Not A Single Lawyer Known To Work For Mueller Is A Republican.”  Most are donors to you-know-who.

Point for the Stupid:  Actions speak louder than words.  The Mueller fishing trip hasn’t indicted anyone tracked to Clinton.  Until it does, it’s all just another psy-op on the American public.  Mueller flies flag of convenience.  Most pols do.

Profiting Off Billy

Billy Graham is still dead. Story in the Saco Bee illustrates our next point: “Remembering Billy Graham and the huge crowds he once drew in Sacramento.

Point for the Stupid:  Every time a famous person dies, reporters, columnists, news anchors, movie stars and starlets jump on the hearse trying to attach themselves to the famed earned in fact by the deceased.

This is one of the more sick of the “me, me, me” culture.  But it is what it is, I suppose.

Beware of Stupid Headlines

The Olympics are a sporting event.  Yet, the Washington Post spews headlines like “Five reasons the Olympics haven’t solved the North Korea problem.”

Point for the Stupid:  The International Olympic Committee is not in the business of settling international geopolitical disputes.  Not the Summer Games, not the Winter Games…none of it.

Why the Washington Post would take a crazy assumption – and pretend it’s enough of a fact that they base a story on it – its creative news fiction-writing at its finest.

Not reporting.  Fictionalizing.

We do a fair bit of that, just at least we’re totally candid about it.  The NE Liberal Press establishment needs to kick it and not take themselves for gawd-awful serious.

Bernie Held Hostage

Bernie Sanders sometimes makes sense.  When he does, his points are often good and downplayed by DSM (deep state media):  “Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference.”  Good story.

Point for the Stupid:  Bernie would perhaps have sued Hillary Clinton for election fraud by now (over being manipulated out of the nomination) except that Bernie’s wife is under investigation that may now include a grand jury.  Bernie loves wife, wife faces tough legal battle (see this story for background), so Bernie is very measured in what he says and does.

Bernie is a “socialist on a leash” with ex- Clintonistas, DNC’ers, and republicans all wanting Bernie marginalized.  Yes, a very deep state op, indeed.  All trying to burn Bernie.

Common Sense

It still works.  An example from down under where a “Couple rescued from remote deserted island after writing massive HELP sign in the sand.

Point for the Stupid.  Despite all the media programming, a little common sense goes a long ways in real life.

Buffett Speculation

Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter nears: Buffett letter may tout optimism as broader market worries ebb.”

Point for the Stupid:  Watch the rich people. Copy their bets.

We still except a wash-out when the next Fed Hike comes nearly coincident (by a day) to our idealized market crash date.  See “Fed points upwards for rates, world stocks lurch downward.”

Notice that Buffett has more money than Ure’s truly. Spend time on his annual letter to shareholders as it’s always a gem.

Media Emphasis to Drugs?

Multiple stories are a tip to the future?  We notice the Time RSS feed was back-to-back drug stories:

Rev. Barber: How We Can Address Racial Inequalities in Handling Drug Addiction.

Flea: The Temptation of Drugs Is a B*tch.

Elizabeth Wurtzel: Giving Up Drugs Was the Hardest Thing Ever. And I Have Cancer.

Point for the Stupid:  Seems to us oddly coincidental that the drug abuse stories are getting heavily played by the MSM (mainstream media) at the same time Big Pharma is making press in the UK for even more widespread pharmacological living.  See “The drugs do work: anti-depressants should be given to a million more Britons, largest ever review claims.” Conveniently, the UK hasn’t had a school shooting this month that we’ve heard of.  So they are more likely to swallow more pills than, oh, residents of Broward county, perhaps?

Bad Parenting

Happens even in unexpected places:  “Firefighter charged with lighting children’s hands on fire.”

Point for the Stupid:  Don’t try this at home.

Now Two Items that May Matter

The first:  “Depression linked to reduced arginine levels” which may have something to do with why I like my daily L-Arginine & Citrulline supplement?

The other point:  Markets are set to open about flat to up a tad.

Because in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s not much really new going on…

More on the ‘morrow, then…

46 thoughts on “TNFSP: Thursday’s News for Stupid People”

  1. Mr Ure
    I find it amazing how the fact that we have had a number of shooting this year and it is this one which greats traction…Can it be because this occurred in a very rich, enclave where people live to avoid the realities of the current American drama. I know Parkland and it is an area of gated communities full of very well to do people. Scare the rich and politics react.

    • It is because of the 18 others one was suicide on Sunday, one was a security guard shooting himself in the leg.

      So there have not been 18 shootings. The manipulation of people continues.

    • Is money and influence the reason the Sheriff’s department after being called about Cruz 39 times did not arrest him? If they had, he would have been flagged and could have not bought any firearms. So the sheriff blames the NRA and gun owners to cover his butt. Typical liberal, blame others or an object for their mistake.

    • You say “Scare the rich and politics react.” When I read your comment, it is as if the politician are proactive and the cause of the traction. The traction is not coming from the politician but from the “rich” not used to accept ‘crappy answers’. The kids (as seen on MSM) are very articulate, thinking on their two feet and have the means (support system, $) to take on politician and the “status quo”.

      Your other comment that “very rich … live in enclaves … to avoid realities” makes me laugh. You and 98% of the population, including me, would welcome living in a gated community not because it is gated but simply because they are very nice areas to live. If you define “reality” by having crooked neighbours, weirdos, etc then some of these enclaves are agood reflection of the “current American drama”.

      • First off, the concept is that the rich have expectations of which their wealth buys them, and unlike the urban poor who take it on the chin just chalk it up to life as it is. The reaction isn’t from the politicians but by the wealthy who are not used to being on the firing line. Considering I work in an inner city urban poor high school, my kids are used to gun violence. They see it as part of their daily lives. Hence the statement of reality and the current American drama. The children I teach live in vastly different America than those in Parkland. Do not get me wrong, I am not throwing rocks at the rich, far from it. What I am just saying is that the expectations from one end of the spectrum to the other is very different.

  2. Fake news is everywhere and scripted seems to be the the method du jour. Over a recent bad weekend, two people in the local school district died, one teacher and one bus driver. Cause was known for each, but I didn’t get the details of death, I just knew they were typical causes.

    The Superintendent got a call from the local Fox news affiliate asking to come into the district and interview him and others regarding the deaths. The story was going to be about how – at least one, maybe both – died of the Flu. They didn’t die of the Flu or anything related.

    I wonder how many of the “reported” flu deaths this year were actually that. I’m curious to match names and death certificates. Seems the media has taken a different approach to the flu scare this season, subtly reporting high numbers of deaths, vs outright pandemic scares.

    • I wonder how much of the opioid addiction crisis is due to over prescribing by doctors as opposed to illegal heroin, a product of Afghanistan and allowed entry into the USA by the CIA, like happened in the 80s with south American cocaine and that CIA connection. Just saying.

  3. “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

    – George W. Bush

  4. About your article before this article I mean I post and then I read later and then I find out that other post about the fence way thing off is what I’m doing I mean what I’m finding out is that I was saying hey from 12 p.m. unlike Wednesday till 12 p.m. on Thursday is where my incoming dreams and psychic dictionary readings were coming from but then I had this thing that showed me I need the extended Beyond 24 hours I need to go to 32 hours which means eight 8 more hours so I’m relating to this 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 thing that you’re talking about so and then now I’m thinking about the things that I just posted earlier without thinking about what I read about what you posted which is the 8 which to me means 8 hours longer and then I posted this.

    Changing time so like I said in my post number V or 5 is about changing time when we as a collective consciousness have the ability to change time then of course each individual that’s out in the wilderness away from the rest of the world they have the ability to change time.
    So I guess my thing is I’m saying hey we have the ability to change time and so does everybody else so there’s this medium reaction to where we’re being in that time compared to where I thoughts are so that’s why they say thoughts have wings and if you got x amount of people thinking thoughts in the same direction it changes things and that time frame .
    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it don’t let one thing get you down go around.
    And you have the ability to change time

    • That’s what the eight eight eight eight eight eight things about it’s about looping around and then coming back around to the bottom and coming back up you can change time.

  5. Geez George, why lash out at me? You’re obviously all worried about Trump getting pulled down. I’m telling you to relax, because it’s going to take some pretty shocking, over-the-top stuff for Mueller, a Republican (see Wikipedia), to precipitate a Constitutional Crisis. So, chill, you’re good, and Trump will likely walk.

    You asked me for specific acts of aiding and abetting. Mueller’s playing it close to the vest, but so far, we know: The Ruskies used his FL. estate to get him an extra $60,000,000. He admitted he fired Comey to ‘end’ (lawyers have a big word for this: ‘tamper’) the FBI’s Russia investigation, encouraged Russia to commit more espionage against the D’s for a leg up in the election, his family and closest advisers met with the ‘perps’ to solicit more ‘criminal fruits’ (and Bannon says Trump himself met them). Sometimes even ‘signaling’ can be an element of conspiracy. But mostly, it just does not pass the smell test: denying Russians intervened at all despite overwhelming proof, not imposing the new sanctions, and submissive acts consistent with a blackmail victim.

    We only in the 5th inning, and we have to see how it plays out, but just think about what it would take to charge Mother Theresa with shoplifting, and now multiply that exponentially if it means a Constitutional Crisis. Mike.

  6. Networks ought to disclose staging and prompting. Tip off the audience of their biases and crusades. They don’t. That would reveal too much.”

    Ive often said on the stock chatrooms that all posters should have to state their affiliations, retail vs broker-dealer vs hedge fund trader vs financier with shares to offload… It’s not a popular idea. Posters dont want retail suckers to know theyre really selling while claiming to buy the dips. Its that corrupt.

    • Just waiting for the class action lawsuit on fraud against all of these media types then when they start paying out of their pockets all this craziness will end

  7. For example I have three dogs two big dogs one small dog I always keep two of the three dogs on a cable so I have one dog that’s free and it doesn’t go too far and I can take that dog and cable that dog up and then release another dog and that dog doesn’t go too far then I have this extremely well-mannered dog after I tie up all the others and let this one go this one will go further than any other dog so well mannered is an explorer and it’s the most likable dog now getting back to ..

    My thought was when I let two of them go they go out and scrounge around there are a terrible terrible force to be reckoned with if you’re a deer for a coyote or opossum or a skunk or any of those.

    But if by chance all three of them Lookout they became a guy they become a gang and they can go out and take down just about any animal and bring it back and they’ll have something to eat 4 weeks.

    So if you want to survive you can survive alone it’s really hard it’s very very hard to survive by yourself out there but if you have three people it makes it a lot easier just like with the dogs they have a better chance of raining down the big game.

    • Now let’s go worldwide with this perspective United States was always been the offender because they were owned by England and backed up by bankers and backed up also by the religious Pope’s so..

      Now United States for some reason it’s being exposed for what it is and Russia and China and 160 other countries are going against this English Queen Elizabeth Mafia.

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  8. Speaking of Lazy Thinkers – did you just read the headline and make up your mind or did you actually take the time to read the article?

    If it happened to 1 kid, then it happened to several. But somehow he’s the only one complaining about it. Everything is not a conspiracy no matter how in control and knowledgeable that makes you feel. #FeelingsAreNotFacts

      • By the way George I pay union dues but as a union member I also have the right not to pay for their political organizations so I opted out for that and pay 1/3 of the union dues everybody else does I’ve tried to get them on board with this but I’ve given up over the years

  9. The UK may not have the shootings as you point out. However entering a search term “knife” on the BBC website offers anecdotal evidence that criminal minds are going great guns with sharps across the Royal Realm.

    • They also conveniently don’t remember the fact the U.S. sent private arms to GB from private citizens on this side of the pond in WWII after they confiscated everyone’s firearms in the 20s. When they were staring Germanic invasion in the face and realized they had nothing to counter it with armed citizens suddenly became something worth thinking about. After a certain point bullies can only be taken care of … one … way.

    • Knife killers don’t kill dozens or more at a time.Its up close and personal,not remote control.Criminals are not the same as psycho killers ,different mindset with different objectives.

  10. I certainly hope your audience widens significantly George. I don’t want to be just a member of a small minority that gets it. That being said when it comes to fake news and controlling the postings I’ve found that even Fox News is taking down a significant number of postings in this debate over school shootings. I’ve had at least two taken down by them, ABC, too, surprise, surprise. No one wants to hear common sense suggestions about arming school employees.

    With all the ice and rain I’ve had the time to watch and see what made Bill Cooper tick. He did venture off into left field but one has to remember his videos are from 1991 or 2 before the Internet really took hold. So much of what he was warning about has come true but, fortunately, has not resulted in the devolution of World society and ardent de-population efforts by TPTB. That appears to be a bit farther off in the future. Say, the 2020 election. Be careful that you don’t wind up like he did. Are you good friends with the local Sheriff?

    • I noticed on our local Fox station that the 9:00 news had a Mom and son on, one of the schools in our area had a gun threat so went into lockdown. On the 9:00 p.m. news, both the Mother and son’s comments were aired. By the time, they repeated the same clip at 10:00 p.m., the son, the highschooler, his comments were eliminated! He was for the 2nd amendment, he spoke like a well educated young person aware of his individual inalienable rights. His Mother spoke well, too. So, yes, Fox is owned and controlled, also. The take the gun crowd always gets 99% of the coverage on our local news. The local news has been the advertising arm of the anti-violence (really anti-gun) March coming up all over the nation. Thanks to the local news, EVERYONE knows about it! How’s that for FREE advertising!!!

  11. Media sources would have you believe millions and millions of dollars are spent by the NRA annually to promote pro-gun causes amongst our representatives in Washington. Naturally, this narrative encourages the blaming the NRA of promoting violence and having blood on their hands when a mass killing occurs. Liberals scream we need a conversation but refuse to discuss this topic if it involves facts and logic. Rinse and repeat…

    For example, according to an article from on 10/02/17, and updated 2/12/18 (originally published after the Las Vegas shooting), Politico article authors made it a point to note that the NRA and Gun Owners of America gave a total of $6,006,000.00 in donations to more than half of the members of the House of Representatives in 2016. Breaking it down, the Politico article states that $5,900,000 were given to Republicans while $106,000 were given to Democrats during the 2016 election cycle.
    See article here:

    However, the website Open Secrets, provides a more comprehensive study on the top 50 organizations and their targeted Party/Political Affiliation Groups during the 2016 election cycle, that benefit from these organizational donations. And of the groups/companies listed, neither the National Rifle Association nor the Gun Owners of America combined landed within that list of Top 50 Donating Organizations. And if Politico’s recently updated article is given the benefit of the doubt to be accurate, the combined totals given to both parties, $6,006,000.00 is still 3 million dollars shy of the 50th placed organization on the Open Secrets List.
    See their study here: (see their About page to learn more about OS)

    Here is a total breakdown from the Top 50 List:

    14 – 100% Democrats = $428,941,229.00 (6 of which donated zero dollars to the opposing party)
    18 – 100% Republicans = $337,771,458.00 (14 of which donated zero dollars to the opposing party)
    Note: 9 additional Companies/Organizations donated 97% or better to Democratic/Liberal parties (9 of the 18 contributing 50%+)

    13 – to Democrats = $248,358,873.00
    5 – to Republicans = $76,847,187.00
    Note: Only 3 companies maintained a close to even 50/50-percentage donated to both parties.

    To Democrats (27 Organizations) = $ $677,300,102.00 (or 62% to Democrats)
    To Republicans (23 Organizations) = $ 414,618,645.00 (to 38% to Republicans)

    The Democrats receive more money compared to Republicans, almost 2 to 1. And again, the NRA nor GOA are even found within the top 50 donor list.

    Between the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, in 2016, these two organizations alone have paid $63,012,464.00 to Democrats/Liberal agendas and a mere $358,006.00 to Republican/Conservative agendas. That’s a total of $63,375,765.00 in donations to Washington politicians. Politico states in 2016, the NRA paid $6,006,000.00 to members of the House of Representatives.

    Yet, all we hear is how the NRA is the most powerful political action committee donating to republican in Washington for years.

    So tell me, WHO REALLY has blood on their hands? The NRA? Or maybe the Teacher’s Unions who are out-donating the NRA by a range of 10 to 1?

    • Thank you, Leux. The people who have blood on their hands want to keep washing them but the blood won’t wash off. Look what has been done to the schools (infiltration), look what has been done to the nation (invasion), look what has been done to families (break up), look what has been done to our culture (Hollywood constant drumming nonstop murder, violence, rape, attacks but sold as entertainment stating art immitates life). Look who owns our media and constantly LIES to the American people, and when they aren’t lying, they are constantly leaving out important details/stories/laws, information, etc., (Propaganda. Look at what has been done to our government (takeover by globalists, yes, behind the scenes. Maybe Trump can plug the dike, but they are relentless, look at George Soros and his funding of all things hateful in the USA.) Look at what has been done to God? (Elimination). We are turning into a cess pool of experimentation. Many countries have been down this road before, it did not end well. Where is the remnant? “Here WE Are.”

      • This was written in a book published in 1991 by Bill Cooper:
        “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to OPEN FIRE ON SCHOOLYARDS and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.” This means it was written some time before that coming from information that had existed well before that time.

        People – we in a heap ‘o trouble and it’s only going to get worse.

        The entire book can be downloaded here:

  12. George, could you possibly know why Lou Dobbs has not been to work last three weeks? Cant find anyone that knows. I say he might have been suspended over defending Trump too much? What say you?

    • Known Lou since he was at KING in Seattle when I was at KOL/KMPS – if Lou says it, its generally take it to the bank.
      Damn shame. Lot of good reporters came through town – Dean Sheppard & were know to bend a few back in the day.

    • Lou Dobbs has been sick. on his Twitter account he says he’s been out because of a medical reason. he will return on Monday

  13. More Stupid News. The Huffpo is leading with a story about Russia’s influence on voters and how it did change the minds of some voters.

    “Fifteen months later, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has found that the skepticism that afflicted people like Bentley’s son was no fluke. It was the result of deliberate efforts by the Russian government to hurt Clinton and help Donald Trump win the presidency ? efforts that included the targeting of young African-Americans like Bentley’s son.”

    What idiocy. His own father and a billion $$$ in advertising by Hillary couldn’t influence his son, but a million$$ if Facebook ads could. Who believe’s this crap?

    • If this is the case, then Russia needs to open up a legal business on how to win elections in the USA and with just around $1 Million. Just think of the landslides that Russian ad agencies could produce for American candidates with a $Billion dollars, as Hillary spent but ineffectively lost to Russian bots who supposedly spent about a $million.

      Who knew Russian players had such skills and look at the money Hillary wasted. Just think of how she’d waste our tax dollars in comparison and then blame it on the Russians.

      What a joke the Huffpo is. Who writes their articles? The CIA office of disinformation? Or the FBI’s division of same name.

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